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I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Friday Fantasy revival - The Business Woman, part one

Welcome to Fantasy Friday! This story first ran in 2007. It came from my friend Caryagal. This is what I wrote back then. 

A few of us, lucky enough to correspond with Carye often, know how well she can write. She doesn’t have her own blog and I have no idea why. She gives some excuse about having four kids under nine years old, working, taking care of her beloved Papa Shrek who has to working out of town occasionally (although sometimes he marches her to the garage, ‘the mistake’ strap in hand and takes pretty good care of her too). But gee, she could blog in her spare time! What else is she going to do with those five minutes every six months or so?

But now all those kids should be close to twenty-one and maybe, just maybe, if she's still reading here, she could join us now. This is a three part story, so you'll have to come back next week. Please enjoy...

The Business Woman, part one

As Kent sat double parked with his blinkers on he sighed an exasperated sigh. Where was she? They had just discussed this last week with her over his lap. He thought that would take care of it. As he looked out his rear view window he saw a police officer driving his way in the next block down, sighed, and threw the car into drive and started around the block. After two more rounds, he finally found a parking place, parked, and slamming the door, headed for the thirty story high rise that held his beautiful wife hostage. As he passed the guard the guard smiled at him and said, “Hey Kent! How you doing? Rescuing your wife again?” Kent just nodded glumly and headed for the 27th floor. As the elevator rose, he thought about his wife. She was so successful. A top executive with a corner office, yet at home she needed his guidance, and lately with work too. She had started the bad habit of staying until all hours of the night. They rarely saw each other. She often set him up with him waiting in the car, then finally trudging up and finding her only to find out she was planning on staying several more hours. He’d finally had enough last week and they had discussed it. They agreed that she would always call if she needed to stay late, and never stay past eight unless it was an emergency. It was working too. They had really enjoyed the last week together. She was much happier and relaxed and despite being a little sore for a few days afterwards she was all smiles. They’d agreed that if it happened again, she would be punished, this time with the hairbrush that he’d gotten that last weekend on an enjoyable getaway.

Kent stepped out of the elevator and immediately froze. He could hear his wife’s loud shouting from all the way down the hall. She was really laying into someone for something. He couldn’t believe his ears. She just wasn’t like that around him. She definitely had a temper, but he didn’t think with all her success it had come with her to work. He didn’t know who was on the receiving end, but no one deserved to be called the things that they were being called. Whoever it was was very calm and trying to appease her. Kent waited for about five minutes and out came a gentleman he knew well. It was Lori’s right-hand man. She relied on him heavily and always had great things to say about him. What could he have done to make her so mad? As they passed in the hall, John stopped and said hi but looked rather embarrassed. “Boy” he said “sometimes I wonder how you put up with her! She has the temper of a Tasmanian devil!” Kent was shocked. “Is she like this often John?”

“Well, only when we have short deadlines, and unreasonable goals. Today was one of those. Our best efforts were good, but not good enough for her liking. I guess I’ll be here most of the night revising everything so hopefully we’ll be back on schedule tomorrow. Well, I better get at it! I don’t want her more ticked than she already is! See ya later!”

“Bye, John” was about all Kent could muster. He was shocked. It sounded like Lori did this regularly. He was going to get to the bottom of this somehow and it was going to happen tonight.

Kent walked to her door, and knocked. Without waiting he swung open the door and leaned against the door jab crossing his arms. Lori looked up about to give someone a piece of her mind for just walking in on her. She saw Kent and immediately stopped and furtively looked at the clock. “Oh sorry” she said. “I was in a meeting until a few minutes ago. I’ll get my stuff and we’ll be out of here.”

“Yes” Kent said calmly but coldly. “So I heard. Do you always treat your employees like this? ”

Lori’s heart stopped. She knew that look, and a pit in her stomach suddenly grew. “Um, how much did you hear sweetie?” she smiled…

“Enough to know I’m going to ensure it doesn’t happen again” he said dryly. “I guess we’ll be discussing two things tonight. How to use a phone when one is running late, and how to treat people with respect.”

She knew better than to argue here. He wouldn’t care where he spanked her, and she certainly didn’t want it to be in her own office! Someone might hear. “Ok, let’s get out of here. Let me just pack up my briefcase.”

“I believe you have something to do prior to us leaving,” Kent prompted.

“I do? What would that be?” she asked indignantly.

“Apologize to John, and give him the night off, or else offer to stay to help him until it is done. Now don’t you think that would be a good idea?” Kent said raising his voice slightly.

“Certainly NOT,” she retorted. “I am not going to have you tell me what to do or how to run my staff without any idea of the day I’ve had.”

As the last words came out, she realized she’d made another grave mistake. He was around the desk in a flash and had her arm dragging her up and pushing her into the corner as he swatted her butt hard. “You can’t put me in the corner in my own office” She whined piteously.

“Wanna bet?” he retorted quietly in her ear. “You’ll stand there until you decide how you’re going to handle this. Afterall, I wouldn’t want to tell you how to run your business. So, I’ll let you decide young lady, you can be spanked here and now for all to hear, apologize, and then be spanked at home, or you can loose the attitude, apologize, and then deal with the consequences of your actions later at home.”

“I…” she sighed and stopped herself. She knew better than to anger him any more. Instead she used the time to reflect as she was supposed to. Yes, she hadn’t treated John the way she should have. She was just frustrated with the day and the deadlines. He was her best employee, and she relied upon him heavily. He had worked many long hours in the last few months and sacrificed precious family time. The stress was getting to him and she knew it. She had probably just made it worse.

After a few minutes, she sighed and said “Sir? I think I’ve made my decision.”

Kent smiled to himself. She sounded much more like herself already. “Ok honey, come here, what have you decided?”

“I’ll go talk to him. I think if we work together tomorrow we can get back on schedule. I’ll tell him to go home and offer to buy his family some dinner too. Ok?” she offered.

“Ok, let's go,” he said as he grabbed her briefcase and headed out the door.

“Um, Kent?” She paused.. “I can do this alone. I’ll just meet you outside.”

“Wrong answer honey. I want to make sure you appropriately show your remorse. You will do that,” returning her pause. “Won’t you?” He smiled to himself. He knew she wouldn’t want a demonstration on attitude adjustment in front of John.

Exasperated she rolled her eyes, earning another swat, as she headed down to find John. She worked very hard at a good apology, but John was not helping the situation by acting so surprised at her change in demeanor. There wasn’t much to do about that with Kent there though. John even joked with Kent on the way out about how quickly she had changed! What in the world had Kent done, and could he learn somehow? 

Kent wouldn’t tell him, but did reply “Well, if you get any of that type of attitude again, just give me a call. I’m sure I can turn it around in about two minutes flat.        See ya later John and say hi to the family!”

“How could you guys joke about that? That was very uncomfortable for me you know.” 

She said as they headed for his car.“Not nearly as uncomfortable as it is going to be when I get around to punishing you. I plan on ensuring that you never let a temper tantrum like that come out in your office again. I figure between that and forgetting last week’s session, you have a really long night ahead m’dear.”


Part two will be up next Friday. If you would like to join us and write your own Fantasy Friday, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Naked Time

This post really began yesterday with all Nick’s horrible faults. You can go read about that here.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, I was in the bedroom wearing nothing but the blindfold and a small grin. Nick began spanking with some of our lighter implements. And he began suggesting a few thing I could work on. It turns out that my shortcomings were nearly as bad as his.

First he wanted to be sure I was keeping up with exercising and sticking with reasonable eating habits – which I mostly am.

Next he mentioned that the electrical bill had shot up – as it does in the summer with both the A/C and the pool pump running nearly all the time. He wanted me to be more careful about saving where we could by turning off the light and the ceiling fans in the room that weren’t being used.

Lastly he said the I should clean the sink out every night and not leave a dirty frying pan until the next morning. 

Now if you take all his faults that I complained about and all my faults that he mentioned, it seems we’re either then nicest people in the world or we’re damn dull as dishwater.

But with all the talk of our horrible faults behind us we moved on a more pleasant part of our afternoon. And I have to say Nick did something he doesn’t always do – but it’s something I dream about, something I crave, something that really put our afternoon of playing over the top…

He asked me nothing.

I didn’t have a say about anything. He did whatever he liked and I didn’t have to decide a damn thing. The toy choices were his, how he used them was up to him, positions were the ones he chose – everything was up to him and all I had to do was hang on and enjoy the ride.

I wouldn’t suggest this as a steady diet for newlyweds. But Nick and I know what the other likes, doesn’t like, loves, or doesn’t like to do… we don’t have to ask, though often he will, because he wants to please me. But he asked nothing and the submissive in me soared! Bless her heart she’s been MIA for so long I thought she was dead.

Since I’m off topic so much these days I just thought I let you know that I do remember that this began as a spanko/sex blog and I still find both topics very interesting.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Nearly perfect, but...

There's not been much spanking on the home front – and that’s fine with me. I mean, I’m not against it, but at the moment I’m not craving or missing it either. I think most of us know it comes in waves. At the moment I’m a very happy little camper just the way things are.

Not long ago Nick gave me the opportunity, actually insisted, that I share with him some things he does that bug me. It wasn’t a trap, he honestly wanted to know. It was hard to think of anything. I finally came up with three. 

First, this dastardly man often leaves newspapers on the couch, his chair and the floor. I don’t mind for one minute grabbing them and putting them in the recycle – except some of them he is keeping for one reason or another, cross-word to do, an article he wanted to finish, a sale paper he wanted to look at.  So they end up scattered around. I ask that he put what he wants to keep for another day in one place and I’d take care of the rest.

The next horrible thing he does – he leaves bills and their envelopes on the table by his chair. Most bills he pays online, but not all, and again I don’t know what to keep and what to toss. It just looks so messy and  I’ve really been working to keep the place neater since I found out my cleaning lady and I differed so much on politics and social issues that I told her – Adios! I’d clean for myself.

And the last awful thing he does is to come in when I’m watching a news story and begin asking me what it’s all about causing me to miss hearing what it’s all about! 

That’s it – and I mean it. I swear I couldn’t think of one more thing.

I thought it was nice of him to give me this opportunity. I, however, chose not to reciprocate. I can come up with plenty of faults of my own without asking anyone else, thank you very much.

But last Friday he apparently took it upon himself to share a few ideas and I was asked to be in the bedroom at a certain time. He said clothing would not be necessary, so when I headed to the bedroom to wait on him I only wore what he’d placed on the bed for me to wear ...

I do love a good blindfold!

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about our afternoon. (If so few people are going to post these days, I need to drag things out as much as possible!)

Friday, June 21, 2019

Fantasy Friday revival - A Promise Broken

Welcome back for another Fantasy Friday from the archives. I hope you enjoy these older stories, but I hope there are some new ones in the works too. Real life accounts or out right fantasies, we don’t care we just want to have a hot story to read every Friday!  So now enjoy –

A Promise Broken

Mr.  DeSilva was surprised and puzzled by the look of panic on Annie face when Jonas walked in to the dinner.  He had grown very fond of his new little waitress in the two months she had worked for him.  She had met Jonas at the dinner the week after she started working and the two had moved in together shortly thereafter.   Mr.  DeSilva enjoyed watching the two of them together.  Usually Annie face lit up in delight when Jonas stopped by.   Something was obviously very wrong.  
Annie was in a panic.  She had almost convinced herself that Jonas had just been kidding to get her attention.  But here he was.  Jonas was supposed to have been gone last night.  Yes, he had asked her not to drink if he wasn’t around and she had agreed, but the girls had asked her to go out with them and there seemed no harm in a few beers.  But when Jonas had shown up at the pub unexpectedly he has pretty much caught her red handed. 
He was quiet on the way home.  As they entered the apartment Annie said softly, “Jonas, I’m sorry. I guess it looks like I broke my promise. But I only had a few beers.  I just missed you and I thought going out with the girls would be better than sitting here moping.”
“Annie you remember what I said I would do if I found out you had been drinking without me?” 
Annie blushed and looked away.  It always embarrassed her when Jonas threatened that he was going to spank her.  He had given her a few hard swats over silly things.  Once she had gone out and left the curling iron plugged in.  When they came back in and found it he had given her two stinging swats to her bottom, which had shocked and embarrassed her. Since that time he had swatted her occasionally and had threatened worse.  But she had really thought he had to be kidding.  She was no longer sure. 
She had tried to tease him out of his mood last night but hadn’t been in a joking mood.  “Annie, you broke your word to me, I won’t break mine to you.  In the morning, when you are stone cold sober you’re getting a spanking.” 
But she hadn’t waited around the next morning to see if it was really going to happen.  Although she wasn’t scheduled to come in until 11:00, she had slipped out of the bed around 4:30 and come in for the breakfast shift.  She knew Mr.  DeSilva wouldn’t mind.  She never expected Jonas to show up here. 
Annie watched wordlessly as Jonas went to her boss.  “Mr.  DeSilva I need to borrow Annie for a bit.  She and I were supposed to have a … discussion this morning but she left without talking to me.  This isn’t a something that can be put off any longer; we need to go home for a while, I’ll have her back as soon as I can.”
Mr.  DeSilva looked back and forth between his two young friends.  Annie’s look of fear and guilt, Jonas’ look of serious determination – it didn’t take a genius to know what was coming.  “Jonas, you sure this discussion is something that needs to take place?” 
“Yes sir, it time to take care of this,” Jonas answered.  Mr.  DeSilva headed to the back and motioned for both of them to follow.  In the back Annie’s boss crossed his arms and looked sternly at them both.  “Annie you know what Jonas is talking about?” 
“Yes.” Annie said looking at the floor.  “You willing to have this discussion?” he continued.  “You don’t have to if you don’t think it’s fair.  He’ll have to go through me if he is being unfair to you.”
Annie quickly looked at Jonas.  In her heart she knew he was the first person to care about her, care what she did, care whether or not she kept her promises.  It was that simple, he cared.  She looked at Mr.  DeSilva and said quietly ,“I want to go with Jonas”.  
“Okay then,” Mr.  DeSilva answered. “Jonas, take her home if you like but if you’d rather, my office is in the storage building out back.  I often had … discussions with my missus there in the past.  It’s private and you are welcomed to use it if you like.”
Jonas nodded to Mr.  DeSilva and led Annie out and into the small office behind the dinner As they entered Annie began talking fast.  “Jonas please, I know your upset, but you can’t be serious about sp…spanking me.  I’m not a child.  This is just silly.  I said I was sorry! I won’t do it again.”
Jonas wasted no more time.  He pulled a straight back chair to the center of the room and pulled Annie quickly across his lap.  Annie had never been in this humiliating position before, she struggled to free herself but a volley of extremely hard swats and Jonas’ firm admonition of, “Annie, if you don’t stop struggling and it’s going to be worse for you.  You gave me your word that you wouldn’t drink if I wasn’t with you. Then the first night you thought I was going to be away and you are out drinking with the girl.  What did you think was going to happen, that I would say, ‘Oh, never mind you can lie to me if you want to’?” As he scolded he continues to give medium to hard swats. 
For the first time Annie could remember she was beginning to feel true remorse.  In the past evading, pretending and out right lying had mostly gotten her out of trouble, not into it.  But this was different. Jonas truly meant something to her.  And obviously honesty was important to him.  
As the tears began to come Annie said in all sincerity, “Jonas I am so sorry.  I mean it! It never really mattered before when I broke a promise, but I know I hurt you and I’ll never do it again.  Please let me up, it’s starting to hurt!”
“Annie,” Jonas told her “I haven’t even started yet.  And yes, it is going to hurt!” With that Jonas began spanking seriously.  It was obvious that Annie had never been spanked before.  Jonas did want to go overboard but he was also determined that Annie would have no doubt how seriously he took lying.  Annie couldn’t believe how much heat was being delivered to her behind.  She was on fire and still he didn’t stop.  She cried, she tried to put one had a back to protect her throbbing, punished bottom.  But Jonas quickly pinned her hand to the small of her back and continued until he felt he had done a thorough job. 
Annie gradually realized that that Jonas had stopped spanking and was rubbing and squeezing her throbbing seat.  As he helped her to her feet and stood to cradle her against him Annie was aware of throbbing elsewhere.  Jonas kissed her tears away and said quietly, “It’s all over, I love you and it’s all over now.  But Annie, you need to know I took it easy on you this time.  If you lie to me again your bare bottom is going to know the full force of what a spanking can really feel like.  Come on I have to get you back to work.” Annie instinctively reached around and rubbed her aching bottom not wanting to imagine what it would have been like if Jonas had taken down her pants and panties.  And while the thought was unsettling she realized she was almost as reluctant to leave then little office as she had been to enter it. 
Annie heart was soaring! Someone actually cared for her, someone actually loved her.  All her life she had looked for someone who cared.  As they stepped back into the dinner Mr.  DeSilva practical jumped at them. “Are you alright?” he barked at Annie and before she could answer he rounded on Jonas, “Is she alright?” 
Annie couldn’t help giggling at the scowl on his face, much like that of a protective bull dog.  Annie looked back and forth between the two men who cared for her in very different ways she thought of the attention she had craved all her life had arrived, now she wondered if she was going to be able to handle it. 


This story is one of mine.  Jonas and Annie are based around the story I ‘mind blogged’ for most of my life.  This was the stuff of my teenage (and beyond) fantasies. 

So have you started writing yet?  This invitation is opened to all my blogger friends, my non-blogging friends, or those friends I haven’t met yet that read here silently.  Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The joy of no electricity

Yesterday morning I was without electricity for about four hours. Horrors! There wasn’t a problem, the electric company was just making some changes, so it was scheduled. We all depend a LOT on electricity. We forget how much. I texted Rosie Dee, she said when there’s was out she would think, ‘The oven won’t work, I guess I’ll have to use the microwave …wait.” LOL!

But I was doing the same thing. I’m thinking, hmm… I won’t have A/C, but I guess the ceiling fan will have to be enough… wait. No coffee maker, no TV, no internet! What’s a girl to do? 

Write! That’s what. I mean I could have gone somewhere, but I hated to pass up such a good opportunity – a whole morning to write with NO distractions?  And I just about got my latest book finished. It's not quite finished, there are some chapters I have to go back and do. But I finished the ending and that always feels great!  Rosie Dee has been editing for me all along so she’s helped me keep up with that. All I have to do is have the electricity shut off a couple of days the next two weeks and it should be ready to send it to Blushing!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Fantasy Friday revival - A Drive in the Country

Yes, Fantasy Friday is back - at least on a trial basis. I may not have as many pictures with it, but the stories are great.

Here's a Fantasy Friday written by my very first blogging friend, Eva. It was actually through strange twists and turns from this story, that I got the name PK . But that's a tale for another day. I hope you enjoy...

A Drive in the Country

The leaves were just beginning to turn. The air was cool. Crisp. Buses were running around picking up kids and taki
ng them to school.

The school year was well underway. My favorite thing to do when school is in session is to climb back into bed and steal an hour or two of sleep once the kids board the bus. Not this day though. This day, was about to be different than the rest had been so far this school year.

I knew he was planning to take the day off so that we could spend it together. I just didn’t know for sure what he had in mind. All I knew was that going back to bed was not an option. He told me I had 45 minutes to shower, dress casually, and meet him in the car.

When I got into the car he started the engine and put the car in reverse. As he began backing out of the drive he handed me a brown paper sack and said, “Here. Put this on.” I opened it and was not surprised to find the blindfold we often use when he wants to play with elements of surprise.

I put the blindfold on, wondering where he was taking me and why we didn’t just spend the day at home since the kids were in school. I tried to keep track of the twists and turns that the road took but after about ten minutes I was completely lost in the darkness of the blindfold.

As we drove he told me to remove my bra and even though I was wearing a long sleeved sweater that wasn’t a difficult accomplishment. Women can remove bras in the tightest of circumstance. And yes, even while blindfolded.

We drove a bit further and he told me to hold out my hand. I did. He placed something in my palm and said “Put them on.” It took me a second to figure out what I was holding. Never before have there been clamps on my nipples. Realizing he had bought them just for a moment like this, I thanked him for this gift as I put them on and felt their grip.

Throughout the rest of the trip he occasionally squeezed the nipple clamps sending throbbing sensations to my rapidly moistening sex. The pain in my nipples and the pleasure in my pussy made me whimper every time he touched me.

We drove on. And on. Finally, I sensed gravel under the wheels of the car. He must have driven another half mile. I could sense that we were on private property. Finally when the car stopped and the engine died he said “wait.” He got out of the car and came around and opened my door. He took my hand and instructed me to carefully get out of the car. The whole time he led me and warned me of bumps in the walkway and other obstacles.

We climbed four steps. I could tell we were now on a porch. I heard the creak of a swing and the sound of running water. The air smelled fresh and clean. I could tell we must be near a brook or stream. I held tightly to his arm.

And then I heard a person rise from the swing and approach us.

“Glad you kids could make it.” She sounded older.

“We’re happy to be here, isn’t that right honey?”

I hoped that question was rhetorical because I was too breathless to answer.

The lady then said “Right this way.”

I held tight and followed his lead, too nervous to do otherwise. I heard a door open and a light switch click on. A musty odor wafted into my nostrils. The lady said, “Be careful on those steps. I’ll be back in two hours to unlock the door.”

With that the door closed behind us and she was gone. My blindfold was removed so that I could see to go down the steps. “I want you to see EVERY thing that is about to happen to you, my love.”

At the bottom of the steps, he flipped another light switch and I gasped with excitement. It was a dungeon. A spanking, love-making, submissive dungeon.

He led me to a rack of outfits and chose a leather teddy, lace stockings and black boots with heels and told me to change right there before him. His eyes never left my body and I felt glorious sensations knowing he had arranged all this just for me.

There were crops. Floggers. Collars. Cock toys. Slings and swings. Paddles. Shackles. Spanking tables. We used them all. I spent the majority of the time on my knees pleasing him in whatever way he demanded. He pinched, pulled, teased. He did it all. We did it all.

At the end of the two hours we were both spent like never before. I had been spanked, teased, tormented, fucked and loved. I wanted to just stay on my knees at his feet doing only what he commanded me to do. I was not able to think for myself any longer. I didn’t want to think for myself. I was his and only able to think what he thought for me.

As we climbed the steps he stopped me, handed me the nipple clamps and said “Keep these on until I tell you to take them off.” Just then the door opened and I got my first look at the older lady. She was sweet. Motherly almost. As I began to become aware that I stood before her in leather gear I heard her ask my lover if he’d like to schedule a return appointment. As he slipped some cash into her hand he asked “How would two weeks from today work?”

As we were about to close the front door of the old farm house behind us, my lover then placed the blindfold back over my eyes and snarled softly in my ear, “Keep the blindfold on. You are to NEVER knew where our secret dungeon is located. Just make sure you change when we get home… before the bus drops off the kids.”


Thanks, Eve. If any of you would like to be a part of Fantasy Friday, we'd love to have you. Send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, June 13, 2019

If you've done this, tell me how to act

I’m losing a great neighbor. We’ve lived side by side for thirty-six years. She’s exactly two weeks older than me. I taught her child as she came through middle school. I taught her grandchildren. I just went to the baby shower for her first great-grand child. I sat with her when her daughter unexpectedly died when she was only thirty-two and I helped all I could  during her husband’s lingering death from cancer. I hate that she’s now moving, thought I do understand. 

Although she’s more fit than anyone I know, the house isn’t the best for anyone planning to grow old there. There is no bedroom or full bath on the ground floor and the yard take enormous upkeep. She wants a small one story home with a nice yard to putter in, but that won’t take up half her life. I get it. I just don’t like it.

But the house just sold and I have to deal with it. And it’s happening fast, she is to be out by July 1st. So I’m asking you all for advice. I want to know how to seem friendly without seeming pushy.

With the exception of my college years I’ve rarely moved. I never moved as a child and we’ve lived here since the day we married. I hope my next home will be the great beyond. So I’ve had little experience with new neighbors.

I’m asking those of you who have moved often, tell me what to do. I want to seem friendly, but not over eager. The way the house is situated, I’m their only real neighbor. Should I …

·     Leave them alone the first few day, or go introduce myself?
·     Should I bake something and take it over?
·     Tell them about the neighborhood, or keep my mouth shut? It's a nice neighborhood, I have no bad stories to share.
·     Just wave and leave them be?
·     Make them a welcome basket? I'm thinking about this so if I do, what should be in it?

I don't know anything about them and I'm already full of questions. I want to know about how old they are, do they have kids, are they from this general area or from far away. I do know enough not to bombard them with questions, but I am curious.

Go back and think about your last moving day – tell me what you wish the neighbors had done or not done.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Writing - TBT, part 3

This is the last part of my TBT from six years ago. If you haven't read part one and two you're welcome to look back. 

You all know I push for everyone to write fiction.  The reason I push for everyone to write a story is that I’m pretty confident that everyone has one.  We spankos daydream about this stuff.  Most of us have had these daydreams for years.  Our Fantasy Friday stories are these daydreams written out.

I think I should have said assignment 5 should have been think about writing fiction. Writing should be fun – creating those things you’ve dreamed and making them come alive should be something you enjoy doing.  I wouldn’t want this to be a chore for anyone.  If you want to try it, just write it for yourself.  There is no dead line for ‘turning it in’.  Just think about it.

Some have said that you’d like to write a Fantasy Friday but you worry about spelling, grammar, whatever… and just don’t think you can write.  Boy, are you going to fit right in!  I wrote the first story I cared about when I was 15 and made the mistake of turning it in to the teacher who assigned it.  She ripped it to pieces, figuratively.  I was devastated.  The next time I tried a story I cared about was thirty-four years later when I started blogging.  I look back at that first story I posted on my blog now and find tons of mistakes.  No one pointed out a single one, no one cares if I misspelled something, used quotation marks wrong or missed a comma.  They were reading the story and they seemed to like it fine.

I’m no editor (think math teacher, not English teacher) but if you should sent me something and I see a simple error I can correct I will. Some of my contributors are true writers most of us aren’t.  Cathy told me I could use her as an example.  Her writing style is very simple but some how her stories have touched me as much as any Fantasy Friday stories I’ve ever published, you can see one of her stories here.  

Please write your fantasy. Write if for yourself. If at some point you're willing to share it with us, send it to, elisspeaks.yahoo.com


Now, in 2019 I'll say - 

Since I don't post all the time anymore, I've been thinking of bringing Fantasy Friday back. Although I'd love it, I don't expect tons of new stories to pour in. But I will post every new story I'm sent. I used to go back and pick and choose which ones to repost, but I think I'll just go back to the beginning and start through them again. Anyway, it will be a free story to try and start your weekend off right. And hopefully someone will be inspired to write.

Friday, June 07, 2019

If I may continue - TBT, part 2

Here's the second part of my TBT, because it's just as true and relevant as it was when I first wrote it. I'll have the third and final one up on Monday.

Great, you're back! If you missed yesterdays post go here and read it first please. 

Now if you did assignment two from yesterday, then hopefully you did assignment one also.  Now that I hope you are realizing you belong here, your next assignments:

Assignment three: Talk to us.

You need to do some commenting.  If you never have before, it’s time to start.

I said yesterday that part of why I didn’t comment was that I felt that I had nothing to add; I’ll get back to this.  But another reason was fear. Were these bloggers real people, were they safe, were they going to try to lure me into some dark lifestyle I didn’t want?  The answers are simple: yes, yes, no. Could I really comment anonymously? Yes, but I think the best thing to do is to create second email account, password protected (from the kids) for your alter ego.  I began as Elis Corey (not my name) eventually I was renamed PK by some warped friends here.  I felt more comfortable with this email I used exclusively for commenting and eventually blogging. My suggestion is to come up with a name or something to go by rather than just being anonymous so we’ll know you’re the same person each time you come by.

Now about not feeling like you have anything to add – you do! When you just say ‘Hey, I like reading here.’ You have added your support. If you ask a question, you allow us to think and maybe eventually understand ourselves better.  If you tell us we’re lucky to have someone in our lives with whom we can share the spanking lifestyle, you help us remember how fortunate we are.  Nearly everyone out here answers his or her comments these days and this is the way we first began to know one another.

Assignment four: Think seriously about starting a blog of your own.

Now close your mouth and stop panicking.  You don’t have to start today, but think about it.  Here’s why. 

There are groups within our community.  Picture it like a large family that gets along well.  We all care about each other, we all love being together, would rally around anyone in times of trouble, ask and offer advice and enjoy hearing from anyone in the family.  But there are still groups within the family, the kids are outside playing, the teens are on their cells, maybe the pregnant woman and those with young kids are talking, the men are sleeping by the TV, and the women over fifty are singing the praise of the empty nest.

Umm... we're not all young and beautiful 
like these women, some of us look like me.

We have groups in blogland too.  Out here we have those who spank only for fun, for erotic reasons, many for discipline reasons and others who combine the three.  But a large group out here, maybe the largest, is not represented – those who would really love to be spanked, but have no one in their lives to do it, or are not yet comfortable asking their significant other to spank, or maybe they have asked and the other person just isn’t interested. I think some of you should be blogging – it may not change anything, but I think it feels better knowing that you are not alone.  By blogging, by being out here to rant, complain, wonder, guess, explore, ask, and discuss the lifestyle you will realize that you too have a group in this large family.  And knowing you are part of a large, supportive and loyal family seems to make everything better.

I know not everyone is going to want to begin a blog.  But some of you might so this is your official invitation. If you would consider this, you know you don’t have to blog every day.  But you would have a place – to share your feeling about everything.  I think over the years this blog has become my on going diary, my pensive, I have a place to store my thoughts and I love it.

And finally…

Assignment five:  Write spanking fiction.

No this isn’t just another plea for Fantasy Friday stories, don’t get me wrong, I’d surely take them, but you need to write for yourself.  You don’t have to post them at all, you can hide them under the mattress if you like.  But making up spanking stories got me through the first 49 years of life until I decided to ‘come out’ to Nick.  Nearly the first two years of Cassie's Space were all stories I'd had in my head through out my life.  It’s how I coped with being a spanko in a vanilla world.  And I really enjoyed it too – so much I’m still doing it.  So let your fantasy play out in your mind, expand and elaborate on it – it’s yours for goodness sakes.  Writing may soothe and ease your desires and it may give you the courage to come out to someone who might share your feelings, you never know.

This isn’t another Love our Lurkers day. I’m glad we have LOL Day, I do love my lurkers, but I hope that theses two posts will help some of you step out and really join us.  If you want to be spanked, if you have the desire to spank someone, if the whole idea of consensual adult spanking is often in your mind, you are part of the family and you will be most welcomed to talk with us any time. My email address is elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, June 06, 2019

An important post - TBT

This is a throw back Thursday that I could have written yesterday. It has to do with being a spanko, not with whether or not spanking is part of your current relationship. Maybe you've never been spanked, but have always dreamed of it. Maybe the spanking part of your relationship has died out. Either way, you're still one of us. So I hope you'll read this. 

I write all my post hoping all my readers will enjoy them and maybe think or laugh a little.  But today, and maybe for the next few post, I want to talk to a part of my reader that I’m afraid we often ignore.  One of my friends knows she inspired all these thoughts and that they are directed at her – but it also for many of my other readers.

I’d bet 99% of those of us out here, bloggers and readers, found ourselves here after looking up ‘spanking’ on the Internet, (back in my day all you could do was look up spanking in the dictionary and lust after the definition, but now I’m really showing my age.)  

I’m assuming that if you’re reading here you are a spanko – or have at least admitted to yourself that the idea of spanking or being spanked pulls at you whether you want it to or not.

Most of us blogging are being spanked, sometimes more than we’d like, sometimes less, but we’ve found some way to incorporate TTWD in our lives.  But that wasn’t true for me when I first found blogs.  At that time I had never had an adult spanking, Nick knew nothing about my desire and I wasn’t ever planning on telling him.  I loved what I was reading, was memorized, in fact.  But I certainly didn’t feel like I was a part of it.

I felt a lot like a kid with her face pressed against a candy store window watching the kids inside help themselves to all the delights I wanted. One part of me was happy for them, but I also felt a little jealous and left out.  

I had no one to spank me, no stories to relate, no misdeed that I could write about and speculate on what an appropriate punishment might be. I was not getting fun spankings, sexy spankings, punishment spanking, no one wanted to control (or protect) me. I felt couldn’t even comment on these thing with no experience to back it up. My feelings were, 'What could I say that was of any value or significance to these people who are actually living it?'

Bob said in an email the other day that as he began reading more and commenting some that he hadn’t realized what a close-knit community we really were. I love that we are seen in that way, but I don’t ever what my reader to feel like it’s an exclusive community.  If that were true we’d all go private and just talk to one another.  We have public blogs because we want other to feel comfortable joining the discussion. 

I reposted this on facebook the other day.  The LGBT community created it, but I think it applies for well for those of us in the spanko world as well.  This is the real reason I blog.

Now if you feel like you are in this group of readers (as I once was) I have several assignments for you.  I’ll just give the first two today (wish I could promise each of you a spanking if you don’t follow through, but…)

Assignment one: Reread this post.  Think about it. Realize that you are a part of us whether you let your voice be heard or not, and also realize that we will all be stronger if our community grows with the thoughts of all our members.

Assignment two: Come back tomorrow for your next assignment.