I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More ...

I am not sure why anyone is still reading but I thought I would continue now but wait a while on the last 50/100! LOL So hopefully I can come up with sometime more interesting for you in the days to come. This is 26 -50 but blogger doesn't think that I know what I am talking about so that's why the numbers are wrong. Eva will probably laugh at me then tell me how to fix it. Okay here goes-

  1. I am tired of driving a mom-mobile.

  1. I had my tonsils out when I was 6.

  1. When I force myself to go to the gym I spend my time mindblogging.

  1. Mollie’s cat tends to sit on my left arm whenever I try to type.

  1. Twenty-two years ago I went to a Halloween party dressed as a little old school teacher. It frightens me how much I look like the pictures taken at that party.

  1. The thing most likely to make me cry is a sentimental commercial when I am not expecting it.

  1. I just realized that there are not 100 even remotely interesting facts about me.

  1. I had three car accidents in 3 months before I turned 17. Each time I hit something that was still at the time. When I called dad the third time he said “Girl, you got to stop doing this.”

  1. Nick and I chose Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle” to be sung at our wedding. My mom wanted to know if it was a drinking song.

  1. I wish Nick was more in to the idea of discipline than I ever think he will be.

  1. I am more anal erotic than I care to admit to myself.

  1. I am more likely to cry at a book than a movie.

  1. During my planning at school I usually watch Dr. Phil. (Everyone has a TV in their room.)

  1. I fear rejection. Even out here. I keep thinking I’m going to screw up and get thrown out of the club.

  1. From the day I was born until about 5 months age if I was awake, the TV was on. Always! I still watch too much but now when I am blogging I often just listen to my ipod.

  1. When I was little if mom said I was going to get a spanking because I was acting up and then I started behaving she would forget the spanking.

  1. If dad said he was going to spank me you could take it to the bank. Although I only remember one or two times he spanked me and he was never harsh.

  1. I believe in reincarnation.

  1. When I am in a car I want to be asleep, even if I am driving.

  1. I sing extremely well when I am in the car alone, not so well if others are around.

  1. I’m the baby of the family.

  1. As a kid I sometimes wanted to get my sister in trouble. I would scratch myself badly and claim that she did it. When she protested that she had been no where near me they would look at my cute, tearful, little face and say “I suppose she scratched herself?”

  1. I got all my brattiness out of my system before I married, I need some back.

  1. My sister still loves me.

  1. I have 3 nieces, 4 nephews and one great-niece and one great-nephew.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

100 Fact Meme

I know several of my friends have done this so I wanted to try it too. I learned from Snow that if you are smart you break it up into 4 separate posts. Here is the beginning.


  1. To start at the beginning I was born in an elevator at the hospital.

  1. I worked for a veterinarian for 8 years.

  1. My elementary school was at one end of the street. My high school was at the other end of the street. We lived in between.

  1. My role growing up was the peace maker.

  1. I have never fought with my husband, not once, at least not out loud.

  1. I was a skinny, skinny kid. I got over it.

  1. The movie ‘Cat Ballou’ was my favorites as a kid. I saw it in the theater at least 8 times.

  1. One of my grandmothers thought I was perfect, the other rarely thought of me at all.

  1. I stole an eraser from a store when I was 9 and it still bothers me.

  1. After I became an adult my mom was one of my very best friends.

  1. My best friends in high school were a married couple.

  1. I smoked pot three time once at 18, and twice in my mid-twenties.

  1. I have been to 4 other countries on 3 continents.

  1. I have been a member of the same church for my entire life.

  1. I got my first child, my cat Josette, the day I began college.

  1. Nick is the only man I have ever had sex with.

  1. I am very happy about #16.

  1. Two years before I met Nick I made the decision that I was going to sleep with a former boyfriend, basically just to get rid of my virginity. God told me most directly in a dream that this was a bad idea. I listened.

  1. When I was in college to become a teacher I spent my time while studying running my hand through my hair. Nick could always tell how long I had been studying by how much my hair was standing up.

  1. I would rather drink my favorite soft drink than eat.

  1. I used to take horse back ridding lesson.

  1. I have 2 cats and a great big dog.

  1. I hate mustard, Nick hates mayonnaise I don’t think the marriage can survive this.

  1. Junk food rules!

  1. I’m short.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Wanting Grace

This is a very special graditude Tuesday for me. I couldn’t get Grace off my mind for several days lately. I am most grateful that she is recovering. I hope this gives her a little smile.

I want Grace! I have waited for weeks. I want this warm, wise, wonderful woman well and willing to write her wit in words again. While I haven’t met her, the vision of her winsome smile welcomes us each time we wander over. I want the Wildchild and her willing brother to wear worry-free faces. I want her well enough to wage war with the wily wash and I want their wages to be enough to wipe away wealth worry woes.

This wonderful woman gives us a window into the wonders of her world. She tells us about Bossman and we all go woohoo! I want her well enough to waggle her rear at Bossman until he whacks and wallops it just before he makes her writhe with desire from his warm touch.

So all together now:

Who do we want, Grace!

What do we want, Graces well!

When do we want it, Now!

Where do we want it, Here!

Why do we want it, We love her!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Can you hear me now?

Saturday Nick indicated that women are confusing and hard to understand. I don’t see the problem. If he has listened to what I have told him and if he reads my site what more is there to know. But in order to be clear and to communicate as I have been told to do here is an up date. Nick feel free to make this your home page, print it out to carry in your wallet, tape it to the visor of your car, tattoo it on my butt, tape it to your mirror or paint it on the bedroom wall.

  1. I always want you to spank me.

Anytime, anywhere, with anything. (Knowing what you would be comfortable with, I feel safe saying this). When I am in a happy, good mood, I want you to spank me. When I am ill and bitchy and feel like slamming doors, I want you to spank me. When I am sleepy and comfortable and curled up somewhere, I want you to spank me. And when I am withdrawn, and quiet, and needy, and teary, and sad, I want you to spank me. No I don’t expect life to be one long spank-a-thon (not that I would mind that!). What I mean is that anytime you think I need a spanking, anytime you are in the mood to give a spanking, or anytime you are willing to indulge me in my favorite pastime please don’t stop to wonder if I am in the mood or willing. I will tell you right now – the answer is always yes! Should I ever say no, ignore me, the answer is yes. What could possibly be confusing about that??

  1. I want to explore many ways of making love.

Lately it seems that you do everything you can do for me. You indulge my every whim and fantasy. I usually feel completely decadent and spoiled. Should I ever forget to reciprocate remind me! I am willing to try anything you want, especially after a hard spanking. But sex does not have to follow a spanking right away. We might not have time, we might both be spent. I often feel like we are making love if you are just holding and stroking me. I love it when you talk dirty to me (for a spanko that would be threats of future spanking and what you might use and how hard, etc.). I love it when you hold me and let me play with the vibrator. I love it when you take me hard and fast and just for your own pleasure and I love it when we take hours playing back and forth. I want to explore.

  1. I want you to touch me.

I went decades trying to avoid touch. I want those decades back. I love it when you touch me in public. When you take my hand, put your arm around me, pat my leg or even pop my butt in public it says to me not only that you love me but also that you don’t care who knows it! It makes me feel fantastic! I love it when you hug me in the kitchen, or kiss me in the living room (yes, I know we do it sometimes just to torment Mollie, but I love it!). I love curling up with you when I crawl in bed and you reach over to rub my butt. It may seem like a little thing, but it isn’t. Please touch me.

Okay, here it is. I have communicated. Three little things. You don’t have to read my mind. It’s all right here, three simple statements. I don’t mean to speak for the other women out here. Girls make your own simple statements, thoughts, and desires, whatever and make sure you guy sees them. Well Nick did this help??

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I am doing much better to day. For one thing I am a redhead again. That always helps. Okay, I’m not red like some of you guys. I never used to mess with my hair color. What God gave me was good enough. However, since God has now decided to change that color I assumed all bet are off. While He seems to prefer the gray and white shades, I’m going with the reddish brown. Eventually I will let Him have his way but I am just not quite ready.

I want to tell you a bit about our Thanksgiving and the family we celebrate with. Nick’s parents and brothers and sisters are fantastic. His mother is an unbelievable cook. He gave the Thanksgiving menu in his comment yesterday. I think the only thing he left out were the delicious backed apples. The strange thing is this is a typical Sunday lunch. His mom never knows how many will be there. All of her kids live here in town. Now before you state humming the theme to Deliverance, they are all college educated professionals. Usually she has somewhere between 12 to 24 for Sunday lunch. We always have 2 meats, 6-7 veggies, fruit in season, 2 types of bread (home made) and at least 2 deserts. Did I mention she also goes to Sunday school and church each week and we always eat before 1:00? When she is not cooking, she and my father-in-law work two gardens, she does tons of canning giving lots of it away to all of us. She also makes quilts. Nick and one brother were up last week where their dad joined them in cutting fire wood since the wood stove is their primary source of heat. But what really blows my mind is that this dear lady who probably doesn’t weight a hundred pounds is 82 years old and her wood chopping husband is 85. Maybe that is why Nick is so special; he does come from good stock!

Not a good day

This is one of those pieces that I don’t know if I’ll post or not but I have to write it for myself. I feel like I am blind siding Nick, who has no idea what goes on inside my head. I finally decided to post it because its only fair that he does know what I think. I have not had a good day. Friday was my day to weigh. It had not been a good week so I wasn’t surprised to see that I had gone up instead of down. I wondered about what Nick would do or say, but what I got was – nothing -- he never even asked if I had weighted or what it was. Nothing. I was pissed; I was hurt; I was sad. Of course I never told Nick I was upset. I don’t do that, I just withdraw a bit and have little to say.

We took care of some chores and later around lunch time I had been on the computer a bit then took a quick nap and woke up still mad at Nick. It was time to have it out and tell him what I was feeling. I’ve said before that Nick and I never fight. Well maybe that is not exactly true. We often fight, we have for years, the only problem is that the entire thing takes place in my head. He never knows a thing. And the worse thing about this, the absolute worse is – he always wins. He is not even in the actual argument and he still wins! I know how he thinks and his logical and reasonable responses spring to my mind without effort.

I knew I could have the fight easier if I just left. Nick was working outside and I just said I was going off for a while. He didn’t ask where I was going and that made me even madder. I went to the gym; it was as good a place for a fight as any. It would have started something like this.

Why are you so quiet this morning?

I’m pissed! I weight this morning and you never even asked. You don’t care. I’ve told you I want a DD marriage. You don’t care. I know you don’t really want this but you did agree to help at least with the weight thing. But every time I don’t lose you make up some excuse for me. Hell, I can make excuses! I need someone that will say “Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween doesn’t matter, you have a goal and you didn’t make it and I’m going to whip your butt.”

Slow down, you know that I do care. If you wanted me to know what you weighted why didn’t you just come in and tell me?

Bite me.

I just want you to show me you care. Yes I feel like crap being mad at you. I know how much better things are now; better than they have ever been before. Erotic spankings are so wonderful; I love what this has done for us. I don’t know why I am pushing for more but I am. When the kids left today and you were working on the yard and I was doing nothing but napping and working on the computer why didn’t you let me have it, pull me off my lazy butt, spank my ass and tell me to come help or do something!! Then when I left you didn’t even ask me where I was going. So I’m mad!

Let me get this straight. You are mad at me because I didn’t ask what you weighed, when you could have just told me. You are also mad because I went out and did yard work and let you nap and play on the computer. You are a grown woman and knew exactly what you planned to do around the house and when you planned to do it. And you are mad because I trust that you had a reason for going out and that you would be home soon.

Yeah, you’re right, never mind, you didn’t take me to raise. I am perfectly capable of making all the decisions in my life myself, I always have. I get it, I understand, forget it, pass the donuts.

You see, even when he is not there he makes more sense than I do. By the time I got home I wasn’t mad at Nick anymore but I was pretty mad at myself. I curled up with him on the couch just because I needed comfort. He was so sweet, he always is. Why do I get like this?? Why can't I just talk to him. Why can’t I leave well enough alone? Why do I keep pushing DD if he doesn’t want it?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks guys!

Happy day before Thanksgiving/ Thanksgiving Day! Good time of year for thinking about what we are thankful for. When it comes to blogging, one huge joy is having a place where I can express myself on any topic. I am especially happy have to have a place to discuss spanking, a formerly taboo subject. Totally unbelievable!! But the best, the very best thing are the friends that leave comments.

I am grateful for anyone that reads what I write; I am always surprised when I see how many people actually stop by each day. I love those of you who don't yet feel comfortable leaving a comment, I love those of you who have just started leaving comments recently; Shy, Sugarpie, Snow, Debbie, Reesa and several other. I know that there are more out there and I look forward to getting to know many of you better. Thank you for letting me know what you think.

But my special thanks goes to my friends that comment, or try to when blogger allows, every day. When I see your names on your comments daily I really feel surrounded by friends. I feel comfortable, safe and like someone understands me. Making friend (although in a fairly unusual setting) in your forties is somewhat tough. Making friends that I feel this close to, that I can discuss spanking, sex, kids, jobs, and fantasies with is incredible wonderful! I never expected this in my life and I find joy in it every day. I am talking about the following people; Tiggr, CeeCi, Suzq, Lily, Bonnie, Todd and Suzy, Anne Elizabeth, Maggie, Theresa, Cassie, Grace, Sky, Paul and last, but hardly least, my twin, my buddy Eva. I love all you guys! I still look forward to our future PJ party. I can only imagine Todd and Paul will really enjoy themselves! Thanks for always being there and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Stress of Thanksgiving

I know everyone is busy this week and probably won’t have much time to read but I just want everyone to know I feel your pain. I have today off and as I rolled out of bed after sleeping late I was hit with what to do first! Eat breakfast or blog or read the paper? Well I finally got them all done; I really needed a nap. Thank goodness I got all my Thanksgiving shopping done yesterday. I got the paper plates and the little plastic cups for punch for our meal tomorrow! Whew, glad to have that done!!

Now you know that getting ready for the meal isn’t the only stress involved with Thanksgiving, it’s the travel too. We will be traveling to my in-laws tomorrow. It’s a twenty minute drive and that barely give me enough time for a decent nap as Nick drives us there. Please don’t feel sorry for me, I’ll manage. But then you actually have the family to deal with. Okay, I can’t complain here, Nick’s family is a true treasure.

The rest of the weekend is not quite as hectic. The only thing I have to do Friday is to remind Nick he has an appointment for a hair cut at 11:45. I assured him that if I was up by then I would certainly mention it to him. I do hope you guys aren’t as overworked and stressed as I this weekend. Of course after Nick reads this there might be one or two things added to my list of things to accomplish. With a bit of luck I will need to do them all standing up!! A Great Thanksgiving to All!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

A Very Happy V Day!

Thanksgiving week makes me think of all the things I am so grateful for. I will stick with V's this week to focus me otherwise I am so grateful for the joy I feel these days I just wouldn't know where to start or stop!

Vega – My very first car; the car that rusted on the showroom floor.

Vaccine – The joy of the freedom from polio, measles, whooping cough, Hepatitis B, small pox, mumps, diphtheria, and so many other horrible, sometimes deadly, viruses.

Velcro- A handy little invention.

Vagina – A very important girl part. This makes us so very special.

Validate – My husband, my new friends and being able to blog have validated my feeling about spanking and how good I always knew it would be.

Valedictorian – Trust me they make the very best lovers!!

Voice – To talk, to communicate, to connect, to explain, to question, to sing, to shout, to argue, to open up, to teach, to comfort, to love…

Visit – That what I feel like we do everyday out here. I really enjoy it.

Virgin – The word had lost its importance for me until by daughter became a teenager. Now it has suddenly become a very important word again.

Veterinary – I loved the one I worked for. He was so good with the animals, such an ass to those of us who worked for him, a nasty temper with most humans, and finally a completely loyal and generous friend.

Vanilla – I love this scent. It is my favorite bath gel.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

With friends like this...

Interesting day, Saturday. I had gotten a call from Nick, who was at work, he told me he had read my “whiny post” about the shopping trip and we would talk more later. I didn’t think the post was whiny. I did say that it had been a very long time since I had had a good spanking, but that wasn’t whining it was just a statement of fact! I wasn’t much worried since Mollie was home. My afternoon plans were to watch the Ohio-Michigan game in honor of Eva and play on the computer a bit. Nick was home from work and had gone out for a while and Mollie was home. But Mollie went to a friends and Nick got back. He got on his computer to check out what our friends are up to. (I am beginning to thing he reads way too much!)

I wasn’t sure what he was chuckling about as he closed the computer and led me back to the bedroom. He had me open the toy box and said that since I thought it had been so long he would just spank until I said it was enough. For me that meant when Mollie got home or whenever Thanksgiving dinner was ready which ever came first. This was starting off great!

There was a nice little warm up with clothes on but he got down to the bare pretty quickly. I was nestled in with my head in a pillow when I hear him say “Now pay attention”. What did he think I was doing, making lesson plans? He had my full attention. ‘Pay attention’- so I tried to keep track of what he was using and how many time he change items. I even tried to keep count but somewhere in there I lost track. He finally takes a break and asks me “Okay what was the pattern?” I hadn’t detected any pattern. I told him that I thought he had covered the whole area pretty well I thought but I didn’t really feel a pattern. He said no he meant the math pattern. The WHAT! I am getting the best spanking I have had in over a month and he wants me to answer a friggin’ MATH PROBLEM! I wondered who in the hell gave him that idea?!!

That’s when I realized that I was getting my first simi-public spanking because I could hear her as well as some other background noise! I swear Eva was in the hall peeping in and laughing her ass off! So Nick finally shares with me what the pattern is (who gives a crap!) then asks how many spanks that made. By this time I am laughing so hard I can hardly catch my breath, Nick is still swatting my ass saying “Quick, come on you can get it its easy, don’t try to add just multiply.” ADD, MULTIPLY! It suddenly dawn on me that he must be spanking the wrong damn blogger if he wants the answer to a stupid math problem! Finally, trying to think through my laughter and Eva’s howling in the hallway, I manage to shout out the right answer only to get several minutes of serious swats for being disrespectable and laughing during a spanking!

He keeps going and I am getting my giggles under control. This is turning into a real nice spanking. Now about calling a halt to a spanking, this is always a tough choice. I haven’t had one yet that I really wanted to end. A break maybe, but he has never stopped yet that I didn’t want him to really keep going. But I was pretty well on fire and more than ready to move on to the next part of the afternoon festivities. So I told him I was good and that was plenty. He asked if I was sure and I said yes. His answer to that was “Okay, now we can start on Tiggr’s, she thought you should get a few more.” That’s when I was able to identify the other noise from the hall Tiggr was bouncing off the walls giggling right alone with Eva. Boy I’m glad the two of them were having so much fun! So I got the last 10 hard ones with the great big, mean, wooden paddle that Nick made because TIGGR thought I needed them! So the only good things I have to say about the girls today is that they did have the decency to leave when the spanking was over. I mean some things do not require an audience! But I could hear then giggling and bouncing all the way out the door.

I have to tell you that this was not the spanking of my fantasies. Okay maybe in some fantasies a bratty friend caused an extra spanking. But never, never in one fantasy from my teens until today have I ever fantasies that I got my butt beat until I answered a math problem correctly!! This has got to stop! If we ever do meet up with Adam and Eva I’ll leave Eva and Nick to their Venn Diagrams and logarithms. Adam and I will go off and find a good chick flick to watch! As for Tiggr I will have to give this one more thought. But as I’ve had to tell you before friend, watch you back!

SPEW WARNING! (Sorry, should that have been at the top?)

Friday, November 17, 2006

What a Day!

I have to tell you all about the shopping trip. I’m telling you right now I know the world must be full of spankos! I have never in my life seen so many spanking toys and erotic items in stores in my life! I am not talking sex shops; I went to Linen and Things, PetSmart, Target, Kohl’s, Wal-Mart! I don’t know maybe it was just me. I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t go to the grocery store when you are hungry. Well I know now to never go shopping when it’s been a long, looooong time since my last long, hard spanking.

First, at the pet store, I couldn’t take my eyes off the leather collars. No, I am not planning to wear one! That is not my thing. But there are other uses for this beautiful, reasonable soft, leather strap, I mean collar. As I moved on to Linen and Things the first thing I saw as I walked in the door was a display taller than me with maybe 50 of the little standing vibrators that CeeCi likes so much. I blushed at this blatant display and moved on. I couldn’t escape! Sexy items were everywhere and I hadn’t even gotten to the house wears section yet. A pillow laying in the middle of the bed at one display, why the middle I’m thinking. Even the bathroom scales caused butterflies since a weight gain could cause me be over that pillow in the middle of a bed!

Over in the house wears, well you can just imagine! Spatulas, wooden spoons, cutting boards all out in full view of any child that might walk by. Through the course of the day I saw belts, hair brushes, slippers, dowel rods (okay, I don’t want one, but I saw them), and ping pong paddles. Trying to get away from all these spanking toys I moved to other sections where I stumbled onto corsets, thongs, silk panties and some type of panty that comes up high to help hold in your stomach, Mollie once informed me that this is called a ‘spank’.

I was trying to get my mind back to Christmas shopping I tried to get my mind off spanking toys and sexy underwear and think about gifts but then you guys kept popping into my mind. Eva and I usually email each other from school in order to keep our sanity, so I hoped she was coping with just the kid to talk to. I saw a beautiful calendar with a sunflower and thought of CeeCi. I kept hoping Maggie would come up with the right words for MrC this weekend. I saw a pink cell phone cover and hoped Mayye had her phone with her. I walked through the toy section and Tiggr grinned at me from several shelves. I wondered if Suzq was going to stop procrastinating and post the next part of her vacation. And finally as I came out of a store I saw a teenager with passenger zip by me in a snazzy new convertible and thought “Good grief, Grace is letting Cassie teach the wild child to drive.” I figured that was my cue to go home!

Alright guys lets see if you do any better. It’s like being told not to think of think of an elephant. See if you can shop this year without see all the fun stuff I saw. Hopefully the next time I shop this year Nick will spank my ass red before I go that I can be thinking about a sore bottom instead of looking for new implements. Never happen, no matter how good the spanking is I’ll still be looking!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ideas please

This is quick but I sure could use some fresh ideas! I am taking tomorrow off for Christmas shopping. Got the time, got the credit card, got no ideas on what to buy!! The little kids in my life are taken care of. By biggest problems are those between 14-24 and those between 80 - 90. Of course husbands are always a problem. This year I have plenty of great ideas for Nick's gifts, but I need something he can open in front of the family!!

No kidding what do you guys get for people in this two age group? I know lots of you have ideas, something you have given in the past that has been well received. When I ask my son he told me "Mom, I have a cell phone, an ipod, a car and a computer - what else could I possible need?" I am glad he is content but I want something under the tree for him. Mollie on the other hand has told me so many thing that I quit listening long ago and now I can't remember anything she said!

So please, send any and all ideas. I also have folks between those age groups too. And if you think of any really good husband ideas that are, or could seem, G-rated let me hear from you. But email those husband ideas, he reads!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Teen Talk

I had a conversation with Mollie the other day. I don’t know whether you would classify it as interesting, informative, terrifying or what. We were on our way home from school when she turned to me out of the blue and asked “Mom, what do you think of spanking?” Isn’t it strange how many directions your mind can go in a split second? Popping immediately to the front of my mind was,

I absolutely love it! What could be better? It’s done so much for my marriage. All my friends really love it too!

Then I realize that I am talking to my daughter! Driving into a ditch also came to mind but instead I calmly say,

“Why do you ask?”

She began, “Well some of my friends say that they still get spanked. I think that anyone 14 years old is too old to be spanked!”

Well, I don’t know, floated through my mind, my friends are in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and they are still getting spanked and loving it. None of them have any plans to stop in the near future.

What I said was, “Expect for special circumstances, I believe spanking loses it effectiveness around age 4 or 5. And then I’m talking about a pop on the rear for things like back talk or crossing the road alone.”

“Special circumstances”, she asked, “what do you mean? Is there anything you would ever spank me for at this age?”

I thought this was a good time to let her answer. So I just raised my eyebrows and gave her a questioning look and asked “What do you think?”

“Yeah, I guess so” she answered “ I remember that look you gave me when we were watching that show where the girl climbed out her bedroom window to go off with her boyfriend. I guess that would do it.”

I just snorted and said “You got that right!”

We were quiet a while then Mollie started laughing. She said “I remember the last time you spanked me!” I had to laugh too. At about age 3 she took a big can of baby powder and powdered my entire bedroom. Bed, dresser, closet and especially the dark blue carpet! But I was a modern mother, you don’t spank children, you reason with them and give a time out whenever necessary. So I sternly explained what she had done wrong and that she was not to play with the baby powder again and to stay out of my room. I then put her in her room for a 5 minute time out. Didn’t I handle that like a modern parent? I thought so until the next day when the little devil did exactly the same thing to my room again! I decided to revert back to old fashion parent training and gave her a paddling appropriate for a 3 year old and sent her to bed early (while I had to clean the bedroom again!). The best part was the next morning. I went in to get her and the first thing she said to me was “Mommy I been tinking, I don’t tink I am going to powder your room today.” I told her I thought that that she had made a good decision. Score one for the old fashion parent!

She is probably wrong. I don’t think there is anything she would do that would cause me to spank her. I just don’t think it would ever happen. But then again if I caught her butt going out the window…

Monday, November 13, 2006

U all Rock!

Had to spend more time thinking this week, it was fun. I hope some of you smart people did alliterations with this. I love having smart friends!

Ultimatum – I’ve been whining for one. They just sound exciting.

Uneasy – The delicious feeling you get when you are whispered to in just the right way.

Uncomfortable – I have spent the last 35 years or so being comfortable, bored but comfortable. The original discussion with Nick about spanking was uncomfortable. And I am most grateful for the times my rear end has been uncomfortable since!

USA – don’t always agree with all decisions our government makes, but I love it here and I am proud to live here.

Uranus – I am so grateful that I got to quit teaching science so I do not have to teach 6th graders about Uranus.

Uncouth – I am grateful for Sar and her stories about Cowboy when he is being uncouth.

Understudy – I will be grateful for any part my son may ever get!!

Unique – Each and every one of my friends out here are completely unique. And I am grateful for each and every one of you!

Umbilical cord – I am glad it reaches all the way to college.

Under (bottom) – It’s the place I want to be.

Understood – I am grateful to find a place after all these years where I feel understood.

Underwear – I have some nice ones but I still spend way too much time in granny panties. I gotta do better.

Unhealthy (food) – Sadly they taste the very best: chips, donuts, candy, snack cakes, Cheetos, suckers, Dortios, honey roasted peanuts, pork skins, popcorn, brownies, pop tarts, marshmallows, honey buns, crackers, cookies, fried apple pies, moonpies, soft drinks, Big Macks, hot dogs, deep fried oreos, Little Debbie’s cakes, sugar pops, ice cream, fries…

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Nothing to Say

I’m at one of those spots where I want to post but I have nothing to say. I don’t do interesting things like laundry. I have no real problems with BJ’s. My husband knows all about Sky and already likes her. I don’t always do lesson plans, after 18 years I know what I am going to teach the next day and thankfully my boss does not require them – yet! I do not have a vacation coming up; my birthday is still a bit away. Thank goodness my husband doesn’t play football. But he does know I blog so I don’t have that worry. Didn’t get to the round table but don’t want to switch although he has let me show him how each of our toys feels.

I would like a trip. Nick and I haven’t had much time alone lately. Real life creeps in if you don’t beat it back. The house refuses to clean itself, meals don’t prepare themselves or clean up afterwards (I usually don’t either). Paying the fees to the gym or buying vegetables to keep in the refrigerator won’t make you thinner or healthier. All this seems terrible unfair to me. I think I will feel better once we have a few evenings just the two of us. Meanwhile I’ll keep reading maybe I can find something to steal.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Carrot or the Stick

Nick said something the other day that left me unsettled but I couldn’t put my finger on why. I still can’t but I have learned to go with my feeling on some things so with out understanding why here goes.

The weigh loss has been slow and steady, nothing flashy, but usually in the right direction. I got a wonderful reward a week or so ago for my overall loss and it was wonderful! I loved every minute of it. So you would think that when he mentions that when I reach another milestone I could expect another such reward I would be thrilled. It actually caused a tightening in my chest that was not a good feeling at all. And a warning voice in my head said “No, no, don’t, this won’t work, stop!”

When it comes to the carrot and the stick, I am definitely a stick girl! The goal seems too far away. I have a voice in my head that tells me my version of what I think Nick is thinking. In case you didn’t follow you might want to read that last sentence again. What it said was “I have offered a reward, but you don’t seem to be reaching it so you must not really care if you are not willing to work for it.” You do understand that Nick has never said anything like this, he only mentioned the possibility of a reward in the future a day or so ago. Yet this voice is loud and persistent in my head.

I will love receiving a reward any time that he feels I deserved one. But I need him to decide and spring it on me when he makes that decision. I don’t work well toward a reward. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. What I need are consequences. I used to dream of that angry husband grabbing me and giving me what for. But really that is not what I want. I just want some definite, certain guidelines. I want us or actually him to decide a reasonable goal for weight loss in a week or two weeks time. I just want him to say “You need to lose ______ amount of weight in _____ amount of time. If you don’t I am going to _______________.” He could do the same thing with household tasks. Not just “Clean the house.” But pick one or two thing that need to be done and what will happen if I don’t get them done. He doesn’t need to be mad. It is not his responsibility to tell me to go to the gym or how much to eat. It’s just like in basketball when a player travels or steps out or bounds, there is a penalty. No one is mad or shocked at what happens next. Everyone in the game knows what to expect. The player either avoids breaking these rules or tries to do so in a way that won’t be detected.

I know this is what lot and lots of you do. And I know Nick might be unsure that this would work better that a reward. But I know it will. I’m not topping its just that he was also unsure when I very first mentioned spanking - would really like it. He worried that day dreaming and fantasying about it for years was still vastly different from the real thing. He was right! It has been so much better than I thought it would be!!! So without trying to explain myself I just have to go with the same gut feeling - this will work best for me.

For play or for consequences I would love to see spankings snuck in whenever possible, early morning, any time Mollie may be out of the house for a bit. If we have the time for a quickie or better yet a leisurely – wonderful!! But if time only allows for a quick spanking I want to grab the opportunity. I know what the spanking does for my thought process. I know it keeps the silly grin on my face and keeps me focused on who I am. It keeps my thoughts focused on Nick and how much we love each other and what we are discovering together.

There is one more thing I would love to have him try. We can’t always be spontaneous at our house. But a good threat from my loving husband is always thrilling! That whispered word in my ear in the kitchen of what he is going to do later when the opportunity arises or a promise of future event mentioned at bedtime or as we are getting up keeps a girl tingling in anticipation all day, or for several days if necessary. I think a good threat is the spanko version of talk dirty to me, so it will always have my attention!

Friday, November 10, 2006


Do any of you have any idea who makes the absolute worst students in the world? Teacher, that’s who! We tend to not pay attention, talk to our neighbors, laugh at inappropriate times, make fun of the instructor, and cuss quietly to ourselves. The masochistic who take on this task must be special teacher indeed!

Sometimes they slip; they make fun of their student’s accent. They make fun of their students Internet Browser choice, they ask what is on the screen then say they do not believe what you tell them, they tend to say sternly “Stop, don’t touch anything! Wait!” They tend to laugh hysterically when they ask what must seem to them to be a simple question only to have the teacher/student whine “How the hell do I know??”

There is no real point to this post. These are just some things that I wanted all of you to know. On and on a totally unrelated subject, I talked to Eva last night and she taught me how to use blogrolling and more successfully post pictures. Thanks Ms. Dry.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Dad

My dad died a year ago today, November 9. This post is just going to be talking about him. He was a fascinating man. My dad was interested in everything! I remember him studying ESP, dreams, reincarnation, pyramid power, hypnosis, all the reading of Edgar Cayce and over all of this, the Bible. He was a world traveler who was always anxious to go anywhere. He loved my mother everyday of their 55 years together. And even as Parkinson’s disease and dementia rob him of so much he always remained pleasant and funny.

Daddy was a WWII veteran. Once he died I realized that I really didn’t know about his time in the service. We only knew about two things from that time, one was about a little boy, Guy Specks, who sat with Dad on guard duty and taught him French. The other thing we knew about was a beautiful girl named Antoinette that he dated while he was there. After he died we found out that he had won 5 bronze stars. We never knew, he never mentioned it.

He and his brother owned a small appliance business that their father had started. They had 5 small stores. My mom and my aunt worked with them. That meant that my mom and dad often spent 24 hours a day together for years. These little stores allowed Mom and Dad to travel the world. They could win trips by selling a certain number of appliances. It is hard to remember where all they went – Bermuda, Hong Kong, Tokyo, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Spain and Africa (we went with them on that trip), England, Ireland, Ecuador, Mexico, Canada and Hawaii and Alaska, as my dad would say after given this list to someone, “Probably other places, but I don’t want to brag.”

On one trip to France, Daddy began thinking of Antoinette and decided to write her a letter. He sent it to the only address he had and it was 40 years old. She got the letter. She still lived in her parents old home. They wrote for a while and on the next year when Mom and Dad went to Switzerland they were only about 100 miles from her home so they broke off from their tour to drive down for a visit. Mom said they had a wonderful visit with Antoinette and her husband and even spent the night. Mom did comment that since she was the only one that did not speak French she could only wonder if they were planning to run off together. She didn’t seem especially worried. The night they rejoined their tour and in a little ceremony they were each given an award for being “The most Broad Minded” using both meanings of the word!

When I was little daddy taught the old men’s Sunday school class. When I turned 12 he began teaching my class. He didn’t like the literature the church had so he threw it out and began teaching all the Bible stories straight through. My friends and I came out of that class with a good background in the Bible! Daddy was a good example for everyone. He never drank. He never smoked. He never cussed. I never saw him angry. And you can imagine living with a wife, two daughters, and a mother-in-law that hated him he probably had plenty of reasons to be angry. But he was always good natured.

When Daddy was in his 60’s he saw a picture of the small mountain town where he grew up. He wasn’t able to make a good copy of it so he drew it. What he discovered, at this rather late point in his life, was that he was a fantastic artist! He became quite famous locally with his pen and ink sketches. He made the rounds of all the craft shows and always loved talking to all the people who bought his work.

Out of all his travels his favorite trip location was by far – Disney World!! He was the biggest kid. They went more than a dozen times, the last 3 times with our family. When I ask Nick if we could take the kids one more time when our son was in the eight-grade I told him we could go, just the four of us and drive it. To me one of the most romantic things Nick ever said to me was his answer to this. He said “We could make an easier trip with just the 4 of us, but your Dad loves it so much, let’s just fly so we can take your parents”. I wasn’t an easy trip; both Mom and Dad agreed to let us push them in wheelchairs for speed and ease of travel. But it was their last time there and we had a ball! I am so glad we made the effort.

It was rough as he had a harder time getting around. It hurt when I had to ask him to stop driving. I hated making decisions that were changing their lives. But Daddy was always a true gentleman and accepted that I was trying to help and do what was best for both of them. Dad and I were with Mom when she passed away at their home. After Mom died Daddy saw her often. He said that she never spoke but that he could sometimes see her and every night he could feel her getting into the bed and holding him. I never tried to argue with him because I realized that it just might be true.

I tried to work thing out so he could stay there in the home he had built for them 55 years before. But after 6 months it wasn’t working. He went to live in an assisted living center that was beautiful. I think of Theresa when I think of the wonderful nurses who took the time to talk with him, listen to him and in general petted him all the time. He loved them. His biggest fear was that Mom would not ‘go with him’ to the new place. She did. He was very happy about that.

I had the honor of being with my dad when he passed away too. One of my sisters was also there. When Daddy died nearly everyone from the staff came to his room to give us a hug and tell us how much he was loved. I was happy that he was surrounded by so much love at the end.

My mom and dad made a wonderful combination. He was always calm and even tempered; Mom would get mad about once a week and stay mad for 8 day! Most everything scared my mom, Daddy was relaxed and confident in everything he did. I know they both loved there kids and spoiled us rotten. I still miss them both, but I am very happy that they are back together. As much as I miss them I know that they are where they should be and I know that they are happy.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Was it worth it?

I know that there are lots of people reading blogs that are very interested in spanking but have not brought this up to their significant other yet. They are not sure how or if they really want to bother bringing this up at all. Let’s see if it has been worth it.

Before spanking,
we had sex at least once a month, I initiated every time I wanted

After spanking,
we make love two to three times a week at least. We are after each other so much it is hard to tell who is initiating

Before spanking,
we talked about the kids

After spanking,
we talk about spanking, spanking toys, the kids, blogging, our blogging friends, orgasms, squirting, what’s for supper, each other, Fantasy Friday, work, possible road trips, writing sex/spanking stories, laundry, discipline, Wankable Wednesday…

Before spanking,
emotionally I was almost completely shut down. I even hid my emotions from myself! I had Nick pretty much convinced that I wanted to be left alone and since he didn’t know what
else to do he left me alone.

After spanking,
okay this is still the hardest but I am working on it. Nick can often tell now when I am upset even if I try to hide it. He talks to me or emails me. When I do sometimes cry (and I still hate to) he just holds me.

Before spanking,
I was at my heaviest weight ever. I didn’t really care.

After spanking,
I have lost 14.5 pounds since I got him to promise to spank my butt hard if I didn’t make goal each week! I go to the gym at least twice a week (should be more) I have had a couple of spankings for gaining. But some really great ones for losing! Nick is pushing a healthier diet. I am dragging my feet on that one but its nice to have him involved. He tells me he wants me around for a long time

I cannot think of one single thing in my life that has not improved by telling Nick that I wanted him to spank me. Blogging ranks right up there with spanking in improving my life but one would never have happened without the other. I am 49 years old and have never been more excited about my future. We are still exploring and I don’t think we will stop anytime soon. New ideas are on the horizon, we are willing to try anything together (that’s only together, just the two of us; we don’t plan to change that!). The farther we go into this new lifestyle the more appropriate I feel that I chose the correct name for the blog. I feel like we have a New Beginning every day!

Today's Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday!! Lets see how many of us have the same things so differently!

Talk – Okay, maybe type. Either way it’s what we do out here.

Tattoo – In honor of Cassie!

Teachers – I am surrounded by them. At school, here (I have learned so much from all of you that you are all included), at church – we have over 20 current or retired teachers in a small church. I like teachers, they are good people.

Temper – I need one. Does anyone have some I could borrow?

Theater – My son plans to spend his life in one and if he does I imagine I will spend a great deal of my time there too.

Thwack – Isn’t that a lovely sound?

Tiggr – What a wild bouncy pussy! Blogland would be not be as exciting without her.

Touch – Now this one is interesting. After going for 20 years basically avoiding touch it is now the thing I crave more than anything else. It might be a quick hug in the kitchen, cuddling in bed or when he puts his arm around me at church. I love it!!!

Trombone – My twin plays the trombone. I think that is so cool! I have difficulty playing a radio!

Tolerance – I cannot understand has anyone has time in their life to give someone else a hard time about their race, religion, sexual orientation, foot fetish or love of spanking. Differences are what makes the world so interesting!!

Tonight – That word holds such promise!

Teenager – I am not saying I won’t be glad when the ‘dealing with teenagers’ period of my life is over but I am not sorry to experience it with each one of my kids.

Nick is really a T and I love his name and I love him!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Some Hair Color Meme

Alright Theresa, I like your meme - here goes!

What bad thing happened to you this week? A ton of extra stupid paper work was dumped on me on Thursday that had to be done by Monday. It took hours!! I had to stop teaching, get the kid a sub (babysitter) so I could write 38 plans telling how I was going to teach. Why couldn't I just teach!!!!

What good thing happened to you this week? Got Nick a lap top. Mollie swears that we are sitting in the living room IMing each other. Well, almost!

What did you have for breakfast? One bite of a banana. I had to come here and check on everyone and didn't have time to eat anything else.

What is your favorite color? Blue or Purple

What is your favorite fast food chain? McDonalds, I have already supersized myself!!

How much did your last fill up cost you? $42.00 all I can think if WTF!

Do you have a job? I do at the moment, but if they keep pissing me off like they have lately you better ask again tomorrow. It's not the kid, it's the stupid government regulations.

If you had one wish in the whole world excluding winning the lottery what would it be? Well if I had 2 I would use one to find out why Theresa wants me to listen to Nick so much. But if I only had one it would be that all the pretty leaves stay on the trees or at least fall in a nice pile by the road so they could be suck up.

What time do you get up in the morning? Between 5:30 and 6:00. I used to get up every morning and read the paper. Now I get up to check on everyone!

What are your pet’s names? Lincoln, Abbie, and Xander.

Do they have nick names? Not really, but the dog think his name is "You are not coming in here with those muddy feet!" Abbie thinks her name is either "Get off my arm while I am trying to type!" or "Stop scratching the couch" or "Get down before you knock everything off!" Xander thinks his name is "Sweet kitty, you are so good. Come lay with me!" We don't show favoritism in this house.

How many times a week do you screw up word verification? Take a wild guess, I took it off my blog. Trust me I had nothing to do with them. It's definitely Eva's doing!

What is your favorite spanking position? I don't know, that cold washing machine has a certain appeal. But if I can't have that probably on the bed OTK or over pillows.

What is your favorite spanking implement? So hard to chose!! Defiantly something leather. I guess the leather paddle or his belt.

What is your favorite food? Anything that I don't have to cook and any and all junk food.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke products. Diet Cherry Coke at the moment.

What is the best thing about blogging? The people, the people, the people!!! The feeling of acceptance, the feeling that I am understood, the feeling that I have resources. I have girl friend that I can talk to every day. And the best of all through all this I found my way to Nick and I love him more than I ever have.

What color are your toenails? The same color they were when I was born. When I put on nail polish I feel like I can't breath.

What is your favorite cocktail? Not a clue, I don't drink. I used to like Kalua and Cream, but it just put me to sleep.

What is the worse part of your job? Anything that takes me away from actually teaching.

Have you implemented any new words into your vocabulary lately? Nick is always asking if I have checked on my peeps or what my peeps are up to.

Friday, November 03, 2006

It's the weekend!!

I really love the delurking day and having everyone stop by! Please come back often and leave a comment any time you would like.

I have had a very nice Friday. Well not at school, school is very annoying these days. But once home things began looking up. Mollie had been invited to a party and after making sure the parents were going to be there, off she went. Nick had commandeered the computer when I got back (he was commenting, I later found out) so I took a quick nap (quick nap, Eva!). When I woke up he asked if I had any plans to go to the gym tomorrow – Saturday??? I told him I didn’t feel very motivated to exercise these days. That was either the right or wrong thing to say because a short time later I had motivation to burn. Yes there was definitely burn! I think I’m probably going to the gym tomorrow. Tread mill maybe, not the bikes.

Anyway I was really motivated to write today by something I learned about Eva when she did her 100 question meme. Now I have always thought of myself as a big chicken about most things but on one point I really have her beat!

Several years ago the kids and I were off to a friend’s house to feed the cats. When we were close to the house I kept noticing something off to my left. There didn’t seem to anything along the side of the road so I finally turned for a good look. Coming out of the seat belt well was a snake. When I turned to look it’s head was about 2 inches from my face.

Since the kids were with me I decided against wrecking the car. No one had seen it but me so I told Mollie to move to the passenger side of the car. We were only houses away from our destination. As I pulled in I told my both kids to get out quickly and leave the passenger door open for me. I slammed on the breaks and we boiled out of the car. I quickly called Nick and a friend from the neighborhood.

Nick soon arrived with work gloves and a hook. Although he could see it down in the car door he couldn’t get it out. Our friend may have had the best idea – he told us to slap a ‘for sale’ sign on the car and never get in it again! The biggest problem was getting the car home. Nick offered to drive it but I said I would if my son sat in the back seat to tell me if it started to come out again.

We had only gone a short distance when I hear a soft “mom it’s coming out again…” I had had him put on the gloves – in case. So I asked him if it was out far enough for him to grab it and his quick answer was “Oh no!” I’m driving from nearly the middle of the car when he tells me it’s out about 6 inches I pulled into a parking lot and told him to give me the gloves! I put them on and made a grab for the snake, I missed but he went back down. I was near home so I took off. At the house I threw it into park and turned to look at my uninvited passenger. One more quick grab and I was able to get the snake just behind the head. I had it but it took Nick and me both the pull the nearly 4 foot black snake from the seat belt well. Nick released it in the woods and we were about to keep the car after all.

I suppose the basic idea behind all this is while Eva had me beat on math problems, squirting and visits to sex shops, I have her beat in snake handling. Boy, I bet she’s jealous now!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Talk to me!

This is for my quiet readers, those that never leave comments. Yes we are all talking to you today for a very special purpose. We want to meet you. Remember total anonymity!!

Let me introduce myself. Like most of us here I am in my forty’s and boy did I have to type fast to make that true! I’m a school teacher. I have a son in college and a daughter in the 8th grade. We go to church each Sunday and I take my turn teaching Sunday school and keeping the nursery.

I tell you this because when I started reading out here I assumed that anyone writing a spanko/sex blog had to be a bit strange, maybe a little perverted, a person who might have a few stories I would like to read but never someone I would want to talk with. I just hope you will realize that we really are just normal people. We are fascinated by the idea of spanking. We have been since we were little kids and if you are here you understand what I am talking about.

When I was where you are now I was truly scared to comment I felt too exposed. This was a medium that I had always been warned about. You don't talk to people on the internet!! During all my early reading days I never planned to comment, but finally I just could not help myself. I had to jump into the conversation. That was one of the best moves I ever made!

I have made wonderful friends here. No I do not know where they live and I will probability never see them. But they are good friends. Blogging is a good thing in my life. I would love for you to say hi! If you are still not comfortable then wait until you are and say hi then. Although it is anonymous please use a name, any name you want to make up, just so we will know it’s the same person.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006


You Are Lightning
Beautiful yet dangerous People will stop and watch you when you appear Even though you're capable of random violence
You are best known for: your power
Your dominant state: performing

I don't suppose that it comes as a surprise to any of you that I came up as lightening too. Just like Lily and Eva. I don't think that the people who know me in real life would agree with any of this. If I didn't know myself real well I wouldn't agree with any of it either.
After my rant yesterday I am wondering if there is a problem occurring in society that could be prevented in part if more information about our chosen lifestyle were available. We all know women who seem to seek out abusers. Several people that write here have said that they have been in abusive relationships in the past. Could it be that some women are seeking what we have here without actually understand what it is that they are really looking for. I really don't know but I could sure see it happening. I know that I was fascinated by the bad boys in high school and early 20s. I didn't ever have the courage to date one. Maybe I was just too scared, maybe I was too smart -- but I was still fascinated. I am so grateful God led me to Nick. If I had actually gone after one of those bad boys I could have ended up an abused wife instead of a loved, cherished, protected and happily spanked wife.
This is only a test to seen if I know what I am doing. Can I link to Eva's site?