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Friday, October 31, 2008

Fantasy Friday -Special Delivery, part two

And once again we are back to Friday! Today is a special day we get part two of the great story we started early this month. Go back here to read the first part and to read a bit about the wonderful author. Please enjoy your story and your weekend!

Chapter 2

Ray caught a cab back to his office and hurried home, hoping for the best. His sisters were not above taking advantage of his absence. To his great surprise the house was dark and quiet, the kitchen clean and tidy. The only thing worse than chaos was excess neatness, it meant one or both of them was in trouble and trying to soften him up by being extra good.

What a day, he paused in the kitchen, wishing he could relax with a quiet beer. No, better to find out what they were up to, and then really relax. He walked upstairs, hoping to find them in bed, asleep. Both of their doors were closed, lights off, so far so good.

Ray knew it was too good to be true. On his pillow rested a letter from school. So much for a quiet evening. It seems Miss Donna was suspended for three days for smoking on school property. Apparently this was not the first offense. His signature was accepted on the last letter, this time he had to talk to the principal in person. No problem there, Ray never saw the first letter and would be happy to discuss it with Donna and the principal.

Ray knocked on Donna’s door, and then went in. She lay still, appearing sound asleep, but Ray was wise to her tricks.

“Stop pretending, Donna. I know you aren’t asleep. We need to talk about this now.”

Donna rolled over just as he turned on the light. Her tousled hair and sleepy face made her look much younger than almost eighteen.

“Tell me your side of this, but, don’t lie to me or it will just be worse.”

Ray sat on the side of her bed and waited.

“I was with some friends during study hall and we went outside to get something out of Becky’s car. Some of them were smoking and we didn’t see the principal coming. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Donna peeked up at her brother through a veil of lashes trying to gauge his reaction to her story so far.

“What about the other letter, the one I signed and returned to school the last time you were in trouble?”

Donna groaned, if he knew about that there was no hope, she was dead.

“Were you smoking?”

“I was just, well, you see, um, well.” Donna was desperate to find an answer that didn’t involve actual lies.

“Oh, I see. I see a little girl who is in very big trouble, and is making it all worse. You are suspended from school for three days, you do NOT want to lie to me on top of that.”

“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Ray, it won’t ever happen again, I promise.”

“You got away with this once and didn’t learn anything. I intend to see to it that you don’t forget this time. Go get the paddle.”

“Ray, you can’t paddle me, I’m eighteen, and I’m much too big for you to spank.”

“One, two, three,”

She was off of the bed and racing to do as he had asked before he stopped counting. It had been awhile since he had punished either of them, but not so long that she didn’t remember that this was a bad time to make him angry. She raced to the kitchen and was already in tears by the time she returned. Without a word, Ray motioned her over the end of the bed, lifted her t-shirt and started walloping. Her thin panties offered no protection against the rapid fall of the paddle, in just a few strokes she was sobbing and promising to be good. By the time he was finished she hung limply over the footboard. He pulled her up, gave her a hug and tucked her into bed, with a promise that the discussion would continue in the morning.

Ray fell into bed wondering where in the world he would find the energy to run a business, supervise his sisters, and start a relationship.

Breakfast at the Bishop house was unusually quiet. Donna came down in her favorite jeans, while Debbie was dressed in her school uniform. Ray watched them both, as they tried to judge his mood. No one but Ray could tell them apart, outwardly identical twins, inside they were as different as night and day. Donna outgoing, popular and always in trouble. Debbie quiet, studious, usually lost in a book.

“I spoke to the principal this morning. It seems there have been several notices sent home for my signature that I never saw. I want to make it clear that this will not happen again. I gave instructions that I am to be called if there is a problem. Debbie, you go on to school, and try to learn from your sister’s mistakes.”

Debbie quietly gathered her books and left for the bus stop, glad it wasn’t her that made Ray so sad.

Donna sat in her chair waiting for the lecture she knew was coming. If she could just get through this part she would have the house all to herself for three whole days.

“Donna, I am so disappointed in your behavior. You know how I feel about smoking, and there is nothing I hate more than lying. You have broken every rule we have this time, and the principal tells me that you have been in trouble at school. In fact, he was concerned because he had sent a request for a conference, but I was too busy to go.”

Ray watched Donna sinking into her seat, she was obviously hoping he wouldn’t find out about the rest.

“I think that this is a bigger problem than just smoking. You have been lying to your teachers, signing my name to school letters, turning in late assignments and running around with a wild crowd.”

Ray paused to take a drink of coffee, sighed, then continued.

“While you are suspended your sister will be bringing your schoolwork home so you don’t fall behind. Also, there will be some extra credit work in the classes you have been falling behind in. Since I cannot trust you to do what you are supposed to you will be going to work with me while you are suspended. To help you remember just how much trouble you are in we will start each morning off with the paddle.”

Ray was surprised at her reaction, without a word she nodded and went up to her room. He knew if she was giving in this easily there must be more that he didn’t know, yet.
Ray went upstairs, determined to make her understand.

Donna was draped over the foot of her bed, paddle next to her, the very picture of a contrite little girl awaiting punishment.

“Donna, take your jeans down.”

“No, you can’t spank me on the bare bottom. That’s illegal, it’s disgusting, it’s...”

“Donna, you do it, or I will.”

Hands shaking Donna slowly unzipped her jeans and let them fall to her knees. Instead of panties, she was wearing her bathing suit under her clothes.

“Just where were you planning to go today?”

“Nowhere, I just wanted to sit outside, work on my tan, you know.”

The answer was quick but she couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

Ray leaned her over the foot of the bed and started paddling. When he was sure he had her full attention he asked,

“Where were you planning to go today, Donna?”

“Nowhere, honest, Ray.”

“I’m going to keep spanking until you decide to tell the truth, young lady.”

Even the thickness of her bikini couldn’t protect her from the burning of the paddle as Ray spanked long and hard, when the paddle connected with the uncovered skin at the top of her thighs, she broke down and told him the truth.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lie, I was just scared. We were going to go to Becky’s house, they have a pool and she’s suspended, too. Please stop, I can’t take anymore.”

"Why do you lie to me when you know it only makes things worse."

Ray gathered Donna's suit in the middle, exposing both bright red cheeks, and laid the paddle on fast and furious. Covering every inch of skin, almost to her knees, she was blubbering like a baby when he finally threw the paddle onto the bed and let her up.

"Lose the bathing suit, you won't be needing it. I'm leaving in 5 minutes, be ready."

Two hours later, a still pouting sister in the front seat, Ray finally got to the stop he had been waiting for. Jane looked up and smiled when he walked in.

"Good morning, beautiful. Got any packages for me?"

Ray sauntered around the desk and gathered her into his arms for a thorough kiss, leaving her breathless.

"I didn't think you'd come back, I mean, well after yesterday…" Jane tried to cover how flustered she felt at his touch.

"Darling, you are going to have to work real hard to get rid of me. You are the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time, and I can't wait to get you alone for some more of that fine loving we had last night."

Jane blushed at his frank approach.

"Does that mean we're having dinner tonight as planned?"

"Well, yes and no. Yes we are having dinner tonight. No, not exactly what I had planned. I've run into a little domestic problem with one of my sisters and I can't leave them alone again tonight. How would you feel about having dinner with us and then I'll drive you home to make sure you get in safe?"

"If you're having a problem at home maybe this isn't the best time for me to intrude. I was looking forward to seeing you, but, we could postpone it until you work out your problem."

Ray could see Jane was as disappointed as he was over the loss of their romantic evening.

"If we wait until I don't have a problem at home we'll die of old age. I'll pick you up after work, say about 6:00, don't change your clothes, I'll be spending the rest of my day thinking about sliding my hand under that skirt."

Ray kissed her before she could answer, grabbed the packages on the counter and ran out. She couldn't help but wonder if he pulled out so fast because he didn't want her to have a chance to say no.

By closing time Jane was a bundle of nerves. This was her first real date in a very long time. Even though they had slept together, and she still wasn't quite sure how that had happened, she didn't know Ray well enough to be comfortable meeting his family.

Ray walked through the door promptly at 6PM, still in uniform and looking tired.

"I dropped my sister off at home so they could get dinner started. Besides, I wanted a chance to explain before you meet them."

Jane couldn't help being impressed with the story of Ray raising his twin sisters after their parent's death. Although only nineteen at the time, he never considered the twins a burden, or at least not often. Hearing him tell of his struggle to raise them while supporting the family and growing up himself showed her a side of him she didn't expect. It also gave them something in common, although she was much older when her father died.

The ranch-style house sat back from the street and was obviously well tended. Flowers bloomed in beds along the walk and around the door in a riot of colors.

"This is lovely, I have always wanted a flower garden, but we lived in town."

"I'm glad you like it. Tending the flowers is relaxing and it helps keep my mother's spirit about the place. I don't have her green thumb, but I do okay with the easy ones."

They entered through a neat foyer and Ray headed back to the kitchen. When Jane lagged behind he grabbed her hand and hauled her along. The kitchen was large and sunny with an old, farm-style table at its center. Two girls spun around. He had said twins, but that didn't prepare her for the how lovely they were. Both petite, with long dark hair and the same dark blue eyes framed with long, dark lashes. They were definitely Ray's sisters, although the mouth they all shared was less pouting and more plain stubborn on his chiseled face. Ray introduced Jane to the girls, poured her a glass of wine and left for a quick shower.

The minute Ray left the room there was a subtle shift in the atmosphere. Debbie went about her dinner preparations quietly, but, Donna turned to Jane with a speculative look.

"So, how long have you been sleeping with my brother?" She demanded in a snotty tone.

Jane was so shocked by the rudeness, she didn't offer an answer, much less the truth. Trying to ride out what was surely a case of overprotective, little sister worries she ignored the question and asked several of her own about their school and hobbies. Each time getting an answer from Debbie, and a deepening frown from Donna. Jane began to realize that they were identical in looks, but their natures were as different as night and day. She doubted she would ever have any difficulty telling them apart, at least not in person.

"Why don't you just skip that whole getting to know us routine? We know you're just after our brother's money and you might fool him with that innocent look but you don't fool me. In fact, oomf!"

Donna's tirade was interrupted by a large hand hauling her out of the kitchen by the back of her pants.

"Go upstairs and wait for me. Do not make me ask you twice."

"Jane, I apologize for my sister's poor manners, in a few minutes she will, too. Please excuse us while we work this out."

Jane glanced at Debbie for some clue as to why Donna seemed so determined to dislike her. Before she could figure the best way to ask a familiar noise drifted into the kitchen. The sound of a paddle, followed closely by wailing and promises to be good.

Ray sat down to dinner as if nothing had happened, saying only that Donna would be down later. Jane tried to make light conversation but the tension made it difficult. She had no experience with family dynamics. Ray could sense her discomfort and suggested they go back to her place for a nightcap. He didn't want to scare her off with too much family interaction. Donna came down just as they were leaving, the very model of a subdued and contrite girl, apologized prettily, then stuck her tongue out at Jane behind Ray's back.

"You're awful quiet. Is this the part where you tell me we can be friends, but you don't feel 'that way' about me?"

"Oh, but I do!" Jane blushed, and stammered, "I mean, well, I just…"

Ray laughed. "Well the feeling is definitely mutual. In fact, I have been thinking about getting you in 'that way' all day."


I am loving this story and we still have more to come. So keep checking back for the rest. I am afraid Anon is carrying us folks. Other than the rest of her wonderful story the Fantasy Friday I have no more stories. Well I have one in my head but until I get it written it doesn't count! I realize FF won't go on forever but I will post a story any time I have one. If anyone is willing to write one I would love to share it with everyone. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'll jump on the bandwagon.

The Rules-
* Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
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1. When I went to college at 18 I lived in an apartment with 3 other girls and 19 animals.

2. One of my favorite childhood memories is my dad taking us up to his appliance store on Sunday nights to see ‘The Wonderful World of Disney’ on a colored TV. We couldn’t afford one but he had one on the showroom floor. I thought it was pure magic!

3. One of my toe nails is deformed.

4. I once wrote a letter to Richard Nixon to let him know I admired him. This was pre-Watergate. Watergate pretty much killed my admiration for politicians.

5. The first time I met Nick I was on a date with another guy. The second time he was on a date with another women.

6. Long ago I used to want to get a job driving a forklift so I could do my job and never have to talk to anyone. How I got from there to being teacher I will never know.

7. Lately I have been wishing I had a job driving a forklift.

Cassie and Tracy than you for the tag. I guess most everyone has been tagged. But I would still like to know what Eva and Grace would say.

Just a reminder that I will put up the second part of Special Delivery, the wonderful Fantasy Friday story that we began early this month. Click on the title to remind yourself and come back Friday for the next part.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My girl

I have to say that my Sunday was a lot better than my Saturday. We got the car yesterday and left it over at my parent’s house overnight. Nick and I got up early and went to get it while Mollie was still sleeping. When we came out to go to church she saw it for the first time. After what happened yesterday I can say she was not expecting to get a car this morning! She was nearly speechless – for Mollie an extremely rare occurrence!! She knows it is not her car, but she can use it when we say she can. I just pray her fender bender makes her more careful and more aware of what can happen. Any of you who would like to join us in that prayer are certainly welcomed.

But there were more surprises in the day. Sunday was women’s Sunday at our church. On this day one woman from the church is chosen to be honored for her service to the church during the past year. This year they chose MOLLIE!! They have never honored a teenager before. I was so proud. Mollie on the other hand was in sheer terror when they called her name, she does not like to be the center of attention! I had only found out minutes before and I hadn’t given her any warning.

Now what, might you ask, does a 16 year old do in church to receive such an honor? There are three things Mollie does. First she began as an acolyte in the church 8 years ago. Nearly half the children that are scheduled to do this don’t show up so Mollie is the official stand in. She always checks to make sure someone is there and does it if they haven’t shown up. She also helps to train the younger ones. The second job she has taken on is being the constant in the nursery. She was asked to be the assistant teacher in the pre-school class several years ago. All the little one know here and feel comfortable as long as she is there. Her third task is one she began shortly after her first birthday. We would go by my parents Sunday school class and Mollie had to toddle in to hug her grandparents. Several others in the class would ask for hugs so Mollie began making the round of everyone in there. Although my parents have passed away Mollie still goes by the class each Sunday morning to give everyone a hug. Many of them have told me it is the only hug they get all week and they really look forward to it.

Back to church, as I said, Mollie had no warning. When they called her name she turned to me with a mixture of terror and fury that I hadn’t warned her. But she went to the front and accepted the pin with good grace. When she sat back down she turned to me and said “Why didn’t you warn me?! My feet were sweating and I was squelching in my shoes! Mom, that scared me so bad my boobs are itching!” Well I hadn’t heard that one before and I spent the rest of the serviced trying not to laugh out loud every time Mollie looked over and grinned at me. It was a good day and if I haven’t said it before – Mollie is a very special girl.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

You won't believe this.

What a day. All in all my Saturday had its ups and downs. It started off great. Nick and I got to sleep late and slowly woke up to some good lovin’! Then after breakfast I played on the computer for awhile and then strangely Mollie got up about 9:30. She had gotten a call to baby sit and although she didn’t really want to get up she decide to take the job and off she went.

Nick and I also had plans for the day. We were planning to go car shopping to see what we could find as a third car for Mollie’s use (not her car you notice, but a third family car that she can use when we say so). But you know what can really spoil a car buying mood – a call from your 16-year-old, the one who has had her license for 8 days, calling to tell you she back into a car in the driveway where she was babysitting.


She called on her dad’s phone but asked to speak to me. Why do my kids always leave it to me to break the bad news to their dad? Don’t bother answering, I already know, it’s because I am the mom. We went over to pick her up because she was upset. Although the other car was only slightly damaged, you really couldn’t tell if you weren’t really looking for it, it was slightly dented. It was a little Honda with a plastic bumper, not metal, so since it can’t be beaten out. The bumper will have to be replaced if that is what the girl wants. And small or not that will run into money. The girl was way more upset for Mollie that she was worried about her car. Everyone was really sweet to her but Mollie was just devastated.

Nick as you can imagine was not thrilled. But he handled it as well as a father could I suppose. He vented to me but did not rant to Mollie. Really she felt so bad there was nothing to say. Fussing could not have made her feel any worse and it wouldn’t have undone what happened so what could I do except tell her I loved her and it would be okay. When she got home from another babysitting job Saturday night Nick asked her what happened and we all talked about it some more. Bless her heart I know I should be upset with her but when I see her so sorry about what happened all I can think of is how to make her feel better.

Anyway Nick and I decided that we were not going to change our minds about the car because of one moment of inattentiveness and we went back out looking. We ended up getting a car. Sigh… I hope we made the right decision. We will let her know about the car Sunday morning.

So that was my Saturday. How was yours?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fantasy Friday - If it's Friday, we must be home

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad that the weekend has rolled around again. And I have another wonderful Fantasy Friday for you. I am always amazed and appreciative of the amount of writing talent so many of you are willing to share. I still need more, by the way. I just know that there are lurkers out there that really want to try writing a story and I really wish you would give it a try. Come on take the leap! Send you story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Today’s story is really fantastic and I have no doubt that you will agree with me on this. So here we go, the weekend has arrived and you have a great story to read, enjoy…

If It’s Friday, We Must Be Home

She pushed through the revolving doors into the lower lobby of the hotel. Her luggage, preceding her with the bellman, would be held at his station until requested. Probably delivered to their room deep into the night; He would call when He was ready for it to be delivered.

A brief stop at the desk and her key was in her hand. He had checked in earlier, leaving the key at the desk for her. Ensuring that she would not have to tarry with the clerks, they never asked for her id, never required a signature; He addressed all of those items before her arrival.

Stepping from the elevator she knew their room would be at the end of the hall, it always was; higher floor, end of the hall, few if any guests in their wing. Always the executive floor, always the one-bedroom suite; He was nothing if not consistent.

She entered the room quietly, dusk was falling across the city and the open drapes revealed the slate sky, twinkling office towers all around. He had lit candles, a gift to her, she loved candles. He would probably leave the drapes open as they were high enough in the sky to ensure privacy while the candles offered all the light they would need.

She could see Him clearly, sitting on the sofa, scotch in one hand, flowers resting on the seat next to Him, hot house exotics, this was a special day indeed. His tie was loosened, one button open, his only concession to comfort. He was still attired in his steel grey suit, fresh from His travels – well, as fresh as one can be after days of meetings and flying half way across the country. His eyes rested on her.

“Undress, shower, return to me”

Simple, direct, she knew He was tired – He would not waste energy on specious conversation this evening. No, He would expect His directives followed completely and quickly or there would be hell to pay. And why pay hell when He obviously would be treating her like a queen this weekend. She exited the room; quickly disrobing she did not worry about her missing toiletries in her bags downstairs. He liked the fancy soaps and lotions provided by this hotel. He would be pleased with the feel of her skin, the light scent that would drift from her. She did not need clothes – not until He decided and He would make sure they were available.

Returning to the room, warm, moist skin, softened by the water and body oil she knelt before Him, resting her head on His inner thigh awaiting His next request. Her impatient spirit wanted to complain as they stayed in that position for seemingly long minutes, but her submissive heart knew –He would not have them there longer than they needed to be and that soon she would wish she were back at His knees. He smoothed back her hair, running His fingers through the silkiness, she loved this quiet time with Him; just existing at His feet.

“Go to the wall at the foot of the bed, face it and present your self, wait for me”

And so it begins, silently she slid back standing, crossing the room. Folding her arms on the wall in front of her, she rested her forehead against her arms. Stepping back from the wall, close to two feet, she spread her legs hip width. Lowering her arms for the proper arch to her back, elevating her cheeks to Him; for His viewing pleasure, her smooth, roundness settled at the top of her thighs. Full, soft, pliable – regular work outs kept her pleasantly firm for His touch.
Listening closely, she knew He was still on the sofa watching her but soon, He would be there. For a brief moment, she worried about Him. Her trip had only been three days and now she was home. For Him, this was day nine of a cross-country blitz. He had not spent two nights in the same city and had made major presentations over and over again. Mentally, He should be toast. Yet here they were – a downtown suite preparing for a few days of play, a surprise gift for a job well down. She closed her deal, signed contracts rested in her brief case. She was a star and they were celebrating, so sweet – thoughtful.

He was moving now, she could hear Him and she smiled – all the energy He’d lost would come roaring back as He began attending to her. Second wind? This was no second wind, this was pure energy as if He’d never known fatigue in His life. Spanking her, paddling her, whipping her again and again with His strap; what should have been exhausting, invigorated Him. He drew power from His efforts, not lost it.


Ummph! Sheesh, she wasn’t expecting it, His first strike. Slap! Slap! Slap! She’d gotten lost in her thoughts and lost track of Him. Whamp! No warm up, His hand was heavy against her, smoothing over the peaks of her arched backside, filling the palm of his hand with her flesh. Caressing, kneading, rubbing – He had missed her, the feel of her skin in his hands. Staccato slaps filled the room, sending fire bursting across her flesh. Wham! She craved Him, just like this, all over her body, starting the music that would play all night.

The thudding impact of his attention coursed through her! Over and over her being absorbed the pounding heat, spreading it throughout her body. Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh! Braced against the wall, she felt liquid warmth pooling in her folds, passion throbbing, pulsing driving her to ecstasy. Yes! “More baby, give me more!” she begged inside. Arching higher and higher into His palms – she urged Him on.

Slap! Arrrrgh! Slap! Slap! slow rubbing again, and then Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Gripping her soft tissue tightly he moved from cheek to cheek, squeezing and caressing her flesh, no, His flesh, while intermittently spanking her over and over.

Slap! Slap! Slap! His fingers grazed against her exposed valley; glistening in anticipation, she was embarrassed at the lustful display of her body. He smiled, knowing she ached for him. He’d been gone too long, denied her presence, her joy, her body. Now His passion flowed into her, stroking the arching flames of coursing between them. She craved the feel of His hands, the taste of His skin, the pounding of His cock and her body cried for Him. Wept it’s joy into his hand. Moving from peak to peak – patting, slapping, rubbing, He whisked past her pleading lips over and over, teasing her soaking opening, flicking at her, driving her to the cliffs—but not allowing her the soaring freedom she sought.

She was panting, arching her back up to meet His hands. Slap! Slap! Slap! Aaaahhhhh! Ummph! Ummph! Ummph! Slap! Slap! Slap! She struggled to swallow her cries, compressing her energies inside. The strikes were so hard, forceful – Just his Hand! Her flesh was throbbing, surely colored the red of passion, but she dare not reach back to touch. A definite no-no, she would quickly change His mood by breaking the rules.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Ahhhhh,,, mmpphhh, panting, breathe through the strikes, no yelling, no begging not yet anyway. Their ways, their loving ways, she elevated her mounds where He could caress and enjoy them. One sure way to ensure a spanking extended, drop her back and move from position, unacceptable. But she wasn’t being punished, that would come later, another time, another place. They had been apart for so long – this was her gift, to Him, to her; a reconnection. She would be punished, dealt with later; a few sharp words, some problems over the last few weeks that required resolution. So soon actually, but not right now – not like this. Returning from her travels this was her zone of comfort, under His hand, her refuge; she craved it.

He was there, finally, His body pressed against her. His shoulder on the wall, face on her elbow, His oversized hands continued to slap and caress her heated flesh. He’d removed his jacket, His oxford, t-shirt. She could feel desire rising off His body as He leaned into her, inviting her mouth to His and slapping her curves ever more forcefully. She felt His heart, heard His breath – pressing into her. Her longing robbed her of all thought; there was only Him, His being, His heat, His rhythm.

Slap! Slap! Slap! His eyes were alive, sparkling, fatigue gone. His muscular frame rippled with promise for the evening. She would have giggled with glee, except His hand was keeping a punishing tattoo on her raised bottom. Despite her best efforts she started to move, twist and turn under the punishing rhythm.

Wham! The force of the last blow knocked her out of position, swinging her hips toward the wall. Her eyes flickered from the pain and soft mewling noises, slipped from her lips. Slipping His arms around her hips He pulled her into His body.

“My girl is out of practice” he murmured.

Her eyes filling with tears, she sagged into Him. Hating to disappoint Him, she wanted Him to continue, to rebuild His strength and replenish their empty cups. She wasn’t ready for him to stop. Not yet, not now.


“No?” He looked down at her, startled by her response. No was not a word she was allowed to use with Him often. Only under the most dire circumstances and after much consideration could she say, ‘no’.

“I am sorry my Love, I meant don’t stop, don’t stop, please Darling, don’t stop”

“Did I ask you, ma petit” His breath drifted softly across her cheeks, deceptively so, she could felt the change in his demeanor. Her welcome home was just beginning – the dance of their reconnection would increase in intensity soon.

His hand drifted down her arm to clutch her hand, caressing her smooth, warm skin, goosebumps and tingles trailing in His wake, the throbbing ache in her core spreading throughout her being and she was dizzy from passion and longing. His strong arms encircled her as they embraced, gliding, dancing to the music of their hearts, the distant cacophony of the city beyond the room was a low undercurrent to the passion within. Pressed to His body, she absorbed His essence, her lips resting near the pulse in His throat, her hands smoothing across the muscles of His back. Their slow waltz carrying them through the suite, swaying in the twilight; moving against each other, their spirits entwined as one.

Arriving at the edge of the bed, He held her, breathing into her mouth, their world still. She felt his tongue caress the inside of her mouth. Suckling Him, now drawing him deeper and deeper still, into her mouth. His embrace softened and she drew away, feeling the caress of His gaze, she turned from Him; lowering herself across the bed, reaching across the down-filled comforter, securing herself in it’s plush folds.

Suppressing her swirling emotions, she willed her body to motionlessness. Her flesh now completely exposed to His eyes, His hands splayed across her supple dampness. Before the evening passed He would replenish His thirst at her core, swallowing the cream that would flow from her heated flesh. In the twilight she was His beautiful supplicant yet He worshipped her beauty. Reaching up, He grabbed her hair, turning her face to His, marveling at her flushed cheeks and welling eyes. Kissing the tears from her cheeks, He lowered the face of His beloved and stood to finish.

She almost missed the whisper of its release, His belt slipping from the constraints of His loops. Sobs, flowing from her chest, muffled the sound of His actions but she knew His next steps, having witnessed them a thousand times. He’d folded this tool of correction and caress in half, wrapping the buckle into His palm, settling the length perfectly for their continued dance.
Whamp! Whamp! Whamp! He starts slowly, almost softly, the stingy flashes of the strap racing through her loins. Flexing, her hands stretch out, gripping the bed as she writhes under His increasing tempo. She could ask for binding, He would gladly oblige, but she wanted to do this, to give Him her stillness, serve Him with quietness and submit from her heart.

Swap! Swap! Swap! He deepened his strokes, harder, harder still, lightening tore across her cheeks, stoking the burgeoning heat only He could extinguish. Spanking now with focused intensity and covering her cheeks with stingy sparkles; He nursed her sweet spots sending diamond bursts of heat spraying through her being.

Her body rocks under his efforts, feet dancing with fervor as His hand presses her down, steadying her flagging control. The swats fall in an unpredictable pattern, fifty, sixty strokes, she loses count, pressing her uncontrolled screams into the mattress.

Whamp! Whamp! Whamp! His arm deepens into this thrashing her flesh. Quaking and jiggling before Him, He watched His belt plunge into her mounds. Flattening them before His gaze, they ebb and flow under His continued attention. Slowly, methodically the belt works its way from the tops of her buttocks to the center of her thighs. Centered on her cleft, it captures both cheeks in its biting sting; Lowered to her thighs He wraps her limbs in the thick lick of supple leather.
Pulsating with passion, her body throbbed for relief. Whereas she had fought and thrashed on the bed seeking to escape his lashes; now she arched toward Him, presenting her cheeks for His intense ministrations, longing for his attention. Her buttocks cease clenching in protest; her bottom no longer desperate for escape instead seeking the kiss of His belt, the heated explosions of his strokes.

He watched her writhe in passion and pain. The beautiful redness full even in waning darkness; reflecting the candle flame. Their erotic desires fully unleashed; now flowed freely between them. Each now driving the other to seek the purest of sensual release; lost within the refuge of their love. His member throbbed with need as they raced towards passions pinnacle. His patience exhausted and overwhelmed with need He freed his manhood from His trousers. Springing forth from His clothing His shaft swelled in liberty. Stepping behind her, He flung His belt from His hand, freeing them to first manipulate her luscious bottom, drawing throaty moans and sighs. Heat rising from her tortured mounds seared His hands while raising her full hips she welcomed his staff. Her dripping folds kissed His rigid shaft as He sank His fullness into her enveloping warmth. Finally, He was Home.


Now that’s one hot story to start your weekend!! This wonderful story was another one by the Pretty DD Girl. Her first story was then Campaign Party and you can that story by clicking part one and part two here. DD Girl this was great and I really hope you will keep writing. Hopefully part two of this one will be coming soon. Thanks again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Think this is a possibility?

I want a week off. Not just from work – although that would be nice. But I want a week off dieting. Not just a pass, I could probably talk Nick into that. I want to skip exercising, I want to drink my favorite soft drink all day, I want to eat donuts and cupcakes and chips and deep friend foods and mashed potatoes swimming in butter and rice and gravy. During this time I want to lose at least 10 pounds. I want to curl up under a fluffy blanket and sleep the days away. Some how I don’t think my chances are real good.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

Due to a power outage, only one paramedic responded to the call.

The house was very dark so the paramedic asked Kathleen , a 3-year old girl to hold a flashlight high over her mommy so he could see while he helped deliver the baby. Very diligently, Kathleen did as she was asked.

Heidi pushed and pushed and after a little while, Connor was born.

The paramedic lifted him by his little feet and spanked him on his bottom.

Connor began to cry.

The paramedic then thanked Kathleen for her help and asked the wide-eyed 3-yr old what she thought about what she had just witnessed.

Kathleen quickly responded, 'He shouldn't have crawled in there in the first place......smack his butt again!'

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Saturday

My butt hurts!!!

Now normally if I said that I would expect my friends to smile and say ‘Well good for you’. But the thing is I haven’t been spanked in nearly a week. I have a very bad cramp in my left butt cheek and it is getting worse. It hurts to walk and to sit. I haven’t done a thing that I know of to cause it. It started late Friday night just before I went to bed and after tossing and turning for a while I managed to disturb Nick. When he asked what was wrong I told him I had a cramp in my butt and I needed him to massage it. He said “That old ploy huh? Guess where I have a cramp!” But he massage for a while. It’s been about 24 hours and it is still giving me a fit.

Mollie did it! She is a licensed driver and just about as happy a kid as you would ever want to see. Tonight she took the car and drove herself to a party at a local restaurant and then back to her friend’s house to spend the night. She will drive herself home in the morning in time for church. Life as I know it is gone. Sigh…

And you know this is a double edged sword, not only do I have to worry about her going off on her own, we also have to worry about her coming home unexpectedly! LOL! Not exactly comforting for the spanko couple with a temporarily empty nest! At least before we knew she was going to be gone until we went and got her. I think the rule is going to be ‘call when you arrive somewhere and call when you head home’. She doesn’t have to know the WHOLE reason for the rule does she?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Police Stop

It’s Friday, it’s Friday!! The weekend is here and I am thrilled! Today is special for another reason. Mollie turns 16 today! She is going to try to get her license today. As scary as that is I hope she gets it – she will be so disappointed if she doesn’t.

The next best thing is that today is Fantasy Friday! I got a great story from a first time contributor. This is a hot story and one I think should happen in real life occasionally! Please enjoy…

`So, a certain beautiful woman I know is hurtling down the interstate at 85 mph when what should appear in her rearview mirror but an unmarked state smokey sporting flashing blue and red lights. She pulls over. No big deal; she’s been through this before. As she gets out her license, registration and proof of insurance, she checks herself in the mirror and adjusts her girls just so for maximum cleavage.

He’s at the window – tall, dark and handsome. His soft brown eyes are hidden behind those mirrored sunglasses. His short sleeves can barely contain his rock hard upper arms and shoulders. The sharp military-style creases in his shirt run straight and smooth all the way to his patent leather utility belt. No beer belly here.

She smiles as she rolls down the window and leans forward a little, all the better to give him an eyeful. With a smile and a wink she’ll be on her way again with a warning. She’s done it a dozen times, maybe more. “Is there a problem, officer?” Her voice could just melt butter, couldn’t it?

“License and registration, please, ma’am.” He pegs her documents to the clipboard and asks, “Do you know how fast you were going back there?”

“I’m sorry, officer. I was just keeping up with traffic. I reeaallly didn’t notice.” She was using her combination little girl/bad girl voice, the one that always gets her another drink in the bar even after she’s made it clear that she’s not going home with whoever is making the offer tonight, and there were usually several of them. And, why not? From her own soft brown eyes to her gorgeous gams, she was in fact what God must have intended when He created woman in the first place.

Officer hunk turned toward his unmarked cruiser, the Ford Mustang with the pursuit package. “Wonder what kind of package HE has,” she asked herself under her breath. “I’ll be right back, ma’am.” He’s going to run her information through the computer. Usually, they take one look at her figure and let her go. Maybe this one is just going to be little tougher before he lets her off the hook.

He sits in the driver’s seat of the idling road rocket and punches the keys on his portable computer. In a moment, she can see a frown that crease his face. As he walks back to her window, she can see that he’s all business now. And, he ‘s starting to write on his pad – the pad of tickets.

“Ma’am, according to our records, you have received three warnings for excessive speed on this same stretch of road in just the last week. I’m afraid I’m going to have to write you a ticket.”

She swallows hard. “What’s this going to cost me, officer? I don’t make that much money.”

“With court costs, and including the surcharge for going 15 over the limit, let’s see … It’s going to cost you $750.00.”

Seven-fifty! She’ll never be able to pay that! It may as well be a million dollars! Her checking account only contains about ninety-five dollars, and there are two overdue bills sitting in her purse at this very moment demanding payment. “Officer, can you please help a sister out? I don’t have that kind of money. There’s no way I can pay a ticket that large. Can’t you do something?”

“If you can’t pay it, then you’ll have to come with me.” He isn’t smiling exactly, but he isn’t angry with her, either. “Just follow me to the post. It’s two exits down the road.”

She pulls out behind the little blue Ford in her aging SUV and wonders if she’s going to jail. Isn’t that what the old movies always said? “Thirty days or thirty dollars.” Is she going to have to do time?

The state police post is a low-slung white building with windows all across its face, just another non-descript, functional government building. She pulls into the parking space next to the pursuit car and steps out, her patent leather black pumps leading the way. As she slides out, her skirt rises in the back and reveals the tops of her off-black thigh-highs. She can see that the view isn’t lost on her captor, but her mind is no longer on trying to get away scot free. She’s anxious now about what will be waiting for her behind those doors.

He must be at least 6’4” now that they’re standing side by side. His grip on her arm is firm, but gentle as he leads her through the door into an interior that looks for all the world like the hand-me-downs from the driver’s license branch down the road. In fact, most of the furniture is exactly that. The room has at least five separate desks, but they’re all deserted. He offers her a seat next to a desk that bears a placard announcing Patrolman Rick Jefferson’s name and a miniature badge. “I want to show you something,” he begins as he lifts a manila folder from the pile at the edge of the desk. He opens the folder to a photograph of a battered Toyota with a man’s body hanging halfway out the open window. “He was going just about the same speed you were when he missed a curve. We think he may have been changing the station on his radio.” Another photo: a teen in the middle of a field, her arms and legs in an impossible posture. “She was thrown free through the passenger side window when her boyfriend went onto the shoulder and over-corrected, also speeding.” Three photos, then four: families, women, children not in car seats, little girls still clinging to their dolls, little boys with their little league uniforms covered in blood – all dead.

“You see, Ms. Jones, I’ve been collecting these photographs from every fatal accident I have been called to for the past ten years. These people are the reason I cannot just let you go with another warning. You must learn your lesson, or one of these days the face in one of the photographs is liable to be yours.”

"You’ve taught me a lesson, officer. I’ll slow down from now on. I swear I will. I guess I just wasn’t thinking…”

“I’m not just going to take your word for it.”

Uh oh, he’s going to give her the ticket anyway! “Look,” he continued, “if you really can’t afford to pay the ticket one way, then maybe you can pay another way.”

“Anything, Officer Jefferson. You want me to pick up trash along the highway, I’ll do it. You want me to go to some high school and scare some kids straight; I’ll do that, too. There’s just no way I can afford to pay a ticket like that.”

“Actually, I had something else in mind” He scooted his chair back from the desk and motioned for her to come closer. “I’ll be damned if he thinks I’m going to …” she was thinking to herself, but Officer Jefferson wasn’t unzipping his pants. Instead, he took her by the arm and with a single, smooth motion, turned her over his left thigh. Just as quickly, she could feel the sudden breeze that told her that her skirt was no longer covering much of anything at all. Before she could protest, she felt the first sharp smack of his large hand on her hindquarters.

“Hey!” she cried. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” At least, that’s what she thinks she said. He may not have heard her because his hand on her ass was making so much noise, whacking and slapping one cheek and then the other. Her soft mocha skin reddened under the assault. She was kicking her feet like mad, but his powerful left arm had her securely locked across his lap. Then, he hooked her left leg with his right. The spanking went on for thirty seconds, a minute, maybe more. The only respite was for a brief moment as he yanked her pale blue panties down to her knees. When his hand grew sore, he grabbed a ruler from the drawer and began again. Forty, fifty, sixty times the damnable thing whistled in the air and landed with a crack on her red, sore bottom. Her ass was on fire! Every inch of flesh from her upper thighs to her generous cheeks, and everywhere in between, was crying out its own kind of silent scream of heat and sting and bloody murder!

Somewhere along the line, she had stopped struggling. Her mascara was ruined. Her eyes were bloodshot with tears. She could hear herself wracked with sobs, almost as though it were another woman receiving such humiliating treatment and she were only a witness. But, it was her, and the wetness between her thighs betrayed the fact that not only was her backside being treated rudely, but she was beginning to enjoy it!

As quickly as it began, it ended. Officer Jefferson lifted her to her feet. Even with him seated, they were nearly at eye level. She wanted to bend over and hike up her panties. She was afraid that he might do it for her, but she didn’t want to move. She didn’t want to acknowledge, even to herself, what had just happened. And, she certainly didn’t want to admit to this man, or to anyone, the feelings that were coursing through her brain at the thought of lying across those muscular thighs once again.

“Ms Jones, I want you to understand what I’m telling you right now,” he began. “I’m going to be patrolling this same section of the interstate for weeks, maybe months. If I catch you speeding again, I will pull you over. And, if I pull you over, then I am going to write you a ticket. And, if you still insist that you cannot pay the ticket, then, well, now you know how you’re going to have to pay. Am I making myself clear?”

“Yes, officer.” It was all that she could think to say. She finally did get her wits about her enough to let her panties fall to her ankles. She stepped out of them and tucked them into her jacket pocket. It wasn’t like her throbbing ass needed the extra aggravation.

As she left the state police post, she wondered to herself if she could manage perhaps to keep a lookout for blue Ford Mustangs. Then she could make sure that she would be speeding at the right time. Yeah, that’s a plan!


This story was written by Nigel97, a nice guy who describes himself as a middle-aged spanko who has just found a wonderful woman in the Midwest who shares his love of spanking. I wish Nigel and his new found friend the best. I also thank him very much for sharing this story with us.

I hope other are out there trying their hand at writing. We would love to read your story! Please send all contribution to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thanks again Nigel and I hope you will write more for us.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday and a story!

As you have seen several places perhaps, today is Paul’s birthday. I don’t think any commenter out here is better known or more loved than Paul. For a man who grew up thing he had no family he certainly has one now – a large one! He has people that look to him as a father-figure, a brother, an uncle or just a wise sage. I consider him a wonderful friend who has a life full of interesting stories to share.

In honor of Paul’s birthday I am posting another chapter of Harry Potter fan fiction from Paul’s friend JFlame. Happy Birthday Paul and everyone enjoy J’s story.

Jay-Merlina brings Salazar Slytherin back to life.

Sitting in Salazar's room's, Jay & Cleo glared at the fire in the floo, someone kept trying to come through. Jay had blocked it as best as she could but whoever it was powerful and bloody persistent. She had managed to distract Professor Potter and her dad with Salazar’s diary and potions ledgers so at least she knew it wasn’t them. The only other people capable of bypass a blocked floo were Nana Min and Grandpa Albus. §§"That’s it!"§§ Jay huffed angrily as the nosy headmasters head popped into the grate briefly. Rising from her comfy seat she stomped over to the potions bench and grabbed a bottle of fresh basilisk venom and a recently shed skin. Walking back to the fireplace she reached up to a black box on the mantle grabbed it and then swore loudly. "F**k it! Grandfather, do you have to do that?" She grumbled as she shivered.

Salazar looked down at her and chuckled. He loved doing that to her. Every time he came into contact with her he felt her strong power and seemed to become more solid each time. §§"I know what you’re doing but you've got to sstop. I need to do more ressearch."§§ She hissed tiredly. The last few times he had sailed through her she had felt drained. Salazar looked at her with concern in his eyes. As much as he wanted to be corporeal he didn’t want to harm her. §§"I have to go and ssee dad and grandpa Albuss, I’ll be back later."§§ Grabbing her bag and putting the venom, skin and box inside, she wished herself to her dad’s lab He wasn’t alone.

Professor Potter, the bloody git-who-turns-up-everywhere, was actually helping Sev to brew the Lycanthrope potion. (Werewolf cure) Suppressing a smirk as Potter dropped the book he was holding and jumped in surprise at Jay’s sudden appearance, she walked over to Sev and handed him the venom and skin. Ignoring Potter completely and wrapping an arm around her dad's waist, Jay rested her tired head on his arm. Sev looked down at his slightly pale daughter and immediately shifted his attention from the potion to her.

"What's wrong?" He asked as he cupped her chin in his hand causing her to tilt her face upwards. "Have you got anymore Core Replenishment potion, dad?" Potters gaze snapped over to Jays face in concern. "You took one yesterday” came the quiet reply.” What have you been up to that’s drained your Core so soon?" Jay glared at him. §§"Mind your own bloody business murderer!"§§ She hissed.

Sev didn’t understand parseltongue but he could tell by Potters face that it wasn’t 'thanks for caring'. "English, young lady! You’re in. mixed company." He admonished. Jay sighed and explained that Salazar had passed thru her again. "I’m fine though. Just a little tired." She added quickly. Sev didn’t believe her for a second. "Don't give me that!" He snapped. "I want you to go to Poppy for a complete check up, no arguments Jay-Merlina!" Now it was Potters turn to hide a smirk.

He knew that Jay hated the hospital wing more than he did. Jay was very lucky that she wasn’t at full strength because the choice words and foot stomping would have earned her a good spanking otherwise. In truth the check up didn’t take long and Poppy was very understanding. Her magical core was low but it wasn’t at a dangerous level. After a level 3 core potion, Jay legged it. She really wanted to go back to the chamber and sleep but first she had to give the box to Grandpa.

For a few minutes she argued with the gargoyle before she lost her patience and threatened to wish him to the bottom of the black lake. Once on the stairs she cursed, the constant revolving made her feel queasy. When she did reach the office she stumbled through the door and collapsed into Dumbledore’s arms. Whether it was the fact that her core was low or that Salazar had been on the other side of the door and Jay had fallen right through him we may never know. Thankfully Albus managed to catch her before she hit the floor. Salazar, however, was a completely different matter. He hit the floor with a thud and a very modern swear word escaped from his very corporeal lips.

Quickly lowering his unconscious granddaughter to the floor, Albus grabbed a pinch of floo powder from the pot on the mantle and fire called Poppy and Sev. Both responded promptly and soon Jay was being levitated to the hospital wing. Sev’s first reaction was to cast enervate but Jay remained unconscious. All any of them could do was to make her as comfy as possible and wait for her to wake up.

In the mean time there was a long dead Hogwarts founder, no longer a ghost, to deal with. Albus called a staff meeting to discuss the new development. "Albus, how is this possible?" Professor's Longbottom and Potter screeched. Snape gave them a trademark sneer. "Yes, lets all ask the one question for which no answer can be found." His tone caused Neville to blush and Potter to wince.

"Thank you Severus, perhaps it would be prudent to ask Salazar about this?" Albus suggested knowingly. Salazar stepped forward slowly, he still had to get used to this solid thing." Surprisingly he felt quite nervous. When he had been alive he hadn’t been a particularly nice person. Very much into the pureblood scene. After death he had chosen to haunt the school but that hadn’t worked to his advantage so he confined himself to the chamber of secrets, only showing himself to a select number of people. Now his peers looked at him for answers. Some looked at him in awe, some in fear and some in anger. Sev actually looked as though he was going to hex him at the first sign of trouble. Deciding quickly that Sev was the one person that he really needed on his side he focused on him as he explained.

"I will start by apologizing. I had no way of knowing that my interaction with Jay would cause her to fall into a coma. Now that i am corporeal I will devote my time to researching Jay’s predicament and I will find a way to bring her back to you!" His words dripped with sincerity and Sev surprised everyone by walking over to his ancestor and shaking his hand warmly. Albus and the other professors followed suit, thanking Salazar and welcoming him back.

"Well I suggest that we continue this conversation when we have some more information to go on. For now I shall order some refreshments while we decide what your role within the school shall be, Salazar. Paulie!" At these words a house elf appeared and stood waiting for his orders. "We would like some tea and biscuits please Paulie." The elf nodded and as he snapped his fingers two trays laden with goodies appeared. "Will there be anything else headmaster Dumbledore sir?" He chirped. Albus nodded and gestured towards Salazar. "Paulie I believe it is time to promote you. Salazar is in need of an elf. Would you be willing to become his personal elf?" Paulie nodded again and went to Salazar. "Will you be wanting anything now master Slytherin sir?" Salazar smiled down at the little creature. "Not right now Paulie. I am honoured to have you as my elf."

Grinning widely Paulie disappeared with a small pop. Halfway through his first cup of tea in nearly 800 years, Salazar jumped to his feet, ran at the wall and with a crash he rebounded and landed on his arse with a thud. "It’s a bit hard to float through walls when you’re solid, Sal!" Harry quipped. From his position on the floor, Salazar glared up at him. "You would do well to remember whom you are addressing boy! I was once referred to as Sal when I was alive. The brat regretted his words when i enchanted a paddle to follow him around for a day, spanking him whenever he was rude! I would be pleased to see if i can remember the incantation!" Harry blushed and mumbled an apology. Standing to his feet again and rubbing his nose Salazar turned to Albus. "Jay is awake!"

To be continued......

© Jflame.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A special afternoon

I really want to blog about last Thursday but I am still not sure how to explain it all. That is why I blog, however, so I can understand things myself. The day was normal enough. I was at work when I got an email from Nick. It was short and to the point he wanted to know why I hadn’t been writing my assignments lately. Oops! Well I wasn’t too worried.

Mollie was baby-sitting and I headed to the gym for a while. When I walked in Nick gave me a hug and took my shirt off in one motion. We took a quick shower together and headed to the bedroom. I did not suspect anything was up, everything started off the same as usual. Nick had handed me the blindfold and I had snuggled down on the bed. He started a nice warm up. I have no idea what he used; the events that followed kinda clouded my memory for details.

But then he started talking and he was asking me about my assignments and why I hadn’t written one lately. I just laughed it off a bit and told him I would try to do better. Then he started asking about my laundry which he had folded for me but I had put the basket in LJ’s room and sort of forgot about it instead of putting it away. I probably said something like ‘sorry I forgot’. I mean it’s not like we do any discipline at the most he brings a few things like this up for mock discipline because he know that is what I want. Discipline is just not his thing.

But the conversation seemed to be taking another turn. He said “It seems to me that you are the one not taking any of this seriously. You’ve said you didn’t want this to be just a game but that seems to be the way you are taking it. Is it all just a joke to you or do you seriously want this?” To be honest my heart sank because I had the fleeting feeling that this was his way of saying he was through and that he was stopping and type of real spanking. I have always felt he view it all as a game but he was nice enough to continue the charade to please me. I hadn’t acknowledged that I was just as guilty of acting like it was a game.

I really didn’t know what to say. Thankfully he didn’t seem to need any comment from me. He continued “You have said you wanted discipline; that you wanted to change some things. Maybe I have let you down by not really following through. Let’s see if I can correct that.”

We were rapidly moving into new territory for us. He was not mad but he was also not teasing in the least. He was as serious and he gets. He had me get up off the bed and told me to lean over and put my hand on the bed. Not one of my favorite positions. It is not warm and comfortable and even if things get intense it is a hard position to reach back and try to protect your bottom.

He said “I do my reading. You girls are always saying that spankings are suppose to hurt. You say that during a spanking there comes a point when you finally ‘get it’. Let’s see if that’s true.” Then he used the OCW (pictured so nicely in my masthead thanks to CeeCi) and I can tell you I got the hardest spanking of my life. He even stopped and had me move toward the head of the bed more so that he could get a full swing.

It hurt like hell! I mean there was nothing fun about it at all! I just wanted him to stop! I have no idea how many I got all I know is that I was burning for sure and didn’t know how much more I could take. I was clinching and trying to hold position. I think I was saying something like “I’ll do better. I promise!” He finally stopped and asked me a question that I think he was very serious about.

“Did you deserve that?”

A lot of things went through my mind at that moment. Mostly the disrespectful way I have treated Nick over the last year or so. Disrespect is not exactly the right word, because I do respect him enormously, and I love him dearly but I have taken advantage of him and his extremely good nature.

Nick has taken on so much responsibility at home. He does the lions share of the cooking, cleaning, laundry and chauffeuring Mollie around; he gets the groceries, pays all the bills and any of the other day to day things that must done. What are my responsibilities? I am supposed to go to the gym at least 4 days a week. I am supposed to write him my assignment once a week and he asks that I put away my laundry after he had washed and folded it. And I often blow it off maybe as some form of baiting him thinking that he wouldn’t really do anything about it.

Did I deserve it?

I think we all know the answer to that. And I told Nick “Yes, I deserved it.”

But oh, man I was burning. He said “I don’t think that is quite enough, how many more you think it would take for you to remember?”

More? More! I didn’t need anymore! But I was scared of the number he might come up with. I asked for 5 more, trust me, it sounded like a LOT at the time! I got those 5 and they were hard, hard, hard! Nick ran his hand over my bottom and casually said “I think there is going to be some bruising.” Is this the same man I had to beg to please spank me and put some muscle in it?? We have come a long way.

The ago old question in spankdom is “How can spanking be use for discipline if the spankee likes to be spanked?” I now have the answer – do it like that! That spanking hurt; there was nothing fun about it, there was nothing sexy about it. It hurt like hell and I do not, repeat DO NOT want another one like that. And I am totally grateful to Nick for spanking me that hard. It let me know that he takes me and TTWD as something more that a fun sex game. He cares enough for me to make me do a few things that he views as important.

Have I done my assignment and put away my laundry since then? You better believe it! I am planning on keep it up. And there are two main reasons why. One is, as I said I do not want another spanking like that but the other reason is even more compelling. I do not want to let Nick down. He was good enough to listen to me and hear what I needed. He cared enough about me to follow through. I don’t think he enjoyed giving that spanking anymore than I enjoyed getting it but it defined something for me. I can’t ever see Nick barking orders at me. He has no desire to make me jump through hoops and give rules just to see if I would ‘mind’ him. But now I feel like when he says “PK, I want you to do ______.” I am going to listen. Not because I am scared of getting spanked for not listening but because I care about what he wants and I want Nick to know that.

Nick gave me some good after care with our lotion. I always wondered about sex right after discipline (and it did seem like discipline and not punishment). But I love the feeling that everything had been dealt with and we reconnected beautifully. It was quite an afternoon. Afterwards we were laying there cuddling and he asked me how I was feeling. I said “My butt’s sore. I wonder what causes that.”

He said “That’s caused by not reporting to me. As crazy as thing are in the world these days you need to let me know what you are thinking.” I think I have a pretty special man who, with all my shortcomings, seems most concerned that I continue to let him know the things that are on my mind each week. I think I’m in love.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fantasy Friday - The Note

I take great pleasure in telling everyone that IT’S FRIDAY!!! That means lots of good things not the least of which is a new Fantasy Friday story! I have several good stories lined up but please folks I need more!! I hope you enjoy the story today and I hope it will inspire you to write one of your own. Please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com Now I want you to enjoy…

The Note

Kathy came home from work one Friday evening exhausted and cranky. She had been dealing with disgruntle clients all day and she really just wanted some peace and quiet. She was pleasantly surprised to walk into a house that was completely silent.

She found a note on the kitchen counter from her husband, Seth, that said he had taken the kids to his mother’s house for an overnight visit. A sense of calm washed over her as it had been a long time since they had the house completely to themselves. She walked upstairs to see another note on the door to their bathroom.

“Enjoy a nice relaxing warm bath,” Seth wrote.

She drew her bath and slipped out of her clothes and climbed into their huge garden tub to relax for awhile. She soaked for what felt like hours and by the time she got out her fingers and toes were wrinkly but she was completely relaxed. Her bath had washed away all the stresses of the day. When she came out of the bathroom there was a note lying on their bed that she had not noticed before.

“Go stand in the corner completely nude and wait for me,” Seth’s note commanded.

Kathy did as she was told and instantly was turned on. She wasn’t exactly sure what he had planned but she was excited to find out. She heard footsteps come down the hall, she had not even heard Seth come home. Her mind started racing with the possibilities of what was to come. Soon she felt his strong warm hands on her hips as he leaned in to kiss her neck.

“So have you been a good girl today,” Seth teased as his hands roamed her body.

“Of course,” Kathy teasingly replied, “why would you think otherwise?”

“Well you know how we deal with good girls around here” Seth said as he took her arm and lead her to the bed.

He bent her over the bed and ordered her to spread her legs apart. He grabbed some lube from the nightstand drawer and applied some directly to her anal hole. Seth rubbed gently until he thought she was ready then inserted her favorite butt plug.

Kathy moaned in response as he got the plug all the way in. Then he quickly flipped her over on her back and was on his knees before her watching her squirm with pleasure as his tongue gently touched her clit. Then gentle licking became more forceful till in no time flat she had reached her first orgasm.

Seth helped her scoot back on the bed some as he climbed on top of her sitting on chest and inserted his dick into her waiting mouth. Nothing made Kathy more sexually excited than having Seth take control of things in the bedroom. Seth pumped himself into her mouth for awhile but stopped before reaching his climax. He climbed off of Kathy and ordered her to get up and bend back over the bed. Kathy willing complied and waited to see what was next.

“Wham!” Kathy nearly jumped off the bed has the paddle landed across her bottom. It was a pleasant surprise as it had been awhile since she had received a spanking. Blow after blow landed on her butt as it was fast becoming red.

Soon he switched to her favorite thing in the world, the belt. She loved the sting of the belt. She loved the after glow it left behind. She heard the swish behind her and moaned as it landed on her backside. The harder Seth hit the louder she moaned. After awhile he placed the belt beside her and took out the plug and replaced it with his very hard penis. Kathy let out a tiny yelp as he pushed all the way inside her but was soon floating happily in la-la land. He reached around and was playing with her dripping wet pussy as he thrust into her. He continued pumping in and out of her until he filled her with his cum. He pulled out and cleaned himself off and continued playing with Kathy until she had her final orgasm.

She collapsed on the bed and Seth climbed on beside her and held her closely. He kissed her forehead and looked down to see her sleeping peacefully; he smiled and just let her sleep. “We have plenty of time for an encore,” he whispered.


I will be bringing the voting back for some of our stories. When I think you know the work of the author pretty well. After this second great contribution this author will be one you are becoming familiar with. Yaya is the writer again this week. Many of you enjoyed her first contribution, His Truck. I am so happy that she is still writing and still willing to share. Yaya, thanks! You did a great job. Please keep writing.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This is what I heard

I watch Oprah most days; well sometimes I sleep through it some of it, but the other day Dr. Oz was on and I did hear a few interesting facts. He says that men are sexually aroused but the scent of


and Lilacs

And women are sexually aroused by the scents of


and cucumbers

Licorice and cucumbers?? I am not so sure about these. I don’t think the scent of either would turn me on. Now if you could find a long enough licorice whip I suppose it could leave a pretty good welt. But the Cucumber? I suppose it has potential for some uses, hmmmm… All and all I think I would prefer ginger.

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Jay-Merlina & the Professor-that-defeated-Voldemort.

Today is the second story from Jflame continuing Jay-Merlina's adventures. Again I hope you will leave a comment to let J know that you are reading. So head back to Hogwarts and enjoy.

Jay- Merlina & the Professor-that-defeated-Voldemort
It was quiet down there in the chamber that was how Jay liked it.

Just Salazar, Cleo and herself. No twittering students, no nosy professors and no Sev. There was only one problem. Professor Potter.

The murderer of Cleo's mum! He knew about the chamber and he kept coming down here. Thankfully he didn’t know about Salazar's rooms.

That was where Jay and Cleo were now. §§"Let me kill him."§§ Cleo hissed angrily. Jay gave a dry laugh. §§"If you did that then we would never get any peace. You would be hunted and killed and thiss place would be crawling with people. No. We sstay hidden and when he leavess i will make ssure he can't come back!"§§ Jay replied in perfect parseltongue.

At that moment Salazar floated thru the door. §§"We have a problem granddaughter. Potter knowss that you are here. He iss calling for you."§§ Jay scowled and walked to the door. §§"Cleo,
sstay here. I will ssee what he wantss."§§ Out in the main hall of the chamber Harry Potter paced nervously.

He had nearly lost his wife, Ginny, to a 50 ft basilisk in this place. He did not want to meet it's descendants. §§"Here ssnaky, ssnaky, ssnaky."§§ He called tentatively. Walking up behind him, Jay, shook her head. 'What a berk!' She thought. "Professor?" Jumping slightly, Potter turned and saw Jay looking at him.

"Jay, you skipped my class. Why?" He asked curiously. "I already know the Patronus charm Professor. I came down here to practice some new spells." She explained defensively. Potter frowned.

"When i was a student one of my best friends knew every spell too. She still went to cla..." He stopped as Jay morphed into a bushy haired Hermione Granger. "Very clever!," he huffed, "fine, show me the Patronus Charm." Changing back Jay grinned wickedly. Aiming her wand at Potters chest she spoke the incantation. "Expecto Patronum!"

A huge basilisk patroni slithered from her wand and she smirked as her professor instinctively shut his eyes. "Prof?" He kept his eyes shut when he answered. "Jay, you can get rid of it now!"

§§"Let me ripyou! Kill the sstudentss! Sso hungry."§§ Cleo was creeping up behind him.

"Jay Snape! That is not funny! Stop it!" Potter bellowed. "Prof keep your eyes closed until I tell you!" Jay said sternly as she glared at Cleo.

§§"I told you to sstay there Cleo!"§§ The young basilisk gave an angry hiss but listened to Jay. "Prof, look at me but don’t turn around!" There was a worried tone in her voice that compelled
Potter to do what she said.

As soon as he opened his eyes Jay wished a protective film over them. "It's okay now Prof. Just promise me that you won’t hurt her. Blinking a couple of times he looked down at her sternly. "What did you do to me and who is Cleo?"

"It's like a shield which will let you look at any basilisk without dying." Jay explained. Potter paled. "Are you telling me that there’s another basilisk down here?" He asked nervously. "She can't hurt you now." Regaining his composure quickly he folded his arms and glared at her.

Where is it?" Jay grinned and answered in Parseltongue panto. §§"Sshe'ss behind you!"§§ Potter nearly grinned, but then he remembered what he was about to see. Turning slowly he gasped. Cleo was at least 20ft long and she did not look happy. A change from hermother, Cleo was jet black with thick silver stripes. §§"You are beautiful!"§§ Potter exclaimed. §§"You killed my mother."§§ Cleo stated. Potter nodded.

§§"I am truly ssorry, Riddle gave me no choice."§§ He was sincere and his body language displayed that. Cleo nodded. §§"I will not attack you. I do not trusst you!"§§

Hissing angrily she slithered away. Turning back to Jay he gave her a soft smile. "That’s some friend you've got there. You're not gonna set her on anyone, right?"

Jay scoffed in response. Then paled as a scary thought hit her with more force than a bludger.
"You can't tell anyone, please, they'll kill her!" She begged. Potter looked at her in shock. "Are you telling me that no one knows there's a basilisk in the school?" He screeched. "What’s the quickest way out of here?" Came the dejected reply. "Hold on to my arm and don’t let go."

Potter grabbed her arm. This girl was powerful. Witch magic, N.E.W.T standard, a metamorph and parsletongue. Even Dumbledore couldn’t do the last two. "Where do you want to go?" Jay asked. Looking down at her sternly he answered. "Dumbledore's office!" Whistling softly Jay wished the both directly there. As always Jay landed gracefully, Potter, however; experienced numbness and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Dumbledore sat at his desk not even phased by the appearance of his granddaughter and the-boy-who-had-drunk-a-keg-of-fire-whisky! "Jay-Merlina! Where the hell have you been?" Before she could turn round a hand connected with her bottom and she knew who it was. "Ooww! Dad!"

"She was in the chamber of secrets." Potter gasped. "Prick! Ooww!" Sev gave her two hard smacks in succession. Dumbledore fixed Jay with a stern look.

"Why?" Jay shuffled nervously. She hated it when his eyes didn’t twinkle, it meant trouble. "Because i wanted to be alone." She said quietly. "Albus," Potter said quietly "there’s a basilisk down there."

Sev turned white. "She won’t hurt anyone!" Jay blurted out. Sev's eyes snapped towards his daughter. "SHE! EXPLAIN!!" He shouted. Dumbledore watched as she shrank away from Sev.

Getting to his feet he walked over to her and guided her to the settee. Sitting down next to her he began to speak in calm tones. "Child, please tell me about it." He said encouragingly. Jay looked at him sadly. "You swear you wont hurt her?"

She whispered. Dumbledore put an arm around her and kissed the top of her head. "I promise we wont do anything until we know all the facts and have explored all the options." He answered solemnly.

"When Remy brought me here after mum & dad died, I started exploring the castle. I met Salazar and he told me about the chamber. So he took me down there and told me that i was welcome any time.

After he showed me his rooms and id been there a few times he told me he needed my help.
That’s when he told me about her. He explained to me what she was and i cast a shield over my eyes. When she came I wasn’t killed. She didn’t have a name, she hatched after her mum died.

I named her Cleo. She’s my friend and she promised that she wouldn’t come up into the castle. She won’t hurt anyone!" Jay was nearly out of breath once she'd finished her tale.

Dumbledore, Harry and Sev sat in shocked silence. Sev broke the silence first. "Salazar wouldn’t put anyone at risk. I've met him too." He said strongly. Dumbledore nodded. "Yes, I agree, but until I see the basi...Cleo for myself I don't want you going down there Jay." Jay looked up quickly. "But..."

He frowned at her. "No buts. This is not a request. You will not go down there until I believe that it is safe for you. Do I make myself clear!?" Jay had no choice.

Nodding she stood up. "Can I go now?" She asked. "You can go to my office young lady." Sev said sternly. "We are going to have a long chat about skipping lessons! Move!" Jay knew what that meant. Bare bottom, over his lap with spanks punctuating the lecture. Bugger.

The end

© JFlame