I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Mollie reads my first three chapters

As I told Ronnie in my comments yesterday, the trip got off to a rocky start. It normally takes five hours to get from home to here. Had that worked out we would have arrived around seven thirty PM.  But less that an hour from home we ran into a nearly three hour traffic jam. NOT FUN! We finally got here at ten forty-five only to find that they had our reservations for June 28th and they had all ready charged a ‘no show’ charge to my credit card.

Thankfully they had plenty of rooms and the guy at the desk was a really nice guy. He didn’t even put us in the system – which would have added more fees and taxes. We’ll just pay what was all ready charged to us for the no show and call it even.  

Now back to Mollie – she was bored during the long traffic jam so I told her she could read those three chapters I gave her and she did just that. I could hardly keep my eyes on the road for glancing to see where she was. Good thing we were going less than a mile an hour.

Her only comment when she finished was, ‘Well, now I need more.’ I laughed and told her she could buy it in December.  I waited a while and said ‘Your aunt said she like Cassie, but she didn’t think much of Tom. Do you agree?’

She said, ‘Well, like I said, I need to read more.  I’m not sure I like that he spanked her since she had that crappy husband before.’

I told her that they were still happily married forty years later and that he still spanks her. But she didn’t say much more. I’m going to send her the piece where Cassie explains why this works in their marriage. But I’m not going to say much more about it now. Questions will come up a few at the time and I’ll answer as she asks them.  But all and all I’m pretty happy with her response.  She read a little, and didn't she leap from the car and go screaming into the night. What more could I ask for?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Holding my breath

Quick post today – busy time for me. Nick was gone this weekend golfing. Mollie came Saturday for her week off and later today we’re heading out to visit some family near the coast. It’s a quick trip and we’ll be home Tuesday. That’s when the real work starts, that mad dash to get the house ready for our family reunion.  You all know how much I love cooking and cleaning.

After the reunion next weekend about eight of the cousins pack up and head on to another cousin’s lake house for a few more days.  As I said, busy time, fun, but busy. Cassie’s been talking to me so I’ve tried to get some writing ahead.

And speaking of Cassie, both my kids know the book is coming out in December, but neither of them have read any Cassie stories. To the best of my of my knowledge neither of them have any idea that there is a spanking theme. Even without reading it they have both said that they’re proud of me.  I told them both that I’d like them to read it. Especially if they are going to tell any of their friends that mom wrote a book.

LJ said he’d be happy to read it provided it wasn’t an autobiography. I assured him it wasn’t and that he’s be able to tell that in the first few pages, but I haven’t sent him anything. Mollie said she wants to read it. She’s had the chance to read some Cassie stories before, but didn’t (as far as I know). She asked specifically again and I printed off the first three chapters and handed them to her about an hour ago. I assume she’ll read them, I don’t know if she will say anything to me about it or not, but I feel she will eventually.

I’ll let you know what she says, I let you guys know everything.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Spanking

If you missed Fantasy Friday yesterday go back here and read it.  It's a great story.

I appreciate everyone giving me such a warm welcome last Saturday. I enjoyed going around meeting everyone and getting to read a little of their work. I won't be near a computer next Saturday but I hope to join you again the week after.

This excerpt is from Cassie’s Space, coming in December. Cassie is visiting with her two oldest friends. All three ladies have been married to their loving husbands for over thirty-five years. Do to a highly embarrassing spanking decades before, her friends are well aware that Tom spanks. Although they have only discussed this occasionally over the years it’s come up during this visit. Sue has to give voice to her anger that this is still a part of Cassie’s marriage. She is outraged when Cassie mentions that Tom has some rules that he does enforces with spanking when necessary. Cassie knows how this has helped her marriage over the years (despite trying every argument in the book to get out of any serious spanking as it's getting ready to happen) turns the tables and ask what Sue and Annie’s husbands would do it either of these two friends did something stupid or put themselves in danger. Here’s their exchange.

“Do? Steve damn well better not do anything unless he wanted to draw back a nub.” Sue stated stoutly. “He’d bitch and gripe for a while I suppose, give me the silent treatment for a few days, but eventually he’d get over it.”
Annie chimed in, “I suppose Andy would just be disappointed in me and I might feel terrible. But I don’t think he’d actually do anything. I guess, like Steve, he would just be mad and ill-tempered and pretty quiet for a while.”
I stared, dumbfounded. “I can’t believe you two are using this as an argument in your favor. Tom would never treat me so cruelly. Are you telling me that you would rather have your husbands mad and not speaking to you or being ill tempered for days, rather than getting a spanking and having great make-up sex within the hour? You’re saying our life style's crazy, I think you two are nuts.

Please go by and check out everyone else participating in Saturday Spanking this week.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Welcome Home

It's Friday again. I'm coming up on a very busy time of my summer. I host our family reunion every summer and that means a full house for next weekend and getting that last minute cleaning done before they descend on us. But don't worry - not only do I we have a great story for you today, I'm going to have a double hitter next week. 
Todays story is by Switchy and Turtle Dove, I love how they wrote it. I'll let them tell you - We started the story as a challenge to each other. We wanted to see what kind of mess we could leave for each other, what the other person would do with the scene we had created. About half way through the process we realized that the story was going to be about Mel's first spanking and we ran into an issue about the spanking not being consensual. At that point we had to decide if we wanted to go back and rewrite part of the story, or if we were going to scrap the whole story. After a couple rewrites we felt comfortable enough to carry on. The story was interesting to write because it constant changed direction. There was no way to plan what we wanted to write, we simply had to respond/react to what was already on the paper.

Welcome Home

Mel swerved into spot 231 on the upper deck of her condo parking lot. She threw the car into park and jumped out grabbing her purse as she went. Pulling her coat more tightly around her, Mel rounded the car and popped open the trunk. She grabbed the lone bag that was there, slammed the trunk and headed for the elevator. Doing a little dance against the cold, she hit the down button and waited impatiently for the elevator to arrive.
After what seemed like forever the elevator got there and Mel pressed the button for the 8th floor. She needed to get to her condo fast to get off her feet and get a stiff drink. It had been a long couple days. First, the client she was supposed to be meeting with got sick and never showed up to their meeting. Then her flight back home got cancelled due to the weather. Of course this meant Mel had to wait 5 hours for another flight. It was now nearing one in the morning and Mel was not in a good mood. She had hoped to get back sooner so she could see her fiancé.
After pouring herself a grey goose vodka martini and putting on her strawberry fuzzy pajamas, Mel climbed into bed and fired up her laptop. It might have been one in the morning but her mind was anything but tired. Hopefully, the martini would help make quick work of that.
Mel opened up her e-mail and noticed she had a message from her fiancé. That’s strange, Mel thought. Normally he just texts me, after all, I have my phone on me all the time. Mel took her phone out of her pocket. Well that explains it! Her phone was dead. She knew it must have died fairly recently because she had just checked it before she got in the rental car to drive home. Mel put her phone on the charger and went to see what her fiancé had said.

My darling Mel,

I missed you this weekend and had hoped you would get home sooner so that I could see you tonight. I sent you a couple of  texts a bit ago but you never responded. Must be your phone died. Did you forget to put it on the charger again? Well, text me when you get home so I know you arrived safely. I love you and can’t wait to see you.

Love your fiancé,

Mel powered up her phone and downed the rest of her martini. While her phone was coming back to life she wandered into the kitchen for another drink. It really had been a long and hellish couple of days. Just as she grabbed a bottle of wine she heard the lock to her condo being opened. It was after one in the morning. She knew it had to be Jace or her mother and she could only pray it was the first, though she didn't understand why he would be showing up at this hour. Leaving her wine on the counter she reached the front door just as Jace was closing it behind him. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt he looked disheveled like he had just woken up.
"Jace! What are you doing here? It's so late!" Mel said throwing herself into his arms.
Jace wrapped his arms around Mel and held her close.
“Darling, you’re home! I woke up and saw that it was one and you had not texted me yet.” He replied. “I got worried and figured I would come over and wait for you.”
Jace gave Mel a kiss and looked relieved to see that she was home safe and sound. It was then that he saw the vodka, wine and glass sitting on the counter.
“Just how long have you been home and not texting me back?” his mood suddenly shifting from relieved to angry.
“Jace, I just…” Mel started.
“Just had enough time to get into cute pajamas and start drinking?” he spat at her.
Mel could tell Jace was pissed. She knew she had to choose her next words very carefully.
“I’m so sorry I had one drink Mister All High and Mighty!” she unleashed. Jace looked stunned as she continued. “I am so sorry I forgot to charge my phone and you couldn’t get a hold of me for five minutes! I’m so sorry that after waiting in an airport for 5 hours all I wanted was to get into something comfortable! I’m so unbelievably sorry that I wanted a drink to help me sleep!” Mel pushed away from Jace and stormed off to her room making sure to slam her door behind her.
Jace stood in the middle of the kitchen shocked and speechless. How dare she give him that attitude! He was only concerned about his fiancé’s well-being. Was that such a terrible thing for him to do? No it wasn’t, and honestly, it upset him that she would behave this way.
Jace walked over to the sink and took a wooden spoon out of the dish drainer. His fiancé was going to learn a very valuable lesson. If she wanted their relationship to last she could not treat him the way she just did no matter how upset and stressed she was at the moment.
Tucking the spoon into the back pocket of his jeans, Jace headed for the bedroom. Mel knew that Jace had spanked some of the women he had been in relationship with before but he had never spanked her.
Jace found Mel tucked completely under the covers head and all, bawling. He gave a heavy sigh, took off his socks and shoes and climbed in next to her. Gently, he pulled the covers away from her face and wrapped his arms around her.
“Hey now,” he said holding her, “What are all of these tears about?”
Mel continued to sob as Jace held her close. “I had a rough weekend and needed to relax. Then you come over just as I was charging my phone to message you and you start yelling at me. How do you expect me to react? Do you really expect me to be all calm and cool? Well, I sure as hell wouldn’t expect that!”
Jace couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He tried to talk calmly and rationally to Mel yet she was still giving him that damn attitude. This has got to stop right now. He thought.
“I do not like the attitude you are giving me young lady. I do expect you to be calm because that is respectful and as your fiancé you should respect me. Now I did not want to have to resort to this but you have given me no choice.”
Jace helped Mel out of bed and stood her up in front of him. Mel knew right then exactly what he planned to do. “No Jace stop!” she begged. “You can’t do this.”
Jace looked at his fiancé with a sad look in his eyes. “You deserve this Mel. The way you just treated me is unacceptable, don’t you agree?” Mel looked down at her feet and Jace put his hand on her chin to lift her head back up. “I asked you a question Mel. Please answer me.”
“Yes Jace, I guess I do deserve this but…”
“But what, hun?”
“It’s going to hurt really bad.” Mel whispered and Jace felt bad for her but he also knew that this would be good for Mel.
“Yes it’s going to hurt, but you will be forgiven after and it will be over. Are you going to accept your punishment now?”
“Yes Jace.” Mel answered. “I am so sorry. Please forgive me.”
Jace pulled Mel close and gave her a tight hug. Then with his arms around her, he slowly slid her pajama bottoms down.
“Over my knee now,” Jace said as he helped Mel across his lap. “I love you, but you have to respect me too Mel.” And with that he gave her the first harsh swat with his hand.
Jace started slowly, first on the right cheek, then on the left and back again. Mel was making a few small noises but Jace could tell he wasn’t over doing it. Tightening his arm around her, he quickened his pace.
“Jace! Ow! Okay, I get it! I’m sorry!” Mel whined as she began to fight to be released.
“Sweetheart, we are only getting started.” Jace promised, continuing to rain down swats on her panty clad bottom.
After a couple minutes of spanking, Mel began to stop fighting and Jace stopped resting his hand on her back. Rubbing her back slowly he said, “We are going to take your panties down now Mel. Normally, I would have spanked you bare from the beginning but this is your first spanking and I didn’t want to overdo it.”
“Please leave them on Jace.” Mel begged.
“I am sorry Mel” he replied. “I need to make sure you learn this lesson. Jace lifted Mel up and pulled her panties down to her ankles then laid her back over his knee. He pulled the wooden spoon out of his pocket and rested it on Mel’s bare bottom.
“What is that?” Mel asked trying to look behind her at what Jace had.
“It is a wooden spoon.” Jace replied lifting the spoon up and bringing it back down several times on Mel’s already warm bottom.
“Owwww.” Mel cried out. “Please I won’t disrespect you again. Please no more Jace.” Jace lifted the spoon and brought it down again.
“That is right Mel.” He said. “You SWAT will SWAT not SWAT disrespect SWAT me SWAT again. SWAT SWAT SWAT. You understand?”
“Yes, Jace I understand. Please no more!” Mel cried and Jace rubbed circles on her back.
“Ok sweetheart we are almost done then.” Jace lifted his knee so that he could reach Mel’s sit spots and brought the spoon down ten more times on each spot and then again on her upper thighs. He laid the spoon down on the bed and helped Mel get up and sit on his lap.
“It’s all over now. You are forgiven”. He told her with a hug.
Mel clung to Jace crying. As she started to calm, Jace kissed her forehead. “Doing ok sweetie?”
Mel lifted her head, “You spanked me.”
Jace chuckled and held her tight, “Yes, I did. You were sassy, disrespectful and in a bad mood. I bet you feel better now, don’t you?”
Mel thought for a moment, “Everything except my butt feels better.” She whined with a small smile.
Jace laughed and stood up, helping Mel off his lap. He flipped back the covers to the bed, “Lay face down and leave your butt bare.”
“What? No….. Please….” Mel started to fight. She was afraid Jace wasn’t done.
“Hey,” Jace said, grabbing Mel’s face so she would look at him, “trust me.”
In that moment Mel realized she trusted Jace no matter what. She was in love with him and if spanking was part of the deal, she would take it.
“Yes sir,” she whispered lying down.
Jace pulled her pajama bottoms and panties all the way off. He reached over and grabbed the lotion from her night stand. Slowly, he rubbed some lotion onto her sore bottom and then pulled the covers up around her.
“See, not so bad.” Jace chided as he rounded the bed taking of his jeans and shirt, leaving a trail behind him as he went. He climbed into bed and pulled Mel close.
Mel was almost asleep, “Jace?” she whispered sleepily.
“Yes?” he said gently rubbing her back.
“Are you going to spank me again?”
“Probably,” he answered honestly.
“Good,” Mel murmured.
With one last kiss to Mel’s forehead, Jace smiled as he drifted peacefully to sleep.


I think you both did a great job and I really appreciate you sharing your writing with us.  Think about this folks - if you're nervous about writing one yourself, try writing one with a friend.  Seems like it would be lots of fun. Please send you stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com