I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, May 31, 2013

Fantasy Friday Revisited - Liz and Jake

Today is my very last work day for this school year and then eleven weeks of freedom! On top of that wonderful news Nick has been in a spanking mood so things are looking up all around.

In light of one of the things Nick is spanking for, I may be crazy for re-posting this. I was looking for a good repeat and this one just popped up. I wrote this one to fantasize about a way to overcome my biggest problem. I suppose it should stay a fantasy, but you never know. Anyway, Nick doesn't always read the Fantasy Fridays so I think I'm safe, and if not well...

Liz and Jake

Liz came in from work feeling grateful it was Friday! A relaxing weekend was just what she needed. Kicking off her shoes she called to a greeting to Jake and collapsed into her recliner. She reached for her laptop but Jake called from the bedroom “Can you come back here for a minute?”

Laying the laptop back down Liz headed to the bedroom. Jake was sitting on the bed and had the hair brush out. Liz gave a silent, mental groan. A little play time would be nice but she was tired at the moment. Then again with a teenage still at home they did need to grab opportunities when they could.

But it seemed that Jake had something else on his mind at the moment. “Didn’t do so well on your weigh in this morning did you? You’re up a pound.”

Liz wasn’t worried. Jake wasn’t into discipline but he knew she liked a little. Gaining now meant a few swats once a week. Hardly a deterrent, but Liz thought it was nice of him to go through the motions for her. “Yeah,” she agreed. “Not my best week. I just wasn’t into it somehow. Sorry.”

“Well let’s get this taken care of right now.” Jake told her. “Slip your pants off. I want to be able to see what I’m doing.”

Liz undid her jeans and let them fall. Jake turned her, bending her over and having her put her hands on the bed. He took a minute to admire the view and rubbed his hand over her ass gently. Then putting an arm around her waist he pulled her tightly to him, he then took the hair brush and landed 10 of the hardest spanks he had ever given her.

“What the hell are you doing? That HURT!!” Liz yelled in shock. She jerked away as Jake released her. “Why did you do that?” She demanded. Rubbing her ass to try to lessen the pain Liz could only stare in shock at her usually gentle husband. What was going on?

Jake didn’t seem disturbed at all. “Did that get your attention?”

What it had done was pissed her off. “No! That just hurt.”

“Well, I wanted your attention. I can try again if I need to.”

“Forget it!” Liz told him taking a step back. “No kidding, why did you hit so hard? That wasn’t playing.”

“No,” Jake agreed, “I wasn’t playing. Sit down and let me tell you what I’ve been thinking.” Gingerly Liz sat on the bed.

“Four years ago you asked me to help you lose weight. We worked pretty well together and you lost over 40 pounds. You were the one that did all the work. I was just the cheerleader and the enforcer if you tried to slack off. But all the weight has come back. You stopped trying and obviously I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain either. We let each other down.”

Liz didn’t really want to hear this. She knew exactly how much she had gained lately, even though she tried to ignore it. She also wasn’t in the mood to be scolded. She was still mad at how hard he had spanked. Jake didn’t seem to mind that she didn’t seem to be in a receptive mood. He continued.

“You keep telling your blog friends I don’t do ‘discipline’, that it’s not ‘my thing’ and maybe you’re right. But keeping my wife healthy is something I care about. Your knees are hurting you again, you’re at risk for diabetes, high cholesterol and you already have high blood pressure. You’ve stopped going to the gym, stopped exercising at all. You’ve started drinking regular soft drinks again and you are not drinking your water. I know you keep candy and other snacks at work. When you were losing regularly you were much happier and I miss that. Things need to change and they’re going to.”

Liz was struggling against anger and helplessness. She knew it sounded like whining but she couldn’t help it. “I hate the gym! I HATE it! I just can’t make myself go or if I do I don’t really exercise.”

Jake cut in, “You don’t have to go to the gym every day, but going some would probably help. They’re other things you can do. You can walk, you can come home and play the wii, you can help me rake or even just move around the house and do a little cleaning, laundry – something to get you out of that chair.”

Liz had nothing to say. She knew he was right but she was just disgusted with herself for gaining it all back and just didn’t think she could go through all that again. The whole idea was just overwhelming and depressing. All she could think about was escaping the bedroom and grabbing the computer to complain to her friends.

But Jake was finished yet. “So here’s the deal. You’re going to lose the weight. Not losing it is the same as smoking, excessive drinking, driving without a seat belt or refusing to take your BP medicine – you are putting your life in danger and that stops now.”

“You say I’m no disciplinarian and I’m not, so I’m not going to hound you about going to the gym or exercising at all. I’m not going to tell you what you should be eating and drinking either. I’m not your daddy and I don’t own you. You are a bright, intelligent woman and you are going to be making all those decisions for yourself. But I’m going to set a few goals and I’m going to be the enforcer.

“We’re starting a new program this week and this is what’s going to happen. You have to lose a pound or more this week – not every week, but this week. You use whatever combination of exercise and food intake you think will work for you. As for my part you’re getting a spanking every day this week just like the one you got today. I know you like spanking – but you won’t like these. Ten licks with whatever I decide to use and they will be hard licks. I’ll decide if you can keep any clothes on and I decide when and where. If I tell you to come to the bed room or to the basement you go.”

Liz stared at Jake totally taken aback. “You won’t do it,” she blurted out. “You’d never even remember for a week.” She told him, half challenging, half accusing.

“It’s gonna happen this week Liz, like it or not.”

“But, but…” Liz began suddenly feeling a bit of panic that he might be telling the truth. “We don’t have privacy every day. Sarah will be here. She’ll overhear.”

Jake laughed. “She naps better now than when she was a baby and half the time if she’s awake she has her earphones in. We may have to be a little creative but that will be my job. You lose the weight and I’ll find the time and place to scorch your butt each day this week. We may be in the basement or we may be in the back bathroom. You may even find yourself having to get up before I go to work. Remember the cane or a bungee cord used like a Loopy Johnny doesn’t make much noise.”

They may not, she thought, but they also hurt like a son-of-a-bitch! Would she be able to keep from making noise?

“Well honey, that’s the deal. I would say take it or leave it but actually you don’t have that choice. That’s the way it’s going to be this week. And if you don’t lose that pound then next week you’ll also be spanked every day – only it will go to 15 licks a day. You’re the one who originally asked for this and I’m not going to let you down.

Liz didn’t believe him, not really. Sure he probably meant it at the time but consistency was not Jake’s strong suit when it came to anything remotely connected to domestic discipline. She wasn’t going to let herself believe that he meant all he said, but she could feel a tiny bubble of hope – would it work, could she stick with it, would Jake really stick with it, could she lose the weight again? She didn’t know the answers to any of these questions, but for the first time in a long time there was a ripple of excitement, and a little hope.


It had been quite a week and one Liz had no desire to repeat. To give Jake credit, he hadn’t backed down a bit. Saturday when Sarah ran to the store Jake pulled out the heavy leather paddle. Completely ignoring her pleas for ‘not quite so hard’ he delivered the 10 swats with gusto.

Sunday she was called to the basement as their daughter napped. Liz’s bottom sported a few bruises from the two day before, but Jake used his belt on his squirming wife keeping his word with 10 hard swats to her sit spot.

By Monday Liz was feeling the accumulative effect of the last three days. There were definitely some sore spots. When Jake wasn’t actually doing the spanking Liz wasn’t too much against the new program. She certainly had a revived interest in weight loss. At break time Liz automatically reached toward her snack drawer but the shifting in her seat caused a quick, somewhat painful reminder of all that had been going on the last 4 days. The drawer stayed closed.

Tuesday brought out the cane – Liz hated that! It stung like hell on her sore bottom – adding striped to the spattering of bruises on her rear. Jake had let her keep her pants on that day, but it would have taken body armor to have kept her from feeling that wicked implement.

Wednesday morning was the worse. Jake woke her at 5:15 AM. “You need to come to the kitchen.”

“The kitchen!? It’s the middle of the night! I’m not going anywhere!”

“Okay,” Jake was agreeable enough “I can use the cane again. That’s quiet enough.”

“Why now? Sarah will be babysitting this evening. Noise won’t matter.”

“This evening’s going to be for fun. I want to get this over with.” Yanking back the covers he said, “Hurry I need to get to work on time.”

Liz gave in and followed him to the kitchen at the other end of the house. What a way to wake up! Cold, nude, and spanked hard with a wooden spatula all before 5:30 AM! Would this week never be over?

But Jake had been right, that evening had been fun! There hadn’t been any spanking. But there had been some great butt rubbing to get them started. The love making had been more intense than it had been lately. The occasional squeeze on her sore ass only added to the excitement.

Cuddling afterwards Jake said “This week is almost over. You think you’re going to be happy with the scales?”

“I think so,” she answered. “I haven’t had one snack at work, I’ve been drinking my water and I’ve either walked or played the wii every day since Sunday. So how about giving me the day off tomorrow since I’m doing everything I’m supposed to.”

Jake turned to her and smiled. “Nope. Tomorrow I’m using the bath brush. I want to make sure you don’t want a week like this again.”

The bath brush! Shit! That didn’t seem fair as hard as she’d been working. But laying there with Jake’s arm around her she realized she was glad he was going to finish out the week like he had told her he was going to do. Still, she was not looking forward to the bath brush.

Thursday morning found Liz back in the kitchen at the crack of dawn dancing on her toes as the bath brush seemed to sear her ass as nothing else had. She didn’t cry but there were tears in her eyes when it was over. And it was over!! “I sure hope you lost that pound. I’d hate to have to do this all over next week – at 15 licks a day. Good luck honey.” And with a kiss he was off to work.

Friday morning finally rolled around. The pain from the bath brush was still evident as she sat up on the bed and headed to the scale. Jake had the day off and trailed after her to see the results of their last week. Taking a deep breath Liz stepped on. Down 1.8 pounds! She’d done it, almost doubling her goal for the week.

Jake was proud she could tell. “I knew you could do it! That’s great.” Liz was surprised at the relief she felt. She had been sure she’d lost the pound. But now she felt like she could finally take a deep breath.

Jake seem in a thoughtful mood. “Well it’s time to figure out the next goal. I think this week long spanking was a great motivator, definitely something to keep in mind for the future. Hmmmm…” he mused looking over the messy bedroom. “I wonder what else it would work for.”


I hope you enjoyed my story and I hope you'll write one yourself.  Please send any stories you have to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Deep sigh...

Mollie is at her camp, LJ and Colin are back in their beloved New York City, and once again Nick and I have our empty nest. I love those kids, I love seeing them, but as long as they’re happy where they are and getting on with their lives I am perfectly content just being here with Nick.

I feel like I’m coming back, my cold is finally fading and summer is here (well 4 teacher work days, but those hardly count). I’m going to have time to read and write and still do a few things around the house.  

The ideas of dieting and fitness have completely gone out the window. Between being sick, having Mollie here for a couple of weeks and the horrible end of school stress I just haven’t giving it a thought.  Nick has, but he has been kind and understanding about these distractions.  I don’t think that’s going to last, however. I hope he does get tough again – I have a wedding to get ready for! So while summer is for fun, it doesn’t have to be for eating.  But no matter what it’s SUMMER!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

A question to ponder

Done. Yes there are a few workdays to get through, but in reality, it’s done. I survived. A few more years to go and I can say that for good. 

The question I’ve been pondering is actually on topic for a change. Let me give you a bit of background.  Each day the last week of school was particularly difficult. The boss was being extremely annoying, we were testing, we didn’t get our planning time and I was coming home each day completely wiped out.

One afternoon Mollie needed to go to Wally World and ask me to go along.  I was tired, but I don’t like missing time with her. We were nearly through shopping when she got a text telling her that her little cousin’s baseball game was starting in 15 minutes.  She really wanted to go, but I most definitely didn’t.  I told her to call and see if Nick could meet us over at the field and take me home.  I felt a little ‘dumped’, but I really didn’t mind.

We’re at the field in just a few minutes and I was sure we’d beat Nick.  Mollie and I sat talking for a while and then I got a call from Nick.

“I thought you’d drive back around to where I parked, but you weren’t even looking for me.” He sounded annoyed. 

Now my needle has been fully pointing on ‘pissed as hell’ for nearly two weeks, but I’ve stuffed it down because the family is not who I’m pissed at.

I wasn’t hateful, but I I said, “Sorry we thought we got here first, I didn’t even know which car you were driving.”

“Well you only have two choices,” he answered somewhat sarcastically.

My mood quickly spiked into the pissed as hell mode! But I don’t blow up at my husband. I kept my cool and simply said, “If you’ll drive on around here we can transfer the groceries.”

“I don’t even know where you parked.” He snapped.

All right now there are only about 5 short rows of cars so I answered. “Give it a try, we’ll stand beside the car and with a little effort you’ll recognize us.” And then I hung up.

Normally on the rare occasions when Nick snaps at me I dive behind my walls, raise them to there full height and sit behind them nursing my hurt feelings and muttering mean things about Nick in my head, but I was simply too tired to make the effort. Now if you’re looking for a real knockdown, drag out fight, sorry that’s as wild and hateful as it got.

I really had no reason to be mad at Nick.  And I really wasn’t, but it wasn’t my fault he had had to come out either and I was sure we had beaten him there so I wasn’t looking for him.  Mostly I was just mad because I was tired and frustrated because of work.

We talked very little on the way home and then he pretty much left me alone the rest of the evening.  Isn’t that what most men would do with an angry wife? Trust me spanking was the last thing on my mind, as I’m sure it was with Nick. But later I began to wonder.  What would have happened if Nick had decided at that time to spank me?

That’s when I began to ponder. How would I have reacted if Nick had brought me in and given me a real spanking – for snapping at him and hanging up or maybe just for letting work creep over into my real life enough to ruin our evening.  Now I know a couple of ‘love taps’ would have pissed me off further, but a real spank, one that I didn’t expect, didn’t want, one that really hurt.  How would I have reacted? I have no idea.

I have a vague fantasy of being forcible spanked.  Usually I’m most willing so it would have to be when I’m truly mad about something.  I like the idea of struggling and telling him to stop! Telling him I’m not in the mood to play, only to have him keep on as I gradually realize he’s not playing either. I fantasies about finally crying during a spanking and calling him names and just releasing so much penned up emotion and then to have him hold me when it’s over as I sort out my feelings.

This is not a request for this to happen; it’s certainly not a complaint against Nick. It’s truly just a scenario that intrigues me and one I doubt I’ll ever experience.  I do know I wouldn’t hold it against Nick.  I mean if he tried it and I really didn’t like it in any way, shape or form then in a calmer time I’d tell him or email him letting him know that I’d rather him not do that again, that it didn’t work for me. But I wouldn’t hold it against him for trying. And what if it did work, what it he’d tried it and it really did snap the mood, stress, hateful feeling I had to live with for weeks, food for thought.

I know many of my friends out there don’t do any kind of discipline.  What do you all think?  How would you react if your guy really spanked you when you were in a bad mood?  Do you think it would be enough of a shock to break your mood or would he draw back a nub?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Fantasy Friday - End of Year Blues

It's here, it's here! Last day of school! I lived though it and I'm amazed. My children are both home and that's wonderful.  I'll have to say I'm very happy today.

We have a brand new Fantasy Friday story. To say this one hit home would be a true understatement.  You might have notice me complaining just a bit about some of the people I work with. I've ranted a bit stronger to a few friends by email. I think Sunny was truly listening and as a way to help me celebrate the end of the year she wrote this story.  I love it!! 

Sunny, bless your heart for this one, it did bring a smile to my face and laughter to my heart.  Please enjoy...

End of Year Blues

Lynne Camden woke up this morning reveling in the sunshine and the fact that today was the last day of school.  She had always looked forward to this day as a student but now that she was the teacher it was even better.  It was the kickoff of summer vacation, the kids would be difficult to control today, anxious to get on with the lazy days of summer. Although she had to go in a couple of days next week, the stress was over and she had survived.  She always hoped she would get through the year without loosing her cool.  The stresses of the year always seemed to pile one on top of another as the term came to an end.  

She came downstairs and there was a note on the table from her husband.  It read

I am so proud of you for making it through another year. 
I know how stressful it’s been but it’s over now.  
Enjoy the day and I have a surprise for you tonight.

                                                         I Love You

Next to the note was a rose he had cut from the garden, along with her coffee mug.   Lynne felt a rush of love for her man.  He was the perfect man for her; although sometimes she didn’t always treat him the way he deserved to be treated.  She put the rose in water, filled her coffee mug, put the note in her pocket and went off to work.  She got to the school a few minutes earlier than usual because she had some things she wanted to set up in the classroom before the kids arrived.  Carol Connors, another teacher, pulled in at the same time and they walked in together.   As they approached the door there was a note tacked on the door to come to the Teacher’s Conference room before proceeding to their classrooms.

“Why can’t they leave us alone?  It’s the last day of the school year and they are still pestering us” Carol said.

“I refuse to allow them to ruin my mood today” Lynne told her.

They both walked into the conference room and based on the looks on the teachers that were already there, it was not good news.  Lynne fingered the note in her pocket, it would be her talisman today.  When everyone was there, Bud Johnson, the principal stood up and handed out packets to everyone. There was a communal groan as the information was ingested.  Bud told everyone to pipe down.  The information was an edict rearranging the classes for the new school year.  In addition to a new curriculum being introduced, classrooms were also being rearranged.  Teachers had a choice of either making the changes by putting in a few extra days this next week, or coming in a week early before the new term began. He needed to take a vote.  As questions began bombarding Bud, he raised his voice and actually yelled at them to pipe down. 

One of the teachers piped in with “We are not supposed to raise our voices to students so don’t be raising your voice to us.  Did you have to wait until today to drop this bomb on us?  Most of us already have our classroom plans for next year” Many heads nodded in agreement.

Bud apologized and said he hadn’t received approval from the school board until last evening.

“Don’t you think you could have given us a clue ahead of time?  You obviously have been planning this for some time”.

Bud, who was not the most beloved principal they ever had, said it was his job to administer and it was their job to implement the changes.  Lynne sat there constantly touching the note in her pocket trying to calm herself down.  It didn’t work.  She held her tongue as long as she could before stepping into the fray.  She had had it.  She let loose telling him how frustrating it was working with someone who held his colleagues in such low esteem. She went on to tell him that his people skills were non existent and to go to hell.  She stood up and stormed out of the room.  Not her finest moment.  She heard a noise, turned around and realized her fellow teachers were clapping.  A few seconds later they were also filing out of the room.  It helped to see they supported her.  She knew they were all frustrated with Johnson but had remained silent for the most part.  She seemed to always be the one dissenting voice in most of their meetings throughout the year.  Bud was a first year principal and instead of listening to and offering suggestions, he had that I’m the boss attitude and his way was the best.  Sometimes Lynne wished she could just paddle him, the way the students used to be paddled for unruly behavior. She felt it would do him a world of good.

She had a smile on her face as she entered her classroom.  Her students would be arriving shortly and she wanted this to be a fun day for them.  She had planned on movies and activities to keep them occupied until the final bell of the year rang.  She enjoyed teaching and while not all of her students were perfect, they were all lovable.  She loved it when she knew she reached one of them that had been struggling, or taught them a life lesson when she saw a lesson being modeled.  She especially loved the last day because so many of the kids would write notes to her telling her they would be sorry not to be in her classroom anymore.  This is what made her put up with all the other stuff throughout the year.

Just as she was getting set to start the movie, an announcement over the loud speaker, summoning her to Bud’s office.

“Oh, Ms. Camden has to go to the principal’s office,” said one of her students.  Many of the others just snickered.  She was less than pleased to be summoned in this way.  He could have come to the classroom and knocked on the door.  Typical Bud, she huffed.  Ms. Kenner, Bud’s secretary, was waiting outside her door to monitor the class.  When she got to his office, he told her to come in and close the door.

“What you did today undermined my authority and I won’t have it.  I expect an apology and I also expect some respect in the future”.

“Mr. Johnson, while I agree it might not have been the best venue to express myself, it is my opinion and I am entitled to it, regardless of whether or not you agree with it.  Respect needs to be earned and as far as I am concerned, you have not earned it.  While I will apologize for where it was said, I will not apologize for saying what I did.  Now if I am excused, I would like to get back to my classroom.”

“You’ll be excused when I say so and not a moment before”

“It’s just that attitude I resent.  I am a colleague and not some unruly student.”  He glared at her and just kept tapping his fingers on the desk.

“You’re excused but do not go back to your classroom. Ms. Kenner will meet you at the car with your things”.

“You don’t have the authority to fire me”

“I’m not firing you but I am relieving you of your classroom duties for the day” he said with a smile she wanted to smack right off of his face.  Good day Ms. Camden.”

She met Ms. Kenner at the classroom door, took her things, got in the car and peeled out of the schoolyard.  She was so upset, not only with Johnson, but with herself for allowing him to get to her.  They had been each other’s nemeses since the very first day of the school year.  She was always complaining to Ted about him.  It had gotten so bad that by December Ted told her if she complained one more time he would paddle her behind. He was very supportive but he told her to stop bucking the system, accept it for what it was and move on.  She was good for a while but then Johnson really irritated her so bad she came home one day and once again took it out on Ted.  He led her to the bedroom and put her over his knee and paddled her until she cried.  That was an unusual occurrence for both of them.  It worked though because she had not said another word of complaint the rest of the year.  That was why the note meant so much to her.  She knew she was going to complain about this and wondered if it would earn her a visit with Ted’s paddle.  Actually, she hoped it would because it would relieve some of her guilt.  She realized she had not handled the situation well and felt bad about not being able to say goodbye to her students. 

She drove around for a while and then stopped in at her favorite coffee shop and indulged in a Café Mocha.  She thought about the summer ahead and how she planned on spending all of that glorious time.  She heard her cell phone go off indicating a call and not a text message, which was unusual because during the school year everyone knew she would be in the classroom. 


“Is this Lynne Camden?”


“This is Betty Lou Jorgenson.  I understand you had an altercation with Bud Johnson this morning”

Betty Lou Jorgenson was a member of the school board.  She was also the sister-in-law of Ms. Kenner, the school secretary.

“That’s correct”.

“Maddy Kenner told me about what happened and I wanted to let you know I do not agree with Mr. Johnson’s handling of the situation.  We appreciate what a good teacher you are and how you would want to send your students off to a good summer.  Mr. Johnson is young and doesn’t always handle things with the greatest diplomacy. While I don’t want to undermine his authority, I’ve called him and told him that I would be calling you and telling you it would be fine to drop in to say goodbye to your students.  You can tell them there was some family emergency or something to cover your early departure”  

It took a moment for Lynne to digest this information.  When she did she thanked Mrs. Jorgenson for being so thoughtful and apologized for causing a disruption.  Mrs. Jorgenson told her not to worry that Maddy was always saying that Bud Johnson needed a lesson in humility. She told her while she couldn’t applaud Lynne’s behavior publicly, she could do so privately. 

Lynne finished her coffee and drove back to the school.  The movie was just ending so she stepped in to the classroom and silently thanked Maddy.  She told the children there was a matter that needed her attention and she had to leave early.  She told them all to have a good summer and passed out the little treats she had bought for everyone. There were quite a few notes on her desk that she picked up as she walked out the door.  She drove home with tears in her eyes.

She was sitting on the porch, reading the children’s notes when Ted came home. 

“So sweetie, did you have a good day?” he asked.

“It started out beautifully, thank you so much for your note.  You are so good to me”

“By your comment, I assume it was all roses for the rest of the day.”

“No, it wasn’t but it ended well.  Do you really want to hear me complain about Bud Johnson again?”

“Not necessarily, but how about we have a glass of wine and you can tell me all about it?”

By the time they were finished with their second glass of wine, Ted knew all about Lynne’s day.  She asked him if he was going to spank her for complaining about Bud Johnson again. 

He said no but he did have a surprise for her that she might enjoy.  I thought a little role-play would be fun.  You’re the naughty schoolgirl and I’m the headmaster.  You do know what happens to naughty schoolgirls, don’t you?  With that he led her to his office and told her to bend over the desk. 

“Yes sir, she answered.  “Can I keep my knickers on?”

“For this part only,” he replied.


Dear Sunny, you did make my day! Thank you so much for thinking of me! I think you're the best. I'm always looking for Fantasy Friday stories, everyone is welcomed to send a story.  Please help out if you can. Send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com