I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, September 28, 2020

My guest got me spanked before she got here

I have company! It’s been a while since I’ve had company and it feels great! We’re probably just going to hang out at the house and visit mostly. But we might head to the mountains and I’ll show off my little inn. But she did get me spanked and that rarely happens these days.


I got the following email from Nick Saturday.

Meet in the bedroom at 2:00 so that I may paddle your lovely butt.


1. You failed to record your weight this week.

2. Because I want to.


But then as he was getting started he also mentioned that he would hate for my friend to ask when I got my last spanking and I wouldn’t have been able to remember. So my thanks to my sweet Nick and to my friend who was a lovely catalyst. 


I won’t be around much this week, but the next part of Second Chance will be up Friday. If you didn’t get to read part one, go back here. I promise it’s worth the read.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Another Chance

Happy Friday everyone! It's fall and our weather is wonderful! And I want to tell you we have some great Fantasy Friday stories coming up. 

This is one of my all time favorite stories. It's from my wonderful anonymous friend - Annie, who send me these fine treats (stories) every once in a while. For me they are like little jeweled surprised that pop up in my email. When she sent this my friend pointed out that it might be a little different, a little more serious in places. But I love.

 the realism of this story. She also mentioned that the lady in this story would probably be good friends with Cassie. LOL! I suppose she's right.

Please enjoy...

Another Chance

Sylvia Morris took stock of the image in her mirror. The turquoise silk draped a figure that was curvy, but still slender. Not bad for an old dame of fifty. She mockingly saluted her reflection before sauntering down the stairs, trying not to think about the man waiting in her living room.

"Well, are you ready?" she breezed into the room, not giving him a chance to respond; she grabbed her purse and walked out the front door.

Bill Reedy stared at her backside, swaying in silk as she marched down the walk in heels far too high for her own good. After keeping him waiting for over an hour, now she was in too much of a hurry to close her own door.

"Wait a minute while I lock up." His irritation plain in his controlled tone.

"No need, I always leave it unlocked, that way the kids can stop in even if I'm not around." Sylvia smiled at the low growl; she knew she was pushing all of his buttons.

"That is it. Stop right there. We are going back inside for a little talk."

Grabbing Sylvia's arm he turned her around and almost dragged her through the door.

"But Bill, we'll be late for our reservation."

"Sit down. Our reservation was for 45 minutes ago. Stay put while I call the restaurant and cancel."

Sylvia almost laughed out loud at the indignant tone in his voice as he explained a last minute problem and made his apologies. She had been deliberately trying his patience for months, waiting for him to take charge. Now that the time had come she dreaded the consequences, but knew they could not go on the way they had been.


Bill and Sylvia went to high school together. Lived two blocks apart. Even dated, albeit halfheartedly, whenever they were both between relationships. Sylvia was off to college, eager to get out into the big world. Bill went to the local community college, married Sylvia's best friend, worked hard, built a business, and raised a family in the old neighborhood. Sylvia got her degree; discovered art history wasn't her ticket to the big time, worked in a department store until she couldn't take any more. Her father passed away, her mother was getting older, after the funeral Sylvia stayed on to think about her life.

After a few weeks she decided to make it permanent, took a job as a substitute teacher, waited for her life to begin. Running into Kay at the grocery led to a reunion dinner. Sylvia struggled to cover her envy. While she was in the big city waiting for life to become exciting, her two oldest friends were living a good life. It wasn't glamorous, just a comfortable house, two cute, well behaved kids, a thriving business. It was the way they looked at each other, like they were still dating, like they were going to rip their clothes off the minute she walked out their door. They all promised to get together again and Sylvia went home to her mother's house. Climbed into the same bed she grew up in, and cried herself to sleep.

Kay bullied Sylvia into another dinner, citing years of missing Christmas cards and various other sins of friendship. She walked into their house, dreading another evening with the perfect family. Seated on the couch was the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. Ray Kidder was Bill's business partner. He had been planning a quiet Friday night at home, relaxing. Kay had railroaded him into making up the fourth for bridge with the promise of one of her excellent home cooked meals.

Sylvia, drawn to his casual self-assurance, offered her hand with a quip about blind dates.
Ray took her hand, held it, pulled her close and murmured in her ear.

"When you're on a date with me you'll know it."

The electricity between them was instantaneous. Sylvia was smitten with his strength; at last someone who seemed to know who she was. Ray was resigned, she needed someone to take her in hand, and he couldn’t bear the thought of another man laying a finger on her. Divorced, he had expected to spend the rest of his years alone.

After a whirlwind courtship and a sudden elopement Ray expected to settle down to a quiet routine. Sylvia dashed those hopes with her announcement that she would not be taking his name. Never one to miss an opportunity for an audience, she made this the topic for their dinner. The one their friends and family were invited to, to break the news that they had eloped. No one but Ray seemed the least bit surprised.

At home, alone, getting ready for their first night as husband and wife, Sylvia was shocked to learn that keeping her maiden name was an issue for him. Ray was shocked to learn that Sylvia expected to do as she damn well pleased whether he approved or not. It occurred to Ray that there were a number of things they should have discussed before racing off to the justice of the peace.

A heated discussion led to a temper tantrum, which led to Ray upending his new bride for her very first bare bottomed communication. Once the dust settled, and the tears dried, a
compromise was reached. Ray understood her reluctance to let her family name go, she would be the last Morris, once her mother passed. Sylvia understood that her new husband had some peculiar ideas about being in charge, and obedience, but the sex was fabulous. It was easy to simply agree to discipline, when one never expected to need it.

As the years passed they built a good life. Both agreed it was too late for children, but Bill and Kay’s kids were a big part of their lives. In fact, the two families grew closer, spending most weekends together, cooking out, going to the kid’s ballgames, sailing at the lake. Sylvia and Ray were married ten years before they realized just how much they had in common with their best friends.

Ray and Bill surprised their wives with a week’s vacation at a remote lakefront cabin. The kids were away at camp, it was a slow time for the business, and the wives were restless and bored.

The first night, watching the sunset over the water, was so peaceful. Both couples were excited to get away and reconnect. By the third day, there was trouble in paradise. Sylvia was certain that Ray would never spank her with Bill and Kay in the cabin. It took very little coaxing to convince Kay to take the small sailboat out on the lake while the guys were off fishing. The two women were veteran sailors, having spent hundreds of hours riding on Bill’s sailboat at home. This boat was so much smaller, it would be easy. Never mind that they had both been told to wait for the men to go sailing.

Fortunately for them, the lake was not very deep off of the end of the dock. They managed to “sail” about 50 yards before capsizing the boat. To make matters worse, they were standing on the end of the dock, dripping wet, and screaming at each other about whose stupid idea it was when the men arrived.

Ray and Bill couldn’t help laughing as their bedraggled wives tried to explain why it was not their fault the sailboat was lying on it’s side. This led to a bit of temper from the women who did not think this was a funny matter. Both men sobered instantly, grabbed their respective wives, reminded them that they had received explicit instructions to leave the boat alone until the men returned, and propelled their wives toward the cabin with a sharp swat on the bottom and the direction to wait in their bedroom.

A sharp wind made righting the boat a bigger task than expected. After two hours the men were in no laughing mood. Just the thought that they might have gotten to the middle of the lake before sinking was bad enough; the life jackets still on the dock were the final straw. Not sure how to explain, Ray decided to tell the truth. He asked Bill if he would like some privacy to deal with Kay, as he would be blistering Sylvia’s butt for this stunt and did not want to make them uncomfortable. Bill, wondering how to approach the same subject, was relieved. They decided that if the girls wanted to get into trouble together, they could be punished together. It would serve them right.

Two very surprised wives were called to the living room, lectured, and tossed over their husband’s lap. Amid shrieks of outrage the sound of hard hands hitting soft bottoms filled the air. After a few minutes both women were limp and sobbing. Ray stood Sylvia up and sent her to their room for his paddle. She scurried with her hands covering her, embarrassed at being bare bottomed in front of Bill.  He was far too busy giving Kay the worst spanking of her life to notice.

Sylvia endured several minutes of lecturing before Ray proceeded to blister her butt with the little paddle he had made. Sylvia hated that paddle, it burned like fire, and the way Ray turned her up over one knee gave him total access to the back of her thighs. He wasn’t finished until she was beet red to her knees and too limp to wiggle.

Bill wasn’t much of a lecturer, and he preferred to use his hand. Years as a contractor had toughened his big hands with calluses and he swung his hand tirelessly. Kay shrieked and struggled to escape as he rained several blows to each spot before moving on. Even without a paddle Bill managed to reduce his wife to a limp sobbing bundle, although her punishment did go on longer than Sylvia’s.

Satisfied that the point had been made, two sobbing, well-punished girls were led to the fireplace to lean on the mantle and think about their punishment. Peeking in from the kitchen, Ray quietly retrieved his Polaroid and took a picture of two very contrite women, arms around one another, each rubbing the other’s blistered bottom. It was one of his most prized possessions.

After that, the girls frequently discussed their punishments, even arguing over who had it the worst. Sylvia, who always got the paddle, or Kay who only got hand spankings, but very long ones.

They made a habit of taking at least one vacation together every year. No matter how certain they were that they would behave, each time the wives found themselves caught out, and endured another joint punishment. Some years, more than one.

The business had prospered, both families enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle. Bill and Kay’s kids were grown and off on their own. The two couples were planning a trip to Europe when Kay was diagnosed with liver cancer.

It was a difficult year for everyone. Kay refused to discuss her illness. Bill spent more and more time at home, taking her for an endless round of specialists and treatments. Ray covered the office, as usual, plus did his best to supervise the field crews. The final chemo left Kay too weak to walk, bald and frail, but with cautious optimism for a full recovery. After her six-month check up they celebrated with the postponed trip to Europe. All enjoying a renewed faith in life, and vowing to slow down and enjoy things.

Two months later, after a Saturday night dinner, Kay asked for their help in celebrating. She produced a bottle of her favorite champagne, offered a toast to a full and rewarding life, and dropped a bombshell. The cancer had returned, it was spreading rapidly, and she had decided against treatment this time.

Sylvia stayed with Kay until the end, trading shifts with Bill so she was never alone. The last night, she seemed stronger, even visited for a while. Then she was gone.

A year dragged by, it was uncomfortable trying to figure out how they fit together without Kay. Then, it was Sylvia’s turn to watch her world crumble. Ray suffered a massive heart attack at work. They rushed him to the hospital but there was too much damage. Late that night he passed.


Sylvia wandered through her house, lost. It was hard to know what to do with her time. Her whole life had been built around her husband and her friends, now both were gone.

Bill called Sylvia, asked her to meet him for lunch to go over some voting issues on the stock Ray had left to her. They enjoyed catching up with news of the kids, and Sylvia was touched when he asked her to chair the trust fund he had established in Kay’s name. It came at the perfect time, he needed someone who knew Kay, she needed someone who needed her.

They drifted along for over a year, seeing one another socially, working on the trust, and sharing an occasional dinner. Sylvia knew Ray would want her to be happy, in fact she dreamed of Ray and Kay smiling at her reluctance to move forward. If there was going to be another man in her life, Bill was the only candidate.

So began the great campaign to drive him into admitting she needed him to “handle” her. 
She was constantly late, forgot appointments, left important papers at home, all things she knew drove him crazy. He ignored her bad behavior, chalked it up to not being over her grief, and let her run wild. Until she decided to start leaving her door unlocked. That was going too far. She could be forgetful, but putting herself in danger was totally unacceptable.

Bill marched Sylvia in to the living room and began lecturing her. She made the mistake of smiling, happy to know he still cared for her. Before she knew what happened she was bottoms up, over his knee and his hand hurt every bit as much as any paddle. Just when she was sure she couldn’t take any more, he stood her up, and shook her roughly by her shoulders.

“Don’t you know how dangerous it is to leave your house unlocked? Any nut case could waltz right in. I know Ray wouldn’t put up with your nonsense, and by God, I won’t either.”

Back over his lap she went for another blistering round. This time, slower and harder, each area receiving several swats before moving on, steadily tattooing her bottom and the backs of her legs.

When he decided she had learned her lesson she was limp and her bottom was burning like never before. He carried her to her room and laid her on the bed, holding her close, soothing her tears away.  When she had stopped sobbing he explained that Ray had asked him to take care of her and it was obvious that they would have to marry. He couldn’t go around spanking another man’s wife. Then there was the other part, Kay had never mentioned that a punishment wasn’t considered complete until all was forgiven by making love. Sylvia had to laugh at that. She may end up missing those fiery, but short, sessions with Ray’s paddle, but she was happy to trade an hour in the corner alone for a good romp in bed.

This was just what they both needed, another chance to enjoy life.


I know many stories feature hot young things and I love reading them. But as a 'mature reader' I also love reading about couples that have a year or two on them and the baggage that come with a life well lived. So these couples are very close to my heart. My sincere thanks to the author.

And I'm happy to tell you that they will be back again next week. Yes there are several chapters that came with this story. I hope you'll be back for that story next week. I would love to be able to showcase other writers here. 

During the weeks we'll be reading Another Chance, you can all be working on your own Fantasy Friday story. Just try writing it - you don't have to send it in... but you can. Everyone is welcomed to send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

This is a good one!

I rarely promote book on this site – except for mine. But I make an excepting when I know the author personally. Donna Steele is one of my all time favorite writers. I’ve read this new book (I've read all her books!) and I loved it. Donna’s books are not in our genre. She doesn’t write spanking books, but that’s the only complaint I have of her work. She does paranormal and science-fiction neither of which is my favorite – except when Donna writes them. She is a great writer and she makes it work!  Here’s her latest.  


A paranormal romance, Hazardous to the Touch

 is the 32nd book by Donna Steele.


Blurb –


When Detective Sal Capello is called to the scene of a gruesome murder, he has no idea how his life will change. The diminutive woman, hiding in plain sight makes an impression, but why? She couldn’t be involved in anything like what he’s just seen, right?


Amelia Cambridge has always been in the shadows, observing life but never taking part. It’s not safe for her or the people around her. She only went to the crime scene to pay her respects. How did the detective get so close to her physically and why does he keep showing up? 



Excerpt –


Amelia was shaking as she let herself into her place. How had the detective done that? How the hell could that man get so close to her without her realizing? She felt everyone else standing outside at that house, their curiosity as well as their excitement. They didn’t know enough to be repelled and sickened.

She knew when people were close to her. Had for as long as she could remember, but he, this detective Capello, walked up and stood within touching distance without her realizing. She hadn’t known he was there until he actually spoke.

Was it the crime? Had she been that intent, that distracted by . . . no, she’d known what was in that room before she arrived on the street. He managed to get that close somehow without her being aware. What was different about him?

She needed to calm down and think. Heading into the kitchen, she poured a glass of iced tea. Then she wandered back into the living room and picked up the sketchpad on her coffee table. She returned to the kitchen and took a seat at the island. While she drank her tea, she began her sketch.

A credible version of the detective began to emerge. His eyes were dark. She always started with the eyes because they usually couldn’t hide what the person was thinking, at least not from her. His face was square with a strong chin and jaw line. His nose was a little large, possibly broken once in the past, but that gave his face the interesting touch that kept him from being pretty. He was definitely masculine. His ears were close to his head, and his hair long enough to curl slightly over them. His hair was thick and looked as though it would be soft to touch. The dark chestnut color worked for him. She’d noticed that even with only her quick glance at him.

The department probably thought he needed a haircut. She wouldn’t know those regulations, but it was a good length for him in her opinion. His hair curled slightly over his collar and was long enough in front to flop down over his broad brow, but not into his eyes.

His eyes, she thought about them again and added a line or two to her sketch. They noticed things. He took in her appearance with once glance, she was sure of that. He approached her, not any of the others standing there wishing to be part of the excitement.

Abruptly she closed the sketchbook. Why was she thinking about him after the devastation to that poor woman? How was she able to turn her thoughts from that? What word did she use at the scene—disrespectful? That’s what this felt like, Detective Capello shouldn’t be her focus. No, though she would never sketch the scene left in that bedroom. But even for a distraction, drawing the detective didn’t seem right.

Washing her glass, she tidied up, leaving no evidence that anyone had used the space. Returning to the great room, she flipped on some music, light jazz, and curled up in her favorite chair with her current book. She was alone. She was safe.

She shook her head. How had he gotten so close without her feeling him?



Buy links –



Bio – 


Women Strong Enough For Love

Donna writes science fiction, paranormal and small town romances about women coming into their strength and having the courage to find and accept love.

Now that she has retired from going into an office every day, she created an office at home and writes full time. Talk about living the dream!

She was the girl at the party who was yearning for the quiet corner and a book to read (go Rory Gilmore!) and has been writing in her head since she learned to read. Getting those stories down on paper (or in her laptop) has been more fun than she ever imagined it could be.

The possibilities of science fiction have always drawn her, and she’s read them all, there just needed to be a little more romance in them. She finally got up the courage to write them herself and is delighted to be able to share these stories with you.


She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA and the Heart of Carolina Romance Writers.

Please sign up for her newsletter at –https://www.steelestories.com/newsletter/

And follow her atAmazonTwitter Facebook, PinterestBookbub,

Donna has also written several series that I just love! Here at the links to two of these series that I recommend as strongly as I can. You'll love them!

The Melting Series

The Conall Clan


Friday, September 18, 2020

Fantasy Friday - Quarantine

Brand-new story today !

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday. We have a new story today and that always makes me happy! It's very timely and I think many of us can relate. Please enjoy...


Peter is considered an essential worker. Being in the service industry he continued to work and work long hours. I have been fortunate in life to be financially able to be a stay at home mom and more recently a stay at home grandma. I was with my grandchildren a few times a week until shelter in place was enforced.

Finding myself home alone with nothing but news updates to watch. I found myself very lonely. My once every two week grocery run just wasn’t doing it.

Peter coming home every evening, totally exhausted, gulped down supper and promptly fell asleep. Certainly not much company.

What is a lonely, bored, horny woman to do. Self-satisfaction is not for me. 

Then I came upon a friend I had for years and realized she was the answer; Amazon Prime.

I realized that AP could help my loneliness and boredom just by clicking a few buttons. But what about my being horny? How can she help? But wait…what does Peter hate more than anything? Frivolous spending. Will he notice? Will he care? Worth a try.

I didn’t want to overstay my welcome so I only visited AP for short times, but every day. I bought PJs, hats, purses, kitchen gadgets, decorative pillows and toys for the grand kids.

After a few days I started meeting a new friend. The doorbell began to ring and packages began showing up. Each package was a surprise visit from a new friend. Each on invited in with great joy.

I placed the decorative items in my home. I wore the PJs at night. And Peter never noticed. It became a game of see how much I can get away with and screw your for ignoring me.

Then an amazing thing happened. Peter came home and announced he was taking the next day off because he realized I needed his attention. I was so excited, we couldn’t go anywhere so the day was just to be together. BLISS

The next morning after showering and dressing in my usual quarantine outfit of t shirt and sweat pants. I set the dining table and prepared a large breakfast of omelet, potatoes, sausage and toast. I called Peter down to breakfast wanting to get the day started.

We chatted and enjoyed our food and then he helped me clean up. It was so nice to be together. I then I was surprised. In one movement, I am pushed over the kitchen island and felt a wooden spoon on my butt. My first thought – oh this is perfect.

It then went from let the fun begin to someone is in trouble.

Peter then removed my pant sand placed me firmly on the hard kitchen chair and left the room.

He returned with paper, pen and a print out. Placing it in front of me. I realized it was a copy of the credit card bill associated with my Amazon account. Oh Boy! I was to write down the dates and what was purchased on that date. Not an easy job. Then I needed to pull up my account and list everything using a separate list for items I forgot.  Boy did that exercise open my eyes and make my butt tingle at the same time.

The outcome – for every ten dollars a strike with the bath brush. $425.00!! Could I handle 43 hits with that mean brush? Peter decided on groups of 10. Followed by 5 minutes in the corner and the rest of the hour doing “normal” activities around the house in just the t shirt. This took 5 hours out of the day. But then when I thought it was all over he said now let’s address the items you didn’t even remember to list on the first list. That came to $57. I was ordered to go to the coffee table and bend over and put my hands on it, butt up in air. Being in that position, I had a feeling what was next, could I do it? I heard the sound of the belt coming off of Peters pants. Again one for every ten. So I endured yet 6 more smacks this time with a belt. 

After that was over, we headed up to the bedroom and reconnected in a most wonderful way.

As we laid intertwined, Peter asked if I had learned my lesson. I just mumbled what sounded like an affirmative response. He said he did to, he learned to pay more attention to me, he can’t afford not to.


Our story comes from Cindy who has written for us a couple of times. She did share with me that while she enjoys time with all her family, including the grand kids. She also enjoys spending time with just her husband. I hope that's true for all of us! Thank you, Cindy!

I think this is probably one we can all identify with these days. Both on line shopping and not always getting the attention we want. So maybe a story has been rolling around in your head during quarantine... maybe you'd be willing to share? Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Perfect Husband

Is your husband perfect? Boy, mine isn’t! Let me tell you some of the ways he drives me crazy! First…


Wait, I’ll hold that post for later. Today I want to brag a little. Despite his imperfect ways this man still amazes me. For those who haven’t been reading long, let me tell you some of what he does. He does a lot of the cooking. He does all the laundry, he takes care of the yard and the pool. He’s in charge of car maintenance. He does basic electrical work like putting in new ceiling fans. He can also do general plumbing like installing a new dishwasher when it’s needed.


He didn’t do our remodeling, but when he saw how much I love he crown molding in kitchen, he put it up in my writing room also. What do I do you might ask. Well, I write. I cook occasionally and I do light housekeeping. That’s about it. But what amazes me the most is that all I have to do is mention something that would be nice and nearly the next day it’s done. This is NOT my husband.

Two recent examples. The cat got shut up in one of the bedrooms recently and scratched at the carpet to get out. Although it hadn’t been our plan, we evidently bought the cheapest carpet known to man when we redid the kids bedrooms and the cat managed to unravel a good chunk near the door. Neither of us was mad, I mean what was the point? But we agreed it really looked bad.


The next day he comes in with metal thresholds to cover the torn up carpet. And easy enough fix for him. But it had never occurred to me. It was done before I knew what he was doing.


Another example – and I really loved this, had to do with the TV table. When we were first married and liked to dance and play around a lot in the living room, he built a table to hold not only the TV but also the two huge speakers he had for his stereo at the time. In addition he put up a ‘floating’ shelf for the turn table so we could dance and stomp without the needle scratching. (For those under thirty who may be reading, have someone older than you to explain all this to you.) Here’s a picture.

As useful as it used to me we decided it was time for a change. And we had a new cabinet built to match our book cases. I loved the look but there were so many wires that you could see and they didn’t look good. I mentioned it to Nick, not expecting him to do anything. But he did, creating a matching box around the wires where they hardly show at all. See?

Here it is from the side

And from the front!


And he did it the day after I mentioned it! 


One last thing. When I came out to him as a spanko, we snuck off to the small basement room that had a single bed and a TV for the kids. But once they were asleep it was a place we could make a little noise.


I mentioned to him that it was too bad there was no lock. That might ensure real privacy. The next day when I got home from work he grinned and press the key to the new lock into my hand.


Nick’s not perfect. But he’s darn close!

Monday, September 14, 2020

Best golf trip ever!

I had such a great time in the mountains. It’s such a beautiful place. The women that own the Inn remembered me as the ‘Harry Potter’ lady and said they have often told people about my coming there to read. They know I write and they bought two of the Cassie books from me.


The weather the day I got there was as good as it gets anywhere – sunny, seventy-five degrees and a slight breeze. I walked in the garden first and got a few pictures.


Then I found one of their outside nooks and sat down to do some writing. When my fingers began to get tired I decided to walk through town. It’s just as pretty as where I was staying. There are great little shops in town, and bakeries and ice cream shops and restaurants – it’s a carb lovers dream. I sat in one of their little parks and read for a while. It’s a great place to people watch too.

The second day was cloudy with on and off rain. That, along with the fact that the hotel’s internet was out that day, made it perfect for writing. The place has cozy arm chairs and ottomans. So with few distractions, I wrote! 


The first book in the new series is complete! I sent it off to my sister and my wonderful, fabulous, couldn’t-do-without her editor - Rosie Dee, for a final look through. With a little luck the book will be out before the end of the year – assuming it’s accepted. Please, cross your fingers. I’ll let you know.

Nick has it all wrong, this is the way you take a golf trip!

Friday, September 11, 2020

Fantasy Friday revival - The Beginning

Happy Friday! I'm home from my trip to the mountains and it was great! I tell you about it soon. 

 Today we have a story that I really liked because we all had to have (or will have) a beginning point in our spanking life. Whether or not you and your partner are both rabid spanko or one of you is vanilla, someone had to bring it up the first time.

The Beginning

Dawn had been spending a lot of time lately thinking about how to best approach the subject. She really wanted to share this private part of herself with the man she loved so much and had shared the last 24 years of her life with. They had raised children together. Bought houses, cars and made many other important life choices together, yet to share this part of her would be difficult. Of course she knew he loved her and would do whatever he could to make her happy.

This was just a little off the norm. It could be normal for many people but not the norm for her or Brad. She and Brad had met in college and went together for several years before they decided to marry. They pretty much stayed in the same area where they met. They attended the same church, lived in the same community and neither of them every traveled more than 10 miles to work. The thought of what she wanted just wasn’t an everyday occurrence in their world. Yet she knew it was what she wanted. Dawn promised herself she would find a way and tell him soon, perhaps tonight.

It was Friday night Brad’s favorite day of the week and the beginning of what he hoped would be great weekend. Brad thought to himself as he walked in the door, a whole weekend alone with his beautiful wife and sweetheart. When he came into the house he found Dawn in the kitchen getting ready to make dinner. “Hi Baby Girl I am so looking forward to this weekend”! He came up to her as he always did and immediately kissed her on the back of the neck and then on her soft lips.

Dawn loved his touch it always made her tingle all the way to her toes. Brad then gave her a hug and a playful swat on the bottom and went about feeding the dogs and talking about his day. Dawn tried to pay attention but was wondering about the swat and if maybe he, had any hidden desires. This was a rare occasion for Dawn and Brad to be alone in their own home without any children. They had 3 children. The oldest daughter had married about a year ago. Their son had gone away to college last month. The youngest daughter was still in high school but was away on a class biology trip for the weekend and wouldn’t be back until Sunday evening. It was the best chance Dawn would have to introduce Brad to her inner desire. She returned to reality with Brad standing in front of her asking why she was going to boil the dish rag. They both laughed but Brad could sense Dawn had something on her mind. Dawn proceeded to make a quite edible meal for the just the two of them.

After dinner was done and cleaned up they sat at the table together for a few minutes discussing what they might do with their time alone this weekend. Perhaps a movie, a concert or a visit to some location they had wanted to check out. They finally decided on a hike up to a waterfall in a nearby canyon. For the Saturday night they were thinking about going out to dinner and maybe a movie at home.

After deciding what they would do this weekend Dawn became quiet and a little withdrawn. Brad again got the feeling that she wanted to talk about something but was having a hard time deciding how to share it with him. Finally he just asked “what is it baby girl, what’s on your mind?” Dawn became very shy and took a deep breath and decided she would just be out with it and see how he would react. After all she had only gone over the expected conversation in her own mind at least a hundred times. She might as well be out with it and see how he took the news that his precious “baby girl” was a spanko.

Brad sat quietly waiting for her answer, he could tell she was nervous and he began to wonder what would cause her to be so upset. He just wanted to hold her and help her share with him whatever was on her mind. He took her in his arms and told her “baby girl you know you can tell me anything I’m always here for you”. Dawn gained strength as he held her and finally asked if they could sit on the couch together and she promised him she would try to tell him what was on her mind.

As they moved to the couch Dawn sat as close to Brad as was possible she wanted to feel his love for her as she tried to explain what it was she wanted to share with him. Finally she spoke “Brad I’ve been thinking about something for a long time and I don’t want you to laugh or comment until I say all of it, I’ve had these feelings just about as long as I can remember, since I was a child. Dawn took a deep breathe “I want for you to spank me”.

The expression on Brad’s face spoke volumes but he said nothing and waited for Dawn to continue. Seeing that Brad didn’t fall apart and that his face even showed signs of pleasure with what she was saying, she continued at a breathless pace. “Not like for punishment all the time but for fun and for real. I want a real spanking that would hurt and maybe even sometimes make me cry. You could even tell me to take down my pants and even my panties and spank my bare bottom if you wanted too, it could be erotic sometimes. You could tell me to undress completely and watch. Think of the possibilities you would have my bare willing bottom on your lap and easy access to other fun locals. You would also have a happy submissive partner willing to do what ever they were told. I have often dreamed of you taking me over your knee and giving me a spanking. I know this is a little off the norm for folks like us but, I have been doing a little research on the internet and it is not as uncommon as you might think, spanking is the most common of sex kinks”.

Brad was a little taken back at his wife’s request but the thought of her willing vulnerable bare bottom over his lap was far from unappealing. In fact he had considered the thought of spanking her cute little bottom on more than one occasion but had always limited himself to an occasional swat or two, sometimes just for fun, sometimes during sex or other times when Dawn was starting on a rampage. It did seem to curtail her rampage for a bit but it didn’t always keep it from coming. Now her she was asking him to spank her, giving her consent to one of his fondest dreams! He considered how best to respond and put Dawn at ease.

Carefully he spoke “Baby Girl you know I would do anything to make you happy. I too have thought about spanking your adorable little bottom more than once or twice. Now that you bring it up you have never really objected to any of the swats I’ve giving you over the years, sometimes I even got the feeling that you liked them and wanted more but I thought it must be my imagination, how could a sweet beautiful competent young women want some Neanderthal spanking her bottom”. Dawn just had to interrupt “it wouldn’t be like that you just taking me by the hair and dragging me back to your cave against my will, although that might make a fun role play sometime. It would always be with my consent and participation. It would always be done with our love for one another at the center of the spanking bringing us closer together. The how to spank websites even advise that we have a safe word that if I said the safe word you would stop immediately and make sure I was OK”.

Now Brad became quiet for a bit and then told Dawn he had a few questions. “What if I came home from work and told you to go to our room pull down your pants and panties and bend over the bed and wait for me would you do it? Dawn’s answer was quick “In a heart beat honey so long as no one else especially the kids would know what was going on”. Brad continued “so this would be just between you and me then, no one else is to know?” Dawn answered “definitely, no one else is to know just our little secret. You could whisper in my ear if I were behaving badly that you would spank me later if I didn’t change my attitude or that I would be spanked later for my behavior. You know how sometimes I get all cranky and mean I’m usually very stressed at that point and if you could find a way to take me some place private and spank my bottom it could help me release that stress and help me return to my normal happy self. You could even use an implement like a belt or a paddle if you thought it was needed. Your spanking might even make me cry sometimes but, don’t worry too much about hurting me, we’ll have a safe word and I promise to use it if it is more than I can stand.

Brad thought for a minute “you seriously mean if you got into one of those rampage modes I could just take you away to a private place and spank you, even with my belt or if I couldn’t do right then I could let you know it would happen later. “Yes” Dawn answered. Brad smiled at the thought of finally finding a way to help his wife stop the occasional rampage that wasn’t consistent with the rest of his beautiful wife’s temperament.

Dawn also shared with Brad that she liked being submissive to him and having him take care of her. Spanking could provide another way of expressing their love for one another. Brad smiled a big grin “well you’ve convinced me and like I said I would do anything for your happiness and if it brings us closer together, all the better, I think it will make me happy too”! Brad then pulled Dawn up and into his arms and gave her the biggest strongest hug he then unbuttoned and lowered her jeans took her hands in his and said to her “Baby girl I want you to go put these precious little hands on that wall over there and stick out that beautiful bottom of yours”. He then began spanking her sassy little bottom that she stuck out further with each swat. After about 20 of these he lowered her pretty little pink panties and she shook them to the floor. He then applied another 20 or so well placed spanks unto her pretty pink little behind and very much enjoyed turning it a bright red. He then took her in his arms and held her tight until her breathing slowed and she caught her breathe. Dawn had the sweetest content smile on her face.

Brad then undressed himself and picked Dawn up and carried her back to the couch where he helped her over his knee. She began moaning for his touch. Brad didn’t disappoint as he quickly removed that rest of her clothes and began exploring her most private girl parts. He then alternated between touching and spanking. She quickly came in his hands with more force than ever before. He continued touching, exploring, spanking and causing this now wild girl to cum repeatedly. He then commanded her to get on her hands and knees on the floor, she quickly obeyed and he was within her in a split second. They both orgasamed together so hard they shook, something that had not happened in years. They fell to the floor wrapped in each others arms both of them spent yet feeling fully satisfied, fulfilled and completely loved. Both Brad and Dawn were very much looking forward to their time alone together this weekend and were already feeling the closeness and love spanking can bring.


This wonderful story was written by Sally! A reader of blogs and a sometimes commenter from long ago.  This was some of the background she shared with me back then...

I am a wife, mother and me. I have assorted children who have now either become or will become "adults" within the next few years. I have the great pleasure of being married to the love of my life. My children are my top priority and everything else will have to wait if one of them needs me, which may be why my husband and I have only been at this spanking thing for the last one and half years. I live on the west coast of the U.S. and love being close to nature; fortunately I live where there are many opportunities for outdoor adventures.

I think this shows that many of you reading out here do have a story in you. Go ahead and write it, revise it, play with it then send it in and I’ll post it for Fantasy Friday. It’s fun to hear what people think your story. If anyone else has a story sent it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, September 07, 2020

I'm taking a golf weekend, but I don't golf

Not sure when I’ve seen a prettier weekend. We love being able to sleep with the windows open and this was the weekend for it. It got down to 58 degrees and that is good snuggling weather.

Nick and Mollie headed off Saturday because Mollie had the car buying bug, something that rarely hits me. But she’d found a car that sounded like a good deal to her, about ninety minutes away. She wanted her daddy to go with her to help with the haggling, should it become necessary.

She came back with a hybrid and she seems to love it. I personally would not love the payments but she is excellent with her money so I don’t stick my nose in her business. Well, I don’t stick my nose in her finances. I still freely offer my opinion on everything else in her life. I’m just happy she has a dependable car and 24 hour roadside service.

I am heading to the mountains this week and I’m very excited. I’m going to the little Inn where I used to go read the Harry Potter books on the weekend that they came out – I didn’t want anyone to spoil the ending for me, so I take a whole weekend to read straight through. That was great and I loved it. 

Now that there are no more Potter books to read I occasionally go up there to write my own books. I’m ready to get the first new book polished and sent to the publisher so I’m stealing away from home to do it. 

Nick hasn’t worked in a while, although the does expect to go back soon. He has been absolutely wonderful about giving me time to write, but still…he’s here and I can’t completely relax into my writing. Not from anything he does, but I keep this guilt in the back of my mind that I’m ignoring him and that makes me feel bad. It truth, he’s probably just as happy that I’m ignoring him and letting him do as he pleases. But it still worries me.

So I told him I was taking a ‘golf weekend,’ a concept he fully understands, to get the book finished.

I love the place I’m going – it’s quaint, it has amazing gardens and little outside nooks where I can sit and write. It’s a great little mountain town with plenty of food in walking distance and there will be the first real feeling of fall. I just love putting on a sweater for the first time each year.

Here’s to crisp mornings and non-stop writing.