I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Two important reveals

Before I get to the reveal for Fantasy Friday there is another reveal I have to tell you about. I found out something shocking about my twin on our trip. I think of her as honest and straight forward and in that vein I would never have imagined she would have withheld such important information from Adam.

We were waiting for a table at a restaurant one evening when I mentioned something about the holiday earlier in the month only to have Adam ask “What holiday?” He didn’t know, Eva had not told him anything about March 14. So with a slight dirty look from my twin I got up to step around her and tell Adam that he has misses ‘Steak and Blow Job Day’.

Adam had never heard of this important holiday! I was just stunned and as I sat back down and said to Eva “I can’t believe you didn’t tell him!” To which she answered “I can’t believe you did!” As we all discussed the holiday the conversation rapidly became adolescent but in the end it was decided that I will email Adam next year to be sure he won’t miss it again. I am such a pal!

Now on to Fantasy Friday. So I put up a brat story and the vast majority thinks that it was written by Cassie. Ummmm….. Cassie does this tell you anything? Second highest vote getter another resident brat – Lori. What do you think of that Joe? The votes were stair stepping down with the least votes going to Anon with only 13%. But that was it guys! This story was another anonymous contribution. And to the author a big ‘Thank you!’ Not only for the fantastic story but for showing everyone that their stories will be most welcomed and appreciated.

Now readers I need you. The story cupboard is getting very sparse. I know several of you are working on stories so please as soon as you finish send it on. And if you think you might be willing to give it a try now is the time to jump in! Send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Saturday, March 29, 2008

What a trip!

I just don’t know where to start about the trip. It was just wonderful! I loved being with Eva and Adam and I loved the time Nick and I had alone too! Contrary to what Eva said over at her site Nick was not constantly spanking me in public! Well at least no more that Adam was spanking Eva. Yes there were a few pops and whaps along the way, and we certainly learned not to let them follow us up the stairs. But most of the spanking fun was confined to private times.

Nick did get to fulfill a long held fantasy for him. He had two women in his bed at the same time. And he even has something to remember it by. Adam was taking pictures! Of course Nick did say that it wasn’t exactly like he had pictured it, we were both fully clothed and playing on our computers at the time. Just goes to show that you need to be specific in your fantasies!

One thing that is so good when we get together is that the guys really get along well. If they didn’t – well getting together would be very, very hard. But I don’t like it when the two of them like Nick well enough to give him gifts. They did it the first time we were together and now they have done it again only worse – much worse!! Grace if I ever got to meet you and Bossman I bet you would never do this to me.

My twin and Adam seem to have a backscratcher fetish! Please check out the picture below. That’s a 12 inch ruler in between them! The one on the right that they gave him the first time we met was bad enough but check out the monster on the left that they gave him on this trip!! It just looks evil!! Grace – help!! The only good thing is that Adam got one for Eva too. But really… geeze!!!

There is much more to tell – the big secret Eva was keeping from Adam (I told him), when Eva and I were fighting over scraps, the visit with Mr. D, and our interesting conversation about ginger, yes there is still much to tell.

And we will tell more but for the moment please check out Fantasy Friday if you haven't already. I love the story this week! And the voting is fairly close again. Give it your best guess!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Baseball

Wish me luck. I couldn't get this up last night. We are on headed back home from our wonderful trip today so I will be talking to some of you tonight. Pray us home and Eva and Adam on to their next destination. Meanwhile enjoy Fantasy Friday!


I don’t ask for much, in fact I am very easy to get along with. I expect him to notice when I change my hair, tell me when I look nice, and put me ahead of stupid things like baseball. We both work hard, put in long hours during the week. I don’t care what he does, weeknights. But, come the weekend, it is my time.

I don’t know why this is so difficult for him. I bought him a VCR so he could tape the games and watch them during the week. He says that just isn’t the same, it has to be live. I watch taped soaps and talk shows; I don’t see what the big deal is.

I refuse to lose to a bunch of guys on television. I will make him forget all about baseball.


I knew she was spoiled when I married her. That's why we agreed on no children. She is a full time job all by herself. We both work hard, and make good money. Our investments will keep us in our old age. I have never wanted another woman, not since I first laid eyes on her, but enough is enough. I will watch baseball on the weekends. It is not as if I neglect her, a few hours of my own is not too much to ask.

Perhaps she needs another lesson on who is in charge.


I cannot believe him. I paraded around in his favorite get up, tried to get him out of his clothes, even got so far as sitting on his lap, then the commercials were over and he sent me off to find something to do. To add insult to injury he strolls in, after the game, and expects me to fall all over him because he has time for me now. Like I can just turn myself on and off like a television. At least I made him work for it. But this is the last time.


The next time she pulls one of her stunts during a game I am going to give her more "attention" than she bargained for. I must admit, it is comical to watch her. She's about as subtle as a freight train. She specializes in hard to get, but let there be a game on and suddenly she is panting for me. Just a few more weeks and the season will be over. I don't follow any other sports, so it will calm down over the winter and then the cycle starts again.


I have had it. This is now all out war. We had a "discussion" about finances last night. That's what he calls it when he has me over his lap and is explaining with the paddle why I have to follow the budget. I'll show him budgeting. As long as we are cutting back and pinching pennies there is no reason for an extravagance such as cable. They were very sweet about terminating our service. Sunday morning, first thing, no more cable, no more baseball.


Something is up. Whenever she is this sweet she's hiding something. I got a backrub, a home cooked meal and she practically chased me up to bed. She must have bought something really big this time. She hasn't worked this hard to soften me up since she decided she needed a sports car.


He doesn't suspect a thing! I will just go read in my room when it's time for the game, and act all surprised and hurt that he isn't happy that I took him seriously when he said cut back on the spending. He can yell for a minute, and then he can spend the afternoon making it all up to me. Let's see, make love, then off for an expensive dinner, maybe dancing, if we aren't too tired. Why didn't I think of this sooner?


Something is definitely up. We went out for brunch, as usual. Walked along the river. Then home, and she went off to read. No pouting, no complaining, no begging me to skip the game.


Just as I get settled and am reading, minding my own business, letting him do whatever he wants, he starts shouting. Demanding I come downstairs. I take a moment to make sure I don't giggle and spoil the whole thing, and then wander down, trying to look innocent and a little confused.


I cannot believe she would go this far. She canceled the damn cable. We get maybe three local stations, all poorly, without cable. I called to complain that it was out and they informed the "missus" had arranged for service to be terminated today. She knows this is the playoffs. Then she has the nerve to stroll in here like nothing is wrong, just can't imagine why I am yelling. I sent her upstairs to wait for me, in the corner. I need to calm down before I go up. The whole explanation about saving money and doing it for my own good was the final straw.


He is being such a jerk about this. I knew he would get upset, but I figured it would blow over, he would see the humor in it and then we would make up. It's only one lousy game. I hope he hurries up; I hate waiting in the corner, like a little girl. I hate waiting almost as much as I hate what I'm waiting for.


She looks so pathetic, in the corner, skirt up, panties down, sniffling. If I didn't know it was all an act calculated for sympathy I'd be ready to gather her up and forgive her. We both learned the hard way that doesn't work for us. I don't know about other couples but if she doesn't get her bottom paddled good and hard every now and then she just escalates.

I pull a chair to the middle of the room, no laying on the bed in comfort, this is a punishment, and a well deserved one at that. When I call her to me, she shuffles, panties around her ankles, and stands with her head down, the picture of remorse. I point, and she gingerly drapes herself across my lap. No lecturing, I start spanking, good and hard.

By the time the tears start her bottom is red and I pull the paddle out of my back pocket. It has been a long time since she has gotten a serious punishment. By the time I work my way down the back of her thighs she is begging for mercy, promising to be good, and swearing the cable will be back on tomorrow. I figure if she can still talk I'm not finished. It only takes a few more minutes to reduce her to uncontrolled sobbing. I let her rest over my lap for a moment until her sobs have quieted enough to hear me. Then I tell her the rest of her punishment. She has five minutes to wash her face, get dressed and meet me downstairs. We're going down to the local tavern to watch the rest of the game.

There will be no complaining, or we will come home and start over.

Now if the voting will work great, if not come back tomorrow and try. Here are your choices

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "Baseball"?


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Loving it

Could not be better! The best weather, the best place, the best friends! I may never come home! The weather is sooooooo nice! Low 70's, sunny. This place is a wonderful! It's such a peaceful place to walk around and absorb the atmosphere.

I like being around Eva and Adam! Nick is very relaxed around them. I love being able to make jokes about the spanking items we see (and Adam bought!). The guys do a lot of threatening and it is just so much fun!!

As for noise last night - there was nothing to hear! Really that wasn't us! We were watching a movie I tell you, umm... yeah that's it. A movie! It was fantastic there was lots and lots of applauding at the end not to mention the standing ovation. I really am having a great time!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About my Wednesday...

Let me tell you about Wednesday. Maybe I should go back to Monday. After work Monday I went home, got my gym clothes and headed out to exercise. I got to the gym and sat in my car for a bit just dreading going in. Really most of the time I don’t mind but I was tired. I knew I had an hour there and I needed to go by the drugstore to get some stuff for the kids Easter baskets (I don’t care how old they are, as long as I am around the Easter Bunny is coming.) I just didn’t want to exercise so I blew is off and just went shopping. Who was going to know?

So when I did get home Nick gave me a hug and asked “Did you work hard at the gym?” I didn’t really want to admit I just hadn’t gone and it didn’t really matter so I just said “No not really” and left it at that. It wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t think anymore about it that night.

I went to the gym the next day and all was find but it was actually bugging me that I had sort of lied to Nick. I emailed Carye about it. She and I are close on how our diets are going and how our husbands usually react. After we talked a while I decided maybe I should just go on and tell him because it was bothering me.

So I finally sent him the following email.

I don't know if this is my assignment or just talking but I am feeling a little guilty about something. In the grand scheme of things I guess it’s no big deal and to be honest I am a little surprised that it is bothering me so much. I didn’t go to the gym Monday and I let you believe that I did. I know if I had just told you that I wasn’t going you wouldn’t have really cared. And if I had just said I didn’t go you wouldn’t have really cared but I did feel bad for just acting like I went and not saying anything. I did actually go but I just couldn’t make myself go in. Maybe I really am changing. I don’t think this would have bothered me in the past. But I feel that we are close now and it was bothering me. So I wanted to tell you and let you know I won’t do it again. I am really am sorry.

I felt better after I sent is because I realized I felt relaxed and did really worry about what he would say. I didn’t really think he would spank me because we don’t do a lot of discipline. He doesn’t ‘make me’ go to the gym that is my choice. But when I read his response a little later he really said exactly what I needed to hear. Here is what he said.

Maybe it wouldn't seem like a big deal normally. But if we are working together to get you shapelier and healthier and you are to be held accountable for your actions and progress then it's a little different. If you are supposed to go to the gym and just can't make it we at least need to discuss it (and talk about motivation). I do appreciate you feeling that you needed to set things straight. I expect with next week coming up you plan on going to the gym every chance you get between now and then! I also expect you to be eating smart. Enough for now, but we may need to revisit this topic.

Although I always want it to be so I loved hearing that he felt we are truly working together on this together.

That afternoon I took Mollie to baby-sit and then I went to the gym. Nick was here when I got home and the first thing he asked me was if I had made it all the way into the gym. I laughed and assured him I had. He didn’t seem upset about what I had told him and we talked a little. I told him, "As Cassie would say, I didn’t exactly lie – I just didn’t correct his assumption."

Then Nick asked “And what would Tom have done?”


This wasn’t a question I would ever have expected Nick to ask.

“Well you are always holding them up as an exemplary couple.”

So I hedged “I think he would tell her not to do it again.”

“Anything else?”


Nick went on “I think he would get out the hairbrush.”

He held out his hand and when I took it he led me back to the bedroom. He did get out the hair brush – I have to agree with Cassie on this too. That thing is no toy.

He sat on the bed and put me over his lap. He started with my jeans on but it still stung and didn’t seem like a good thing. The jeans weren’t on long. Panties may add a psychological barrier but not much more. Of course it wasn’t long before they were history too. I know many of you like OTK but I really like snuggling down on my bed when I am being spanked. But that day it wasn’t to be.

Nick soon stood me up and said “Come with me”. You know I have gotten pretty comfortable being nude in front of Nick these days but somehow having only my shirt on was a little embarrassing. He headed back to the living room where he sat in a straight back chair and pulled me over his lap again. “Now this put thing at the right angle” he observer. Then he really went to town with that brush! Dang, that thing hurt!! And he wasn’t kidding around. It was the hardest spanking I have ever had and he didn’t stop until he was finished!

He finally stopped and started rubbing then he let me up. We went back to lie on the bed. He looked at my bottom and mildly observed that there might be some bruising. I think lying there with him right then I felt as close as I ever had to him. My bottom was still on fire but I felt wonderful – connected, cared for, secure, loved. And really is there anything else we are looking for in life?

But if we ever do have another situation like this I think I'll leave Cassie and Tom out of it!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fantasy Friday - I'll Be There - the reveal

We are starting our trip tomorrow! I can’t wait! And I will give Eva and Adam a hug from everyone!

The Fantasy Friday story this week was very special to me. I was glad to see Bella understood the love and discipline had nothing to do with weight gain, but rather with wanting his spouse to be as healthy as possible. Thanks for coming by Bella and I hope to hear from you again.

Most of you seemed pretty sure it was not Jessica or Carye. Lori and I stayed pretty close for a while and Anon didn’t do too badly. But I finally won the vote! However, I did not write the story! It was none other than my little sister Carye! Carye and I do feel very similar about diet and discipline so our thoughts do run alike at times. I just wish I could write as well. Going on with the diet theme, this story is also Carye’s way of paying off her gambling debt. We had a side bet and the first one to show a gain in a week had to write up a real life spanking story and write a FF. I posted her real story and this is the FF she promised me. You did a great job Carye, Thanks!!

I need more stories folks. I have a great one for next week but I need you to keep writing! Please – anyone that has enjoys Fantasy Friday, go ahead and try your hand at it and send it in. elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Happy Easter

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Easter. I love Easter. I love going to church on Easter Sunday morning. I love seeing all the little girl (including mine) in their beautiful Easter dresses. I love to hear the message of love and resurrection. I love being with the family at my MIL’s and having all the little one hunting for eggs. Its spring – what’s not to love!!

We are starting off on our trip Monday. I am so excited to be going on a road trip with Nick and I am so excited to see Eva and Adam that I feel like a kid! But don’t worry I will have the reveal Monday and provided I can get the lap top working, I have my post about my day last Wednesday to go up about Tuesday. And I even have next week’s Fantasy Friday ready to go – aren’t you all proud of me??

I want to share an email I got from my twin with you all. This was the email I sent Eva Friday morning:

I am off to school! Should be quiet. I am going to try to stay off the computer and actually get something done - but well, you know me! So check in when you can.

Shortly I got the following email from her:

You're going to stay off the computer? Please don't tell me things like that when I'm sitting on the edge of my bed and haven't gone to pee yet this morning. I'm laughing so hard I'll be lucky if I make it to the bathroom.

Now think about that for just a minute.

Does anyone see the irony here? This woman is teasing me about my inability to stay off the computer?? A woman who checks her email before getting up and going to the bathroom in the morning? (shaking my head…)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fantasy Friday - I'll Be There

I know this is a holiday weekend but I really hope everyone will take the time to read Fantasy Friday before heading out on vacation. This is one that is going to speak to many of us. So many in fact that it was hard to narrow down the people who could have written it. Enjoy your read and be sure to vote!

I’ll Be There

"Linda, come here, lets have a talk." Jake said from the bedroom.

"Coming!" Linda called cheerfully. As she walked into the bedroom, she stopped short, seeing Jake on the bed with several implements near him. "What's going on? Are we going to have some fun?"

"Not this time. Remember our conversation a few weeks ago about wanting discipline? About dieting? About the diet group you wanted to join? Where was that… Todd and Suzy’s?"

"Well, yes, but.."

"And I said we'd try it here first, then, you could join. Well, if I remember right, you didn't loose this week and you asked me to try to start up a DD lifestyle using this as our starting point… right?"

"Well… yes, but …"

"Nope, too late, the only 'but' I want to see is yours over my lap, please. Oh, and you can loose that pretty little thong you're wearing, you won't be needing it."

Blushing, Linda carefully removed her thong, making sure she didn't reveal anything under her dress. Then slowly laid herself across his lap, not sure exactly what to expect, and trying hard to remember what she had told him she wanted several weeks earlier.

"Now, Linda," He started as he slowly lifted her skirt over her hips, and began to gently rub her gorgeous butt. "We're going to do this right from the start. This isn't going to be an erotic spanking, no nice warm-up, or rubbing and touching in between. You are going to answer with ‘Yes Sir’ as well. Do you understand?"

"mmmm… yes sir" she cooed loving the nice rub on her bottom. Still not sure how this was all going to work, fearing and hoping that it truly would be their first discipline spanking.

"Why are we here?" he asked quietly.

"Because I gained weight this week, sir." She responded.

SMACK! "Nope. Wrong answer. " Jake replied.


"You're here because you made some bad decisions that caused you to gain weight. Correct? .. oh and don't forget the ‘Sir’ please, I don't want to have to add anything to what you already have coming" he reminded her gently.

"Yes sir. Bad decisions"

"What were those decisions?"

"um.. well, I don't really know…" she started. SMACK SMACK SMACK came his hand.

"OK, OK!" She frantically started. "Sir, I did too much snacking at the vending machines. I was good at home, but at work, not as careful"

Gently rubbing he asked. "Was that it? Just some snacking at the vending machines? No big lunches out with girlfriends, nothing at night?"

"Well…." SMACK "ok, ok! Yes, I went out a few times at lunch too. It is so hard to order light stuff when we go really good places sir!"

"Why do you need to do that? What did the doctor say that caused you to ask for these spankings?"

"please Jake, I know…." SMACK SMACK SMACK he rained down a thirty second volley of spanks with his hand. It was starting to sting his hand he realized.

She caught her breath wanting to rub away the sting. "Ok, he said I needed to eat more healthily and try to loose about 30 lbs. sir."

"And? "

"Please Jake sir isn't that enough?"

"No. You've got to say and understand what else he said. You need to face it, not try to ignore it; your life and my life as we have it now are at stake. Come on."

Sighing, with tears beginning to flood her eyes, she quietly whispered, "he said I'm borderline diabetic, and if I don't change, I could end up with full blown diabetes.”

"That's right, both of us need to change, I want you to say it again, this time louder."

Crying more now, "Because I'm a borderline diabetic sir."

"Right, and we're going to work together to make sure that doesn't happen. If it does anyway, we'll deal with it, but it is NOT going to be because you wanted to eat fattier, less healthy foods when you go out with your girlfriends. You ARE going to make good choices next week." With that he started her spanking in earnest. After using his hands a few minutes more, he paused, pushed her forward slightly, and scissored her legs. Sighing to himself he resolved that he could do this despite shaking and feeling sad, he was resolved. She asked for it and this was for their own good.

He picked up the hairbrush. Rubbing it on her butt, he asked "Linda do you know what is going to happen next? I'm going to use the hairbrush. I will use this every time we end up here. I love you more than anything in the world. I want you to be healthy. We can make this change together. I will eat just as healthy. Do you understand?"

Crying gently, she answered him. "Yes sir"

He began with the hairbrush. Linda began to fight, she had never felt anything this hard before, reaching back she tried to stop it, but he just grabbed her hand and pulling it into the small of her back pulled her tighter against him. She was crying and almost beyond where she thought she could take. Suddenly she felt exhausted, she could fight no more. She just laid and sobbed. Soon Jake stopped. He dropped the brush and scooped her up into his arms. With tears in his eyes, he hugged her for all he was worth. "Oh, Linda, I love you so much, I love you I love you. It's ok. It's ok."

Slowly her crying slowed. She looked into his eyes love radiating out at him. "Oh Jake, I'm sorry, I'll make better choices I promise."

"I know honey, I'm here to help you to support you whatever you need. I promise I'll be there every step of the way."

And he was. They did join the diet group after some discussion, and decided they both would join. This way, he could be with her every step of the way. Over time, they lost together, grew closer to each other, and much healthier together. Discipline did slowly become a part of their relationship with all its ups and downs, yet together they worked as a team making the whole truly stronger than the two parts.

So how many of you can relate? Here are your choices, it could be Jessica, it could be Lori, it could be Carye or it could be me or it could be an anonymous writer this week. I mean you know the four of us are all in the Todd and Suzy's diet group so it sure could have been one of us but it could also be someone who is not quite ready to ask yet and this is how they want it to go. Please vote! It is so much fun to watch how it goes.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "I'll Be There"


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's time for a ...

Vacation!! One of my favorite words! When I was pregnant with LJ, Nick and I assured ourselves that we would still make time for us as a couple. We planned to take weekends for ourselves every once ands a while. After all there were 4 grandparents and 9 aunts and uncles close by to watch them surely they would be well cared for. And sure enough 17 years later we took our first weekend alone. Yep, LJ was 17 before we spent another weekend just the two of us. Is that not pathetic?

If we had been in to spanking back then I know we would have found the time! I am so excited about going off this week. Although Mollie wants to see Eva and Adam we convinced her to stay at my sisters so she and her cousin can visit. They get along great so everyone is looking forward to this break.

This next week will be great. Even if Eva won’t hold my hand and skip with me I may just do it myself. I am that excited to be going off with Nick and well as seeing my twin and Adam.

Fantasy Friday will be up tomorrow. Please don’t forget to come by. I am also hoping to blog about my day today (Wednesday) actually. It was a good day but very different. I’ll blog it but I need to let it run around in my mind a while first. I am more sure of one thing than ever though – I sure do love Nick!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Just in case ya'll ain't heerd no good southern humor lately...

Two hillbillies walk into a bar. While having a shot of whiskey, they talk about their moonshine operation.

Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins to cough. After a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real distress. One of the hillbillies looks at her and says, "Kin ya swallar?"

The woman shakes her head no.

Then he asks, "Kin ya breathe?"

The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head no.

The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up her dress, yanks down her drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick with his tongue. The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the obstruction flies out of her mouth. As she begins to breathe again, the hillbilly walks slowly back to the bar.

His partner says, "Ya know, I'd heerd of that there 'Hind Lick Maneuver', but I ain't never seed nobody do it afore!"

Fantasy Friday - Flight 2146 - the Reveal

I enjoyed everything about Fantasy Friday this weekend. I enjoy the story, I enjoyed the comments and I enjoyed watching the voting. The votes stayed so close all weekend sometimes a four way tie with Purple Angel pulling slightly ahead just before the end of the voting.

I also enjoy an email I got from Cassie to quote in part “I just know this has to be my brother Paul! I am curious as to which of his adoring harem is flying to meet him. And I must say, if isn’t Paul it should be!” Ah Cassie, you romantic you, I am afraid you missed this one. But fear not I am sure romance lives on somewhere I’m sure.

Flight 2146 is romantic and the author is C.C!! What an incredible story! Now how in the world C.C had time to write such a wonderful story for us in the midst of the whirlwind her life has be come is beyond me. She must have had help! If you go to the garden, be sure to go by today to thank her for sharing her work! And please continue to bug her – inquiring mind and detail whores want to know if there is a next part.

I am very lucky to have a couple of stories ready to go up for our Fantasy Fridays but please don't stop writing! I always need more so please send stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com Please join the fun!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good weekend

The Fantasy Friday this week is truly fantastic and the voting has NEVER been closer! Go here if you haven't read it yet and please let your vote count!!

I have had a good weekend so far. Nick was waiting for me when I got home from work Friday. I knew he was going to be when I got the following email earlier in the day –

Gained, Two weeks in a row
Weight’s got to go

Assignment post a-slack
Earns a few whacks

Important Papers Forgot
Your Bottom gets hot

What more can I say?
Babe, you gonna pay!

Nothing like a spanking poet! Okay so I let a few things slide this week. I am happy to say he didn’t. It really was a great afternoon in fact he broke one of the plastic paddle ball paddles on my butt! Score one for me! The leather paddle, the flogger and finally the belt came in to play too. A great spanking accumulating in some great loving – what more could a girl ask for.

I was a good girl Saturday and after taking Mollie to the church to help with the Easter egg hunt I went to the gym. After lunch she and I headed to town to look for a dress for Mollie. Nick told me something as I went out the door but as I tried to think what it was a few minutes later I couldn’t remember what it was.

Mollie is going to the freshman semi-formal. For those of you with out a daughter to shop with you are missing an interesting experience. She has pretty good taste in clothes and I am pleased to see that her taste does not run to slutty so we found something pretty nice.

I still couldn’t remember what Nick had said.

After we got Mollie fixed up we started looking for clothes for me. We are going on a much anticipated vacation right after Easter and I wanted something new. I was able to get size 16 pants!! Not as skinny as my twin but I was impressed. They are a bit tight but they won’t be for long.

I kept trying to remember what Nick said!!

Mollie is fun as a fashion consultant. She has put her foot down that I can no longer wear mom jeans! I do appreciate her help. Now that I feel like I look a little better I want my clothes to reflect it but I do NOT want to try to wear something that looks too young for me. Nothing can make a mature woman look more ridiculous than that wearing something designed for a teenager.

But Mollie and I found a few things that we could both agree on for me. We looked at jackets and bathing suits, shoes and shirts. It was a really fun day, shopping, talking and laughing. But try as I might I couldn’t ever think of what Nick had told me.

We grabbed some supper and headed home. Mollie put on a fashion show for Nick. Actually we bought her two dresses one for the dance and one for the cruise she is going on later this summer. She looked gorgeous!

I settled in with my computer after we ate supper. And as I started to write this I finally remember what Nick had said as I was leaving. “Don’t spend too much money!” Crap! I guess I should have remember that earlier.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fantasy Friday Flight 2146

It Friday again!
I have gotten to really enjoy Fridays and getting ready for Fantasy Friday. This one really got my imagination going – I can’t even tell if it was written by a man or a woman. Oh wait, I do know – but will you? Enjoy…

Flight 2146

"Your attention please, United Flight 2146, from Chicago, now arriving at Gate 14. Attention please, United Flight 2146, from Chicago, now arriving at Gate 14."

Stephanie's heart missed a beat. Standing, she smoothed her dress, patted her hair then licked her lips in anticipation. All the months of talking, all the months of planning and fantasies were about to become reality. Michael would be walking through the door to meet her for the first time. She hoped he wouldn't be disappointed. She hoped she wouldn't be either.

'I wish I could be there to help you celebrate your birthday with a spanking,' his comment on her blog had read. Stephanie had smiled when she saw it. Michael had been a secret crush for nearly two years and lately, his comments seemed more flirtatious. She responded by playfully asking if what he'd written was a threat or a promise.

Within a few weeks, Michael and Stephanie were talking on the phone nightly. They realized they had many things in common beyond their enjoyment of spanking. Occasionally, their conversations would stretch into the early morning hours.

They had carefully planned Stephanie's birthday spanking. Michael asked her questions about her previous spankings. Was she dressed? Had she been spanked during the day? Had she ever had her panties taken down? Did she have a favorite implement? Was there one that frightened her? Did she bruise easily? How about a sexy dress? Would she enjoy going over his knee? Stephanie had answered each of his questions truthfully and the scene for her spanking began to form in Michael's imagination.

He would take her to his hotel room. After checking in and depositing his luggage he hoped there would be a chair to accommodate their needs, if not, then he was prepared to be seated at the edge of the bed. Stephanie would remain dressed for this spanking. If there were others to come during his visit, those would be a different flavor.

Michael wanted to select her clothing. He wanted her in a dress. He also wanted her to be properly attired underneath her clothing. A slip, panties and matching bra were expected. He required she wear heels and hose. He knew Stephanie was a lady through and through and he wanted her dressed to fulfill his fantasies.

Once in the room, Michael would make himself comfortable while Stephanie waited for her 'gift'. He'd remove his shoes and socks, loosen the collar of his shirt, remove his belt (more for drama than use) and seat himself to begin fulfilling his promise.

He would beckon Stephanie to come forward. He hoped there would be a moment's hesitation and a fleeting look of doubt upon her face. After all, it isn't everyday two strangers rendezvous to make good on a casual comment.

Stephanie would step forward and stand beside him waiting for his directions.

In silence, Michael would take her hand, tug her forward and help her position her body across his lap. He wanted her head lower than her bottom and her hands occupied on the floor to maintain her balance. Once she was in position, Michael anticipated the pleasure he would find rubbing his hands over her round, clothed bottom. He would be in no hurry to get down to business. He would have a beautiful woman willingly positioned over his knee waiting, anticipating the delivery of a gift.

Slowly, Michael would raise the hem of her dress. Once he'd exposed her covered bottom, he would raise the hem of her slip. More rubbing and stroking were his plan and he would tease Stephanie's thighs and bottom with long slow caresses. Each stroke would be meant to help her relax and help her understand that his intentions were only to make good on his promise.

When he knew she was ready and the moment was at hand, he would begin spanking her upturned cheek. "Count them out, birthday girl," would be the first words he'd say. Once they'd reached fifteen, he would stop, rub for a moment, then ask Stephanie to stand and take her pantyhose down to her ankles. Her panties would remain in place.

"Back over my knee, birthday girl," he'd declare and once again position her with her luscious backside higher than her head. With the first spank, he'd ask Stephanie to begin counting again. At 25 he would pull the right leg of her panties between the cheeks of her rosy, red ass. At 35, he would pull the left leg of her panties into the same position, give them a little tug and then stop to rub her hot, glowing orbs.

"You're doing pretty good there, birthday girl," he would assure her and then ask if she was comfortable and ready for more. He would continue stroking her bottom and the backs of her thighs until he felt she was ready once again.

Because Stephanie had shared she'd never been spanked clothed or had her panties pulled down the next part of their fantasy was something they were both anticipating. It would be the first time he would see her sex. It would be the first time she'd felt someone else take her panties to her knees in preparation to spank her. They would both enjoy the experience.

Michael dreamed of taking the waistband of her bright, white panties firmly in his right hand to peel them away from her bottom. He would pull them down to a place just above her knees. From that position, he'd decided he would take his time getting back to her bottom. He wanted to explore her skin by slowly running his hand up the silky smoothness inside her thighs. He would not stop until he reached the place her legs came together. His hope was to find her anticipating more, much, much more.

With only sixteen more spanks to deliver, Michael wanted to be certain each one was memorable. He wanted Stephanie to remember this birthday spanking for the rest of her life.

"Your attention please, United Flight 2146, from Chicago, now arriving at Gate 14."

Stephanie took a deep breath and stepped forward to meet Michael at last.

Okay, I know what is going to happen but I still want to follow her off the plane! Now you have to make you guess and I have four excellent choices – Paul, Purple Angel, C.C, Marcus. Please vote and don’t forget to come back Monday for the reveal.

Fantasy Friday Survey

Who wrote "Flight 2146"?

Purple Angel

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wandering thoughts

This may be a long ramble. If you don’t have time come back later or just skip today. None of this is earth shattering but it has been rolling around in my head so I’m putting writing. I do a lot of thinking as poor Nick knows. Some time he is horrified, amused, pleased or bewildered depending on what I am thinking.

I have been fantasying about spanking for at least 40 years. Most of my fantasies were about a true DD relationship. I think that is why I became so infatuated with Cassie and Tom. I see in there relationship so much of what I fantasized about – a man who adores his wife and regularly spanks her for both fun and for discipline. I still love reading every word she writes but I am at a point in my life where I also realize that that kind of life would probably drive me absolute nut!

As much as that still speaks to my long held fantasy and I get thrill chills whenever I read a good a discipline story, it is just never going to be Nick and me. And that’s okay. I spent a long time when we first began wondering when Nick was gone to start with discipline, punishing when necessary, making me tow the line. But I am finally realizing that that is not going to happen.

The main reason for this is that I don’t do anything to be punished for. Now as the laughter dies I will explain myself. I am positive that I bug Nick daily but honestly nothing big. I have never screamed or yelled at him, told him to F off or generally turned into a bitch. When I get mad or hurt I turn inward and get quiet. We agree on most things – the kids, money, you know – the big things. And the little stuff, well that is the way he sees it, little stuff. If the bathroom needs cleaning then he would be more likely to clean it himself than spank me for not doing it.

It annoys him when I don’t put away my laundry or let my car pile up with junk – trash or things I should bring in and put away. I tend to leave my socks where ever I take them off, I stay up too late, I don’t always take my vitamins, I forget my phone at home and call him to bring it to me, I lose my keys – stop me anytime now. All these things, and probably many more, bug Nick but things like this are just not big deals to him. Sometimes they may come up during a spanking but he is not one to consistently say “You are going to get spanked for this or that”.

I am good with this now. I like the way our lives are going. Before we lived this way if he did fuss about some of my faults I felt angry and defensive. Now I just grin at him and ask “Well what are you going to do about it?” If nothing else I usually get a pretty good threat out of it! And I love the idea of a good threat. This is what I told Nick in my last assignment.

Actually my brain works quite well with threats – well not threats exactly. Like with the weight thing. It would help me if you occasionally emailed me. Nothing is hotter for me than you being in charge! If you emailed “I’m going to spank you because you blew off the gym and snacked too much.” or if you emailed and said “I am not going to spank you because I think you have been working hard and I didn’t see this as a significant gain.” It wouldn’t matter which way you went because I would feel like I can relax and know you decided. This would keep me from wondering ‘is he just going to blow it off… has he forgotten…is he waiting until we have some more time...’ That kind of wondering makes me question everything. By letting me know you thought about it and you are deciding how it is going to be handled – I’m fine!

You know this would work for other things too. You and I both know I am not likely to do anything so bad or drastic that you are going to ‘punish’ me. I don’t think I do a lot to make you mad. I know I do annoy you with a few of my bad habits. But if they do start to bug you, you can send me an email saying what you are going to do about it. Granted you have a 50-50 chance here. Yes, I often like ‘what’s coming to me’ but also after I am spanked for something specific, I am more likely to do better – for a while anyway. This does put a burden on to follow through on what you say you are going to do, but maybe you could think about it? This might work for both of us.

As much as I love spanking anytime I get in the right head space quicker if I feel that there is a ‘reason’ for the spanking even if it is not a terribly serious one.

Anyway all this rambling is really to say that I am enjoying our adventure very much. I am happy with where we are and I am looking forward to continuing our journey and seeing where it takes us. You never know he might decide to make a few rule and hold my feet (or butt) to the fire. I am opened to new ideas and turns and twists. I am really enjoying our life!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Where to begin?

This is a special post for me and I am hoping that someone out here can help me. I have a really good friend here in my real life. She taught me how to be a teacher, and how to be a mother. I sometimes wonder how I would have survived Mollie in her younger day with out my friend. She would often tell me to pick my battles – Mollie had to wear shoes to school, she did have to go with combed hair! With her help I think I gradually became a reasonably good mother.

She is the ultimate mother. She mothered her children, she mothers her 3, soon to be 4, grandchildren, she mothers me, she mothered her co-workers and she mothered every student she ever came in contact with.

We have had a million conversations and I really don’t think that there are many topic we haven’t covered, aging parents, gay right, education reform, murdering husbands, forgiving husbands, car repairs, interracial dating, fashion, abortion, adoptions, drugs, wedding planning, good restaurants, weight, health – can you say everything! I really didn’t think that there was one thing I did not know about her. There was.

She took me out to eat for my birthday a couple of months ago and told me that there was something I didn’t know about her that she wanted to tell me. What she told me was a total surprise. She told me that when she was in college she got pregnant. As soon as she said it I wanted her to stop. Knowing everything I know about her I did not want to hear it. I could not hear how this wonderful, loving mother had been forced through circumstance to face an abortion.

But I just sat quietly as she continued. I was even more surprised by what came next. She did not have an abortion; she has another child, a daughter.

Abortion was not legal at that time. She went to a home for unwed mothers and the child was given up for adoption. This was not my friend’s choice, she felt she had no choice, and it was just done.

What now? My friend would like to know if this daughter is all right. She would like to give her a chance to meet her birth mother if that is what her daughter wants. She would like to give her family history. She wants to give her information and friendship, she does not want to intrude on anyone’s life. But she is looking for a starting place. I told her I would ask you guys. Bless her heart she can’t even manage to do email on her own so I said I would help her get started. She doesn’t have a great deal of information but we need some web sites where adoptive parents and child can be united. I would love to help her get started on this and I will keep you informed if anything comes of it.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

FF - Alimony -- the reval

I knew everyone would love FF this week! We have such great writers our here. The big question is which of our great writers wrote this one. I love to watch the voting each week. Anonymous got off to an early lead. Then Cassie started coming on strong. C.C and Tiggr were never far behind and then they pulled ahead of Cassie.

The author – Anonymous! I don’t know a great deal about the author except she is a fantastic writer and that she is quite happy as a lurker. I am always amazed to learn that such wonderful talented people are coming to read my site. I give her a big thanks for sharing her talent and participating in Fantasy Friday.

So everyone out here reading please know that by being here you are a part of us whether you leave a comment or not. I know most of you coming here are spanko, whether you have shared this with anyone or not. If you are and have no one to talk things over with, well this is why many of us blog – to have a chance to talk with other people who understand welcome the discussion. I welcome stories, comments, question, discussions, and friendships. That’s why we are all here. elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Saturday, March 08, 2008

An attitude adjustment

If you haven't checked out Fantasy Friday this week click here! The story is great and the voting close so give it your best guess!

I was very discouraged about the diet this past week. I worked my butt off, ate very little and lost very little! I was up almost 3 pounds on Monday and I was so disgusted I just didn’t go to the gym on Tuesday.I just decided to veg out. I didn’t really over eat but I lost focus completely and I didn’t really care.

Nick decided we needed to have a talk about the situation so when I got back from the gym on Wednesday and headed toward my recliner and computer he took my arm and lead me to the bedroom. He told me I had to change my attitude and quit being so discouraged by a few ounces on way or another and to look at the big picture of what I had lost over all. He told me, as he often does, that he is very proud and he doesn't like it when I get down over small gains.

He was warming me up a bit with the paddle ball paddle over my clothes but he soon want wanted them off. He continued with the little wooden paddle and then switched to something else. I wasn’t sure what it was so I looked back to see. It was one of my old favorite, the leather paddle. So I said, “Oh I see, I guess it’s been so long I forgot what we had.”

WHAP! OWWWWWW… I had forgotten the cardinal rule of spanking. Save the smart ass comment until after the spanking!!

“Mouthy? You want to get mouthy now?” he laughed. “In that case I think we need to bring out the tawse.” Not one of my favorites!! Paul you could have mentioned that these darn things HURT before I ordered one! But then he switched to the belt - much better!! And soon after that, even more fun thing!

But I'm wondering something, am I the only one who often thinks at the height of a spanking that maybe all this wasn’t such a good idea after all? Am I the only one who thinks “This HURTS he needs to stop now?” Am I the only one who within seconds after he stops thinks “It’s not over is it?!?” LOL! I even confuse myself – poor Nick!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Alimony

I have loved every Fantasy Friday story I have ever had the privilege to post but this one… oh my! Well you will see what I mean when you read. It’s great, so find a time when you don’t have to rush through it. This one needs to be savored. And please, please vote. I really want to know your guess.


Jane watched her soon to be ex-husband sign the final documents. She had argued long and hard for those concessions. Her attorney felt she was pushing too hard, but she knew she deserved every bit of it. In fact, that was the deciding point, when she argued that David had taught her to appreciate, in fact to require, certain things from life. David looked at Jane, smiled and nodded, and directed his attorney to draw up the papers, “give her exactly what she wants” he said, and walked out. The only changes he had made were for the alimony to be paid weekly, rather than monthly. Jane had no problem with that, as long as he paid, and paid dearly, she didn’t care how the checks were divided.

Their marriage had lasted a little over two years. She helped put him through law school, had relocated with him for a good position with a major firm. All of their early dreams came true and their marriage died in the aftermath of getting what they wanted. He was pulling down a six figure income and working 70 hours a week. She was lost in a series of dead end jobs that lost their meaning once he graduated.

But all that was about to change. Filing for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, plain old indifference, really, she was about to embark on an exciting new career. His alimony would support her while she wrote her book. Several books, actually, she made sure there would be enough to get through the first few years, until she had a best seller and her name was a household word.

The book was all planned. The title was “Alimony”. It was the story of a coffee house waitress that married a poor, pre-law student and supported him all the way to the top of his profession. Right up to the point where he dumped her. Of course, that’s not how it really happened. Jane had packed David’s clothes and asked him to leave in a very civilized manner. But she had to change some things to make it a better story, it was called poetic license. Just the fact that the poor, uneducated waitress won over the rich attorney would sell the book to millions of women who dreamed of a stress-free lifestyle, supported by a generous alimony payment.

There were a few details she had decided to leave out. The spanking, for example. David started spanking her before they were even married, mostly over minor things, like bounced checks and forgotten payments. He said she needed that kind of “guidance” to stay on track. After he finished school he was too busy to pay that much attention. His secretary paid the bills and managed the bank accounts. Jane rarely saw him, he left for work before she got up and most nights stayed late. He said it was necessary if he wanted to make partner in under five years. By the time Sunday rolled around, his one day off, he was exhausted and grumpy, and never wanted to do anything fun. Weeks would go by without making love, she couldn’t even get him to fight with her, it was hopeless.

Now she was free to make a life at her own pace. No more wondering when he was coming home. She had peace and quiet, and enough money to live very comfortably while she wrote.

No sense being in a rush. All dressed up for the divorce meeting and no schedule to keep, might as well treat herself to a nice lunch.

Jane was settled into a booth at her favorite restaurant, sipping a margarita and scribbling notes for her book on a cocktail napkin when a familiar voice sounded next to her ear.

“Mind if I join you?”

David looked handsome as ever, his dark hair cut short and his pinstripe suit crisp and tailored. The young executive look suited him, but Jane preferred him in jeans with his hair tousled, the just finished making love to my wife look.

She realized she was staring into his eyes, remembering how soft they were when he would slide inside her. Jane blushed and offered him a seat. It was silly not to, their marriage died of neglect, not anger. David motioned to her nearly empty glass and offered a refill, more to cover her confusion than anything, she nodded.

Two hours later, pleasantly drunk and laughing together they called cabs and headed home. David promised to deliver her first alimony check Sunday morning. He escorted her to the cab, paid her fare and sent her off with a reminder to get some writing done.

Jane went into her empty house and noticed for the first time how different it is when you know no one is coming. It had been a pleasant afternoon, like the way it had been when David still had time for her. Suddenly, four drinks and an empty house combined, Jane crawled into bed, scared and confused. Missing her husband was definitely not in the script.

Jane spent all day Friday in bed. It wasn’t depression, exactly, more a sadness at what could have been. Saturday she cleaned the house, top to bottom. She just couldn’t write in a messy room. Sunday she got up early, David was coming and she didn’t want him to think she was pining away. She baked his favorite cinnamon rolls, not for him, but so he would know what he would be missing. She did her hair, spent hours trying on clothes, and finally settled on a sapphire blue silk dress that David had picked out years ago. He always said it brought out the deep blue of her eyes and went well with her creamy skin tone. She had always liked the feel of silk sliding over her bare skin like a caress. It was a little formal for Sunday brunch but she got out her heels, might as well go all the way and her legs looked great in the short dress. If he asked, she could always say she was going out later. It would serve him right if she said she had a date.

David arrived promptly at 11:00 wearing old, faded jeans and his favorite fraternity sweatshirt. Jane felt fussy in the dress and high heels but couldn’t change, no need for him to think it was for his benefit.

“Wow, you look fantastic. Hey, is that cinnamon rolls I smell?”

He headed straight for the kitchen and helped himself, mumbling appreciatively as he made short work of several. She served coffee and he settled in, telling her about his week at work. It was like old times. Jane couldn’t help being somewhat resentful, why couldn’t he have spent time with her when it counted? As if reading her mind, he took her hand and pulled her closer.

“Jane, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I realize this divorce is mostly my fault. I was so busy with my career I forgot to pay attention to you, and to us. I am sorry for the hurt I have caused you and I want you to know I intend to make it up to you.”

Jane leaned forward; certain he would take her in his arms, kiss her and tell her they had made a terrible mistake. He handed her an envelope.

“Here is your alimony payment. I don’t intend to make the same mistake in our divorce that I did in our marriage. I promise I will follow our agreement to the letter, you can count on me to provide you with all of the things you came to need while we were married.”

Jane leaned back, uncertain whether to thank him or slap him. How dare he make her think he would kiss her?

David smiled and casually asked how her writing was going.

“Oh well, you know how it is. The creative process can’t be forced.”

He looked hard into her eyes.

“Do you mean to tell me that in three days you have not written one, single word?”

“Well, not exactly, I have been sorting ideas and working on other things.” She said uncertainly.

“That is just what I was afraid of. You have always been a procrastinator, never do today what can be put off until tomorrow. I meant what I said, Jane, I may have failed you before but I mean to see to it that you fulfill your dream. What you need is some old fashioned motivation and I intend to provide it.”

Jane was beginning to see just where this was going, she started scooting down the couch, but he was too fast for her.

“Oh no you don’t. You have this coming and you know it. Now get into the bedroom and take that dress off, I will be right in to give you your punishment.”

His tone of voice was the one she had always dreaded, it meant there was no going back, it was too late to make it right. Out of habit she stood and started toward the bedroom, no need in making the punishment worse by arguing.

“Wait a minute, you are not my husband anymore. You have no right to order me around in my house.”

She stood defiantly, glaring at him.

“GO TO YOUR ROOM! If I have to tell you again I’ll use my belt!”

Something in her just snapped when he used that voice, she was a little girl again, and she was in big trouble. Jane ran to the bedroom.

David gave her a few minutes to think about what was coming, then followed. She sat on the edge of the bed looking miserable and scared.

“Young lady, I told you to take that dress off, didn’t I?”

“Yes, sir.” She mumbled through a curtain of hair.

“Then get it off, right now!”

Jane slowly unzipped the dress, embarrassed for him to know that she was wearing only a tiny pair of bikini panties underneath. She stepped out of the dress and stood awkwardly clutching it to her chest. David seated himself on the bed and motioned her to his side.

“Come here and tell me why you deserve to be spanked.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll do better this week, you don’t have to spank me, I’ll be good.”

“Did you have a chance to be good already?”

Jane nodded her head.

“Did you do your work?”

“No.” She whispered softly.

“So tell me why you deserve to be spanked?”

“Because I didn’t do my work.”

“That’s right, you didn’t even start it, and this is important work, isn’t it Jane?”

“I guess so.”

“Since it is such important work and you didn’t even start it I think you had better get the hairbrush and bring it here.”

“NO, not the hairbrush, I’ll be good, honest...”

“Jane! Do you want me to use my belt? No, I didn’t think so. Go get the hairbrush.”

Jane shuffled to the dresser and took out the hated hairbrush. David’s spankings were for punishment, they were real and they hurt, but the hairbrush was the worst. Its heavy back made her scream and howl and left her tender and sore for days. Even the belt was better than the hairbrush, but he never used the belt alone, instead, he just added it to her punishment, so she got it on top of the blisters from the brush.

David took the hairbrush and laid it aside. Scolding over her laziness, he positioned her across his lap with her legs securely trapped beneath one of his. Sliding her panties down to her knees David took his time, making sure she knew exactly what her punishment was to be and why she had earned it. He knew she hated the vulnerability of this position, hated waiting for it to begin, and especially hated his scolding her like a small child. David never mixed the two aspects of her punishments. He would scold her until he felt she was ready, then spank until the lesson was learned.

Without warning his hand crashed down with a loud crack causing her to jump. Even though she knew it was coming the first one always took her by surprise.

David spanked as methodically as he scolded. Aiming several smacks to an area before moving on, slowly covering her entire bottom with angry red hand prints until they faded together into a bright crimson and she began crying in earnest.

Jane never talked or begged during her spankings, just cried harder and harder. When he stopped and picked up the hairbrush she held her breath bracing for the first stroke. To her surprise, he started talking.

“Jane, I know I have neglected you for months. I am very sorry that I hurt you. If you wish to go ahead with the divorce I will understand. However, as long as I am making alimony payments I will make sure that you are also getting the guidance and the discipline you require. I will not let you down in this, I promise. Now, tell me why you are being punished today.”

“Be, because I was lazy.”

“That’s right, and what will happen if you are lazy and do no do your work next week?”

“You’re gonna spank me again.”

“That’s right.”


Without warning the hairbrush crashed against her sore bottom over and over. Jane screamed and wiggled but she was firmly trapped between David’s legs and he continued to deliver hard swats turning her whole backside a deep, dark red. Jane was bucking and heaving, thrashing wildly from side to side as the hairbrush tortured her tender flesh with its horrible burning. Reduced to sobbing and struggling for air as the impact of the brush came harder and harder with each stroke, Jane didn’t even realize when the punishment stopped.

“You get in the corner and think about why you were punished until I come back. No rubbing or I’ll use the belt.”

Jane hurried to the corner, just dying to rub her aching butt. She wasn’t going to risk further strokes, she couldn’t take anymore. David believed in serious punishment spankings, he always made sure there would be a lasting memory and a sore bottom to remind her for days.

She could hear him in the kitchen mixing a drink, then silence. Always before he would leave her in the corner for awhile, then come and hold her, telling her how much he loved her and that all was forgiven. Now that they were almost divorced she didn’t know what to expect.

David watched from the doorway, his heart breaking at losing this beautiful woman. He was determined to give her as much attention as she needed, and to keep giving it to her until she called off this ridiculous divorce. Now that the punishment was over he was unsure how to proceed. He desperately wanted to hold her in his arms until the crying was over then make tender love to her. It was one thing to punish her; he knew he could not push her into sex.

Without a word he led Jane to the bed, gave her his handkerchief and a drink of tea, then laid her down and gently began massaging cool lotion onto her hot bottom.

He had always felt she was most beautiful after a punishment, her long brown hair in wild disarray and her dark blue eyes bright with tears. Carefully sliding his hand over the red, swollen flesh he was tempted to slide lower, knowing she would be wet and ready for him. All instincts raged to take her now, prove that they were meant to be together. He leaned down, taking a deep breath, and gently kissed her shoulder.

“Time for me to be going. I will be here next Sunday with your check. Make sure you have some work ready to show me.”

She couldn’t believe he just left! How dare he treat her this way? Leaving her sore and aching for him. That was just like him, plenty of time to punish her, but no time for making love. She spent the rest of the day angry, and sore, and confused. How could she be so angry and so needy for him at the same time?

The week flew by. So much to adjust to, living alone. Her schedule had always revolved around his. With him gone and no job to go to it was hard to get motivated. Monday and Tuesday were spent at home in a long tee-shirt with no underwear, waiting for the soreness to fade. Wednesday it was such a relief to be able to get dressed she went out to lunch with a girlfriend. Thursday and Friday she made attempts at writing, sitting at her new computer for almost an hour each day, but not one word made sense. Now it was Saturday and the house was getting messy and she needed a few things from the store.

Sunday morning Jane was up early. She tried to write but couldn’t stop thinking about how upset David would be when he got there. Better to fix a nice lunch, she could think about her story while she worked and then type it in before he arrived.

Jane was typing the title page for the third time when the doorbell rang.

“Hi. How are you?” He gave her a quick, very civilized peck on the cheek.

“Oh, is it time for your visit already? I was so busy on the computer I guess the time just got away from me.”

“Great, show me what you have finished.” He headed for the office.

“No, I’d really rather wait until this chapter is finished. I have some small details to work out before I let anyone see it.” Jane felt rather proud of her excuse.

“That’s okay, I don’t expect a finished novel. Besides, I minored in journalism, maybe I can give you some suggestions.”

He pulled up the file menu. “There must be some mistake, there are seven files here and all of them are title pages, not one word of text.”

“Oh well, I just, I mean, well, you see I don’t write it on the computer. It is, well, silly of me, but I write it in my head first.” There. He couldn’t very well check inside her head.

“No problem. I’ll type while you dictate. Just start telling me what you have so far, we can clean it up later.”

He plopped down, in her chair, waiting expectantly.

“David, I would prefer to do this myself. I appreciate your help, and....”


It was the voice again. Jane couldn’t look at him as she nodded, knowing he would be furious.

“What did I say about getting your work done last week?”

“That it was important.” She was reduced to her naughty, little girl behavior, talking softly and hanging her head, unable to meet his eye.

“I must not have made much of an impression last week. I will have to talk harder and longer to your bottom this time to make sure you don’t forget again.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t forget, honest, I’ve been busy and I really am working on it in my head. Please don’t punish me, I’ll do better next week.”

“I told you before, I intend to help you with all of the things you need. This is important. Now go to the bedroom and get ready. No arguments.”

Jane shuffled to the bedroom, she knew it was her own fault, she had all week to get her work done and hadn’t even started. She also knew that a small secret part of her wanted and needed him to punish her.

“I’m glad to see you are following instructions today since you have already earned the belt by lying about how much you have done this week.”

Just the thought of the belt had Jane crying all through his scolding. She liked the feel of his hand warming her bottom even though it hurt. There was something so safe about being over his lap, knowing he cared enough to correct her.

All too soon he switched to the hairbrush. Howling and sobbing, Jane writhed across his knees. There was no thinking when that hated brush was pounding her swollen bottom. It went on and on. David was making sure that this lesson stayed with her a long time. Her backside was deep crimson, almost blue in spots, and still he kept swinging. She screeched and blubbered as he worked the brush back and forth on the tender juncture at the top of her thighs.

Finally satisfied that she had had enough, he stood and led her to the armchair. Bending her over the back of the chair he took off his belt and doubled it, careful to keep the buckle in his hand.

The chair was just tall enough to keep Jane’s legs stretched and her bottom high and completely exposed. He stood for a moment, admiring the view. Her ass was twitching from the severe paddling but he could see her sex, open and moist. He knew he could not walk away this time, he wanted her so badly he ached.

The belt swished through the air, landing with a meaty whack that produced a shriek and violent kicking. Balanced on the chair, legs scissoring madly, Jane’s bottom endured ten full swings of the belt.

Gathering her into his arms, he carried her to the bed, soothing her with soft words and gentle caresses. After the ritual of hankie and lotion, he held her until her sobs died down. Without a word he pulled her to her knees and entered her fast and hard.

In moments she was wracked with the spasms of her climax. The site of her quivering combined with the heat of her welted ass proved too much. Driving deep inside her he exploded with pent up need.

Lying together afterward, Jane snuggled against his chest, she was exhausted but content. It was lovely having him home again.

David hated to leave her but he knew the time was not right yet. Slipping the covers over her, he kissed her cheek, reminded her to get some writing done, and left.

By Wednesday Jane had gotten over her anger at him leaving again and was ready to face the fact that she wanted her husband back. It wouldn’t be easy, but, she was certain it could be done.

Waiting in line at the grocery store, Saturday, Jane overheard two women talking about their ex-husbands, late child-support and alimony payments. Jane had to laugh to herself. How eager would they be for their checks if they were delivered like hers were? Here it was, Saturday afternoon, and she had not written one single word.

David thought he was helping her to realize her goals, he just didn’t know he had become one of them.


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