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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Preparing Amanda

Happy Friday to everyone! I am happy to be able to post a brand new Fantasy Friday. I've long felt that a good story was one of the best ways to begin the weekend. And this is a very good story. I'm hoping you all have a hot weekend planned and I know this will make it even hotter! Please enjoy...

Preparing Amanda

Mari exited her suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park and walked the short distance down the hall to the room Edward had given her the key to when they had met for breakfast earlier. She thought again what a lovely hotel, the perfect place for what they had planned for Amanda. She let herself in and dropped her oversized Hermes bag on the foyer side table. Mari glanced at her watch before familiarizing herself with the suite. Like her own, the windows afforded expansive views of the park, and she was glad that for once the sun was shining on London.

As she waited for her guest to arrive, Mari wondered how they would find each other. She could hardly wait to meet Edward’s new love and hoped they would be fast friends. That would make things so much easier. Of course, either way, she had her job to do, and that was to make sure Edward was pleased with Amanda. She vowed to herself not to let him down. She made a mental checklist of what she knew of Edward‘s preferences, and thought of what she had learned of Amanda. A knock at the door interrupted her reverie. Mari opened the door to a fair, blonde Englishwoman with a nervous smile on her face.

‘Amanda!’ Mari greeted her warmly, kissing her on each cheek before ushering her into the suite.

They made small talk for a while, discussing their respective trips to England and oohing and aaahing over the luxurious hotel. Amanda seemed to relax. Mari pulled an envelope out of her handbag.

‘Here is your spa reservation. You should go ahead and go down in a few minutes so that you can get checked in and enjoy the relaxation room and the heat and water oasis before your appointments. You will be getting a massage, manicure, pedicure and bikini wax. I will put away your things and await your return.’ Mari explained.

‘You’re going to put away my things?’ Amanda asked.

‘Yes, darling, I have to make sure that everything is up to standard, and also that you have everything required. If not, I shall make a quick Knightsbridge shopping run. I assure you it will be no hardship for me!’ Mari smiled.

‘Yes, um, well, okay,’ Amanda reluctantly agreed. She wasn’t sure how she felt about Mari going through her things. She supposed Edward had planned it this way, so she didn’t want to argue. She wondered at Mari and Edward’s relationship. How much had Edward shared with her? How involved was she going to be in what happened today? Mari sensed her unease.

‘Do you have any questions for me, Amanda?’ she inquired.

‘Well, I’m just a little unsure about your role here. And your relationship with Edward.’ There, she said it.

‘Didn’t he tell you? I’m his muse. And my purpose here is to prepare you for Edward and the night ahead,’ Mari explained.

‘Oh, I see,’ Amanda said, though clearly she didn’t. What did that mean, anyway, his muse? Edward had assured her that his relationship with the young American wasn’t sexual, but clearly the two were very close. There wasn’t time now for elaboration as she was due at the spa, and she didn’t want to miss one minute of the pampering. She wanted Edward to be pleased with her on this special occasion. That would begin with looking her very best.

‘Go ahead down, now, Amanda, and when you return we’ll talk more while I get you ready for your Master, okay? I promise you we both want the same thing here, Edward’s pleasure, yes?’ Mari reassured her.

‘Yes, of course, that is always my top priority, ’ Amanda replied.

‘Fantastic, then we are on the same page. Enjoy the spa, and I will see you in a few hours.’ With that Mari opened the door and ushered the still somewhat perplexed woman out.

Mari took out Amanda’s things as promised, and saw that she had brought along some very sexy undergarments including several stocking and garter sets. She smiled to herself at Edward’s old-fashioned attachment to such. It was part of what made him so extraordinary, his attention to those details, his sureness in his desires. He was a man who knew what he liked, and tonight Mari was going to make sure he had everything he wanted. It would be her gift to him, for all he had done for her. She put everything in its proper place and decided only one thing was missing.

Mari let herself out of the suite and took the elevator down to the lobby. She spoke briefly with the concierge before heading for the Knightsbridge exit. The next couple hours flew by in a flash, and she hurried back to the hotel to make the final preparations for Amanda and Edward’s special night.

Amanda reentered the suite positively floating. The spa, with its “East meets West in a blend of harmony” paradigm had worked wonders on her, and she did feel tranquil. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so indulged. Her busy life in Ireland as wife, mother and business woman left little time for such luxuries. All that seemed a million miles away right now, and even this remarkable woman who called herself a muse and was planning God knows what, didn’t seem quite so surreal as she had earlier. Amanda decided to open herself up to what was happening, to accept it as Edward’s will and do her best to make him happy and proud.

Amanda looked around and noticed that Mari had begun to set the scene already. There were lit candles of varying sizes, but all white, surrounding the room. On the side board, she saw a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bucket of champagne next to a basket of fruit. On the bed was a blood red corset with a built-in garter and sheer black stockings with a seam up the back. Mari had drawn the sheer curtain over the windows and Amanda could see that it was twilight. She wondered how long until Edward arrived.

‘Oh, you’re back, ’ exclaimed Mari as she stepped out of the dressing room that was attached to the oversized bathroom.

‘We don’t have much time and we have a lot to cover, so let’s get to it,’ she continued in a very business-like tone. ’Get undressed.’

Amanda wanted to protest, but remembered her vow to herself of only moments ago. She removed her shoes, skirt and blouse.

‘Everything, darling,’ Mari coaxed.

Slowly, Amanda unhooked her black silk bra and pulled down the matching thong. She suddenly felt very vulnerable. She was glad for the soft lighting of the candles. Mari had already picked up the corset and was holding it for Amanda. She gingerly stepped into it and Mari laced it up and tied it tight in the back. Amanda’s breasts spilled out the top in a very appealing manner.

‘We’ll leave the stockings for later, keep them nice,’ Mari said.

‘No knickers?’ Amanda inquired.

‘What on earth would you need knickers for?’ Mari asked rhetorically. ’Come into the dressing room now, and while I fix you up we’ll go over the requirements of the evening.’

Amanda followed Mari into the room and sat down on the vanity ottoman looking into large mirrors. Mari took a large wooden brush and began to brush Amanda’s shoulder-length blonde hair. She looked at her in the mirror while they spoke.

‘I’m glad you’ve let your hair grow out a bit; as you know, Edward prefers it long, ’ Mari said. She continued brushing Amanda’s hair, sometimes running the brush all the way through her hair and onto her back, shoulders and arms. Amanda began to feel her skin tingle. Mari then swept her hair up and secured it in a very elegant French twist. She placed her hands lightly on Amanda’s shoulders.

‘There. Very nice. Now Edward will be able to see your neck.’ Mari then picked up a box of shimmering body powder and began to dust it all over Amanda’s exposed flesh. She reviewed the evening’s guidelines.

‘When Edward arrives, you are to go to him, drop to your knees, kiss his feet, put your head to the floor, the palms of your hands up. Spread your legs just until your thighs no longer touch. You are not to speak until spoken to, and you must not, under any circumstances, look him in the eye at any time during the evening. I’m sure it goes without saying that you are to address him as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master.’ Do you understand?’ Mari asked.

‘Yes.’ Amanda almost felt like adding ‘Ma’am,’ but couldn’t bring herself to go that far.

‘Good. As you are aware, Edward plans to take you tonight in a manner in which you are not accustomed, ’ Mari continued.

That’s one way to put it, I suppose, thought Amanda.

‘We must make sure you are sufficiently prepared for this.’ Mari went over and began rummaging through her bag. She pulled out a red silicone anal plug and a small tube of lubricant. Amanda’s eyes widened.

‘Stand up and bend over, spread your legs a bit and place your hands here,’ Mari patted the marble countertop.

Amanda did as she was told, looking at herself in the mirror as she got into position. She looked damn sexy, if she did say so herself. Her nails and lips were the same shade of dark red as her corset, her body was sparkling from the powder, and the sophisticated upsweep of her hair did invite a caress or even a bite to the back of her neck if one was so inclined. She felt a little shock when Mari began to spread the cold gel in small circles around her virgin aperture. She instinctively tightened up.

‘Relax, darling, ’ Mari soothed her as she gently spread her cheeks wider and inserted the plug a little way. She worked it in slowly, bringing it out and pushing it back in a little deeper each time. The first time she pushed beyond the middle section, where the device was widest, Amanda gasped and then gave a small whimper. Mari had kept Amanda’s buttocks spread with one hand while inserting the plug with the other. Now she let go of the fleshy parts, held the plug in with two fingers at its base and rubbed between the dimpled area just above Amanda’s bottom with the palm of her other hand. God’s thumbprints, she had read somewhere.

‘There now, how does that feel?’ Mari inquired.

‘The sensation is a little strange, though not altogether unpleasant,’ Amanda answered.

‘No, not altogether unpleasant at all, I imagine,’ Mari laughed.

‘I’ll tell you a little secret. The best orgasms of my life have come from one of these little things,’ Mari confided. ‘Believe me, there’s nothing like it.’

Amanda smiled. It was beginning to feel rather good. Especially when Mari was pushing it in and pulling it out, getting her accustomed to its fit. She found herself pushing back to meet it.

‘Now, stand up, let’s see if you can keep it in on your own, while you walk around.’ Mari released her hold on the silicone.

Amanda straightened up and took a few steps. It did feel very strange to have it insider her while upright, and walking was awkward. It didn’t feel sexy anymore, just embarrassing.

‘Let’s go back into the other room. You need to put your stockings and shoes on now. Oh yes, and bring the brush with you.’ Mari said, looking at her watch.

Amanda picked up the brush without understanding. She thought her hair was perfect as it was. She followed Mari back into the suite and gingerly pulled on her stockings, careful not to snag them. She stepped into the ludicrously high black patent leather stilettos with closed, pointy toes and hoped she could keep her balance. Between the 4 ½ inch heels and the plug it wasn’t going to be easy. And it certainly wasn’t going to be as dignified as it would be without the appendage.

‘Beautiful.’ Mari stated simply. ‘Now, there’s just one last thing. Edward insists that your bottom be freshly pink upon his arrival. The thing is, he did not tell me exactly what time he would be here, only approximately. So, I fear we must begin now, and just continue until we hear his knock at the door.’

Realization dawned quickly on Amanda. She looked at the brush she had tossed casually on the bed when she put on her shoes and then back at Mari. Mari returned her gaze levelly and the women knew that they understood one another. Amanda swallowed hard. Could she really submit to being spanked by another woman? This wasn’t part of her plan. Since becoming Edward’s submissive, though, she had done many things she never thought she would. She recognized that it wasn’t about her plan after all, it was about his. She resolved herself to accepting that this is what he wanted and therefore she would comply. She picked up the brush and handed it to Mari.

Mari was impressed with how Amanda was handling this, her first real ’test.’ She knew that with Edward there would be many more in her future.

‘I am going to give you a choice on how you would like this. You can choose to stand, hands above your head, palms against the wall. Or you can lie across my lap on the bed.’ Mari said.

Amanda vacillated. On the one hand, the latter seemed more comfortable. At least she would be able to rest her head and feet on something soft, and she wouldn’t have to support her own weight after being struck. On the other hand, it seemed awfully intimate, to have her naked sex across Mari’s lap, rump up in the air, plug showing prominently. She chose the former.

Mari watched Amanda walk to the wall and place her hands above her head.

‘Step back a bit from the wall so that you are leaning forward, and spread your legs slightly,’ she instructed.

Mari walked up behind and to the left of Amanda. She rubbed the flat side of the wooden brush against Amanda’s bottom, first her right globe and then her left. She raised her arm and struck with medium force on the right side and then the left, midway up the cheeks. She repeated this half a dozen times, moving up and down the buttocks, from middle to bottom, but always striking just one side at a time.

When Amanda began teetering on her high heels Mari wrapped her left arm around her waist and whispered in her ear, ’I’ve got you.’

Amanda was making little mewing sounds. Mari could tell she was trying to be stoic. She then struck her very forcefully three times in rapid succession, catching both cheeks with each swat, a few inches below the plug. ‘Owwww!’ she screamed, and her hands came off the wall, stopping just short of reaching back for a little rub.

‘Now, now, Amanda, I know Edward has trained you better than that,’ Mari scolded. ‘You’re not going to force me to tie your hands are you?’

Amanda could feel the heat radiating out across her bottom. The desire to rub was almost unbearable. She forced her hands back up onto the wall. She was beginning to regret her choice of position. Was it too late to change her mind?

‘Um, Mari, please could I choose the other position instead?’ she inquired. She figured it didn’t hurt to ask, and the woman had seemed perfectly reasonable up until now.

‘I’m inclined to say no. You made your decision. However, I will think about it for a while and let you know if I change my mind.’ Mari’s tone had changed.

Mari looked at Amanda’s reddening bottom and felt a surge of power. It was intoxicating. I may could get used to this, she thought. Up until now, she had usually been on the receiving end of such. She tightened her grip on Amanda’s waist and smacked her very hard on her sit spots on each side. Amanda started whimpering.

‘Spread your legs wider,’ Mari commanded. ’I want to see all of you. There’s no room for modesty here. No one’s going to believe you’re an innocent.’

No sooner had Amanda complied than Mari landed the next two blows on the inside tops of Amanda’s thighs, the left one landing far more inside than the right, due to the angle. Amanda began to sob. Mari was feeling warm. She paused for a moment to turn down the air in the suite. She then took time to inspect her handiwork. Amanda’s curvy bottom was a very nice shade of red. Mari ran her hands across the soft flesh, feeling the heat emanating from the surface. Amanda groaned appreciatively at the relief provided by Mari’s touch.

‘Alright, I suppose I will let you come across my lap now, ’ Mari gave in to her sympathy for the Englishwoman. She went to the edge of the king-sized bed, sat down and beckoned to Amanda. Mari helped her across her lap after placing a pillow on top of her legs so that Amanda‘s bottom would be pushed up naturally.

‘Now that you have it so easy, I expect you to behave accordingly. Keep your feet down, and your hands well away from your bottom. I anticipate that you will remain fairly still, except to raise your bottom slightly after each swat. Otherwise we will return to the former position and I will be forced to report your noncompliance. Are we clear?’ Mari’s tone was steely.

‘Yes, perfectly, thank you.’ Amanda replied respectfully. She was more comfortable now, though feeling especially vulnerable. Her bottom was just beginning to cool, but undoubtedly it wouldn’t stay that way long. How much longer until Edward would arrive, she wondered.

She didn’t think about it long as Mari began a fresh attack on her backside, the blows coming so quickly she couldn’t recover from one before the next landed. Her whole body was shaking and she could feel the tears at the back of her eyes.

Mari paused. ’Lift up your bottom!’

Amanda forced her bottom back up, thinking she couldn’t take much more of this. Mari struck her full force across the dead centre of her bottom, and suddenly the tears spilled over, her body wracked with sobs. Mari was surprised by her own behavior. She felt a twinge of guilt at Amanda’s tears. She lay down the brush.

‘Shhh, shhhh,’ she soothed. She ran her hand across Amanda’s bottom and across the tops of her thighs until the sobs subsided. She then parted Amanda’s cheeks and dipped her fingers lower. ’My, my, what have we here?’ She inquired. ‘You know, Edward told me what an insatiable little slut you were. I guess he was right,’ she taunted.

Amanda could tell she was dripping wet. She was mortified. Was the American going to think she was attracted to her? Amanda realized, once the pain subsided, that she had been grinding against Mari virtually the whole time she was spanking her. Could she feel it through the pillow?

‘Cat got your tongue, darling?’ Mari was teasing her now. Mari let her fingers roam around a bit more. For some reason, she was having a hard time taking them away. She began toying with the plug, pulling it gently out an inch or so before pushing it back it. Amanda groaned and lifted her bottom higher without really meaning to do so. Mari started pulling it out farther and farther, finding a rhythm with both hands, one massaging Amanda’s dripping wet cunt, her middle finger circling the engorged clit, while the other drove the plug in and out of her ass. Amanda began moaning louder and louder, undulating her hips, and Mari could tell she was about to come.

Mari just barely heard the knock at the door. She immediately withdrew her hands, picked up the brush again and brought it down hard across Amanda’s bottom. Amanda wanted to scream with frustration at being so close to orgasm and then being denied so rudely. Then it dawned on her, Edward was here!

‘I’m a mess!’ she exclaimed, beginning to wipe underneath her mascara-smudged eyes.

‘No! Don’t touch a thing,’ Mari insisted. ‘You look more real this way. Trust me; it’s how he wants you.’

‘Do you remember everything?’ Mari demanded. She was suddenly nervous. Had she forgotten anything?


‘Good. Quickly, poor him a drink, leave it on the cart. I’ll straighten up the bed.’ Mari rushed around the room, double checking everything was in order. She took a deep breath and went to draw the curtains closed.

‘Look,’ she said. ‘Darkness has arrived.’

Amanda felt a shiver go up her spine. Mari walked across the room and opened the door.


Naughtyinaustin wrote this for the pleasure and amusement of the English Gentleman.

And we appreciate he allowing us to share in it also. Anyone else willing to share a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Check out the cats

I’m on my mini-vacation and I’m really enjoying getting some reading and writing done. The internet connection is spotty but I just wanted to point out that the black and white cats are back on my side bar. They’re there for a reason. Click on them – it’s nice having my twin back.

Remember a brand new Fantasy Friday this week. Don’t forget to come by.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Not a lot of spanking going on here – no privacy but we’ll have next weekend to ourselves so keep your fingers crossed for us. Meanwhile I thought I would put up some updates here.

First, Paul – several people have emailed to ask what has become of Paul. Since Paul has commented on nearly every one of my post for these 4 years I was getting worried several weeks ago when he didn’t come by. I emailed and a few days later I heard from him. As many of us had worried, some medical problems had landed him in the hospital for nearly a week. He's home now and recuperating. At first he admitted that even working the mouse could be tiring but by taking it easy he says he’s getting better but slowly. He’s still reading out here some. He says he’ll be back to commenting one of these days as he gets stronger. I hope it’s soon. I really miss his present here.

Second update is on LJ. He and Collin are all settled in in New York. They live on the Upper East Side. Both of them are working at Starbucks at the moment (different ones) and auditioning whenever they can. Since neither of them are Equity most of the auditions are like cattle calls but you have to start somewhere. So far the city is living up to his expectations. He loves it! He says it’s truly a walking city and he liked that (maybe because he stinks at driving, LOL!) Of course the temperature has hit 113 at times so walking it that isn’t exactly a day in the park. He says going out in that heat is a lot like going out in the pouring rain – only go out if you have to, take the quickest most direct route and if you’re walking with someone who stops to tie their shoe you just keep going – they can catch up!

We haven’t been to see him yet. He says it’s just too hot to take us all the places he wants us to see when we come; hopefully we can make a trip in October. They’ll be home for a wedding Colin is to be in that month too, so I will get to see my boys some. I am very curious as to his money situation but I mostly refrain from asking. It’s not any of my business unless he starts coming to us for loans. He in that limbo in my mind not a child I need to check up on every minute but I’m not used to him being an adult completely. So I listen carefully and keep my mouth shut – I know, that’s hard to believe!

Now as to me and what I’m doing. Well, I’m running away from home. Wednesday and Thursday of this week I am going to a little mountain town not far from here. It’s a quiet and beautiful little place. I went there to read the last three Harry Potter books so that I could finish them the weekend they came out and no one could spoil them for me. Sad to say no more Harry Potter to read but I’m going back anyway. Just me, all by myself. If you have read my blog for more than 5 minutes you know how much I love my family. But I love a little time all to myself too. There are tons of things I want to do - walk, write, read, take pictures and maybe just sit and think. All these things would be relaxing. There is also the project I mentioned a while back – I’m still working on it and this will give me some time. I can stay up all night writing if I like, sleep late the next day and stay up all the next night reading - what ever I want.

Nick asked me if I was getting away from all the stress and strain of cooking, housekeeping and caring for Mollie. Since I don’t really do these things I think he was being a bit sarcastic but I don't really think he minds me going. He'll be able to survive without me for a couple of day. Mollie will be gone all the next weekend so we’ll have some time for us soon.

Well that gets you caught up on my wild life. Don’t know if I’m even going to have internet access on my trip but I’ll catch up with everyone when I get back.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Fantasy Friday, The Bed II, part three

I'm all by myself this weekend. Nick is off golfing with friends. Don't know what I'll do, read and write some I would imagine. That sure is what I enjoy doing. I'm happy to be able to post Annie third part of this story. I think it's been a great story and I keep wondering if there might be more to come. I'm not pestering Annie, LOL! I just want her to know I'm more than willing to post anything she wants to send me! If you've gotten behind you can read part one here, and part two here. And now here is part three…

The Bed
Part 3

Tyler was a happy man. A beautiful wife, a comfortable home, a lucrative and interesting career, and enough money in the bank to ride out any unexpected crises. Racing toward home at the end of a two-week sales trip Dan passed the time thinking over the past few months, and looking forward to a long weekend with Kerry. The last time he had arrived home early was the start of a whole new lifestyle for them. Remembering how uncomfortable he had felt when he discovered his wife's little secret he had to laugh out loud. No one could ever have convinced him that tipping her over for a thorough spanking was the key to saving their marriage but it certainly had. Not only were they closer than ever, but it offered an intimate solution that cleared the air, let them both know just what to expect, and their sex life was hotter than ever. Just thinking about her bottom growing pink with his hand prints caused an immediate tightening in his groin. Two weeks was a long time to be away, too long.

Dan parked his car and hurried to the house, leaving his luggage for later. Usually the sound of his car brought Kerry to the door to greet him, but she was nowhere in sight. Thinking she may be in the back yard he walked around the house to find music playing on the patio, the backdoor open, and no one in sight.

Growing worried he raced into the house calling her name. It wasn't until he reached the second floor that the sound of water running led him to the master bath. There she was, singing to herself, totally oblivious to his presence. He waited in the doorway for her to see him until his temper boiled over. Shouting her name he flung open the shower door, grabbed her by the arm and drug her into the bedroom-dripping wet.

"What are you doing home?"

"Never mind that, what are you doing home, alone, with the doors unlocked? Anyone could just waltz right in. I thought we agreed, the doors stay closed and locked when you are home alone."

As he talked, gritting his words through clenched jaw, he tossed his wet and slippery wife over the rail at the end of the bed and laid into her backside with his hand. The extra sting of wet skin soon had her legs dancing as she pleaded with him to stop. Afraid of punishing when he was scared and angry Dan soon jerked her to her feet and marched her to the corner.

"You stay right there until I come back, and no rubbing."

Hopping from one foot to the other in a vain attempt to cool her bottom, Kerry kept her nose pointed straight into the corner. The last time he made her do corner time she was sure he had gone downstairs so she started to rub and turn around just as she caught sight of him watching from the hall. She wouldn't be making that mistake again. No matter how bad it might hurt, not rubbing was way easier than starting all over. Sniffing, she did indulge in a softly whispered diatribe about brutish husbands who are never where they are supposed to be, but made sure her words could not carry to the wrong ears. He already had his shorts in a twist, no need to make matters worse.

Dan went to the kitchen and made himself a drink. She had the audacity to act as if he was being unreasonable. The whole neighborhood knew he traveled, anyone could walk right in. Determined to teach her a lesson she wouldn't soon forget he left her waiting for over 30 minutes while he calmed down and then gathered a few items he would be needing. The old wooden spoon with the flat handle left her screeching whenever he used it on her thighs and this time he wanted to make sure she thought of him every time she sat down for the next day or so.

Climbing the stairs he was struck by how beautiful she looked, waiting for him in the corner, his hand prints still glowing on her creamy skin, damp hair tumbling down her back. Wishing he could just take her to bed and forget the whole thing reminded him of something one of the husbands had said on one of the lists, that this lifestyle may be rewarding, but it is damn hard work.

"What if it wasn't me that walked in on you, Kerry? What if some stranger just wandered in? These are the things that drive me crazy and keep me awake at night when I am traveling. You just don't stop to think. Get into position on the bed. I plan to help you remember to lock the door for a long time."

Kerry scurried to the bed and slid under the railing. She hated being punished in this position, it left her spread open and wedged too tightly to wiggle. Plus it gave him access to parts that he couldn't reach when she was over his lap.

"Why are you being punished Kerry?"

"Because you're mad at me."

"Why are you being punished?"

"Because I didn't lock the door."

"Speak up, Kerry, I want to hear your answer."

"I said, because I didn't lock the door." She shouted, hating the way he made her participate.

"Do you deserve a punishment?"

"I suppose."

"Back to mumbling again. Do you deserve to be punished?"

"YES! Will you just get it over with, please, I don't have all day."

"I can see that this is going to take some time. Let's start over, shall we?"

Pulling on her hips he made certain she was wedged tightly in place. Seeing his hand prints from this position showed clearly how ineffective the OTK position really was. The lily-white skin stretched tightly from the bottom of her buttocks to the back of her knees was very conducive to lesson learning. How lucky he was to have discovered this by accident, and the husbands he had shared this with were all reporting amazing results. Even for wives who had grown immune to regular paddling.

Making sure her legs were spread to his satisfaction, he began applying the spoon in rapid strokes to her bottom, covering his hand prints with a deeper mottled red. Starting down the backs of her thighs had her squealing before he had finished one leg.

"Why do you deserve to be punished young lady?"

"Because I broke a rule, I'm sorry, I won't do it again, that's enough, please stop."

"I think we have a ways to go before I can be certain you will remember to lock the door every time."

Starting at the top of her cleft he methodically placed five swats to the same spot before moving down her cheek and repeating. Working slowly he covered every inch to one knee, then started the other side. When he had her undivided attention, he turned the spoon around, grasping the broad spatula-like end he had been using in his hand. The narrow, flat handle was like a ruler and fit perfectly to stripe the inside of her thighs and the crease at the juncture of her bottom and legs. This was pure punishment and had her sobbing incoherently with the first strike. Steeling himself to ignore her misery he made sure she would think of this every time she moved for the rest of the day. Finishing up with several extra hard cracks across her sit spot he tossed the spoon onto the bed but left her in position. With a hard punishment her skin seemed to writhe in memory even after he stopped. He knew she was burning up, and desperately wanted him to comfort her, but that was the difference between true punishment and maintenance, or pleasure spanking. This was meant to teach a lesson that would be remembered long after the burn subsided. Gently, he eased her out from under the rail and helped her to the corner. Placing her hands on her head he guided her nose into position and took a seat. She knew better than to move her feet, but the need to soothe herself had her shifting her weight from foot to foot, vainly trying to ease her discomfort.

Experience had taught him that offering comfort too soon made the lesson less effective. He had surprised himself by finding the whole spanking process very erotic, and much preferred to spank and tease as a method of foreplay. But Kerry needed true discipline, and it was his job to provide it. Once she settled down, and had had a chance to think about how she came to be in a corner with a fire engine red butt then he could get to the parts he liked best.

Quietly he eased out of the room and went to get a cool cloth and a glass of tea. He wanted everything ready for her. Once the tears stopped and he let her out of the corner she desperately needed to reconnect. It amazed him that she was so fierce in her arousal after even the most brutal punishment. Sighing, he wondered if he would ever understand this fey creature he married, and headed upstairs to make love to his wife.


Thank you Annie! That was great and we'd be happy to hear more about this couple any time you feel like writing it. I hope you'll all come back next week - thanks to another great writer we have a brand new Fantasy Friday coming up.

And if you are out there writing and you're willing to share your story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A special day

Happy Anniversary to me!! I began blogging 4 years ago today. What an incredible experience. I had spent about 2 months reading blogs and commenting around until if felt I really knew some people and I just couldn’t stand it any longer I had to jump right in. You can find that first post here. So starting a blog, best decision I ever made in my life.

My closest friends in the world I have made right here. Things have happened that I never in my life would have believed would happen. Eva and Adam coming here so we could meet in person, me driving 500 miles solo to stay with Eva after her bypass surgery (despite my MIL’s very real fears for me to go off to see ‘those internet’ people!), Nick and I flying across the country to CA to meet and vacation with Grace and Bossman, CeeCi and Mr. Smith as well as Eva and Adam – a truly mind blowing experience! Eva and I and the guys getting to meet Mthc and David and visit in their home and there are so many other wonderful people I have had the privilege of becoming friends with through email and phone calls. My life is much richer for starting the blog.

The best thing about the blog was what it did for my marriage. Nick and I always got along. Our marriage has always been smooth sailing – so smooth we often didn’t realize the other person was there. I had huge walls around me and my feelings. Sex was something I tried to avoid and all the things that I knew I would like sexually and that would turn me on – dominance, spanking, anal play, sexual toys; I kept these thoughts as my deepest and darkest secrets. Why? I have no idea! But I sure did it.

Finding the blogs and starting my own site was a totally freeing experience. Other people thought about spanking? Other people did it and liked it? Other people liked to be touched ‘there’ and there was a phrase that named it as being ‘anal erotic’? There were toys for such activities? Women could use vibrators with their husbands and not as some dirty little secret? Who the hell knew??

So at the age of 49 it wasn’t like some gradual realization and changes, it was like flipping a switch! I went from ‘don’t touch me and if we must have sex it’s going to be the man on top woman on bottom get it over with quick’ kind to ‘Nick I’m your sex slave! Let’s try anything and everything you have ever dreamed of - all I ask is that you spank my ass first and feel free to handcuff me to the bed!!’ It’s a wonder the poor man didn’t get whiplash.

There is still learning going on. My walls are still there and I often run and hide behind them but I venture out more and more and stay out for longer periods. I still have the need/desire for more dominance and discipline at times. But we talk about it and we are working to find a balance. But now Nick and I are trying, talking, growing, learning, and exploring together. Can’t ask for much more than that.

My thanks to all the blogger who came before me for having the courage to blogging about their lives and interests and feelings. You were there when I came exploring and finding all of you has meant the world to me. I also have a big thank you to all my readers and especially those who comment and email. You all help me feel I’m not just talking to myself. By encouraging, asking questions and giving advice you have helped me keep these wonderful changes Nick and I have in our marriage alive and well. And I really hope that this blog will be here for the next person who feels they are the only one with ‘strange’ desires and feelings. I hope other will be able to read and know just how many other feel the same way and that they will find the courage to open up to themselves and the one they love.

So how do I really feel about blogging?

I think that about sums it up!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The celebration continued!

Before I get on with Nick’s birthday celebration I want to point out that Eva has fired up Nothing Random again. Eve was my first friend out here went I started blogging. I left a comment on her second or third post, she emailed and since that time we haven’t missed more than three or four days emailing since. I hope she gets back into blogging because it was always fun having her out here. I’m like gum on her shoe, she’s pretty much stuck with me whether she’s blogging or not, but if you get the chance go by for a read. I’ve always found Eva very interesting.

Back to the celebration…

I could tell Nick hadn’t forgotten that there was more celebrating to do when I crawled in bed Friday night. He had his hands all over me. I’m mid 50’s and chubby, it’s a compliment that my husband loves touching me! The next morning Nick and I got Mollie off on her trip. We each had a few things to take care of and I was emailing Mthc that we were getting ready to enjoy our ‘empty nest’. Having not had the chance to experience this too much she teasingly wrote back “What’s that?” She said she liked my definition which was “It’s where your husband can grab your boobs or ass any time he likes and spankings can happen whenever!”

Mid-morning Nick walked into the living room wearing his ‘let’s party’ boxers and led me to the bedroom. Sitting me on the bed he said ‘Let’s see what all we need to take care of today. I believe you have a birthday spanking to take for someone and I need to know how much your weigh is up from two weeks ago. You’ll notice I didn’t ask you if you had lost any.” This was when we went to Eva’s and she force fed me! But in those two weeks I was only up a little over a pound.

“So,” Nick went on “we’ll need to take care of that too.” NOTE – for any new comers, Nick does not spank me for gaining weight. He does spank me (at my request) when I blow off exercise or go wild on my eating (evidently he’s not spanking long enough or hard enough about this though.) And since Eva did all the cooking on our vacation perhaps she should have gotten the swats, but I digress.

Nick continued “But there is one more thing we need to take care of. You know it’s good for your health and it’s been a while so I think you need an enema first.” Hmmmm… Despite what I thought when I first began blogging I am not, nor will I ever be, submissive. It’s not really in me and Nick doesn’t want me that way. But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the feeling of being submissive at times. Whenever this particular subject comes up I feel submissive and like things are out of my control and that’s a good feeling. An answer of “Yes, sir” is really all that is necessary.

So once that was done and we had showered together Nick began assembling weapons, I mean implements, for his birthday spanking. I cozied down on the bed and he began a good warm up with the light leather paddle once the birthday spanking began he would change implements every 5 swats and as old as Nick is this took us through a lot of toys!! I was enjoying the warm glow I was receiving until the cane came out. I usually try to put that somewhere where it won’t be that handy but he seems to find it with little trouble.

At the first swat with it I snapped “Where did that come from?”

I could hear the smile in Nick’s voice as he answered “England I believe. Ronnie sent it, right?”

So he continued on until he finished up that wonderful birthday spanking with his belt that I love so much. Before he could start on anything else I ask if he would be willing to wait on the weight spanking until later in the day. He seemed willing to move right on into the various sex events of the day. Tell me do people really get depressed about the empty nest??

We were meeting friends for supper and we had decided to head out early to do a little shopping. But Nick hadn’t forgotten I had another spanking coming. He used the OCW – seen in my masthead, the evil hair brush and that *$!@^& cane again!! But I was glad he did it. Nick is wonderful about fun and erotic spankings that lead to sex but he often forgets that I also need spanking for focusing on weight and other things I need to be doing. Well he remembered this time! It was wonderful to head out on our shopping expedition with a burning, sore behind. Now that’s love.

Our shopping trip included some adult toy shopping. I am happy to say we have several things nearly worn out or broken and we just felt like looking around. We have a small to medium size store in the next town. I’m always a little fearful of being seen (once a friend of LJ’s was working there when I popped in!) We looked around; there were so many fun things. But we only got a few things, pictured here.

Sunday afternoon we played some more – with the new toys – and just totally enjoyed our privacy and time together. Maybe some people our age dread having another birthday. I sure didn’t hear any complainants from Nick!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How to celebrate a birthday!

How do you celebrate a spanko’s vanilla husband’s birthday? Hmmmm… We had just gotten back from our trip and Nick had to go back to work that day. Nick doesn’t need ‘stuff’ to fill up our house any more so I figured I could be a little more creative with his gift.

He came home from work Wednesday tired and hot (it’s been in the 90’s and there is no A/C there). I learned even before we were married that everyone needs a few minutes to relax when they get home from work so I let him come in and settle but I told him he did have some email he might want to check. Basically I just offered him an afternoon of anything he would like. His biggest decision was whether to lie there with his eyes opened or closed.

He put himself in my hands and I started with a full body massage. I think you could say he was relaxed. Now I know it’s the job of the spanko in the family to take any and all birthday spankings but Nick was just too relax to give one so I thought what the heck maybe I could give one. Nick doesn’t mind the occasional swat I give him playfully so I began his birthday spanking – just light swats, until I got to the last ten. Nick often lets me give him a swat with a new implement so he will know how it feels. Whether it needs to be used lightly or whether you can go all out. For the last ten I got my ten favorite implements and gave him a good swat with each. He might have wanted to object but I just had him too mellow to care. Except to murmur, “Remember, you’ll be getting my birthday spanking on Saturday. Pay back’s hell.” LOL! I wasn’t worried.

We ended that part of his birthday celebration with some oral that seemed to wake the man right up. According to Nick it was one of the best birthday gifts he had ever received. Since Mollie was headed to the beach Saturday morning we decided to continue the celebration then. More to come…

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fantasy Friday, The Bed II, part two

I enjoyed my trip and I've been relaxing and enjoying myself since we've been home. Nick's birthday was Wednesday and we had a nice little celebration that we plan to continue this weekend as Mollie heads for the beach. It's been great so far and I expect Saturday to continue the good times! Details, details someone used to want details. Oh wait, that was me! Well I'll try to post a few anyway in case anyone else like details.

Today we have the second part of a 3 part Fantasy Friday. If you haven’t read part one or if you would just like to go back and refresh your memory go here to read it. This is a great story and the best part is that we will have one more part next week!

The Bed
part two

Dan woke to the welcome sensation of his wife nestled in his arms, feeling sure that they were on the right track. The underlying air of tension and discontent had vanished and the lovemaking after the punishment had been amazing. To think he had married this woman, lived with her for years, and there was a whole other side to her he had never even suspected. Of course, who knew he would find the whole process so satisfying. He had no idea how she got started with this, good question for later, but they would be doing a lot of reorganizing in their relationship, and discipline was going to be a big part.

Dan recalled a professor from college who lectured on economics saying that every successful organization had undisputed leadership, something about “one hand on the tiller is the only way to sail forward”. He smiled at the thought of his hand on her tiller and gathered her closer, watching her sleep.

Kerry woke to a beautiful day and the smell of fresh coffee brewing. Excited to remember that Dan was home for the day she jumped out of bed, wincing at the soreness in her backside, and hurried to shower and get ready.

Dan surveyed the table with a critical eye. Coffee, juice and fresh fruit, with muffins warming in the oven. He wanted everything to be just right; a nice breakfast would put them both at ease before they settled down to discuss making some changes.

Kerry could smell breakfast but she took her time getting dressed. Several outfits lay discarded on the bed and she stood in front of her mirror in her favorite lacy panties checking out the faint, but telltale stripes across her bottom. Slipping a soft sundress over her head, she felt a strange shyness at seeing Dan this morning. It would have been nice to have some time to figure out how she felt about last night.

"You look especially beautiful this morning, love." Dan put her fears to rest, greeting her with a soft kiss and pulling her chair out for her. Following his lead, they chatted about things that had happened while he was away, discussed the need for some new landscaping and plans for a rock garden. It was as if last night never happened, just a regular breakfast at home. When everything was put away and dishes cleared Dan took her by the hand and led her into the living room.

"I think it is time we had a talk about what has been going on while I am away."

Kerry tried to hide her face, and the sudden blush of color his direct approach caused. Dan tipped her face up to his and kissed her gently.

"This is important, for both of us. Starting right now there will be no more secrets between us. You have been hiding a large part of yourself from me for a very long time. I have felt as if I was losing you but I didn't know why. You have been distant and moody, difficult to talk to and I didn't have a clue what was going on with you."

Stopping to wipe a tear from her cheek he realized she was trembling. "Are you afraid of me?"

"No, but I know how it must look to you, I am so ashamed, and I will understand if you want to leave."

Pulling her onto his lap he held her close, rocking her in his arms and whispering his love for her. He couldn't believe she thought he was leaving.

"That doesn't mean there won't be some big changes around here. I have let you run wild for far too long. From now on there will be rules to follow and consequences to bear when you break one. I admit I am hurt that you didn't feel you could talk to me about the things you needed from me. However, now that I understand, I am more than happy to provide you with that kind of structure."

"You mean you're not upset?"

"Of course not. But things are going to be very different, are you ready to accept that?"

This seemed like a fairytale come true, Dan was acting just like her fantasy, being the take-charge husband she had always wanted. Kerry nodded eagerly, about to tell him how he should go about fulfilling her fantasies when Dan continued.

"I think the list of rules you posted last summer is a very good start. To make sure that we get off to the best possible start I have decided that each of the punishments that you have posted will be administered. Each was for breaking a rule, and each involved telling a rather large lie. We will begin by setting aside every Saturday night as our punishment time. If there are infractions that need to be addressed then we will do so at the time. Meanwhile there are quite a few things you have to answer for."

"What do you mean? We don't need to do that, maybe just a little hand spanking now and then, but not like in those stories, that's too much."

"Did you do the things you wrote about?"

Kerry started to say no, he would never know for sure, but something in his voice made her straighten up and admit that she had indeed done each of the things she had written about.

"I thought so. So this is merely a matter of catching up with what is already earned. Once we get to the end of that list, we will decide what is the best way to go forward. Since there are more than a dozen stories that I have seen, we will take advantage of my being home tonight to get started."

Kerry didn't know what to make of his announcement. Part of her was secretly thrilled that he was finally going to set some limits. Part of her was thinking about how much her spanking last night had hurt. Her bottom was still sore; he couldn’t mean to spank her again so soon.

"Oh sweetheart, we never get to have enough time together. Let's go out somewhere special and celebrate our new beginning. We'll have plenty of time to work on the other stuff later." Pulling his mouth down for a deep kiss, Kerry was certain she could convince him.

"Once a punishment is set there is no negotiation. You will be spanked tonight. If you argue, you will also be spanked now. Any questions?" Taking her silence for assent Dan handed her a copy of the new rules he had posted on the refrigerator. "Please read these out loud so I know we are both clear on just what it says."

1) I will not endanger myself.

2) I will be accountable for all of my actions and choices.

"That may not sound like much but I have thought about this carefully. I feel that this covers anything that might come up. Just ask yourself if your choice would be the one you would make in front of me, then ask yourself if it is worth being punished for."

It all sounded simple enough. All she had to do was behave when Dan was in town. Kerry agreed to the rules. It was all kind of exciting, like they were both playing the same game now. Then he dropped the bombshell.

"Of course I expect you to convey all of this to your online friends. It is up to you to tell them that you have been lying to them all this time and to let them know that you will be receiving each of your punishments. Whether you choose to share what happens between us in the future is up to you, but you will tell them the truth, starting with last night. You can take care of that while I wash the car and run some errands. And remember, I am a member of that list, I will see what you write."

"You can't be serious. I will not humiliate myself by telling a bunch of total strangers the details of our life."

"You decided that months ago when you first started posting, I am simply making sure you set the record straight. I expect you to have it finished by the time I return." And off he went, just like nothing had happened, leaving a seething, frustrated wife behind.

The sound of his car pulling out of the drive set her off. Throwing pillows, kicking furniture, stomping her feet, she rampaged through the house. It was out of the question. She would not humiliate herself that way. What could he do if she refused? That thought stopped her mid-tantrum. The memory of his belt cracking against her tender skin sent her flying to the computer. Nobody knew who she really was, who cared what a bunch of strangers thought.

Dan spent a leisurely afternoon running errands, picking up flowers for no reason, and choosing wine for their evening together. He considered taking her out, but decided a quiet meal at home was a better choice. A quick stop at his favorite gourmet deli and he had the makings of a romantic picnic. The house was quiet when he returned. He found a copy of a very brief, non-descriptive post lying on the kitchen counter. None of the sizzling details of her fantasy stories, just a quick I am sorry, I am being punished for deceiving you. He had to laugh at the difference.

Kerry was taking a bubble bath when Dan returned. After posting her apology to the group she was a bundle of nerves wondering what would happen later. She finally ran a hot bath to soothe her worries. Dan wandered in and sat on the side of the tub, trailing his hand through the bubbles and telling her about his shopping. The everyday chatter took her mind off of her coming punishment and she relaxed. It was so good to have him home.

A lovely dinner on the patio followed by wine under the stars, side by side on the porch swing. It was the best evening they had had together in months. Dan hated to spoil the mood but he had to follow through. Taking her hand he led her upstairs.

"I'll be right back, get into your nightgown and get into position under the rail. I expect you to be ready and waiting when I return."

Dan gave her a few minutes to collect her thoughts and do as he had asked. He printed a copy of one of her stories and returned to their room. The sight of her, bottom wedged under the bed rail, open and waiting for him, was one he would always remember. Never had she looked more beautiful. Stepping quickly to her side he rested a hand lightly on her silky skin, feeling her tremble at his touch.

"It pleases me to see you this way." he said, his voice husky with emotion. Sliding his hands over her bottom he began spanking her lightly. Slow gentle blows to bring heat but not pain, gradually producing a pink blush on her creamy skin. He continued until her soft moans and the glistening wetness between her folds gave away her pleasure.

Taking the paper from his pocket he began to read,

"D caught me rubbing myself, it is so embarrassing to admit that he will not allow me to touch myself. He paddled me until I was on fire then turned me over and began rubbing my juices over my pussy and between my cheeks until he was rubbing my asshole. How did he know? I have longed to feel his touch there but was ashamed to ask."

Matching actions to words, Dan slipped his fingers through her folds, marveling at the way she was held open and exposed to his touch. Letting his finger dip lower he massaged the juice running between her cheeks into the tight rosebud. Smiling at her low moan and seeing her shiver he slipped a finger inside her tightness and flicked his thumb over the hard nub buried in her curls. Rotating his finger and working it deeper he teased her to the edge of orgasm before continuing to read.

"He has discovered my dirty secret. Not only am I being punished for touching myself but the humiliation of him seeing how his finger in my ass makes me tremble with need gives him even more power over me. I wish I could see his finger-sliding deep inside me, rubbing against my scarlet cheeks, the contrast of pain and pleasure keeping me poised on the edge of an orgasm he denies me until I am ready to scream. I beg him to take me."

"Oh my, I have left out a very important part. Your cheeks are barely pink."

Kerry is devastated when he slides his finger free, then the paddle falls. Hard and fast over her stretched tight bottom, covering the backs of both thighs. In moments she is sobbing, begging him to stop. To her surprise, he does.

"Do you touch yourself when I am out of town Kerry?"

Embarrassed, she closes her eyes, murmurs,” yes".

"Is that something you would do in front of me?"

She shakes her head, unwilling to answer.

"Do you deserve this punishment, Kerry?"

Again she shakes her head, sobbing when the paddle descends with lightening speed. He waits until her skin is deep red to ask again.

"Do you deserve this punishment?"

"Yes, yes. I'm sorry, I'll be good, I promise I'll be good." Kerry gasped, trying to make him hear her words between sobs.

Once again the paddle lights a fire on her bottom, several strokes to the backs of her thighs producing squeals, until her entire backside is a deep, mottled red. Satisfied that he has now gotten it correct according to her story, Dan returns to stroking her, sliding his fingers deep inside her ass as he leans down, inhaling the fragrance of her arousal.

Dipping his head he tastes her sweet juice, dragging his tongue gently through her folds then circling her hard nub as his fingers plunge in and out. The force of her orgasm took them both by surprise.

Watching Kerry's eyes flutter open, red-rimmed from crying, her face glowing with satisfaction, Dan was struck by how much he loved her. Helping her slide out from under the railing he knew this was the right thing for them. Kerry needed someone to take charge and he planned to enjoy every minute of doing just that.


Many, many thanks to Annie for this continued story. I do love her writing. I have heard from two other people who have told me they might be sending in a story. I really hope that they do and I hope others are thinking and writing too. If you have a story to share sent it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I’m back. Had a great trip. Ate waaaayyyyyyy too much. Eva is one of the very best cooks in the whole world! We had steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, green beans, bread, and fruit one night.

And ribs, baked beans, zucchini paddies, corn on the cob, green beans, bread and fruit the next night. And she had made a lemon cake, banana bread and chocolate chip zucchini bread that we snacked on continuously. Such a great place to go when you are trying to lose weight. But it was totally worth it!!

It was a peaceful trip. As Eva pointed out the only real excitement was that I slept with her husband Adam but heck, what are friends for. Of course as deep as I sleep during my Sunday afternoon naps she could have run a whole foot ball team through the house and said I slept with all of them too. Who knows what happened.

I’ve know Eva for 4 years now. And like most of us over a 4 year stretch TTWD comes and goes a little. She said they were not big into it right now and I had no reason to not to believe her until the following implement was brought out – right in front of Mollie I might add. It’s called the ‘Zap Master’, hmmmmm… and when you hold down the button and swat something there is a little electrical charge, double Hmmmmmm…

Now I’m sure that they are both being truthful that living alone with total privacy all they ever do with it is sit around and swat ‘bugs’. Whatever, just wish I had one.

More about my lazy summer to come.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Fantasy Friday, The Bed II

We have a real treat today. I think anyone who reads here is aware that Annie-nomyous is one of the very best contributors out here. Today I am posting part one of a three part story that she sent me several years ago. I do love Annie's stories. I think this will be a totally new story for most of you. I hope you will enjoy...

The Bed

Part One

Driving Dan’s vintage corvette well over the speed limit, top down, wind in her hair, Kerry thrilled to the delicious feeling of doing something forbidden. Knowing that this was the one thing guaranteed to send him into a rage only added to the fun. Kerry Tyler was practically immune to guilt. Having never had consequences, her most outrageous stunts only paved the way for new excesses. The only daughter of elderly parents, she grew up with little supervision and even less discipline. In her late twenties and married to a man who adored her, Kerry often wondered if her lifelong interest in spanking came from never having had one.

A full time homemaker, Kerry spent long hours on the computer, the member of several chat lines and e-groups for spanked wives. The other members would be quite shocked to learn that all of the intense and detailed punishments she shared on a regular basis were simply made up stories. Oh the deeds were her own, but the lectures, scolding, and severe punishments were figments of her imagination. Dan never raised his voice, to her, much less his hand. Driving his car while he was out of town was safe enough. He would never find out, and the story of her “punishment” would keep her, and her cyber friends, entertained until he got back.

Dan Tyler, smart, confident, at ease in most any situation, was in way over his head. And he was at least smart enough to recognize it. For months Kerry had been growing more distant, spending more time on the computer, and letting everything else go. It didn’t take much to
backtrack her surfing habits to come up with a definite pattern. One thing led to another and soon Dan found himself lurking on several so-called “spanko” lists that Kerry posted to. He was dumbfounded to learn that one of the favorite activities on these lists was sharing, in great detail, the punishments received by women on the list. Even more amazing, the severe and intricate combinations that he chose to punish his wife were listed as “classics” and recommended reading for newcomers. Each of Kerry’s tales began by explaining what she had done to deserve punishment, how disappointed her husband, “D”, was, and exactly how he went about making her truly sorry for her transgressions.

The first few stories were disturbing; portraying what seemed to him a level of abuse he could never understand. Having never struck anyone, the fact that untold numbers of strangers believed he was thrashing his wife on a weekly basis was frightening. After careful reading, Dan began to see a pattern emerging. Each of the women who shared their stories were very open about their need for discipline. The men spoke of domestic discipline being part of something they owed their wives. Each story began with the wife doing something she knew was wrong, most often something she had agreed was off limits, in some cases it was a series of transgressions that continued to accumulate until the man took charge and enforced the limits.

Of course the list of things he had been walloping her for was impressive. If she had done only a fraction of those things, and he was afraid it was higher than that, then she deserved to have her bottom blistered.

Always a methodical man, Dan determined that a few weeks of research would help him decide how to confront Kerry and perhaps provide a clue on how to begin to repair their marriage. He would be out of town on business and lonely nights at strange hotel would provide all the time he needed to gather information.

Dan Tyler paced his hotel room like a caged animal until his anger lifted enough to think. This time she had gone too far, and he couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when “D” came home early and wanted to know who put those miles on his car.

Kerry was curled up at the computer in a ratty old robe reading the responses to her latest story when she heard a car pull up. The sound of a key in the door sent her flying, delighted at his early return.

“Why didn’t you call me? I could have picked you up at the airport. Is everything okay? Why are you back early?”

Looking at her tousled hair and innocent face it was hard to believe that she had been on-line writing borderline pornography all day.

“Missed you too much to stay away any longer.” He said, smothering her questions with kisses.

“So, what have you been up to while I was gone? Anything I should know about?”

“Of course not, silly, just missing you.”

“You must have done something in the last four days, shopping, visiting, gone for a drive?”

She shot him a startled look and then laughed nervously.

“Just the regular stuff, went grocery shopping, called my mom, you know.”

“I guess I’ll just have to make it up to you for running off and leaving you here, bored and lonely then won’t I?”

Taking Kerry’s hand Dan led her to their bedroom. The antique bed they found on their honeymoon and refinished as their first married project had a sturdy cross bar at the footboard. Lifting his wife he perched her on the railing, the perfect height for him to ease open the old robe and bury his face in her beautiful breasts. Realizing this was going to be harder than he thought, he pushed aside the urge to forget everything and just make love to her and pulled back. Slowly, he lowered her to the bed, knees draped over the railing, robe thrown open, and started to walk around the bed to join her, when he suddenly stopped and gave a funny look.

Reaching under the railing he grasped her hips and pulled, wedging her under the railing and leaving her open and exposed in a very provocative pose.

Before she could say a word he started softly stroking her thighs, running his hand lightly over her now stretched tight bottom.

“I want to ask you a question, and I would like an honest answer. Did you drive my car while I was gone?”

“Of course not, why would I drive your silly old car?”

“Would you like to tell me who put 72 miles on it while I was away, if not you?”

Kerry started to wiggle out from under the post, this wasn’t sounding like much fun after all. Before she could slide out, Dan grasped her hips and wedged her more securely.

“I have a few things to say, and you can stay right where you are until I am finished.”

Kerry was startled and secretly thrilled by the stern tone in his voice. Dan had never spoken so forcefully, before. Maybe he would actually get mad at her and then they could kiss and make up.

Dan took a paper out of his pocket and began to read,

“This is the worst punishment I have ever gotten, and I deserved it all and then some. I drove his precious Corvette while he was gone; a big no-no at our house, then lied when he asked me about the extra miles. He was so mad he made me wait in the corner for over an hour for my punishment.”

“Does any of this ring a bell with you?”

Kerry was frantic, trying to figure out where he had gotten a copy of her post to her email buddies. Never mind the car, what must he be thinking of her?

“I asked a question and I expect an answer.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Kerry lied, again trying to ease out from under the railing, into a more dignified position.

“Stay right where you are until I tell you to move. And stop trying to play innocent with me. I have been reading your posts for several weeks, I am quite aware that you regularly “share” your punishments, and I have decided that that is exactly what you need.”

Dan looked at his lovely wife, her bottom hanging over the end of the bed, her eyes darting back and forth as she searched for a plausible excuse. Odd, when he had first found her stories he was outraged that she would tell total strangers he was beating her.
Today, watching the fear and fascination on her face, he realized that a sound spanking was what she had been begging for, and suddenly he was looking forward to giving it to her.

“I know this isn’t exactly the way it happened in your story but this will do nicely.”

With no further warning his hand landed on her bottom in a volley of stinging blows. The sudden pain took her breath away; she hadn’t imagined it would really hurt.

“Dan, stop this, what are you doing, I am a grown woman, you can’t do this.”

Dan ignored her completely, making sure he covered every inch of her bottom with firm blows. One hand on her thigh was enough to prevent her from wiggling out from under the rail, and the sight of his handprints covering her milky flesh was surprisingly satisfying. Most of their arguments ended in a cold war that could last for days. Being able to take action, hearing her beg for him to stop, he was certain he had done the right thing.

“Now that I have your attention, I plan to give you the spanking you wrote about, you know what you have done, and, this time I will let it be your decision as to the punishment earned.”

With that, he pulled a small wooden paddle out of his back pocket and set to work. Slow, steady spanks that covered her entire bottom with a deep burning fire. Unable to dodge the blows, she presented a perfect target, thighs spread, bottom stretched tight, he ignored her increasingly urgent pleas to stop and settled into a rhythm. Just like in her story he spanked every inch of her bottom and then started on her thighs, slowly working to the knee and then back up, covering each leg thoroughly, then concentrated the next few dozen strokes to the tender spot where bottom and leg met.

By this time Kerry’s pleading had faded into steady sobbing, broken only by gulps of breath as the paddle tortured her sit spot. Ignoring the frantic blubbering, Dan paused, and quietly asked,

“Did you drive my car?”

“Yes, I drove your damn, precious car, now let me up.”

“Not so fast, you wrote the story, you know we aren’t done here.”

Kerry’s sobs turned to shrieks as Dan slowly pulled his belt through the loops. She couldn’t believe this was happening, why did she write those stupid stories, why did she think she WANTED to be spanked?

“Just like you told all your fans, get caught telling a lie and you earn the belt.”

Doubling the thick leather, Dan carefully covered the buckle with his big hand. Taking aim the first stroke landed with a satisfying crack followed by a howl. Afraid of overdoing her first punishment, Dan gave her half a dozen solid stripes, then asked if she had learned her lesson.

Kerry sobbed out a sincere apology, begging him to stop, promising to be good and never to drive his car again.

Looking at his beautiful wife, pinned under the railing, ass on fire and glowing a deep shade of red, Dan began to understand this DD lifestyle. He felt totally at peace, no lingering anger, just a sense of having dealt with a problem and being ready to move on. In spite of her tears, he couldn’t help but notice she was also aroused.

“That will be enough for now, but, tomorrow we are going to have a long talk about the rules of this household, and the consequences of breaking them.”

Dan pulled Kerry up onto the bed and cradled her against his chest, holding her tightly as she cried and feeling closer to her than he had in months. He was shocked at how right this felt, and knew this was only the beginning. Kerry drifted off to sleep as her husband considered giving her all of the punishments she had bragged about on-line.


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