I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Who is this woman?

I think I am having an identity crisis. I have known who I was for 20 years or more. I wore my hair in a short curly perm. As I got heavier I dressed for comfort. I raised my kids. I avoided touch. I wasn’t wild about sex. I liked many people but I didn’t have really close friends. You know most of this changed when I came out to Nick about spanking.

After changing my feeling about being touched and sex completely I guess the first physical change was letting go of the perm. My hair is not long or anything but much better and I have had more complement on the change than I could ever have imagined! The weight loss had been slow but steady so that people are really beginning to notice.

I have friends now. I mean real friends. People I would trust with my deepest secrets and are there for me when I am happy, when I am sad, when I am mad – any time. Lately Nick has begun calling all of you my dotcomrades!

But what I did yesterday takes the cake for wild and crazy changes. I am no teenager like I said I dress for comfort but lately I have been paying a little more attention. As I have lost weight I have wanted to look a little better. After all I can’t let Eva (who is now officially the little sister) get too far ahead. I get to see pictures and she looks good!!!

Let me show you the shoes I wear to work all the time and most every where else for that matter.

When I would get fancy I would wear these shoes to church.

Remember folks I go for comfort!

But yesterday Nick to me to the mall and what I came home with – well I just can’t believe myself!! LJ called while we were shopping and asked me what we were doing. When I told him what I had just bought he said “I gotta see this!” and came to the mall to join us. So I wanted you all to see just how much I’ve changed. Who is this woman?? Scroll down

Thursday, December 27, 2007

I found it !

Yes! I found it! Don’t laugh and Eva don’t tell me I told you so but it was under my bed. I never hide gifts under my bed. For one thing there is no room. The only thing I keep under there is our toy box. But for some reason I put it there and totally forgot it. I probably wouldn’t have found it until next year if I hadn’t made the strange choice of deciding to put away all the clothes that somehow make their way to the foot of our bed and pile themselves up. Of course I would straighten this area more often if my sweet husband would give me a little motivation to keep it neater. Since he doesn’t I assume he like the clothes piled at the foot of the bed. And who am I to change things if he is happy with them?

Anyway the game is found and if LJ grants us another visit before he returns to college I’ll give it to him! We played the game at my sisters – Apples to Apples – and it is lots of fun! Give it a try some time.

I am so sorry I do not have a Fantasy Friday story for you this week. Truly the cupboard is bare. I want to thank all of you who have helped out by contributing a story already!!! But don’t give up now, several friends have promised stories and I just know there are still other out there who are writing and wanting a place for other to read their stories. And folks – here is the place! So please continue to check each Friday. Any time I have a story I’ll sure post it. And you are welcomed to send a story for Fantasy Friday. Send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, survived the stress and the over eating and got all the toys you wanted. My Christmas was very nice. As usual Santa came and exploded in my living room.

Go ahead and tell me I am crazy but we got Mollie a laptop. To be honest I am not sure why. I mean I know part of the reason is because she can use one more and more with her school work. She is really doing well at school, better than in years past. I know a laptop will help but the real reason… she was driving me crazy wanting to use mine! There are two things I am not willing to share – Nick and my computer. Yes there are rule and guidelines going along with this gift and I will be doing a lot of monitoring. I hope we haven’t made a mistake.

Have you ever gotten a gift for someone and then Christmas morning you couldn’t find it? This is driving me nuts. Back around Thanksgiving LJ mentioned that he would like to have the game ‘Apples to Apples’. I happened to be shopping on Amazon when he said it so I clicked on it and ordered it for him. I came and I wrapped it.

Fast forward to Christmas afternoon, we are at my sisters, Collin was with us and his mother had gotten him that game. He brought it in for all of us to play. I said “Wait, LJ I got you that game. But you didn’t get it this morning did you?” Nope he hadn’t gotten it. I just assumed it hadn’t gotten under the tree and we would find it in the room where I kept all the gifts when I wrapped them. But no! That darn game is nowhere to be found!! We have looked every where, under the furniture, in closets, in the basement where we had put empty boxes!!! I can’t think of anywhere else to look! I know I am not crazy! I ordered it, I remember it coming, I remember wrapping it! Now where is he darn thing???

But other than that it has been a great Christmas. My cold hasn’t gone but I think I am going to beat it eventually. So how was your Christmas? And if you snuck in here and took LJ’s game, please bring it back.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

FF Reveal

I loved the poem I got to post this week for Fantasy Friday! It was original for FF and I felt very honored that a dear friend sent it to me! The votes for three possible authors were close. Bonnie did get the most votes with 39%, next was C.C. with 30%, Purple Angel got 22 % of the votes and last came Grace with 9%.

As has been the case lately most of you were fooled. The fantastic author of “Twas the Night Before Christmas – or was it?” was none other than Grace!! Now for the biggest question – were we able to fool Eva? I don’t know. When I first ask her she was deciding between Bonnie and C.C. but went I asked for her final vote last night she said Grace. Now Twin are you really as smart as I have always said you were or have you been talking to Grace behind my back? And if you were the second vote for Grace who else got it right? Let’s hear it folks who gets bragging rights this week?

Grace the poem is excellent and I thank you so very much for contributing!

As it stands at the moment folks the FF cupboard is bare. Next week is a holiday week and many of us will be out and about but with luck more stories will come in soon. (Yes I am talking to YOU!) If you find any time to write I will be happy to hear from you!! Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

And a very Merry Christmas to you all!

One Winter evening

I guess I gave Nick and the kids an early Christmas present. I have laryngitis big time and haven’t been able to fuss, yell or boss anyone since Thursday. I haven’t even been able to talk to LJ much at all since he has been around. But I have been having fun anyway we have gone out with friends and had a big family party I just had to whisper and write notes.

I usually go to bed pretty late but since I have been feeling pretty bad I went on around 11:00 (that’s early for me). But not long before 1:00 AM LJ calls my cell phone. Now strangely enough this didn’t scare me I was just trying to grab the phone before it woke Nick. LJ was telling me something utterly unimportant in the long term and could certainly have waited until the next day. But Nick had the normal rush of adrenaline that accompanies a 1 AM call when you child is out near the holidays on rain slick streets.

We turned the TV back on to try to lull us back to sleep but it wasn’t really helping Nick any so I began thinking ‘since we are awake anyway…’ I did a little tentative research to see if Nick was interested and it seems he was! In fact he got very interested and got up to find the heavy wooden school ruler I had brought home. It seems that he had a couple of issues to address while he was at it. I had forgotten to do my assignment (which he insists I still do and I am grateful to him for insisting on it) and he also thought I had been a bit snappy when he has ask me something earlier in the day. Not true!!! I never snap!! And I could hardly talk anyway! His ears must just be sensitive. So he was giving the new ruler a good work out and I loved it. Of course during one break I, being a loving wife, reached back to show my appreciation and accidentally knocked the ruler off the bed. Nick took that to be intentional and let loose with a stinging volley. As Nick said last night we were having so much more fun that we would have had sleeping!

The funs continued a while longer and as we were finally snuggling down to try sleep again Nick said “Well I guess you saved the boy this time.” Well I was doing it for us but, hey if I ended up saving my boy in the process so much the better!

Now if you haven’t read Fantasy Friday this week go HERE and please don’t forget to vote. You may not know who wrote it but I love knowing your guess!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fantasy Friday -Twas the Night Before Christmas... or was it

I love today’s Fantasy Friday! A friend sent this to me about 2 weeks ago. The author told me she had written it just for FF and I have to say I was honored. A very Merry Christmas to you all.

Twas the night before Christmas...or was it?

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
Except for a spouse!

The paddles were hung
In the closet with care
In hopes that a red bottom
Soon would be there.

The wife was a nestled
All snug in the corner
While visions of swats
And how many were wondered.

And Mamma in her tee-shirt
And I with my bats
Were just settling in
For some long and hard swats

From out of the corner
There rose such a clatter
When I said it was time
And in my hand was a swatter.

Away from the corner
She flew like a flash
Pulled down her panties
And bent over, at last.

Her butt was like moonlight
On new fallen snow
Gave luster of mid-day
To eyes all a-glow.

When, what to her wondering
Eyes should appear
But a paddle of wood
A big subject of fear.

With the first little slap
So lively and quick
I knew in a moment
She’s probably quite slick

More rapid than eagles,
The spanks how they came
She cursed and shouted
And called me bad names

Ouch, meany, Ow, wieny,
Oh please stop, it hurts
Eeeeouch yes sir, screech, no sir
She sputters and spurts

From the top of her tail bone
To the top of her thighs
Now spank away, spank away
Spank low and high

As with a very sore bottom
Her screams echo the sky
Her bum meets with the paddle
The slaps echo and fly

So upping the tempo
The paddle, it flew
With a fast paced staccato
And some rubbing too

And then in a twinkling
I heard a low moaning
The prancing and pawing
Of feet and of clawing

As I drew in my hand
And was starting to slow
Down put the paddle
And the hand was a go

My hand started slapping
From tushy to thigh
And her screams turned
To panting, and then a big sigh

A bunch of hard slaps
I had put on her bottom
And she looked like a
naughty girl, just like she oughta

Her eyes, how they twinkled
Her dimples how merry
Her bum was like roses
Her bottom like a cherry.

Her droll little bottom
Tightened just like a bow
And the skin on her thighs
Was as white as the snow

The stump of a paddle
Held tight in my hand
And I swore there was smoke
From her bottomy land

I had a broad smile,
At the buttocks that shook
When I smacked and I slapped
And I spanked and I cooked

Her bottom was chubby and plump
A right sore was her self
And I laughed when I saw it
In spite of myself

With a wink of my eye
And a twist of my wrist
Soon gave me to know
She couldn’t resist

I spoke not a word
But went straight to my work
And filled all the white spots
Then turned with a jerk

And laying a finger
Inside of her place
I gave her an orgasm
And made her heart race

Then we sprang to our bed
And our bodies did whistle
So away we both flew
Like the down of a thistle

But I heard her exclaim
as we both were entwined
Happy Spanking to all
And to all, a good night!

Now that put me in a Christmas mood! Actually that put me in the mood for lots of things!! Any ideas folks?? I am making it tough this week by putting some of our best writers up. Here are your choices folks Bonnie, Grace, C.C., or Purple Angel. I told you it was going to be tough. Please vote!! Drop by on Christmas Eve to find out for sure!!

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "Twas the Night Before Christmas - or was it?"

Purple Angel

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'Hey you're looking good...'

I have had some fun and interesting comments in real life these past 2 weeks. It seems that, after going on 2 years of trying to lose weight, it is really showing or my RL acquaintances have just begun to notice. Several ladies from the church went on and on about it. This scares me a little because this can make me feel like I am done (I'm not!) and I stop trying. I don't want that to happen. Two or three folks at worked have commented on the change and one women who I hadn’t seen if almost a year told me that with my new hair style and the weight loss I looked twenty years younger and that she has never see me looking so happy.

I am posting this now because I think many of you might be like me and have to ease into things and give it some thought. If you are thinking about losing weight next year I just want to encourage you to jump right in. Don’t give Christmas or New Year’s Eve eating another thought just decides what you want to do after New Years.

Todd and Suzy at A.S.S. do a wonderful job with their diet group and they welcome everyone who would like to give it a try. They are encouraging and supportive as is everyone in the group and several of us email each other for more support. So I really encourage everyone to look through their blog and see how the spanking diet works.

Now if you are reading here you are probably a spanko and the idea or a spanking penalty probably intrigues you but I have has several friends who have said that their husband were not comfortable spanking their wife for gaining weight and I can see how this could be a touchy problem for some. But this was the hook for getting Nick to spank me in the first place.

We agreed on a very reasonable goal of ½ pound a week. We have varied the plan occasionally to make it work the best for us. What I needed was to be able to stand in front of the candy machine at work and think to myself ‘if I give in and scarf that down Nick is going to bust my butt’. That helped me make wise decisions. I really never thought of it a being spanked for gaining. I felt that I was spanked for making poor decisions, things like grabbing too many snacks, drinking real soft drinks or blowing off exercising. If I didn’t act like a grown up with my choices and decisions I got spanked. And for me it has really worked.

I had several spankings for my poor choice. However, the only time I felt like I got a really hard, serious spanking was about 6 to 8 weeks ago when I was really losing my focus. I was tired of the whole diet and I pretty much wanted to give up. Thankfully when you have a husband that cares enough to spank giving up is not an option.

I do think that this kind of plan needs a lot of communication and I think the idea must come from the one who wants to lose the weight and the one who is going to be spanked. But an important part of the spanking lifestyle is to better communicate.

I started gaining about 24 years ago and with each child the weigh stayed and I gained more on top of that. My weight is no secret now that we have said Eva and I weigh almost exactly the same now. I am only 5’3” and I had at one time gotten up to 218. I had lost a little when I asked Nick to help me but since that highest weight I have lost 40 pounds. I want to lose 20 more. It will probably take me close to a year but that’s no big deal. If it took 24 year to put it on and I can get it off in three I’m good with that.

It’s only been recently that I dropped into the 170’s, barely! My lowest reading so far is 178.2 and my hope and my goal is to stay in the 170’s though the holidays but if not I will be back there very soon! Okay folks this is my pitch for a lighter ands healthier lifestyle. Think it over and don’t forget to check out Todd and Suzy’s site for the great diet group and many other wonderful posts!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My Birthday

I really did have a wonderful birthday! It fell on a Saturday so I knew we could sleep late and relax. But of course I forgot we had kids. Mollie made plans to go skiing with her cousins, meaning we had to get her to her cousin’s house – 40 minutes away – by 7:00 AM. So much for sleeping late. But once again my wonderful husband stepped up and told me to stay in bed he would take her.

Now we have definitely learned to take advantage of an empty house so when he came home he slipped back into bed with me for some major cuddling. As the cuddling got me warmer and warmer Nick decided now was a good time for my birthday spanking (the kids would be home in the evening). I just love the sound of the latch being opened on the toy box!

Now I know this shows my age but I am not even sure what all he used Im pretty sure he started with the paddle ball paddle and finished up with my favorite – his belt. Loved it!! Of course I lost count in the middle somewhere and Nick laughed said he was going to have to start over! But I finally got the count right, you would think I could at least count to 51, well, plus one to glow on!

But after this fine spanking we got down to some serious loving! And we could take our time… we had no where to go, no one who needed us... we just spent all morning doing what felt good. Now I know the good thing about having teenagers – they often leave you at home alone!

The rest of the day was relaxing. I wrapped packages and went to the gym. I emailed back and forth with Eva and late Grace called me and we got to talk for a while. That was fun! That night we went out to eat with Nick’s family, well not all of them only about 19 or so. Good day, good birthday – think I’ll try it again next year.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Weight loss challange

I really wanted to post tonight but instead of sitting curled up with my laptop I have been making a volcano. I love motherhood. So this will be short. Anyway I wanted to tell you about the weigh challenge. We pretty much let it go in an official way. But knowing that Eva was right on my heels really helped me out a lot this last six weeks.

Eva and I each had some advantages and disadvantages in this challenge thing. When it comes to cheating, with all the wonderful Christmas goodies out here, she had the true advantage. She just can’t eat this junk with out getting very sick or if she does eat a bite it is just a bite. I on the other had am struggling every minute to keep from stuffing my face with all the goodies brought to work.

I have the advantage in a short term sprint to really cut back on what I am eating and increasing my exercise to drop a little extra weight at one time. When Eva stalls in her weight loss there is just not much she can do differently I mean she can’t possibly eat less. She loses when her body decides to.

So in the final outcome I held her off until after my birthday which was my challenge to her and she will definitely pass me by Christmas which was her challenge to me. In fact she might be passing me today! We both won! Of course if we are losing and getting healthier we have to be winners!

But just in case Adam is reading here, and just in case he wants to give me a birthday present anyway, I will tell him the three items I was going to ask him to use on Eva if I won. I was going to chose the crop because I know Eva really likes it, the tiger maple also because Eva likes it (because you picked it out for her) and lastly the hair brush because I hate it but I think every true spanko should be spanked with a good old fashion hairbrush!! Okay, okay I know you have a full house now but I am willing to wait. Now just when does #3 head back to school??

But twin regardless whether or not Adam comes through for me I want to thanks for helping me lose this last month and a half and I am thrilled to know that any day now you will truly be my little sister!

If no more volcanoes are in my future I will try to write about my birthday tomorrow.

Fantasy Friday - reveal

We had a wonderful Fantasy Friday this week! Not only was the story great but it seemed that most of you were fooled. I had an interesting email conversation with Eva. She always wants to early who the Fantasy Friday author is. So with these choices:


I told her if she would tell me who she had voted for I would tell her. Her first vote was Lilly. I had to tell her nope, she was wrong. I love that; if no one else is fooled I love to fool Eva because she is SMART! You guys have no idea how smart!

So I told her to vote again. Her second guess Debbie and my response “Ummm… no, you want to guess Eva next?” So she didn’t get it, in fact only one person voted correctly! It was my little sister Carye!!! She did such a great job. Thank you Carye! And whoever voted correctly let me know.

As always anyone and everyone is welcomed to contribute a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My Fiftieth Year

I am turning 51 today!! Good for me! But before you read my thought on my 50th year go check out this weeks Fantasy Friday, vote and leave a comment letting the author know what you thing of the story.

I don’t know what I though it would be like to turn 50. I am sure I gave it some thought during my 40’s but I can say that the reality far exceeded anything I would have expected.

I know that Nick and I have had more sex this year than any year of my life – including the honeymoon years. And it has been FUN!! I have been spanked often (well not often enough, but you know). I have been spanked lovingly, romantically, erotically and on rare occasions (diet lapses) quite sternly and seriously. Yes, it’s been a wonderful year!

But there have been real changes in me. I don’t worry about what other people think. If I don’t want to do something I say no. I have been more opened with Nick about my feelings and I think I am finally realizing what is important in life.

I have always known that the kids were important but as they were growing up I think I forgot how important Nick was. Now I really do know and I hope he knows how important he is to me. The place where Nick used to work shut down and he has been out of work for a while. He has been looking hard and one job finally opened that it looked like he was going to be able to get. He really wants a job. There was a snag. The hours were from 3:00 in the afternoon until 9:00 at night and most of the day Saturday. What horrible hours!! I knew I would never, ever get to see him and for me our having time to be together is the most important thing I can think of. I told him I really did not want him to take it and he didn’t. I really hope he is as happy with that decision as I am.

Whether she knows it or not Eva triggered another big change. You know how much we talk – more than a dozen times a day. We farble along, silly – serious it doesn’t matter, and somewhere as we were talking she said I should plan on coming and staying with her when she had surgery. I didn’t pay much attention; I mean who wants guest right after surgery? But then it began to sound like they really wanted me to come.


It was beginning to play around in my mind and then Eva got the surgery date and I realized that if I went I would miss the first two day of work. In the past that would have decided for me – you can’t miss work! But gradually (I’m slow) it dawned on me that going and being with Eva at that time was way more important than a work day or two. No contest. Nick understood and I went with his blessing. I don’t know how much help I really was – Adam could probably have gotten the laundry in without me but I loved being there. I swear I would not have been smart enough to go a few years ago.

My 50th year was full of wonderful people – Nick, my kids, my twin, my friends in RL and in blog land and wonderful activities – travel, sex, and spanking. All and all an incredible year and I can’t wait to see what this next year will bring.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Fantasy Friday -- School Daze

It’s Friday again!! Time for another story and we have a hot one today! I am so happy to have so many friends who are such good writers. I know this is a busy time of the year and many are feeling stressed so just for a little while, relax, read and enjoy…

School Daze

As Ann sat in the student union, she looked out through tear filled eyes at the rain coming down. What was she going to do? Half way through her freshmen year and she had blown it. “I may as well just pack it up and go home.” She thought as she looked down at her damp midterm grade sheet. It contained three F’s, 2 D’s, and a few C’s. “Great. I can’t wait to tell my folks that they raised a looser.” Taking a sip from her diet soda, she watched as the thunderstorm continued. “How did I get myself into this mess?” She pondered. “Well, I guess attendingg classes more than once in a while would have helped. Maybe a little less partying, a little less gabbing on the phone, maybe even a little studying would have helped. It felt so good to be on my own though. I guess I won’t be for long…..”

Startled she jumped up and looked around as a finger tapped her on the shoulder. “Doug! What are you doing here?” She managed as she quickly wiped away her tears and stuffed the midterm grades into her pocket. Doug was a friend a couple of years older from their neighborhood. He lived a couple of doors down and they had grown up together. He was a great guy, nice looking too! Math and physics were his majors.

“I was just passing through. I wanted to get out of the rain before I headed out to class again. What’s wrong? Why all the tears?”

“Oh nothing, um.. So how are classes going for you?” She tried to change the subject.

“They’re fine, but I was asking about you. Hey, did you get your midterm grades? I just did. Boy I’m bummed one of my prof’s gave me a B so far. I guess I’ll have to buckle down some.”

“Must be nice”

“Nice? Ok, let’s have it. You’ve known me long enough I want to know what is going on and I’m not going to let it go. Is it grades? A boyfriend? A roommate?” He was getting impatient. He liked Ann a lot, but she never wanted to come straight with anyone. Her parents told him to watch over her, but he gave up after the first few weeks out of pure frustration. Instead he’d focused on getting through his studies. She didn’t answer him, but tears started again, and she hadn’t bothered wiping them away. “Come on,” he said as he put his arm around her shoulders. “What’s bothering you? You can talk to me, you know it.”

With a big sigh and more tears, she fished out her midterm grades and not looking at him handed him the sheet. Doug let out a low whistle. “Wow.”

“I know. Looks like you won’t have to try to watch over me anymore. I’m headed home.” With that she lost the little composure she had managed to keep up to this point and the tears just flowed freely as she cried.

“Hey, it isn’t over yet. You still have ½ a term. Most prof’s put more weight on the second half and some even put ½ your grade into the final.” He hugged her into his chest as he tried to reassure her. “Look. I have to run to class. Meet me for dinner at my place and we’ll talk. Ok?”

“Well, maybe” she said still snuggled into his chest. Boy it felt good. She had never been this close to him before and realized it was feeling pretty nice. She had been pretty lonely for the past few months.

“I’ll take that as a yes, and bring your class syllabus’s” He hugged her harder, and then taking a deep breath to himself he ventured to kiss her gently on the head. Then bid her goodbye and headed off to class, already starting to plan his evening.


Ann arrived at his apartment that night, syllabus in hand and feeling a little better with someone to talk to. She didn’t have to tell her parents and maybe he was right. Maybe she could salvage at least C’s in most classes. As he let her in, she gawked at how big and beautiful his apartment was.

“I have too much room, but the price was right and it allows me to study without everyone interfering. You know, you could study here any time you want.”

“I don’t know, I don’t want to impose.”

“You’ve known me for long enough for me to be your brother. I don’t think you need to worry about that.” He said as he handed her a glass of soda. “So, lets talk. What is going on? Why the crummy grades? Are the classes to hard?”

“NO! Um… kind of the opposite. They’re pretty easy, but I’m a little bored and so… well anyway…”

“No, not anyway, so what? You haven’t been going right?”

“Well, during class is the only time I get sleep.”

“I’m not following here… you sleep during class?”

“Look, I have a rotten roommate. She is up playing music till all hours. I can’t sleep, or study there, so I was sleeping some in the union, but then…well….. “ She looked at his concerned look and felt more nervous than ever. He had a way and always had of getting her to talk that no others had. She teared up. “um.. I didn’t like being in the union so late alone, so I started to go out…. To the bars.”

“But you’re not of age yet. How’d you get in?”

“The normal way, I got a fake id.” She said blushing and turning away. She added quickly “but you see, it was all I could do. It is really my roommates fault. My grades started going down because I couldn’t study or sleep in my room and well, I didn’t have anywhere to go.” She said defensively.

“mm… hm…so, let me get this straight...You blew off class to sleep and get over your hangovers probably. You used a fake ID, you didn’t come to me for help when you knew you could, and now it is your roommates fault and you’re shocked by your grades. Is that right?”

“Um…..” She thought to her self how well he had really summed it up, but she didn’t like the sound of it or his tone. Who was he to yell at her? It isn’t like he was her parents. “Well it isn’t as bad as you make it sound. Sheesh, you make me sound like some drunk criminal or something.” She got up her voice rising and started to pace. “I hate this place anyway. The professors are jerks. No one cares, and my roommate is awful. I guess I’m glad I’m headed home. Maybe I can find something better to do. And if you cared, you wouldn’t have waited this long to talk to me.”

“I do care, and if you remember I’ve been talking to you every week, but you won’t let me ask about anything. You just avoid the situation. So tell me. What are you going to do for the rest of the semester? The same thing? What if a bar gets raided and they find you with a fake id?” He asked rising himself to face her with his arms crossed. “Sit down. Then answer me.”

“Well, it’s worked so far….” She trailed sitting down.

“Great answer, Ann.” He said quietly and calmly. Then after a pause he added. “You know what? I’m not going to let you get arrested. If you’d let me, I could take care of all of this, and I bet you’d pass every class. Hand me your syllabus, and think about it. Of course, you’d have to agree to my terms.”

“What terms.” She stated.

“We’ll talk about that in a minute. I can tell you part of it would be to move in here in the extra bedroom to get away from that roommate. But hush and I want to read over your grades and syllabus’s”.

As he started reading, she waited listening to the clock tick in the background. Wow, how quiet it was she thought. Move in? With him? That would be a dream come true. She would love to make it more than a friendship, but never thought it possible. Maybe if she was here, she could work on that with him. She wondered what the other terms could be. Probably she’d have to study and he would want her to attend class. That was a given. Maybe that was it. Maybe help cook but she was a pro at that.

"Doug, about your offer….I've thought it over, and I accept." She said.

"You haven't heard all the conditions. You might not be so willing when you hear them all." He paused, calming his nerves. He thought " this is it, don't scare her, you have loved her for a long time, wanted to be with her, take care of her, maybe even someday it could grow into forever together….but what if she won't accept my conditions? Then what? Maybe I shouldn't bring up spanking yet…. But she needs it, I know that…. " He began to pace as he thought.

"Doug? Are you ok? Look, I know this is uncomfortable for you but, well, I would really like to be with you… maybe we could even b…" she cut herself off.

"Ann? What were you going to say? Maybe we could even be… what?" He sat, and took her hand looking longingly into her eyes.
Blushing, she said "well, you know, um…. Maybe we could become more than friends. Eventually" She added quickly.

"I would love that Ann, I have always liked you, but there is something you should know about me. It would be part of the conditions too. I don't know if you'd accept it or not. "

He paused then let it all out. "Look, I need to be the dominant one in any relationship. I want to love and cherish and care for my girlfriend, and eventually my wife. This means I need to have the final decision on things, and have some rules about things like taking care of yourself, being honest, things like that…. And consequences for not following the rules, and hurting yourself or others."

"Like I hurt you and myself you mean?"

"Yes, like that."

"What are these consequences you're talking about?"

"I will spank you when I feel you need it. You must accept that whole heartedly, and know that I would never do it unfairly, or when I'm mad, or when you don't deserve it. I would expect you to do what I said during a spanking without question. When it is over, all will be forgiven, I will hold you, take care of you, and we'll go on. I know it sounds weird or harsh, or … I don't know…."

"No, wait stop, it doesn't. I think I can live with that. Even if it means I need one or “she swallowed "deserve one now. If it means you can forgive me, and maybe sometime I can forgive myself for lying to you and myself, and I can have a place to stay, maybe pass my classes, and most importantly a chance to be with you and love you close up as I have from a distance, then well, I accept."

"You're sure now. There is no turning back at least tonight for the spanking you so richly deserve. I know that during it you'll want me to stop, but that won't be under your control. Are you sure about this?"

Pausing to reassure herself, she said, "Yes. I need your help turning things around and if I need to take a spanking or two to have the chance to turn things around, and to be with you, well so be it. Maybe it is what I've been looking for or needing in my life. I've felt so alone." Ann trailed off into her own thoughts leaving the room silent.

Doug looked at this beautiful woman before him, thinking how lucky he was to have a chance with her, he would make it count. He kissed her and scooped her into his arms. Holding her tightly with her head against his chest, he felt her sink into him and it felt so good and right. "Yes," he thought. "I plan on taking very, very good care of you, and watching over you like a hawk."

He wanted to hold her there forever. After a few minutes, he sighed. "Ok" He said out loud. "You've made your decision, and now it is time. I want you to go into that bedroom. It will be your new bedroom, stack up three pillows, and lay over them with your butt in the air. I want you thinking about what you have done wrong. It is no ones fault but your own. You had many options to get yourself out of the mess you have gotten yourself into. I plan on making sure that you follow MY OPTIONS from now on to get you out of the mess as you obviously can't do it yourself."

Ann looked up at him, eyes wide, shocked at how stern he had suddenly gotten. "I” she started to protest.

"No, don't say anything. You agreed to the terms that you would do exactly as instructed. I told you to do something, now do it. And until the punishment is finished, you will only answer me and it will be with a Yes Sir or No Sir. Do you understand?"

"Uh. I guess"

With a quick smack on her butt he said "That is yes sir!"

Jolted into motion, Ann quickly replied "Yes sir," and went to the bedroom. Ann did as Asked. Doug left her to her thoughts for a few minutes after checking to ensure she had done just as he instructed.

Time seemed to drag on for Ann. The more she thought of what he had said, the more she realized how he was right. How she didn't do well taking care of herself, and how sad she was. She was almost in tears before Doug even came back into the room.
In a quiet voice, Doug said "Are you ready?"

"Yes sir." She said somewhat choked up.

"I see you've been thinking. You hurt me Ann, we've been friends forever. You know you can trust me. Why didn't you tell me? I could have helped a long time ago?"

"I don't know, sir, I … well, I just wanted to do it on my own. I kept thinking I could bring things back. I wanted to be strong. To make it all work by myself. I guess I just am weak and I don't know."

"Ann, listen to me and listen carefully. You are not weak. You are one of the strongest women I know. No one.. got that NO ONE can make it on their own. We all need friends, family, relationships to help us through, especially when things are rough. You can't just hide it inside and do it all on your own. From now on you will tell me everything. I intend to show you tonight what lying and hiding things will bring you. I assure you when I am finished; you will NOT want to lie to anyone for a very, very long time. Do you understand that? Do you understand why you are being punished? It is NOT for bad grades, it is for not doing anything earlier to help yourself get out of this mess. For not talking with me, when you knew I'd understand. For hurting me, yourself, and us. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

With that he stood up, knowing that she did truly understand and ready to ensure that they wouldn't be here for a long time to come. Doug put his hand in the small of her back and began to spank her with his hand. Ann was quiet, trying hard not to cry, and frustrated at the tears already leaking from her eyes. Soon the heat and intensity was beginning to build. Doug could feel it. She started to wiggle a little and groan a little. He paused, and rubbed for a minute, then slowly lifted her skirt up on top of her hips revealing her silky white panties.

"No, please, Doug" she whined.

"Yes, Ann, and before I'm done you will be bare. I am just now warming up. Now hush unless you want me to add some additional swats with the paddle when we are done. Listen to the rules. You may cry as much as you want, you may even beg me to stop, but you will not tell me no."

Before she had a chance to reply, he quickly began to spank her hard with his hand on her panties.

Ann was shocked at how much more it hurt! "I can't do this, please please stop! I changed my mind. It hurts!"

"Spankings are supposed to hurt, Ann, this is why you'll stop lying or hiding things because you don't want this pain again! And changing your mind is NOT an option now." As he said it he started to spank 10 on one side then 10 on the other. Ann was starting to sway and beg more. Doug stopped for a second to let her calm down, and to pull her panties to her knees. This time, she didn't protest. Instead, she just cried a little and said "Please, Doug, please be gentle."

"It won't be gentle, but it will definitely be what you deserve." With that Doug soon heard that wonderful sound of his hand spanking bare skin. He would warm her butt so much he thought, she wouldn't want to be here again. He was slowly letting up his pent up frustration out on her butt. It was turning from a light pink to a darker red now, and her sobs had become more pronounced. It was time, he thought, to make sure this doesn't happen again.

"Ann, I'm going to stop for a minute. I do not want you to move. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir" she sobbed, wiping away her tears.

Doug went out of the room and got a short leather strap out of his dresser. "It hasn't gotten much use," he thought, "but that I think is about to change."

Going into her room he stood and sucked in his breath at the site of her. She was beautiful, he wanted her so badly, but knew now was not the time.

"Ann, we have a little ways to go. This is going to hurt a lot, but I assure you, it will do no permanent damage. Now, please, give me your hands."

Without protest, she put her hands behind her back and Doug quickly pressed them against her back holding her tightly. Then he started. SMACK!

The first stroke landed! Ann thought she was going to jump out of her skin. "AHHH. Please no, that is too much, I can't stand it Please. Pl…"


"Ahhh" She kicked and screamed but to no avail. The strap kept landing. She tried to pull her hands out and succeeded once. Doug quickly pulled it back and held her more tightly.

Ten more landed against her butt quickly. She suddenly felt exhausted. She couldn't fight anymore. Tears and sobs were flowing freely. She started to relax, sobbing, exhausted.

Todd released her hands, and rubbed her back gently. Just loud enough for her to hear he said "You're almost there, you can make it. You have only 10 more to go. They will be the hardest. I want you to take these without me holding you down. I won't make you ask for them this time, but you will not kick or try to put your hand back. Do you understand?"

Ann nodded.

"Answer me right Ann, do you understand?"

"Y..yes, sir" She managed to choke out.

Without any hesitation he quickly laid in 10 very hard strokes. Ones he knew she would feel for several days. Then just as quickly he dropped the strap, and scooped her into his arms. Carefully placing her so her butt was between his legs and touching nothing, he held her tightly. "Its ok honey, you made it. I am so proud of you. All is forgiven. We can go on together and see what develops. Ann, honey, I love you. I'm here for you, always, as long as you'll have me" and he kissed her gently on her head.

Ann still couldn't speak. Her breath was just coming back to her she just hugged with all her might and snuggled into the safety and love she felt against his chest. Slowly she calmed, and the sobs turned to gentle tears.

"Ann, are you ok?"

"Yes sir," she said "Sore, but …."

"But what?"

"Well, strangely, I feel calm." She said as she tried to sort out her emotions. She thought "I've just been embarrassed, spanked, and I hurt, yet I feel better than I have in weeks."

"Good" he said. "That is how you should feel. Forgive yourself, look forward, I'll take care of you, I've forgiven you. I'll always be here. Always."

"Thank you Doug, I… I love you." And she leaned up and kissed him. A long passionate kiss, filled with all her emotions of love pouring out. She felt cared for in a way she never had before.

"Why don't you get a little rest honey, then we'll go over to your place and pick up the stuff you need for the next couple of days. This weekend, we'll move all your stuff over here and you'll never need to see your roommate again. Ok?"

She smiled totally relaxed. "I'll go for the rest, but I'm not sure I want to sit in a car and go over there… perhaps I'll walk back home."

Grinning he said "No way, I'm not going to miss you squirming! I want to see that!"

Giving him a soft punch and grinning herself, she sunk once again into his chest feeling more loved and cared for than ever before.

Now the question – who wrote School Daze? It could have been Carye, mother of 4, ultra busy, but taking the time to write for her friends. It could have been Eva who finally broke down and wrote a story for us despite her busy schedule. It could have been Debbie. We have all enjoyed her comments and even thought she has had company taking up her time maybe she is ready for her voice to be heard. Or finally it could be Lilly (who spurted Cassie on to more mischief) despite a little one of her own to keep her hopping maybe she just had to test the waters and wrote a story for us. Is anyone feeling guilty if you haven’t sent in a FF yet?? No? Oh well, it was worth a try! Don’t forget to vote.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote School Daze?


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Kidney stone update.

I have been poke, prodded, catheterized, x-rayed and CAT scanned only to have the doctor tell me he couldn’t find it on the x-ray today. It is about 4mm; this doctor says I have a one in three chance of passing it. And he said that there are only two real reasons to go looking for it. One, the pain is constant and prolonged or two, I begin running a fever of over 101. I suggested another reason was a trip, one month away, where I am taking 200 twelve year olds to Florida. Although he agreed that that would not be a good time for an attack he said going in blind and poking around and blasting at a stone he can’t see would be just as bad. I am not even sure of that. But no, no one seems to think it has passed. They have seen it on x-rays and the CAT scan but it moves. I guess it just floats around in there until it gets in the top of the tube and then it must move again. So 3 hours at the doctor to fine out no more than I knew when I went in. Very frustrating and worrisome!

Of courses there were interesting moments during the visit. The x-ray the technician told me I could leave on my shirt on but to take down my pants and panties to my knees and lie on the table. Oh come on, don’t say that to a spanko! I was about to ask if I should lie on my stomach! But I just got on the table and tried to look serious about the whole matter (when I wasn't quietly giggling).

Then the doctor decided to check some urine directly from the bladder and I couldn’t help but remember that I was freshly shaved and could possible have a stripe or two from my wonderful reward. Theresa has said that doctors see everything and nothing shocks them but I was actually most surprised that I just didn’t care! That is my favorite thing about being in my 50’s. I truly care less and less what anyone thinks. I mean I was freshly shaved my the hand of my loving husband and if I had marks they were from the same source and I for one am proud of both of those things.

My day

Yesterday was a great day!

Good things:
• Had the afternoon off for a cat scan for kidney stone
• Scan took 5 minutes
• Had the rest of the day off with Nick
• Nick had said I deserved a reward for my weigh loss

Not good things:
• Have a kidney stone that the doctor says won’t pass on its own.
• Have to go to the urologist Wed.
• Losing another half day
• Mollie comes home with tons of homework that requires her to use my computer!!!

Really great thing:
• Wonderful OTK spanking by hand, leather paddle, light wooden paddle and big mean paddle
• A luxurious, sensual shave
• A full body massage with the flogger
• Continued spanking with a yard stick and tawse (not wild about the tawse)
• Got to play with plugs and vibrators
• Made love slowly in the olde fashion way
• Felt totally loved and pampered all afternoon
• Felt very connected to Nick

Unexpected good things later:
• I got a birthday present from my twin. She sent me a tee-shirt saying “It’s a twin thing, you wouldn’t understand”. I love it!! A very special gift!! She also sent a special card with a picture of her wearing her shirt. Plans are this spring we will be able to take our picture together wearing out matching shirts.

Strangely her girls and Mollie were confused. They pretty much said “We don’t get it, you’re not…” But Eva and I get it. Our husbands seem to get it. So we just told the girls “It’s a twin thing, you wouldn’t understand”.

So tell me did anyone have a better day than I did? If you did I want to hear all about it!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Acting and a Reveal

Before I get to the reveal I have to tell you about my boy. We went to see LJ this weekend. He was in a series of short plays for the sophomores. In one short he played an awkward, nerdy guy on a first date, when the girl says "This stinks, let's just go back to my place and have awkward stranger sex and call it a night". In the other one he was a paranoid, cocaine sniffing, drug dealer who shoots his partner, two wonderful parts – just the ways every mother to see her son! But he did show a wide range of acting ability. At least I hope all that was acting!!! LOL!

But now the big reveal. I just love the story this week. Payback Time was not only so very hot, but it made such wonderful sense!! The voting was so very close! The Anonymous writer got the most votes! So for all of you out there that really would like to send a story just to see what everyone would think – send it!!! You will always have an open invitation and as you see I will post as much or as little information as you would like. But no, this week it was someone you know!

The master craftsman of this wonderful story was none other than Todd from American Spanking Society. Please leave him a comment here or over at A.S.S. to thank him for participating!! There are two more wonderful stories coming up these next two weeks!! But after that the cupboard is bare! This is a busy season but if you have a story that just won’t wait – send it to me at elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thanks again Todd!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Fantasy Friday - Payback Time

You are going to love Fantasy Friday today. I know I did. I not only love the story, I love the concept and want to see it nation wide! Enjoy…

Payback Time

Ian Gordon awakes a few minutes before his alarm trumpets the start of a new day. Gordy, as he likes to be called, has reason to greet today with a smile. He has a new assignment at work, one he's been looking forward to for a very long time.

Gordy works for the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma. But, his is not an ordinary municipal job. In fact, unless you live around these parts, you've probably never heard of this particular occupation before. You see, Gordy is a spanker. A Stillwater Oklahoma Spanker... or 'S.O.S.' for short.

The program was voted into existence about a year ago by a frustrated populace. Stillwater is a college town, home of Oklahoma State University. Folks here are proud of OSU, and appreciate what the school means to the local economy. There is a downside though. Nuisance crimes can get out of hand. Vandalism, public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, dangerous driving... the notorious domain of young college students... can ruin the tranquility of the community.

Fines work as a deterrent for those that value a dollar. Some of the college set has a 'who cares' attitude when it comes to monetary slaps on the wrist though. So, for repeat offenders, the good folks of Stillwater decided to start slapping elsewhere.

Gordy loves his job as a spanker and the difference he's been able to make. When he was a Stillwater Police Officer, he often found the same perps in the back of his squad car. Didn't seem to matter what he did, nothing really changed. As a spanker he can see the impact he's having. Stillwater is a more peaceful place, thanks to some of the most well behaved college students in the nation.

Another thing Gordy likes about his job is the spankings! He's been into spanking for most of his life. Long before spanking became a profession, Gordy was spanking his girlfriends. Sometimes just for fun, sometimes as a part of sex, and sometimes to motivate better behavior.

The best thing about the job though, is because of his previous law enforcement experience, Gordy is able to pick his schedule and his cases. His overwhelming preference is coeds. Beyond the obvious reasons, Gordy has found that young women respond extremely well to the contrition and accountability he demands during a spanking. His stern and patriarchal manner suits the job perfectly.

Indeed, Gordy rarely ever has to see a young lady a second time... well, unless she requests special help after her debt to society has been paid off. Several young ladies have been motivated to take their studies seriously thanks to Gordy's strong hand.

As he straightens his tie and readies himself for work this morning, bubbly coeds aren't on Gordy's mind though. Today, Gordy has only one appointment on his schedule. She comes from the OSU campus, like most do. But, Dorothy Clark is not a student. Dr. Clark, as she likes to be called, is the President of Oklahoma State University. She's a highly respected and powerful member of society that almost always gets what she wants.

In fact, she wanted the city spanking ordinance passed and had led the charge to ensure that it did. Having never had even a hint of problem with the law before, it surely never crossed Dr. Clark's mind that she could face a spanking herself back when she was campaigning for the need of some real discipline in the civil code. Three speeding tickets in four months changed all that. The judge had spared her the rod after the second ticket, but was bound by the 'three strikes and you're spanked' provision that Dorothy Clark herself had insisted on.

Gordy had followed Dr. Clark's court cases with great interest, and was disappointed when the judge had given leniency after the second ticket. He was thrilled when the judge had no choice but to sentence a paddling after the third.

The reason... and the reason for the pep in Gordy's step as he heads off to work... is the past he shares with Dr. Clark. Dorothy had been his girlfriend back in their college days. They'd dated for nearly two years, and had even talked of marriage. Things fell apart when Gordy brought up the topic of spanking though. Dorothy wasn't totally opposed to the idea, until she realized Gordy was sexually excited by the prospect. Mean things were said... sadist, pervert, sicko... and things ended rather badly. They'd not spoken since.

It had actually taken Gordy several months to get over the incident. He gave up spanking, and tried to no longer think about it. He never wanted to go through that sort of humiliation and embarrassment again. In time, his wounds healed and his interest returned. He got comfortable with what he liked, and concluded that Dorothy had simply been too narrow minded to understand. He'd never forget her though and would sometimes wonder what it would be like to spank his first love.

Clearly however, Dorothy had forgotten about him. She had her prestigious job at the college, and her position in the community. She hadn't even bothered to protest when the city hired him as a spanker... even though she knew spanking could be sexual to him, and had promised voters that only "moral" spankers would be hired.

'She will remember now,' Gordy chuckles to himself as he drives to work. He's looking forward to this, and doesn't care that the idea excited him.

Gordy arrives at work a few minutes early. The office is close to the courthouse, which isn't far from the campus. Those sentenced to a spanking are assigned a date and a time, and can get the specifics of what is to happen if they wish. Dorothy already knows all about the procedures though. She'd helped set them up.

There are different rooms for dispensing punishments. Gordy reserved his favorite. Simple tan carpeting and white walls, with a huge red cushioned chair and ottoman sitting in the middle of the floor. A small table sits to the side. Gordy checks that the room is clean, and sets his favorite spanking implement on the table. A hairbrush sized paddle made out of smooth oak that Gordy had handcrafted himself.

Usually a first timer would receive just a hand spanking, which was enough for most when Gordy was giving it. If anyone asked why he was using a paddle on a first timer, he'd tell them it was because Dr. Clark had already been given a second chance by the judge. The real reason though, was this was the paddle he'd planned to use on Dorothy all those years ago. It was the only paddle he'd kept when he tried to give up spanking.

A few minutes before her 9am appointment, Gordy sees Dorothy pull into the parking lot. She's wearing a light blue skirt and blouse, which she straightens as she gets out of her gray Mercedes. She is alone and quickly makes her way into the building. Probably doesn't want anyone to see her, Gordy guesses with an amused grin on his face.

Being early in the day, Dorothy finds no line and is sent back without delay.

"Hello Gordy, how have you been?" Dorothy offers nervously.

"It's Mr. Gordon" came the stern retort.

Dorothy clears her throat and mumbles back, "Okay."

Gordy continues, "This is not a social call, Dr. Clark. We take your blatant disrespect for the law seriously, as you'll soon feel."

Dorothy's face turns red as her eyes dart to the floor. She has nothing to say now.

Gordy steps towards the hall, but Dorothy does not follow. Her feet are planted into the carpet.

"Dr. Clark, please, this way."


"Dr. Clark, NOW."

Still nothing.

Protocol requires Gordy to read a prepared text that warns of a possible 180 day jail sentence for failure to comply. Spankings are tightly regulated in most areas. Gordy isn't one to follow scripts though. He reasons each woman is different and thus requires a different kind of spanking. But Dorothy, she can make trouble. It's risky to stray off course with her, and Gordy knows it. After waiting all these years though, he is more than willing to take some chances.

"I will not tolerate disrespect. You will do as you're told, and you WILL take the spanking you have coming," Gordy orders as he takes hold of Dorothy's hand. No protest is offered as she shuffles her feet down the hallway. Gordy leads her straight into the punishment room and towards the big red chair. He can see her eyes fixate on the paddle situated on the middle of the table. Dorothy seems as if she might recognize it, but she does not speak.

Wanting to make his role clear, Gordy sweeps his hands around Dorothy's waist and in one swoop plucks her off her feet and over his lap. With a tug Dorothy's blue dress lifts into the air before falling to her back. New white cotton panties with little pink flowers on the waistband are all that protect Dorothy's bottom now.

"Dorothy, you know why you're here. You've been very-very naughty. Three tickets in four months. That's unacceptable. You're supposed to be a shining example to your students and look at you, over my knee awaiting your deserved punishment like some foolish freshman."

"I know, Mr. Gordon and I am sorry. I really am sorry, sorry for everything. I deserve what I'm about to get."

Gordy is not surprised at Dorothy's repentant tone. Many become apologetic in a last ditch attempt to save their hide. Without pause Gordy firmly replies, "It's good you understand that you've earned what you're about to get."

Slipping his fingers between the fabric of Dorothy's panties and her warm skin, Gordy tugs the material down exposing bare flesh. Her bottom is pale white, and looks surprisingly similar to what he recalls.

Gordy slowly raises his hand, admiring the pristine view.

Thumping down firmly into the bare flesh before him, Gordy begins to spank. Soundly scolding Dorothy's bottom checks with swift smacks that build in intensity with each blow. Gordy's hand rings as he swats away towards a full force hand spanking.

Approaching crescendo, Dorothy cuts loose with a bellowing shriek that could only come from a woman that has never been spanked before. She tries to pull and wiggle, twist and push... anything to soothe the eruption of pain in her rear. Gordy tightens his grip as he pulls Dorothy closer. The struggle excites Gordy in a most obvious way. That Dorothy surely would disapprove if she knew, only adds to the excitement.

With a flourish of walloping spanks, Gordy concludes the hand spanking. Dorothy's rump is an angry shade of red, with small blotches of purple dots peaking out. She's bawling softly into the arm of the chair, very much feeling her punishment.

Heat radiates from under Gordy's hand as gently rubs from the tip of Dorothy's thighs to the edge of her back. She starts to settle herself. Turning her teary eyes towards Gordy, she asks, "Are you still going to paddle me?"

"You're not getting out of it this time" Gordy answers as he roughly runs his fingernails over Dorothy's spanked bottom. She yelps and turns her head back into the armrest.

Turning towards the table, Gordy reaches for his favorite paddle. His legs shift as he slides the smoothly worn oak into his hand. Dorothy pushes her body towards Gordy as he settles back into his seat. Gordy can feel his stiff excitement against his slacks, straining towards Dorothy's bare skin.

Every carnal instinct in Gordy's body urges him forward. To ravish in the way he desires. To take what he wants, and to punish any effort to deny it. To spank hard and act on every craving. To make Dorothy hurt and ache, and at the same time lust and hunger for more.

But his job. The job he loves. The job he knows he'll lose if he persists.

Gordy gathers himself. Dorothy is still and makes no attempt to pull away. He decides to get Dorothy's full attention, in hopes that she'll ignore the issue pressing into her side.

Gordy lifts his attention getter high into the air. Swiftly the paddle cuts through the air, fuming towards it's destination. Scorching into place, Dorothy's breath is taken away. Quickly up again, it falls just as fast on the same spot. Then the attention moves to Dorothy's other cheek. Up and down, and then again.

The sounds of hard wood slapping into tender skin fills the room. Dorothy kicks her feet as her bottom turns deep crimson. She's now howling in distress.

THWACK-THWACK-THWACK. Gordy continues vigorously paddling. Over each check, and down to the tops of her thighs harsh discipline is evenly dispensed. He moves his left hand onto Dorothy's hip and presses down. Slowly he glides his hand away, pulling Dorothy's flesh back and exposing the most delicate part of her bottom.

Unspanked skin is revealed, which Gordy quickly rectifies with the paddle in his right hand by spanking directly on the middle of Dorothy's bottom.

As Gordy pushes the paddle through the air, he starts to scold.

Dorothy, you must remember that traffic laws are designed to keep you safe. SMACK-SMACK!

You must act like the role model you're supposed to be. WHACK-WHACK!

You must not be such a mean prude!

Might as well tell her the real reason she's getting the paddle Gordy figures.

With several culminating swats straight on Dorothy's sit spots, the paddling comes to a close. Raging violaceous marks protrude from the scarlet red canvas before Gordy's eyes. Dorothy weeps, but has taken her punishment rather well. Most squirm and fight more than she did.

Gordy very lightly starts to rub. Once a debt has been paid, he believes that comfort and forgiveness should be offered. With his palm he strokes in gentle circular motions, taking his time to pacify the sorest spots.

"Have you learned your lesson young lady?" he asks.

"Yes, sir, I have. Thank you for teaching me it" Dorothy responds with a snivel.

With the spanking over and no chance at manipulating a gentler punishment, Gordy did not expecting such a pleasant response. Maybe an irritable "are we done now"... but not a "thank you." He decides to explore exactly how thankful she is.

"Would you like me to continue rubbing your bottom?"

"Yes, sir. It feels nice." As Dorothy responds, she moves her legs apart stretching her white panties into her thighs. She asks, "Do you think I have a nice ass?"

"You have a very nice ass, sweetie."

"Is it as nice as the ones you normally see?"

"It's nicer, Dorothy. You know I've always liked your bottom."

Gordy continues to stroke. His hand moves over the edge of her back, flowing onto the rise of flesh that forms the beginning of Dorothy's backside. Back and forth he glides, fingers drifting over the divide in her flesh. Plunging lower, he can feel heat rising. Gently he soothes with his touch. His hand lightly passes over the summit of her rear-end, causing Dorothy to wince in pain.

"There-there, you'll be okay" Gordy offers.

Dorothy whispers, "Don't stop."

Gordy continues his decent, reaching the spot where Dorothy's bottom curves into her thighs. She moans softly. Shifting forward her legs move further apart. Gordy's caress brushes against Dorothy's now exposed wetness. Her arousal is obvious.

Concerns about his job melt away as Gordy moves from a soothing touch to a pleasing one. Prodding deeper into her folds of skin, he enters Dorothy. With great hunger she thrusts back as Gordy pushes his finger forward. His hand collides with Dorothy's primal lunge, sending a blissful shiver from the core of her sexuality to the edge of her mouth. She bites down on her lower lip as a wave of release rolls through her body.

Gordy guides his finger from the clutching grasp of Dorothy's quivering body. He raises his hand deliberately into the air and drops several quick slaps on Dorothy's backside.

"Are you a naughty girl that likes to be spanked" he asks.

Dorothy yelps out "yes" as her backside wiggles.

Hand still rhythmically beating down on sore flesh Gordy continues, "... and does spanking turn you on, Dr. Clark?"

Legs slamming shut, her bottom wincing with sting, Dorothy pleas, "yes-yes sir... yes- it does- YES!"

"That's a good girl" Gordy replies with a smile. His spanks subside to little pats, and then more gentle rubs. Dorothy again exposes her excitement. Gordy rewards her honesty with succulent touches directly to her most tender pleasure spot. Dorothy's body trembles with pulsing ecstasy, absorbing all of the bliss Gordy's skilled hand offers. Wave after wave of gratification swirls through her body until she is completely fulfilled.

The frenzy of hard spanking and unrestrained sexuality drains Dorothy leaving her finely styled hair clinging to her damp forehead. Little beads of perspiration roll from her back and onto her spanked bottom. Her fashionable blue dress is disheveled against her body.

Slumping back into the big chair, Gordy allows Dorothy time to catch her breath. Softly running his fingers over crimson skin, he chuckles out loud.

Dorothy turns her head and asks, "What's so funny?"

Patting her bottom Gordy answers, "The spanking ordinance, me being hired as the top spanker, you getting three speeding tickets in four months... I'm thinking you being here isn't exactly a coincidence."

Dorothy says nothing.

"Do I need to paddle you again young lady?"

"... okay-okay, I admit it! I've thought about you giving me a spanking ever since we broke up. I've fantasized about it, and wished I'd have just been honest about wanting it when you brought it up. I just never could think of how to fix things. so... I ...

"That's very sneaky of you, Dr. Clark. I wonder what all those coeds I've spanked think of your shenanigans..."

It was a good thing Gordy had just the one appointment today...


Time to make your guess. Let’s just agree that it was a man! But which of our men out here wrote it. I have tried to encourage lurkers with a story in them to contribute. Is that what happened this week, could it be an anonymous male? Is it Paul our wise loving voice of knowledge out here? Maybe it’s Todd from American Spanking Society; we know he believes in firm loving discipline. Or could it be David (Mthc) husband who reads and comments but would secretly love to have time for his own blog? You decide and vote. Come back Monday for the answer.

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