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Monday, June 27, 2016

My traveling companions

After a marvelous trip that was over in a flash I was back home. I loved being back with Nick and I enjoyed showing him my pictures and telling him about everyone. But this trip was anticipated so intently it was a bit sad to realize that it will probably be a year before I get to see these wonderful women again. So I wanted to tell you about each of my friends – what we can tell here, mostly because I want to ‘capture’ each of them again.

Taking them in the order I met them on line…

I’ve been talking with Terps for nearly nine years. I was so happy to finally meet her in person. She is the youngest, and hasn’t quite
the boldness some of us older gals have, but she is growing in that direction. It’s almost like we could watch her blossem as she became more comfortable with us all. She seemed to really enjoy listening, but I enjoyed listening to her. She made all of us feel valued and wise (chuckle here). She is tall and beautiful and a pure joy to be around.

Next comes Sunny. This was our third trip together and I was so happy to see her again. With Sunny what you see is what you get!
She will warn you when you meet – if it runs through her head it will probably come out her mouth and nearly all that comes out makes me laugh. I would say she has a mature wisdom, but I think I’ll just leave it at wisdom, mature… well the jury’s still out on that. She knew our area and guided us to some fantastic places to eat. Good enough, I’m afraid, to get me spanked if I don’t work to get the extra pounds off this week. So for the good food and the chance to get spanked, thanks Sunny!

I’m not really positive who came next but I think I began talking to Meredith before Katie. Meredith’s had an interesting life with her Jack, and I enjoyed hearing her tell us about it. She was also wonderful at asking question, she wanted to know about each of us
(we all did) and it’s always fun to get to talk about yourself. She really listens and by the end of our trip she was correctly using phrases like, ‘fine as frog’s hair’ and ‘bless your heart’. She ate her grits like a champ and she now knows what it means if I said, “There’s a dope and some nabs in that poke over there.” Her biggest disappointment seems to be that Sunny and I were not independently wealthy off the proceeds of our books – trust me, Sunny and I share this disappointment.  

It was wonderful to see Katie T again! We enjoyed out trip together with Sunny last year and I wondered if we’d be able have as good a
time this year. We did! When I showed Nick a picture of us all he zeroed in on Katie and said, “Now she looks like a wild one.” LOL! Wild, not really – confident, fun and compute savvy would be better a better description. As we swam in the ultra-calm gulf and had our talks, Katie was as comfortable talking about sex toys and she was talking about cooking and she helped to make everyone else just relax and say what was on our minds.

And then there was Ella, my newest friend. She is just as sweet and kind as she appears on her blog. I couldn’t wait to get my first hugs, and we weren’t stingy with the hugs there after either. We teased Ella about being a girly-girl. She would spend time on make-up,
while I just looked in the mirror and shrugged. And I will tell you when she finished with her make-up she was beautiful – but what she might have failed to realize is that she was beautiful before she ever started! She told us she had a fiery temper and I have no reason to disbelieve her, but we never saw it. She was just as wonderful as I had imagined her, and I know Cassie would love her too.

The trip was like a little rip in time – an other-worldly place where we could be our complete selves, no hiding, no pretending. If you’ve never had the chance to experience such a time, I hope someday you are able to. We exchanged gifts, some lovely and useful, others will be hidden away somewhere out of Nick’s sight. I can tell you everything works as it was meant to – darn it.

But to tell a few final things I learned –  if you sit down to a meal with us I know who is going to drink water, who’s ordering a soft-drink, a beer, wine or a mixed drink. And there is one certainty – we all love ice cream!

So I wish to offer one final toast – to all of us who were able to gather this year and to those we hope to meet in the future!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Guess who else I saw...

I'm still pondering and working on a post about our wonderful trip, but since I saw Cassie and Tom on my way home, I thought I'd share!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Rules are for Real

I didn't want to leave you all without a story for today. But as for me I'm winging my way home from a great trip.  This is  a story that was sent to me several years ago - the author wanted to remain anonymous and she will because I forget who sent it. But I still think you will enjoy ...

Rules are for Real    

I knew this was going to be the worst spanking of my entire life. I knew before I could even stand up to walk to the bedroom. I knew it not because he was angry or yelling but rather because he was calm and collected. And determined.

It all started at the stupid grocery store. I HATE shopping for dinner alone. It's so stressful trying to plan the whole week's dinners and make sure to get all the ingredients and stay on budget. I got stuck on a decision so I called him. He was just getting off work and his work happens to be close to the grocery store so he told me he would come to my rescue and help me shop.

I was a little snippy just because shopping stresses me out but he let it go and soon we loaded up the groceries and began on our way home - each of us in our own car since we had arrived separately.

We stopped at a stoplight and my phone buzzed. I looked down to see a text message from one of my best girl friends! The cars ahead of me started moving and I started driving as I casually typed an answer to her question.

As soon as I hit send I stopped suddenly and realized what I had just done. I quickly glanced around to see where he was and wouldn't you know it - he was driving right beside me. I hoped he didn't see - even though the look on his face told me he did. I knew there was no way out. He takes texting in the car EXTREMELY serious.

I pulled in the driveway and stayed in my car for a moment. I didn't want to ever get out. I knew he was going to be so upset and so disappointed and I didn't want to face him. After he parked, he got out of his car and walked over to my car door. He opened it and reached for my hand to help me out.

"Help me with groceries and then we'll talk."

That gave me some hope that maybe he would show me mercy. Maybe just maybe somewhere in his heart there was a small piece of understanding and mercy for me. We carried the groceries up and put them away together. I dreaded the second they were all put away. I would have done anything to go back in time and not send that stupid text.

"Go sit on the bed please" He told me as I put the last bag away. I looked at him sadly for a second before I nodded and walked towards the bedroom. That's when I knew I was going to get the worst spanking of my whole life.

A few years ago his cousin died in a horrible car accident caused by people texting and driving. It was a very hard time for him and his family and I knew he was very afraid of something similar happening to me. Ever since that time he has been very strict about my cell phone usage in any capacity in the car.

He came in to the room a few minutes later and I looked up at him with the most pathetic eyes I could muster.

He stood in front of me, his arms crossed and asked "What happened?"


"Tell me what happened. Who did you text and why."

"Well Olivia text me and asked if we could talk tonight since we haven't talked in several weeks. I just wasn't thinking and I told her 'yes tonight.' I'm sorry!"

"You just texted two words?"

I wanted to say yes but I couldn't lie to him.

"No sir. I said 'Yes. Tonight. What time is best?' That's all I said."

"It was just one message?"

"Yes sir." Hope was building. Just one message! Maybe he'll let it go!

"What bothers me the most is that you did it out of habit which means you have done it more than this one time. Is that true?"

I looked down at the ground for a moment trying to compose myself enough to tell the truth.

"I was really really good at first after we made this rule. For months I never even looked at my phone while driving and then I just started checking it at stoplights and then I was texting again. But I know it's wrong. I'm sorry. I swear I won't do it anymore!"

His shoulders curved in ever-slightly. "You know I have to spank you right?"

"No you don't!"

He could let it go this one time! I swear I won't do it anymore!

"Yes baby. You know you broke a really important rule. You know how big of a deal it is to me. It's not something I can take lightly. This is life or death serious - do you understand that?"

"Yes sir." All my hope of mercy was fading.

"It just takes one second baby. One split second to look down and miss something and die. Or kill someone else." He shook his head. "Do you realize you could be in jail for years for manslaughter for killing someone just because you were texting? You could kill someone's innocent child. Or yourself!" he paused and I could tell he didn't want to do this. "Now, this isn't going to be easy. I am going to ask you please to cooperate and not make this any more difficult then it needs to be."

"Yes sir." I mumbled, tumbles of anxiety churning in my stomach

"Go get me the loopy please."

I stood on shaky legs and retrieved it for him. I had a mind to fling it at him but I knew that probably wasn’t a great idea.

When I brought that HORRID implement over he took it and pulled me forward so he could kiss my forehead. "I love you very much."

He took my hand and gently guided me over his lap. I felt a wave of anxiety wash over me. I clenched the sheets in front of me and buried my face in the pillow.

He began with his hand, warming me up for a few minutes. When he paused, I braced myself for that first loopy hit. It came. And then another and another. It STUNG! Oh I hate that loopy!

"Please please no more!" I started crying after just a few smacks.

"Baby we are just getting started. I want to make sure you never ever ever EVER do this again. It's that important to me."

I was suddenly sobbing and the burn was building substantially.

"Texting and driving is just as WHAP bad as drinking and driving!" WHAP WHAP "I want to make sure you never WHAP do this again. Your life is too important to me." WHAP WHAP "Do you understand?" WHAP

He kept going. I was squirming and desperately trying to get out of reach but his arm was like a stone wall holding me tightly in place. I sobbed and begged, pleaded, bribed him to let me get up. I swore I would never ever even look at my phone in the car again.

He stopped for a second after I had been wiggling and struggling especially hard. "Baby, remember you said you were going to cooperate with me?"

"I'm trying!! It hurts! Please!! I swear I learned my lesson!!"

"We're almost done."

He continued about five more swats and then stopped for a second and I felt so relieved that it was over. I literally felt like my butt was going to fall off.

"Sweetheart, I want you to think in your mind right now about texting in your car. Picture in your mind picking up your cell phone. Got that picture in your head?"

"Yes!" I sobbed, unsure of what he was going to ask.

"You can see it? You are driving and you reach for your phone...Every time you picture that - I want you to feel this."

That loopy came down even harder then before, which I didn't think was possible. Several extremely fast and hard swats one after another with no break. I panicked for a moment and then I allowed myself to just take it. I know how important this issue is.

I stopped struggling and just laid over him.

Finally he stopped. He rubbed my back for a moment, letting me cry.

"I know you hurt right now, but baby your life is so important to me! I hope you see how you staying alive is more important to me then your comfort right now." his voice was stern but very kind.

"Yes sir! I'm sorry!"

He let me lay on the bed on my tummy and he held me for a long long time. I cried for a little bit and swore to him he would never ever have to spank me for texting and driving again.

“I know I won’t. You’re a good girl.”


 Thanks Anonymous, you did a great job.  If there is anyone out there with a story you would like to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We're HERE!

Alive, well and having a BALL!

In water discussions included: butt plugs, 
nude beaches and ways to orgasm.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Secrets Unleashed

Happy Friday! Schools out and the freedom feels great! I'm all packed and ready to head out soon. To get in the mood I thought I'd repost one of Sunny Fantasy Friday's. I have no doubt you'll enjoy...

Secrets Unleashed

When she woke up she was surprised to see the sun was up and had been for a long time. She tried to remember what time it was when she went to bed because she didn’t usually sleep this late. She looked over and realized she was in bed by herself. Apparently, Rob was already up. She rolled over onto her back and squealed. Her bum hurt – then she remembered.

Yesterday had started off great. They had spent the day running errands and then stopped at their favorite little place by the water to have a couple of Mojitos and oysters. With the warm salty sea air, the reggae music and the breeze off the water you could almost imagine being on the deck of the ship. It was so relaxing. They were enjoying just being together. After fifteen years they were still like newlyweds. Karen was beginning to feel a little buzz from the rum. She told Rob that if she didn’t get something more to eat she would end up with a headache. Rob said they should just grab something to go and head on home because they were due at the Sullivan’s at 7:00 and they still had to unload the car and get ready. Karen agreed and off they went.

When they got home, Rob started unloading the car while Karen put the finishing touches on the appetizer tray they were taking over to Barb and Jay’s. She opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio and poured herself a glass while she worked. Rob came in - saw the wine and mentioned to Karen that maybe she should go easy because she had been drinking rum all afternoon in the sun and they would likely be having drinks at the Sullivan’s before dinner.

Karen said she would be fine, not to worry. That turkey sandwich had done the trick. Rob said okay but if she acted up this evening she could expect to get her butt blistered when they got home. It was only a gathering with some of their friends but Jay had also invited a business associate of his and Rob wanted to make a good impression on him. There was a chance that John White would be interested in a business opportunity that with the right investors could be quite lucrative for Rob’s company. He asked Karen to be on her best behavior. She smiled and said again, she would be “the good little wifee”. Rob was still worried because when she had a couple of glasses of wine her feistiness showed its ugly head. He liked feisty, actually he loved feisty – but sometimes she went a little too far in public and it was embarrassing. Within their usual circle that was fine but he didn’t want her acting up in front of John White.

They arrived at the Sullivan’s and the party was already in full swing. Rob joined the guys out near the barbecue grill and Karen looked for Barb so she could see where she wanted the appetizer tray. Barb and two others from their group (Jill and Chris) were in the kitchen. Karen came right up to the girls and they stopped talking. “What’s going on in here that you all are being so hush hush”, said Karen. “Well,” said Chris, “when we were at the market today we overhead a conversation in the next aisle. We recognized Jan’s voice and realized Joe was lecturing Jan. “And, said Karen. Chris continued and said they overheard Joe telling Jan that she had better not have overspent her checkbook or she was going to end up over his knee again and this time he would be using his belt. Karen couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She commented to the girls that they must have been mistaken. They said “no, that right afterward they ran into them and Jan was as red as a beet. She was sure that we heard their conversation and she was very embarrassed.” Just then they heard “Hello, where is everybody” It was Jan and Joe.

After greeting everyone in the kitchen, Joe wandered out to the grill area to join the others. The girls immediately all started talking at once. A sure sign they were embarrassed because they had been talking about Jan. Jan decided to just spill the beans. “I guess you heard Joe’s conversation with me this afternoon. Actually it was more of a lecture”. Red faced Jill admitted that yes they had and were just telling Karen about it. Well, it’s true said Jan. I get spanked and have been getting spanked since before we were married. Joe told me when we first started going out that he believed in spanking and I would be getting punished whenever I disobeyed. It was really often in the beginning but then when the kids came along it tapered off because there was no private time or place. But lately he has really begun stepping up and to be truthful I really do notice a difference in our relationship. Barb, Chris and Karen listened quietly and didn’t say anything.

Jill was flabbergasted and said she couldn’t believe Jan would put up with that kind of abuse. Jan explained it wasn’t abuse- it was just spanking. “How long have you known me?” said Jan. “Have you ever seen any bruises?” Jill said no but she was still surprised and looking at Chris and Karen asking why they weren’t trying to talk some sense into Jan. Karen got flustered and quietly admitted that Rob spanks her too. He had been spanking her since the first time she really embarrassed them when she pulled that prank on their nosy neighbors. Chris then admitted that just recently she had received her first ultimatum that she could expect to be spanked if she got one more parking ticket. Jill couldn’t believe that her friends had kept quiet about this for all those years. She didn’t think there were any secrets they kept from each other. Well, Karen said it’s not something I like to brag about. It’s embarrassing that I get put over my husband’s knee and spanked. I thought I was through with that when I grew up.” Barb said enough about this, I have to process this unbelievable conversation. “I need a glass of wine, anybody ready to join me?” They all said yes and joined the crowd outside.

The evening was going great. Everyone was having a good time, joking and laughing. Rob was able to get an appointment with John White for later in the week. After desert, someone suggested they play charades. They split up into teams with the girls against the guys. So when it was Rob’s turn, Karen kept interrupting. Rob raised his eyebrow at her and she ignored it. She started making fun of his efforts to act out his challenge, getting quite loud in the process. He looked at her again and gave her one of those looks. She just kept on teasing him. John White said that Karen was just getting worried that the guys were going to win. She spun around and told John White to mind his own business. The girls’ team was going to win because they were the superior players. John White told Karen it was just a game and to just relax. With that, she flung a handful of peanuts at him and told him she was relaxed and when he got to know her better he would realize that. John White said he thought they should quit now and that Karen was going to have a heckuva headache in the morning. Rob who was so embarrassed he could hardly see straight and thought that wasn’t the only thing that was going to hurt in the morning.

Karen knew she had gone too far. She was a very competitive person and alcohol fueled that fire which was why Rob had asked her to go easy. She apologized to John White and he sloughed it off saying not to worry, he hadn’t taken anything to heart. She thanked him for being so forgiving and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Rob witnessed this scene and when Karen moved away, Rob apologized to John White for Karen’s behavior. John said not to concern himself about it. He was married too and knew that sometimes things just got out of hand. Rob was thinking that his hand was going to blister her behind when he got her home. As a matter of fact, he thought he might be using the wooden spoon they had purchased on their trip to Amish country tonight. She had it coming.

The party started to break up shortly after this outbreak and Barb whispered to Karen that she thought she was in for it tonight. Karen was worried too and it showed on her face. Jan passed her a look that said she was glad she wasn’t in her shoes.

On the way home, Rob never said a word to Karen. When they got in the house he told her to go to their room, undress and go stand in the corner.

“But Rob, I hate standing in the corner.”

“Karen, right about now I wouldn’t be making things any worse than they already are. Go stand in that corner and I will deal with you when I calm down. NOW GO.”

Karen did as she was told. It seemed like she had been standing there for hours (more like 15 minutes) when Rob told her to join him on the bed. Karen turned around and saw the wooden spoon on the bed. Now she was really worried. She knew she was in for a long hard spanking. He started lecturing her and how he had warned her to be on her best behavior tonight. She was sobbing before he even laid the first slap to her behind. His hand came down hard again and again. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he stopped and told her to go stand in the corner. She whimpered as she walked across the room. He left the room for a few minutes and when he came back in she looked so contrite standing in the corner, her whole body was literally shaking. He almost gave in and thought maybe she had enough. Then he remembered how he had expressly warned her to behave in front of John White and how she deliberately disregarded the warning looks he had given her.

He called her over to him and told her to get across his lap. She begged him to please not do this; she was so very sorry and promised not to disobey him again. “I promise I will never drink wine again”. He was grinning on the inside but kept his steely resolve. He said she was going to get twenty licks and maybe the next time she would heed his warnings. He picked up the wooden spoon and delivered the worst spanking he had ever given her. Her butt was almost purple in places and she would be sitting gingerly for the next few days. She continued to lie there sobbing long after he had landed the last spank. He helped her up and held her on his lap, arranging her so that he bum wasn’t touching anything, rubbing her back, stroking her hair and telling her he was sorry he had to punish her so severely. They sat like that for a while and then he picked her up and placed her on her tummy in bed.

That was the last thing she remembered until just now when she rolled over onto her back. She got up to go into the bathroom and caught sight of her backside. No wonder she was so sore. There was still a pinkish tint and there were places that she knew were going to be bruised for days.

She very carefully put on sweatpants because she knew it would be just too painful for jeans and a tee shirt and went downstairs. Rob was in the kitchen just fixing her a glass of orange juice. He handed it to her, gave her a kiss on the cheek and asked her how she was. “You really spanked me hard – I am going to be bruised.” “Yes”, he said. “I did – you had it coming. But it’s over now. Let’s just forget it and go on and have a nice day.” He was all about forgiveness. He was so sweet and caring; Karen couldn’t help but give him a hug and kiss.

Just then the phone rang and Rob picked up. After saying thank you to Barb and apologizing for Karen’s tantrum saying “you know your friend when she’s had too much wine”, he handed the phone to Karen.

“Well, Barb said, are you able to sit down today.”

“I’m not sure, I haven’t tried it yet but he really laid it on last night. I am going to be a very good girl for a long time. I don’t ever want another spanking like that.”

“That’s what I figured” said Barb. “Listen, Jill called me this morning and she would like all of us to get together and talk about the conversation we had in the kitchen last night. Do you think you would be up for that?”

“Yes, but not today, maybe later in the week.”

“Okay. I’ll let the others know and we’ll see if everybody is free on Thursday”. “Do you have a preference for lunch or after work”?

“I think after work and let’s pick a noisy place. I don’t want everybody in the world eavesdropping on what’s bound to be a very interesting conversation.”

Barb laughed and said you got that right and hung up.


Karen slipped into the booth... Up until Wednesday morning she winced each time she had to sit down. Rob actually giggled when he saw her cringe when they met for lunch on Tuesday. He didn’t do it on purpose but Karen accused him of being mean making her sit on the wooden picnic tables at Bob’s Barbecue. Today really was the first day since that horrible spanking that she could sit comfortably.

Barb and Chris were already there and on their first glass of wine. Karen ordered a ginger ale and both girls teased her about being a teetotaler.

“You laugh, but my ass was destroyed by wine and I’m not ready to forget that yet.”

Jill and Jan soon joined them and they began their usual ritual of talking about kids, husbands, work and the myriad other things that take up their days. Finally, Jill said it was time to talk about why they were meeting. She said that she had some time to process the revelations of Chris, Jan and Karen. She had used the time to research the subject and found that lots of couples chose a Domestic Discipline lifestyle to enhance their marriage.

Karen said that she and Rob didn’t really practice DD as Jill described it. She just got spanked when she stepped over the line. Rob was really patient with her and hated to punish her but there were times that even she knew she was out of control. Her competitiveness and smart mouth were usually the cause of her punishments. Alcohol really affected her quickly and after one or two glasses of wine any filters were gone with the wind.

Jan reiterated what she told the girls the other night. - That she knew going into her marriage with Joe that she would be disciplined when she disobeyed him. He actually spanked her on their third date because she refused to apologize to him when she told him that he was being a jackass when he told her her skirt was just too short. She knew then and there she had to make a decision. She also knew that she was already in love with him so it didn’t take long for her to decide that she would just have to learn to behave or there would be consequences.

Chris said that her husband hadn’t actually ever spanked her – but he had threatened and the most serious threat had come with the last parking ticket. She had accumulated over ten tickets which were bad enough but then she just ignored them until a warrant for her arrest was issued. That’s when Steve went ballistic. She thought she was toast right then and there but luckily for her they had visiting guests so there was a privacy issue. Steve told her though she had her last reprieve and she would find herself bottoms up the next time she got a ticket. What Chris was afraid of was that once he spanked her it would set a precedent and she could expect to find herself getting spanked again and again.

Up until now Barb remained the silent one in this group. She cleared her throat and confessed. She too had been spanked. It was actually at her request. She said that a couple of years ago she and Bob had been going through a real rough patch and they had actually discussed divorce. They started counseling and it helped but for some reason they both stopped going. Then Barb remembered that years ago she had come home early from school and heard her mother being lectured by her dad. Then she could hear a cracking sound and her mother pleading with her dad to please stop – she would not do it again. She went in her room and turned on her stereo real loud. It wasn’t until years later that she realized her dad had been spanking her mother. Her parents seemed to be happy and her mother wasn’t afraid of her dad. She stood toe to toe with him many a time.

When she and Jay were have difficulty she asked her mother to lunch and very casually tried broaching the subject. Her mother colored from her neck up and said “I figured you probably heard us that day. I told your father that we were taking a chance on one of you coming home from school. Yes, your dad spanked me from time to time, still does actually except that now it’s more for other things and her face once again was flushed with pink. I think he learned that no amount of spanking was going to stop the sass and I was always going to do what I thought was right at the time. But it did help, I stopped to think about things before I ran headstrong into situations that I knew he would not like. So that evening I gathered up the courage and actually approached Jay with the idea. He wasn’t too keen on the idea because he was taught never to hit a woman and he wasn’t sure whether he would be able to follow through. After much discussion and a little delve into family history, he agreed to give it a try.

With a smile she said “It worked. We’re still together and get along better than ever.”

Jill was astounded. Of her four friends she was the only one who was not being spanked, well three for sure and one pending. She couldn’t believe it. She wanted to know how they could keep this secret for so long. Karen admitted that Barb knew she got spanked but she didn’t know about Jan or Chris. Chris admitted that she knew that Joe spanked Jan because he mentioned to Chris’ husband that sometimes he just had to put his foot down and a couple of good swats made Jan listen to reason.  Well, now that they were all “outted” Jill wanted to know everything. On line she had read that there were also sorts of punishments, much like those meted out to naughty children and she could believe these four strong women would succumb to those childish punishments.

Karen said she usually got corner time for a serious punishment. She hated it but Rob did it usually to calm down before he started spanking her. Sometimes, he would give her a break in the middle of the spanking so she could calm down before the spanking continued. After all, he didn’t want to break her spirit just teach her a lesson.

Barb said it was usually a warning look or statement and if she ignored those it was an immediate order to go to the bedroom and he would meet her there. When she heard those words she knew she was in for a spanking. That was the only discipline method Jay used. His only thing was they were bare bottom and an implement was used if he deemed it necessary.

Jan said that because their children were still around, her discipline session usually involved meeting in the garage or their big walk in closet. It was immediately, if possible, but if not it was always before the day ended. Sometimes, she was told to meet him in the bathroom and he would use pepper cream on her butt. She hated that because it stung so. Sometimes he also made her wear a butt plug until he could spank her. She hated that too – it was so uncomfortable and a constant reminder of what was about to come.

Jill’s next question was did they ever have sex after spankings. Karen and Barb said the sex after a spanking was some of the best they had. They didn’t understand it and didn’t care but sometimes it was worth the spanking just for the sex. Barb said that not all of her spankings were punishment. She and Jay used it as foreplay. Those were the fun erotic spankings.

Both Jan and Karen chimed in on this. They loved those playful spankings. The mixture of pain and pleasure was so sensual. Karen said you had to experience it to believe the eroticism.

Well, Chris said, if the sex is that good afterward, I just might not mind getting another parking ticket.

They laughed and talked some more and decided to call it an evening. Jill said they might just have to meet more often to talk about their ss life. “SS life” Chris chimed in. “Yes”, said Jill, “spanking and sex. We could call ourselves the SS society”. Jill walked out the door and on the drive home was trying to figure out a way to get her husband to spank her. She wanted more than anything to be a fully fledged member of that club.


What do you think folks? Just how large is our club? Well we may never have an exact number, but I bet it's way bigger than any of us ever imagined. Thank you so much Sunny! We can discuss this question more in person soon.

For those of you who have said 'I'd like to write a story, but I just couldn't.' You know I bet you can. Just write down that fantasy you've had all your life. No one will see you, know one will even know it was you. Just give it a try. Send any stories you are willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, June 16, 2016

First days of freedom

As usual it’s has taken me a couple of days to realize I’m free. But it seems to be real. Mollie and I had a girl’s day, shopping, got our nails done, and she helped me get my clothes organized for my trip.

I talked to one of my fellow travelers today and I feel compelled to squash a rumor before it gets started. I do not have a southern accent. Honest, y’all! Where on earth would I have picked up such a thing. Some may tell you that I do, but, bless their hearts, they’re just wrong.

I’m starting to get in the writing mood again and I hope to devote most of July to getting the two book I have ready all polished up and ready to go.

Monday, June 13, 2016


Young people were gathered to enjoy one another's company. 
They weren't hurting anyone

This could have been LJ.

This could have been Collin.

This could have been my whole family,
we all celebrated the boy's wedding in a gay bar.

Please pray for everyone touched by this barbaric tragedy.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Fender-Bender

Today is my last day with kids this year. It always takes a while for the realization to hit me. But it sure is a great time of year for me. No new stories lately, but as long as you don't mind re-runs, here goes.

This weekend's story is another one from Mandy. Again haven't heard from her in a while, but I'd love to.  She is a wonderful writer and I know you'll enjoy...


Oh no, oh no, oh no. I was in so much trouble. I hurried to remove the bird from the roaster, and watched in horrified stupor as my hand opened and jerked away. I had been in such a rush that I hadn't taken the time to put my whole hand over the potholder, as a result I had wrapped my index finger around a 320 degree wire handle. My left hand dipped sharply and the bird took an unexpected final flight down to my freshly washed kitchen floor and skidded across the waxed surface.

The dogs that had stayed out of my way while I was cooking found this temptation too great. Before I had even plunged my hand into a sink-full of cold water, left over from the breakfast dishes, the dogs were messily dividing up their plunder. I started to yell for them to go away, then gave up. My finger was already starting to blister, and I now had no idea what I was going to do for dinner.

If I hadn't gotten that ticket this morning after getting into that fender-bender I might have run up to the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken or two, but I was now a little leery of driving until David checked out the car. Plus, it was snowing and I knew that the driver-side headlight was out.

David didn't know about the fender-bender yet, I was not going to call it an accident, even to myself, and I didn't want to tell him over the phone. It occurred to me that my burned finger was the perfect excuse to ask David to stop at the store, but I knew I would be in even more trouble if I asked him to go to the store and didn't tell him about the car. No matter what I did I was going to be in trouble.

Brrrt brrrt brrrt, I jumped as my back pocket buzzed. My mother-in-law was calling. "Hello Martha." I answered.

"Hi sweetie!" She spoke. "I'm just letting you know that Frank and I are about ten minutes away. We're stopping at the grocery store. Did you need any last minute items?"

God bless Martha. "Could you pick up a couple of rotisserie chickens?" I asked. I quickly related the series of unfortunate events that had unfolded in the last five minutes. "I can pay you back when you get here." I told her.

"It's no trouble Sarah, just take care of your hand. We'll be there soon." Martha assured me. "Is David home yet?"

"No, but he should be here any minute." I told her. I thanked her and hung up.

Well that was one problem dealt with. If only my other problems were as easy to solve. I glanced around my ransacked kitchen. Even if I somehow hid all the spoons there were plenty of things I could imagine David using on my backside. "We have way too many things in this house I could be spanked with." I muttered under my breath. I shooed the dogs downstairs and closed the basement door. They happily took the carcass of my turkey with them.

I had just finished cleaning the remainder of the grease off the floor, quite a feat while trying not to use my right hand, when I heard David's footsteps on the porch. There was no way he hadn't seen the dented, slightly crunched vehicle in the driveway. My backside spasmed, as if it anticipated his reaction and my hand rushed guiltily back to comfort it. I winced as my blistered finger made contact with my jeans.

David walked into the house, bringing most of the cold into the house with him. "What happened?" he asked, both words tinged with worry and icy determination.

"I got into a little fender-bender, I'm okay, the car still works, I didn't want to worry you." I blurted out in a rush. "Your parents will be here in a couple minutes." This last was a frantic effort to put off the inevitable, something I was sure he realized when he started walking toward me without even removing his shoes. He stopped only when he heard the distant sound of his mother's laughter, followed by the sound of a door closing.

"We will discuss this later." He promised, as he returned to open the door for his parents. There were hugs all around; David's mom set the rotisserie chickens on the counter as Frank asked David what happened to the car. "I was just about to find that out when you arrived." David replied. "Why don't you and mom let me take your coats? Sarah can tell us what happened over dinner."

I busied myself setting the table, smiling gratefully when Martha began slicing up one of the birds. The table was set in no time, and all of us bowed our heads as Frank said grace. I didn't pay much attention to the generic prayer, worrying myself with how I was going to tell David what had happened, while minimizing the damage that would later be done to my backside.

I looked up to see everyone staring at me, and realized that someone must have asked me a question. "Excuse me?" I asked.

"How is your hand, dear?" Martha repeated.

"What happened to her hand?" Asked David and Frank.

"Why, she burned it quite badly." Martha replied.

"Show me." David said. I uncurled my hand and extended it toward him. "How did this happen?" He asked, concern furrowing his brow.

I quickly relayed the story and David's brow smoothed out. "Why weren't you paying attention to what you were doing?" he asked.

I sucked in my breath sharply; this was not good. Now I would have to tell him about the car accident, I mean fender-bender. He would be even more upset because my concern over the acci... fender-bender was the cause of my becoming hurt. I didn't want to proceed, but I wasn't really being given that option.

"Well," I began, "Do you remember that doctor's appointment I had this morning, because of my tiredness lately?" David nodded. "I was on my way back, thinking about what the doctor had said, and I didn't notice the light on the corner turn yellow."

"What!?" David exclaimed, nearly leaping out of his chair.

"The light turned yellow, the car in front of me could have made it, but they stopped. I tried to stop in time; I just didn't quite make it. I think maybe we need new brakes." I temporized.

"I just changed those brakes last month." David gritted out.

I winced. I should have remembered that. This was not going well. Now my news that should have made everyone so happy was just going to get me in more trouble. David and I had been told by a fertility specialist that my untreated endometriosis had made it unlikely that I would conceive. We had tried anyway for the last two years with no results; today I had learned that we had finally been successful. "There is good news." I forged ahead, somehow not hitting the happy note I was going for. "The doctor was able to tell me why I've been so tired lately."

"Why was that, honey?" Martha asked, reminding David that we weren't alone.

"It's a very temporary condition." I said. "It should only last about eight more months."

Martha squealed, and Frank looked at her without comprehension, then looked at me as what I had hinted at so broadly sank in. "You're pregnant?" he asked. "I thought you couldn't get pregnant."

"So did we. But, apparently that wasn't true." I snuck a glance at David. He was looking at me with the strangest expression. Joy mingled with fury in his eyes. I certainly hoped joy would win.

"Mom, Dad, I love you, but after dinner I would appreciate it if Sarah and I could be alone." he said. "We'll call you to set something up tomorrow."

Frank chuckled good-naturedly, and within a half-hour he and Martha had left. No sooner had their car pulled out of the driveway than David had locked the door and led me to the living room. He took my hands, turned them so he could see my burn, and planted a kiss on the biggest blister. Then he sat on the couch and pulled me face down over his lap.

I had expected to end up in this position, but that didn't mean I wanted to be in it. I started to complain, and David silenced my whining with a particularly stinging swat. "Be quiet." he said as he pushed my jeans and underwear down my legs, and pulled them all the way off, leaving them in a crumpled heap on the floor. "So, let me get this straight," he began, massaging my bottom absently. "First you found out you were finally pregnant, against all the odds, then you didn't pay attention while driving, and got into an accident."

"Fender-bender" I protested.

He smacked my bottom, hard, then continued as if I hadn't interrupted.
"... you didn't call me."

"I didn't want to worry you." This time he didn't content himself with one smack, he landed several, until my backside felt as blistered as my finger.

"...You came home and hurt yourself because you wouldn't take the time to calm down. You still didn't call me. Then, when it was time to tell what had happened you tried to minimize what you had done to avoid getting into trouble. Do you have anything to add?"

I thought hard. There was a lot I wanted to say, to show him it wasn't as bad as he thought it was, but I had a feeling that if I tried to argue my way out of trouble I would just be in more trouble. "No." I replied.

"That's what I thought," he replied. Without another word he declared open-season on my bottom. His smacks built in intensity from fierce and fiery to molten magma, turning my bottom into a place so sizzling hot I thought it might melt off my body.

I had long since stopped fighting him, lying still over his knee, except for the sobs that shook my body, when he ceased spanking me. He rubbed my poor abused rear, his work-roughened palm scratching a stinging relief to the same area he had set on fire. He lifted me into his arms and carried me to bed, placing me delicately on my tummy.

I heard him moving about the room, getting ready for bed, and thought I felt a feather light kiss on my damp cheek, accompanied by the words, "Sleep sweet, we'll talk in the morning." as a fuzzy blanket of grey tinged sleep carried me away.


Thanks again Mandy, you did a great job. I hope you are still writing and that you'll share another story with us soon. We'll be waiting. Until then I hope there are others of you out there writing and willing to share. If you are please send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 08, 2016


Someday Mollie may well have to take care of me and tell me what I may and may not do. She feels that time is now. I do not. I’m heading out on a girl’s trip soon. Unlike Cassie, I’m not going with women I’ve known for half a century. I've never seen some of the other trip goers in my life. When I first shared about the trip with Mollie, mostly teasing, when into her ‘caregiver’ mode.

“Mom you warned me for years about not trusting everything you read on the internet. You don’t really know if these people are who they say they are. And yet you’re willing to meet them. You’d have a fit if I was doing this.” She went on to say, “Do you have real names? Do you have addresses? Do you have pictures?”

I told her this was pretty close.

But she didn't believe me, so I showed her something more realistic.

She looked at a few other photo I had and finally came to the last one and seemed to brighten up. “Oh is the Serial Killer’s going? You didn’t tell me. Okay, I feel better now.”

The first time I traveled off to Las Vegas was to meet our own Sunny. Mollie though it was terrible and stated over and over that she was probably a serial killer. Once I returned safely, Sunny was permanently renamed ‘the Serial Killer’ and has Mollie’s full approval.

“All right,” Mollie concluded, “if the Serial Killer’s going to be there I guess it’s all right if you go.”

“Thank you,” I told her, “my every plan hinged on your approval.”

“Sarcasm doesn’t become you,” she told me.

“Really?” I answered. “I’ve always thought it was one of my best traits.”

It’s fun to laugh about it with Mollie. Truly, I’m so excited I can hardly sit and type. Nick isn’t worried, he met my first four blogger friends years ago and knew right away that they were good people and that I knew what I was talking about when I said they were trustworthy.

I hope we keep having these trip for years to come and I hope we add more people every year. Wouldn’t a spanking cruise be wonderful – or if you aren’t into ocean travel there are resorts everywhere where we can get all inclusive packages like on a cruise. Maybe someday we’ll get a whole block of rooms.

It all comes down to sharing. One person on this upcoming trip I’ve been talking with for over six years, but we’ve never met face to face before. Another was nearly unknown to me last summer, but through comment and emails I feel like we couldn’t be closer now.

So I’m nearly packed, I’ve shoving aside my slight fears of having on a bathing suit in front of the others and I’m hoping that these other ladies are half as excited to see me as I am to see them.

We'll be telling you all about it when we get back. But honestly - this isn't spanking fiction. We're all a bunch of mature, respectable women getting together to meet and visit... don't expect the stories to be too wild.

And we're off...

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Special day

Today is a special day for many reason. First we are celebrating Nick’s dad’s ninety-fifth birthday! His parents ages gives me great hope that I’m going to have Nick for a long time. His actual birthday is later in the week, but most of the family can get together today.

Today is special for another reason. Nick and I are celebrating our thirty-third wedding anniversary! We went out with friends to help us celebrate last night. We went to a restaurant about an hour from here and has just about the best food you can find anywhere. This was my meal and I never had to pick up my knife. Best prime rib EVER!

Our marriage has always been extremely solid, but the last ten years have been especially wonderful. That was when TTWD came into our world. Sometimes we’ve gone at it hot and heavy, other times it seems to fade away for a time. But Nick asked an interesting questions the other day. He asked me what were some things I would do to provoke a spanking. As he put it, “I’m pretty laid back and you’re pretty well behaved. What would you do to lead me to spank you?” Good question and I didn’t really know the answer. I thought it was hot that he even mentioned how I ‘behaved’ it’s just not a word he uses often and it really caught my attention.

After thinking I told him I sometimes make really smart-ass comments – not hateful, more funny and he takes them that way, but I guess sometimes it’s a plea for a little HOH attention. Then he asked, “What about not putting down your weight each Friday like we agreed on?” I had to remind him we’d changed it to Saturday and he just nodded.

Yesterday morning, I got up, weighed and recorded it. Saturday afternoon Nick said, “We need to talk.” Okay… He went on, “When I asked what you’d do to provoke a spanking I wasn’t planning on lying being one of those things.”

Lying? “What did I lie about?”

“Did you weigh and record it this morning?”

“I did.” I told him repeating my weight, “I was up .2 of a pound.”

“You want to take a look at that again?” he asked. Good grief, I’d recorded that I'd lost twenty-seven pounds since last week!! It was a silly mistake and I knew exactly the mix up in my head the caused me to put down the wrong numbers.

Quickly I told him, “Sorry honey, you know that’s crazy, it was just a silly mistake.”

He was smugly shaking his head, “Nope, I see it as lying and once Mollie leaves Sunday afternoon, I’m going to take care of that.”

So… it appears that is how we’ll be celebrating our anniversary this afternoon. Hope you have a nice afternoon too.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Fantasy Friday - A Promise Broken

Friday, Friday! Busy week so I grabbed a story from 2009 - I hope it will be new to some of you. Please enjoy...

A Promise Broken

Mr. DeSilva was surprised and puzzled by the look of panic on Annie face when Jonas walked in to the dinner. He had grown very fond of his new little waitress in the two months she had worked for him. She had met Jonas at the dinner the week after she started working and t
he two had moved in together shortly there after. Mr. DeSilva enjoyed watching the two of them together. Usually Annie face lit up in delight when Jonas stopped by. Something was obviously very wrong.
Annie was in a panic. She had almost convinced herself that Jonas had just been kidding to get her attention. But here he was. Jonas was supposed to have been gone last night. Yes, he had asked her not to drink if he wasn’t around and she had agreed, but the girls had asked her to go out with them and there seemed no harm in a few beers. But when Jonas had shown up at the pub unexpectedly he has pretty much caught her red handed.
He was quiet on the way home. As they entered the apartment Annie said softly “Jonas, I’m sorry. I guess it looks like I broke my promise but I only had a few beers. I just missed you and I thought going out with the girls would be better than sitting here moping.”
“Annie you remember what I said I would do if I found out you had been drinking without me?” Annie blushed and looked away. It always embarrassed her when Jonas threatened that he was going to spank her. He had given her a few hard swats over silly things. Once she had gone out and left her straighterner plugged in. When they came back in and found it he had given her two stinging swats to her bottom, which had shocked and embarrassed her. Since that time he had swatted her occasionally and had threatened worse. But she had really thought he had to be kidding. She was no longer sure.
She had tried to tease him out of his mood last night but hadn’t been in a joking mood. “Annie, you broke your word to me, I won’t break mine to you. In the morning, when you are stone cold sober you’re getting a spanking.” But she hadn’t waited around the next morning to see if it was really going to happen. Although she wasn’t scheduled to come in until 11:00 she had slipped out of the bed around 4:30 and come in for the breakfast shift. She knew Mr. DeSilva wouldn’t mind. She never expected Jonas to show up here.
Annie watched wordlessly as Jonas went to her boss. “Mr. DeSilva I need to borrow Annie for a bit. She and I were supposed to have a … discussion this morning but she left without talking to me. This isn’t a something that can be put off any longer; we need to go home for a while, I’ll have her back as soon as I can.”
Mr. DeSilva looked back and forth between his two young friends. Annie’s look of fear and guilt, Jonas’ look of serious determination – it didn’t take a genius to know what was coming. “Jonas, you sure this discussion is something that needs to take place?”
“Yes sir, it time to take care of this,” Jonas answered. Mr. DeSilva headed to the back and motioned for both of them to follow.
In the back Annie’s boss crossed his arms and looked sternly at them both. “Annie you know what Jonas is talking about?”
“Yes,” Annie said looking at the floor.
“You willing to have this discussion?” he continued. “You don’t have to if you don’t think it’s fair, he’ll have to go through me if he is being unfair to you.”
Annie quickly looked at Jonas. In her heart she knew he was the first person to care about her, care what she did, care whether or not she kept her promises. It was that simple, he cared. She looked at Mr. DeSilva and said quietly “I want to go with Jonas”.
“Okay then,” Mr. DeSilva answered, “Jonas, take her home if you like but if you’d rather, my office is in the storage building out back. I often had … discussions with my missus there in the past. It’s private and you are welcomed to use it if you like.”
Jonas nodded to Mr. DeSilva and led Annie out and into the small office behind the dinner, as they entered Annie began talking fast. “Jonas please, I know your upset, but you can’t be serious about sp…spanking me. I’m not a child. This is just silly. I said I was sorry! I won’t do it again.”
Jonas wasted no more time. He pulled a straight back chair to the center of he room and pulled Annie quickly across his lap. Annie had never been in this humiliating position before, she struggled to free herself but a volley of extremely hard swats and Jonas’ firm admonition of, “Annie if you don’t stop struggling and it’s going to be worse for you. You gave me your word that you wouldn’t drink if I wasn’t with you, then the first night you thought I was going to be away and you are out drinking with the girl. What did you think was going to happen, that I would say ‘Oh, never mind you can lie to me if you want to’?” As he scolded he continues to give medium to hard swats.
For the first time Annie could remember she was beginning to feel true remorse. In the past evading, pretending and out right lying had mostly gotten her out of trouble, not into it. But this was different; Jonas truly meant something to her. And obviously honesty was important to him. As the tears began to come Annie said in all sincerity “Jonas I am so sorry. I mean it! It never really mattered before when I broke a promise but I know I hurt you and I’ll never do it again. Please let me up it’s starting to hurt!”
“Annie,” Jonas told her, “I haven’t even started yet. And yes, it is going to hurt.” With that Jonas began spanking seriously. It was obvious that Annie had never been spanked before. Jonas did want to go overboard but he was also determined that Annie would have no doubt how seriously he took lying. Annie couldn’t believe how much heat was being delivered to her behind. She was on fire and still he didn’t stop. She cried, she tried to put one had a back to protect her throbbing, punished bottom. But Jonas quickly pinned her hand to the small of her back and continued until he felt he had done a through job.
Annie gradually realized that that Jonas had stopped spanking and was rubbing and squeezing her throbbing seat. As he helped her to her feet and stood to cradle her against him Annie was aware of throbbing elsewhere. Jonas kissed her tears away and said quietly, “It’s all over, I love you and it’s all over now. But Annie you need to know I took it easy on you this time. If you lie to me again your bare bottom is going to know the full force of what a spanking can really feel like. Come on I have to get you back to work.” Annie instinctively reached around and rubbed her aching bottom not wanting to imagine what it would have been like if Jonas had taken down her pants and panties. And while the thought was unsettling she realized she was almost as reluctant to leave then little office as she had been to enter it.
Annie heart was soaring! Someone actually cared for her, someone actually loved her. All her life she had looked for someone who cared. As they stepped back into the dinner Mr. DeSilva practical jumped at them. “Are you alright?” he barked at Annie before she could answer he rounded on Jonas “Is she alright?” Annie couldn’t help giggling at the scowl on his face, much like that of a protective bull dog. Annie looked back and forth between the two men who cared for her in very different ways she thought of the attention she had craved all her life had arrived, now she wondered if she was going to be able to handle it.


This story is one that I wrote.  Jonas and Annie are based around the story I ‘mind blogged’ for most of my life.  This was the stuff of my teenage years (and beyond) fantasies. 
     So have you started writing yet? This invitation is opened to all my blogger friends, my non-blogging friends, or those friends I haven’t met yet that read here silently. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com