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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Things are piling up… thank goodness

I have not dropped off the face of the earth, I’m just in a different mode. With Mollie here I definitely switch from PK – sexy wife in search of spankings, into mommy mode. I love being a mom and I love having her here, it’s just different.  Also we’ve all been flirting with getting sick. Several of the extended family have the flu and bronchitis and I feel fortunate that we aren't feeling that bad, but we’re not feeling our best.

We also haven’t officially had Christmas yet. The boys are coming in on the sixth of January and we’ll have ‘Christmas’ on the seventh. Nick, Mollie and I each opened one gift from one another on Christmas morning and Mollie gave me exactly what I’d ask for. She has begun drawing on her ipad and she is really good!  She went to Snapfish to create me a book of her drawings. I think they are fantastic! I’ll share some soon. We did get to see my sister and her family. She also had a fantastic gift for me, which will soon be hanging on the wall of my writing room. How do you like it?

Spanking has not been forgotten in our house. Nick says they are piling up. We haven’t even gotten to do my birthday spanking yet, then he tell me we’ll have to get caught up on our Fridays and ummm… maybe I have smarted off a few time when I knew I could get away with it. Anyway every now and then Nick will make a gesture of things stacking up. When the kids are here and gone and we’re all well again I may have more to write about than I want to.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Special Delivery, part one

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and are still enjoying the holiday season. Santa hasn't made it here yet - he's waiting until the boys can join us in January. But my sister and family came for Christmas dinner and that was fun, especially since Mollie cooked!

I'm starting a great story today, another one from Annie. However the first time I posted it I threatened not to post  the last two parts until I got some new stories. Hmmm… a thought, but while I think about it please enjoy...

Chapter one

Lost in her book, Jane didn’t hear the delivery truck pull up. In fact, she was so engrossed in the latest romance novel; she didn’t hear the driver enter the store.

Ray cleared his throat and had the satisfaction of seeing her jump to her feet, the dreamy expression replaced by a deep blush, followed by a frown.

“Oh, it’s just you. You startled me, I didn’t hear the door. I’m afraid you’ll have to come back, I have several packages to go out, but they aren’t ready.”

At first glance, Ray was surprised to see how young, and attractive she was. He had heard all about her from the last driver on this route. How she was never ready, always expected them to make several stops, sometimes even wait while she got several orders ready to ship. Jimmy talked about what a pain she was, made her sound like some old lady. Nothing like the cute young lady who was already back to her reading as if he wasn’t standing there.

“Miss, I will be handling your route from now on. My name is Ray and I will be happy to arrange a special pick up for you, but regular stops are made once a day. Your packages can be scheduled for overnight, or go out at the regular pick up in the morning. Which would you prefer?”

“Oh, just stop back, I’ll have them ready later.”

“I may not have been clear, we pick up once a day, and if you are not ready then you can wait until tomorrow.”

Before she could reply, Ray walked out of the shop, got into his truck and pulled off. Jane shook her head; he’d soon learn that she always got a pick up at the end of the day. The old driver had complained but in the end he gave in and stopped each day at closing. Sighing at the interruption, Jane was soon lost in her book as the lucky heroine fell into the passionate embrace of a handsome gunslinger from the old West.

Hours later, as the gunslinger/wealthy rancher rode off into the sunset with the beautiful heiress, Jane was shocked to realize that she had spent the entire day reading. The orders were waiting to be packed, she hadn’t even checked the fax or email for today, and it was closing time. Throwing the orders into boxes she called for pickup, only to be told the driver was gone for the day and would be at her location tomorrow morning. Unable to persuade them to send someone out, she had to be content with lodging a complaint against the new driver.

Jane was late opening the shop the next day. Another late night at the computer trying to recreate a years worth of documentation for the accountant, the process slowed by the fact it was “Love Story” week on cable.

As she struggled to unlock the door, balancing her coffee, an oversize bag of books and her purse, she caught sight of a sticker on the door. The damn deliveryman had already been here. Cursing him, she ripped the notice off of the door, spilled coffee into the book bag and soaked two brand new romance novels she’d been planning to read today.

Throwing everything into a sodden heap behind the counter, Jane started her day with a good, old-fashioned temper tantrum. All the more satisfying as it was conducted over the telephone while complaining about the delivery driver. Demanding that he be replaced with someone competent seemed reasonable. Doing it at the top of her lungs may have been questionable. Insisting he pay for her dry cleaning and replace her books was too much to hope for, but certainly made her feel better.

Filled with the adrenaline rush of confrontation, Jane logged onto the computer, answered the business email and completed most of the days work in under an hour. Nothing left to do until the next set of documents was delivered, she decided to go shopping. She could replace the ruined books and treat herself to lunch.

Being self-employed had its advantages. Jane enjoyed her lunch, and then decided to splurge with a glass of wine while she eagerly opened a new romance by one of her favorite writers. Two quiet hours later she roused herself with a start. Lost in her book, it took a moment for the voice to register.

“I said, are your orders ready for pick up? I have been by your store twice for the special stop you scheduled; now I find you here, drinking in the middle of the day. No wonder you’re so difficult.”

She looked up into dark blue eyes, framed with the kind of long, black lashes most women would kill for. Eyes exactly like the ones the hero of her current story possessed. Jane smiled, a slow, lazy smile, full of promise. Then his words penetrated the fog.

“How dare you follow me?” she demanded. “I will have orders to go out this afternoon. Don’t be late.”

She gathered her book and stomped out of the restaurant without a backward glance. Ray stared after her, that had to be the prettiest stupid woman he had seen in a long while. She changed speeds like lightening. First the slow smile that sent electric currents right through him, the kind of smile you hope for after a long and sweaty romp in the hay. Then that ice water voice. He started after her, and then stopped. She already thought he was following her, getting arrested for stalking his customers was no way to build a business. He sat down in the booth she had vacated, thinking a cup of coffee and a few minutes to calm down were in order. It would have worked better if he hadn’t gotten stuck with the check she had walked out on.

Jane’s anger carried her back to the shop, got the orders packed, the email answered and a quick research job done and ready for delivery. In between she made several calls to the delivery company, demanding to speak with the owner, who was conveniently out of the office each time.

Ray let the door slam behind him as he stalked into the cluttered shop ready for a confrontation. Jane waved airily, her nose buried in another book, indicating she would be with him in a minute. That was the last straw.

Reaching over the counter, he snatched the book from her hands and threw it across the room.

“You’ve been leaving messages for me every fifteen minutes. What is so all-fired important?” he growled.

The shock on her face was priceless. Then she seemed to swell up, mad as a wet cat, and looking twice as mean.

“I have not been calling you, I am waiting to speak to your boss about your incompetence. Now, you can add assault to the list of reasons why you will be fired. I am a valuable customer, I will not put up with your rudeness, and neither will your boss when I get finished.”

Ray stared at the irate woman, her eyes flashing, voice dripping venom, chest heaving in righteous indignation, and burst out laughing.

“I AM ‘my boss’, lady. I own this damn company. The only reason I’m driving this route is none of my drivers want to deal with you. As for getting me fired, if I didn’t own this mess I’d be refusing to drive your route, too.”

Wiping his eyes, he stopped laughing. Maybe she had the answer after all.

“What I want is to speak to YOUR boss. Does he know that all you do is read trashy romance novels and drink on the clock? Probably not. Maybe you’re the one that needs to be worried about getting fired. In the meantime, you can explain to him why we won’t be handling your deliveries any more. Tell him Ray said you weren’t worth the trouble.”

He was almost out the door when she called out. Turning he couldn’t help feeling sorry for her, she looked so frightened.

“Look, all you have to do is just pick up at the end of the day like you always have. Send another driver so you don’t have to deal with me. But you can’t cancel on me; you’re the only company in town that offers enough insurance for my documents. I can’t just throw this stuff in the mail, there has to be a chain of possession.”

“Do you realize that we guarantee our delivery based on the scheduled pick up? Every time you ask us to come back later it puts my company, and my integrity on the line? And even if you don’t care, I am sure your boss does, or maybe not, if he’s willing to let someone as careless as you handle these precious ‘documents’. You’re lucky you don’t work for me. I’d turn you across my knee for being such a spoiled brat. Something your daddy should have done.”

The whole time he was yelling she was vibrating with anger but the mention of her father took the wind out of her sails. She collapsed into a sobbing heap, wailing like a lost child. He was fine as long as she was spitting like a wild cat, but tears from a woman, especially a beautiful woman, always laid him low. Cursing under his breath he rounded the counter and gathered her into his arms.

“This isn’t worth crying over. I’m sorry if I scared you. We can work this out, just stop crying and tell me what the problem is.”

She clung to his neck, sobbing as if her heart were broken. Before he knew it, Ray was seated in the old chair, Jane cuddled on his lap, still sobbing as he rocked her gently and stroked her back. When she turned her heart shaped face up to him, eyes glittering with tears, he didn’t stop to think. He kissed her tears away, shushing her with his lips until he met her mouth and fell headlong into a dark, wet tunnel of desire that met his tongue thrust for thrust. The kiss went on until Ray was dizzy with the passion of her mouth and hungry for more.

Realizing she was moaning into his mouth Ray discovered he was grinding himself against a woman, whose name he didn’t even know, and that her hands were tangled in his hair as he slid her back and forth across the bulge in his pants. Easing her off of his lap he struggled for control. His whole body was screaming to take her right there.

Jane was consumed by the storybook passion, lost in his mouth and the way their bodies fit together. When he pushed her off of his lap she was shocked to realize that the lover she had been melting into was the rude deliveryman. Without thinking all of her pain and frustration combined with his rejection and she slapped him across the face with a crack that reverberated around the room.

Ray’s response was as automatic as hers. Jane found herself face down over a lap as hard as granite, skirt over her head, panties around her knees and a calloused hand crashing down on her exposed bottom.

“You cretin! I’ll have you arrested, I’ll sue. This is assault. Help. Police.”

She continued screaming, obscenities following the threats, promises to be good fading into flat out bawling. Ray put every complaint, every delay, every minute of overtime and every penny of her lunch into her bottom until it glowed red and hot. The sound of his hand smacking fast and furious almost drowning out the noise of her sobs, he finished up with a volley of extra hard swats, pulled her panties up over her swollen behind, and swung her to her feet. She hopped around, doing the same little dance his sisters did when he spanked them, and looking every bit as cute.

He pulled a handkerchief out of his back pocket and matter-of-factly wiped her face and nose.

“Do you live near here?” he asked, trying to figure out what to do next.

Still snuffling, Jane nodded, but kept her eyes on the floor.

“Where, exactly, do you live?” he tilted her face up so he could see her eyes. Even red and swollen, she had the most magnificent brown eyes. Dark, flecked with gold and green, framed with long lashes dripping with tears.

“I live upstairs.”

He had to strain to hear the whisper. Nodding, he grabbed the phone. He made arrangements for someone to pick up his truck and finish the route, and then called a neighbor to check on his sisters. They were old enough to get their own dinner, and old enough to need some supervision. He had a feeling it would take a while to straighten out the mess he had made.

Taking in the dazed look on her face, he locked the front door, turned the sign over to closed and led her to the back of the shop. Jane was so confused she didn’t even protest when he followed her upstairs to her apartment. He deposited her on the big, over stuffed sofa and soon returned with two glasses of iced tea.

“Let’s start over. I’m Ray Bishop, I own the delivery service you use, pleased to make your acquaintance.”

She stared at him as if he was crazy, then looked wildly around, unsure how she had gotten there, more unsure what he was doing in her living room.

“Now you, introduce yourself to me.”

She couldn’t believe this was the same man who had beaten her just moments ago. He acted as if nothing had happened. In fact his voice was low and coaxing, like it mattered to him who she was. She was a little frightened, what if he decided to throw her over his lap again? A little voice inside asked what if he didn’t. She was sitting in her own living room with a man who had just spanked her and she was sore and tired and more aroused than she had ever been.

“What is your name?” He repeated, sounding exasperated.


“Just Jane? No last name?”

“Jane Marshall.”

“Since it says Marshall’s over the door downstairs, can I assume you are the owner?”

“It was my father’s business. I worked with him until, until…”

She dissolved into tears again and folded up on the couch like a small child.

Ray swallowed the curse on the tip of his tongue and gathered her onto his lap again, silently vowing to control himself this time. She cried as if the world was ending, soaking the front of his shirt and turning the white silk of her own nearly transparent. The tightening in his groin was only the beginning as she buried her face in his neck and settled her full weight onto his throbbing erection.

Easing her into a less distracting position, Ray dried her tears and murmured soothing words until she raised her face to his and whispered thank you against his lips. He was lost. His mouth covered hers and soon they were straining together. His big hand slipped under her skirt, cupping the the warmth of her bottom and bringing to mind the sight of her across his lap, cheeks red and bouncing with each smack. Turning her without losing contact with her mouth his hand slid between her legs and into a wet and raging furnace.

Fingers moving in rhythm with his tongue she was soon moaning into his mouth and fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. Like magic their clothes melted away and he felt her skin against his. Picking her up with one hand, the other still buried inside her, he fumbled his way to a hallway that finally led to a bed.  It had been almost a year since he had felt a woman’s touch, he wanted it to last.

Ray eased her down onto the bed and nuzzled her neck, trailing hot, wet kisses down to the puckered nipples just begging for attention. Jane arched her back, offering herself to him fully, lost in the sensation of his mouth suckling her tender breasts. Moaning, she tried to pull his mouth back to her breast as he dipped lower. Burying his face in her wetness he swirled his tongue around the hard nub until she was screaming with need. One hand cupping her bottom he drove his fingers deep inside her as his tongue flicked against her clit until she exploded, her pleasure pulsing around his finger and sending shock waves through his straining cock.

Mindful of how much he wanted her, Ray held her in his arms until she stopped shuddering, giving himself a chance to slow down. Pressing her into the bed he covered her tiny body with his length, easing her legs apart he stopped. Poised at her entrance, the heat of her driving him wild, he needed to know she wanted him.

“Tell me what you want.”

She whimpered with need, body straining against him. He held firm, teasing her with his hardness.

“Tell me.”

“I want you, please, don’t make me beg.”

He slid into her heat, all restraint gone as they found themselves locked into the timeless dance of lovers. His tongue and his cock matching strokes, sliding deep inside her until her orgasm pushed him over the edge. Buried to the hilt he sent his seed deep inside her.

Jane awakened with a strangers arm around her middle, naked, sticky, sore, and ridiculously satisfied. Just the thought of the things he had done to her caused her cheeks to flush and her belly to tingle. She listened to his breathing, enjoying the sensation of a man’s body pressed against hers. Too bad it would be over soon. Once he woke up it would be that awkward, fumbling for clothes, mumbling about calling ‘sometime’, stage that ruined everything. Right now, it was still like a chapter out of one of her favorite stories. In fact, she was feeling very much the tempestuous beauty mastered by the hard, but tender brute twice her size.

Ray drifted slowly awake to find himself entwined with a woman whose firm bottom was pressed against his crotch. It took only a second to remember how he got there, even less for the silk of her skin to have him straining against her, hot and ready.

Jane felt him stir and steeled herself for the regrets he was sure to have. Before she could ease out of bed his arms tightened around her, pulling her back onto his cock.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He whispered into her ear, beard rasping against her neck, as he slowly rocked inside of her.

If the first time was raw passion, this was soft comfort. One hand between her legs, one teasing a nipple, he eased in and out until she was ready to scream from wanting more.
Ignoring her cries he pulled away from her, deftly flipping her onto her back and placing her legs over his shoulders.

“Open your eyes, I want to see them when I slide inside of you.”

Jane opened her eyes and fell into a pool of blue. His nose touching hers, his tongue darting into her mouth between whispers of how beautiful she was, how much he wanted to feel her pussy around him.  They stared deep into each others eyes as he poised against her opening, then slid deep inside in one powerful stroke.

Moving together for an eternity, building a tide that carried them both away, they kept their eyes wide open until they collapsed in each other’s arms, too spent to move.

Ray finally stirred, knowing it was getting late, but hating to leave. He never would have figured a woman so exasperating would be so perfect, fit him so well.
He woke her slowly, calling her name and stroking her face until she opened her eyes, smiling up at him and stretching like a cat.

“I have to go home, but, I didn’t want to leave without kissing you goodnight.”

Good as his word, he kissed Jane deeply, then eased out of her bed.

“Don’t leave, stay with me tonight. Let me wake up next to you.”

“I wish I could. I have homework to check, bedtimes to oversee, and the girls can’t be left alone all night. I’ll see you tomorrow morning when I pick up here.”

Jane’s heart sank, kids, homework, he didn’t act married. She silently watched him dress, the fantasy over. When he returned for one, last kiss, she turned her head.

“Just go. I don’t want you to pretend.”

“Wait a minute. What’s going on here? Everything was fine, and now you can’t wait to be rid of me.”

“I don’t sleep with married men, at least not knowingly. Go home to your wife and kids.”

Ray started laughing and gathered her into his arms.

“This is what we get for falling into bed without a proper introduction.  I am not married. I have never been married. My little sisters live with me. Our folks died and I have raised them, so they are like my children, I guess. Now that they are teenagers I try to keep a close watch. I remember what teenage boys are like. Now, give me a kiss and I will see you tomorrow. Don’t make any plans for dinner, we’re going out.”

Tucking her into bed and leaving her with a soft kiss, Ray let himself out.


Many thanks to Annie for another story off to a great start, but if you want to read it all you may need to do a little writing on your own. Send any stories you have to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thank you all

I want to thank everyone who comes by here to read. I have good friends in real life. But here in blogland, although we don't usually see one another, I feel like you are true friends. Here I can be myself, I don't need to hide the real me and that means you all are my true friends.

PK, Nick, LJ, Collin, and Mollie

Sunday, December 21, 2014

I nearly had the sh*t scared out of me

The longer I’ve been blogging the less fear I’ve had of being ‘outed’. I’ve been happy to realize this. I mean who really cares  - my kids aren’t interested, most of my friends know I write and what I write about. I’m pushing sixty for pity sake. I should be able to do anything I please. About the only person I would hide my spanko side from is my boss.

But when someone comes after you, when someone tries to blatantly and publically embarrass you, let me tell you it will cause your heart to lurch in your chest. This is exactly what happened to me when I got to school Friday morning and saw this hanging on my doorknob.

Who had put it there? Who all had seen it? I was early, there wasn’t even anyone else in my building. Had it been hanging there all night? Was someone trying to publically embarrass me? How could I face everyone, not knowing who had done it? My friends at school that know about my spanko side would not have done this for a joke I was sure of that. What in the hell was going on?

As I stood staring I heard someone coming up the stairs. I grabbed the belt off the door and was frantically trying to get the door opened and get inside when I saw the substitute teacher come to the head of the stairs smiling at me, commenting, “I see you found it.”

I don’t know if I was blushing or not but the rush of relief that flooded my body was overwhelming. This substitute was none other than my sister-in-law, Nick’s little sister. The day before she had told me that my father-in-law had asked for a new belt and since I'd asked her if she had any more ideas for him she said she was happy to pick it up for me. She had and had kindly left it for me on my door.

This just shows want a true spanko I am. Some people would have just seen a belt, where I saw the most sensual of spanking implements. Okay, it scared the crap outta me – but I don’t care. I’m still proud to be a spanko and to see ordinary objects in the most interesting way.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Fantasy Friday - Two for One

Not only is it Friday - Christmas vacation begins today! That's the best feeling you can have other than the last day of school. I have gotten any new stories for Fantasy Friday so I went way back for this one.  I got this one from my friend CeeCi way back in 2008, so I'm guessing many of you won't have read it. CeeCi is an excellent writer and I do miss her voice out here. I have no doubt you'll enjoy her story…

Two for One

Lana's hands trembled as she eagerly cut the packaging open. Her DVDs had arrived and she could hardly wait to pop one into the player.

On a snowy Sunday afternoon, a couple of weeks before Christmas, she'd found herself home alone and bored out of her skull. Her boyfriend had been out of town all week and wasn't scheduled to return until the following Friday. 'What's a girl to do,' she thought, as she flipped on her computer and began roaming her favorite links.

'December sure is slow,' she mused. Nobody was posting anything she found very interesting. She clicked into a couple of new sites, only to encounter the same sense of flatness. 'Same old, same old,' she complained inwardly. She was still bored, but reluctant to stop surfing.

'What is the name of that site with all the spanking videos?' she wondered. After a few moments of thinking, she remembered. 'Oh yeah, Shadow Lane.' A google minute later, she was there.

The front page caused her to sit up and take notice. They were having a two for one sale! She quickly entered the site.

'Oooo, I really shouldn't be doing this,' she thought. The twinge of guilt didn't stop her from looking at all the wonderful selections and before she knew it, there were four DVDs in her shopping cart.

They'd arrived the same day Jon returned. He was upstairs, sleeping from his long flight and the busy two weeks he'd had away from home. She was certain he'd sleep until she woke him for dinner. Lana decided that watching just one of the movies would be a quiet and harmless way to spend the afternoon.

"A Lover's Discipline" had been her first choice when she shopped that snowy, lonely day. She was intrigued by the promise of anal discipline, combined with masturbatory punishment, hand spanking, paddling, and all the yummy things she dreamed of doing with Jon. Into the player it went.

Lana settled herself onto the couch to enjoy her guilty pleasure. Her warm-ups were cozy, but not enough to ward off the chill of the day. She covered up with a blanket and invited the cat to join her while she watched the story unfold.

'Wow,' she exclaimed as the movie started. 'Those two aren't wasting any time.' She watched as the couple moved through the discipline. She flinched when the spanking started and began experiencing a growing need when the anal discipline ensued. Her hand found its way under the band of her pants until her fingers came to rest against her hard, aching clit. She slid down in her seat a bit to accommodate her wandering fingers. As the action continued she was aware of nothing around her, only her own pleasure and the scene unfolding before her eyes.

"Where did this come from?" asked a masculine voice behind her, close to left ear. Lana shrieked, pulled her hand out of her pants, and sat upright in one swift motion.

"Not so fast," Jon said, taking hold of her right wrist, pulling it up over her head. "Where has that hand been?" He gave her finger tips a quick lick. Lana blushed to her toes.

"Um, I was bored last Sunday and went online," she responded. "Shadow Lane was having a two for one sale, so I ordered some."

"How many is 'some'?" Jon inquired. Sheepishly, Lana admitted that she'd had difficulty stopping at two, ordering four because she couldn't make up her mind or resist such a bargain.

To her relief, Jon chuckled. He walked around the sofa to join her. "Please, start it over," he instructed her.

Once the film began he slid under the blanket. "Hmmm, it's pretty hot under here," he observed. "You're probably too warm with those pants on. I know you'd be a lot more comfortable if you took them off, so, take them off." Lana hesitate a moment too long. "Do you need some help, young lady?" he inquired.

Before Lana could comply or answer, Jon had her across his lap. The blanket had tangled between her flailing legs keeping her from jumping to her feet. Deftly, her pants were pulled to her knees.

"Looky, there," cooed Jon, "Lana, where are your panties?" Lana growled, Jon laughed. "Is my girl horny?" His strong right hand rubbed her bared backside, while his left arm kept her pinned to his lap.

"So, you look at porn while I'm gone. Is there something you need to tell me?"

Lana blushed. "No, I was just bored. Bored and curious. OK, bored, curious, and horny. And hopeful."  She looked over her shoulder at her captor. She watched him raise his right hand high over his head.

"Does this satisfy your curiosity?" he asked as he brought his hard hand down against her naked flesh. Lana yelped. "How about this?" he inquired as he spanked her once again.

The blows rained down faster and faster. Lana bucked and squealed at the relentless onslaught of Jon's firm hand. She could feel her bottom burning and stinging, and then she felt the wetness between her legs and on her cheeks.

"I'm sorry," she wailed. "I was lonely! I was horny! I missed you," she cried out, "and I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry!"

Jon's deluge slowed with her words. Reluctantly, he stopped spanking Lana's flaming orbs. Rubbing them tenderly, he bent over to deliver a gentle kiss to her rosy right cheek.

"It's OK, baby," he assured her. "You don't usually do things like this, and I understand. Two weeks apart was way too long." Lana nodded her agreement, then reached up to dry the tears off her cheeks.

"Can we finish watching the video?" she asked. "It's really pretty good."

"Maybe some other time, Sweetness. I suspect you're wet in more places than just your lovely face. We have lots of lost time to make up for."


Thank you CeeCi! Should the urge to write again please send it on. I know how busy everyone is during this season, but if you find a story floating around in your head - make notes and write it whenever you have a minute. When you finally get it written send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, December 18, 2014

TBT - Early Morning Naked Gymnastics

This is one of my throw back Thursdays - way back nearly eight years ago. It was just a fun post that I came across and thought it might give you a laugh.

This will be a bit of rambling and not nearly as exciting as the title would indicate. First you need to
know about one rule in our house that in my mind should never be broken. It ranks up there with the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. The rule is - Nick always gets out of the bed first!

This started out naturally enough when we were first married. He had to be at work at 6:30 AM and I had to go in at 9:00. (This is still true but he leaves the house at 4:50 and I leave at 7:10) He had mentioned, before we were married, that his mother always got up and fixed his dad a big hot breakfast before he went to work. I, of course, asked if he thought she would get up early enough to come to our house and do that. But that didn't seem to be what he was hoping I would get from that particular story. When it finally dawned on me that he was hoping that I might do something along this line, I offered to rise up on one elbow and point toward the kitchen. Actually that never happened, I just slept.

I am not the only one to depend on Nick rising first. The paper carrier depends on him too. It throws the poor man off on the rare occasions when I have gotten up first. When Nick gets up first the paper carrier always throws the paper on the arm of my chair where it belongs. But when I get up first the dummy throws it way out at the end of the carport! This is extremely inconvenient on cold or wet mornings. I was a bit worried about this when Nick got laid off for a while last year. What would the poor paper carrier do? Nick being the good guy that he is still got up before me. The paper carrier was happy, the paper landed on my chair and I was happy too because Nick often had breakfast ready when I got up.

Last night was a wonderful night. Mollie actually got to sleep early we felt comfortable making a bit of noise so the locked briefcase (aka toy chest) came out and there was a small fun spanking followed by some great loving, so great we neither one had the energy to put away all the toys. No problem, Nick is an early riser and Mollie is a typical teenager and is never awake before 10:00 on a Saturday.

But the bed felt so good that next morning, and Nick felt so good, and he felt me up so good that one thing lead to another and it was a real good morning. But we drifted back off to sleep, not late - 8:30, but that's very late for Nick and of course it never occurred to me to get up first. Panic did not ensue until he headed for the shower and I heard him talking to Mollie! I knew if she was up that early she was headed to my room. All I could thing of was, 'Keep her talking, honey' So in a panic I am flipping across the bed, buck naked, throwing toy in and slamming the lid and twisting the locks. Fast as I could I flipped back, with my butt up in the air as I tried to get the case back under my side of the bed and my butt back under the covers before I had company. I am really not used to gymnastics when I first wake up, but it was worth the effort. Mollie came in for a quick good morning without the trauma of the knowledge that her parent's collection of spanking/sex toys were feet away. I taumatize the poor child enough by teaching at her school, this is a trauma she can do without.