I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Should I tell him?

What’s it with us girls? Why are we drawn to spanking implements, whether made for that purpose or whether they’re pervertables, which we know are going to hurt like hell? I’m drawn to pervertables everywhere I go. Lately I’ve been intrigued by something I read. So the last time I was out shopping I went looking for a certain item that I’ve had on my mind. I found just what I was looking for. I examined it closely, tried to talk myself out of it, and stood there wondering if everyone walking by was aware of why I wanted it. While trying to decide whether or not to get it, Badass just picked it up and threw it in the cart, while Wimpy just stood there shaking her head.

It’s not really a spanking implement, not exactly a toy, but it’s all in the same ball park. I think spankos are just wired differently. Some people claim that there is a point where you can apply pressure on the wrist to cure sea sickness. Others claim that a foot massage can cure or help many problems throughout the body. Well for spankos, at least for this one, having a sore butt makes me feel happy, content, relaxed, sexy, safe and loved. Don’t ask me to explain it just know it’s the truth! Whether it’s me, Wimpy, or Badass during the actual spanking – ALL of us love the after effects!

So my question, “Do I tell him”, refers to the new item I bought. He doesn’t know and I’m afraid he wouldn’t use it anyway. I’ve shared with him several times how much I like hot creams, like Ben-Gay or something, on my butt. It gives the burn of a spanking and its fun for me when it’s used after, or even instead of, a spanking (especially if we need to be really quiet) but he doesn’t ever use it. I don’t know if he just forgets or if he doesn’t like the idea. It’s a little embarrassing still to ask for things like this. You can’t go for nearly 50 years thinking you’re strange, without thinking everyone else does.

I can use the new item by myself; I tried it the other day when I was alone. Ouchy! It’s an attention getter for sure, but using on my own is a little like self-spanking. You can do it, but it’s kinda like kissing your brother. I’ve done some self-spanking in the past, but it just doesn’t hold a candle to having the man you love do it. I don’t want Nick to think I’m weird. I may be, but I don’t want him to think that. So I guess this is splitting the difference. If I blog that I have something there is a 50/50 chance he’ll read it and ask about it. If he does I’ll tell you more about it, I don’t want you all to think I’m weird either.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Playtime is more fun than remodeling

It’s been a lovely weekend so far. The one drawback being I didn’t make the goal Nick made for me on the weight loss. I did lose, but was just shy of my goal. I still hate our scales. When I weighed Friday morning – several times within a half hour, the scales show a 1.4 pound range! That drives me nuts. I wrote down the one that showed up the most often, but I was still frustrated. Nick being the sweet fellow he is offered to let me try again Saturday morning to see if I could make it. He even helped me with some wonderful early morning aerobic activity yesterday, right before weigh in. I didn’t even have to get out of bed! Still off by just a hair.

Saturday morning we went out to look at ‘stuff’ as we still contemplate the kitchen renovations. I know some women would be so excited about getting a new kitchen. I dread the whole process worse that a root canal! Where are we supposed to begin exactly – type of cabinets? White? Wood? What about appliances? The sink? When do we choose a counter top, do we have to decide on the floor first? And what about the back splash? Paint color? Argggggg! I don’t know! All this is torture and all that before we start paying for everything. I’ve offered Nick two options. One, let me go live somewhere else while it all gets done (he’s welcomed to come visit) and he can make all the decisions and I’ll love it. Two, go with my original plan to put in a couple of vending machines and a large trashcan.

We had a lazy Saturday afternoon and Nick invited me back to the bedroom. I can’t say I had any consequences about missing my goal; nothing followed by fantastic sex could ever be called a consequence, but I did get a wonderful spanking! Well it was mostly wonderful. Nick did say I needed to work on improving my attitude about work and learn to rise above the ridiculousness of it all. I gave him a ‘sure, whatever’ until he brought out the cane to drive his point home. When he put it away, finally, he said “Be sure to tell Ronnie I said hey when you talk to her!” So ‘hey’ Ronnie, and thanks again for the cane! (She said her voice dripping with sarcasm).

We had a lovely afternoon – Nick had been shopping! He bought us two new toys for Valentine’s Day. Flowers and chocolates would be long gone by now, but these gifts will keep on giving! Cross your fingers for me – I have a new goal for next week.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fantasy Friday - The Storm

It's Friday and I am taking a long weekend so I couldn't be happier. All teachers need mental health days, I guess everyone does really. I used to actually take a sick day 'cough, cough' when I really needed one, but these days instead of working for principals who were friends of mine, I now work 'in the education system' so I take a personal day and it's no one business what I do with it. I'm going to spend the day writing!

Thank goodness another friend has spent some time writing too! This is another story from Cathy. You can read her other stories here and here. I get a thrill reading Cathy's natural writing style. I've encouraged Cathy to start her own blog, but so far she hasn't taken me up on the idea (and claims she won't, LOL!)

Please enjoy...

The Storm

Dennis isn’t a bossy person. We usually talk things over and decide about things together. He hardly ever tells me, no you can’t do that. But when he does it’s important to him that I listen. I’ve learned that besides just not making him mad, it’s usually a good idea.

There was one time a few years ago that I really wish I’d listen to him, but I didn’t. This was back before the baby was born. I took my older 2 kids to visit my sister for the afternoon. I love my sister but after a day with 5 kids all under 7 I was ready to head home. I was just about to call Dennis when he called there. He said that there were bad storms coming and he didn’t want me to drive home. He told me to spend the night. I argued with him some but he wouldn’t budge. So I planned on staying until my sister’s 6 year old pushed my 2 year old down and my sister called my little one a cry baby. I just wanted to take my babies and go home. I knew Dennis would probably still say no, so I didn’t call.

I sure made a big mistake. I ain’t ever driven in any worse weather. The rain was so hard I couldn’t see the road some of the time. The wind liked to blow me off the road. I tried pulling off but when I did a tree blew down right beside us. It would have killed us if it had hit the car so I pulled out and kept going. My poor kids were as scared as I was but I couldn’t hardly do nothing for them and try to drive too.

We finally got home in one piece. Usually it’s just a little over an hour drive it, but it had taken more than 2 and a half hours to get home. Dennis had called my sister about a half hour after we left to tell me that there were tornados in the area. My sister told me later that he pitched a fit when he found out we’d headed home. We didn’t have cell phones so he’d been mighty scared the whole time.

When I finally got home we were both more worried about the kids than anything else. Dennis is the best daddy in the world. He sat them both on his lap and let them talk about what they’d seen and how scared they’d been. They told him about the wind and the rain and the tree falling. My least one was too little to talk good yet but Dennis would ask her yes and no questions and he would listen to her baby talk as she tried to tell him what she’d seen. While the kids were telling Dennis about the car rocking in the wind and the tree falling so close Dennis would look up at me with a real serious look. He must have sat there near an hour talking with them and by that time they got through talking Dennis had turned it all into an adventure and proof that God loved them and would always look after them.

After we got supper and the kids to bed Dennis just come and put his arms around me. He just held me quiet like for the longest time. I knew he really didn’t want to do what he was going to do but he felt like he had to. He asked me why I hadn’t done like he told me. He didn’t think being mad at my sister was much of a reason for putting all our lives in danger. I told him I was real sorry I hadn’t listened to him. He said he didn’t boss me much but he expected me to listen when he had to. He told me I had a whippin coming, but I already knew.

We went into the bedroom and I didn’t say anything cause I knew he was right. He told me to take off my jeans and panties too. I did like he told me. I felt real bad about what I’d done but when Dennis started to take off his belt I started crying. I hate the belt. My daddy only whipped me twice but both times it was with the belt. Dennis never had to use it before. He sure whipped my butt that night. It hurt real bad. Besides that big old wide belt itself I hated that I wasn’t across his lap. If I have to have a whippin I want to be close to him, not leaning over the end of the bed. It was as hard a whippin as I ever got from Dennis, but I guess it was about the dumbest thing I ever did too.

I know some for you say you like to make love after a spanking and that you think it’s sexy. I don’t think that there is anything sexy about having Dennis that upset and getting a belt taken to your behind like that. But afterwards Dennis just held me while I cried and told me that he loved me. I was sorry and I was wrong not to listen when he told me to stay put that day. He was trying to keep us safe like he always does.

Cathy thank you so much. Sometimes you seem to be in the loving dd relationship many of us dream about. You have a wonderful husband. Please share more stories with us as you have time.

Now for the rest of you out there reading, I'm glad you're reading - now start writing!! Come on, try. You know you want to. Please send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A word from Nick

This was the comment I got from Nick on my last post.

I just read your Sunday post today, but maybe you should post an update about having your butt warmed (after taking the daughter back to school). Sometimes you are too impatient (reason for another spanking?)


I guess the joke was on me. I did get a second spanking Sunday evening. I just assumed he had read the post, but this one was on his own. He did a good enough job to make me think he’d read it. And yes, I could feel it afterwards! It did lift my mood and he also gave me a goal/ultimatum for next week’s weigh in. I appreciate him chiming in about it; it makes the diet seem exciting again. Maybe I’ll make him a bet for the next weigh in. If I make the goal, I pick the implement and I get to keep my jeans on. I don’t make it, and it’s all up to him. What do you say Nick?

As for whether or not being impatient is reason for another spanking, that's up to you, dear. You're the boss, aren't you. LOL, you let me know!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

He's perfect, I'm greedy

He cooks

He cleans

He mops

He does laundry

He mows

He plants flowers

He takes care of car maintenance

He’s very good looking

He has a great body, not an ounce of fat on him

His beard tickles/scratches all the best places

At night he doesn’t shy away from my icy feet,
he pulls me to him and keeps me warm

He makes me laugh

He didn’t make me feel strange when I came out to him

He’s great in bed

He spanks me

He loves me

This is all true about Nick, I’m not even bragging. I’m just stating the facts. I don’t mean he does these things a few time, he does all this consistently. And yet I need to complain about this wonderful guy. Doesn’t that alone make you think I need my ass spanked?

It’s not fair to complain when he is doing what he thinks I want but… but…

Okay, I gained this week. Not a lot, but some. I know exactly why, I’m not consistent about keeping up with my points for WW and recording what I eat. I haven’t felt one bit like exercising, so I haven’t. I don’t want to let the good I’ve accomplished slip away. I’ve lost a total of 15 pounds. I know I can keep losing if I keep doing what I’ve done for the last several months. When I saw I’d gained I admit I was hoping Nick would spank me. I just need something to get me to refocus and not let the progress I’ve made slip away. Spanking does focus me and it can be a great motivator. And like I said here, spanking can turn something boring and mundane into something interesting and exciting.

I didn’t get ‘a spanking’. Nick did come into the kitchen right before I left for work and gave me a few swats. I didn’t have time to anticipate, I didn’t have time to get my head in the right placed to work on making changes in what I’d been doing, and then about 5 swats later it was over. I felt like I had been ushered into a banquet hall, with a lavish buffet in sight. It was unexpected (you expect a great buffet later in the day) I still didn’t mind, because it all looked soooo delicious. And then, just as the first morsel touched my lips, before I could even get a good taste, I was told banquet over and all the food disappeared. I know Nick was trying to do what I needed, but I didn’t feel I even got to participate. I ended up feeling a little annoyed and frustrated.

I guess I want a spanking to be – an event. I don’t mean it has to be something big an elaborate and take a long time, just something. If the morning spanking had been a taste of what was to come, if he had added, “And this evening we’ll finish this so I can be sure you don’t let things slide.” That would have been great. An ‘event’ as I think of it might involve being sent to get the implement of his choice, being asked to go to the bedroom and wait for him. It doesn’t even have to be a long spanking, but if it’s going to be short then it needs to be hard! I want to feel it when it’s over. Nick doesn’t have to do any lecturing – unless he wants to. I’m great at lecturing myself, as long as I have the time to collect my thought. For me, as much as I crave the spanking itself, TTWD isn’t just about getting slapped on the butt, it’s about the thoughts swirling around in my head before, during, and after.

Nick is such a good man, such a good husband. I wonder if I should just leave him alone. Some would say I’m trying to top from the bottom, except that he’s not a top and I’m not a bottom. We’re just us. TTWD is something that has brought us closer and I want it to continue. Sometimes I can’t help being greedy and ask for more. Oh, I forgot to include understanding to that list above, at least I hope that’s true.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Secrets Unleashed

Happy, happy Friday. The end of another long week and this is one weekend I'm really looking forward to. Mollie is coming home and that's always fun. I won't get to see her much at all this summer so I'll take anything I can get.

Today's story is by Sunnygirl, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! She has some good fiction over on her site too, but she is still kind enough to share with us here too. As I read this story for the first time I couldn't help wondering how true this could be for many of us if we only knew. Please enjoy...

Secrets Unleashed

When she woke up she was surprised to see the sun was up and had been for a long time. She tried to remember what time it was when she went to bed because she didn’t usually sleep this late. She looked over and realized she was in bed by herself. Apparently, Rob was already up. She rolled over onto her back and squealed. Her bum hurt – then she remembered.

Yesterday had started off great. They had spent the day running errands and then stopped at their favorite little place by the water to have a couple of Mojitos and oysters. With the warm salty sea air, the reggae music and the breeze off the water you could almost imagine being on the deck of the ship. It was so relaxing. They were enjoying just being together. After fifteen years they were still like newlyweds. Karen was beginning to feel a little buzz from the rum. She told Rob that if she didn’t get something more to eat she would end up with a headache. Rob said they should just grab something to go and head on home because they were due at the Sullivan’s at 7:00 and they still had to unload the car and get ready. Karen agreed and off they went.

When they got home, Rob started unloading the car while Karen put the finishing touches on the appetizer tray they were taking over to Barb and Jay’s. She opened a bottle of Pinot Grigio and poured herself a glass while she worked. Rob came in - saw the wine and mentioned to Karen that maybe she should go easy because she had been drinking rum all afternoon in the sun and they would likely be having drinks at the Sullivan’s before dinner.

Karen said she would be fine, not to worry. That turkey sandwich had done the trick. Rob said okay but if she acted up this evening she could expect to get her butt blistered when they got home. It was only a gathering with some of their friends but Jay had also invited a business associate of his and Rob wanted to make a good impression on him. There was a chance that John White would be interested in a business opportunity that with the right investors could be quite lucrative for Rob’s company. He asked Karen to be on her best behavior. She smiled and said again, she would be “the good little wifee”. Rob was still worried because when she had a couple of glasses of wine her feistiness showed its ugly head. He liked feisty, actually he loved feisty – but sometimes she went a little too far in public and it was embarrassing. Within their usual circle that was fine but he didn’t want her acting up in front of John White.

They arrived at the Sullivan’s and the party was already in full swing. Rob joined the guys out near the barbecue grill and Karen looked for Barb so she could see where she wanted the appetizer tray. Barb and two others from their group (Jill and Chris) were in the kitchen. Karen came right up to the girls and they stopped talking. “What’s going on in here that you all are being so hush hush”, said Karen. “Well,” said Chris, “when we were at the market today we overhead a conversation in the next aisle. We recognized Jan’s voice and realized Joe was lecturing Jan. “And, said Karen. Chris continued and said they overheard Joe telling Jan that she had better not have overspent her checkbook or she was going to end up over his knee again and this time he would be using his belt. Karen couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She commented to the girls that they must have been mistaken. They said “no, that right afterward they ran into them and Jan was as red as a beet. She was sure that we heard their conversation and she was very embarrassed.” Just then they heard “Hello, where is everybody” It was Jan and Joe.

After greeting everyone in the kitchen, Joe wandered out to the grill area to join the others. The girls immediately all started talking at once. A sure sign they were embarrassed because they had been talking about Jan. Jan decided to just spill the beans. “I guess you heard Joe’s conversation with me this afternoon. Actually it was more of a lecture”. Red faced Jill admitted that yes they had and were just telling Karen about it. Well, it’s true said Jan. I get spanked and have been getting spanked since before we were married. Joe told me when we first started going out that he believed in spanking and I would be getting punished whenever I disobeyed. It was really often in the beginning but then when the kids came along it tapered off because there was no private time or place. But lately he has really begun stepping up and to be truthful I really do notice a difference in our relationship. Barb, Chris and Karen listened quietly and didn’t say anything.

Jill was flabbergasted and said she couldn’t believe Jan would put up with that kind of abuse. Jan explained it wasn’t abuse- it was just spanking. “How long have you known me?” said Jan. “Have you ever seen any bruises?” Jill said no but she was still surprised and looking at Chris and Karen asking why they weren’t trying to talk some sense into Jan. Karen got flustered and quietly admitted that Rob spanks her too. He had been spanking her since the first time she really embarrassed them when she pulled that prank on their nosy neighbors. Chris then admitted that just recently she had received her first ultimatum that she could expect to be spanked if she got one more parking ticket. Jill couldn’t believe that her friends had kept quiet about this for all those years. She didn’t think there were any secrets they kept from each other. Well, Karen said it’s not something I like to brag about. It’s embarrassing that I get put over my husband’s knee and spanked. I thought I was through with that when I grew up.” Barb said enough about this, I have to process this unbelievable conversation. “I need a glass of wine, anybody ready to join me?” They all said yes and joined the crowd outside.

The evening was going great. Everyone was having a good time, joking and laughing. Rob was able to get an appointment with John White for later in the week. After desert, someone suggested they play charades. They split up into teams with the girls against the guys. So when it was Rob’s turn, Karen kept interrupting. Rob raised his eyebrow at her and she ignored it. She started making fun of his efforts to act out his challenge, getting quite loud in the process. He looked at her again and gave her one of those looks. She just kept on teasing him. John White said that Karen was just getting worried that the guys were going to win. She spun around and told John White to mind his own business. The girls’ team was going to win because they were the superior players. John White told Karen it was just a game and to just relax. With that, she flung a handful of peanuts at him and told him she was relaxed and when he got to know her better he would realize that. John White said he thought they should quit now and that Karen was going to have a heckuva headache in the morning. Rob who was so embarrassed he could hardly see straight and thought that wasn’t the only thing that was going to hurt in the morning.

Karen knew she had gone too far. She was a very competitive person and alcohol fueled that fire which was why Rob had asked her to go easy. She apologized to John White and he sloughed it off saying not to worry, he hadn’t taken anything to heart. She thanked him for being so forgiving and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Rob witnessed this scene and when Karen moved away, Rob apologized to John White for Karen’s behavior. John said not to concern himself about it. He was married too and knew that sometimes things just got out of hand. Rob was thinking that his hand was going to blister her behind when he got her home. As a matter of fact, he thought he might be using the wooden spoon they had purchased on their trip to Amish country tonight. She had it coming.

The party started to break up shortly after this outbreak and Barb whispered to Karen that she thought she was in for it tonight. Karen was worried too and it showed on her face. Jan passed her a look that said she was glad she wasn’t in her shoes.

On the way home, Rob never said a word to Karen. When they got in the house he told her to go to their room, undress and go stand in the corner.

“But Rob, I hate standing in the corner.”

“Karen, right about now I wouldn’t be making things any worse than they already are. Go stand in that corner and I will deal with you when I calm down. NOW GO.”

Karen did as she was told. It seemed like she had been standing there for hours (more like 15 minutes) when Rob told her to join him on the bed. Karen turned around and saw the wooden spoon on the bed. Now she was really worried. She knew she was in for a long hard spanking. He started lecturing her and how he had warned her to be on her best behavior tonight. She was sobbing before he even laid the first slap to her behind. His hand came down hard again and again. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he stopped and told her to go stand in the corner. She whimpered as she walked across the room. He left the room for a few minutes and when he came back in she looked so contrite standing in the corner, her whole body was literally shaking. He almost gave in and thought maybe she had enough. Then he remembered how he had expressly warned her to behave in front of John White and how she deliberately disregarded the warning looks he had given her.

He called her over to him and told her to get across his lap. She begged him to please not do this; she was so very sorry and promised not to disobey him again. “I promise I will never drink wine again”. He was grinning on the inside but kept his steely resolve. He said she was going to get twenty licks and maybe the next time she would heed his warnings. He picked up the wooden spoon and delivered the worst spanking he had ever given her. Her butt was almost purple in places and she would be sitting gingerly for the next few days. She continued to lie there sobbing long after he had landed the last spank. He helped her up and held her on his lap, arranging her so that he bum wasn’t touching anything, rubbing her back, stroking her hair and telling her he was sorry he had to punish her so severely. They sat like that for a while and then he picked her up and placed her on her tummy in bed.

That was the last thing she remembered until just now when she rolled over onto her back. She got up to go into the bathroom and caught sight of her backside. No wonder she was so sore. There was still a pinkish tint and there were places that she knew were going to be bruised for days.

She very carefully put on sweatpants because she knew it would be just too painful for jeans and a tee shirt and went downstairs. Rob was in the kitchen just fixing her a glass of orange juice. He handed it to her, gave her a kiss on the cheek and asked her how she was. “You really spanked me hard – I am going to be bruised.” “Yes”, he said. “I did – you had it coming. But it’s over now. Let’s just forget it and go on and have a nice day.” He was all about forgiveness. He was so sweet and caring; Karen couldn’t help but give him a hug and kiss.

Just then the phone rang and Rob picked up. After saying thank you to Barb and apologizing for Karen’s tantrum saying “you know your friend when she’s had too much wine”, he handed the phone to Karen.

“Well, Barb said, are you able to sit down today.”

“I’m not sure, I haven’t tried it yet but he really laid it on last night. I am going to be a very good girl for a long time. I don’t ever want another spanking like that.”

“That’s what I figured” said Barb. “Listen, Jill called me this morning and she would like all of us to get together and talk about the conversation we had in the kitchen last night. Do you think you would be up for that?”

“Yes, but not today, maybe later in the week.”

“Okay. I’ll let the others know and we’ll see if everybody is free on Thursday”. “Do you have a preference for lunch or after work”?

“I think after work and let’s pick a noisy place. I don’t want everybody in the world eavesdropping on what’s bound to be a very interesting conversation.”

Barb laughed and said you got that right and hung up.


Karen slipped into the booth... Up until Wednesday morning she winced each time she had to sit down. Rob actually giggled when he saw her cringe when they met for lunch on Tuesday. He didn’t do it on purpose but Karen accused him of being mean making her sit on the wooden picnic tables at Bob’s Barbecue. Today really was the first day since that horrible spanking that she could sit comfortably.

Barb and Chris were already there and on their first glass of wine. Karen ordered a ginger ale and both girls teased her about being a teetotaler.

“You laugh, but my ass was destroyed by wine and I’m not ready to forget that yet.”

Jill and Jan soon joined them and they began their usual ritual of talking about kids, husbands, work and the myriad other things that take up their days. Finally, Jill said it was time to talk about why they were meeting. She said that she had some time to process the revelations of Chris, Jan and Karen. She had used the time to research the subject and found that lots of couples chose a Domestic Discipline lifestyle to enhance their marriage.

Karen said that she and Rob didn’t really practice DD as Jill described it. She just got spanked when she stepped over the line. Rob was really patient with her and hated to punish her but there were times that even she knew she was out of control. Her competitiveness and smart mouth were usually the cause of her punishments. Alcohol really affected her quickly and after one or two glasses of wine any filters were gone with the wind.

Jan reiterated what she told the girls the other night. - That she knew going into her marriage with Joe that she would be disciplined when she disobeyed him. He actually spanked her on their third date because she refused to apologize to him when she told him that he was being a jackass when he told her her skirt was just too short. She knew then and there she had to make a decision. She also knew that she was already in love with him so it didn’t take long for her to decide that she would just have to learn to behave or there would be consequences.

Chris said that her husband hadn’t actually ever spanked her – but he had threatened and the most serious threat had come with the last parking ticket. She had accumulated over ten tickets which were bad enough but then she just ignored them until a warrant for her arrest was issued. That’s when Steve went ballistic. She thought she was toast right then and there but luckily for her they had visiting guests so there was a privacy issue. Steve told her though she had her last reprieve and she would find herself bottoms up the next time she got a ticket. What Chris was afraid of was that once he spanked her it would set a precedent and she could expect to find herself getting spanked again and again.

Up until now Barb remained the silent one in this group. She cleared her throat and confessed. She too had been spanked. It was actually at her request. She said that a couple of years ago she and Bob had been going through a real rough patch and they had actually discussed divorce. They started counseling and it helped but for some reason they both stopped going. Then Barb remembered that years ago she had come home early from school and heard her mother being lectured by her dad. Then she could hear a cracking sound and her mother pleading with her dad to please stop – she would not do it again. She went in her room and turned on her stereo real loud. It wasn’t until years later that she realized her dad had been spanking her mother. Her parents seemed to be happy and her mother wasn’t afraid of her dad. She stood toe to toe with him many a time.

When she and Jay were have difficulty she asked her mother to lunch and very casually tried broaching the subject. Her mother colored from her neck up and said “I figured you probably heard us that day. I told your father that we were taking a chance on one of you coming home from school. Yes, your dad spanked me from time to time, still does actually except that now it’s more for other things and her face once again was flushed with pink. I think he learned that no amount of spanking was going to stop the sass and I was always going to do what I thought was right at the time. But it did help, I stopped to think about things before I ran headstrong into situations that I knew he would not like. So that evening I gathered up the courage and actually approached Jay with the idea. He wasn’t too keen on the idea because he was taught never to hit a woman and he wasn’t sure whether he would be able to follow through. After much discussion and a little delve into family history, he agreed to give it a try.

With a smile she said “It worked. We’re still together and get along better than ever.”

Jill was astounded. Of her four friends she was the only one who was not being spanked, well three for sure and one pending. She couldn’t believe it. She wanted to know how they could keep this secret for so long. Karen admitted that Barb knew she got spanked but she didn’t know about Jan or Chris. Chris admitted that she knew that Joe spanked Jan because he mentioned to Chris’ husband that sometimes he just had to put his foot down and a couple of good swats made Jan listen to reason. Well, now that they were all “outted” Jill wanted to know everything. On line she had read that there were also sorts of punishments, much like those meted out to naughty children and she could believe these four strong women would succumb to those childish punishments.

Karen said she usually got corner time for a serious punishment. She hated it but Rob did it usually to calm down before he started spanking her. Sometimes, he would give her a break in the middle of the spanking so she could calm down before the spanking continued. After all, he didn’t want to break her spirit just teach her a lesson.

Barb said it was usually a warning look or statement and if she ignored those it was an immediate order to go to the bedroom and he would meet her there. When she heard those words she knew she was in for a spanking. That was the only discipline method Jay used. His only thing was they were bare bottom and an implement was used if he deemed it necessary.

Jan said that because their children were still around, her discipline session usually involved meeting in the garage or their big walk in closet. It was immediately, if possible, but if not it was always before the day ended. Sometimes, she was told to meet him in the bathroom and he would use pepper cream on her butt. She hated that because it stung so. Sometimes he also made her wear a butt plug until he could spank her. She hated that too – it was so uncomfortable and a constant reminder of what was about to come.

Jill’s next question was did they ever have sex after spankings. Karen and Barb said the sex after a spanking was some of the best they had. They didn’t understand it and didn’t care but sometimes it was worth the spanking just for the sex. Barb said that not all of her spankings were punishment. She and Jay used it as foreplay. Those were the fun erotic spankings.

Both Jan and Karen chimed in on this. They loved those playful spankings. The mixture of pain and pleasure was so sensual. Karen said you had to experience it to believe the eroticism.

Well, Chris said, if the sex is that good afterward, I just might not mind getting another parking ticket.

They laughed and talked some more and decided to call it an evening. Jill said they might just have to meet more often to talk about their ss life. “SS life” Chris chimed in. “Yes”, said Jill, “spanking and sex. We could call ourselves the SS society”. Jill walked out the door and on the drive home was trying to figure out a way to get her husband to spank her. She wanted more than anything to be a fully fledged member of that club.


What do you think folks? Just how large is our club? Well we may never have an exact number, but I bet it's way bigger than any of us ever imagined. Thank you so much Sunnygirl! I have more great stories from Sunnygirl and another from Cathy, but I am still looking for new stories as always.

For those of you who have said 'I'd like to write a story, but I just couldn't.' You know I bet you can. Just write down that fantasy you've had all your life. No one will see you, know one will even know it was you. Just give it a try. Send any stories you are willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Talking with my sister, finishing up

I guess this was a three part conversation you can read part one and part two if you like.

As my sister and I talk on she finally asked “So this whole spanking thing is just a sex game?” With the few real life friends that know about TTWD I’ve let them believe this. I let my sister believe this up until this conversation. It’s a good place to leave it with your vanilla friends. They can understand a little slap and tickle foreplay. They’ll probably giggle and tell you you’re crazy, but most adults will understand that when it comes to foreplay, to each their own.

But to really answer my sister's sincere inquire the answer was, “Well, no, not quite.” I think Nick would be happier if it was. I explained to her that for me spanking fell into two or three categories. The power exchange in the bedroom is fun. The physical act of spanking is a very erotic experience for me. This part of TTWD Nick has mastered and I love it! The other two are a bit more complicated.

The next one can still be considered a game for us. One Nick won’t play nearly as often as I’d like. It’s a kind of mock discipline. It fulfills my old fantasies and desires, almost more like roll playing. I would love to be spanked more often. Let’s take our laundry dilemmas for example; this is the way the game would go . . .

Nick come home to clean, day old laundry still not put away and a pile of my discarded clothes at the foot of the bed. He’s not really mad, but he wished I’d just take care of it. Normally he would ignore it or maybe point it out (which I find a little irritating, I know it’s there. I have eyes. But it’s not really bothering anyone so let it lay there.) What I’d like is Nick ordering me to the bedroom; hand on the bed to wait for him. He comes in and I get a good spanking – not 4 or 5 swats, but a real spanking. As he finishes he tells me, “I’ll be back for the second part of this spanking in 10 minutes. Depending on how much of this is put away and how good the room looks will help me decide if you can keep your pants on or if the next one will be on the bare.”

This is not discipline! This is turning a dreary, mundane chore into and exciting, fun interlude for me. Something along these lines could work for so many little things like emptying the dish washer or even exercise. Imagine him saying, “Didn’t exercise at all yesterday, then today you can wii for a half hour wearing a plug, think that will help you remember?” LOL! This is the dominance I want. Between the two of us. we know it’s a game for the fun of it. And this would be FUN! Things like this can spice up a marriage of nearly 30 years. It hardly takes any effort on his part, but he seems to do it once or twice when I mention it, then he forgets.

And the third type of TTWD, the hardest to explain. There are times I need a spanking to bring me back. This happens less often than it used to, but sometimes I feel really disconnected from Nick and I began to feel depressed. I’m angry with no specific reason. I begin answering Nick’s questions with one or two words. I’m drawing away and going deep into myself. I’m tearing and sad. Sometimes it’s over stress at work, more often its non-specific. It’s at times like this that I need Nick to spank me for reconnection.

Now honestly picture this poor, sweet, vanilla husband - raised in a normal vanilla world to be a gentleman. He was taught along the way that when his wife was unhappy he needed to be sweet and loving and understanding, and of course he was taught NEVER to hit a girl. So he comes home to a distant, angry, depressed, teary-eyed wife. Is his first reaction is going to be “Hmmm… I think I spank her ass until she cries and can’t sit down.” How crazy does that sound?? But for me it’s what would most likely work!

A spanking at that time would say to me, “Your focus is in the wrong place. You’re supposed to be focused on us and our relationship. I’ll get your attention back to where it should be and let you know I’m thinking of you.” This isn’t the erotic, sexy spanking. It’s a stress relief, refocus, reconnection spanking. Sex right then would not be what I needed. I would need to be spanked and then hugged.

I know this would take some guts on Nick’s part. But when I first came out I gave him permission to spank me anytime, anywhere if he thought it might help. I wouldn’t suggest every woman give her husband this complete free hand, but it was safe for me to give it to Nick. So even if I wasn’t ‘in the mood’ or didn’t really want to be spanked right then, he still has my permission. I really think whether or not I thought I wanted to be spanked at that moment, it would help. I know the fact that he tried would help.

I didn’t give my sister all the details I’ve shared here. I gave her the basic, but I wanted to get it all out here for myself and I hope Nick will read this too. I’ve told him this before but it’s important enough to say again.

My sister had one last question; she asked “Can I read your blog?” I had to give that one some thought, like maybe a half second. The answer is “NO!” Even though I know I have lots of readers here, this place is still like a journal and I’m not ready to share that with her. I appreciate all of you who have come by and read this conversation with my sister. She and I will continue to talk I’m sure. If anything interesting I’ll let you know.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More talking with Sis

A happy Valentine's Day to all

Continuing the talk with my sister,

She didn’t think much of the idea of dominance and she liked the idea of submission even less, which I fully expected. But I shared more with her. I wanted her to realize just how much the idea of dominance had changed my life. I'm not submissive, not really, but there are times I like to play the part and it's made my life much better. Those of you who had no sexual hangups might not understand, but I was trying to help my sister understand why I needed this.

When I go back and think of my childhood, I have only the most loving memories of my parents. They were good people and they loved us kids dearly. Buy they were older than the parents of most of my friends, my mom was born in 1919! So her view of ‘proper’ were clear. Parents didn’t talk to their children about ‘s-e-x’ that much. I knew the basics. I was told what to expect during puberty, and I was told that good girls did not have sex until after they were married. What I wasn’t actually told, although somehow this seeped into my way to thinking, were my mother’s real beliefs about sex. This was, that sex was something a woman had to endure in order to bear children.

So there I was with this thought buried somewhere deep in my mind, and coming to age in the 70’s – the birth of the sexual revolution. During those years some significant events occurred. Penicillin was in wide use and could cure you of the STD’s of the time, the pill was developed and if you were still careless, abortion was legalized. Add to all that that ‘everyone’ was doing it and there were few stigmas or reasons for embarrassment, I sometimes felt like the last virgin on earth.

I didn’t hold with my parent’s beliefs that you had to be a virgin when you were married but I didn’t believe in casual sex either. I waited until I fell in love. I was 24 years old but I waited for Nick and I’ve never regretted it. I do, however, wonder if Nick wished I’d had a little more experience. I know I wasn’t a very good sexual partner. I’m sure it had something to do with some of my mother’s feelings that were lingering deep down. Without consciously thinking about it, I guess I believed sex should be in a dark room, you should only take off the clothes that you had to, missionary position, and don’t touch anywhere you don’t have to – just call me the party girl!!

My big secret was that I knew the only thing that turned me on was spanking and I had no intentions of sharing that weird little piece of information with anyone!

But I finally did, took me too damn long, but I did. When I opened up to Nick, our world really changed. It was a mental thing but for me it was like flipping a switch. The more dominate Nick was in the bedroom the more opened I was to trying anything and everything. The part in me that was saying “nice girls don’t do…” was easily shut up by the thoughts “He’s spanking me. He’s the one in charge. I have no choice. I have to do what he says.” Yes, I know it was a mind game but it was one that worked!

I’m happier, Nick’s happier. His dominance in the bedroom simply shut off any and all of my hang-ups. We have enjoyed every aspect of sex play that either of us has ever wanted to try. The change from our early marriage is so complete no one would ever believe it. We enjoy toy shopping together, not only spanking implements – although we have many of those, but we’ve acquired many other toys along the way – vibrators, plugs, lotions, cuffs anything that catches our eye.

I did share much of this with my sister. She was surprised. Unfortunately, in her marriage things have gone the other way. They started off hot and heavy, but over the years their sex life has died away nearly completely. They have never tried any toys, not even a vibrator. I just shared my story, I’m not suggesting she follow suit but . . .

I’ve got one more post about our conversation.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Explaining to a vanilla or A talk with my sister

I had an interesting experience last weekend when my sister came to help me edit some writing I’ve been doing. When you write spanking fiction you can’t ask just anyone to help you. She agreed to edit as long as she was able to add her personal thoughts and opinions in the margins. It seemed a small price to pay. But you need to know, my sister is one hundred percent VANILLA!

She is a good person for me to talk with about TTWD. She has known Nick for more than 30 years so she hasn’t the slightest fear that I might be in an abusive situation. She also knows, and grudgingly admits, that my marriage is better than hers in many ways. But she is still curious. When she asks questions she really wants to know my answers, she’s not just waiting to tell me why I’m wrong.

Her first question was “Why do you feel the need to be punished?” Hmmmm… I had to think a while on that one and she waited. It’s no secret that the discipline/punishment side of TTWD holds a great fascination for me. It’s not the way we’ve gone with TTWD, but there is a part of me that craves it sometimes. Here’s want I finally explained to my sister.

It’s not punishment I crave, its dominance. I’ve always wanted the feeling that someone cared enough about me to take away my burdens and keep me safe and loved. I reminded her for the past 30 years or so I’ve been very much in charge of everything. As a teacher I have 70 some little people looking at me like I’m the boss (at least most of the time) I manage students with various personalities, resolve conflicts, ease little girls through their first periods and talk with boys about why the girls don’t like him. And all that is before I do any teaching. As the years have passed and my colleagues have gotten younger I find myself in some of these rolls for them as well.

I’ve raised my own kids too, they brought their questions and conflicts to me. Nick is a great dad and enjoyed the kids in the evening but I had the day to day. Then both parents began to fail. I juggled doctor’s appointments, paid their bills, organized their medicines and had to make life changing decisions for them, all while my kids were still young. But all too soon, mom and dad were gone and the kids were out of the house more. I actually had time to think of me and what I wanted from life. All the old fantasies of my youth flooded back.

I didn’t want to make decisions any more. I wanted to be relieved of it all, to be told what to do. . . and yes I wanted to be disciplined if I didn’t do it. Well anyway, that was the fantasy. I guess you all know that Cassie and Tom are my favorite fantasy couple. I love that her safety and well being is his primary focus and he would surely spank her if she put herself in danger or neglected her health. This is from an old post, but it still explains it well.

When I first ask Nick for this way of life we had a fairly rocky start. I got him hooked by asking him to help me make the changes and choices to become healthier and lose weight. I would mess up and he didn’t want to spank. He wanted to let it go or make excuses for me. I hated that and it hurt my feelings. I didn’t feel cared for or protected and I guess that is what we’re looking for.

Although I know he did not mean to send this message this is the one I heard –

“Sure I care but not that much. You are a big girl. If you know you need to do something and you chose not to that’s your business. But you are on your own because I find all this confusing and you’re just not worth the effort.”

I know this was not what he was really thinking, but to the spanko mind this is what came through. When my husband did start 'getting it' and a couple of times spanked me hard, not for gaining, but for over indulging in junk food or slacking off on my exercise, I got a whole other message.

“You are my wife. I love you, I love you way too much to allow you to disregard our agreement on the best way for you to improve your health and put yourself in jeopardy. I care enough about you to put some boundaries and guidelines around you to keep you safe. And yes I will wear you out if necessary to show you just how serious I am about my love for you.”

Nothing in my life has made me feel more loved, cherished, cared for or happy than for him to show his love for me in this way.

There was a time when I really wanted Nick to take more control. I was so into it at the time I believe I would have really listened to anything he wanted. I wanted to be submissive in so many ways. I don’t know if it would have died out quickly or not. It sure would have been fun finding out – but Nick never wanted that job. And gradually over the years I’ve let it go with a little sadness sometimes. I wanted to experience submission, but I know Nick would have been uncomfortable and I doubt I would have enjoyed it in the long run.

In the end I was able to explain to my sister that what I wanted was the overall feeling of being thought about, cherished, loved, and protected and that since I was born a spanko, it’s often the act of spanking that makes me feel this way.

There was more to our conversation and I’ll be sharing soon.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Watch your mouth

It's Friday again! I think I have just about kicked this old cold at last. Of course I have to say that quietly because Nick has been making statements like 'You let me know when you're feeling better. I've taken it easy on you about long enough.' I usually just give him a tiny cough as an answer. Badass hasn't been by lately and you can always count on Wimpy to let things go.

Great story today!! Cathy is my reluctant writer, convinced that her 'simple stories' as she puts it aren't Fantasy Friday worthy. I on the other hand love Cathy's stories. They are simple and yet somehow they draw me in as few stories do. You can go back and read Cathy's first story here. And I'm happy to say she has sent me one more that will be up in a few weeks.

Please enjoy...

Watch Your Mouth

I decided to write about when me and Dennis first started dating. He went to my church but back then he seemed a lot older. Really it’s less than 4 years. In high school everyone liked Dennis. He was good looking. He played football and he drove a real nice truck. Even the teachers liked him. I figured he didn’t even know I was alive but not long after I turned 16 he asked me to the movies. We dated pretty regular after that.

I had a pretty bad temper back then and once when Dennis came to pick me up after school I was in a cuss fight with this girl in the parking lot. He pulled up beside us and told me to get in the truck. I told him I would after I kicked that b***h in the butt. He got out, didn’t say a word, and picked me up and sat me in the truck. All the people standing around watching the fight were laughing at me and I was real mad at Dennis. As we drove off I started cussin and fussing at him.

He didn’t say anything for a while and then he pulled over. He just talked to me but he said that I sounded like trash when I talked that way. It hurt my feelings real bad. He said he hated cussing. He said when he was little his daddy cussed him and his brothers a lot and even his mom. One day when Dennis was about 15 he came in the house and his daddy was saying really mean ugly things to his mama. Dennis got between them and told his daddy he had to stop. His daddy got real mad at him then and took off his belt to whip Dennis. Dennis was bigger than his daddy even then. But Dennis told him, You can whip me if you want to but that’s my mama and you ain’t never cussin her again. Do you know his daddy stopped? He started crying right then and there and he’s been a changed man ever since. Me and Dennis have been together a long time and I have never once heard his daddy cuss anybody.

Dennis told me that story sitting there in the truck that day and told me he didn’t ever want to hear me cuss again. He said if he did he’d whip my butt. I didn’t think he was serious about that part but I did decide to watch my mouth when he was around. But a few months later about the same thing happened. I’d gone to the movies with my little sister and some stupid old girl said something about her when we were coming out and I got really mad. There was a little pushing and shoving and a whole lot of cussin. Dennis was out in the parking lot to pick us up and he heard everything. He was mad and when he told us to get in the truck I didn’t say anymore, we just got in.

He dropped my sister off at the house and told her to tell mama I’d be home later. He hadn’t said nothing to me. Then he drove to this cabin he’d been fixing up. As soon as we got inside he said, I told you I’d whip your butt if you talked like that again. Then he put me over his knee and spanked me hard. Dennis is a really big man. His hand is near as big as a dinner plate. Seemed like he spanked me for a really long time, I was crying and telling him I was sorry and that I wouldn’t do in any more.

He still took his time. When he was done he went over to his big chair and held me in his lap while I cried. I was crying because I was hurting but also because I was embarrassed. I hadn’t been spanked too much growing up. Mama would switch us once and a while but being put over Dennis’ lap like that and how much I really liked him well I was just embarrassed.

He just let me sit there and cry for a long time while he rubbed my back. Then he started talking and telling me I was too good a person to talk like that. He said he wouldn’t want his wife or the mother of his children to talk that way. It wasn’t exactly a proposal but it sure got my attention. I don’t cuss any more, not even when I’m mad. If I did I’m guessing Dennis would handle it about the same way but that’s not why I stopped. I stopped because Dennis wanted me to and I love him.


Cathy, I really do thank you for sharing your stories with us. I hope you will continue. I hope everyone reading will try to write a story of their own and send it in. You can send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Still feeling yucky

I hate colds. I’m not doing so well. The cold itself isn’t so horrible. I mean it’s just an ordinary cold. But I am feeling way ‘off’. For one thing I’m hungry. I haven’t really felt hungry since I began Weight Watchers. I felt in control of my eating. I thought being sick made you lose your appetite, but not for me. Now I’m hungry, and I feel pitiful because I’m sick, so I want to eat good stuff like cake and chips and cookies. I hadn’t been cheating. Well not much, but I gained 1.6 pounds. I explained to Nick that my head weighed an extra 10 pounds so in reality I must have really lost. I don’t think he’s buying it but he knows I’m feeling bad so he hasn’t had much to say about it. I know it’s stupid but it silly little setbacks like this that seem to give me a reason to just give up on the weight loss idea. I’m tired, I don’t feel like exercising. I’m hungry and I want to eat junk. This is a terrible combination.

The news isn’t all bad. We haven’t seen Mollie in a few weeks and I get to see her today. I got to see my sister yesterday and she helped me work on a favorite project of mine. I know a cold can’t last forever and this one will have to let up eventually. And hopefully I have a husband who is not willing to let me give up on the weight loss just yet.

One other thing, Sunnygirl said she was hoping to put up a story on her site today. She has shared several stories with us for Fantasy Friday so I’m headed over there for another good read. There is also a new post over at Cassie’s today so if you’re looking for something to read here’s a couple of places you might want to try.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Fantasy Friday, Fender-Bender

Happy Friday everyone. I'm getting help on a special project this weekend. I hope to be able to tell you about it soon. My cold is progressing as colds do. I just want it to go away.

This weekend's story is another one from Mandy who wrote 1900's Cameo a few weeks ago. She is a wonderful writer and I know you'll enjoy...


Oh no, oh no, oh no. I was in so much trouble. I hurried to remove the bird from the roaster, and watched in horrified stupor as my hand opened and jerked away. I had been in such a rush that I hadn't taken the time to put my whole hand over the potholder, as a result I had wrapped my index finger around a 320 degree wire handle. My left hand dipped sharply and the bird took an unexpected final flight down to my freshly washed kitchen floor and skidded across the waxed surface.

The dogs that had stayed out of my way while I was cooking found this temptation too great. Before I had even plunged my hand into a sink-full of cold water, left over from the breakfast dishes, the dogs were messily dividing up their plunder. I started to yell for them to go away, then gave up. My finger was already starting to blister, and I now had no idea what I was going to do for dinner.

If I hadn't gotten that ticket this morning after getting into that fender-bender I might have run up to the grocery store for a rotisserie chicken or two, but I was now a little leery of driving until David checked out the car. Plus, it was snowing and I knew that the driver-side headlight was out.

David didn't know about the fender-bender yet, I was not going to call it an accident, even to myself, and I didn't want to tell him over the phone. It occurred to me that my burned finger was the perfect excuse to ask David to stop at the store, but I knew I would be in even more trouble if I asked him to go to the store and didn't tell him about the car. No matter what I did I was going to be in trouble.

Brrrt brrrt brrrt, I jumped as my back pocket buzzed. My mother-in-law was calling. "Hello Martha." I answered.

"Hi sweetie!" She spoke. "I'm just letting you know that Frank and I are about ten minutes away. We're stopping at the grocery store. Did you need any last minute items?"

God bless Martha. "Could you pick up a couple of rotisserie chickens?" I asked. I quickly related the series of unfortunate events that had unfolded in the last five minutes. "I can pay you back when you get here." I told her.

"It's no trouble Sarah, just take care of your hand. We'll be there soon." Martha assured me. "Is David home yet?"

"No, but he should be here any minute." I told her. I thanked her and hung up.

Well that was one problem dealt with. If only my other problems were as easy to solve. I glanced around my ransacked kitchen. Even if I somehow hid all the spoons there were plenty of things I could imagine David using on my backside. "We have way too many things in this house I could be spanked with." I muttered under my breath. I shooed the dogs downstairs and closed the basement door. They happily took the carcass of my turkey with them.

I had just finished cleaning the remainder of the grease off the floor, quite a feat while trying not to use my right hand, when I heard David's footsteps on the porch. There was no way he hadn't seen the dented, slightly crunched vehicle in the driveway. My backside spasmed, as if it anticipated his reaction and my hand rushed guiltily back to comfort it. I winced as my blistered finger made contact with my jeans.

David walked into the house, bringing most of the cold into the house with him. "What happened?" he asked, both words tinged with worry and icy determination.

"I got into a little fender-bender, I'm okay, the car still works, I didn't want to worry you." I blurted out in a rush. "Your parents will be here in a couple minutes." This last was a frantic effort to put off the inevitable, something I was sure he realized when he started walking toward me without even removing his shoes. He stopped only when he heard the distant sound of his mother's laughter, followed by the sound of a door closing.

"We will discuss this later." He promised, as he returned to open the door for his parents. There were hugs all around; David's mom set the rotisserie chickens on the counter as Frank asked David what happened to the car. "I was just about to find that out when you arrived." David replied. "Why don't you and mom let me take your coats? Sarah can tell us what happened over dinner."

I busied myself setting the table, smiling gratefully when Martha began slicing up one of the birds. The table was set in no time, and all of us bowed our heads as Frank said grace. I didn't pay much attention to the generic prayer, worrying myself with how I was going to tell David what had happened, while minimizing the damage that would later be done to my backside.

I looked up to see everyone staring at me, and realized that someone must have asked me a question. "Excuse me?" I asked.

"How is your hand, dear?" Martha repeated.

"What happened to her hand?" Asked David and Frank.

"Why, she burned it quite badly." Martha replied.

"Show me." David said. I uncurled my hand and extended it toward him. "How did this happen?" He asked, concern furrowing his brow.

I quickly relayed the story and David's brow smoothed out. "Why weren't you paying attention to what you were doing?" he asked.

I sucked in my breath sharply; this was not good. Now I would have to tell him about the car accident, I mean fender-bender. He would be even more upset because my concern over the acci... fender-bender was the cause of my becoming hurt. I didn't want to proceed, but I wasn't really being given that option.

"Well," I began, "Do you remember that doctor's appointment I had this morning, because of my tiredness lately?" David nodded. "I was on my way back, thinking about what the doctor had said, and I didn't notice the light on the corner turn yellow."

"What!?" David exclaimed, nearly leaping out of his chair.

"The light turned yellow, the car in front of me could have made it, but they stopped. I tried to stop in time; I just didn't quite make it. I think maybe we need new brakes." I temporized.

"I just changed those brakes last month." David gritted out.

I winced. I should have remembered that. This was not going well. Now my news that should have made everyone so happy was just going to get me in more trouble. David and I had been told by a fertility specialist that my untreated endometriosis had made it unlikely that I would conceive. We had tried anyway for the last two years with no results; today I had learned that we had finally been successful. "There is good news." I forged ahead, somehow not hitting the happy note I was going for. "The doctor was able to tell me why I've been so tired lately."

"Why was that, honey?" Martha asked, reminding David that we weren't alone.

"It's a very temporary condition." I said. "It should only last about eight more months."

Martha squealed, and Frank looked at her without comprehension, then looked at me as what I had hinted at so broadly sank in. "You're pregnant?" he asked. "I thought you couldn't get pregnant."

"So did we. But, apparently that wasn't true." I snuck a glance at David. He was looking at me with the strangest expression. Joy mingled with fury in his eyes. I certainly hoped joy would win.

"Mom, Dad, I love you, but after dinner I would appreciate it if Sarah and I could be alone." he said. "We'll call you to set something up tomorrow."

Frank chuckled good-naturedly, and within a half-hour he and Martha had left. No sooner had their car pulled out of the driveway than David had locked the door and led me to the living room. He took my hands, turned them so he could see my burn, and planted a kiss on the biggest blister. Then he sat on the couch and pulled me face down over his lap.

I had expected to end up in this position, but that didn't mean I wanted to be in it. I started to complain, and David silenced my whining with a particularly stinging swat. "Be quiet." he said as he pushed my jeans and underwear down my legs, and pulled them all the way off, leaving them in a crumpled heap on the floor. "So, let me get this straight," he began, massaging my bottom absently. "First you found out you were finally pregnant, against all the odds, then you didn't pay attention while driving, and got into an accident."

"Fender-bender" I protested.

He smacked my bottom, hard, then continued as if I hadn't interrupted.
"... you didn't call me."

"I didn't want to worry you." This time he didn't content himself with one smack, he landed several, until my backside felt as blistered as my finger.

"...You came home and hurt yourself because you wouldn't take the time to calm down. You still didn't call me. Then, when it was time to tell what had happened you tried to minimize what you had done to avoid getting into trouble. Do you have anything to add?"

I thought hard. There was a lot I wanted to say, to show him it wasn't as bad as he thought it was, but I had a feeling that if I tried to argue my way out of trouble I would just be in more trouble. "No." I replied.

"That's what I thought," he replied. Without another word he declared open-season on my bottom. His smacks built in intensity from fierce and fiery to molten magma, turning my bottom into a place so sizzling hot I thought it might melt off my body.

I had long since stopped fighting him, lying still over his knee, except for the sobs that shook my body, when he ceased spanking me. He rubbed my poor abused rear, his work-roughened palm scratching a stinging relief to the same area he had set on fire. He lifted me into his arms and carried me to bed, placing me delicately on my tummy.

I heard him moving about the room, getting ready for bed, and thought I felt a feather light kiss on my damp cheek, accompanied by the words, "Sleep sweet, we'll talk in the morning." as a fuzzy blanket of grey tinged sleep carried me away.


Thanks again Mandy, you did another great job. I hope you are still writing and that you'll share another story with us soon. We'll be waiting. Until then I hope there are others of you out there writing and willing to share. If you are please send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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I managed to catch a cold somewhere. I'm thinking of blaming Sunnygirl but since we've never met in person and live several states away I'm willing to admit it might not have been her. Anyway my computer is making my eyes hurt. So if you don't hear from me in the next little bit, don't worry I'm just recuperating. There will be a brand new Fantasy Friday story up this weekend though so I hope you'll come by for that.