I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Please cross your fingers

Well, well, well I think I have myself in an interesting situation. We began all this – all TTWD – with me wanting to lose weight. I introduce Nick to dd with the idea of helping me get to a healthy weight.

I know weight issues and the idea of a husband using dd for this reason can be a minefield. But for us those issues were never a problem. The way it worked was me doing the exercising and deciding what I would eat but Nick did his part by holding my feet (or butt, I guess I should say) to the fire. It worked pretty well – I lose 40 pounds in the first 2 years.

Then I hit a plateau, in several areas. The rest of the weight just wouldn’t budge. I was sick of the gym, sick of exercising, sick of watching what I ate. The blogging world, which had also been key in keeping me interested in changing my life, had changed. Friends had come and gone and I was losing interest in the whole thing. I think Nick was too, at least with trying to be the ‘healthy lifestyle police’.

We both ignored it for a while but it’s getting bad again. Something has to be done or I’m really going to be putting my health in danger. I'm getting ready to jump into it again.
My interesting situation? Unlike when we first started and I was so interested in the idea of ‘punishment’ I can honestly say I don’t want that right now. Heck, he spanks lightly now and I feel like he’s killing me! I feel like such a wuss!! Now I have two deadlines – one is this Friday (I have to lose one pound this first week), and another goal for the end of January. Now rather than wondering if he would really follow through with a hard spanking – I know he will and I don’t want him to!! I’m finally, in a situation where I’m going to have to work in order to avoid a spanking I don’t want. Who would have ever thought?

Sunday, November 28, 2010


If you can't read this it says...

Language... has created the word "loneliness"
to express the pain of being alone.
And it has created the word "solitude"
to express the glory of being alone.

My parents left me home alone over night for the first time when I was 16. My mother was nearly a basket case worrying that I was going to be lonely and frightened. I loved every single second of it!!! I’ve always enjoyed being alone. I sometimes worry that Nick might interpret my need to be alone as a desire not to be with him but nothing could be further from the truth. When I want to be with people, which is most of the time, I want to be with him or Mollie or LJ. But there are just those times when I crave being alone.

I use my solitude as a time to think and to work things out in my mind. I love to write and that’s not something I can do well when other are around. When I get too much rolling around in my mind my need to be alone becomes overwhelming. Sometimes it’s just a fiction story. Sometimes it’s my feelings about TTWD (at least do on and off). Sometimes I use my alone time to write about TTWD in order to try to understand what I need to be my best self. Sometimes I use that time to talk myself off the ledge, so to speak. If I start to get down or depressed I can sometimes think/write myself out of the mood. Of course there are other times that I just let myself fall into these bad feelings and wallow in them. But I’m really getting better about that.

Please don’t tell me how much I’m going to miss Mollie and that I’ll have too much time alone when she leaves. Believe me I KNOW how much I’m gonna miss that child! But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use a half day to myself now. I pretty much took a day to myself yesterday. I shut myself away in my ‘writing room’. Colder that an ice box in that room, but it still was a much needed time.

We haven’t tried any dd or much of spanking at all recently. But this weekend we started talking about it just a tiny bit. Nick has no idea how much talking (emailing) helps me. I am the one with the need for it all and when I pull away from it mentally and physically I know it leaves Nick wondering how far to push it. So we’ve been in a bit of limbo lately. Limbo sucks! We’ve gotten to the point where I was/am confused as to what will be best for us. What I hold on to is the closeness that developed and continued as we explored different aspects of TTWD, I really want to keep that and build on it. Maybe I need some time alone to think about it.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Fantasy Friday, A Toasty Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a very good Thanksgiving Day for me, I hope all of you had a good one too. Last week I was so very happy to receive a brand new Fantasy Friday and I was especially happy to get one that fit right into the season. I hope this add even more fun to your Thanksgiving weekend.

This story is from Mary, she is a 30-something stay-at-home wife and mother with 4 children, under the age of 8. She discovered spanking blogs a little over a year ago and began writing a few fiction stories of her own, but she said that this is the first story she has shared with anyone other than her husband.

Four children under eight?? Really? You have to give Mary some real credit for being able to fine the time to write so much as a grocery list! Thanks Mary, you did a great job.

Please enjoy...

A Toasty Thanksgiving

It was almost 6pm. Liz was waiting for her husband, Rob, to make it in from work. She had dinner ready and their bags packed for their Thanksgiving Holiday at her aunt’s house, three hours away. Liz was almost uncontrollably excited about this trip. She hadn’t seen most of her family since her wedding, ten months earlier, and she had been so busy with preparations and then greeting and visiting with all the guests that she had barely said more than “hello” and “glad you could make it” to her family before she was whisked away on their romantic honeymoon. Liz’s Aunt Jane had invited them and her two sisters up to their mountain home for the holiday. It had been years since Liz had visited up there, but she had always enjoyed the peaceful quiet of the mountains and beautiful sunrises.

As Liz was thinking about snuggling up by the warm fireplace with her love after a huge Thanksgiving feast, her thoughts were interrupted by car lights pulling into the driveway. Liz quickly brought herself back to the task at hand and finished setting the table for dinner.

“Hey babe,” Rob whispered as he embraced her with a passionate kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, honey,” Liz answered. “Dinner’s ready in the kitchen.”

“Good girl,” Rob grinned as he gave her a playful swat on the seat of her jeans when she turned to set out the plates.

During dinner they discussed their plans for the weekend and Liz went through her extended family and reminded Rob of who was who. You know, “Aunt Jane still smokes, but she won’t admit it and Uncle Tom talks politics all day long and Lucy still spends every penny that comes her way, etc. Once dinner was finished and the dishes cleared away, Liz wanted to start loading the bags in the explorer so they could get an early start in the morning.

“Slow down there, young lady!” Rob called as Liz started to pick up a bag and head for the door. “Tomorrow’s not going to get here any faster with those bags in the car, and I want to talk with you for a minute.”

Rob led her to living room and sat down in the middle of the couch. He beckoned for Liz to follow him and then guided her across his knee.

“Honey! I haven’t done anything wrong!”

A firm slap came down across her jeans. “Shush.” Rob stated firmly. He then rested his large hand across the round hump of her bottom and gently rubbed, before he proceeded with his “discussion.”

“You did a wonderful job during dinner bringing me up to date on all the going’s on with your family, but you failed to mention one little detail that you need to prepare yourself for. Dr. (swat) Pepper! (swat, swat!)

“Ow!” Liz squealed, more out of delight than true pain. “I haven’t had a Dr. Pepper in over a month and you know it!”

“Yes, I know, and I am very proud of you for sticking to your guns on this issue. Besides, I would wear you out if I found out you had one. You have lost 6 of the 15 pounds that you asked me to help you with. I have only had to spank you twice since you asked for my help, but this is going to be a reminder spanking tonight because I know that between your sisters and your Aunt Jane, that house is going to be fully stocked with Dr. Pepper, on every countertop and at every seat at the table, morning, noon and night. I also know your history with drinking Dr. Pepper night and day during college and the cravings that you have shared with me over the past few months. It would not be fair to you for me to throw you out to the wolves without being right behind you (literally) to support you. It’s not going to be easy to stay strong, but I would rather give you this spanking tonight than have to wear you out during our vacation, so, this is my attempt to prepare you for what lies ahead this weekend.”

With the end of his discussion, he proceeded to let his hands do the talking. He started with a long, slow warm-up that actually felt quite nice and Liz was hoping that he might just end right there and take her straight to the bedroom….no such luck. He then stood her up and unbuttoned her jeans, removing them and her panties, before continuing to pepper her bottom with harder spanks all across her bottom. She was starting to squirm from the pain and began pleading her promises of not drinking any Dr. Pepper all weekend. Rob continued to spank up and down her cheeks, as well as just underneath her cheeks, until they were rosy red. After several minutes he suddenly started to rub and squeeze. Liz let out a gasp of relief from the end of the spanking as well as a gasp of pain at the friction on her very warm, tender bottom.

When Rob let her up, Liz turned to him, sat on his lap and smiled. “Thank you. That was just what I needed. I didn’t even realize it, but I needed to know that you are going to keep me accountable, even while on vacation. You’re right. I will be tempted, but knowing that you are serious about helping me with this decision will help me refrain.”

“Good, because if I find out you’ve had one, I will wear you out!”

She knew the seriousness of Rob’s voice and did not want to question his authority, but in the back of her mind she wondered just how he would manage that when they would be guests in somebody else’s home, full of other people, without the privacy of their own home. But, at the same time, she really did not want to find out.

The next morning, they awoke early, got the explorer loaded and set out for the mountains. Rob noticed the occasional grimace or change in position as Liz tried to find a comfortable way to sit on a still tender backside. He smiled his devilish grin and asked, “What’s the matter, babe? Can’t get comfortable?”

“You know exactly what the matter is!” Liz almost laughed.

“Just be thankful that was only a reminder…”

Three hours later they were greeting family with warm embraces and constant chatter about the latest events in each other’s lives. Liz’s Aunt Jane led her and Rob out to the garage, separated from the house, that had a small apartment upstairs.

“We thought you newlyweds would probably like to have a little privacy away from the hustle and bustle in the house all weekend,” Aunt Jane explained.

“Well, that was very thoughtful of you,” Rob answered, with the same evil grin directed back at Liz.

Once their bags were unloaded and they got settled in their accommodations, Rob and Liz went down to the main house to visit with the rest of the family. Liz’s eyes immediately fixated on the kitchen countertop. Eight cases of Dr. Pepper were stacked up and about 6 more cans were sitting out around the table. Everyone she saw was holding a Dr. Pepper in their hands. Liz felt her knees getting weak as she suddenly realized how hard this weekend was going to be, until she felt Rob’s strong arms wrap around her from behind and he gently whispered in her ear, “You can do this. You are strong and I am here to help you.”

“Hey Liz, grab a cold Dr. Pepper and come play pool with us!” her sister Lucy called from the game room. Just then Uncle Tom opened the fridge and Liz’s eyes widened once again when she saw what seemed to be 30 more Dr. Peppers stacked up in the fridge. “This is going to be a looong weekend,” Liz thought to herself.

Rob’s hand firmly squeezed Liz’s shoulder and she weakly replied, “Uh, no thanks. I’m not really thirsty. We stopped on the road not too long ago.”

Overhearing the conversation, Aunt Jane piped in, “Well, just make yourself at home, sweetie. We made sure we stocked up on all y’alls favorites, so just help yourself to anything you want.”

“Thank you.” Liz replied as she tried to find a corner to hide in without Dr. Pepper staring back at her.

After spending a few hours playing games and visiting with family, Liz and Rob retreated to their bedroom above the garage before dinner that night.

“This is going to be SO HARD!! It’s not fair! They’re practically shoving Dr. Pepper down my throat! It’s everywhere! It’s a conspiracy to get me spanked!” Liz wailed into Rob’s shoulder when they were in their room.

“Now calm down. You know very well that no one out there knows what will happen if you decide to give in to temptation. And you need to remember that you are the one who asked me to hold you accountable.” Rob’s voice was slow and controlled, but it had the sound of a warning to it. “We are going to enjoy our Thanksgiving tomorrow and there is just as much water and juice available as there is Dr. Pepper. You’ve got to get control of yourself, before I do it for you.” The warning was now very clear.

Liz composed herself and later that night, when she was offered Dr. Pepper once again, she politely explained that she had stopped drinking it several months ago to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Though surprised, everyone respected her wishes and didn’t bring it up again.

Thanksgiving Day was just wonderful with plenty of good food and old family stories shared across the table. Liz was feeling good and proud of herself for standing up to the temptation and enjoying spending the time with her family. Thursday night all the guys started talking about going hunting in the morning. Aunt Jane then suggested that the girls spend the day shopping the Black Friday sales. So, it was decided. The next morning everyone woke up at 4am….the guys dressed for hunting deer….the girls dressed for hunting bargains.

“Have a good day, babe. Remember our budget in the checking account. I’m not planning on eating beans and rice for the rest of my life.” Rob finished his mini-lecture with a pop to Liz’s backside. Liz instinctively rubbed her bottom and stuck out her bottom lip until Rob embraced her in another one of his passionate kisses that always brought a smile to her face.

The girls started their shopping trip early, with lots of excitement and energy. By 8am, however, the crowds and lack of sleep were taking a toll on their energy. Liz’s middle sister, Leah, suggested they stop for a “pick-me-up.” Of course, her idea of a pick-me-up was a Dr. Pepper. The three sisters sat down and Aunt Jane soon brought four large Dr. Peppers to the table. Liz almost gasped at the sight of the drink. She could hear two different voices whispering in her ears.

“Go ahead, it’s just one and you’ve done so much walking today you’ve already burned the calories in it. How can you turn it down after your Aunt Jane was nice enough to buy it for you?”

“Water! Order water! You know Rob will wear out your butt if he finds out!”

“He won’t find out. Besides, he’s too busy hanging out with the guys. He obviously doesn’t even care.”

Liz decided she just couldn’t turn away the Dr. Pepper staring her in the face and began to slowly drink it. Before she knew it, the large Dr. Pepper was empty, and suddenly she felt sick to her stomach. She felt horrible for letting herself down and for letting down Rob. She also knew that somehow or another Rob would find out and her backside would be toast.

While they were still resting, Aunt Jane and Leah left for a few minutes to take a walk. “Gotta get their smokes,” Lucy whispered.

“What? Since when does Leah smoke?” Liz asked, confused.

“Whenever she can get away with it from what I understand. Mike doesn’t like it one bit.”

The girls finished some more shopping and decided to call it a day. They carried in all their packages, Lucy carrying the most, and crashed in the living room for a short nap until the men made it back home. Liz woke up even more nervous than before. As soon as the truck pulled up to the house, she rushed out to greet Rob.

“Hey babe! How was your trip?” she managed to squeak out.

“Eh, it was alright. No deer for supper, but we had a good time talking, just us guys. What’s the matter, babe. You seem nervous.”

Ughh! He saw right through her! “Nothing, nothing’s the matter. Come inside for some cocoa.” Liz turned and headed to the house with Rob shaking his head, knowing that something was wrong.

Sitting at the table, everyone began talking about their day. The guys seemed to have really bonded during their hunting trip and were still cracking jokes with each other. The laughter took some of the edge away for Liz, until Aunt Jane offered her another Dr. Pepper.

“Oh, uh, no thanks. Remember, I’m not drinking those anymore,” Liz barely managed to stammer and tried to think of a way to escape.

“Oh yeah, but I just thought since you had one this morning maybe you had changed your mind. No problem.”

Liz could feel Rob’s eyes digging into her, waiting for an explanation, but she couldn’t manage to look at him. Soon, the conversation changed to the girls’ purchases and Aunt Jane started going on and on about all the bargains Lucy had found and how Lucy almost bought out an entire store! Lucy’s husband, Chris, sat quietly, but was obviously upset by his wife’s uncontrollable spending habits. Soon, Leah started coughing and Aunt Jane commented, “Oh, it was so cold and windy outside today. We probably shouldn’t have been smoking out there.” Mike, as well as the other men, suddenly turned all eyes to Leah. She looked like she wanted to crawl under the table just as much as Liz. Just as an uncomfortable silence crept around the table, Mike politely excused himself and Leah to their bedroom in the basement. Chris quickly followed suit as he practically pushed Lucy up the stairs. Rob then excused himself and Liz out to their room above the garage.

“Was it something I said?” Aunt Jane asked, looking around and seeing only her husband at the table.

“I think it was more something you did. Tell me, whose idea was it to take the girls, including “spend-a-lot Lucy,” shopping today? And let me guess, who ordered Dr. Pepper for Liz today after she had told you that she stopped drinking them? And, pray tell, who did Leah bum a cigarette off of today? And since when do you think it's ok to offer cigarettes to your young nieces? You know very well that we are trying to get you to quit. There's no sense in getting any of those sweet girls caught up in that nastiness!” Uncle Tom’s eyes were now staring expectantly at his wife.

“Well….I didn’t mean any harm. I just wanted the girls to have a good time.”

“I know you didn’t, but I had a nice long chat with the guys earlier today, and let’s just say that they take care of business with their wives the same way that I take care of business around here. And I think we need to go have a little talk down at the barn.” Uncle Tom pulled Aunt Jane up from the table and led her outside.

“Tom! You don’t mean…..”

“Yes, I do!”

Meanwhile, Rob and Liz had just reached the door to their room.

“Honey! It was just one little Dr. Pepper. Aunt Jane bought it for me and I couldn’t turn it down. That would have been rude. And we did so much walking today that I’m sure I’ve already burned all the calories!! It’s been so long…just one’s not gonna make any difference!” Rob did not respond, but continued to pull her into the bedroom. He put his hand up, signaling for Liz to stop arguing and to listen. She did so, but was already crying quietly.

“Go get the paddle out of the green bag.”

“But I didn’t pack the paddle.” She sure as heck wouldn’t have done anything that foolish! If he was going to spank her, then he would just have to use his hand.

“I know you didn’t pack it. That’s why I did. Now go get it.”

Feeling defeated, Liz slowly walked to the green bag and found the paddle in the outside pocket. She returned to him and he quietly unbuttoned her jeans and positioned her across his lap.

“I’m very disappointed in you babe.” Just that statement alone was punishment enough and Liz’s tears became uncontrollable. She was already sobbing how sorry she was and Rob hadn’t even administered the first swat.

“Do you know why we are here?”

“Yes” she managed to whisper.

“Good. Do I need to know anything else, other than you drank a Dr. Pepper today, even though you knew it was forbidden?”

“No, except that I am so sorry!” Liz continued to cry softly.

“I know you are, babe. And I am a man of my word.” With that final statement, Rob began to spank with his hand, harder than he had ever spanked her before. Liz was crying out loudly now and trying to get away, but Rob had her legs pinned between his own. After a very brief “warm-up” that had Liz ready to jump out of her skin, he picked up the paddle and applied deliberate strokes all over her already sore bottom. The pain was greater than Liz remembered any previous spanking, and Rob was determined to make an impression because he did not want to have to do this again. After about 40 strokes, he laid the paddle down beside him on the bed and started rubbing Liz’s back. She continued to cry as Rob leaned down and whispered “It’s over, babe. All over. I love you.” Liz continued to cry as Rob rubbed her back and then gently laid her down in the bed. He got some lotion out of the bag and began to massage her tender bottom. The cool lotion made Liz jump at first, but then it was soothing to feel his large hands that had just recently been so hard and firm, become soft and gentle as he massaged.

“Come on, babe. Time to get up. We need to go down and help get dinner ready.”

Liz looked at the clock. 5 o’clock already? She must have slept for over an hour.

“What have you been doing all this time?” Liz asked.

“Just rubbing your back and watching you sleep. You are beautiful, even with a red backside!” They both laughed and then Liz started to get up, only to be quickly reminded how sore her bottom was. She grimaced and opted for a comfy pair of sweats rather than pulling her jeans back on. She washed her face and did her best to conceal her swollen eyes and runny nose.

Back in the house, Liz found her sisters and Aunt Jane working quietly in the kitchen getting some leftovers heated up for dinner. Surprisingly, all four women had changed into sweatpants and tried to avoid direct eye contact with each other. The four men were all sitting in the living room, with a football game on in the background, watching their wives, admiring their handiwork, and smiling.

“All in a day’s work, boys. All in a day’s work,” Uncle Tom proclaimed.


Mary, thank you so much for your contribution. It's wonderful to have a new story. I hope you will keep writing and share more with us. If anyone else has a story for Fantasy Friday please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, November 25, 2010

:( Morning, Afternoon :)

*There will be a brand new Fantasy Friday story tomorrow. I hope you’ll have the chance to come back and read sometime this weekend.

Thank you for popping in on Thanksgiving Day. I hope you will be able to be with family and friends sometime today. I’m thankful for many, many things this year - my family, my health, and my friends. I want you to know I am very grateful for the friends that come by and read here. We may never meet, but the support I feel from here is very important to me.

We will be heading to Nick’s parents later today. Meanwhile I have a dreaded task this morning. We replaced the dishwasher and this morning Nick and I will be installing it. We’ve done this before. Nick is more than capable but I do NOT enjoy my role as assistant. When we had the old one repaired and had to reinstall it 4 years ago I wrote the follow, ‘Ode to a Repairman’. Considering what I’m going to be going through this morning I thought I’d repost it. I think many of us – men and women will see the truth in it.

‘Ode to a Re
pair Man’


How to help your HOH replace a dishwasher
while the pipes under the sink fall apart as he touches them.

Have you ever tried to help install or replace a dishwasher, or some other appliance? I have some tips:

Rule one – Shut up! He does not want your help verbally; he does not want your opinion, your suggestions or anything else from you that requires speech!

Do stay close! This is not the time to sit at the computer and laugh your ass off at someone’s post, relax in front of the tube or chat on the phone to a friend. This is especially true if the phone conversation includes how long it is taking to get the appliance installed. (see rule one)

Other helpful hints would include learning the names of basic tools. If he asks for a wrench, he does not want the needle nose pliers. Do not ask “Well can’t you just use that?” (see rule one)

Realize that 99% of his questions are rhetorical and do not require an answer. Questions like “Where did I put the damn screw?” “Why is this piece of shit falling apart?” and “Who needs a fucking dishwasher in the first place?” should not be answered! (see rule one)

Try to keep the flash light shinning in the direction he is looking. If you stare longing back toward the computer the light will veer away from the correct spot. If he grabs it out of you hand, don’t say “Your head got in the way!”(see rule one)

Lastly but not least - all finger gestures must be done out of sight of the HOH and comments like ‘Bite me’ and ‘Kiss my ass’, while perfectly acceptable, must be said in you head, not muttered aloud! (see rule one)

I sure hope I can remember all these rules (especially rule one) and we can get the darn thing in!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An old horror rears it's ugly head

I hope everyone is planning on having a great Thanksgiving. Five straight days off – what a luxury, I am really looking forward to that. Nick’s mom is still cooking at the age of 85 so we still head there for Thanksgiving. I guess everyone will be there this year except LJ. He is getting together with his friends in NY – his ‘other’ family, so I know he and Colin won’t be alone.

Meanwhile back here on the ranch we had a little incident come up. This happened several years and we resolved it but it has come up again so I’m reposting what I had to say about it the first time it. I really hoped this would never be an issue again but…

I know that I have said all along that I want to be a sub and do whatever Nick asks of me. But what happens when he asks me to do something that I really do not like, something that makes me very uncomfortable? I have done this in the past and yes, before we were married, on rare occasions did it with other men. But I never liked it! Actually, Nick did not really asked me to do it. But I know he wants me to and I knew he expects me to. He has done it for me although I never asked him to. I have done in for him in the past, many years ago, but only once or twice since we married. It is hot and wet, but sometimes that is not enough! I am afraid that if this is something he is going to want done on a regular basis he is going to have to hire a professional! Broken dishwasher or not, I am not washing dishes by hand any more!!

Yes I realize I am a spoiled brat. But I have been this way for a long time. My dad had an appliance store, so we had a dishwasher by the time I was 10 and I was the youngest so I never even washed dishes as a kid. I thought it was a major inconvenience when the ice maker quit working last month and I’ve only emptied the ice trays twice (BTW that ice maker is still broken 4 years later!) But no dishwasher – get real! Three guesses what we're getting each other as a early Christmas gift this year!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Speak up or shut up?

I think this weekend made me realize that if I ever do retire, and get the chance to write, I’m going to have to have two homes. They need to be at least an hour or two apart. I visited my sister for a little Christmas shopping Saturday. I really enjoyed our visit but I also loved the time I spent on the drive there and back. Driving alone in the car is my best mind blogging time.

In the car I can think so clearly! I can write fiction, Cassie talks to me, and I have so many ideas I want to share with Nick. By the time I get home I know exactly what I want to write or how I want to explain myself to Nick. This time I spent most of the time writing a ‘fiction’ story that I guess I need to write just for him. It’s my own fantasy view of what I wish he would do right now to help me with the weight problem before it gets totally and completely out of hand.

But often when I get home and to my keyboard I lose my nerve for what I want to tell Nick. I mean we’ve kinda let the whole spanking thing go except for fun and games. Do I really want to stir things up again? I don’t know. Letting go of it it’s relaxing in a way. There is no pressure on Nick this way – no trying to figure out any discipline. And no pressure on me or my ‘more tender than normal behind’ either! Part of me knows I do want it; I always have. But part of me says let it go because I won’t be driving myself (and Nick) crazy with it.

Now I have to decide, should I write the ‘story’? Do I have the guts to throw it out there again? I guess my two biggest fears are: 1. I’ll ask for what I need and Nick just won’t want to do it, or 2. I’ll ask for what I need and Nick will want to do it. And I’m not sure which of these fears causes me the most concern. Maybe I’ll just take the cowards way out and do nothing.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Special Delivery, Ch. Two, II

Here is the second chapter of Special Delivery. I think this a wonderful Fantasy Friday story and I really like that there are several parts to it. You can find the first part here in case you missed it last week. Again a big thanks to my friend Annie for being the great writer that she is and for sharing her talent with us

Please enjoy...

Chapter 2

Ray caught a cab back to his office and hurried home, hoping for the best. His sisters were not above taking advantage of his absence. To his great surprise the house was dark and quiet, the kitchen clean and tidy. The only thing worse than chaos was excess neatness, it meant one or both of them was in trouble and trying to soften him up by being extra good.

What a day, he paused in the kitchen, wishing he could relax with a quiet beer. No, better to find out what they were up to, and then really relax. He walked upstairs, hoping to find them in bed, asleep. Both of their doors were closed, lights off, so far so good.

Ray knew it was too good to be true. On his pillow rested a letter from school. So much for a quiet evening. It seems Miss Donna was suspended for three days for smoking on school property. Apparently this was not the first offense. His signature was accepted on the last letter, this time he had to talk to the principal in person. No problem there, Ray never saw the first letter and would be happy to discuss it with Donna and the principal.

Ray knocked on Donna’s door, and then went in. She lay still, appearing sound asleep, but Ray was wise to her tricks.

“Stop pretending, Donna. I know you aren’t asleep. We need to talk about this now.”

Donna rolled over just as he turned on the light. Her tousled hair and sleepy face made her look much younger than almost eighteen.

“Tell me your side of this, but, don’t lie to me or it will just be worse.”

Ray sat on the side of her bed and waited.

“I was with some friends during study hall and we went outside to get something out of Becky’s car. Some of them were smoking and we didn’t see the principal coming. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Donna peeked up at her brother through a veil of lashes trying to gauge his reaction to her story so far.

“What about the other letter, the one I signed and returned to school the last time you were in trouble?”

Donna groaned, if he knew about that there was no hope, she was dead.

“Were you smoking?”

“I was just, well, you see, um, well.” Donna was desperate to find an answer that didn’t involve actual lies.

“Oh, I see. I see a little girl who is in very big trouble, and is making it all worse. You are suspended from school for three days, you do NOT want to lie to me on top of that.”

“No, Sir. I’m sorry, Ray, it won’t ever happen again, I promise.”

“You got away with this once and didn’t learn anything. I intend to see to it that you don’t forget this time. Go get the paddle.”

“Ray, you can’t paddle me, I’m eighteen, and I’m much too big for you to spank.”

“One, two, three,”

She was off of the bed and racing to do as he had asked before he stopped counting. It had been awhile since he had punished either of them, but not so long that she didn’t remember that this was a bad time to make him angry. She raced to the kitchen and was already in tears by the time she returned. Without a word, Ray motioned her over the end of the bed, lifted her t-shirt and started walloping. Her thin panties offered no protection against the rapid fall of the paddle, in just a few strokes she was sobbing and promising to be good. By the time he was finished she hung limply over the footboard. He pulled her up, gave her a hug and tucked her into bed, with a promise that the discussion would continue in the morning.

Ray fell into bed wondering where in the world he would find the energy to run a business, supervise his sisters, and start a relationship.

Breakfast at the Bishop house was unusually quiet. Donna came down in her favorite jeans, while Debbie was dressed in her school uniform. Ray watched them both, as they tried to judge his mood. No one but Ray could tell them apart, outwardly identical twins, inside they were as different as night and day. Donna outgoing, popular and always in trouble. Debbie quiet, studious, usually lost in a book.

“I spoke to the principal this morning. It seems there have been several notices sent home for my signature that I never saw. I want to make it clear that this will not happen again. I gave instructions that I am to be called if there is a problem. Debbie, you go on to school, and try to learn from your sister’s mistakes.”

Debbie quietly gathered her books and left for the bus stop, glad it wasn’t her that made Ray so sad.

Donna sat in her chair waiting for the lecture she knew was coming. If she could just get through this part she would have the house all to herself for three whole days.

“Donna, I am so disappointed in your behavior. You know how I feel about smoking, and there is nothing I hate more than lying. You have broken every rule we have this time, and the principal tells me that you have been in trouble at school. In fact, he was concerned because he had sent a request for a conference, but I was too busy to go.”

Ray watched Donna sinking into her seat, she was obviously hoping he wouldn’t find out about the rest.

“I think that this is a bigger problem than just smoking. You have been lying to your teachers, signing my name to school letters, turning in late assignments and running around with a wild crowd.”

Ray paused to take a drink of coffee, sighed, then continued.

“While you are suspended your sister will be bringing your schoolwork home so you don’t fall behind. Also, there will be some extra credit work in the classes you have been falling behind in. Since I cannot trust you to do what you are supposed to you will be going to work with me while you are suspended. To help you remember just how much trouble you are in we will start each morning off with the paddle.”

Ray was surprised at her reaction, without a word she nodded and went up to her room. He knew if she was giving in this easily there must be more that he didn’t know, yet.
Ray went upstairs, determined to make her understand.

Donna was draped over the foot of her bed, paddle next to her, the very picture of a contrite little girl awaiting punishment.

“Donna, take your jeans down.”

“No, you can’t spank me on the bare bottom. That’s illegal, it’s disgusting, it’s...”

“Donna, you do it, or I will.”

Hands shaking Donna slowly unzipped her jeans and let them fall to her knees. Instead of panties, she was wearing her bathing suit under her clothes.

“Just where were you planning to go today?”

“Nowhere, I just wanted to sit outside, work on my tan, you know.”

The answer was quick but she couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Okay, let’s get started.”

Ray leaned her over the foot of the bed and started paddling. When he was sure he had her full attention he asked,

“Where were you planning to go today, Donna?”

“Nowhere, honest, Ray.”

“I’m going to keep spanking until you decide to tell the truth, young lady.”

Even the thickness of her bikini couldn’t protect her from the burning of the paddle as Ray spanked long and hard, when the paddle connected with the uncovered skin at the top of her thighs, she broke down and told him the truth.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lie, I was just scared. We were going to go to Becky’s house, they have a pool and she’s suspended, too. Please stop, I can’t take anymore.”

"Why do you lie to me when you know it only makes things worse."

Ray gathered Donna's suit in the middle, exposing both bright red cheeks, and laid the paddle on fast and furious. Covering every inch of skin, almost to her knees, she was blubbering like a baby when he finally threw the paddle onto the bed and let her up.

"Lose the bathing suit, you won't be needing it. I'm leaving in 5 minutes, be ready."

Two hours later, a still pouting sister in the front seat, Ray finally got to the stop he had been waiting for. Jane looked up and smiled when he walked in.

"Good morning, beautiful. Got any packages for me?"

Ray sauntered around the desk and gathered her into his arms for a thorough kiss, leaving her breathless.

"I didn't think you'd come back, I mean, well after yesterday…" Jane tried to cover how flustered she felt at his touch.

"Darling, you are going to have to work real hard to get rid of me. You are the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time, and I can't wait to get you alone for some more of that fine loving we had last night."

Jane blushed at his frank approach.

"Does that mean we're having dinner tonight as planned?"

"Well, yes and no. Yes we are having dinner tonight. No, not exactly what I had planned. I've run into a little domestic problem with one of my sisters and I can't leave them alone again tonight. How would you feel about having dinner with us and then I'll drive you home to make sure you get in safe?"

"If you're having a problem at home maybe this isn't the best time for me to intrude. I was looking forward to seeing you, but, we could postpone it until you work out your problem."

Ray could see Jane was as disappointed as he was over the loss of their romantic evening.

"If we wait until I don't have a problem at home we'll die of old age. I'll pick you up after work, say about 6:00, don't change your clothes, I'll be spending the rest of my day thinking about sliding my hand under that skirt."

Ray kissed her before she could answer, grabbed the packages on the counter and ran out. She couldn't help but wonder if he pulled out so fast because he didn't want her to have a chance to say no.

By closing time Jane was a bundle of nerves. This was her first real date in a very long time. Even though they had slept together, and she still wasn't quite sure how that had happened, she didn't know Ray well enough to be comfortable meeting his family.

Ray walked through the door promptly at 6PM, still in uniform and looking tired.

"I dropped my sister off at home so they could get dinner started. Besides, I wanted a chance to explain before you meet them."

Jane couldn't help being impressed with the story of Ray raising his twin sisters after their parent's death. Although only nineteen at the time, he never considered the twins a burden, or at least not often. Hearing him tell of his struggle to raise them while supporting the family and growing up himself showed her a side of him she didn't expect. It also gave them something in common, although she was much older when her father died.

The ranch-style house sat back from the street and was obviously well tended. Flowers bloomed in beds along the walk and around the door in a riot of colors.

"This is lovely, I have always wanted a flower garden, but we lived in town."

"I'm glad you like it. Tending the flowers is relaxing and it helps keep my mother's spirit about the place. I don't have her green thumb, but I do okay with the easy ones."

They entered through a neat foyer and Ray headed back to the kitchen. When Jane lagged behind he grabbed her hand and hauled her along. The kitchen was large and sunny with an old, farm-style table at its center. Two girls spun around. He had said twins, but that didn't prepare her for the how lovely they were. Both petite, with long dark hair and the same dark blue eyes framed with long, dark lashes. They were definitely Ray's sisters, although the mouth they all shared was less pouting and more plain stubborn on his chiseled face. Ray introduced Jane to the girls, poured her a glass of wine and left for a quick shower.

The minute Ray left the room there was a subtle shift in the atmosphere. Debbie went about her dinner preparations quietly, but, Donna turned to Jane with a speculative look.

"So, how long have you been sleeping with my brother?" She demanded in a snotty tone.

Jane was so shocked by the rudeness, she didn't offer an answer, much less the truth. Trying to ride out what was surely a case of overprotective, little sister worries she ignored the question and asked several of her own about their school and hobbies. Each time getting an answer from Debbie, and a deepening frown from Donna. Jane began to realize that they were identical in looks, but their natures were as different as night and day. She doubted she would ever have any difficulty telling them apart, at least not in person.

"Why don't you just skip that whole getting to know us routine? We know you're just after our brother's money and you might fool him with that innocent look but you don't fool me. In fact, oomf!"

Donna's tirade was interrupted by a large hand hauling her out of the kitchen by the back of her pants.

"Go upstairs and wait for me. Do not make me ask you twice."

"Jane, I apologize for my sister's poor manners, in a few minutes she will, too. Please excuse us while we work this out."

Jane glanced at Debbie for some clue as to why Donna seemed so determined to dislike her. Before she could figure the best way to ask a familiar noise drifted into the kitchen. The sound of a paddle, followed closely by wailing and promises to be good.

Ray sat down to dinner as if nothing had happened, saying only that Donna would be down later. Jane tried to make light conversation but the tension made it difficult. She had no experience with family dynamics. Ray could sense her discomfort and suggested they go back to her place for a nightcap. He didn't want to scare her off with too much family interaction. Donna came down just as they were leaving, the very model of a subdued and contrite girl, apologized prettily, then stuck her tongue out at Jane behind Ray's back.

"You're awful quiet. Is this the part where you tell me we can be friends, but you don't feel 'that way' about me?"

"Oh, but I do!" Jane blushed, and stammered, "I mean, well, I just…"

Ray laughed. "Well the feeling is definitely mutual. In fact, I have been thinking about getting you in 'that way' all day."


Don't worry there are more chapters to come. But for next week, Thanksgiving there is a special treat - A brand new Fantasy Friday! A new writer sent in a great new story. I hope you'll come by to enjoy it.

If any of you are willing to share a story with us please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bragging, just a little

I haven’t stopped thinking but unfortunately work is cutting into my blogging time – go figure. I know what that must say about my priorities! LOL! This weekend I’m going to visit my sister for a little shopping. She lives two hours away. I do my best mind blogging in the car so maybe I can get some good posts sorted out. I haven’t visited with her in a long time so this should be a fun weekend.

And if you don’t mind a little name dropping … I got a call from LJ the other day. He had gotten a call from a director he met when he was at governor’s school. The director told LJ that they were having a small screening of his latest movie and a small cocktail party afterwards. He said he had two extra tickets and asked if LJ and Colin would like to come. Well of course LJ wasn’t about to pass an invitation like that up so he happily accepted. As they ended the conversation the direction mentioned that Nicole would be there – since she was the star of the movie. Yep, Nicole, as in Kidman! The kid was pumped!

They did go and they were able to meet her. I was impressed and happy for him. Now if you want to see me really thrilled let one of these people give the boy a job! I was laughing with Nick and said “Can you imagine the salary range at that party?” He laughed too “Yep I’m pretty sure the two extremes were LJ and Nicole herself.” I know this isn’t LJ’s time to be rich but it is definitely his time to completely enjoy everything that comes his way. I’m really happy for him. The movie was “Rabbit Hole” he said it was great but that if I saw it I would need to see it alone. That means it’s sad. Okay that my closest thing to hobnobbing with the rich and famous – living through my kid.

I’ll be back when I’ve had time to do more thinking and get it typed up. Mean while the second part of a great Fantasy Friday will be up Friday.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Talking about sex can improve your love life!

When I first found blogs and came out to Nick I pretty much felt like a teenager with her first love. I wasn’t sexually active as a teen. I missed out on the ‘locker room/pajama party’ talks, at least in a first hand way. I enjoyed listening but couldn’t really contribute. By the time I was sexually active I was in my mid-20’s and since we were grown up ‘talking’ about it with my friends wasn’t something we did. But jump ahead 20 some year and I find blogs. WOW! I had found a place where people were not only talking about sex – they were talking about sex and spanking!! Throw me in the briar patch!!

Everyone was anonymous, we weren’t looking one another in the eye so we talked about EVERYTHING! We talked about orgasms and how to have more and better ones. We discussed female ejaculation – not a discussion of if it happened, but talking with friends for whom this was the norm. We discussed different erogenous zones, sexy movies to watch, we discussed sex toys and spanking implements, and vibrators. We talked of nipple clamps, ways to improve the taste of a blow jobs. We discussed enemas, and anal sex. We wrote about our spanking play sessions and our love making including some of the more exciting places we had been spanked or we had made love.

One summer Nick and I drove to the mountains and found a spot way up on a secluded hillside, behind a large rock to do a little spanking and love making it the great outdoors. Would we have done that if I hadn’t been talking to all my friends about their most exciting places? Probably not. Would we have even done it if somewhere in the back of my mind I wasn’t looking forward to sharing the story with my friends? Again, probably not. It seemed easier then with my closest friends before we had met face to face. Was it crude, yeah. Immature, I guess. But I know it really helped me open up and realize that anything that went on between two consenting adults that made them both happy was just fine.

But the most of these friends I talked with don’t choose to talk about these things any more. I completely understand, but I miss the conversations anyway. It helped to keep my mind engaged and thinking. So all this doesn’t answer my question about what I need to do now to return to that interest and excitement. I’m guessing that at my age I won’t be meeting tons of people that are going to talk about sexploits with me again. So I’m going to have to work on this myself. Now I've done all this thinking it's time to come up with some thoughts about what we should be doing to keep all the wonderful parts of our marriage going and continue to explore with Nick about ways to press on with our journey to keep the passion and excitement alive in our marriage.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Digging deeper

So I added the fact that spankings hurt more now to everything else I’m thinking about and as usual in my mind everything is connected. So here I go again. During the first part of our marriage I was not a very sexual creature. Sadly I felt like we needed to have sex only when we wanted a child. We didn’t stop having sex but I know I was not a very good partner. I knew, but chose not to share with Nick, the fact that the only thing I had found that really turned me on sexually was my fantasies about spanking and discipline. I couldn’t tell him because it was just too damn strange. So I tried like hell to suppress those feelings. I was able to, but it also complete suppressed the sexual side of me.

Eventually I threw caution to the wind and told him. He did think it was strange but he certainly didn’t seem to mind as our sex life went from once or twice a month of rather routine sex to some pretty wild and kinky sex several times a week. I never expected it to last at that pace past the ‘honeymoon’ period but for the next three years I don’t think either of us could complain. Both of us were opened to trying anything the other suggested. Some things we love and continues other weren’t us and we didn’t try again, but the closeness we felt as we grew in the life style was the best part

During all this time I kept trying to explain to Nick the discipline needs I had. It wasn’t just getting smacked on the butt that I was looking for. And that, if we have a problem at all, is the problem. The spanking he liked. The head stuff not so much. But for me all this was based on gut feelings that have been with me all my life. These questions have been with me all my life – why would anyone want to be spanked, why would a grown, capable, independent woman what her husband giving her any ‘rules’, why would this same woman be willing to submit to the authority of a husband when she has done her own thing for over 40 years? The only true answer is I don’t know and I don’t care. I have reached the age where I just know it’s true and the reasons why don’t really matter. I’m sick of trying to analyze ‘why’ when in the end it just doesn’t really matter. I just know what I want and need.

Or should I say wanted and needed. Maybe I don’t know what I want and need anymore. I’ve spent 4 years trying to explain what it is I need and Nick has been trying all that time to really understand. But it’s kinda like trying to explain color to a blind person. No matter how willing they are to understand, no matter how much they want to, they aren’t going to be able to see the colors.

The last time I went into a depression over all this I decided it would be the last time. My life is wonderful. We’re healthy, have healthy, happy kids, a fine home, friends, a little money tucked away and a closer relationship than we had for the first 23 years of our marriage. But…. all my sexually is still locked up in the fantasy. And I don’t think that’s going to change. To feel wild and kinky and uninhibited in bed I, like many women, need my mind to be engaged. The mind – the finest sexual organ God gave us. But as I try to not live in the fantasy any longer all sexual desire seems to fade away. And maybe that is why that last spanking hurt so much. If there is no reason behind it, a ‘this is the reason you’re getting a spanking,’ or sinking into a fantasy in my own head – then I’m just being smacked on the butt and it’s not triggering a sexual response, it just hurts.

Poor Nick. I think all this was hard enough to try to understand when I was giving him specific things to try. But now I’m out of ideas. Am I ‘over’ the whole thing? I don’t want to be. But more and more I feel like my old self, becoming more and more like I was before I came out. We have become closer with each other and have made improvements in our relationships that won’t go away, thank goodness - and I do feel more comfortable in my skin and in my marriage than I used to. Before we were like pleasant roommates now I see us a really good, happy roommates, but I want more.

Right now I feel myself drifting off into ‘whatever', which certainly beats sadness and depression. I feel like since I am the spanko in the family and I was the one that brought this up in the first place Nick didn’t mind me guiding and suggesting things. But I have nothing left to suggest. I’m drifting and I just hope the current will take me/us somewhere good. I do know that right now blogging and having a place to sort these thoughts out is extremely good for me.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Special Delivery, Ch. One, II

Just a quick note for those of you that don't always check back on the comments - all this thinking I've been doing lately may sound like I'm sad or down about things. That's totally wrong. I was down, now I'm much better and I'm kinda enjoying going back and digging into some of the things that have changed over the years and exploring how I feel about them. But I'm in a good place right now and I'm enjoying myself. Now that last spanking that I got on my surprisingly tender 'virgin butt' was a shock but we'll be exploring that - slowly I hope - and I'm sure that will be resolved. I'm having a good time so I'll keep letting you know what I'm thinking.

Now on to Fantasy Friday, I want to let you know that this story is by my good friend Annie (annienyomous) who is probably the best writer I know. This story was first posted over 2 years ago so I hope it will either be new to you or that you will like reading it again.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Here you are one hot, Hot, HOT Fantasy Friday story. I don’t even have to tell you to enjoy. I know you are going to enjoy this one!!

Chapter one

Lost in her book, Jane didn’t hear the delivery truck pull up. In fact, she was so engrossed in the latest romance novel; she didn’t hear the driver enter the store.

Ray cleared his throat and had the satisfaction of seeing her jump to her feet, the dreamy expression replaced by a deep blush, followed by a frown.

“Oh, it’s just you. You startled me, I didn’t hear the door. I’m afraid you’ll have to come back, I have several packages to go out, but they aren’t ready.”

At first glance, Ray was surprised to see how young, and attractive she was. He had heard all about her from the last driver on this route. How she was never ready, always expected them to make several stops, sometimes even wait while she got several orders ready to ship. Jimmy talked about what a pain she was, made her sound like some old lady. Nothing like the cute young lady who was already back to her reading as if he wasn’t standing there.

“Miss, I will be handling your route from now on. My name is Ray and I will be happy to arrange a special pick up for you, but regular stops are made once a day. Your packages can be scheduled for overnight, or go out at the regular pick up in the morning. Which would you prefer?”

“Oh, just stop back, I’ll have them ready later.”

“I may not have been clear, we pick up once a day, and if you are not ready then you can wait until tomorrow.”

Before she could reply, Ray walked out of the shop, got into his truck and pulled off. Jane shook her head; he’d soon learn that she always got a pick up at the end of the day. The old driver had complained but in the end he gave in and stopped each day at closing. Sighing at the interruption, Jane was soon lost in her book as the lucky heroine fell into the passionate embrace of a handsome gunslinger from the old West.

Hours later, as the gunslinger/wealthy rancher rode off into the sunset with the beautiful heiress, Jane was shocked to realize that she had spent the entire day reading. The orders were waiting to be packed, she hadn’t even checked the fax or email for today, and it was closing time. Throwing the orders into boxes she called for pickup, only to be told the driver was gone for the day and would be at her location tomorrow morning. Unable to persuade them to send someone out, she had to be content with lodging a complaint against the new driver.

Jane was late opening the shop the next day. Another late night at the computer trying to recreate a years worth of documentation for the accountant, the process slowed by the fact it was “Love Story” week on cable.

As she struggled to unlock the door, balancing her coffee, an oversize bag of books and her purse, she caught sight of a sticker on the door. The damn deliveryman had already been here. Cursing him, she ripped the notice off of the door, spilled coffee into the book bag and soaked two brand new romance novels she’d been planning to read today.

Throwing everything into a sodden heap behind the counter, Jane started her day with a good, old-fashioned temper tantrum. All the more satisfying as it was conducted over the telephone while complaining about the delivery driver. Demanding that he be replaced with someone competent seemed reasonable. Doing it at the top of her lungs may have been questionable. Insisting he pay for her dry cleaning and replace her books was too much to hope for, but certainly made her feel better.

Filled with the adrenaline rush of confrontation, Jane logged onto the computer, answered the business email and completed most of the days work in under an hour. Nothing left to do until the next set of documents was delivered, she decided to go shopping. She could replace the ruined books and treat herself to lunch.

Being self-employed had its advantages. Jane enjoyed her lunch, and then decided to splurge with a glass of wine while she eagerly opened a new romance by one of her favorite writers. Two quiet hours later she roused herself with a start. Lost in her book, it took a moment for the voice to register.

“I said, are your orders ready for pick up? I have been by your store twice for the special stop you scheduled; now I find you here, drinking in the middle of the day. No wonder you’re so difficult.”

She looked up into dark blue eyes, framed with the kind of long, black lashes most women would kill for. Eyes exactly like the ones the hero of her current story possessed. Jane smiled, a slow, lazy smile, full of promise. Then his words penetrated the fog.

“How dare you follow me?” she demanded. “I will have orders to go out this afternoon. Don’t be late.”

She gathered her book and stomped out of the restaurant without a backward glance. Ray stared after her, that had to be the prettiest stupid woman he had seen in a long while. She changed speeds like lightening. First the slow smile that sent electric currents right through him, the kind of smile you hope for after a long and sweaty romp in the hay. Then that ice water voice. He started after her, and then stopped. She already thought he was following her, getting arrested for stalking his customers was no way to build a business. He sat down in the booth she had vacated, thinking a cup of coffee and a few minutes to calm down were in order. It would have worked better if he hadn’t gotten stuck with the check she had walked out on.

Jane’s anger carried her back to the shop, got the orders packed, the email answered and a quick research job done and ready for delivery. In between she made several calls to the delivery company, demanding to speak with the owner, who was conveniently out of the office each time.

Ray let the door slam behind him as he stalked into the cluttered shop ready for a confrontation. Jane waved airily, her nose buried in another book, indicating she would be with him in a minute. That was the last straw.

Reaching over the counter, he snatched the book from her hands and threw it across the room.

“You’ve been leaving messages for me every fifteen minutes. What is so all-fired important?” he growled.

The shock on her face was priceless. Then she seemed to swell up, mad as a wet cat, and looking twice as mean.

“I have not been calling you, I am waiting to speak to your boss about your incompetence. Now, you can add assault to the list of reasons why you will be fired. I am a valuable customer, I will not put up with your rudeness, and neither will your boss when I get finished.”

Ray stared at the irate woman, her eyes flashing, voice dripping venom, chest heaving in righteous indignation, and burst out laughing.

“I AM ‘my boss’, lady. I own this damn company. The only reason I’m driving this route is none of my drivers want to deal with you. As for getting me fired, if I didn’t own this mess I’d be refusing to drive your route, too.”

Wiping his eyes, he stopped laughing. Maybe she had the answer after all.

“What I want is to speak to YOUR boss. Does he know that all you do is read trashy romance novels and drink on the clock? Probably not. Maybe you’re the one that needs to be worried about getting fired. In the meantime, you can explain to him why we won’t be handling your deliveries any more. Tell him Ray said you weren’t worth the trouble.”

He was almost out the door when she called out. Turning he couldn’t help feeling sorry for her, she looked so frightened.

“Look, all you have to do is just pick up at the end of the day like you always have. Send another driver so you don’t have to deal with me. But you can’t cancel on me; you’re the only company in town that offers enough insurance for my documents. I can’t just throw this stuff in the mail, there has to be a chain of possession.”

“Do you realize that we guarantee our delivery based on the scheduled pick up? Every time you ask us to come back later it puts my company, and my integrity on the line? And even if you don’t care, I am sure your boss does, or maybe not, if he’s willing to let someone as careless as you handle these precious ‘documents’. You’re lucky you don’t work for me. I’d turn you across my knee for being such a spoiled brat. Something your daddy should have done.”

The whole time he was yelling she was vibrating with anger but the mention of her father took the wind out of her sails. She collapsed into a sobbing heap, wailing like a lost child. He was fine as long as she was spitting like a wild cat, but tears from a woman, especially a beautiful woman, always laid him low. Cursing under his breath he rounded the counter and gathered her into his arms.

“This isn’t worth crying over. I’m sorry if I scared you. We can work this out, just stop crying and tell me what the problem is.”

She clung to his neck, sobbing as if her heart were broken. Before he knew it, Ray was seated in the old chair, Jane cuddled on his lap, still sobbing as he rocked her gently and stroked her back. When she turned her heart shaped face up to him, eyes glittering with tears, he didn’t stop to think. He kissed her tears away, shushing her with his lips until he met her mouth and fell headlong into a dark, wet tunnel of desire that met his tongue thrust for thrust. The kiss went on until Ray was dizzy with the passion of her mouth and hungry for more.

Realizing she was moaning into his mouth Ray discovered he was grinding himself against a woman, whose name he didn’t even know, and that her hands were tangled in his hair as he slid her back and forth across the bulge in his pants. Easing her off of his lap he struggled for control. His whole body was screaming to take her right there.

Jane was consumed by the storybook passion, lost in his mouth and the way their bodies fit together. When he pushed her off of his lap she was shocked to realize that the lover she had been melting into was the rude deliveryman. Without thinking all of her pain and frustration combined with his rejection and she slapped him across the face with a crack that reverberated around the room.

Ray’s response was as automatic as hers. Jane found herself face down over a lap as hard as granite, skirt over her head, panties around her knees and a calloused hand crashing down on her exposed bottom.

“You cretin! I’ll have you arrested, I’ll sue. This is assault. Help. Police.”

She continued screaming, obscenities following the threats, promises to be good fading into flat out bawling. Ray put every complaint, every delay, every minute of overtime and every penny of her lunch into her bottom until it glowed red and hot. The sound of his hand smacking fast and furious almost drowning out the noise of her sobs, he finished up with a volley of extra hard swats, pulled her panties up over her swollen behind, and swung her to her feet. She hopped around, doing the same little dance his sisters did when he spanked them, and looking every bit as cute.

He pulled a handkerchief out of his back pocket and matter-of-factly wiped her face and nose.

“Do you live near here?” he asked, trying to figure out what to do next.

Still snuffling, Jane nodded, but kept her eyes on the floor.

“Where, exactly, do you live?” he tilted her face up so he could see her eyes. Even red and swollen, she had the most magnificent brown eyes. Dark, flecked with gold and green, framed with long lashes dripping with tears.

“I live upstairs.”

He had to strain to hear the whisper. Nodding, he grabbed the phone. He made arrangements for someone to pick up his truck and finish the route, and then called a neighbor to check on his sisters. They were old enough to get their own dinner, and old enough to need some supervision. He had a feeling it would take a while to straighten out the mess he had made.

Taking in the dazed look on her face, he locked the front door, turned the sign over to closed and led her to the back of the shop. Jane was so confused she didn’t even protest when he followed her upstairs to her apartment. He deposited her on the big, over stuffed sofa and soon returned with two glasses of iced tea.

“Let’s start over. I’m Ray Bishop, I own the delivery service you use, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She stared at him as if he was crazy, then looked wildly around, unsure how she had gotten there, more unsure what he was doing in her living room.

“Now you, introduce yourself to me.”

She couldn’t believe this was the same man who had beaten her just moments ago. He acted as if nothing had happened. In fact his voice was low and coaxing, like it mattered to him who she was. She was a little frightened, what if he decided to throw her over his lap again? A little voice inside asked what if he didn’t. She was sitting in her own living room with a man who had just spanked her and she was sore and tired and more aroused than she had ever been.

“What is your name?” He repeated, sounding exasperated.


“Just Jane? No last name?”

“Jane Marshall.”

“Since it says Marshall’s over the door downstairs, can I assume you are the owner?”

“It was my father’s business. I worked with him until, until…”

She dissolved into tears again and folded up on the couch like a small child.

Ray swallowed the curse on the tip of his tongue and gathered her onto his lap again, silently vowing to control himself this time. She cried as if the world was ending, soaking the front of his shirt and turning the white silk of her own nearly transparent. The tightening in his groin was only the beginning as she buried her face in his neck and settled her full weight onto his throbbing erection.

Easing her into a less distracting position, Ray dried her tears and murmured soothing words until she raised her face to his and whispered thank you against his lips. He was lost. His mouth covered hers and soon they were straining together. His big hand slipped under her skirt, cupping the the warmth of her bottom and bringing to mind the sight of her across his lap, cheeks red and bouncing with each smack. Turning her without losing contact with her mouth his hand slid between her legs and into a wet and raging furnace.

Fingers moving in rhythm with his tongue she was soon moaning into his mouth and fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. Like magic their clothes melted away and he felt her skin against his. Picking her up with one hand, the other still buried inside her, he fumbled his way to a hallway that finally led to a bed. It had been almost a year since he had felt a woman’s touch, he wanted it to last.

Ray eased her down onto the bed and nuzzled her neck, trailing hot, wet kisses down to the puckered nipples just begging for attention. Jane arched her back, offering herself to him fully, lost in the sensation of his mouth suckling her tender breasts. Moaning, she tried to pull his mouth back to her breast as he dipped lower. Burying his face in her wetness he swirled his tongue around the hard nub until she was screaming with need. One hand cupping her bottom he drove his fingers deep inside her as his tongue flicked against her clit until she exploded, her pleasure pulsing around his finger and sending shock waves through his straining cock.

Mindful of how much he wanted her, Ray held her in his arms until she stopped shuddering, giving himself a chance to slow down. Pressing her into the bed he covered her tiny body with his length, easing her legs apart he stopped. Poised at her entrance, the heat of her driving him wild, he needed to know she wanted him.

“Tell me what you want.”

She whimpered with need, body straining against him. He held firm, teasing her with his hardness.

“Tell me.”

“I want you, please, don’t make me beg.”

He slid into her heat, all restraint gone as they found themselves locked into the timeless dance of lovers. His tongue and his cock matching strokes, sliding deep inside her until her orgasm pushed him over the edge. Buried to the hilt he sent his seed deep inside her.

Jane awakened with a strangers arm around her middle, naked, sticky, sore, and ridiculously satisfied. Just the thought of the things he had done to her caused her cheeks to flush and her belly to tingle. She listened to his breathing, enjoying the sensation of a man’s body pressed against hers. Too bad it would be over soon. Once he woke up it would be that awkward, fumbling for clothes, mumbling about calling ‘sometime’, stage that ruined everything. Right now, it was still like a chapter out of one of her favorite stories. In fact, she was feeling very much the tempestuous beauty mastered by the hard, but tender brute twice her size.

Ray drifted slowly awake to find himself entwined with a woman whose firm bottom was pressed against his crotch. It took only a second to remember how he got there, even less for the silk of her skin to have him straining against her, hot and ready.

Jane felt him stir and steeled herself for the regrets he was sure to have. Before she could ease out of bed his arms tightened around her, pulling her back onto his cock.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He whispered into her ear, beard rasping against her neck, as he slowly rocked inside of her.

If the first time was raw passion, this was soft comfort. One hand between her legs, one teasing a nipple, he eased in and out until she was ready to scream from wanting more. Ignoring her cries he pulled away from her, deftly flipping her onto her back and placing her legs over his shoulders.

“Open your eyes, I want to see them when I slide inside of you.”

Jane opened her eyes and fell into a pool of blue. His nose touching hers, his tongue darting into her mouth between whispers of how beautiful she was, how much he wanted to feel her pussy around him. They stared deep into each others eyes as he poised against her opening, then slid deep inside in one powerful stroke.

Moving together for an eternity, building a tide that carried them both away, they kept their eyes wide open until they collapsed in each other’s arms, too spent to move.

Ray finally stirred, knowing it was getting late, but hating to leave. He never would have figured a woman so exasperating would be so perfect, fit him so well. He woke her slowly, calling her name and stroking her face until she opened her eyes, smiling up at him and stretching like a cat.

“I have to go home, but, I didn’t want to leave without kissing you goodnight.”

Good as his word, he kissed Jane deeply, then eased out of her bed.

“Don’t leave, stay with me tonight. Let me wake up next to you.”

“I wish I could. I have homework to check, bedtimes to oversee, and the girls can’t be left alone all night. I’ll see you tomorrow morning when I pick up here.”

Jane’s heart sank, kids, homework, he didn’t act married. She silently watched him dress, the fantasy over. When he returned for one, last kiss, she turned her head.

“Just go. I don’t want you to pretend.”

“Wait a minute. What’s going on here? Everything was fine, and now you can’t wait to be rid of me.”

“I don’t sleep with married men, at least not knowingly. Go home to your wife and kids.”

Ray started laughing and gathered her into his arms.

“This is what we get for falling into bed without a proper introduction. I am not married. I have never been married. My little sisters live with me. Our folks died and I have raised them, so they are like my children, I guess. Now that they are teenagers I try to keep a close watch. I remember what teenage boys are like. Now, give me a kiss and I will see you tomorrow. Don’t make any plans for dinner, we’re going out.”

Tucking her into bed and leaving her with a soft kiss, Ray let himself out.


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