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Monday, January 30, 2012

Nick's seeing what I need

I’d have to say it’s been a pretty good weekend. I was down a pound this week. That always feels good. I’ve been out a time or two this weekend and I’ll be eating out some this week so I’ve got to be careful but it’s still heading in the right direction.

There has been a little spanking fun around here. Twice I’ve been caught on the run as Nick has thought of something that I did, or probably didn’t do, and got my bottom warmed. I know the second one was for something I did though. I was peaceful writing in my special room with my little fireplace on when I fell asleep. My little fire is remote controlled so when my feet get cold I turn it on and as they get toasty I turn it off. This time as I was getting toasty I fell asleep. Nick wandered out to check on me when the living room started getting too hot for him. We keep our thermostat on 68 but my room was closing in on 80 as I slept away.

He didn’t say much then, he waited for me to come out of the shower – when my butt is at its most tender to express his feelings. We were going out with friends that evening and I do love to be spanked before we go out! I did the ouchy dance as he talked about getting the fire turned off or wasting gas or something. I forget… are we suppose to listen to what they are saying when they spank?

Sunday afternoon we took full advantage of our empty nest. First we both napped for a while and then Nick decided it was time for some stress relief. I really have been letting work get to me lately. It often comes in waves for me. I can shrug it off for long periods and just laugh at the absurdity of it all and then without warning I just get enraged by the whole stupid mess! I’m angry one minute and teary the next. Neither is a mood Nick likes. The strap brought me back nicely to where my thoughts should be. Nick told me if I was going to be teary he had better be the one causing it. LOL, I guess most vanillas might not realize that was a sweet statement, but I understood and I agree. There was spanking, massages, plugs, vibrators and sweet loving, a wonderful afternoon. Maybe this week I can turn my thoughts to my real job, the one I love and the one I do well and away from all the ridiculous and mind numbing busy work the ‘higher ups’ seem to stress as the most important. And if I don’t, I hope Nick will find a good way to remind me.

* A new bloggers note. Nita has begun a new blog, A Brat's Diary. Nita has an interesting point of view because she is from a different culture. I love it because it prove to me TTWD and DD are practiced by people of every culture. I know she can use friends to support her in her search. I hope you'll go by and welcome her to the sisterhood.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fantasy Friday, It's never too Late, part 2

As promised, the second part of Sunnygirl's wonderful story. You can find part one here. Sunnygirl, some are saying that this would make another great series... might give you something to think about during your upcoming travels.

For now everyone enjoy ...

It's never too Late, part 2

Ginny and Ken were spending a great deal of time together. Ginny loved their relationship except that Ken could be a little over protective at times. She thought that he and Adam would get along just great. She didn’t like being told what she could and couldn’t do. Ken was used to making decisions in his business life and from what she gathered he had made all of the decisions in his married life. He could be a little overbearing at times. She was beginning to understand why he was still single. The word “submissive” was not in her dictionary. She and Steve had always shared everything and if they had a difference of opinion they talked it out until a final decision was made.

Last weekend was a great example of Ken’s attitude. Her daughter, Carolyn, planned on driving over and spending the weekend with Ginny. At the last minute something came up and she was unable to make it. Ken was apoplectic that she would cancel at the last minute without a thought of how her change of plans might affect her mother. Ginny said to relax; it wasn’t that big a deal. Ken thought it was and carried on until Ginny said enough and went back to her condo.

A couple of hours later, Ken was knocking at her door and offering an apology for his behavior.

Ginny accepted but told him they were going to have to come to an understanding if their relationship was to continue. She took pride in her independence and was not willing to give that up to a man at this stage of her life. Ken listened to what Ginny had to say. He understood her position and said he could live with it. There were only two things he insisted upon – complete honesty and her safety. He would not give in on those. They were too important to him.

Ginny understood the honesty part. A relationship could not thrive and succeed without it. As far as she was concerned safety was also something she could live with. After all, she was always careful. Having been a mother, it was something that was second nature to her. Most safety issues were just common sense and after sixty five years there weren’t many things she hadn’t encountered and dealt with successfully.


Tonight was going to be a big night. Adam, Cathy and the kids were coming to visit. They would be staying with Ginny. This would be the first time that Adam would be meeting Ken. Ginny had spent most of the week getting ready for the visit. She wanted everything to be perfect. To that end she made dinner reservations at the place she and Ken frequented. Ginny asked Ken to meet them there rather than getting together at the house. Her theory was it would be better for the men to meet on neutral territory and in the more casual atmosphere of a restaurant. Ginny knew that Adam would be on “protective alert” and wanted the meeting to go smoothly.

Her family arrived about 2:00. Ginny had wanted to pick them up at the airport but Adam said not to bother. He was going to have to rent a car anyway so they would just pick one up at the airport and drive to the condo. The children had grown in the time since she had last seen them. They were now 8 and 10. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed them. They “skyped” now and then but their lives were filled with school, friends and sports and they didn’t have much time for telephone conversations with Grammy. She was thrilled to have them here even if it was for too short a time.

They were meeting for dinner at 5:30. Early but then considering the time zone difference it would be better for the kids. Ken was already there when the rest of them arrived. He looked a little nervous, but she was sure she would be the only one to notice. He stood and shook hands with Adam and gave Cathy a quick kiss on the cheek. He shook hands with the children and gave them each a small goodie bag. Ginny was thrilled with his thoughtfulness. Once everyone settled in, Ken and Adam started talking about insurance giving Cathy time to talk to Ginny. Cathy thought Ken was very handsome and seemed to really care for Ginny. Cathy asked if their relationship was going to end up being permanent. Ginny said “like in marry”. “Yes”, said Cathy. Ginny said that “No, she didn’t think so. She liked Ken immensely and might even love him, but she liked having her own place and the freedom to come and go as she pleased”. Ken didn’t mean to eavesdrop but when he heard that he was dumbstruck. During Adam’s visit, he planned on telling him he was going to ask his mother to marry him.

As they were leaving the restaurant, Ken asked Ginny to drive home with him. Adam could follow if he wasn’t sure of how to get back to the condo. When they were alone in the car, Ken told Ginny he had heard what she had said to Cathy. He then put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small package and handed it to Ginny. She opened and was awe struck. Inside was a beautiful diamond engagement ring. “Does that change your mind?” asked Ken. Ginny was speechless – she just continued to hold the box in her hand.

“Oh Ken I didn’t see this coming. I know we’ve been seeing lot of each other and I certainly enjoy your company but I never imagined you were this serious. I just wanted a fresh start and a new life. I never thought about getting married again. I love the freedom of knowing when I get up in the morning with the whole day ahead of me that I have no obligations whatsoever.” “Can you understand that?”

“Yes I can. I may not like it but I understand it. Is it because I’m overprotective?”

“That is something that makes me a little uncomfortable but that’s not the only reason.”

Well, I can’t help who I am. I have given you more latitude than I ever gave my wife. You know I loved my wife dearly but what you don’t know was that I would spank her when she overstepped the boundaries I set. We had a wonderful marriage and when she passed I wasn’t sure I would ever find someone I would be willing to share my life with. Then I met you. You are a wonderful free spirited woman and I love that about you and that is why I have tried very hard to curtail my dominant attitudes. But I’m not sure I could change after all these years.”

“Ken I am just not ready to commit to a full-time all encompassing relationship right now. I know it’s been two years since Steven passed but I really only started really being myself when I moved here to Arizona. I would like to enjoy that for a while longer. I am not saying I will never be ready but I am definitely not ready now.”

“Do you think we could continue to see each other”, said Ken. “I am not willing to give up so easily.”

Ginny said she thought they could continue to see each other. She liked him very much and for the most part was very comfortable with him. What he just shared about spanking his wife didn’t really surprise her. He had hinted about being in charge in his marriage and once, way back in the beginning of their relationship, they had a little argument and he told her that if she didn’t stop yelling at him he would spank her bottom. She wasn’t sure how that issue was resolved but she knew he didn’t spank her.

“Okay then” said Ken. They had just pulled into the condo garage. Ken asked if they could continue with their plans they had made. She thought that was fine. He kissed her good night and took her to her door. Adam was just coming out the door to get something out of the car so the kiss was a quickie. I’ll see you all tomorrow. And off he went.


Ginny loved her new life – she had been living in Tucson for less than a year but she was right at home. Sometimes she got a little whimsical for Castle Pines but it never lasted long. She had a very active life and was doing worthwhile things - not just playing cards with the girls. She had become a Friend of the Library and was also involved with the local food bank.

She and Ken still dated. He had asked her to marry him several times over the last four months and she always told him that she was just not ready. He was becoming less and less enamored of her refusals. One of these days she was going to have to either give in and accept his engagement ring or just let him go. She wasn’t being fair to him by stringing him along. She would give him her decision soon.

That weekend she and Ken were attending a charity function for the local food bank. It was the biggest fund raising event of their year. One of the features was a silent auction. Ginny decided to donate a weekend at the Inn in Tubac. She knew that Ken would be bidding on several of the items and was sure he would pick the Tubac weekend. She was going to arrange to slip in a little surprise if he won the auction.

When it was announced that Ken Vandenberg was the highest bidder for the Tubac weekend, Ginny silently started planning the weekend. To her great chagrin, Ken turned the weekend over to the couple that had made the next highest bid.

When they left the event, Ginny started sputtering about how he could have given up that weekend. She went on and on. He told her there was no sense in recreating a special weekend when he was no longer waiting for her to decide that she wanted him to be a permanent part of her life. This was the last time he was going to be her “Ken Doll” to take out and use when it suited her. From now on, he was either in her life or out of her life. He had danced to her tune for the last time. Now he was the one leading the dance.

She was furious even though she had decided that she was going to tell Ken that she would be honored to be his wife. Actually that was why she had donated that item for bid. She thought it would be perfect time to tell him then that she had made her decision. How dare he throw down a gauntlet? It wasn’t his place to tell her when she was ready. She was the one that would be making that decision. There were definitely some items that needed to be clarified before that ring was placed on her finger.

She was still giving him a piece of her mind when they arrived at her doorway. He opened the door and followed her in. Ginny finally realized he had stopped speaking some time back. His face was a mass of chiseled stone. He very resolutely took her arm and led her to the nearest chair. He sat down and pulled her down across his knee and proceeded to give her the spanking she had coming for a very long time.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK – “You stop this immediately” cried Ginny.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK- “owwwwwww, stop I said!”

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK “I am going to call the police when you let me up!”


“Then I better make this good honey” said Ken. “This is it. I’ve wanted to do this for months. I’ve been patient and waited as long as I am going to for you to decide to marry me. I am not going to stand by and watch you throw away our happiness any longer. When I am finished spanking you, I am going to kiss you good night and walk away. If you decide you want me, you know where I am. Until you do, we won’t be seeing each other socially anymore and I am telling you I won’t wait long. Enough is enough.”

He gave her two final licks and let her up. He tried to hug her and give her a kiss, but she pushed him away and told him to “get out”. He walked to the door and closed it behind him.

“Make sure to lock the door, Ginny.” Ken said through the door. Ginny picked up a figurine and threw it at the closed door. She heard him chuckle.


Adam and his family, and Carolyn along with Ken’s daughter Heather and her children, and his son Josh were awaiting the arrival of the newlyweds. Ken and Ginny were married in the judge’s chambers and their wedding dinner was being held at the Inn in Tubac. Their children weren’t sure why their respective parents had chosen this particular site and when they asked, Ken and Ginny looked at each other and smiled. “It’s a place of great beginnings and happy endings” said Ken.

They didn’t reserve the two bedroom casita.

Their marriage vows did not include the word “Obey”.


Thanks again Sunnygirl. You have really been a big boost to Fantasy Friday. There are several more weeks of brand new stories. I hope you will all come back each week. I wish each of you would think of getting in on the fun. Come on, try to write a story. You know you want to. If you're willing send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com and we'll all enjoy.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fantasy Friday, It's Never too Late, part one

I've only worked three days this week and it still feels like forever. I'm so glad Friday is here! I think it going to be a busy weekend. Heading to see Mollie at college Saturday at lunch, and we're going out with friends Saturday night. Both things I really want to do but I also like relaxing on Saturday too.

As far as Fantasy Friday goes though it's a big weekend. We have a two part story and and the next part will be up tomorrow. Not that's a full weekend! Today we have Sunnygirl to thank for this fantastic story! Please enjoy...


Ginny was playing cards with her usual group of friends. All of a sudden she was hit with a flash She saw myself ten years from now. She had been doing this same thing with these same people for longer than she could remember. It’s not that she didn’t enjoy the people or the activity but she was BORED senseless and decided some changes had to be made before it was too late.

Once home, she poured a glass of wine, sat in her favorite chair and thought about what she wanted to do with the remainder of her life. Her husband Steve had passed away two years ago and since then she had just continued to do the things she had always done. Their son, Adam was married and had two sons. He had a successful insurance business and between that and his own family he didn’t have very much free time for me. Their daughter had moved to California four years ago and was not coming back to Castle Pines except for the infrequent visits. So the very first thing she decided was that the house was going up for sale. She wasn’t sure what she would do after that but it was a start.

Three days later the For Sale sign was posted in the front yard. The realtor suggested decluttering and repainting some of the rooms for a quick sale. She wasn’t sure that’s what she wanted because; some major decisions had to be made about what to do with the rest of her life. But, whatever she decided thirty years worth of accumulated possessions had to be dealt with now. Thirty years, it didn’t seem possible that she had lived in this house that long. So many memories occurred here. She remembered the first time she had seen it. Driving by on her way to some club meeting and noticed the for sale sign. She called Steve and told him to call the realtor and make an appointment to see the house. They saw the house that very afternoon and fell in love. It was just the kind of house in which they wanted to raise their family. And that they did. Adam was born ten months after they moved in and Carolyn was born eighteen months after that.

When Ginny called Adam and Carolyn to tell them of her decision to sell the house she got mixed reactions. Adam thought of himself as her protector – a job he assumed when his dad has passed away. He thought his mother was making a very foolish decision. Carolyn, on the other hand, was thrilled and gave her mom lots of encouragement to start living again. She even volunteered to come and help sort through the thirty years worth of accumulation. Ginny took her up on her offer and to come whenever she could make arrangements to do so.

Carolyn arrived the next week. By then, Ginny had been through the closets in her bedroom, the spare bedrooms, the kitchen pantry, and the linen closets in the three bathrooms. The local charitable organization was the recipient of a truckload of recyclable goods that was no longer of use to her. The first night Carolyn arrived; they were invited to Adam’s for dinner. Up to this point neither Carolyn nor Adam had asked their mother’s plans once the house was sold. Ginny figured they both thought I would just move to one of the new condo’s being built just outside of town. But that wasn’t Ginny’s attention so when her daughter in law Cathy said:

“So Mom what are your plans once the house is sold?”

“I’m moving to Arizona” said Ginny.

Both of her children were stunned. Adam was the first to recover:

“What”, Adam said. “You mean to tell me you are moving two thousand miles from here to a place you’ve never lived and only visited a couple of times”. “Why?”

“It’s just something I have always wanted to do. Your father and I talked about it when he was alive but then he got sick and plans changed. I just decided I’m going to do it before I get any older. It’s an adventure and I need to shake up my life. I’m too stagnant here and if I wait much longer, I will never do it”.

Carolyn said “Good for you Mom”. She understood her mother’s reasoning. She had felt the same way when she decided to move to California. It was the best thing she had done to date. Although she loved Castle Pines, it was a small town and nothing much changed from one year to another. Carolyn knew she wanted something more. She was happy for her mother and gave her a lot of credit for being willing to take the chance and move forward with her life.

Adam continued to grouse that he thought Ginny was being foolhardy. “You will be so far away”. “When will we see you?”

“Well, said Ginny, “Arizona is not that far from California. And, Adam, you live across town and we see each other about once a month. That’s not a slam against you. You have your own life and it’s a busy one. Look at it this way, when you come to visit, we will be spending quality time because you will have carved that time out of your schedule. Arizona has some great golf courses. California has the beach and all those resort/amusement parks the kids would enjoy.”


Ginny settled down in the living room of her new condo in Tucson, Arizona. It had been a busy six months. The house and all of her furniture had been either sold or donated to Goodwill. Adam and Carolyn had gone through the house and taken whatever they wanted because the only thing that Ginny was going to take to Arizona was her clothes and very few of those. She wanted a completely fresh start.

Ginny was glad that part was over. Now she just wanted to just sit back and relax for the next couple of days before the next phase of her life began. The doorbell rang. Dang, who could that be? Ginny wasn’t sure she had the energy to get up to answer it right now. The only person she really knew was the realtor who sold her the condo.

She looked through the peephole and standing there was this gorgeous man. Because this was a secured complex she didn’t hesitate to open the door. The gentleman said hello and handed her a card while introducing himself as Ken Vandenberg. Looking at the card she noticed he was an insurance agent. She explained that her son was an insurance agent and he took care of all her needs. He laughed and said he wasn’t there to sell her insurance but it was good to know her insurance needs were being met. He said he lived three condos down and was looking for his kitty. Princess had run out the door when a delivery was being made and he was canvassing the neighbors to see if anyone had seen her. Ginny introduced herself and explained she had just moved in a few days ago and hadn’t seen any kitty. Ken said “Well, welcome to the neighborhood.”

“Thank you and I will be sure to keep an eye out for a kitty” Ginny said and started closing her door. Going back to her recliner she thought about the handsome man just leaving her door. He was about 6 tall with silver hair which was set off by his deeply tanned face. She couldn’t help but notice his muscular build. Wow, I wonder if he’s married.

Ginny picked up her e-reader and must have nodded off because the next thing she knew she was hearing a noise from the storage area off her patio. She got up to investigate and when she opened the door a tortoise colored kitty came running out. The kitty must have gotten in there while I was putting away some of her recent purchases. The kitty ran into the house and Ginny immediately closed the door to prevent further escape. This had to be Ken’s kitty. Picking up the card off the counter she called his number. He answered right away. Ginny explained who she was and told him that she thought she may have found his kitty.

“Great” he said. “I’ll be right over if that’s okay with you.”

Ginny said that was fine with her. It seemed like only seconds went by when the doorbell rang. She closed the kitty in the bedroom so it couldn’t run out the door when Ken arrived. She answered the door and thought Lord, he was a good looking guy, and she actually had butterflies in her tummy and thought she was too old to be feeling like this.

“Come on in” “I heard a strange noise in the storage closet and went to investigate. I was in there earlier and the kitty must have gotten in then. I didn’t even see her.”

“Her name is Princess and she is a little stinker. Quick as a flash of light. I didn’t even see her get out of my place. Princess is always finding hiding places so I didn’t think anything of it until a couple of hours ago. When she didn't come out of hiding at the sound of the can opener, I knew she wasn’t anywhere in the condo. Thank you so much for finding her.”

” I didn’t find her, she found me. I closed her in the bedroom so she couldn’t run out the door. Do you want to go get her?”

“Are you asking me into your bedroom.” He chuckled and his eyes twinkled.

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am.” Ginny couldn’t believe she was being so bold.

“Well, then let’s go.”

Ginny led the way down the hall and opened the door. There was Princess all curled up in the middle of the bed. Ken went to scoop her up. While doing so he noticed this was a pretty feminine bedroom – no signs of a man. Good, he thought. I would like to get to know her better and Princess might have just provided the perfect opportunity.

“I would love to take you to dinner as a thank you for rescuing Princess” “I realize you just moved in and are probably tired, so how about if we do it tomorrow. “Would that be okay with you?”

“Yes, I would like that.”

“Good. I’ll see you tomorrow at 7:00.”

Ken and Princess left. Ginny just leaned against the door. Was this dinner an actual date? I hope so: I’m practically drooling over this man and I don’t even know him.

7:00 the next evening couldn’t come soon enough. All day long, Ginny couldn’t get her mind off of how taken she was with Ken. She hadn’t had feelings like this since Steve all those years ago. Now at 65 I am feeling and acting like a young girl.

At sixty five, Ginny still was attractive. Her salt and pepper hair was cut in a stylish way that flattered her face. There were wrinkles, of course, but not so many that it was the only thing you saw. She was neither thin nor heavy, but of course gravity had taken over and things were rearranged differently than they were in her twenties and thirties. All in all, not too bad.

Not being sure of what to wear because Ken had not mentioned where he would be taking her to dinner, she decided on a casual pair of white pants and a long turquoise tunic. With white heeled sandals and her silver jewelry it wouldn’t matter if the place was casual or a little more formal. The closer it got to 7:00 the more nervous she became. My last first date was forty years ago. – Things had changed a lot during that time. What were Ken’s expectations? He invited me as a thank you so she knew they wouldn’t be splitting the bill. Did he expect to get any return on his investment?

When the doorbell rang, Ken stood there in white slacks and a turquoise golf shirt. They laughed and it really broke the ice. Ginny invited him in and asked if he would like to have a glass of wine before heading out.

“No”, let’s save the cocktails for the restaurant. The place we’re going is not far and we can sit on the patio and enjoy the beautiful October in Tucson weather.”

“Great, I’ll just get my purse and we can be off.”

Ken had a white BMW convertible and the top was down. “Do you mind”, he asked. “If so, I can put the top up but it’s such a beautiful evening it seems a shame to waste it.”

“No, I love a convertible and why own one if you don’t put the top down. Actually, I have the same car. I bought it when I knew I was moving here. I wanted one my whole life so now seemed the perfect time to indulge my fantasy.”

He laughed and said “you’re kidding”. Not only do we dress alike but we have the same car” “Is there a message in here somewhere?”

When they arrived at the restaurant they were seated out on the patio. The waitress came to take their order and Ginny ordered a Lemon Drop Martini. Ken wasn’t familiar with that drink and asked what it was. Ginny answered that her daughter had suggested she try one and she loved them. “However, to date my limit had been two. I’m not sure if I could handle more than that.”

Ken ordered a Vodka Martini and said “he knew his limit was two, especially if he was the designated driver”. Ginny giggled and her eyes crinkled up. He was enjoying her company. He was really glad that Princess had escaped yesterday.

Over dinner they talked about their lives and how they had ended up in Tucson. He had been born and raised in California and moved to Tucson after his wife passed away fifteen years ago. Much like Ginny he wanted a fresh start. During that time, he had dated off and on but nothing serious. He had two children also, a boy and a girl. But in his case, the girl was the first born. Heather was married and had children and still lived in northern California. Josh was married and divorced and had a place in Phoenix but traveled extensively for his job so Ken didn’t get to see either of his children much.

After dinner, they retired to the lounge area where they had coffee and an after dinner drink. The piano player had started to play as they entered and Ken asked if Ginny would be willing to take a chance on his two left feet. Ginny couldn’t imagine Ken being anything but a great dancer. She was completely mesmerized by this man. There must be something wrong with him but if there was she hadn’t discovered it. Along with being drop dead gorgeous, he had courtly manners which Ginny thought had gone out of style. He loved animals, had been devoted to his wife. Ginny heard the love in his voice when he mentioned her. He seemed to have a great self deprecating sense of humor. Nobody could be that perfect and not have been snatched up before now. While they were on the dance floor, Ginny couldn’t help but ask:

“So Ken why hasn’t some lovely lady laid claim to you yet?

He actually blushed and responded that “I could say the same thing to you.”

Ginny replied, “I don’t usually attract ladies.”

He laughed and said “touché.”

He loved the repartee they exchanged all evening and decided he wanted to spend more time with this woman. “What are you doing this weekend?” he asked.

Ginny replied that she had planned on taking a drive to Tubac. Her realtor told her it was a growing artist colony and had a nice inn not too far out of town. Ginny thought it might be fun and she would be getting to know something of her new surroundings. Ken replied “well, if I am not being too presumptuous, I would love to join you.” I think I know the inn you are referring to and it has a great two bedroom casita that might be available. Are you game?”

Ginny thought it sounded great but she was a little hesitant. After all, she had just met this man and now he was asking her to spend the weekend with him. Her mind wandered to what Adam would say if he should find out about this. Oh hell, she thought. She liked this man and she was wanted a fresh start on life so why not take a chance.

“Okay, Ken. I am game."

"Shall I call the inn or will you?"


Sunnygirl, thank you so much for this story. I love it. Everyone, don't forget to come back tomorrow for the second part. And if you have a story to share please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cutting boards and candy

I thought I tell you that Badass did get me in a bit of trouble. I had Monday off - and loved every second of it! After watching Dr. Phil I spent the rest of the day in my sun-room reading and writing. I did do a tiny bit of house work. I put away all the stuff at the foot of the bed and… well that’s about it. When Nick got home he notice the dishwasher hadn’t been emptied. Heck, I didn’t even know they were clean.

He said “Maybe you should change what you said in your post from ‘I don’t do anything wrong’ to ‘I don’t do anything.’ Funny man that Nick. He quickly bent me over the counter and I expected a few good hand spanks. NOPE! He grabbed the inch thick cutting board! Now that thing packs a wallop. I was left with a sting butt.

Yesterday as I got home from a workshop I saw that the Nick hadn’t had time to bring in the trash cans from the curb or get the mail. So I grabbed them both. Not a big deal but Nick usually takes care of such. When he saw I’d done it he commented “I may need to get that cutting board our more often.”I had to give him a grin.

I made a confessing – which I didn’t think he would see that way, I was just telling him about my day. I don’t like workshops. Strangely enough the morning session was pretty good. The afternoon one had me completely angry and frustrated. I mentioned to him that there were piles of candy at each table, little mini bars of several different kinds. During the morning session I completely ignored them. But once I got angry and frustrated I was popping those things like popcorn! Why do I do that? That’s what Nick wanted to know as he grabbed me for another quick bottom warming. He’s right. Anger and frustration are no reasons to sabotage myself. I realize now that these feelings are triggers to cause me to want to over eat. Maybe being aware will help me stop. Nick wasn’t ‘punishing’ me. But I appreciate him using what he knows gets my attention best to help me realize what I was doing. Now the big problem – with my job how do I keep from getting angry and frustrated (not at the kids, but at all the adults involved)? I guess it gives me something to work on.

500,000 swats

Maybe that should have been ‘hits’, whatever!

I did it! It took me five years, six months and one day to reach a half million hits! I am honored and delighted to think that so many people have come over the years to listen to what I’ve had to say and often left a comment. To everyone who has ever been by I give you a big, sincere

It’s had me thinking about how people out here decide where to spend their time reading and where they decide to comment. I think I have way more time to play around on the computer than many out here, but with all the wonderful spanking blogs we have now, no one could keep up and read them all, not if they went at it 24 hours a day.

That means we have to pick and choose. I like reading everything – from serious BDSM to those who only enjoy playing. I enjoy blogs where the man is the unquestioned HOH to blogs where husbands get spanked for their misdeeds. But I know I gravitate to blogs where I feel the relationship is fairly close to what Nick and I share, that would be where the woman enjoys a good spanking and has usually brought the subject up to her husband. You all know I enjoy a little discipline (or should I say habit breaking incentives), but I don’t want to be bossed around or micromanaged.

I also enjoy reading blogs with more firm or heavier discipline. I have to say it just gives me a thrill to read about loving, caring, dominant, take charge men. I don’t want to live with one, but I like to read about them. I’m not always as likely to comment, because I often don’t know what to say, but I do read.

I guess comments are the true guide to where I read. I blog for the friendships with like minded people. If I didn’t want comments I would just talk to myself and not spend my time typing.

I try to answer all my comments – doesn’t always happen, but I try. When I get a comment I nearly always follow it back it it’s another blogger and see what their site is like. Often I’ll leave them a comment too. This is when I usually decide if I’ll make that site a regular stop on my daily read. If my comments are never answered I usually stop commenting, although I’ll often keep reading. I feel like if I speak to someone a few times and they don’t answer the comment, I just assume that they don’t want to talk. And that’s okay too.

Please let me say right here I know many of you just don’t have the time to answer every comment. I mean I sometime don’t get mine answered and I don’t get as many as some of you and I have no little ones to care for, as you do, while you’re trying to clean the house and get supper on the table. So I understand that it’s just not practical for many of you to answer comments. But anyway, that’s how I decide where to read and comment. When I comes to linking with others, I’m usually slow about it. I want my blog list to reflect what I actually read. When I find a new blog it’s usually when someone recommends it to me or I follow a link back from a comment. And I like to read a while before I link – and then sometimes if simply forget. I’ll be a regular at blog for a while and then realize I haven’t linked it yet. I’m working on it.

So how about you? Why do you read the blogs you read? When do you decide to comment? If you have a blog how do you decide which blogs to link or not to link? I’m really curious about your answers. I hope you’ll leave me a comment and tell me or post about it yourself.

And once again – thanks for the half million!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Discipline? Why, I'm perfect!

Sorry I haven’t kept up reporting on the Weight Watchers front. I’m doing fine if not fantastic. I gained one pound over Christmas week and then lost it, but I haven’t lost much since. I think I am still doing well on what I eat, but I pretty much let any and all exercise go this month. I guess it’s time to get back to the real world. I went to the gym Saturday morning. Still don’t like it, but I know its necessary.

A friend asked me recently how my life long quest for discipline was going. I hadn’t thought about it in a while. I’ll never get over my fascination with the discipline aspect of TTWD. While that’s the focus for many of my friends here, it will never be for us. There is simply no reason for it in our marriage. I’ve said before we do not fight, we never have. We agree on how to handle our money, we agree on how we raised the kids and since they’re grown there is no conflict expected there, and for us showing respect will never be an issue.

I think it’s our age. I don’t have to worry about showing my husband respect. We simply respect each other. We still say please and thank-you to one another. We tease a lot, it’s not uncommon for me to roll my eyes at him, or tell him to kiss my ass for that matter. I do the same things with my girl friends and heaven knows I’m closer to Nick. If we were ever discussing something serious, and were in disagreement about it, I would never roll my eyes or anything of the kind. And not because it would be disrespectful, but because it would be impolite. Does that make sense to anyone else?

So even though I’ve longed for it in the past there have never really been any reasons for Nick to ‘punish’ me. Before my halo becomes too large I want to add that there are several things I do that annoy him. For some strange reason Nick thinks that I should put away my clothes from the laundry after he has washed and dried a load. He puts away his clothes and the towels and such. He feels the same way about the not quite neat pile of clean and dirty clothes beside the foot of our bed. Sometime he will mention a few of my bad habits. Sometimes he will even give me a few stinging swats.

Yawn… a few swats? Obviously the man really doesn’t care if the laundry is put away or not. And I don’t care whether I’m grabbing clothes from the basket or the closet so why put them away? Sometimes an issue of this nature will come up during a pre-sex spanking. Nick will tell me as he’s spanking that I’ll have to do better and then to make his point we have some mind-blowing sex! Yep, that’ll teach me! LOL!

I guess I do have a few bad habits – very few – that I would like to break, putting my clothes away, exercising more regularly, getting to bed earlier, things like that. I probably could improve with Nick’s assistance, but a few swats (not that I don’t appreciate them honey) probably won’t do it for me. Of course Nick, this problem could be solved very easily. You could put my clothes away when you do yours. And while you’re at it could you do something with that mess at the foot of the bed?

Wait! Stop! Don’t hit post! Badass wrote that last part. She did! Leave me out of this. I don't want to get involved.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fantasy Friday, 1900's Cameo

Today is another brand new Fantasy Friday. I'm so excited to have so many people sending in stories. Today's story is from Mandy, she has written for us before. You can find her story here. She been writing again and we have this story and another one coming in a few weeks. Your weekend is beginning, sit back and enjoy...

1900's Cameo

We had just gotten a new assignment for our history class and I was both nervous and excited. My group consisted of Derryk, Matt, Amber, and myself. Derryk was a bit of a nerd, a really sweet guy who liked to act in school plays and was a details fanatic. He would have access to costumes and some props. Amber was shy, quiet, and studious. Matt was well built with a commanding presence that settled around his broad shoulders like a cloak; I had had a crush on him since the first day of class. I was the idea girl, a bit more reserved than Derryk, but willing to go out of my way to ensure that life didn't get boring.

Our history professor, Mr. James, had just given the class our new assignment and divided us into groups. Each group was to take their assigned time period, and recreate a cameo of what life was like for people our age in that time. We could choose the place we wanted to showcase, but we must be true to the time period. Mr. James considered this a great way to help the entire class truly experience history. My group had been given the 1900's.

My reputation of an idea girl had my whole group looking to me when we met to discuss ideas. I looked around at everybody. I had a great idea, but I wasn't sure how they would take it. "We should do a cameo of a school day." I said.

Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. "Why would we do that Mya?" Derryk asked, "Wasn't the clothing the only thing that was different, for the most part?"

"No, that was different, but something else was different too. Something that made school a completely different experience than it is today." I replied.

"What?" asked Matt.

I looked around, everyone was looking back at me speculatively. "Corporal punishment." I replied.

I watched everyone's reactions. Matt looked amused. Derryk's brow was creased in concentration, like he was trying to remember if what I said was true. Amber looked hesitant.

"What's up?" I asked Amber.

"I think it's a good idea," Amber replied, "but I'm not getting spanked in front of the whole class. I would be too embarrassed to do something like that."

I smiled and looked at Derryk then Matt, turning my gaze predatory. "Hmmm." I said.

Derryk looked down and away from my gaze. Matt just smirked back at me.

"Well, I guess that's that." I declared.

"What's what?" asked Amber, confused.

"You can be a regular student and introduce our cameo I smiled kindly. Derryk is just as shy as you, so he can be a student, and be in charge of costumes and props. It would look ridiculous if I was trying to punish Matt, and he does authority well, so I'll be the one getting punished. It was my idea after all."

Derryk nodded. "That makes sense. There are some costumes left over from the "Great Gatsby" play we could use. I'll see if I can get them. I don't think we have any paddles back there, but I'll look."

Matt grinned, "I can get a paddle, don't worry about that."

Amber looked at him in surprise, "I'm glad I'm just a regular student. I'll help come up with the lesson Matt's going to be 'teaching' us. This is supposed to take five to ten minutes."

Matt nodded agreement. "We have a week to plan and get ready. Let's start on that now and try to have props here for practice tomorrow."

We spent the next fifteen minutes of class time leafing through the History book, trying to get ideas for Matt's lesson.

The next day, during class, our group went to the library and took over one of the group study rooms. Derryk hadn't brought any of the props except the costumes, but Matt had brought his paddle. It was a wicked looking thing, about eighteen inches long, four inches wide, and an inch and a half thick.

"Where did you get that?" I asked.

"My dad made it." Matt replied, "It can pack a terrific wallop. It makes a great cracking sound if it's used right." His eyes were on me as he said that last bit, gauging my reaction.

I worked hard not to give him one. Finally I nodded, both to quiet the butterflies in my stomach, and to get myself ready to participate in our project. He grinned and I realized he had taken my nod for permission to really spank me. "Oh well," I muttered. "In for a penny, in for a pound."

We all gathered around the table, in the middle of the room and discussed the lesson, and my 'crime,' which was to be not having done my reading the night before. I would try to explain my reasons, but Matt would have already heard my friends and me talking about the fun we'd had the night before. Being caught in both being unprepared for class, and a lie, I would be called to the front of the room to receive my punishment.

We moved the table back to give Matt room, and put a chair in the front of the room with the paddle on it to serve as Matt's desk. I was so preoccupied with my part in this play that I missed everything until Matt was in front of me, asking about something I was supposed to have read the night before.

"Huh?" I blinked.

"I asked you a question from last night's reading. Didn't you finish your reading last night?"

My reading? Oh, my reading. "I'm sorry sir," I said, trying to remember my lines. "I had to help take care of my baby sister, she's awful sick."

"Really?" Matt asked. "That's strange, I heard you talking with Amber and Emma about what a good time you had last night. Do you all find caring for a sick child so amusing?" Matt's voice grew stern.

"No sir." I replied meekly, doing my best to remember that this wasn't real.

Matt sighed, "First you came to class unprepared, and then you lied about it. This behavior will not be tolerated. Come to the front of the room and bend over. Place your hands on my desk."

"Yes, sir." I got up and did as directed. Matt removed the paddle from the chair.

"You will receive six strokes; two for being unprepared for class, four for lying. After all strokes have been administered you will thank me for correcting you, apologize, and go stand in the corner."

I looked at Matt swiftly, he was improvising, but it sounded good. "Yes sir."

"Don't forget, if you get out of position we start over."

I snuck another glance at Matt, then looked at Derryk and Amber. They looked mesmerized by the scene playing out before them. I stifled a giggle and focused on the chair in front of me. Whap, my dress muffled some of the sound, but the pain was real. I gasped and clutched the chair. Crack, the next whack was much more audible, and nearly lifted me off my feet.

"If you had not lied we would be done." Matt's voice spoke from behind me. "In the future do not compound your crimes by lying." He seemed to be waiting for some kind of response.

"Yes sir" I gritted out, now wishing I had had a taste of the paddle before agreeing that I would endure six whacks from it.

Snap, the next blow rang out. Matt was certainly a quick study when it came to getting clear sound from his paddle. Whap, the next whack didn't sound as clear, but it still hurt. It was getting hard to stay in position. Snap. I gasped as the next blow landed at the juncture of my thighs and buttocks. I comforted myself with the idea that I only had one more whack to endure. Smack! The last whack lifted me onto my toes and dislodged the tears that were floating in my eyes. I clutched the chair for support, then stood shakily. "Thank you for correcting me. I apologize for being unprepared, and for lying."

"You are forgiven." Matt said. "Now into the corner."

I shuffled into the corner, suddenly glad that I wouldn't have to sit down right away. I could hear Matt continue his 'lesson' behind me. After a couple minutes I felt Matt's hand on my shoulder.

"Are you okay Mya? I know I was hitting pretty hard, but I wanted the right sound, and I wanted it to seem as real as possible. You stayed in character, so I thought you were okay until I saw your tears."

His eyes were worried as he looked down at me so I smiled. I'll be okay. I think I'll take it easy in practice tomorrow, but I'll be ready to perform next Monday.

Matt smiled and I noticed Amber and Derryk watching me for my reaction. "It's okay you guys." I said, "I'm sore, but I'll be okay."

Derryk nodded. Amber looked puzzled. "Didn't that hurt?" She asked. "If your dress is like mine it has hardly any padding."

Matt's eyes swung toward mine. "Is that true? They look like they have a lot of padding. Let me see."

"I didn't think it was going to be so real or I would have said something." I said.

"Let me see." Matt's voice hardened.

I lifted the poofy gown up in the back and turned around. I was wearing boy shorts, but I still felt embarrassed. I felt someone's hand on my bottom and jumped.

"Stand still." Matt commanded. He lifted the bottom of my underpants up so he could see my cheek. "Hmmm, not too bad." He said. "A few lines and pretty red, but no bruising, you'll be fine by tomorrow." He pulled my underwear back in place and let go of my dress.

Amber shook her head. "Now I'm really glad I'm a good student."

I laughed and we made plans to meet again for another practice on Friday, to give me time to rest up.

Friday morning I awoke with a fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach. I got to school and had a hard time looking at Matt. When it was time to practice he patted my bottom on our way to the study room and asked how I was doing.

"I'm fine." I replied around the frog that seemed to have taken up residence in my throat.

"Good." He said. "I've been practicing." he turned his attention to the other two and told them that they should try harder to pretend that they saw students being spanked regularly, and less like it was an odd occurrence.

The practice went well. Matt had been practicing; his swats were all painful, and clear. As I stood in the corner, waiting for the cameo to be over I thought about how we would have the best cameo in the class.

Monday morning I had an even bigger case of the butterflies than I had before. This time the whole class would be watching me get spanked. I had been unable to stop myself from tearing up at either of our practices, so I was pretty sure I would tear up at the real thing. I was tempted to pad my bottom, but I knew that would interfere with the crisp sound of the smacks. I knew Matt wouldn't go easy on me.

As I looked around the classroom I saw other students dressed up in costumes from other centuries. One group had done a cameo on a festival in ancient Mesopotamia. Another group had done the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Then it was our turn.

I saw Derryk talking with Mr. James. Mr. James started to argue with Derryk, then Derryk said something that calmed him down, even though he still looked disturbed. Derryk continued to talk to him for a couple of minutes as the last group put their props away and Matt, Amber, and I set up. Derryk walked over to us and grinned. "I warned him. He won't interfere unless Mya tries to stop it."

"Good." Matt said, satisfied.

We all took our positions and Amber told the class that our group was doing a cameo of a school day in the 1900's then she sat down nervously. I wasn't sure why she was nervous. I was the one getting spanked. Matt started the lesson and everything went exactly as it had in practice. I fought down my butterflies and tried to remember my lines. Finally it was time. Matt stood in front of me and I was telling him that my sister was sick.

"Really?" Matt asked. "That's strange, I heard you talking with Amber and Emma about what a good time you had last night. Do you all find caring for a sick child so amusing?" Matt's voice grew stern.

"No sir." I replied, trying to sound meek.

Matt sighed, "First you came to class unprepared, then you lied about it. This behavior will not be tolerated. Come to the front of the room and bend over. Place your hands on my desk."

"Yes, sir." I got up and did as directed. Matt removed the paddle from his 'desk.'

"You will receive six strokes; two for being unprepared for class, four for lying. After all strokes have landed you will thank me for correcting you, apologize, and go stand in the corner."

"Yes sir."

"Don't forget, if you get out of position we start over." Matt intoned. I had not started over yet, and I certainly didn't intend to start now. I gripped the edges of the desk and waited. The classroom was silent. Crack! The first stroke landed like a line of fire. I squeaked and gripped the desk, barely managing to stay in position. Crack! A second line of fire joined the first and my knuckles turned white.

"If you had not lied to me we would be done." Matt's voice lectured. "In the future do not compound your crimes by lying."

"Yes sir." I replied.

The next whack lifted me onto my toes and if I had not already been clutching the desk so hard I might have lost my position.

"Stop." A voice from the back of the room rang out.

Matt paused, "Yes Mr. James?"

"Are you sure Mya is okay?" Mr. James asked.

I started to get up and answer, but Matt's hand on my back stopped me. "Mya came up with the idea for the cameo, and gave her permission for me to use real force for the sake of realism the very first practice. She has done this twice, and though she will be sore she knows I won't really hurt her."

Mr. James hesitated, "Is that true Mya?"

"Yes sir." I replied from my position bent over the desk.

"Very well," Mr. James sighed as he returned to his seat.

I felt a warning tap on my bottom and gripped the desk in anticipation of the next strike. It came, like a bolt of lightning, followed swiftly by two more. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I turned, thanked Matt for correcting me, and promised to do better in the future.

Matt smiled, forgave me, and sent me to the corner. Matt, Derryk, and Amber finished out the cameo. When it was over, I asked to be excused for a minute. Mr. James nodded permission with a concerned look in his eyes. I smiled at him and left the room.

I was halfway down the hallway when I heard Matt's voice calling for me to stop. I waited for him to catch up.

"Are you okay?" Matt asked. "You never left after a practice before."

"I'm okay, I just needed to wash my face and rub my bottom." I replied with a furtive smile. "You never hit that hard in practice."

Matt smiled, followed me into the bathroom and watched me wash my face. After I was done he put his arms around me and started gently kneading my backside. "Is that better?" He asked.

"Mmmmhmm." I replied. Relaxing against his body.

"Wanna go out with me on Friday?" Matt asked.

"What?" I mumbled, surprised.

"I like you. I have for a while, and you aren't scared of me after I spank you." Matt said. "If I have to spank you for real I know you'll be okay."

I considered this. "Why would you spank me for real?" I asked, thinking that the spanking I had just taken had felt real enough.

"Well, I guess for things like not taking care of yourself, and being disrespectful. We can come up with a list if you want."

I thought about it. I knew he would spank hard if he felt the situation warranted it, but he was right; I didn't fear him. Plus, the attention he was giving my bottom made me ready to agree to anything. "I think we can work something out." I smiled.


Thank you Mandy! I'm glad you are writing and sharing with us again. I hope you will keep it up. Remember Mandy will have another story up in a few weeks. As usual I'm greedy - I want more and more stories. I think everyone should give it a try. Please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Firm

I don't usually push TV shows but if you haven't checked out The Firm I wish you'd give it a look. It's on Thursdays at 10:00 on NBC. I have a special reason that I'd like to see this show do well. No, LJ is not in it. But Josh Lucas is, and he's enough eye candy to make watching the show worthwhile. Someday I'll be able to talk more about it, but lets just say I know more than the news media does!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Strangest Request

Just a little something I got from Rogue to go along with Florida Dom's post!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Empty nest celebrations

I’ll have to say that we have wasted no time in celebrating our return to privacy. I didn’t think we’d find any time before Sunday afternoon, but Mollie went out to eat with friends Saturday night and we were ready! Nick hadn’t read about Wimpy and Badass at that time but he did a great job anyway. After we played and loved we quickly put everything away. Never know when the kids might eat fast and head home.

On Sunday we took our girl back to college. I know it’s just happened but she seems sooo much happier there now that she has a new roommate. By the time we got her settled in and back to the house I barely had time for my Sunday afternoon nap – a long standing tradition that I hold sacred. But I managed to slip one. As it got dark Nick woke me and invited me back to the bedroom. I was a little surprised since we had played the day before. I wondered if he had read my post and if he had what might he have in store for me. I hesitated for just a second and he said “Come on Wimpy.” LOL! Guess that answered my question.

We had a great time. He had me wear a blindfold – I really love that, very freeing. But I am going to need to go through our toys and take a look at them again. I’m getting really bad at identifying implements. Some are easy of course, the flogger, that friggin cane, his belt and then the new strap were all easy. I had no problem identifying the hated and horrible bath brush and the hair brush I could identify from sound alone. I felt two pops with something that stung badly and I asked what that was. He told me it was the split tail tawse.

“I hate that!” I told him with feeling.

“Well where did it come from then?” he asked.

“I think Badass bought it!” He just laughed and kept going.

Finally he began with one I couldn’t identify at all. It felt sharpish, it hurt but not horribly. I asked what it was but he just laughed and said he was going to keep spanking with it until I guessed correctly. Not good! My mind doesn’t function well with my butt being flailed away by some unknown implement with a sharp sting. I tried to reach back that that only got my hands popped with it several time and still I didn’t know what it was. After an agonizing long time I finally realized it was the crop! Please give me the belt, or strap any day. I’ll be glad to give up the cane and crop completely!

Nick did a great job spanking and when we went on to other fun activities I was more than ready. It was a fantastic way to celebrate college starting back. Their rooms are always going to be here when our little birds want to visit, but as long as they have happily flown away we’re going to keep enjoying the nest – just the two of us!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh, the voices in my head

Today is Sunday – we’ll take Mollie back to school after lunch today and then the nest will be empty again. We usually come home and nap on Sunday afternoons. Today when we wake up we’ll be able to do anything we like. As a prelude Nick woke me up in an interesting way Saturday morning. The first thing he did was to slip a blindfold on me. He said “So you can still sleep.” That’s the only thing he said the whole time. Next he pulled back the covers and as I lay there in a half dream state he shaved the kitty. I really like that. Afterwards there was much rubbing and touching. Then I got my pussy spanked – not hard, but deliciously stinging and then some more fingering, and then he was gone. What a way to wake up! I see great potential now that we will have our privacy again. I’ll let you know more later, meanwhile here is the post I had for today. I’m afraid it’s very timely.

I have bunches of people living in my head. I have many friends out here that will confirm that. But two of the leading characters and been fighting this week. Let’s call them Badass and Wimpy. Some people have an angel and a devil sitting on their shoulder advising them in different directions, but it's Badass and Wimpy that whisper in my ear.

Badass is a hard core spanko – she can take anything! She wants to be spanked long and hard and ver y often. She’ll buy paddles and wooden spoons and straps and anything else that looks like it would give a serious spanking. When she gets in certain moods she like to taunt Nick, and eggs him on to spank more often and longer and harder. When she hasn’t been spanked in a long time she really starts pushing. Her memory for pain is nearly nonexistent.

Then there’s poor Wimpy. Wimpy’s memory for the pain of a spanking is extremely acute. She knows that after about two swats Badass will run for the hills and leave Wimpy to endure the rest of the spanking all by herself. Of course Badass may pop back if Nick asks a question like, “Have you had enough?” Both of these people will want to answer the question. I never really know who will get the answer out first.

Badass wants to say “Is that all you got? You hit like a girl, put some muscle in it for goodness sake. You’ve only been spanking 15 minutes – go take some vitamins!”

While Wimpy is trying to say, “Yes, yes! That’s plenty. Let’s do something else.”

All I know for sure is that whoever answers first the other one will be a little upset and disappointed. And since the both live in my head you see my dilemma. But even these two can agree on one thing. They want Nick to be the one in charge.

Sometimes in an effort to give me as much as I want – but not wanting to go too far and hurt me, Nick will tell me he’s going to spank until I tell him to stop. I understand his reasoning – all I can take and no more, but for me this defeats the purpose of a spanking. I want to give up control!!! I want to be able to tell him stop, that’s enough, please – and have him ignore me completely. Being able to tell him when to stop does nothing for my submissive side (which is my sexy side). Shoot as soon as it starts stinging Wimpy is ready to tell him to stop. I, and Badass agrees, want him to push the limits. I love that when Nick spanks he usually give me breaks, I appreciate that because it lets me accept more. Of course sometimes the rubbing takes over and he forgets to go back to the spanking as other things take over his mind, but still the breaks help me a lot. And it seems that although Badass is tough, Wimpy must talk louder, because as me – I’d say my spankings are too short most of the time. I’d like Nick to take a long time with the spanking. Shoot he could spank a while, go drink a beer, and come back for a few more rounds before going on to the main event. Owwwww… Wimpy just kicked me!

I like to think that taking a hard spanking is like running a marathon. You’ve got to be a little crazy to want to try it, when you’re in the middle of it you feel like you just can’t take any more, when it’s over you have a major sense of pride and accomplishment, and the achy soreness the next day is a wonderful reminder and a true badge of honor. I don’t know if I’m ready for a marathon or not, but I am ready to go into training!