I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, June 26, 2023


We took a trip. It was a short one but it was fun. If you read here much you know I’m a home body. I was before the pandemic and that only sealed it. Nick likes to travel more than I do so I decided it was time to put on my big girl panties and make plans. Unfortunately, I took that way too literally.


We went to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in TN, and there were tons of people. I don’t like crowds. But that’s life when you go to a tourist attraction. 

We stopped first at the big aquarium. We saw many beautiful fish, sting rays, sharks, penguins and much more. But as we walked through all the displays, I noticed something else happening. Those big girl panties I’d put on decided to put on began to slide off. 


I just hadn’t noticed it that much at home, but the thirty-pound weight loss is real. The panties were sliding fast and the jeans I had on weren’t far behind. It was, take two steps and hike up my jeans, take two more and give them another tug. Forget the panties – they kept creeping down and I couldn’t very well reach in and give them a tug. Do they make suspenders for undies? It was on the funny side I guess, but it wasn’t the most comfortable tour I’ve ever taken.


Once we left there we went to a place called ‘The Island’ and it was fun. We ate a late lunch at Paula Deen’s – fried chicken, ribs, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, salad and dessert! 

Problem is I can’t eat much these days but what I did eat was delicious. There was a large fountain in the center of this place with dozens of rocking chair around it. The perfect place to rest and recover after a meal. There were tons of little shops and rides also. I don’t ride rides any more, but the shops were interesting. Here is my one souvenir.


The hotel was amazing! Our room had a sofa in addition to the two queen beds, a very large TV and even a fireplace. The balcony had a view to impress for sure!

After breakfast the next morning I jumped in the shower telling Nick to pick something for us to do that morning. Please remind me to never do that again. I’ll tell you about his choice soon.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Still here

I'm alive and well but I just haven't been on the computer lately. I'm having eighteen of Nick's family over for lunch tomorrow. You all know how much I love cooking and cleaning and getting ready for company. In addition we're babysitting for Mollie's dogs this weekend too. 

But if you're interested I have a new post up at PK Corey's Reading room today, a snippet from Cassie on the Move if you're willing to go over for a quick read.

Nothing has change with my publisher. They still aren't paying me or answering any of my emails. So I have no idea when  a new book will be out. But it's ready to go when I can get it all figured out.

Monday, June 05, 2023

Special Day


Today is a special day. As of today, Nick and I have been married forty years. And I have to say that sounds utterly ridiculous! How could a couple as young as we are possible have been married for forty years. Twenty maybe, but forty? When we did get married all those years ago, we had several people say something to me that struck me as odd. These people said, “You guy will make a great little old couple.” I wasn’t really thinking about that at the time, and I wasn’t sure what they meant. I guess it was there way of saying they knew we were in for the long haul and wouldn’t be divorcing. Apparently, they were right. According to many of Mollie’s friends we’re ‘precious.’ I guess that officially makes us a ‘great little old couple.’

We're not really doing gifts for our anniversary but there is something I’d like. I won’t get it, but I can’t help wishing. I think it would be nice for Nick to propose, you know, ask me to marry him. He never has. Now it’s become a running joke so I don’t suppose he ever will. But it would be a nice surprise. 

Nick and I are neither one big party people. Instead, we’re going out to our favorite restaurant with the three couples whom we credit/blame (whatever) for getting us together all those years ago. I guess I won’t be bragging too much about out forty years with these guys since all of them have already passed their fiftieth anniversary. But they were instrumental for us dating. 


One couple kept trying to set me up with dates. They set me up with a drug dealer, a young man from India who spoke no English and a man recently released from prison after he’d murdered his wife. No, they didn’t hate me, but this particular lady, Theresa, only sees the good in people and thought they were all fine men. Of course she also knew Nick, but never mentioned him.


About forty-two years ago one of the other couples threw a birthday party for Theresa’s birthday.  Nick and I were both invited. We talked a lot that night getting to know one another, and Nick’s best friend was there too and later encouraged Nick to call and ask me out. We’re going out with Theresa and her husband, the couple who threw the party and Nick’s best friend (best man at our wedding) and his wife. It seems we’ve all known each other for a lifetime now.

Secrets to a long marriage: 

·       Plan from the beginning for it to last forever. You’ll be making a promise to the person you love. If you’re not ready to promise, then don’t get married.

·      Marry someone who has lived on their own for at least two years. I’d lived alone for six years and Nick for thirteen years. We could take care of ourselves, we wanted to be together.

·      Make sure you like the person you’re marrying. Blazing love may not last for long. A deep like is much better.

·      Remember to be polite to one another. Keep saying please and thank-you throughout the years.

And most important,

·      Keep talking, tell each other what you want. Don’t demand it, but let the other person know. No one reads minds well no matter how much we wish that they could.