I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby steps

We’ve got out plates full at the moment. Big family reunion here next weekend. I’m taking a few days away the next week. Then Mollie moves. So we aren’t spending a lot of time on TTWD. But at the same time, things are happening. Nick called me to the bedroom one evening to discuss the weight thing. I’m not doing anything to work on it and he called me on it. I got an ultimatum for the coming week, a spanking and he had me wear a plug for a while to be sure I knew he was serious. Yes, he had my attention.

There are other little things happening that I've noticed, looks, touches; he’s grabbed me in the kitchen a time or two for some stinging swats. He has said he’s looking forward to waking up on weekend morning and knowing we have the house to ourselves with no one here to over hear anything. I’m not looking for flashy miracles, but the little things make me feel hopeful.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fantasy Friday, A Lovely Day for a Bike Ride

I spent this week in a lot of heavy thinking and I can't thank everyone enough for coming by and reading and commenting. I hope you came by today for a brand new Fantasy Friday! This is such a good story! It was written by Faerie who wrote her first story a few weeks ago. You can read that one here. So celebrate! It's Friday, enjoy the story!


“Babe, turn up the stereo, please.”

He was expecting this; she always asks to have the stereo turned up when she gets to the far end of the pool deck. He walks over to turn it up for her and pauses to watch for a minute. He watches her dance to the music as she works on vacuuming the pool. He loves to watch her dance, so sensual the way she moves. He shakes his head and goes back to his project leaving her to her dancing.

When she’s finished vacuuming she walks into the pool house and through to his workroom stripping off her sundress as she goes. She’s wearing her new swimsuit underneath. “Hey baby, wanna go for a swim with me?” She asks as she snakes her arms around his waist from behind him.

“Sure, just give me a minute, I’m almost done here.”

“OK, I’ll just wait over here.” She wanders over to the motorcycle parked in the corner and leans against the seat. He hasn’t looked up at her yet.

He grabs a shop rag to wipe his hands as he turns towards her. “New suit?” he asks.

“Yeah, do you like it?”

“Well, let’s see,” he motions for her to turn for him.

She slowly stands and turns, making sure he gets a good view. She hasn’t worn such a skimpy suit in a long time, but when she saw it in the store she couldn’t resist buying it.

The silver clasp nestled between her breasts on the black bikini top shines against her skin. The French cut of the bottoms make her already long legs appear to go on forever. He walks over to her grabs her hand and twirls her around again so he can get a second look. He pulls her in close and whispers into her ear, “beautiful”.

“Ready for that swim?” she asks innocently as she snuggles closer to him reaching down to run her hands along the front of his shorts.

“Uhnh”, he groans, “I thought you wanted to swim?” he asks huskily.

“I do. Let’s go” she tries to step away, but he’s holding her tight, she’s trapped in the circle of his arms. He reaches up and flicks the clasp on her top open. His hand tangles in her long hair, firmly tugging. She moans as she feels his lips on her now exposed neck, working their way down to her breasts. He nips and licks each one in turn as his hands roam to her ass to rub and knead.

Breathless now she’s forgotten all about swimming. He hooks his thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottoms and slides them down her legs. He turns her around and pushes her over the seat of the motorcycle. He stops to admire the sight of her draped naked over his bike.

“Mmmm, lovely”, he murmurs. She feels his hands on her back, dragging his fingernails from her shoulders down over her ass making her moan. Swat, his hand connects with her ass. She moans louder.

Swat…… “Ummm”

Swat….. “Oohh”

Swat….. “Aahh”

Smack, smack, smack, a flurry of smacks rain down on her ass.

“Ooohh, yes, yes” she pants. More swats, more moans. She’s lost in the feel now, the leather motorcycle seat under her belly, the slight breeze blowing across her taut nipples, the warm tingling in her ass all combine to steal any thought from her mind. He continues the swats, she’s arching her ass up to meet his hand, she’s close now, close to losing control.

His voice penetrates through the haze, “Open your legs for me baby.” She moves to do as she’s told. She feels his hand between her legs his fingers parting her nether lips. His finger easily enters her; he whispers to her “you’re so wet.”

“Oohh, oohh, oohh,” she’s panting now. His tongue is on her, sucking and licking up and down her wet pussy. Up over her pleasure button, down to her dripping wet entrance, up, down, up, down over and over again. She screams as the orgasm hits, ripping her into a million little pieces. She’s lying limply over the bike seat as she hears his zipper. He grabs her hips, enters her from behind and she starts to soar again. One hand slides up and around her throat, the other around her hip to her belly. He pulls her up and back into him, resting her head on his shoulder all the while thrusting into her wetness. His hand roams up to her breast, caressing and pinching her nipples then back down to massage her clit.

“Please, please, please she moans over and over, begging him to cum. He pushes her back down over the seat of the bike after a few more deep thrusts he pulls out and shoots his stream all over her rosy red ass just as she loses control again. He collapses on top of her and he hears her say, “what a lovely day for a bike ride.”


Thank you Faerie! I think this was a great story. I hope everyone is paying attention. Faerie has been reading a while and finally decided to try some writing on her own. I think you will all agree that she is doing some great work. I hope some of you will try the same thing. Faerie, I hope you will do some commenting and get to know more people out here. As for the rest of you if you do have a story send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The best rule ever.

I told you I would share the rule that I felt helped our marriage more than anything we had done. Here is the rule Nick gave me:

You must send me an email each week telling me what you are thinking and feeling. I want to know – happy, sad, mad, misunderstood, ignored, lonely, excited, joyful, confused… whatever you are feeling. I want to know it.

Wow, I was stunned. Nick made this rule? He made this rule after a long and difficult talk we had one evening. I was feeling down and very emotional and I finally got the courage to open my mouth and talk to Nick about those feelings. It was so hard for me, you can’t even imagine. You see I have never felt like Nick really wanted to hear my feelings, doubts, insecurities, fears – any emotions.

This is why I've felt this way. Have you ever said something that accidentally hurt someone else? Maybe it was a child or your parent or your spouse. You don’t even remember saying it, you certainly didn’t mean it to hurt, but you find out later that it did hurt that person and that they still carry it around with them. That happened to Nick and me and it was over 30 years ago. I was feeling confused then too and since there was no internet I wrote him a letter explaining how I was feeling.

Nick was raised in a family that’s not really touchy feely and rarely share their emotions. They love each other deeply and that’s easy to see. But discussing feelings has always been a foreign concept to them. Nick had a one sentence response to my letter; he asked “Why are you doing this to me?” Unfortunately, that sentence bore into me and it has stayed with me more firmly than any other thing Nick has ever said to me. I’m sure at that moment I began back peddling. I have no doubt I said something like “Don’t worry, it was just silly stuff. Just forget it. It wasn’t important, never mind.” And all the while I was saying it I was hearing thick iron doors being slammed and multiple locks clicking in place within me. I knew then and there he did not want to be bothered with that mess and for the next 25 years I didn’t make an attempt.

He was not being harsh or hateful and I know that now. I know what he was saying was, “I love you and we’re happy. Why do we need to bring up all these feeling that are so confusing and I don’t know how to deal with them. Can’t we just concentrate on our happiness and leave all these feelings and emotions out of it? I don’t know how to deal with them and I don’t want to.”

When Nick and I talked and he made that rule, asking – no, insisted that I share my thoughts and feelings with him on a weekly basis I was stunned. I didn’t believe it. But I gave it a shot and it was great. I loved telling him when I was happy and what a good week I thought we’d had. I could thank him for a spanking I’d received or some great loving. I could also share when I was mad or hurt, maybe by him or even when it was something at work. But I could tell him! He wanted to hear! I still couldn’t believe it. Sometimes the week would get away from me and I’d miss my deadline or forget to write it at all, and he would spank me for forgetting. I was always stunned, could it be that he really wanted to know these things?

But it didn’t last. After many months I quit writing for one reason or another. He quit asking about it, or insisting on it or spanking if I didn’t do it. So I was pretty sure I had been right to begin with and he didn't want to hear all that. We went back to pleasantly co-existing. I’m still happier that I was before I came out but sometime I wonder what it would be like to really come out, to be completely opened, nothing held back. There is a fear in me. I don’t know it’s origin but it’s there. I’m not letting anyone in the whole way. They will see the real me and won’t like her and I’ll be alone. It’s a stupid fear. There’s no basis for it. My parents were the most loving and caring parents. I was always secure and happy as a child. Nick has been the best husband ever. He hasn’t looked at another woman in 30 years and I’ve never had any desire to look at another man. My friends, here and in real life, are close and supportive. Where does the fear come from and will it ever go away?

I still think this is the best rule ever. I think all married couples should do it. You don’t have to write a book each week – but you can if you want to. Nick usually answered, which I loved. Even when I wrote a book his responses were usually only a few sentences long but that was fine. He’ll never love writing the way I do.

Maybe I will talk to Nick about it as we’re settling into our empty nest. It could bring new closeness or it could bring annoyance. It’s pretty easy for me to ignore it all and sailing is still pretty smooth. Often when I think of sharing with Nick I ask myself “Why are you doing this to me?”

This is important –

I wrote the above earlier and between writing that, and reading the comments left on my last post and a conversation I had with Nick last night, something finally dawned on me. I finally know clearly and completely what I want. It’s not spanking – erotic or discipline, it’s not a dd marriage, it’s not rules, it’s not punishment, and it’s not dominance and submission.

I want the connection with Nick that I believe spanking brings.

It’s sharing the secret; it’s catching each other’s eye when a spanking reference comes up in the vanilla world and just knowing what the other one is thinking, it's knowing that he realized he can ask/tell me to do something and I’ll try, it's him loving me enough to spank me if I don’t keep up my part of the bargain. It’s touching in public, holding hands or having him pat my butt. It’s passing a pervertable in a store and pointing it out to one another.

Because of my lifelong connection to spanking that’s the path I’ve chosen to try to get what I need. I know it works. When I first came out we had it. Nothing in this world felt better than what we had during that time when we first opened up to each other.

You all know that Tom and Cassie are my fantasy couple. They have been in my head for 45 years. I was drawn to their wonderful spanking relationship, but that’s not all of it. If Nick spanked like Tom there would only be two choices – divorce or murder. It might have been spanking that drew me to them initially, but what has held me for over 4 decades is the total and complete love they had for each other, the fact that they absolutely adore each other, through thick and thin, and always will.

So when it comes to their love story, I feel like nodding at Cassie and saying ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ but it still scared the hell out of me. To love like that, to be loved like that make you completely vulnerable. I have all those iron door and rusty locks to break through it’s going to take time. But maybe, if Nick and I both start working on them together, just maybe we’ll get through them.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Did someone say something about rules?

There has been a lot of talk out here in blogland about rules lately. Many of us want them; others think they have too many rules already. I tried my best to give Nick power when we first began this. He has no idea how much power I was trying to give him. He didn’t want it. We’d been married over 20 years and he didn’t want to be the boss. He liked our partnership. Hmmm… I couldn’t very well object to that but it didn’t fit in with my lifelong fantasy. As the years have gone by I have to grudgingly admit that he was probably right. I just wouldn’t have worked for us.

I’ve read with interest some of the different rules my friends here have. Most just would not apply to us. Nick and I are never disrespectful to each other. We agree on the kids and how we spend our money. We both work and we share the household chores (with him doing the lions share). There are some rules I would not be comfortable with – limited computer time or a bed time that was not reasonable to me.

I know many of you have talked about having those rules. Most of you have said you don’t like them, but admitted that you sorta understand why you have them. For me I couldn’t accept a hard and fast rule, but at the same time, anytime Nick has said “Put that computer down, you need to …” I put it down. Once when I came home my lap top was gone. I asked him where it was and all I got from him was a grin and a “I’m sure it will turn up.” It did, under a pile of clean laundry that needed folding! LOL! We’ve discussed bed time but don’t have a hard and fast rule about it.

So what does a girl do when she wants some rules to follow but nothing seems that important to Nick? We have had some rules in the past that really helped me. Most related to trying to control my weight – exercising, watching what I ate, not eating in my recliner and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Others that helped me were time limits on getting clean clothes put away, not letting clothes (clean or dirty) pile up at by the foot of the bed, not living dishes sitting in the living room and other minor housekeeping chores.

The problem with these is that they aren’t really important to Nick. For example, I went a long time not snacking in my recliner. Probably a good idea but eventually I started up again. Nick never said a word about it so apparently it’s not a rule any longer. Same about bedtime, I made it on time most of the time, but when I didn’t, he rarely said anything and certainly never really spanked so I assume that wasn’t important to him either. (Right now I’m staying up late visiting with Mollie many nights but once school starts maybe we’ll talk about it again.) I know that I should just do these things myself instead of waiting for Nick to enforce a ‘rule’ but I’m a spanko for goodness sakes! I feel loved and cared for when I am held to account for a few things.

I’m not worrying about this for the next three weeks (didn’t say I wouldn’t think about it, just not worry). We have the big family reunion coming up coming up and then we’ll be packing Mollie off and then I go back to school. But sometime, sometime maybe we’ll be able to get together and come up with a few things that we both care enough about that Nick will truly enforce them. We’ll see.

We did have a great rule at one time and surprisingly it was Nick’s idea. It was the best rule ever and I think every couple that has any rules should have this one. It didn’t last either but it helped our marriage while we were doing it. We may get it back someday, but only if Nick wants it. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend get-a-way

We had a pretty amazing weekend and I wanted to tell you about it. Some friends asked us to go away with them to Hot Springs, a little town in the mountains. It’s a tiny place, quaint I think you’d call it. The main attraction is, of course, the hot springs. We arrived early and made an appointment for the hot tub. Now I know it was hotter than hell over most of the country this weekend – it was well into the 90’s there too but they had their tubs set up in an interesting way. Each tub was enclosed on three sides. It had a roof on for shade but the fourth side was opened to the river flowing by. Such a pleasant, little secluded spot.

Despite the heat there was a very nice breeze blowing in from the river. We stripped – I have to tell you I LOVE being naked outside. I’ll never have the body for it, but emotionally I am a nudist at heart. Sinking into the heat of the tub felt wonderful. It was like one big sigh. At first we just relaxed, then a little mutual massaging and then… well, it was really nice.

When one of us got too hot sitting in the water we would get out and go stand by the rail and watch the river. I suppose a person in a kayak could have seen something, although the river was below us, but honestly I just didn’t care. Once I was on my knees leaning over the side when Nick came up and started spanking. The tubs were reasonable far apart and the noise of the jets in the pool seemed cover enough. That felt pretty nice. A little later I found a nice size stick/switch on the ground (sadly the bamboo growing nearby was just out of reach, lol!) I tried to get a swat at Nick’s backside with it but he demanded I hand it over. It was nearly perfect size, creating a lovely sting without real pain. But the next thing I spotted in the little enclosure was this –

It was the seed pod of a Catalpa tree, about 18 inches long. Now that thing stung like hell on a wet, warm bottom. Over all it was a great experience, running around naked outside and getting spanked and all. After an hour our time was up. They drain and clean each tub between uses and refill it with the natural hot mineral water. It’s supposed to have healing properties. My bottom was the only thing aching rather than my knees as we left.

We met back up with our friends and headed back to the little inn to check in. It was an interesting place too. Each room has a heart shaped hot tub. Our room also had a beautiful bed.

Nick commented that we should have brought the cuffs to have gotten use of it full effect.

That night after supper we walked around the small town and then down by the river. Before coming up and trying out that heart shaped tub. It was much like the afternoon – except this tub was equipped with a red pulsating light. LOL! It sounds cheesy but it was so much fun. And should they ever have a nude America’s funniest Video’s we’ll have to go back and get us old folk on tape trying to get out of this deep tub. Heaven help me if I’d been alone I’m afraid I would have had to call for help, not that I could have reached a phone. But together Nick and I managed to get in, play, and get back out alive – if not gracefully. The evening finished up on the bed when I got a few hard pops after Nick asked me about my weigh in the day before, more about that in a later post.

We came home in a leisurely fashion, stopping in a small historic mountain town to take a few pictures. We drove way out in the boonies to see a geyser. The mist from it felt wonderful. We also drove over to an old veteran’s cemetery. It was out in the country but there were was a large building, some veteran’s affair complex I think. There was a large grassy lawn between the building and the cemetery, as we drove around we saw something on the lawn we couldn’t identify at first, but coming closer we saw this

This picture was taken by Nick. We decide to stay in the car! But this spotting did add another layer of adventure to the whole trip. It was a great weekend, a good get away. Not a lot of talking about anything in particular, so I will still be using all of you as a sounding board for some things I still need to work out in my head but it was very nice to relax and have fun. I hope we can have a few more get-a-ways like this in the future. Nick did suggest that we make up a traveling ‘toy box’ that we can bring along. I think I can make that happen.

Fantasy Friday will be brand new this week. It’s a good one so don’t forget to check it out.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

One day at the time

I’ve taken part of the advice I got to my post last week. I have treasured my time with Mollie. We have enjoyed talking and discussing what college will be like. She won’t be far away at school so we’ll see her often – but not too often. I want her to enjoy the college experienced and that means she should NOT be coming home too often. Thank heavens for the internet and cell phones!

Nick has been very sweet and is trying to keep me guessing lately. I was in the living room the other night (Mollie has been working evenings this week) when I got a text message from Nick, who was in the bedroom, saying “Come hither”. LOL, I came like a good little submissive wife. I got a very short little spanking to “help me focus”. Although it wasn’t long enough to do any focusing, it was quickly followed by some wonderful, thoughtful loving. Nick does extremely well on the erotic side of our marriage.

Wednesday we went out to eat with friends. Since I was going to be busy all day last Thursday Nick had told me to be sure to get to the gym on both Tuesday and Wednesday. I made it Tuesday but somehow Wednesday got away from me. Just a little too much doing nothing I guess. I wasn’t planning to mention it but he asked and I was honest. Sadly I didn’t get spanked but I did have to surrender my underwear! He said I could just go out commando – to remind me to do as he asked. Felt a little strange but it did put me in a happy mood for the evening. Sure wish I had had a delightfully stinging bottom to go with it. But one day at a time is not a bad way to go. We haven’t done any talking about TTWD. But it’s on both our minds a little; we’ll talk eventually… maybe…

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fantasy Friday, My way or the highway,II

Before Fantasy Friday today I have a thank-you for blogland. Five years ago today wrote my first post. At that time I could never have imagined all the wonderful people I would meet. I have been able to share my journey into the world of TTWD. I have shared about my family. I have had a chance to do some fiction writing. Through all the people here, I have found a place where I can truly be myself and where my 'strange feelings' are completely accepted and encouraged. With each new post I have been met with support and friendship. I want to thank everyone who has ever read here and especially to everyone who has ever left a comment. I plan to keep going for the foreseeable future, I hope you will all continue to share my journey with me. Thank you all!!

have another wonderful Fantasy Friday today. This is from an author we have heard from before but not in a while. There is a brat on the loose and you can read all about it!

For now, enjoy…

My way or the highway

Kathleen rolled her eyes as her family began yet another ‘intervention’. She wondered how long this would take. She was bored and needed something interesting to do. She loved her family, really she did. Her parents had died in a plane crash when she was only three months old and she had been reared by wealthy, loving, permissive grandparents who had spoiled her rotten. She had a pony by age three, her own credit card by the age of ten and two cars to call her own before she was old enough to drive.

But by the time she was seventeen she had become bored with her life in a gilded cage and was eager for adventures of her own. The first time she had taken off for a few days without telling anyone the family had freaked! When she had returned in three days – OMG! It had been like attending her own funeral! Her grandparents, her two aunts and uncles had all told her how worried they had been, how much she was loved and missed – over and over again. This was fun!!

Over the next few years she had tried it a few more times with similar good results. The family tried to explain the dangers of her activities. Actually there had been one down side. Her grandfather had hired a bodyguard. Kathleen found this both annoying and challenging. Bernard Guess was the first one and Kathleen despised the fat, pasty man from the moment she saw him. She delighted in slipping away from him to make him look foolish to grandfather. His replacement was somewhat different. Luke Rains was hot as hell for one thing. And while getting away from Bernard had been ridiculously easy Luke – or Mr. Rains as he told her to call him made the game much harder. The man seemed to have eyes in the back of his head and ESP to boot.

The first time she actually managed an escape was a spur of the moment plan. She was dining with friends as Rains watched hawk-like from the bar. As she headed to the rest room he leaped to his feet to follow.

“Down boy” she growled “I’ve been peeing by myself for ages!”

Until that encounter she had had no intentions of sneaking off but spying the kitchen door on her way to the john, she impulsively slipped in – startling the workers – and walked casually out the back door. She hailed a cab on the next block and she was off! She couldn’t stop laughing as she imagined his panic and his anger and the way the veins stood out in his neck when he was really pissed.

She had to admit she was impressed when he found her barely 4 hours later in a bar she rarely frequented. Kathleen watched him as he came in and talked to several people before approaching the bartender. She continued to watch as the bartender shrugged and pointed to where she was perched on bar stool. When their eyes met Kathleen burst out laughing and was doubled over with glee as he approached.

Rains looked furious. Geeze, this guy needed to chill! She never had really liked serious people. But seeing the look of controlled fury in his face caused her laughter to trail off.

“Oh lighten up Rains. You won this round – I’ll do better next time.”

“There better not be a next time!” Rains muttered as he grabbed her upper arm and proceeded to march her to the door. This was too much – she had never been manhandled before. She tried to jerk her arm away only to have him whisper in her ear “Be still or be sorry.”

Kathleen was thrown off by this encounter. She allowed him to propel her toward the car until she suddenly stopped and sputtered “Get your damn hands off me! Your ass is so fired!”

Rains said nothing, nor did he loosen his grip. As they reached the car he yanked open the door.

“Get in” he growled.

That was it! “You fucking ass hole!” she screamed. “I said you're fired! Don’t give me orders!”

Rains pulled on his last bit of self control to keep his temper with this spoiled, arrogant brat. Leaning down inches from her face and said,

“I don’t work for you and you can’t fire me. Now if you don’t get your ass in the car right now I’m going to bend you over the hood of this car and whip that ass until my arm gets tired. Comprenda?

Kathleen gave a small gasp of disbelief. Sensing the shift in dynamic she lowered herself into the car. As Rains reached over to firmly fasten her seat belt she became aware of his scent, his strength, his good looks. But her anger at his treatment of her caused her to dismiss all these things.

They rode in silence until they were almost home. Then making an effort to control his still burning anger he spoke to her.

“Your grandfather hired me to keep you safe and out of trouble. I took that job and I’m going to do it. Do you understand me?”

‘Do you und…?’ Who the hell was this guy? Several angry retorts sprang to her mind but she could wait until she got to the safety of her family. This manic looked mad enough to carry through on his threats.

Rains had barely stopped the car at the estate when Kathleen was out of the car, in the house and up the stairs shouting for her grandfather.

Rains wasn’t far behind – “You little idiot! It’s three-thirty in the morning!”

“Grandfather” she shouted again, “help me!”

Rains followed her to the top of the stairs and stopped as her frightened grandparents rushed into the hall.

“It’s him!” Kathleen said pointing dramatically at Rains. “He grabbed me, forced me into the car, threatened to hit me and called me an idiot! Fire him, fire him now!!”

He grandfather cooed and comforted her. Kathleen managed a few tears in his arms. Looking at Rains he said “Young man, bullying and threatening my granddaughter is not what I hired you for!”

“Wait Richard,” Kathleen’s grandmother interjected “Let’s hear what the man has to say.”

Kathleen tried to hide her annoyance. Grandmother had never been the complete softy grandfather was. Rains walked slowly down the hall toward them.

“Well I believe everything she said was true. She ducked out through the kitchen at the restaurant to ditch me. She wandered the streets alone until she got a cab. When I found her she had bribed a bartender into serving her even thought she isn’t quite 21 yet. She bribed him with a hundred dollar bill as she flashed a wad of cash to all the bar flies in the area. I grabbed her arm and told her to get in the car or I would spank her butt and I called her an idiot for waking you up with this mess in the middle of the night.”

Rains folded his arms and went on “Fire me if you want to but I’m telling you it is only a matter of time before your granddaughter is robbed, kidnapped, raped or murdered. I can keep those things from happening but I’ll have to do it my way. It’s up to you.”

Grandfather held her tight and said nothing.

“Fire him!” Kathleen repeated “I don’t want him around me!”

“No one is getting fired tonight” Grandmother spoke, “Everyone is going to bed – now!”


The battle lines had been drawn. Grandfather had been frightened by Rains predictions and wouldn’t fire him. Kathleen definitely felt like the loser in this power struggle. The man was everywhere and he seemed to have ESP. He didn’t exactly stop her from going places but picking up men and sneaking a drink wasn’t easy with you had your own personal guard dog on your trail.

It was time to bring out the big guns. She knew if she ran away they would do anything she wanted to appease her. With the help of a well bribed chauffeur she left in the trunk of Grandfather’s car.

It was three full days before she called home. As expected everyone was frantic. Kathleen had only one demand – get rid of Rains and then she would come home.

“It’s already done” her grandfather assured her “I knew he had to be the reason you left. I fired him that day. Please come home honey, we are so worried. We love you!”

Score! Kathleen thought without a trace of guilt over her manipulation. She returned home that afternoon to a warm welcome. Everyone was there – her grandparents and both aunts and uncles were eager to tell her how worried they had been. Grandfather was even promising her a trip to Greece if she promised never to leave like that again.

So here Kathleen sat becoming slightly bored as she listened to another ‘intervention’ as each explained how her running off scared them so badly and what danger she was risking and how much she was loved. She loved them too but finally sighed and rolled her eyes as they continued ‘Blah, blah, blah’. She’d heard it all before.

A deep voice cut across the room.

“I can’t listen to any more of this!” Boredom was quickly driven away as Rains stalked into the room.

“But, but…” Kathleen looked to her grandfather as she tried to shrink back into the chair as a means of escape. “You said you’d fired him!”

“I did” said Grandfather looking equally confused.

“Yes you did and I hired him back” Grandmother stated calmly. “He and I had an informative talk after you let him go and I felt that for Kathleen’s true safety and well being he is the man I want for her bodyguard.”

Now Mr. Rains, I believe there was something you had to say to my granddaughter.”

Rains addressed himself to Kathleen as if she was the only one in the room “Will you look at these people – all of whom have better things to do than to sit here pleading and begging you to simply behave as an adult. You run off for the sole purpose of worrying them. You want them to fawn all over you – promise you gifts and perks just to get you to return to a loving family that does not deserve your manipulation. You are the epitome of a spoiled brat and you need your butt spanked and have needed that for some time!”

Where was everyone?! Were they just going to sit there and allow this man to berate her as if she were a child? Why wasn’t anyone defending her? And why was Grandmother sitting there nodding!?

Kathleen leaped to her feet! “Who do you think you are? I want you out of this house this instant! How dare you speak to me in that manner?”

“I plan to do a lot more than speak. I don’t make idle threats.” And without further warning Kathleen felt her wrist grabbed and she was quickly pulled to a straight back chair and in an instant she was over Rains lap.

This could not be happening! But it was. Her thin sundress offered no protection as his hard hand fell on her upturned bottom.

“Oooowwwww!” Kathleen yelled lustily. “Damn! That hurts!!”

How long did it take three grown men to race across the room to her rescue? As Rains continued the unrelenting assault on her tender bottom Kathleen was not suffering her fate in silence. Jerking her head up she looked toward her family screaming “Stop him!”

What she saw in that brief instance caused her heart to fail. At her cries she saw her grandfather and both uncles stirred as if to come to her aid. But simultaneously she saw her grandmother and both aunts lay a gently restraining hand on their husbands.

Realizing that she was truly on her own Kathleen cut loose.

“You bastard! You son-of-a-bitch!! Stop – stop, owww!” The hand only came harder and faster. She couldn’t take it. She tried to throw herself off his lap only to have him pull her firmly back. Her hand flew back to ward off the blows. It was quickly captured and held to the small of her back.

Only when she finally went limp and began sobbing “Please, stop. Stop, I won’t do it again!” did Rains pause. She lay across his lap sobbing as he still held her firmly. As her cries turned to sniffles he helped her to her feet. He handed her a handkerchief from his pocket.

Now he spoke to her quietly “Are you in pain?”

“Yes!” she answered rubbing fiercely at her bottom.

“Look at them”, Rains said pointing at her family. “They were in pain for three days while you were gone. It hurt every minute that they didn’t know where you were. How would you have liked that spanking to have lasted for 3 days?” Looking at her family Kathleen saw that grandfather had tears in his eyes.

It was all too much “I’m sorry” she sobbed. Rains reached out and pulled her two him. He gently rubbed her back as she cried and told her everything was going to be alright. Her feelings were so confused. She wanted to hate him for what he had just put her through but now being held in his arms was one of the best feelings she could remember.

Grandmother was getting to her feet. “Well goodness we all have things we need to get back to. Mr. Rains we will leave our granddaughter’s safety in your capable hands” and with that the family drifted away.

Kathleen felt a little awkward with Rains. He lead her to the sofa where she sat only to gasp with pain as she did. That damn spanking had hurt! And it was likely to for a while longer. Rains was saying,

“Look I want you to know that you haven’t lost your freedom. All you’ve lost is the right to put yourself in ridiculous, unnecessary danger. We need to do some talking so we will completely understand each other. Why don’t you go throw on a pair of jeans and show me around the grounds.”

Talking didn’t seem like such a bad idea. Kathleen headed upstairs to change. She still had conflicting emotions – but this man had her interest.

“Or we could go for a horse back ride.” He suggested.

Each step made her acutely aware of how much her butt was hurting. Kathleen whirled around in anger at the suggestion.

“But you just … I mean, I … horseback riding…?”

“Oh forget it then” Rains laughed. "That walk will be alright."

She hadn’t heard him laugh before. His teasing evaporated her quick anger and as she headed off to change she realized her boredom had evaporated as well. Actually Kathleen was beginning to realize the boredom might well be a thing of the past.


I hope everyone enjoyed our story this week. Our author? None other than little ‘ol me! See I can’t get enough of you good folks to write for me so I am forced to do it myself. LOL! I like writing but I really enjoy reading what all of you send in much more. So I do hope you liked this story but even more I hope you are writing one yourself and that you will send it in for a Fantasy Friday. Send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You probably don't what to read this.

If you are looking for spanking, sexy, funny, or uplifting today you are going to need to go somewhere else. But I need to get this out of my system and this is the place I do that. This was my Monday.

Maybe I’m coming apart at the seams. I’m feeling a little fractured. I made a mistake this morning and in caused a mini break-down. I listened to my ipod. That was the mistake. It just has my music on it, mostly songs recorded between ’63 and ’75, there are a few others but the majority come in that time period. I lost it, I cried on and off for nearly 3 hours. I was alone and I couldn’t get hold of myself. Problems, worries, dreams, regrets, doubt, hopes – all came at me at once and I just dissolved.

I wanted to write a post. Writing has always helped me. When problems were swirling in my head getting bigger and scarier I have always felt better if I could capture them on paper or into the computer. When it’s captured I can view it all together and it just seems more manageable. But there were so many things coming at me at once I didn’t know which direction the post should take. So I’ll hit the high, or low, lights of my morning. Please understand I know I’m overstating each one. I’m just sharing how they seemed to me as I wallowed in self-pity.

• I’m old. That hadn’t really hit me before. Maybe it was the songs of my youth that touched all this off. My goal in life since about the age of 3 was to have children. I got my wish. I have the two best children in the world. But LJ’s gone and Mollie is going. I know I’ll still be important to both of them. But my life’s dream of raising children is over. Regardless of how I feel about the empty nest not being a bad thing, my baby is still leaving home and that part of my life is over.

• Nick will never understand my needs concerning TTWD. He does try. Most of the time I think he wants to understand. He’s not holding out on me for meanness. I’m asking him to do something he just does not want to do or simply can’t do. Since I’ve wanted some kind of dd relationship almost as long as I’ve wanted kids this feels a little like a double whammy.

• When I first found the blogging world filled with spankos, I had a fierce desire to belong. But I didn’t. At that time Nick knew nothing and I wasn’t planning to tell him. I had nothing to offer. But I wanted to belong so much I began Cassie’s Space, with all the hurt and joy that brought. But we’ve been stumbling though this for a long time we don’t make any lasting progress. How can I encourage newcomers if we can’t get it right after all these years? Maybe it time to let Nick off the hook and throw in the towel.

• I am the most selfish, ungrateful, whiny bitch I know. If any of you knew just how spoiled I really am. If you knew how much Nick does around here. If you knew how little I do. If you knew the amount of time I waste ‘thinking’ and not doing. If you knew what a good man Nick was to have been stuck with me for so long, you would probably rise up and come beat my ass yourselves.

• I’m fat and getting fatter. I don’t want to go to the gym, I don’t want to eat healthy, I don’t even want to leave my house. I don’t like the way I look and feel and I don’t want to do anything about it.

• My church is dissolving around me. I’ve gone to the same church since I was born, longer if you count while mom was pregnant. I love my church and all the people there. But there have been problems. And the church I’ve always know is disappearing before my eyes. It makes me sad.

• I feel my career is going the same way as my church. The love I feel for my students and the joy I receive from being able to teach them is often crushed under the weight of administration bullshit that gets deeper and deeper each and every year.

• I’m at a loss of which way to turn and what to do. I don’t even know what I really want anymore. Do I want a dd relationship? I don’t know any more. Certainly not if Nick doesn’t. If he asked me right now ‘What do you want? What more do you want me to do?’ I would have to honestly tell him I haven't a clue. I sometimes feel like Scarlett O’Hara – wasting my life chasing an illusion when real happiness is staring me right in the face and I don’t know how to take hold of it.

Sorry for all this. I just had to dump it somewhere if you wandered in to read I guess you got dumped on. Don’t worry about me. It reads worse that it is. It’s not like these things are new, it’s just that they all happened to come visiting this morning. When Nick and Mollie get home they will never know I had a moments distress. No one can hide their feeling better than I can. I’ll do what I usually do. Stuff these doubts, fears, and longings back down so they can’t come out too often. Unfortunately nothing can get in either. Let’s hear it for wall building.

Oh yeah, and I think I’ll toss the ipod.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fantasy Friday - The men were looking at me, II

It's Friday again and we really have a wonderful story today. In fact I accused the author of lurking in on my fantasies when I wasn't looking! I was so happy to get this story from a friend! I really appreciate the effort she went to for us. I know you are going to love it. I won't tell you who wrote it until the end. See if you can guess the writer as you read.

So now enjoy...

The men were looking at me

I shaved my pussy which I've only done once before, just as I was told to in the email I got from him last night, then showered. He told me to be there on time not to disappoint him, show his business card at the door and they'd let me in. I shuddered deliciously as I pulled the dress he'd bought me over my head, shoulders, bear breasts, nipples alert as the cool cotton teased its way down, hips shuffling just a little, snug fit, resting just above knee. No pants or bra, as instructed. Heels, he told me, he thought my mauve ones might match the dress so mauve it was.

I look in the mirror, twist sideways, tummy not as flat as it used to be, turn and look over my shoulder, my bum looks big or maybe its the angle, or maybe its the dress. When I bend forward, even a small bend, I feel the cotton tighten against my buttocks, the hem tickles my thighs as it rises, my tits become pendulous and the nipples harden when I straighten, I smooth the dress down, again the little shuffle of the hips.

I stood there self conscious, excited and apprehensive, wondering what he'd planned, he told me it was something very new for me, that I'd find it different, that I'd have to trust him, that he could imagine how I'd look in the dress, that he thought other people would like it too. I jumped as I heard the postman push something through the letter box, I realized I would be late if I didn't go now. I took a light wrap, it wasn't cold but I had a short walk to the station and I wanted to cover the dress a little so close to home.

I was to take the train into the next town. As I waited I was sure people were looking at me, no-one I knew thank goodness, they were obviously aware I wasn't wearing anything underneath my dress, I pulled the wrap closer, they could sense my unease, they liked it. They wanted me to blush, to get flustered and run off the platform dropping my wrap, too embarrassed to stop and retrieve it, boobs bouncing and bum cheeks jostling as I tried to escape. Then the train came, I was rescued, people moved to where they thought the emptiest carriages would come to rest, nobody watching me now. I entered the nearest carriage, there were seats at the far end, I slipped the wrap off and carried it, a couple had got on after me, the woman first, she'd know I had no knickers on, she'd think I was disgusting, she'd tell him when they sat down, he'd pretend not to be interested but then he'd be eyeing me for the rest of the trip. Twenty minutes later I got up, my station, the couple were three seats back, he caught my eye, I blushed and shuffled past, he was still watching me as I walked off the train.

Didn't know the town well but his instructions were precise and I arrived at the club on time, production of his card got me a ticket, which wasn't checked by the usher who waved me in. It was dimly lit or seemed so after the sunshine outside, there should have been cigarette smoke swirling around, perhaps someone should invent non toxic artificial cigarette smoke. The music was loudish but nice, there were girls sitting at a central bar, they weren't customers. On the far side of the bar I could see a girl dancing on a small podium under a spotlight. There were men, mostly in suits, some of them looked at me, I couldn't see any women apart from the dancer and the girls at the bar. My eyes adjusted to the light, I walked towards the bar, looking left and right, where was he, there were men at about half the tables but I couldn't see him. Then I walked to the right, he'd said he'd be to the right of the bar, he was but further than I'd thought, at an alcove table, sipping a coffee. He looked up, smiled and raised his hand, I realized it wasn't to me, he moved along the alcove seat and patted the space he'd left, it was warm and the velour was tickly soft against my thighs.

A girl brought a bottle of champagne to the table, she addressed him as Sir as she presented the label to him, she was attractive, she wore what used to be called hot pants a size too small, she leaned across the table and poured a glass for me but not for him, her eyes all over me, she had intelligent alive eyes, I liked and disliked her at the same time. He stood up to get his wallet from his hip pocket, patted the girl's bottom, gave her two notes, whispers passed between them and she nodded and wiggled away.

When he sat he reached under the table and placed his hand on my knee. I tensed, I hadn't liked him patting her bottom and he knew it. His hand moved further up, it rested with his fingers tracing little patterns on my inner thigh.

''You look lovely in that dress you know,'' he said, ''Julie liked you in it, she was the girl who served us, she said a couple of the men had noticed you when you walked in, they'd said you had a nice bottom, Julie had thought so too.''

''What did you think of Julie, did you like her?'' he asked, ''I hope you did because she's going to entertain us, she's looking forward to it, I told her I'm going to be fingering you while she's entertaining us and that if you come I'm going to spank you. She said I could use one of the changing rooms rather than spank you here in public, that way it won't disturb the other guests if you cry and make a fuss.''

I shuffled uncomfortably on the seat, my heart pounding, flight wasn't an option, he'd said I had to trust him. His fingers moved further up my leg all the time stroking teasing.

''Did you shave, by the way?'' he asked. I gasped. ''Ah, no need to answer that now,'' he said as his fingers stroked the smooth flesh surrounding my pussy and I felt myself moisten. ''Good girl,'' he said and I straightened my posture a little and shifted my hips forward. The I saw Julie coming back from the other side of the bar, she still had her hotpants on but her tits were bare now, her body was good, she walked easily like gymnasts do, she was looking at me, it was a friendly look, she held a rod or something in her right hand, my stomach was doing somersaults. I saw some men were turning to watch her. I didn't think there was much danger of getting spanked later, I was more worried about what she intended doing with the rod. When she stopped at our table a spotlight came on in front of us and the music changed, I noticed similar lights at some tables on the far side of the bar. Presumably showtime.

Julie's rod was actually a riding crop which she placed on the table, all the time looking at me, she started dancing, slowly, and I gulped my champagne. I saw him take the bottle and refill my glass, his left hand was still under my dress, in my crotch, his fingers stroking my labia and the virgin flesh either side, not insistent, patient, waiting for me. I was fixed on Julie, I couldn't help it, she was fluid, perfectly balanced, sinuous, confident, she was doing it for me, I thought the men on other tables must know she was doing it for me, they must be watching me too. I took another gulp of champagne, I pushed my pelvis forward again and my pressed my thigh against his, I wanted the reassurance of physical contact, his hand responded his index finger worked its way between my labia, found the wetness it sought, slid the coated tip up to my clit which hardened and made me wetter. Julie's dancing was getting more suggestive, provocative, she looked down at where my cunt was being groped, covered only by a few inches of dress, she smiled lewdly when she saw my thighs clasp together defensively, squeezing his hand between them. Then she picked up the riding crop from the table, she carried on dancing, held the crop between both hands, rubbed it horizontally over her nipples, held it vertically against her belly thrusting against it, then behind her across her slim waist as she looked over her shoulder at me, her bottom undulating to the music. She shimmied back and to the side of the table, as close as she could get to me without falling into my lap, she turned to face me all the time dancing, she shook her tits close to my nose, gyrated her hips, I could see droplets of sweat all over her tight belly, smell her scent, feel her warmth not to mention my own. I was getting very wet, his hand and fingers knew it and were working me harder, my thighs were starting to move rhythmically in pace, then Julie turned round again, bent forward and thrust her bulging swaying bottom almost into my face at the same time offering back the riding crop, her invitation obvious. When I didn't take up the offer she pouted, moved forward and started to spank herself with the whip, pushing her bottom out lasciviously after each stroke for more. I couldn't help myself now, his hand and fingers were working my pussy to a frenzy, my hips were pumping urgently, I couldn't suppress the cry which escaped me as I came, wriggling, squirting onto his hand, moaning and slumping forward on the seat gasping as little tremors continued to run through me.

A few minutes later, the music back to normal, spotlight out, Julie returned to our table, she had a top on now, she still had that friendly smile as she handed a single key on a keyring to him. She said she'd left the riding crop in the changing room, he could leave the key at the bar when he'd finished. She smiled to me and left us.

Getting spanked after you've had an orgasm really hurts. With a riding crop all the more. I went home on the train with a really sore bottom. I'd wanted to find some nearby store and buy some pants and wear them right away but he'd said I couldn't and that was that. I'm sure everyone on the train knew I'd been spanked, that I had angry welts across my bottom, that I hadn't any bra or knickers on. At least I didn't feel like running away this time, I had my husband sitting next to me and he would never let anything happen to me.


I knew you would like this one! So who wrote this fantastic story for us?? It was none other than Ronnie!!! We all know Ronnie from her own blog Heart and Soul. If you are not a regular reader there you just don't know what you're missing. Ronnie and her husband P enjoy a wonderful spanking relationship on the fun and erotic side but on those rare occasions that P may think Ronnie has gone too far he is not opposed to a spanking of a more serious nature. So at Heart and Soul you can enjoy the totally fun side of spanking, some discipline and for a really nice added bonus some wonderful stories of their travels. In fact they should be back from vacation anytime now so I am really looking forward to hearing what all they did. (Well we all know what they did, but I still want to hear about it!)

As always we need more stories to satisfy our appetites! Bloggers, commenters and lurkers are all invited, urged, begged to write a fantasy for us. Well it could be a fantasy or it could be something that you have really done. I look forward to reading more stories and getting to know more people. Please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

*FYI there is another new story at Cassie's Space

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Special Day

Happy birthday Nick!

Today is my sweet honey’s birthday. I know that there is a loose tradition around here that the sub gets the birthday spanking even for the husbands birthday, but you have to understand I’m married to a really old man! Shouldn’t the birthday boy really take the spanks himself? Hmmm… just a thought.

We still have the house to ourselves all this evening. I’d like to do something special for him that doesn’t cost anything. This is his favorite type gift for several reasons. Help me out here. Do you have any suggestions? What is that special treat you give your guy? What is it that he dreams about? Any of you guys out there reading, come on, I know you have to have a few ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of ideas that I know Nick will love. But I sure would like to surprise him with something he’s not expecting. I was hoping for ideas of things I may never have thought of.

I hope some of you are willing to make suggestions. Even if you read this late, let me hear your thoughts. If we don’t try them for his birthday we’ll find other things to celebrate!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wild and wonderful!

Wow!! I've had a busy two days. If this is a preview of the empty nest I think Nick and I need more vitamins. Mollie left yesterday morning for a trip to the beach with her friends. It’s the first time we’ve let her do something like this. I’m glad Mollie keep up so well by phone, she calls or text a couple of times a day so it keeps my worrying down. Meanwhile, back on the ranch…

Nick was off work Monday and Tuesday of this week. It was a lazy day here at home. We swam a little, napped, watched TV – the usual stuff. Oh, one other thing. I wrote Nick a long email reminding him of exactly what I like sexually and asking him if there was anything new or different he wanted to try. I didn’t hit much on dd, time enough for that later. I think I peek his interest. That evening when it got dark Nick invited me back to the pool. We’re secluded enough to be able to skinny dip at night. So we had a little pool fun and came back in the house for some more fun.

Nick had me stand by the bed and put my hands on it - normally I lay on the bed so this was unusual. Nick had asked me to record what my weight was when we got back from the cruise. I weighed but didn’t record it. He reminded me but I still didn’t get it written down. He let me know he wasn’t happy about that. He was spanking hard, on top of that I had just gotten out of the pool and it was hurting!! Oh well, that’s life. He used our heavy leather ‘hand’ swatter and then, on top of that, his belt. Even Nick mentioned how red my butt was. I was hot in other ways too. Nick asked if I wanted to make love the olde way and I did. He gave me the HMW to play with and it was some evening!

Tuesday Nick played golf in the morning. When he came home we went back to the pool (suits this time). I came in for a shower and Nick joined me. After our shower we laid on the bed under the fan to dry off. Okay, we did more than lay there. We had fun, lots of fun! Soon we needed another shower. It had been a fun two days of spanking and loving – but it wasn’t over. We decided to go toy shopping.

You see we have lost one of my favorite toys. Call it a plug, a keister kork (KK) as Rogue calls it, whatever – it’s not in the box of toys. We’re good about getting our toys put away so we don’t know what’s happened. With our luck the new kitten will come batting in into the room while Nick’s family is here this weekend. Whatever has happened to it I wanted another. There are two adult toy shops about 30 miles away. One has just moved to a bigger store so we thought we’d go check it out. As we pulled in we saw that they were proudly advertising that they had a drive through.

A drive through – at an adult sex shop? Really. Really?

On well, we went in and enjoyed looking around. I was a little annoyed to see that the spanking implements were regulated to a small corner. It’s like we were being looked down as strange kink in a whole store of kink. Oh well. We found what we were looking for, but no energy to try our new toys out yet. I’m sure we’ll find more time to play before Mollie comes home. I think we’re making wonderful use of our preview of the empty nest. I think we’re going to like the real thing!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Spankings given, spankings needed

We headed to the pool shortly after we got on board and there was one thing I could tell right away. It was going to be fairly easy to keep Nick mind on the target! We’re lucky enough to have our own pool, so I haven’t been to many public pools lately. Nor had I seen such a display of the current fashion in swimwear. I think the lady (about my age) who sat beside me at the pool said it best, “I’ve never seen so much ass in my life!” Here’s one Nick caught on camera. This style was by far the norm and since that wasn’t the style chosen by Mollie or Shay I was content have the help of others to keep Nick’s mind on asses.

The size of the rooms helped too. I don’t think it was possible to get out of his reach when we were in there together so I was treated to a good ass smack nearly every time I turned around. Don’t’ch love that kind of attention?

One of the shows we saw as the ships version of ‘The Newlywed Game’. We had been to one on the last cruise we took so we too paper with us to see how we would have done if we were playing. One couple had been married 5 days, one 12 years and one 59 years! Nick and I did pretty darn well matching our answers. The first question was where did you go on your first date? We both put down the wrong answer – but we did put the same answer, LOL! We put the sleezy little bar he had asked me to. Thankfully the police had shut it down by the time we were going so we went somewhere else but it was funny that we had both remembered our first attempt. He got my bra size right, I was impressed. I barely knew it.

Another question was ‘what is your husband’s most annoying habit?’ I knew we wouldn’t get that one right. I didn’t share my real answer with the kids of course, it's his tendency to fall back into his vanilla habits!!

The children did peg his most annoying habit to them right on the money. Now we’ll see if he cares enough to ask me what they thought it was (if he still reads). One question asked ‘Which of your wife’s friends like to see in a bikini?’ Now that was a little tough. I don’t have a lot of 20 something friends with bikini ready bodies, but as I rolled my list of friends in my mind I knew at once who he would say and we did match our answers – the lovely CeeCi from out here in blogland.

The last question, ‘Where is the most interesting place you’ve ever made woopie?’ was easy for us. And you can read about that here.

Back in our room, tired but happy, I was delighted to see he was in a spanking mood as I undressed. I had made sure Nick knew the cane was not invited and thankfully it didn’t make the cut. It was mostly a good hand spanking but he hadn’t left home with nothing. I jumped when I felt a sharp smack. He had tucked in the incense holder. That is a fun little implement that packs a wallop! Lovemaking soon followed, it was a wonderful ending to the day. We had our fun, made our noise and were probably snoozing away before Mollie and Shay made it to their room next door.

I doubt that was the only spanking on the ship, but I know for sure where some was needed. There were about 8 couples that hung around together. I think the women were all cloned – they all looked alike, and I also felt that they really wanted a reality show to rival ’The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ or something. The women were drunk the whole time; at least I hope that they were. I would hate to think they would talk to, and about, their husbands that way if they were sober. It was vicious, hateful and just plain ugly. And the men just sat there like they were afraid to say anything.

I really wanted to gather the men in for a quick lecture. It would have gone something like this “If you have any balls at all you need to march over to your wife. Take that damn drink out of her hand. Grab her by the wrist and march her to your state room. The minute you get in there pull her over your knee, dress up and panties down. Then wear that ass out! Don’t stop until that butt is red hot and they are crying and begging and promising to be a good respectful wife in the future. Repeat as needed!!!” Now this wouldn’t be my advice to most people but trust me, these women needed their ass busted big time. See what a good dom I would have made!

Hopefully I’ll be home for the next few weeks and I’ll have some time to catch up on all my blog reading and maybe some time to write too. I do love my summers – best part of teaching!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Home again, home again

We all went on our adventure and we're home safe and sound. The cruise was wonderful! The food was incredible and constant. We are now back to living like barbarians – tonight I had to put my own napkin in my lap, there was no breakfast nor lunch buffet set out and I have a sneaky suspicion that there will not be a towel animal on my freshly turned back bed tonight. I guess its back to real life.

I really enjoyed having the whole family on the trip. However, even though the kids are mostly grown, I found it very hard going back and forth from mom to wife. One problem was the lack of cell phones. Talk about being addicted. I know I am, and so was everyone else. I use my phone as a watch, for one thing, as well as keeping up with everyone. We left them off because I was worried that we would be charged oversea rates. So although I never really worried about the kids I was always wondering where they were and when we would meet up.

We spent a little while in the casino – as one of the on board comedians said “The casino will be opened all night to accept your donations.” You had to be 18 to go in. Mollie was thrilled when one of the workers came and asked to see LJ’s ID and not hers. He’s 23 and she’s only 18. One woman won a little over $500 in the quarter machines but my goal was seeing how slowly I could lose $10, one quarter at a time. It took a while but eventually it was all gone. Guess I’m not the gambling type.

We were in Nassau to do a little shopping. Mostly it was jewelry, diamonds. I don’t wear much jewelry so I was ready to go back to the ship after only a short time – there was so much to do on board. Mollie and her friend Shay wanted to stay a while longer. My dilemma – do I let two beautiful 18 year-old girls run around alone in a foreign country. Hmmmm… as I tried to make up my mind about this Mollie stepped in to reassure me. She said “Mom, don’t worry. We’ve already met a couple of the local guys. One’s a tattoo artist and the other has his own boat. They’ve promised to give us a ride on the boat, all the tattoos we want and all the free liquor we can drink. We’ll be fine.” Since she put it that way… I let them stay and thankfully they returned a short time later in one piece – sober and no tattoos.

Here is the only picture I’ve ever put up on this site of all the kids. I really do like this picture and it shows how they went through the whole cruise - happy and on the move! They are from left to right -

Colin, LJ, Mollie and Shay

Now I said I had a bit of trouble not being just a mom on this trip, but I did manage some of the time. There was some sex and spanking to tell about too. That’ll be in the next post.

Friday, July 08, 2011

Fantasy Friday - The Dream... or is it?

Happy Fantasy Friday! I'm guessing I'm on my way back from the cruises about now. As we travel I hope you will enjoy this brand new story. This story is from a first time writer. Someone who has been reading around our little community for a while and has finally decided to reach out with a story for us, a little more about her later. For now, please enjoy...


She walks into her home, hot, tired, sweaty, but oh so satisfied. The raised gardens are all planted and the pool is swimmable again. Thanks to her talented hubby her favorite swing is fixed. It had been a long winter, but summer was close. Next on the agenda: a nice hot shower, then dinner, a lovely end to a lovely day. Perfect, except for one thing, the thoughts intruding in her head.

Why can’t I find the off button she thought once again? She stripped off her dirty clothes and walked into the bathroom. Lately this life review she has been doing has become almost an obsession for her, keeping her awake at night, occupying her thoughts during the day. Then there’s the dream, coming almost nightly now, disturbing the little sleep she has been getting.

She knew why. It had been happening ever since she stopped the drinking. First she was dealing with the overwhelming emotions. She felt guilt for what she had done, the relationships she had ruined. She felt anger at herself for letting it happen. She hadn’t intended to become a drunk. She knew better, her father was an abusive drunk, she knew the toll it took on families.

She had allowed herself to wallow in those emotions for only a short period of time. Being a person of action, a “fixer” if you will, she set out to answer the question she felt would help her fix things. That question being, why? Why did this happen, why did she allow herself to drown in alcohol? Why wasn’t she happy? Thus, the life review began.

She thought about her growing up years and the abuse she endured. She knew this wasn’t the reason. She had told her husband everything very early on. He is the one who helped her heal, who held her when she had flashbacks, and who assured her no one would ever hurt her again. She believed him, and she healed. True to his word no one ever hurt her like that again.

She thought about the career she had spent thirty years building. Working in healthcare was the only thing she had ever wanted to do. It came as quite a surprise when she realized how badly burned out she was from it. That realization left her lost, she didn’t want to do it anymore. She had nothing left to give. But at 46, what does she want to do? That question remains unanswered. One she returns to time and again.

She thought about her husband of 25 years, and everything life has thrown at them. She thought of the births of their 2 kids and the deaths of many, many family members. Those deaths had left gaping holes in their lives. Thank God they had always had each other to lean on. She thought about the disease that almost took his life, how she dropped everything to be with him at the hospital 100 miles from their home. The surgery had not only saved his life, but gave him his health back. The guilt becomes acute now, he has always been there for her, loving her, supporting her in every way she needed. Could she really ask more of him? Is that fair to him? Is she brave enough to show him that piece of herself that she has uncovered in her search for answers? The one she’d heretofore not known existed?

You see, in her quest to find answers, she turned to the internet, she googled something that had dwelt in her always. She had to reestablish her connection with her husband. That was critical to her, if she couldn’t she doubted that she could go on. She needed him more then she needed the air she breathed, that she knew for sure.

What may you ask did she google? Spanking, yes spanking, it had always been a kink for her. Though the desire had been on a back burner for decades, forgotten, ignored. Sex had always been their way of connecting. Unlike most women she knew, she not only liked sex, she loved it. Sex had always been soul shattering between the two of them. Her drinking stole that. Her confidence was gone. She had to find it. She had to get it back, but how?

What she found on the internet was a community, a safe haven, a home. Here she felt, for the first time in her life, that she fit in. She lurked for months, never commenting as she didn’t feel she had anything to contribute. But, she read, and she learned, and finally she acknowledged that need in herself. That need, not just to be spanked, but the need to be submissive. It was actually easier than she thought to come to that realization.

He was definitely an alpha male, she had always known that. It was apparent from the beginning. It was one of the reasons she fell in love with him. She respected him so much, that quiet, inner strength that he possessed. She trusted him with her life. During this time of reading and learning and reflecting, she realized that in many ways she had always submitted to him. Little things really, like cooking the food he liked but she didn’t, always letting him drive, because he liked it that way, and so many more. Little things really, that she did or didn’t do over the years to make him happy, because she loved him. She’s just never had a name for it. Now she did. Could she embrace it? Would this make her happy?

She turned off the water and went into their bedroom, thinking about the e-mail she had sent him. Had he ever thought about a D/s relationship? Would he be willing to think about it? She had explained to him, in a general way, what she wanted to explore this with him. She knows hasn’t checked his e-mail yet, she was anxious every time he went to the computer. He doesn’t check his e-mail often, but it’s been a little over a week since she sent it.

She sat on their bed, drying herself, and working on detangling her long, wild hair. She needs to dress and start dinner. She’s so tired, maybe she will lie down, just for a minute and rest. She fell asleep almost immediately, and the dream began again.

She sits, waiting, on the edge of the bed, thoughts bombarding her fast to process. The thoughts bring the emotions. Loathing, for herself, disappointment in herself, how could she have jeopardized everything the way she did. Fear, but not of her husband or of the spanking she is going to get. She doesn’t know, doesn’t have the answer yet. He’ll help her find it, and then he will help her fix it again. This one thing that she swore she’d never do again. In all their talks, he never wanted this rule, she did. She needed it like an acrobat needs a safety net. Neither one ever thought she would need the net. But she wanted it. He’s her net. He will catch her before she falls. He will help her fix it.

He stands at the door, watching the emotion fly across her face. He knows her so well; she’s balanced right on the very edge. He has to hold on to her, pull her back from the edge before she falls. He will, because he loves her. Though he doesn’t completely understand, he knows she needs this. This thing they do.

He enters the room, sits on the bed next to her. He reaches for her wrist and pulls her gently over his knee. She seems so fragile, can he really do this? Yes, he can, he’ll for her, because she needs this. This thing they do.

“I’m so disappointed.”

That’s all he says, she starts to cry, and he starts to spank. Blow after blow rains down on her butt, warming it fast. She is so ashamed of her own behavior. She is disgusted with herself, she knows she hurt him, hurt them. She feels every swat as it connects with her flesh, no doubt reddening quickly. The cleansing of her soul begins.

She feels him caressing her, all over her body. Ah, she feels his hand between her legs. That feels so good. Wait, this isn’t how the dream usually goes. Suddenly she’s awake. He’s here with her in bed; he’s caressing her and smiling at her.

“I read your e-mail; I can definitely help you with that.” And then he leaned in for the most delicious kiss she can ever remember. They ordered take out several hours later, they ate in bed, talking, about themselves, their relationship, and this thing they were going to do.

Maybe dreams do come true.


This story was sent in by Faerie. This is what she shared about herself.

I just celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary; we're both in our mid forties and have 2 kids. My interest in spanking, like a lot of the readers has pretty much always existed. I would love to take this opportunity to say Hi and Thanks to all the bloggers. They obviously don't know me, but I feel like they are friends to me, and they have helped me more than I could say.

I remember feeling so much like this when I first started reading here. I guess truth be told I still feel this way. I feel like we're all friends and we talk to each other so that we all realize how normal we are. I hope you will all make Faerie.