I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, November 30, 2015

Teacher’s worst nightmare

It seems that there are a great many teachers among us out here – either actively teaching or retired. I’m not sure why, but I find it interesting. Anyway I have no doubt everyone will be able to appreciate the terrifying experience I went through at school not long ago.

We’re studying India at the moment. I teach ancient civilizations from all over the world. I’d been searching our school library for a decent video, basically something that wouldn’t put the kids to sleep within the first fifteen minutes. I found one that was pretty good, about an hour long and combined the ancient information with a little about Gandhi and how cows still wander in the street. I only showed about fifteen to twenty minutes at the time to keep them interested.

I however got to see the video four times everyday as the classes changed so I was a little tired of it. It worked out that my last class of the day was the first to see the end of the video. I was sorta watching as I did some work at my desk.  Only listening with one ear, I looked up thinking I’d misheard when the video mentioned “The erotic temple…” I had not misheard.

Suddenly, on the big screen, carved in stone no less – was every conceivable sex act known to man. There were carvings of men going down on women, women going down on men, women straddling men as they sat, anal sex… picture the Kama Sutra illustrated in stone. And there I sat with a roomful of eleven and twelve year olds. I’ve been teaching for nearly thirty years but this situation was new to me. I did know one thing however and that was to call NO attention to what we were watching. If I’d have grabbed the remote and turned it off it would have confirmed that what they were seeing was completely inappropriate. So I continued to stare at the screen with a blank to somewhat bored expression, as my heart pounded out of my chest.

(Examples of what was in the video)

Thankfully this was my least mature class. As it suddenly began dawning on a few of them what they might be seeing, just as they began looking around to one another and then back to me – with my bored, uninterested expression – the video gratefully moved on to other topics. And I let the video continue to run until it was time to go to our lockers, which thankfully seems to wipe anything that’s happened in class from their minds anyway.

Believe it or not I got not one question or comment from student or parents. It’s a miracle, truly. If I plan to show anything from the computer – youtube or anything I always preview it, but this was from the school library!

And now comes the true question – do I tell my colleagues or let them discover it on their own?  The good side of me says tell and label it with a sticky telling teachers where to stop. My rebel side says to hand it to the other social studies teacher, who always says rude hateful things about gay people even thought she knows LJ is gay and is extremely embarrassed by anything sexual and just let her show it. I won’t do that, but picturing what would happen has been fun.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fantasy Friday - A Thanksgiving Tale

Happy Thanksgiving! I know Fantasy Friday is a little early but I thought you might need some quiet time to digest and relax from family interactions. This Fantasy Friday is one of the first stories I ever received from Sunny and marked the beginning of a wonderful friendship. So sit back, loosen your belt and enjoy…

A Thanksgiving Tale

Margo and Jim were going to his sister Pat’s for Thanksgiving. With his sister it is never so much an invitation but rather an edict. It was always a hassle because of the drive and the kids never liked going to Aunt Pat’s because “there was nothing to do” there. Margo really didn’t want to go. She had asked Jim to consider asking his sister and her husband Jack to join them at their house so their boys, Brian and Bret, would be more comfortable. Pat was ten years older than Jim and her children were adults. It would be even worse this year because their son, Jack Jr. was in the Coast Guard and would be out at sea and their daughter Emily was going to her husband’s family. So it would just be Pat and Jack and Margo, Jim and the boys Jim thought it was a good idea if Margo could get Pat to agree to it. He had his doubts. He was right – there was no way Pat wanted to leave her home for Thanksgiving. She had been doing Thanksgiving Dinner for twenty years and wasn’t going to stop now.

So off they went to Pat and Jack’s. It was a long ride and the boys were getting antsy in the back seat. Even with their games they were doing what siblings do – arguing. Margo was starting to get a headache and they weren’t even halfway there. She started complaining to Jim that this wasn’t going to be a good day. Jim was getting tired of dealing with Margo’s complaints, listening to the kids bicker and putting up with heavy traffic. He was losing his patience. By the time they got to his sisters in Silver Lake, everybody was on edge.

Dinner was to be at 3:00 which meant they had two hours to wait before dinner. The TV was on to the football game and the guys were engrossed. Brian and Bret were outside playing with the dog and beginning to get hungry. They kept asking when dinner was going to be ready. Margo had finally had it and scolded the boys. Jim overheard and guided the boys out of the room. He reminded Margo that she was the adult and the boys were just hungry. She snapped that they wouldn’t be in this situation if they had just stayed home. Pat overheard their argument and started to cry. Now Jim was really upset. He tried to cajole Pat and appease his wife. Margo was in no mood to be appeased and continued to state her displeasure. Jim whispered in her ear that if she didn’t stop right then she would be sorry when they got home. Margo got the sobering message loud and clear and her hand absent mindedly went to her rear.

They had just sat down to dinner when the boys started arguing about whose turn it was to say grace. Margo had had it. All she could think of was that she had to get out of there. She jumped up from the table upsetting her glass. Cranberry juice was everywhere. Sue and Jack started to mop up the juice and the boys just shrugged their shoulders happy that they weren’t the ones to spill the juice. Meanwhile, Margo grabbed her purse and headed for the front door. After offering to help with the clean up, Jim followed right behind her. He grabbed her by the elbow and asked her to return to the dining room. She refused. By this time Jim was really upset – he was in his sister’s house and this was not the time to argue with his wife. He took her behind their car and gave her three hard swats to the seat of her pants and told her to stay out there until she could apologize and behave herself. They would continue this discussion later when they got home.

Jim came in and explained that Margo would be in shortly and they should begin to eat dinner. Eventually, a subdued Margo joined them and apologized for causing the mishap. The rest of the dinner went smoothly. After coffee and dessert, Margo and Sue started putting away the leftovers and getting the dishes done. After a while, Jim suggested they get on the road. Now Margo was the one that was trying to prolong their departure - she knew what was awaiting her once she got home.

The drive home was much quieter than the drive to Silver Lake. The boys fell asleep in the back and Margo tried chattering away to ease some of the tension between her and Jim. When they arrived home, Margo tucked the boys into bed. Jim told her he would be up to kiss them goodnight and she should just go into their bedroom to wait for him. Jim took his time entering the bedroom. He knew Margo would be nervous and the longer he waited the more time she would have to think over her behavior and dread what was coming. When he entered the room he sat down at the end of the bed and asked Margo to join him. He started lecturing her about her misbehavior. He placed her over his knee, pulled down her panties and proceeded to spank her bottom hard, no warm-up tonight. Margo started to whimper and wiggle around. Jim was having none of it and anchored her legs and began spanking her in earnest - left cheek, right cheek, middle, then concentrated on her sit spots. She was now sobbing loudly. She kept repeating how sorry she was and to please stop spanking her. After five more swats to each thigh he stopped and brought her up on his lap. He held her and told her how much he loved her and that he was sorry that she didn’t have a very good Thanksgiving. She apologized for ruining their Thanksgiving and said that next year she was going to make sure the turkey was the only thing that was going to be roasted.


I told you it was a good one! Sunnygirl I do thank you for sharing with us.  You can go by Aimless Rambling for more of Sunny's great stories every Morning.  Thanks Sunny and I hope you and Ray are having a great Thanksgiving. Now back to spanking stories, I know every spanko has a story – I mean we had to fantasize or we would never have realized/admitted to ourselves that we are spankos. So just write that fantasy down and send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ella's questions and a few answers

I read Ella’s never have I ever and I thought it would give it a try. She came up with some very interesting situations here.

1.  Said something very rude to a doctor during childbirth?

Not me. According to Nick and my SIL who was present at both births all I said was, “ice”, “cloth” when I needed a cool cloth for my face and “fan” when I wanted them to fan me. That was only for LJ’s birth – they had a fan in the room for Mollie’s birth. I’m very quite when I’m in pain.

2.  Seen someone pop their eyeball out?

Haven’t see this in a person, but I worked for a vet for ten years so I’ve seen it in dogs lots of time. Seen it and helped put them back too – often in Pekingese

3.  Had your stomach pumped?

No and I don’t ever plan on it.

4.  Been to a drag show with a very large gay man?

No, but I’m sure my son would take me if I decide I want to go to one.

5.  Eaten a worm?

Not that I know of.

6.  Run a nifty, little money-making business when you were 11-12 years old buying girlie magazines for the boys in the neighborhood?

No, that was not my money making venture.

7.  Crawled through an underground storm sewer for 5 blocks?

Not even for five inches.

8.  Lied about your weight?

Of course not, why would you lie when you weigh 130 pounds?

9.  Needed your husband to help you up the stairs because you were inebriated?

No, not one of my problems.

10.  Seen a movie star in an airport?

No, I try to avoid airports if possible. I did see Art Linkletter once at our little local airport. Anyone remember him?

11.  Walked out of a movie?

I don’t think so, but I’ve slept through several. Mollie got me to take her to the Spice Girl movie years ago – great nap.

12.  Sat on a jury?

No, got in the box once, but they didn’t want me thank goodness.

13.  Told a child, "Because I said so."

You better believe it, it was one of my favorite lines with my kids because it was so true. If they wanted to ride their bike to town I’d tell them no.
“Because I said so.”
“Seriously, mom, why can’t I?”
“There’s too much traffic and…”
“But I’ll be really careful!”
“See you didn’t want a reason, you wanted me to change my mind. So the real reason is, ‘Because I said so.’”

14.  Ran a cash register in a small grocery store when you were 8 years old?

No, but I waited on the counter at my parents gas and appliance store when I was twelve.

15.  Wrote a eulogy for a parent?

No but the minister did a really fine job with each of them.

16.  Heard a song you were sure was written and sung just for you?

That would be most song I liked between 1963 and 1975.

17.  Roasted chestnuts on an open fire?


18.  Eaten 44 shrimp at one sitting?

Little ones, yes.

19.  Thrown all phones in a drawer for the entire weekend?


20.  Gone on a vacation all by yourself?

Oh yes! I used to take a weekend in the mountains by myself to read each new Harry Potter book as soon as it came out. When there were no more of those, I’d take a weekend each summer to go up to my favorite hotel and write.

This was a lot of fun! Thanks Ella. I hope everyone joins in.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Super Saturday

Nick and I had a wonderful weekend! Mollie did come home and we all went out to eat Friday night, but she had plans with friends most of the day Saturday. Nick and I headed up into our mountains Saturday morning. We have some wonderful little shops up there and we did some Christmas shopping. I’m one of those who really wants all my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. This probably comes from my dislike of crowds. The idea of fighting crowds on Black Friday is the stuff on my nightmares. But our shopping trip was quiet and pleasant and we found a few things I think you all would like.

We ate at one of my favorite little restaurants in the mountains and we got home just in tine to tell Mollie bye as she headed out to do some shopping of her own and then to the movies. She had invited us to the moves too but we definitely had other plans. And the very first thing on our agenda – a nap, of course!

But there we had even better plans for after those naps. There was time for spanking fun (and some not so fun – but that’s for another post).  It was a great afternoon, plenty of time to bring out many of our toys and just enjoy one another. As we lay there afterwards so very satisfied, Nick looked over at me and said, “You know, we really should have bought Mollie’s movie ticket.”

Saturday, November 21, 2015

One more blog

If case some of you don't know I do have another blog - PK Corey's Reading Room and I post there most Saturdays for Saturday Spanking. I'm going back in the next few weeks posting some snippets from the beginning of the Cassie series as I wait for the eight in the series to be published. You're most welcomed to stop by.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fantasy Friday - I'll Be There

I made it though another week! Go me. But next week will be way better with only two teaching day and one work day - I'm already cleaning out my room and I plan to do some heavy cleaning Wednesday. Let's think of today's Fantasy Friday as a pre-Thanksgiving, make wise choices story. This story was written my a good friend Carye - we've been friends for years and both of our husbands would agree with this story!

Please enjoy...

I’ll Be There

"Linda, come here, lets have a talk." Jake said from the bedroom.

"Coming!" Linda called cheerfully. As she walked into the bedroom, she stopped short, seeing Jake on the bed with several implements near him. "What's going on? Are we going to have some fun?"

"Not this time. Remember our conversation a few weeks ago about wanting discipline? About dieting? About the diet group you wanted to join? Where was that… Todd and Suzy’s?"

"Well, yes, but.."

"And I said we'd try it here first, then, you could join. Well, if I remember right, you didn't loose this week and you asked me to try to start up a DD lifestyle using this as our starting point… right?"

"Well… yes, but …"

"Nope, too late, the only 'but' I want to see is yours over my lap, please. Oh, and you can loose that pretty little thong you're wearing, you won't be needing it."

Blushing, Linda carefully removed her thong, making sure she didn't reveal anything under her dress. Then slowly laid herself across his lap, not sure exactly what to expect, and trying hard to remember what she had told him she wanted several weeks earlier.

"Now, Linda," He started as he slowly lifted her skirt over her hips, and began to gently rub her gorgeous butt. "We're going to do this right from the start. This isn't going to be an erotic spanking, no nice warm-up, or rubbing and touching in between. You are going to answer with ‘Yes Sir’ as well. Do you understand?"bv

"mmmm… yes sir" she cooed loving the nice rub on her bottom. Still not sure how this was all going to work, fearing and hoping that it truly would be their first discipline spanking.

"Why are we here?" he asked quietly.

"Because I gained weight this week, sir." She responded.

SMACK! "Nope. Wrong answer. " Jake replied.


"You're here because you made some bad decisions that caused you to gain weight. Correct? .. oh and don't forget the ‘Sir’ please, I don't want to have to add anything to what you already have coming" he reminded her gently.

"Yes sir. Bad decisions"

"What were those decisions?"

"um.. well, I don't really know…" she started. SMACK SMACK SMACK came his hand.

"OK, OK!" She frantically started. "Sir, I did too much snacking at the vending machines. I was good at home, but at work, not as careful"

Gently rubbing he asked. "Was that it? Just some snacking at the vending machines? No big lunches out with girlfriends, nothing at night?"

"Well…." SMACK "ok, ok! Yes, I went out a few times at lunch too. It is so hard to order light stuff when we go really good places sir!"

"Why do you need to do that? What did the doctor say that caused you to ask for these spankings?"

"please Jake, I know…." SMACK SMACK SMACK he rained down a thirty second volley of spanks with his hand. It was starting to sting his hand he realized.

She caught her breath wanting to rub away the sting. "Ok, he said I needed to eat more healthily and try to loose about 30 lbs. sir."

"And? "

"Please Jake sir isn't that enough?"

"No. You've got to say and understand what else he said. You need to face it, not try to ignore it; your life and my life as we have it now are at stake. Come on."

Sighing, with tears beginning to flood her eyes, she quietly whispered, "he said I'm borderline diabetic, and if I don't change, I could end up with full blown diabetes.”

"That's right, both of us need to change, I want you to say it again, this time louder."

Crying more now, "Because I'm a borderline diabetic sir."

"Right, and we're going to work together to make sure that doesn't happen. If it does anyway, we'll deal with it, but it is NOT going to be because you wanted to eat fattier, less healthy foods when you go out with your girlfriends. You ARE going to make good choices next week." With that he started her spanking in earnest. After using his hands a few minutes more, he paused, pushed her forward slightly, and scissored her legs. Sighing to himself he resolved that he could do this despite shaking and feeling sad, he was resolved. She asked for it and this was for their own good.

He picked up the hairbrush. Rubbing it on her butt, he asked "Linda do you know what is going to happen next? I'm going to use the hairbrush. I will use this every time we end up here. I love you more than anything in the world. I want you to be healthy. We can make this change together. I will eat just as healthy. Do you understand?"

Crying gently, she answered him. "Yes sir"

He began with the hairbrush. Linda began to fight, she had never felt anything this hard before, reaching back she tried to stop it, but he just grabbed her hand and pulling it into the small of her back pulled her tighter against him. She was crying and almost beyond where she thought she could take. Suddenly she felt exhausted, she could fight no more. She just laid and sobbed. Soon Jake stopped. He dropped the brush and scooped her up into his arms. With tears in his eyes, he hugged her for all he was worth. "Oh, Linda, I love you so much, I love you I love you. It's ok. It's ok."

Slowly her crying slowed. She looked into his eyes love radiating out at him. "Oh Jake, I'm sorry, I'll make better choices I promise."

"I know honey, I'm here to help you to support you whatever you need. I promise I'll be there every step of the way."

And he was. They did join the diet group after some discussion, and decided they both would join. This way, he could be with her every step of the way. Over time, they lost together, grew closer to each other, and much healthier together. Discipline did slowly become a part of their relationship with all its ups and downs, yet together they worked as a team making the whole truly stronger than the two parts.


So how many of you can relate? Thanks Carye, I hope you'll come by and check in here. Now for anyone out there as you spend Thanksgiving with the family I bet you can come up with a story of someone getting spanked - maybe that annoying relative? Write it up and send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com