I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fantasy Friday, A True Story

Christmas is behind us and New Years is but hours away. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I am savoring every moment of mine! I have been enjoying my kindle no end and there are even a few stories rattling around in my head waiting to be fed into the keyboard. Life is good.

I love every Fantasy Friday I’ve ever had the privilege of posting. But this one, this one is very special to me. For one thing it came from my friend Annie, who you all know is a fantastic writer. It’s not your normal Fantasy Friday, but I have a feeling that so very many of us will relate. This story is Annie, it’s me, and I have a feeling that it is so very many of us. And if it’s not us then it truly is our fantasy.

Everyone please enjoy…


We all love those great stories where a bratty woman is tamed by her large, naturally dominant man. It is spanking fantasy at it's best. It also bears no resemblance to my life, or those of my friends who are "like" me. There are any number of men who have been convinced to do this by women like me. I have yet to hear of, much less meet, a converted vanilla spankee. So, without the normal pouting, eye batting, you can't do this to me fanfare here is a quick peek into my life. My real life.

After three days out of town I was happy to get home. Back to my pillow, my bed, my shower, my husband. Being middle aged makes me more appreciative of the routine, the comfort of my things, the luxury of living in a reasonably affluent, middle class, childfree American home. My days of spur of the moment trips, sleeping on floors and all night drives are over. Even flying takes it's toll on me now. I have reached that stage I used to snidely term "rigid" when it was my mother's turn. So, just back from visiting the grandbaby, feeling old and tired and, dammit, grandmotherly, I was not in the best of moods.

Most of you are middle aged, too, so you know what I mean when I say your children do not see you as a sexual being. Just because things are starting to sag does not mean we are beyond chasing each other naked through the house. Hell, we are both getting saggy, no reason to hide it. There is something about visiting my family, the veneer of respectability. The fact that we are still having a wildly erotic sex life never occurs to them. That tends to make me even grumpier.

I finally get my luggage, struggle to the drive up area, and there he is. He has driven the old car so I can smoke, has a dozen yellow roses in his hand, and my favorite chocolates on the dash. I know all of these, except maybe the flowers, are bad for me, and I do not care. He kisses me passionately, whisks me off to a quiet dinner in a restaurant that serves alcohol, listens to my baby tales over cocktails, and gives me the update on his week while we eat. My outlook has improved dramatically by the time the meal is over.

He carries my suitcase in, suggests I leave the unpacking for later and go grab a nice hot shower to unwind. Seems like excellent advice. My own shower, set the way I like it, my shower massage, my water filter, my water bill. After long minutes standing under the spray, easing the kinks out of my neck, I feel a sudden draft. He decided he missed me too much to wait any longer. How sweet. He washes my back, then, with noticeably more enthusiasm, washes my front.

This is all very nice, and I have missed him as well, but then he surprises me. While I am rinsing off he lands a good one on my wet ass with a plastic pancake turner he has snuck into the shower. Sliding an arm around my waist he peppers me with sharp cracks, all the while telling me that I am not ever to go off and leave him again. This thing is plastic but it packs a pretty good wallop, and the sting lingers on wet skin. What a rush. I know he has missed me, and he wants to get lucky every bit as much as I do, but this is all for me. He will try anything I can think of, but spanking is an acquired habit for him. He gets off on my reaction, but is not a natural spanko. For him to work so hard to please me is always a thrill, but this is above and beyond the call of duty.

When he finally releases me I am ready to be ravished, right there in the shower. Not the best of places for a woman my age, but this was urgent. He turned me down! Said I was going much too fast and he wasn't going to give me what I wanted until he was certain I had received all of the punishment I deserved. I almost came right then and there.

He turned the rest of the evening into a total production. It was fabulous and sexy. Just the right balance between pain and pleasure. And it was all for me. I loved every minute of it. I adore him for thinking of it. I swear I will remember this when he leaves his socks under the bed, the milk on the counter and the toilet seat up.

I do not know if we improve with age, take more time, are more considerate, or if he and I are just lucky, but it keeps getting better with each passing year. I do know that part of it is his willingness to grow, change, try new things, play new games. I am a very lucky woman.

So, no pouting, no pretending I don't like it, just an ordinary day in an ordinary life with an exceptional man.


I feel that many will have a comment about this – you may not post them here but I think many of my silent readers may well see themselves in this story.

I hope everyone has a great New Year’s celebration. I think a good resolution for everyone reading here is to try to write one fantasy story this year. Even if you have no intentions of sharing it with anyone, write it for yourself. And if you should want to share with us send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On a scale of 1 to 10...

I know the divorce rate in America is high. Some marriage are horrible and some are heavenly but I’m guessing that most are somewhere in the middle. So I’m saying the average marriage is about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I say spanko marriages would tend to rate higher from what I read here. So let’s put our marriages at a firm 7 to 8. That’s where I would say ours is, between 7 and 8.

I guess what I wonder about is this – with our marriage this good, with us both content and happy, do I push for a 9 or 10 at times or just leave poor Nick alone. I brought up spanking, both erotic and for discipline reasons four years ago. We’ve had our up’s and down’s with it. Lately spankings have hurt more and I’ve shared that with him. But that doesn’t mean I want them to stop. Around here if I am not actively pushing spanking (and sometimes when I am) it pretty much dries up.

Sometimes when Nick and I have lazy, private afternoons we love to spend it in bed together. Usually there is some good spanking and some fine loving. So fine we are both exhausted. At our age we can’t do this every afternoon – not and work for a living too! Sometimes I feel like Nick hesitates to spank if he doesn’t feel we both have the energy and inclination for such an afternoon. But I’d be delighted with a fun spanking and nothing else, or a fun spanking and a quickie, or if there is something he wants me to do that he feels I’ve been neglecting and he wants to get my attention. I guess I have to say I just love this type of attention.

Nick has been working hard these days and I know he’s tired. Also, as I said we’re both happy, and what good husband wants to rock the boat on that? But I miss our spanking relationship. I miss the teasing about it. I miss the secret looks that sometime pass between us when some vanilla mentions something we can misconstrue. I miss the grins and chuckles when we run across a nice prevertable. I guess when you’re a spanko, part of the ensuing closeness comes from acknowledging this ‘secret’ you two alone share, at least when you’re out in the real world.

When we are not very active in this way I can let myself get depressed as I have in the past or I can concentrate on other things. I have a rich and active fantasy life (I spent 40 years being a spanko in my head only) so I have that and I enjoy writing fantasies. I guess I’m a little jealous of some of the other bloggers these days. When I started blogging I fell in with a group of women spanko married to vanilla and we discussed ways to get them to spank more. Now I read so many good blogs where the men are doing a lot of the writing. The men are the ones bringing discipline into the marriage. And not only discipline but they also look for ‘fun’ reasons to spank because they enjoy the closeness this brings to the relationship.

I hate to keep pestering Nick. So I try to hush about it and let my fantasy life suffice but then I feel like I’m shuttling Nick out and I don’t mean to do that either. I guess it’s a balancing act. Nick has to be confused. I tell him I want spanking, then I tell him it hurts now, I like talking and emailing about this kind of relationship but when he doesn’t talk about it or email or text then I stop too. I think it’s starting to confuse me these days!

There are a few things I know for sure – we have a great marriage. We love each other and we care for each other and we each want the other person to be happy. To me that is the definition of a wonderful marriage. I love having a marriage that reaches a level 8 on the scale most of the time. And I still have hopes of hitting that 9 or 10 every once in a while. I know we have the potential!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Major conflict

I had a wonderful Christmas; I hope all of you did. I got to see nearly all my family, except for LJ and Colin, and they will be here soon. The snow was bit of a surprise. This was our first white Christmas in over 60 years! For our travels it was just beautiful to watch with no real problem getting around. That’s my kinda snow.

Santa was very good to us but two of my favorite gifts are setting up a major conflict in my life and I am really torn. One gift was a little gas fireplace – looks like an old wood burning stove – to go in our sun room. I love that room, it’s the place where I can do my best writing but since it was built as an add-on our furnace can’t really keep it warm. Usually we keep it closed off in the winter and no one uses it. But now I feel because of the little stove we’ve nearly doubled the size of our house and now I have a place to write any time! Anyone who has ever heated with gas knows how fast it can heat a small room, so we won’t have to run it all the time. I can pop in any time I have to write and have the room heated in no time.

However my other gift may take up all the time I would normally spend writing. I got my Kindle and I am thrilled with it! Imagine, nearly any book I can think of down loaded in an instant! I haven’t been reading that much in the last few years so I think we can say I’m a little behind. So what do I do now? I have many things rolling around in my head I want to write – posts, fiction for me, Cassie – lots and lots of things. At the same time I have so many books I want to read! And unfortunately some of my time has to go toward working for a living! Talk about something really interfering!!

Well I suppose I get it work itself out somehow. Of course, Nick may have a thing or two for me to do also. Things like a little bit of cooking and cleaning might be something he’d be looking for and doubtlessly he is going to be expecting me to show up at the gym a little more. I did weigh in Friday morning. It’s wasn’t pretty, I was up about 3 pounds. Nick hasn’t done anything except make a few threats. It’s a confusing at times, I wish I knew week to week exactly what to expect. Is this a ‘warning’ week? Are there specific goals that must be met each week either, trips to the gym or results on the scales? Would a really good loss result in a good girl? I don’t know any of these things. Nick has made a certain goal by the end of January and he may be waiting until then to address any shortcomings, I just wish it was a little more spelled out. Consistency it the name of the game in any spanking relationship, whether one feel like being spanked or not!

Well I’ll let you know what happens or I’ll be spending all my time reading. Who knows?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Christmas Eve

A happy Christmas Eve to you all! I hope everything is done and you can all enjoy the next few days without too much stress. Here is a brand new Fantasy Friday for you. This one was written by Mary, a new friend who also wrote our Thanksgiving Fantasy Friday for us. You can read that here. Mary has 4 little one under 8 years old and a healthy interest in adult spanking. Sounds like a well rounded woman to me. Thanks for the story Mary, and I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas too!

Christmas Eve

It was a week before Christmas. Renee was just about finished with her shopping, but decided to take a quick stroll through the mall just to see if anything caught her eye. It was Saturday afternoon and the kids were spending the day with their grandparents while Bill was out of town for another week. Renee was in no hurry and was enjoying the time to herself.

Before she even realized it, she found herself browsing the racks in Victoria’s Secret. She certainly didn’t need any more lingerie, but somehow, that’s where she usually drifted when she was just window shopping. The sale signs had lured her into the store but she really had no intention of buying anything. There certainly was nobody on her shopping list that she would consider buying lingerie for. At the panties table she quickly spotted three pairs of panties that she thought were just adorable.

Of course, they were on sale for 5 for $25, so instead of just getting three, she quickly found two more pair to get the “sale” price. She had a drawer full of panties at home, but she just couldn’t resist the cute Christmas designs and had a sneaking suspicion that Bill would like them just as much, whether they were on or off. Next, she saw a rack with silky camisoles and matching shorts (very short shorts at that). Renee immediately imagined herself surprising Bill Christmas Eve by wearing the sexy, red lingerie while they were up late finishing up the gifts under the tree. Of course, the set was $60, and not on sale, but she quickly justified the expense and made her purchases and then continued walking the mall and window shopping before calling it a day and heading home.

The next week passed quickly with last minute preparations for Christmas parties, a doctor’s appt, grocery shopping, a trip to the library with the kids, and picking up some last minute Christmas presents that Renee had forgotten about until Bill reminded her over the phone one night.

Finally, it was Christmas Eve and Bill was expected home from his long business trip. Renee prepared for his homecoming by enjoying a nice, hot shower, carefully shaving her legs and then applying make-up and fixing her hair to please her husband whom she had not seen in over 2 weeks. The afternoon was filled with excitement as the kids rushed up the sidewalk to meet their daddy coming home. Bill met Renee on the front porch and embraced her with a long, romantic kiss. He commented on how beautiful she looked and then they got everyone inside and somewhat settled down. Renee began unpacking Bill’s bags to get started on the laundry that she knew awaited her, and Bill pulled out small souvenirs from his trip for each of the kids before sorting through a pile of unopened mail on the table.

“Where’s my gift?” Renee asked teasingly as she reached up and nibbled on Bill’s earlobe.

“You’ll get yours later, young lady….” he replied with a grin and playful swat to her backside.

There was excited chatter all during dinner about Bill’s trip, the kids’ activities over the past 2 weeks, etc. Finally, by 8 o’clock, the kids were in bed, the dishwasher had been started and Renee collapsed onto the couch into Bill’s lap. She knew that there was still work to be done, filling up stockings and getting ready for the next morning, but she just wanted to relax in her husband’s strong, comforting arms for a few minutes. After a brief break, Bill announced that he had a surprise for his wife. Renee suddenly remembered the new lingerie that she had kept hidden in her closet for the past week.

“Oh! I have a surprise for you too!” Renee announced excitedly and jumped off of his lap. “I’ll be right back.”

In Renee’s absence, Bill went out to his car and returned with a small box, wrapped in red paper with a white bow. Meanwhile, Renee quickly changed out of her jeans and slipped into the camisole and shorts. She was a little chilly, as was evidenced by the condition of her breasts, but she quickly returned to the living room, knowing that Bill could warm her up. She grinned as his eyes widened and she returned to her previous position, this time facing him, with her bare legs spread across his lap. Bill, trying to conceal his grin, hugged her tightly and rubbed up and down her shoulders, back and backside. After a moment of gentle caressing, he said, “Now, you need to open your gift from me” as he placed the small box in front of her. Filled with the excitement of a little girl on Christmas morning, Renee quickly opened the box, and after separating the layers of tissue paper, she discovered a sexy little red camisole with matching shorts, identical to the set that she was wearing. Renee burst out laughing and Bill joined her in laughter.

“Oh, honey, I can’t believe you bought me the exact same lingerie!! You’ve never bought me lingerie before!” Renee giggled.

A little more serious tone to his voice, Bill responded, “Well, well, well, it looks as though somebody has been a little naughty and gone shopping for herself without permission when she should have been buying the Christmas presents that I had to remind her about last week.” It was true. Renee almost always discussed her purchases with Bill, especially frivolous and unnecessary purchases such as this. It was not a demand that he placed on her, just a courteous act on her part to maintain good communication and keep the checking account under control.

Renee blushed at this suggestion and started to defend herself, “but…I just wanted….I didn’t think I had to…..”

William cut her off by placing his finger on her lips and whispering “sssshh.”

“And what happens to naughty little girls on Christmas Eve?” Bill continued as he tapped her bottom.

A little shocked, Renee stammered, “I….I don’t know….”

“Then let me educate you” he answered as he quickly and easily lifted Renee and flipped her over his knee. He gently caressed the silky red fabric that barely covered his wife’s bottom, noticing the lower curve of her bottom that peeked out from the short shorts and chuckling at the thought of turning her cheeks the same color red as her lingerie.

“This is what happens to naughty (SMACK) little (SMACK) girls (SMACK) on Christmas (SMACK) Eve (SMACK)!!”

“Owwww! That hurts!” Renee exclaimed, suddenly realizing that her husband had become very comfortable guiding her across his knee for a sound spanking. In fact, she had a sneaking suspicion that he enjoyed it even more than she did.

“It’s a spanking, sweetheart. (SMACK) It’s supposed to hurt! (SMACK) And you asked for it! (SMACK)”

“I did no such thing! (SMACK) Ow! I only wanted to surprise you! (SMACK)”

“Oh, you did surprise me, AND you asked for your spanking! (SMACK SMACK SMACK) I specifically recall you asking me to take charge over you and take you across my knee as I saw fit, whether you were naughty or not. (SMACK SMACK SMACK) And you were definitely VERY naughty while I was away! (SMACK SMACK SMACK)” He shifted his position just a bit in order to accommodate the bulge in his pants.

“Hmmppff!” Renee had no comeback. It was true that she had specifically asked to be spanked regularly and had secretly been wishing that Bill would be more firm and spontaneously take the initiative to spank her more often. However, reality was now sinking in quickly and painfully!

The spanking continued as Bill sometimes spanked in one particular spot several times in a row or alternated all across and up and down both sides of her bottom.

He finally stopped spanking and rested his hand on Renee’s very warm bottom. Renee breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed her body across Bill’s lap and he began rubbing the soreness from her bottom.

“Ahh, that feels much better.”

“But you liked the spanking too, right?” Bill asked with a grin.

“Well…..yes, but…” SMACK “Ow!! Not fair!”

“No “buts” young lady! You just admitted that you liked it.”

Man, was he being dominant tonight! And she absolutely loved it!

Bill let Renee turn over and then sit up on his lap. He continued to rub her backside and she returned the favor by nibbling and kissing all over his chest, neck, arms and face. Soon, Renee found herself being lifted from the couch and carried to the bedroom. Indeed, the spanking had been a great start to an even more exciting evening. Once their two naked bodies were relaxed once again, lying next to each other, Renee asked Bill to retrieve a pair of panties for her to wear for the remainder of the evening, as they still had to finish preparing the Christmas stockings. After he opened the drawer and pulled out a cute pair of red panties with a candy cane print scattered across them, he grinned an evil grin and said, “Looks like I just discovered some more naughty behavior, missy…..” Renee opened her mouth to protest, surprised that he even noticed the new panties, but then shut it, realizing that no explanation was going to get her out of this one. In an instant, Bill was sitting on the side of the bed with Renee draped across his lap once again.

“And just exactly what else did you buy on your little shopping excursion, young lady?” the questioning began.

“Just a few pairs of panties….”

“How many is a few?” Bill demanded.

“Only…..five” Renee answered quietly.

“ONLY five???”

“Yes! I promise!”

“Very well then….”


The hard spanks landed across Renee’s already sore and blushing bottom. She thought the 5 spanks were sufficient for the 5 pairs of panties she had purchased, but Bill did not let her up and continued his questioning.

“And how much did these five pairs of panties cost, my dear?”

“Ummmm…..about $20….I think” Renee answered, trying to skirt the truth just a little in an effort to protect her burning backside.


“I suggest you stop thinking about it and come out with the truth young lady!”

“Ok, ok….they were on sale, 5 pair for $25!”

“I see….and did you need 5 more pair of panties?”

“Well, no….but I really liked 3 of them, so I decided to get all 5 because of the sale.”

“However, if you had just bought 3 pair, you would have spent less than $25, correct??”

“Well….I guess….” SMACK “Yes! You’re right sweetheart!”

“And, if you had spent less than $25, you would be receiving less than 25 more swats tonight, right??”

Renee suddenly realized where her husband was headed with this line of questioning. She groaned and answered, “Yes Sir.”

“Very well then. I am glad that we agree.”

Bill then proceeded to apply 25 more swats, in groups of 5, across the top and bottom of each side of her backside, finishing with 5 final hard swats just under her bottom on her sit spot. Renee was squirming and wiggling trying to escape the strong clutch of her husband, but he was certainly stronger and in a much better position to show his strength. After the spanking, he finally let her back up.

“So, do you think Victoria’s little secret has anything to do with a sore tush?” Renee asked playfully as she rubbed her bottom.

“I don’t know, sweetheart, but I sure do like our little secret….” Bill answered, grinning his evil grin, as he patted his favorite little tush in front of him.

Renee immediately climbed on top of him, pushing him backwards onto the bed, needing to feel him once more. She then proceeded to show him her appreciation for his firm, loving hand. After another round of robust love-making, the two lovebirds decided that they really must finish getting ready for Christmas morning and then get some sleep. Renee pulled out her stash of stocking stuffers and they set to work, filling each stocking carefully. Within just a few minutes they were back in bed, snuggled up against each other, drifting off to sleep for just a few short hours before the children woke up with squeals of excitement.

Imagine Renee’s surprise when she awoke to discover that, not only do naughty little girls get their bottoms spanked on Christmas Eve, but they also receive a wooden spoon in their stocking on Christmas morning…..


I hope everyone enjoyed the story, and that your Christmas is the best ever. Mary another big thanks to you.

If anyone finds time for a little creative writing over the holidays and is willing to share with the rest of us you can sent it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vacation and a meme

Schools out for Christmas and I couldn't be happier! Today was quiet and relaxing. I watched a little TV, cooked a little and even felt like cleaning some – all this intermingled with napping, and playing on the computer.

Wish me luck for later today. Mollie has decided I’m going to someone new to do my hair. I usually color it myself and I think that fine but she is less than impressed so – gulp – I am putting myself in her hands and going to her hairdresser. I hope it doesn't turn out like this. I’ll let you know.

Meanwhile, I found (and stole) this meme right off Grace’s site. We used to put up meme quite often the old days. I hope some of the newer bloggers will do this. It’s just a fun way to get to know a little more about each other.

Here goes...

1.Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?

Probably Egg Nog, I like cold drinks better than hot. But that doesn’t mean I’d turn down a good hot chocolate if it were offered.

2.Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?
Nope, Santa doesn’t wrap. They are there and sparkling when we walk in the room.

3.Colored lights on tree/house or white?
We only have white lights but I really like color lights too.

4.Do you hang mistletoe?
No, but we pretend a lot!

5.When do you put your decorations up?
I’m usually slow so by the middle of December. This year I’ll leave them up longer until the boys come for Christmas early in January.

6.What is your favorite holiday dish?
Favorite? Are you kidding – I love so many, hmmmm… moist turkey and really good rice and gravy.

7.Favorite Holiday memory as a child?
Peeping under the living room door with my mom and sister waiting. Dad would go in first ‘to see if Santa left anything’. If he had he would turn the lights on, if not he’d leave them off and we would all go back to bed. In reality he was sitting up his movie camera and turning on the flood lights.

8.When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
I was probably only 2 or 3 when Mama and Daddy told me all about him. He lived at the North Pole, had a beard, wore red, had elves that made toys and drove a sled with flying reindeer to bring presents.

9.Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Christmas Eve with Nick’s family, Christmas morning with our little family, and Christmas afternoon with the rest of my family.

10.How do you decorate your Christmas tree?
All different kinds of ornaments – no one theme. My favorites are the one the kids made when they were little with their pictures in them.

11.Snow! Love it or Dread it?
Love it, unless we have to travel far or LJ is trying to get here from NY.

12.Can you ice skate?
Don’t think so and I’m not going to try. I like all my bones just where they are now thank you!

13.Do you remember your favorite gift?
One year I got a toy machine gun and a beautiful baby doll and I loved them both dearly.

14.What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you?
The family, all the way. This will be our first year without LJ and I am going to miss him terribly.

15.What is your favorite Holiday Dessert?
Pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

16.What tops your tree?
An angel

17.Which do you prefer giving or receiving?
I’m a big kid and I love getting presents. But the very best part is finding that special gift that you know someone will love and watching their eyes light up as they open it.

18.What is your favorite Christmas Song?
‘What Child is This?’

19.Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum?
Pretty much yuck. Some of the new flavors are okay but I don’t like hard candy that much.

20. Favorite Christmas Show?
‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

21.Saddest Christmas Song?
‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a little longer

I didn’t make my weight goal this week. Didn’t do horrible or anything, just up a little. I think we all know December is a killer when it comes to eating healthy. We had a big spread brought to school, we went out with friends for my birthday, then another friend had us over for dinner, Saturday we had a family Christmas gathering/meal, and of course the wonderful meals at my MIL’s each week.

You all know my Nick is a great guy. He does want me to control my weight for health reasons, but he’s a realist and was not expecting great strides in weight loss over the holidays. That being said it didn’t stop him from casually reaching for the wooded spoon when he found me in the kitchen. A dozen or so stinging swats followed along with the suggestion to be very aware of portion control and the big family dinner Saturday night. I think I did pretty well even when they brought out a special birthday cake for me.

Eventually school will be over – I guess. As I told you it was supposed to be over Friday but because we were out for bad weather last Thursday we have to go for a half day today. I half day folks!! Take a guess how much knowledge will be imparted today! Oh well, hopefully by the time most of you read this I’ll be out and I won’t give one more thought to school until 2011!

I’ll probably post some this week while the rest of you are busy. Now that I’m off I have little I have to do. All packages are wrapped; I won’t be doing any cooking, no one coming to stay at my house. It should be peacefully and relaxing. I really wish LJ and Collin were coming but they will be here to celebrate Christmas early in January. So I’ll have to wait a little while but I’ll have my whole family here eventually. I hope all of you get to spend Christmas with the ones you love too.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Liz and Jake

Yesterday we had a snow (well actually ice) off school. I would have enjoyed it more if we didn't have to make it up next week. I was really ready to be OFF for the year! But I put the day to good use and got all my Christmas presents wrapped. Mollie and I had a good day doing that and watching old Christmas movies.

Here is my latest stab at a Fantasy Friday! When I was day dreaming about a good way to get back to working on my weight and getting healthy again, this story began playing around in my head. Nick found it interesting too, but thankfully as a fiction story and not as a 'how to'. I hope you enjoy...

Liz and Jake

Liz came in from work feeling grateful it was Friday! A relaxing weekend was just what she needed. Kicking off her shoes she called to a greeting to Jake and collapsed into her recliner. She reached for her laptop but Jake called from the bedroom “Can you come back here for a minute?”

Laying the laptop back down Liz headed to the bedroom. Jake was sitting on the bed and had the hair brush out. Liz gave a silent, mental groan. A little play time would be nice but she was tired at the moment. Then again with a teenage still at home they did need to grab opportunities when they could.

But it seemed that Jake had something else on his mind at the moment. “Didn’t do so well on your weigh in this morning did you? You’re up a pound.”

Liz wasn’t worried. Jake wasn’t into discipline but he knew she liked a little. Gaining now meant a few swats once a week. Hardly a deterrent, but Liz thought it was nice of him to go through the motions for her. “Yeah,” she agreed. “Not my best week. I just wasn’t into it somehow. Sorry.”

“Well let’s get this taken care of right now.” Jake told her. “Slip your pants off. I want to be able to see what I’m doing.”

Liz undid her jeans and let them fall. Jake turned her, bending her over and having her put her hands on the bed. He took a minute to admire the view and rubbed his hand over her ass gently. Then putting an arm around her waist he pulled her tightly to him, he then took the hair brush and landed 10 of the hardest spanks he had ever given her.

“What the hell are you doing? That HURT!!” Liz yelled in shock. She jerked away as Jake released her. “Why did you do that?” She demanded. Rubbing her ass to try to lessen the pain Liz could only stare in shock at her usually gentle husband. What was going on?

Jake didn’t seem disturbed at all. “Did that get your attention?”

What it had done was pissed her off. “No! That just hurt.”

“Well, I wanted your attention. I can try again if I need to.”

“Forget it!” Liz told him taking a step back. “No kidding, why did you hit so hard? That wasn’t playing.”

“No,” Jake agreed, “I wasn’t playing. Sit down and let me tell you what I’ve been thinking.” Gingerly Liz sat on the bed.

“Four years ago you asked me to help you lose weight. We worked pretty well together and you lost over 40 pounds. You were the one that did all the work. I was just the cheerleader and the enforcer if you tried to slack off. But all the weight has come back. You stopped trying and obviously I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain either. We let each other down.”

Liz didn’t really want to hear this. She knew exactly how much she had gained lately, even though she tried to ignore it. She also wasn’t in the mood to be scolded. She was still mad at how hard he had spanked. Jake didn’t seem to mind that she didn’t seem to be in a receptive mood. He continued.

“You keep telling your blog friends I don’t do ‘discipline’, that it’s not ‘my thing’ and maybe you’re right. But keeping my wife healthy is something I care about. Your knees are hurting you again, you’re at risk for diabetes, high cholesterol and you already have high blood pressure. You’ve stopped going to the gym, stopped exercising at all. You’ve started drinking regular soft drinks again and you are not drinking your water. I know you keep candy and other snacks at work. When you were losing regularly you were much happier and I miss that. Things need to change and they’re going to.”

Liz was struggling against anger and helplessness. She knew it sounded like whining but she couldn’t help it. “I hate the gym! I HATE it! I just can’t make myself go or if I do I don’t really exercise.”

Jake cut in, “You don’t have to go to the gym every day, but going some would probably help. They’re other things you can do. You can walk, you can come home and play the wii, you can help me rake or even just move around the house and do a little cleaning, laundry – something to get you out of that chair.”

Liz had nothing to say. She knew he was right but she was just disgusted with herself for gaining it all back and just didn’t think she could go through all that again. The whole idea was just overwhelming and depressing. All she could think about was escaping the bedroom and grabbing the computer to complain to her friends.

But Jake was finished yet. “So here’s the deal. You’re going to lose the weight. Not losing it is the same as smoking, excessive drinking, driving without a seat belt or refusing to take your BP medicine – you are putting your life in danger and that stops now.”

“You say I’m no disciplinarian and I’m not, so I’m not going to hound you about going to the gym or exercising at all. I’m not going to tell you what you should be eating and drinking either. I’m not your daddy and I don’t own you. You are a bright, intelligent woman and you are going to be making all those decisions for yourself. But I’m going to set a few goals and I’m going to be the enforcer.

“We’re starting a new program this week and this is what’s going to happen. You have to lose a pound or more this week – not every week, but this week. You use whatever combination of exercise and food intake you think will work for you. As for my part you’re getting a spanking every day this week just like the one you got today. I know you like spanking – but you won’t like these. Ten licks with whatever I decide to use and they will be hard licks. I’ll decide if you can keep any clothes on and I decide when and where. If I tell you to come to the bed room or to the basement you go.”

Liz stared at Jake totally taken aback. “You won’t do it,” she blurted out. “You’d never even remember for a week.” She told him, half challenging, half accusing.

“It’s gonna happen this week Liz, like it or not.”

“But, but…” Liz began suddenly feeling a bit of panic that he might be telling the truth. “We don’t have privacy every day. Sarah will be here. She’ll overhear.”

Jake laughed. “She naps better now than when she was a baby and half the time if she’s awake she has her earphones in. We may have to be a little creative but that will be my job. You lose the weight and I’ll find the time and place to scorch your butt each day this week. We may be in the basement or we may be in the back bathroom. You may even find yourself having to get up before I go to work. Remember the cane or a bungee cord used like a Loopy Johnny doesn’t make much noise.”

They may not, she thought, but they also hurt like a son-of-a-bitch! Would she be able to keep from making noise?

“Well honey, that’s the deal. I would say take it or leave it but actually you don’t have that choice. That’s the way it’s going to be this week. And if you don’t lose that pound then next week you’ll also be spanked every day – only it will go to 15 licks a day. You’re the one who originally asked for this and I’m not going to let you down.

Liz didn’t believe him, not really. Sure he probably meant it at the time but consistency was not Jake’s strong suit when it came to anything remotely connected to domestic discipline. She wasn’t going to let herself believe that he meant all he said, but she could feel a tiny bubble of hope – would it work, could she stick with it, would Jake really stick with it, could she lose the weight again? She didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, but for the first time in a long time there was a ripple of excitement, and a little hope.


It had been quite a week and one Liz had no desire to repeat. To give Jake credit, he hadn’t backed down a bit. Saturday when Sarah ran to the store Jake pulled out the heavy leather paddle. Completely ignoring her pleas for ‘not quite so hard’ he delivered the 10 swats with gusto.

Sunday she was called to the basement as their daughter napped. Liz’s bottom sported a few bruises from the two day before, but Jake used his belt on his squirming wife keeping his word with 10 hard swats to her sit spot.

By Monday Liz was feeling the accumulative effect of the last three days. There were definitely some sore spots. When Jake wasn’t actually doing the spanking Liz wasn’t too much against the new program. She certainly had a revived interest in weight loss. At break time Liz automatically reached toward her snack drawer but the shifting in her seat caused a quick, somewhat painful reminder of all that had been going on the last 4 days. The drawer stayed closed.

Tuesday brought out the cane – Liz hated that! It stung like hell on her sore bottom – adding striped to the spattering of bruises on her rear. Jake had let her keep her pants on that day, but it would have taken body armor to have kept her from feeling that wicked implement.

Wednesday morning was the worse. Jake woke her at 5:15 AM. “You need to come to the kitchen.”

“The kitchen!? It’s the middle of the night! I’m not going anywhere!”

“Okay,” Jake was agreeable enough “I can use the cane again. That’s quiet enough.”

“Why now? Sarah will be babysitting this evening. Noise won’t matter.”

“This evening’s going to be for fun. I want to get this over with.” Yanking back the covers he said, “Hurry I need to get to work on time.”

Liz gave in and followed him to the kitchen at the other end of the house. What a way to wake up! Cold, nude, and spanked hard with a wooden spatula all before 5:30 AM! Would this week never be over?

But Jake had been right, that evening had been fun! There hadn’t been any spanking. But there had been some great butt rubbing to get them started. The love making had been more intense than it had been lately. The occasional squeeze on her sore ass only added to the excitement.

Cuddling afterwards Jake said “This week is almost over. You think you’re going to be happy with the scales?”

“I think so,” she answered. “I haven’t had one snack at work, I’ve been drinking my water and I’ve either walked or played the wii every day since Sunday. So how about giving me the day off tomorrow since I’m doing everything I’m supposed to.”

Jake turned to her and smiled. “Nope. Tomorrow I’m using the bath brush. I want to make sure you don’t want a week like this again.”

The bath brush! Shit! That didn’t seem fair as hard as she’d been working. But laying there with Jake’s arm around her she realized she was glad he was going to finish out the week like he had told her he was going to do. Still, she was not looking forward to the bath brush.

Thursday morning found Liz back in the kitchen at the crack of dawn dancing on her toes as the bath brush seemed to sear her ass as nothing else had. She didn’t cry but there were tears in her eyes when it was over. And it was over!! “I sure hope you lost that pound. I’d hate to have to do this all over next week – at 15 licks a day. Good luck honey.” And with a kiss he was off to work.

Friday morning finally rolled around. The pain from the bath brush was still evident as she sat up on the bed and headed to the scale. Jake had the day off and trailed after her to see the results of their last week. Taking a deep breath Liz stepped on. Down 1.8 pounds! She’d done it, almost doubling her goal for the week.

Jake was proud she could tell. “I knew you could do it! That’s great.” Liz was surprised at the relief she felt. She had been sure she’d lost the pound. But now she felt like she could finally take a deep breath.

Jake seem in a thoughtful mood. “Well it’s time to figure out the next goal. I think this week long spanking was a great motivator, definitely something to keep in mind for the future. Hmmmm…” he mused looking over the messy bedroom. “I wonder what else it would work for.”


I might come to feel that posting this story this morning wasn't my smartest move. I guess I'll know after I see the scales. But it was fun writing fiction again anyway. I know this is a busy time for many of us but I wanted to let you know that there will be a brand new Fantasy Friday next week on Christmas Eve.

If anyone else is interested in trying some fiction I would be grateful for new Fantasy Friday stories. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 16, 2010


I want to thank everyone who came by to read yesterday and especially to those who left a comment. You all made it a very special birthday. It’s wonderful to hear from friends here in my ‘special’ community. I heard from many on facebook and as a mom I have to tell you I was truly moved not only by my children remembering me but many of their friends left FB messages and several even called. That makes the mom in me feel much loved.

I’m embarrassed to tell you this next part; I mean here I am a true spanko, even though I haven’t exactly been craving spanking lately, but the truth is I never gave one thought to getting a birthday spanking yesterday. It didn’t even occur to me until late afternoon. And then when it did cross my mind I wondered if it would occur to Nick. I didn’t necessarily think it would. I haven’t been pushing spanking at all lately. I was trying to analyze my feelings – was I going to feel hurt that he didn’t think of it? – was I going to feel relieved that I wasn’t getting spanked? – was I going to feel disappointed in myself for feeling relieved?

I didn’t have all that long to wonder as I saw Nick walk into the living room with a wooden paddle. LOL! Guess that answered some of my questions. He said “So how old are you?” Evidently my answer of 20 wasn’t believed because he said “I can see we’ll need to add some for lying.” I got 54 birthday spanks with a variety of implements and one hard one with the tawse to grow on. I pointed out that I did not want to grow! But I got one anyway. And after the spanking I got another birthday gift, but I’ll keep those details private.

We talked a little about my upcoming weigh-in Friday. It’s not going to be pretty folks and I’m not looking forward to the likely outcome. But on the bright side I finally did write up the story that was running around in my head about asking Nick to get back to really helping me with my weight issues. Thank heavens Nick realized it was just a story and not what I really wanted. But I still felt good that I wrote it and it will be the Fantasy Friday this week. So I hope you come by. Again – thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Everybody has to do something

Things I should do today –

• Stay warm
• Go to work
• Exercise
• Watch what I eat
• Wrap Christmas packages
• Clean the house

What I’m going to do today

• Turn 54

Crap! That wasn’t even on the list!

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a Conspiracy!

I know I shouldn’t complain about our weather because many of the rest of you will have worse stories to tell than I would, but that being said – It’s COLD!! I mean come on! I live in the south for a reason. Of course one reason is that it’s the best place in the world to live, but the other is that it’s not supposed to be so cold and snowy. In truth we only had a tiny bit of snow but it’s not supposed to get above a high of 28 degrees all week and it’s to be very windy. If I wanted to live with weather like this I’d move to Yankee land!

I can tell you one thing, it’s not helping my diet any! I gained a tiny bit this week, which didn’t bring on a spanking thank heavens but come next Friday if I haven’t hit the goal Nick set my butt may not be so lucky. It’s not that the goal is a really difficult one it’s just that my recliner, my down throw, my warm laptop and the cat who usually piles on seems to sing a siren song to me. Heading to the gym or even climbing out of my chair to play the wii after a day teaching seems like such a chore. Meanwhile we’ve been eating out with friends and family and Mollie is baking. It’s a conspiracy I tell you! Of course my argument would hold more weight if I had gotten off my butt and exercised more this summer and fall, but still!

I’m pretty much ready for Christmas. All gifts are bought (but not a darn thing wrapped), the decorations are up; plans are made for where we’re going and when. Nick’s family Christmas Eve, my sister’s for late Christmas afternoon – she always makes a standing rib roast! And then the second week of January LJ and Collin will come in and the family is coming back here for another Christmas celebration. I like the season. We had the children’s program at church Sunday morning. Back when my kids were little I was in charge of the children’s ministry and I know how much works goes in to it. It was wonderful to just watch and not be in charge but I really miss my kids being a part of it.

Cross your fingers, I really want to make my goal by Friday. But it’s a week of going out to eat. Both kids and teachers bringing tons of food to school and the weather will be conspiring to lure me to my recliner. I hope I can fight it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fantasy Friday, Special Delivery, Ch. four, II

Welcome to Friday – best day of the week! It always is but having a great story to read makes it even better. I have loved every part of this story. Special Delivery has been just that – special! If you are just joining us or if you want to refresh your memory you can read Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 by clicking on them. Much thanks to the author for sharing this wonderful story with us.

Please enjoy...

Special Delivery
Chapter 4

Jane was ready to pinch herself to make sure this was really happening. The past six months had been a blur of dizzy happiness. The kind of giddy, self absorbed, falling in love she had always dreamed of. Now she was getting married. Today. To the man of her dreams. Mrs. Raymond Bishop. It had a nice ring to it.

Grabbing her flowers she stood in front of the full-length mirror. The simple, knee length silk sheath fit her perfectly, and looked stunning with the choker of pearls Ray had given her last night. With the flowers from his mother’s garden tied in a simple bouquet she looked like a proper bride. The wedding was going to be small, with no parents between them they had chosen to keep it simple, but elegant. The twins would stand for them, and Ray’s friend Eric would be the best man. The minister that had married Ray’s parents was happy to perform the ceremony at the house. Their house.

After one last look she opened the door and let Debbie know she was ready.

“You look beautiful, Jane. I am so glad you are marrying my brother”

“Yeah, yeah, enough mush, let’s get this show on the road.” Donna cut in.

Both girls looked lovely in matching dresses but their personalities still shone through. While Debbie was happy for Jane and Ray, Donna simply wanted to get the wedding over so she could get moved into Jane’s apartment.

Debbie had presented Jane with a business proposal the previous month and Donna was happy to reap the benefit of her sister’s industry. Since Jane could work from home Debbie offered to keep the store open and expand it into other specialty services, such as packaging and shipping for local businesses, book keeping, and research for hard to find items. She had been keeping the accounts for Ray’s business and wanted to expand that while attending college. By sharing the store hours with her twin they could live in the apartment, make money of their own, and attend classes a few blocks away at the local university. Debbie had plans for a business degree; Donna planned to have as much fun as possible.

Jane heard the music start and hustled the girls into place. They wanted to be married in the garden, under the rose arbor, now in full bloom. Catching Ray’s eye as she entered behind the twins she could not believe how lucky she was.

Ray watched Jane walk toward him. She looked like a fantasy vision. The love and trust in her eyes made him want to care for her the rest of his life. He was so focused on his bride he failed to see the speculative look Donna gave Eric.


“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

The minister waited patiently while Ray did a thorough job of following his instructions. Since there were only five members of the wedding party they had agreed on a champagne toast at the arbor before heading to the restaurant.

“Ray has been my best friend since second grade. It is an honor and a privilege to be the first to offer a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Bishop. May your days be filled with love and laughter.”

Eric drank to their health, along with the twins. The minister offered his blessing and sent them on their way. If ever there was a young man who deserved happiness it was Ray. Donna seized the moment and grabbed Eric’s hand.

“I’ll ride with Eric so he doesn’t get lost. Debbie can go with you.”

“I’ll drive myself, that way you can be alone and I can bring Donna home. Otherwise she will make Eric do it.”

“No, we’ll go together. Don’t worry about Eric, he can handle Miss Donna. In fact, she may regret latching on to him.”

Ray smiled at the thought of Donna in Eric’s no-nonsense care, and headed for the restaurant. He was looking forward to his honeymoon and a whole week off from worrying about his sisters. Eric had only recently moved back after a stint in the military. He had planned to take some time off before starting to teach at the local college and was going to be looking in on the twins while Ray and Jane were gone.

After a lovely meal made all the more enjoyable by Donna’s unusually good spirits, they prepared to leave. The airport shuttle was picking them up at Jane’s apartment, leaving Ray’s car there for the twin’s to move their things. Since it was only clothes and personal items they should be settled in that night. Jane had decided to leave the furniture for them; it would be easier for everyone.

As the shuttle pulled away Eric asked if they needed help with the move.

“No, thanks.” “Oh, could you?” They answered simultaneously.

Debbie had her things neatly packed and already in the trunk of Ray’s car, so she started on the changes needed in the store while Eric and Donna made the trip back to the house for her clothes.

“Just make yourself at home, Eric, I’ll be right back.”

Donna skipped up the stairs, plotting how to get Eric’s attention. He certainly had changed in the four years since she had seen him last. Donna smiled to herself; this was going to be a very interesting week. Choosing a halter top and her skimpiest short shorts she quickly changed and threw everything else into a laundry basket. There would be plenty of time to deal with stuff later. Right now she wanted to make sure that Eric could see that Ray’s little sister was all grown up. Slipping down the stairs she popped the champagne out of the fridge and went looking for trouble.

Eric almost laughed out loud when he saw Donna slinking toward him, half dressed and clutching a bottle. Ray was right, she didn’t waste any time.

“I thought we would finish this, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.”

“Just what was it that made you think I would sit here and let you drink?”

Shifting nervously Donna tried again. “I just wanted to thank you for helping.”

The innocent smile on top of the painted on shorts and skimpy halter were too much. Eric started laughing as he took the bottle, grabbed her hand and led her back inside.

“Ray asked me to keep an eye on you and your sister while he is gone. I doubt if he intended that to include letting you drink champagne. I know it did not include letting you parade around half naked.”

“You are not my boss and I can do whatever I want.”

“You will go upstairs. You will change into something appropriate. You will do it now.”

Something about his voice made it clear that he was not going to take any nonsense. Ray had made plenty of threats, in that same low, hard voice, but it had never made her knees weak like this.

Closing her lips with one finger he continued “Let me make this easy for you. I am supposed to keep an eye on you and tell Ray whether I think you are going to be okay living away from home. He’s pretty sure Debbie is ready, but you have been acting like a two year old ever since he started dating Jane. Not only will I tell him you need to move back home, but I am perfectly willing to move you and stay with you myself until he gets back.”

“Oh no, that won’t be necessary. I just have few things to get and I’ll be ready to go.” Donna raced upstairs and changed into jeans and an old shirt of Ray’s, then meekly brought her basket down and loaded it into the trunk.

Eric smiled to himself. She may look innocent and cooperative but there was a speculative gleam in her eye that told him the battle had just begun.


Ray made Jane close her eyes for the last few miles. He had made the arrangements and wanted to surprise her. The little cabin nestled on the side of the mountain, with a stream running past and honeysuckle thick on the air. He had worried that this might be a little too rustic for a honeymoon, but he wanted her all to himself. Jane’s squeal of delight put his mind at ease. Throwing her arms around his neck she covered his face with kisses before jumping out of the rental car and running to the porch swing.

“I love it! How did you find this place?”

“Well, when I started thinking about where to take you I knew I wanted privacy, and it had to be someplace new to both of us. One of my drivers showed me pictures of his vacation here and that made me think,…well,”

Jane was amazed to see him blushing furiously. “Made you think what?”

“Made me think I wanted to lean you over that porch rail and warm your bottom then put you on my lap and swing until we pass out from pleasure.” He laughed. “Guess that’s kind of what every groom hopes for on the honeymoon.”

“Sounds heavenly, do I have time to unpack, or should I just lean over right now?” Jane slowly walked to the railing, bent forward and eased her skirt up to her waist, displaying sheer pink panties. Wiggling from side to side she looked over her shoulder in time to see her new husband’s mouth drop open.

“You’re mighty fast talking and slow walking today Mr. Bishop. Don’t tell me that marriage has killed the romance already.”

Before she could continue her teasing a large hand landed firmly on her backside. It was a little harder than their usual play and she let out a yelp. Rubbing her bottom slowly, Ray gave her a wicked smile.

“All these months of being careful, worrying about making too much noise. I made sure we are the only people for miles so you just holler all you want to darlin’. I plan to keep this bottom red hot for the whole week.”

Once her flesh was hot to the touch Ray started his favorite game. Alternating hard smacks with teasing her almost to the point of orgasm, he soon had her moaning and begging him to take her right there. Keeping her right on the brink until she was sobbing with pent up need he finished with a dozen hard smacks to each cheek and let her up. Watching her jump and squeal as she tried to rub the fire in her bottom made it difficult to get his pants off. Seating himself on the swing he pulled her panties off and lifted her onto his lap. Sliding deep inside her he held her close, resisting her attempts to move. Slowly swinging, just the lightest of movement stirred him as the heat from her punished flesh warmed his lap. Holding off as long as he could he reveled in her gasp as he lifted her and let her slide down his full length. Swinging furiously, he slammed into her until her release sent him spiraling to his own. Slick with sweat and their mingled juices he glanced down at his bride in time to see a slow lazy smile.

“Close, darling, very close. We’ll just have to keep practicing until you make me pass out.”


Annie thank you again for this wonderfully hot story! I hate to say it but this is the last chapter I have. If Annie writes any more I feel sure she will sent it to me and you can be sure I will post it for all of us!

I am happy to say that I can promise you at least three weeks of brand new Fantasy Friday stories! So keep coming back.

If anyone has a story that they would like to share with us in the new year please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com