I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, March 30, 2020

I’m naked again!

Finally! I got to take the heart monitor off and mail it in. I can sleep nude again and I love it. I am free to turn over and snuggle to my hearts content. Nick doesn’t seem to mind either.

I’m curious to know how my friends are doing in quarantine. As for me, I guess I’ve been training for this my whole life. I enjoy being alone and I enjoy staying home. Nick still works – for the moment and I get to look forward to his homecoming each day. Having him here 24/7 not able to leave the house would be hard – on him and therefore hard on me. It’s the one thing I’ve worried about him retiring. While I’m perfectly content in my writing room, he’d be going nuts!
I wanted to mention StoryWorth again. This is the gift LJ and Colin gave me at Christmas. You can check out their website here. But to jump on board you don’t have to do anything official. You can join in all on your own.
Basically you’re writing stories of your past for your kids and grandkids. StoryWorth send you a prompt, an idea each week to write on. Some are interesting – Tell about your favorite teacher or What was a great prank you pulled. But I usually ignore their prompts and write what I want or anything the kids might ask about.
So far I’ve written about how Nick and I met, the story of finding out I was expecting each of the kids. Then I’ve written in detail about the birth of each – I cheated and typed up what I had written in my old journals from the actual time. I’ve written of my college days. I’m writing now about how their grandparents met and dated. I’m going back and asking myself what I wished I’d asked my parents more about and then writing up answers to similar questions from my life.

It’s lots of fun. I hope you’ll try it. It doesn’t have to be with StoryWorth. They produce a nice book at the end of the year, including pictures if you want to include them, which will be nice for the kids to have. But you could print what you write yourself and give it to the kids as a Christmas gift this year. 
And I’ve written a special letter, which will be the last in the book, as a thank you to my children. Stuff I wanted to tell them, but sometimes it’s hard when you’re busy and running around communicating by a quick text. We’ve got the time now. Tell them what you want them to know, old stories, funny stories, stuff they did as kids or that you did when you were a kid. 

And don't hesitate to go deeper and tell each one what they mean to you and how much you love them. 

Friday, March 27, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Fantasy Wasted part 2, Jake and Raina

Here's our Fantasy Friday for the week. Maybe stories and fantasies are what we need at the moment. This is the second part of the story we began last week. You can find part one here.

Fantasy Wasted, part 2
Jake and Raina

Jake rose from the desk and reached over to shut down the power to his computer.  Then as he flipped the light switch something through the window caught his eye. It was beginning to snow. Large powdery flakes of snow were drifting to the ground. He approached the window with arms folded. As he stood there watching the snow fall his thoughts drifted to a thousand diverse places but finally settled upon Raina. 
He smiled as he thought of how she loved the snow and always insisted on making snow angels and snowmen with the kids when they were small. He wished she was standing there beside him now. Raina had gone to bed an hour earlier and he hated to wake her. Besides it wasn’t like she’d never seen snow before. 
Their life together was settled. Secure. Happy. Jake had nothing to complain about and he knew it so how could he… why would he…. 
He sighed as a feeling of selfishness entered into the pit of his stomach. He hung his head and tried to fight off the shame. He thought of Raina’s goodness and how it would devastate her to know that he wanted more. And if she knew WHAT exactly he wanted…. Well… he wondered what she would think of him then.
He didn’t hear her enter the room but turned to face her when she softly called his name.
“Jake? Honey, are you coming to bed?” 
He apologized and told her he was watching the snow fall … and…. Well… thinking.
She approached him from behind and wrapped her arms around his waist. She turned her head, pressing her cheek against his back.
“Whatcha thinkin’ about?”
He told her “nothing,” but then said, “Everything.”
“Well which is it?”
He drew a deep breath and pulled her around to stand beside him. For a while they stood watching the snow fall. Finally Jake turned to her and said “Raina, I love you with all my heart, but are you happy? I mean REALLY happy?” 
She assured Jake that yes, of course, she is very happy with him. But then… then panic struck as she realized that maybe he isn’t happy with her. Her voice caught on the words as she asked “Are YOU happy?” 
He assured her that he was happy but at the same time felt like something was missing in their relationship. Still panicked Raina wasn’t sure where this was going. Jake sensed her fear so he took her by the hand saying “Come with me.” 
He led her into their kitchen and turned the light on. He said “Look around… Really look. Are you happy with everything in our lives that goes on in this room?”
“Jake, honey, it’s a kitchen. We cook here. We eat here. It serves its purpose quite well.”
“So you’re happy with it? REALLY happy? The appliances are okay? The counter top?”
“Jake, it’s a beautiful kitchen and we both know it. What are you getting at?” 
Again, he took her by the hand out into their garage. He gave the same command: “Look around… REALLY look.”
Raina was starting to relax a bit and found herself enjoying this little game. She threw her arms around his neck and teased, “Jake!! I love you!! You’re buying me a new car, aren’t you? That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?”
They both knew that her car was new enough. He pulled her arms from his neck and asked again “are you happy with what you see here?” 
“Of course. I love my car and I’m glad to have a garage to keep it in. Remember what it was like on nights like this when the cars sat out because we didn’t have a garage?”
They chatted back and forth about all the times they had to dig a car out from under the snow until finally, Jake took her hand again and said “Okay, let’s go.” 
He led her to the family room where they discussed their need to spend more time there with one another. He led her to the living room where they talked of new furniture. And then one by one, he led her to each bedroom.
They talked about each of their children and how proud they are of them. They talked about the previous year’s adjustment to their now empty nest. And then finally…. Finally….Jake led Raina into their own bedroom. 
A wave came over her as she knew the questions he would ask. They’d been to a number of rooms and Jake had asked the exact same questions of her in every room.  Raina felt her stomach tie into one huge knot as she realized that THIS… their bedroom was the end all of this adventure Jake had taken her on. 
Two things raced through her mind. She knew she had to think quick. And she knew she had to be careful. Jake had always been the most considerate of lovers. Her needs were always met. She wondered how damaging the truth might be to him. She wondered if she would be able to find the words to tell him that even though her needs have been met she’s had many, many nights of unfulfilled wants. Could she dare to tell him the truth? It felt like an opportunity was before her that she might never have again.
Another thing that raced through her mind was a feeling of pain. Was she not satisfying him? Did he want more? What could he possibly want? She had always been willing to fulfill every desire that he conveyed to her. If he wanted more, he just needed to say so.
Raina couldn’t stand it. She was about to explode. When Jake told her to look around and asked if she was happy with their lives in their bedroom she felt tears well up in her eyes. She felt her throat begin to tighten. She wasn’t sure if she’d even be able to talk. 
Finally she looked up into his eyes and said “Honey… Please… Please just tell me what this is all about.”
He swallowed hard and said, “Alright. I’ll tell you, but not in here. Let’s go out to the kitchen and put some coffee on.”
As Raina started the coffee, Jake collected his thoughts and planned his approach. 
She placed his coffee before him as she sat down with her own across from him. 
“Now, will you please tell me? Jake, what’s going on?”
He told her that he didn’t know where to begin but then finally it all came pouring out. He reminded her how he loves her more than life itself. He told her that never once has he regretted marrying her. But….
“Raina, you are a terrific wife… in bed…. I mean. I have cherished our sex life from day one… but…”
“But….tell me Jake. Just tell me.” 
“I want more”
“More? Jake I’ve rarely turned you down in all our years together.”
“I don’t mean quantity, Raina.” 
Her heart fell. She knew if it wasn’t quantity he was after, it must be the quality. Her voice began to quiver as she realized…
Jake laughed “no no no that’s not what I mean. Sweetheart you are a fantastic lover. I mean more different… not more more.” 
“More more? More different? What do you want?”
Suddenly Jake felt that shameful feeling again but he continued, “Raina it’s always the same. Same technique, same style, same time, same place, same way… every time. Don’t you ever want to ….ummm…. mix it up a little?” 
Raina wasn’t sure where the words came from but answered Jake with, “Well…ummm… yes…ummm…. Okay. I have fantasies too!” 
And that was all it took. 
Jake raised an eyebrow, “oh, really? Tell me about them.” 
Raina blushed but somehow knew that after all these years it was going to be okay if she told him the truth. 
“Sometimes I think about what it would be like if you ummm… well…. Ummm… quit being so damn nice in the bedroom and used a little more ummmm…. dominance.”
Uh-oh. Raina felt her face flush.
“This is embarrassing to admit even to you, Jake, but all my life I’ve wanted a man who knows when to take charge.”
“Take charge?”
“Yes, take charge.”
“You mean like boss you around and stuff?”
“Well… maybe….” 
“I see,” Jake said. “And I’m assuming you’re talking sexually, right?”
“Well .. yeah… I mean no one wants to be bossed around twenty four seven. You know how Chip is with Janet? I could never live like that.” 
“Yeah he can be a real jerk. I could never treat you like that.” 
“Good because that’s not even what I’m talking about… hey, isn’t this supposed to be about you?” 
Jake was thoughtful for a minute and then asked, “Can I tell you something?”
“Of course.” 
“Well, there have been times… a lot of times actually when I’ve wanted to do just that.”
“How so?
“Well I’ve often wondered what it would be like to order you to the bedroom… to tell you to take all your clothes off and wait for me.”
“Okay, now you’re talking.”
“But Raina, you’re such a ‘good girl’ so I’ve never been able to be a ‘bad boy.’”
“Oh Jake, we’re married!! If we can’t be bad with each other, then who can we be bad with?” 
Jake was thoughtful again. “Raina, we’ve come this far, I might as well tell you the rest of my fantasy.” 
Raina teased, “There’s more? Should I be afraid?”
Jake got a twinkle in his eye and raised his eyebrow again. “Do you know what happens to bad girls?”
“I’m not sure what you think happens to them but I know what SHOULD happen to them.”
“So would you be willing to be a bad girl for me?”
“Only if you’re willing to show me what happens to girls when they’re bad.” 
He took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. With all the firmness he could manage at that moment he said, “Baby, bad girls get spanked.”

My thanks to my friend. I wish she would write more. I have several more great stories that are in several parts so please come back next week. New stories are always welcome, you can send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Marriage advice from a pro (not me)

I hope everyone is well and surviving their forced confinement. I ran across part of this in my archives and thought it might be a good time to post it again. I know I needed to read it again.

I’ve had two big shocks in my writing career. Even though I don’t plot out stories, and pretty much write by the seat of my pants (in the writing world I would be known as a pantser,) I know in general where a story, or post, is going. My first shock came when Lily entered the Cassie’s Space series. I had no idea she was in my head, that was not the way I saw the scene going – she just marched in and took over. It was a true shock and in my mind one of the most wonderful things that’s ever happened while I was writing.
But my second real shock came a few years ago while I was writing a post. I never bash Nick on my blog, but I’m not above complaining a little. The post I was writing leaned a little that way and I was planning to do some whining and complaining about him and probably the lack of spanking in our marriage.

So I was gearing up to write the post. I went into true writing mode, meaning I was staring into space trying to formulate what I wanted to say, when something happened. In all these years, nothing like this had ever happened before so I simply sat stunned listing to what I can only call a lecture from one of my best friends. Here’s what Cassie had to say.

Enjoy your husband. Pay attention, and enjoy your husband. Enjoy him when he is in a happy, loving, playful mood. Enjoy him when he’s tired and crabby and withdrawn. Enjoy him when he’s mowing, doing the laundry, and cooking. And enjoy him when he’s sitting beside you quietly watching TV or reading or even napping.

Enjoy him for who he is. You chose one another above all others in this world to share your lives together. And most importantly, after more than three decades you’re both still there. Do you know how many women would give their eye teeth to be in your place?  To have a man who truly loves you. A man you can trust completely and who is completely loyal to you. You’ve never had to worry about infidelity. You’ve never had to worry about drunken binges or abuse. You have a man who cares for you and will listen to you – if you will just talk to him. 

Enjoy him when he’s annoying you. Enjoy him when he’s being inconsiderate or thoughtless. Enjoy him when he hurts your feelings or snaps at you for no reason. Enjoy him, but you don’t have to ignore these things. I’m telling you to be a wife, not a wimp. Tell him if he’s annoying you or being inconsiderate or thoughtless. Tell him if he hurts your feelings. What do you think is going to happen? You tell him these things and he gets mad and says, “That’s it, I’m leaving. Marriage over.” You know that’s stupid. So, you argue, big deal – you’ll both get over it. 

Talk to the man! Tell him when you’re happy, tell him when you’re mad. Stop living in your head and enjoy this wonderful man you have. When you’re mad or hurt, you need to tell Nick and stop thinking in your head, “Well, Tom would have… or Tom wouldn’t have…” – because I know you do this sometimes. Remember, Tom is mine and only mine. No one else would put up with him. Trust me, you would hate being married to him. I have the occasionally dream of being able to do anything I want any time I want with no worry about the ivory brush. Everyone has ‘the grass is greener…’ feelings at times. But never stay there more than a minute or two.

You’re living on the fringe of your marriage, it’s like you’re scared to get involved.  You’ve chosen peace and harmony rather than fire and passion. Maybe try it the other way for a while. You don’t have any big problems in your marriage. Quit nursing the little ones and learn to enjoy what you have. 

Enjoy your husband!

This was out of the blue. Cassie tells me her stories, but she’s always stayed out of my business. I know, I know, Cassie is just another part of me. So perhaps I was lecturing to myself, but it didn’t feel that way. Regardless, she wasn’t wrong. I think I’m going to try to take her advice. Hmm… taking Cassie’s advice on marriage, it should either bring Nick and me closer or I’m going to  get my ass spanked. Sounds like a win/win to me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The majority of voices in my head say I do NOT have multiple personalities.

Seriously, doesn’t everyone have other people living in their head. It’s been a reality for me since early childhood. I’ve always known they were imaginary (sorta). The never tell me what to do. They just keep me company and write with me.
 When I met my first friend out here, Eva, what attracted me to her was a post she put up that so resembled me so much. I left a comment saying, “Please crawl out of my head. It’s getting crowded in here.” Years later as we got to know one another better, she laughingly told me, “I never knew how true that statement was!”

So I got to counting the other day just to see who all is in here. Okay, there’s me (Elis, PK), then there’s Liz/Badass and Wimpy of course. Nick calls her Liz, I call her Badass but either way she is the one who sometimes tells on me and lets Nick know what’s going on in my head. Wimpy is the one who wants us all to shut up about spanking, because she has a tender ass and we usually leave her to take the actual spanking. Anyway, that’s three.

Then, of course, we have my cast of characters. I have Cassie’s world which includes everyone from Cal’s Law too. Many of you know the regulars. I have them, I have the minor characters, and I have those yet to be heard from. All together the ones I know by name (and age and personality and how they look…) number forty-two at this count. There are others in there who someday hope to have their own book. There are about eleven in that group.

If I’m counting right that’s about fifty-six people living in my head and want to be heard at times. I’m most grateful that they usually wait until I sit down at the computer and have time to write. Cassie is the only one who will just start on her own if I haven’t given her enough attention.

If you don’t mind a little self-promoting, I  suggest both of my series. The Cassie’s Space series and the Cal’s Law series are pretty gentle, funny, touching books full of both spanking and true love. If you haven’t read them and have a little more reading time now, I hope you’ll give them a try.

So when I tell you I spend a lot of time in my head, please don’t think I’m lonely. I’m definitely not! And I’ll share one more thing that’s helping me get through these hard times. When I’m truly stressed and worried in real life, and who isn’t right now, I go sit with Cassie and her friends. I get the most welcoming smiles and Cassie has saved a rocking chair just for me. I join the ladies and we rock and watch the river. If I’m truly upset, Cassie often reaches over and puts her hand over mine and give a little squeeze. It’s a big deck, and there are plenty of rockers, Cassie says you are all welcomed to stop by, anytime. And you know she'll have plenty of wine to share.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Checking in and I have a question

We’re still fairing well in this uneasy time. Nick only works with two people, the couple who owns the company, so he’s still going to work and I stay home and write. Mollie is busy trying to figure out ways to teach little ones remotely. Her dog is thrilled to have time with her. She can even go to work with her since there are no students.

Of our family, LJ is the one I worry about. He’s really the only extrovert in the family. Nick, Mollie and I are content staying home – but my boy moved to NYC for a reason. He wants to be out and about – in bars and restaurants. He wants to go to plays and museums. He likes the hum of the streets and meeting up with friends. Not to mention that NY apartments are made to sleep in and shower the next morning before you go out – not to live in!
His husband, Colin, is still going to work because he works on one of the rooftop farms – not something you can do from home. But he’s riding his bike rather than taking the subway. Colin has suffered with anxiety on and off over the years, not so LJ. LJ could always talk Colin down and help him feel better. But this time LJ is the anxious one, and I’m delighted to say Colin is stepping up to help him. Don’t you love it when a spouse rises to a challenge!
Back on the home front, I’m still wearing the heart monitor until the 27th. So I have a question for some of you –

How in the hell do people sleep in clothes?

I know it’s possible, I did it for forty-nine years! But for almost fourteen years now I’ve slept in the nude and I love it. However, with wires and leads hanging off me, I thought it best to sleep in a T-shirt. It was horrible! It didn’t turn when I did, it got tight in places when I moved. When I’d try to put my arm under my head the sleeves seem to twist and tighten at my armpit. I don’t think I slept at all that first night. The second night I found an old tank top, a little tight but it seemed to move with me and not restrict my arms too much. But I still hate it!
I’ve had to take it very easy after the heart catherization. I mean they do puncture an artery to do it. The instructions said for the next five day do not participate in the following activities – jogging, golfing, playing sports, spanking and sexual activity. 
Okay, it didn’t actually mention spanking. But I’m sure that if they knew we indulges they would have. Not to mention I’m sore as a boil!  It sounds like they don’t want to do anything to bring increasing blood flow to the area. I’m not sure it this is good or bad, but it’s not forever, just for right now. Nick told me fondly, that he’s keeping a list and we’ll deal with it at the appropriate time. Can’t ask for much more than that.
So that’s what we’re doing. Feel free to share what’s going on in your life!

Friday, March 20, 2020

Fantasy Friday Revival - Wasted Fantasy

There's a new snippet from Cassie's Tale up at the Reading Room today. I hope you'll drop by.

Thanks for coming by. Here we all are in the midst of something we don't quite understand other than that our world has changed for the moment. Yes, just for the moment. It's hard to see right this minute but this too shall pass. Things will be 'normal' again. I promise. But while we hunker down, together and apart. Our little spanko thought still roam in our heads and we need to take a minute to indulge them. This story was written by a friend long ago, I'll keep the writer to myself. But she's good! Please enjoy...

Wasted Fantasy

When she was eight years old she knew there was something about spanking that she found appealing. She knew she was not supposed to feel that way so she didn't tell anyone.
When she was thirteen she began to make up fantasies of being bad, of being scolded, of being spanked. She knew she couldn't tell anyone.
By the time she was seventeen she wondered .... she wished. She still didn't tell anyone.
Then she met Jake in her senior year of college. He seemed a bit rough around the edges but she saw past that. She saw right through that. She knew there was more to him than his shaggy hair, pierced ear, and torn jeans. They became an item and were seen together walking to class, going to lunch, and attending social events held on campus.
As graduation approached Jake removed the earring, got a haircut and invested in some respectable pants and dress shirts. Then he landed a job.....not a great job but a decent job. And Raina found one also that wasn't too far from Jake's.
They decided to take the next step in their relationship. They found an apartment and planned their wedding. They knew life was only beginning and that it was going to be good.
Over the next five years they had two children. Jake had received two promotions at work which allowed Raina to take time away from her career and stay home with the children. When they finally entered school she re-entered the working community. The extra money enabled them to live their lives comfortably.
Over the years Raina still held in her desire and fascination. The children grew. Jake continued to grow in his career. She too received a promotion or two along the way. Finally when the kids left home she realized that she was happy but still ached and longed for more. She had hoped for years that Jake would pick up on her signals and take her over his knee one day but it never happened. She resigned herself to the idea that she had bizarre fantasies which were best left as they were: fantasies and no more.
But still, she imagined him calling her to him. He'd take her pants down. He would scold her for some imaginary offense. He'd remove his belt. He'd wrap a supportive arm around her waist as he began to spank her bottom.
Such ideas made her wet with lust and excitement. Throughout her marriage she found such fantasies would help when she wasn't really in the mood. When Jake would roll her over and pull her up onto her knees she'd begin to think. As he entered her from behind she played out scene after scene where he would scold her for this and spank her for that. When he squeezed her cheeks and then squeezed them with a bit more force she could almost feel a belt or a hair brush coming down upon her rear.
But she couldn't tell...
She could never tell. Jake would think her insane if she was to tell him she wanted him to lovingly hurt her. It wouldn't make sense to him. How could it? It didn't even make sense to her.


Jake was a happy baby and grew into a calm child. He was one of those kids who rolled with the punches and seemed to just flow through whatever life handed him.
By the time he was a junior in high school he was a starter on the varsity basketball team and was dating one girl after another. He was drawn to just one thing on a girl: Her ass.
He couldn't quite pin it down. He wasn't sure what it was that attracted him to that part of her anatomy. He had a mental checklist of requirements for a woman's bottom: full, big but not too big, enough to grab hold of. Squeezable. A girl had to have what Jake called a squeezable ass in order to qualify for a date with him. He felt shallow but at the same time knew that he knew what he liked in a woman. 
When he went away to college he knew the opportunity that was upon him and before him. He focused on school. He didn't date much. He figured he'd have time for that later. For now he wanted to focus on doing well in college so that he could make a decent living down the road.
His eyes still roamed. He would smile when he thought about how he was glad to be an ass man and not a boob man. Being an ass man is far superior to being a boob man. He knew that if he'd been a boob man there was great risk of being caught in the act of watching them - a girl's boobs that is - bounce and jiggle when she approached. Being an ass man allowed him the luxury of watching all he wanted as he walked down the sidewalk 10 steps behind his visual.
During the first month of his senior year he caught himself watching the same full, jiggling ass three days a week as he walked to class. It took him just a few days to realize it was the bottom of the same girl that he was watching. He would lose track of her as she entered the computer science building each day.
After a month he finally was able to put the bottom he'd been watching with the face of the girl who sat two seats behind him in his advanced IT class. They began studying together. Then they dated. Then they graduated.
They moved in together and soon married. They had children. The children grew. The children left home. They had an awesome life built. They took trips. They worked hard. They loved hard.
He never got tired of watching her bottom. He loved the way her jeans tightened around her cheeks as she bent and stretched. He loved the way it jiggled - just a bit when she walked naked in their bedroom. He watched. For years he watched.
And for years he fantasized. When he made love to her he would often roll her over and pull her up onto her knees so that he could enter her from behind and squeeze her cheeks. He loved how she moaned with pleasure when he squeezed a bit harder. And he dreamed...
In his dreams he would call her to him. He would tell her to remove her pants. Then he would take her over his knee and massage her ass while they talked. He imagined silly offenses she'd committed. He'd scold her for failing to turn the computer off. He'd spank her for cooking pork chops for dinner instead of chicken. He'd what? WHAT? He'd spank her?
Yes, in his dreams.. in his fantasies he would spank her until she cried. He would scold her until she was repentant and remorseful. And then he would make love to her. At that moment he'd come out of his fantasy into reality where he would realize it could never be. 
For years he played such scenarios over and over in his mind. He was ashamed. How could he imagine hurting Raina? He didn't want to ever hurt her. He loves her. Why would he want to ........
How could he want to.....
She would never know of course because he would never tell her of this.... his deepest, darkest fantasy.


There is another part of this story. I'll have it up next week. In the meantime think of the story roaming in your head and maybe write it down. We'd love to read it. Send stories to: elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

TTWD drifting ... TTWD recovered, maybe

All went well yesterday. There were no blockages and I was home by 11:00. I'm sore but that's about the worst of it. I have a great excuse not to exercise. But in long run that might not be so good. Read on...

Nick and I are trying to bring TTWD back to life in our home. You can check back on last weeks posts to see what we said so far. Nick and I continued our conversation. It was time to get down to details.

Here's what Nick had to say:

First, I want to hang on to anything that provides or promotes mutual closeness and excitement.  The problem is I don’t best know how to accomplish this objective. Perhaps we can explore possibilities.

On issues of importance, there is health, ranking right up there. I feel that any healthy weight loss would be desirable, and should result from proper diet and activity. With that in mind, I feel that any month without a weight loss will provoke a consequence. This takes minor weekly fluctuations and weak excuses out of the picture.  Not extremely demanding and should not put your butt in jeopardy.

Another possibility would require a lot of responsibility and honesty on your part.  It would require you to establish your own reasonable standards for your activity, and importantly to evaluate and report on those weekly achievements. For example, in an end of week email you would state “due to a busy week I was unable to meet my weekly activity goals” or “for some reason I just could not get motivated to exercise this week”.  These reports would then trigger a response from me.  We can discuss whether a weekly check-in should be mandatory or as needed, again this places a lot of responsibility on you.

Although no specific rules should need to be written, I feel you should be accountable for a general level of competence for household appearance. If there are four pair of shoes and socks in the living room, if the kitchen sink hasn’t been cleaned for a couple of days, if the main bath doesn’t get cleaned, then a quick reminder might be justified.

Spankings will sometimes be pre-announced and sometimes spontaneous. They may sometimes seem to be unwarranted. While consequences and follow-up sex would not always go hand in hand be forewarned that paddling your butt tends to turn me on.

Obviously the above represents an experiment. It of course would require some further defining and refinement. It will probably require some open-mindedness and patience.  You game?

Was I game? I remember passing notes in elementary school, like:

Do you like me, circle one: 
     yes  no  maybe

In truth I wanted to circle all three. But here is my answer to him:

I like what you’ve said here. It all seems reasonable and I agree. 

Sadly I view the, ‘be honest’ as harder than the weight loss.  I'm very used to being quiet, withholding you might say, more than out and out lying. I've always worried that telling on myself was a way to try to push you to do something. I don't know.  It's always seemed easier to stay quiet or let you assume something that isn't quite true. But I promise to work on this. I know it's a bad habit, but it's quite ingrained. It may take practice.

Thanks for bringing all this up. I think we deserve to give it another shot.

He responded with one last text:

Since you recorded ____ as your weight for last week in Feb. you will need to beat that for last post in March to stay out of trouble.
Good luck.

(Look, I’ve shared about my life, the fact that my husband spanks me, I’ve discussed our sex life out here and hundreds of other personal things. I am NOT going to share with you my exact weight – we have to draw the line somewhere!)

Monday, March 16, 2020

Very IMPORTANT - please read

I have more to post about Nick and me working on our TTWD relationship. I’ll have that up on Wednesday. But I wanted to do this post first.
It’s getting a bit crazy when we look around the world right now. And heaven knows I can’t do anything to fix what’s happening – except wash my hands and I promise I’m doing that. Seriously though, folks are worried and scared and I want to help in the teeny-tiny way that I can. 

So that’s what I’m going to do. I going to post as often as I can about ordinary stuff. I’m not going to ignore the fact that there is a health scare going on. But I don’t plan to belabor the point. I’m not going to give my political opinions (boy, do I have opinions at this time. But this is not the place to express them.) I’m trying to make this ordinary and normal. Maybe a little boring, I’m going to be posting about this and that like I always do. A little about spanking, a little about my kids, pleas for others to try a Fantasy Friday story. 

I hope you’ll all think of this as a safe place that you can gather with your friends. I’m hoping others out here will try to post more often too. We don’t have as large a group as we used to but there are still lots of folks around Bonnie, Hermione, Ronnie, Terpsichore, Windy, Morning Star, Storm, Sunny (not around as often as I’d like, but still around), – and probably more that I’m not thinking of. 

Come by and read, visit with us, relax for a few minutes. Be brave and leave a comment. I promise I’ll reply, maybe that day maybe a day or so later, but keep checking. We need a spot to just sit around and be together over a virtual cup of coffee, or glass of wine, your choice. 

This is a place where we’re in no danger – of a virus or of being judged for having a slightly different fantasy life than the norm. If you don’t blog feel free to tell us what you’re doing in comment, tell us a funny story, be sarcastic – in other words, just visit. And everyone feel free to reply to the comments of others. We used to do that all the time and it was how many of us made friends. If you would rather email it’s elisspeak@yahoo.com

 And on another quick note. I flunked my stress test last week. I’ll be going in for a heart catherization in the morning. Hopefully I’ll only be there about four hours, but it could possibly be over night. So… I have a post to go up on Wednesday and I might be a little late on answering my comments. But I’ll be back at it soon.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Training Lisa, part II

* Come by the Reading Room today, if you get the chance. Cassie is being herself!

And we're back for another Friday. And if you liked last week's story you'll be happy to know that Florida Dom continued his story. If you didn't read part one last Friday, you can find it here! For today, please enjoy...

Training Lisa, part ll

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick Tock.
Lisa was waiting patiently for the hour to end so she could email Sir tell him that she was ready to go where he wanted to take her. She was now his. She had just experienced the most wonderful night of her life and she knew she wanted more of that. But Sir had told her that she had to wait at least an hour before telling him, "I will obey, Sir.'' Not that she needed to wait that long.

Even though she hadn't even see him yet because he kept her blindfolded during their first session, she knew he had unlocked something deep inside her that she had been trying to get out all these years. Ever since she was a teen-ager. But she never knew there was a man who could unlock those desires and let them out. She knew that even though she was dominant in the board room, she always wanted to be submissive in the bedroom and she had finally found the man of her dreams to take control of the rest of her life. She was ready to give herself to him and start an exciting journey. She tingled just thinking about it. She wanted him to be the HOH and she wanted to live a DD lifestyle

When Sir gave her that first spanking, she knew it wasn't a hard one because he only used his hand and he warned her that this was just a warmup and that if she wanted more sessions, she would feel searing pain from the welts that would make it difficult for her to sit down. But the spanking had sent a jolt right to her pussy. She knew she became wet immediately. And she wanted more even when he stopped.

And she could live with the fact he denied her an orgasm because he said she had to learn that it was not about her pleasure, it was about his pleasure. He was not one of those slam bam men who was content to finish before she was even warmed up. He knew how a lot of foreplay could leave a woman begging for more. He played with her body as if she were a rare violin. He kept sucking her nipples until they were sore. He ran his hand down her body, slowly running his hand in circles and he slowly ran his tongue up and down her slit until she almost couldn't bear it because she was almost desperate for a release. But part of Sir's training was to make her wait for pleasure on his timetable.

Each time he saw her getting close to orgasm he would stop and ask her how she was feeling. She almost couldn't answer. She would just moan and ask for more, beg for more, please, please, please. But he would just run circles around her tummy with his hand until she calmed down. Then he would start again, running his fingers over her clit and that would bring her back to the brink And then he'd stop again. Then he'd start again and pushed one, two and then three fingers into her slit and massaged her G spot and she thought she was going over the top. But then he quickly pulled out again and she was left gasping. The next time, she tried to disguise the fact that she was close, hoping she could slip over the top before he realized how close she was to an orgasm.. But he was too good at judging the signs that a woman was close to release and he kept teasing her. And all the time he made her keep her arms clasped behind her head so she couldn't touch him or herself. He would do all the touching. He was in charge. He was running the show. He told her he could tie her down, but if she kept her hands behind her head, he wouldn't need to. And he deliberately didn't want her to enjoy an orgasm or have sex on their first meeting. He wanted her to looking forward to more the next time. The way to train a woman was to show her that her pleasure depended on him.

She kept remembering and savoring every detail of the unforgettable evening like when she could hear him leave the room but she could see nothing behind her blindfold and he had told her not to speak unless she was asked a question so she waited in suspense. He quickly returned and she felt something being sprayed on her nipples and her freshly shaved pussy. It felt cold, but she didn't know what it was. It was whipped cream and he worked her back into a frenzy as he slowly licked it off. But again, he stopped when she was just at the brink. By this time she was exhausted and sweaty and he figured she had had enough. So it was time for him to enjoy his pleasure. He came between her tits and then rubbed his cum all over her chest and scooped up a bit of it and let him lick it off her fingers. This was her first taste of his cum, but it was a taste she was to become as familiar with as her orange juice in the morning.

As she came down off her high and gave up begging for a release because she knew she wasn't going to get one, he stayed long enough to tell her how much he had enjoyed the session and she showed the potential to be the woman he was looking for. He wanted a smart woman he could relate to. He liked the fact that she was a success in the business world. But he wanted a woman who would obey, a woman who, if she came on this journey with him, would always defer to him and his wishes. There would be no safe words. She would accept whatever he decided she needed. He might push her past what she thoughts her limits were, but he would always know what her real limits were. If at any time, if she decided she couldn't take it, she could say no and the relationship would be over. She had to have him on his terms or not at all.

She wanted to tell him she would accept his terms, but he had told her she couldn't talk unless she was asked a question. So she just listened and thought about how lucky she was. And he told her she couldn't say yes right now. She had to wait at least an hour to email him. He didn't want a rash decision while she was still on a high. He would give her up to a week to make a decision, but she had to wait at least an hour. He then prepared to leave and told her she had to stay on the bed for another 15 minutes until he rang her cell phone number. She could then get up and take off her blindfold. And before he left, he wanted to leave her something to remember him by. She could feel something on her tummy as if he were writing something on her. She wouldn't find out what it said until he left.

As she lay there waiting for the cell phone to ring, she knew she had never felt this way in her life. She was almost in a trance. She had never had an experience like this one. She felt like she had been given a drug and she wanted more. A lot more. Finally, the cell phone rang and she took off her blindfold and her legs were weak as she slowly got out of bed. She looked in the mirror and saw that he had written "Sir's Slut'' on her tummy. She was proud of that. And she saw the bite marks on her tits. They were like badges of honor to her. And there was even a bite mark on her neck. She hadn't had a hickey since she was in high school. She knew she was going to have to wear a scarf to work tomorrow.. And she saw the hair under her armpits, the only hair on her body below her eyebrows now that he had shaved her pussy. It was Sir's mark on her and she accepted it although she figured if would be awkward when she went to the beach in the summer.

After she had a cold shower, she dried off but was careful not to touch her pussy with her hand. Only with the towel. He was clear that she was not to touch herself without his permission, much less have an orgasm. After putting on her bathrobe, she went to the computer to do some surfing and wait for the hour to be over. Her right hand kept wandering inside her bathrobe because she wanted to touch her smooth, freshly shaved pussy and her wet slit, but she'd always catch herself just in time. She didn't want to disobey him.

As soon as the hour was up, she went a four word message, "I will obey, Sir.''

He wasn't surprised that she was so quick to send the message. He could tell she was a natural submissive, but she still needed to be trained. It would be an adjustment for her to switch back and forth between the board room and the bedroom. He didn't want to mix the two worlds. Oh, he would make her wear thongs to work to get used to having her cheeks bare at all times, but she could still be a dominant in the office. Many people who don't understand the DD dynamic don't realize that a woman can be a feminist and a submissive at the same time.

He then reminded her what he had told her in the bedroom that she must obey all the rules he set down and submit to his wishes and that she understood that they wouldn't interfere with her work in the boardroom. When she came home at night, all the rules would be suspended if she had any work to bring home. Or if she got any work-related calls. The rest of the time in her condo was his time. He asked her if she understand and she wrote back, "Yes!''

"Yes, what?'' he responded.

"Yes, Sir,'' she was quick to replay.

He warned her not to forget to use Sir in the future again or there would be consequences, but he would let it pass the first time because he hadn't stressed it. He then asked her if she was sitting on her bare butt on the sandpaper on the computer chair the way he had ordered her to.

She quickly realized her mistake. She was in such a state of euphoria that she had forgotten. She had plopped down on her computer chair in her bathrobe and forgot to sit on the sandpaper with her bare butt. She hesitated because she hated to tell Sir that she had not obeyed him. She knew that Sir wouldn't be happy.

"I'm waiting for an answer,'' he replied before she had a chance to tell him about her mistake.

She figured there was nothing to do but take her medicine and she told him that she was awfully sorry that she had simply forgotten but that it wouldn't happen again.

He was not amused. He figured it was time for her first lecture. He told her this wasn't a game. Submitting to him was going to be part of her life if she was to be a part of his life and she had to learn that she had to pay more attention to the rules. He wasn't going to tolerate her being careless because he was going to put more rules in place in the future. This was just the beginning. She had to pay attention and obey. Forgetting a rule wasn't an option. And he couldn't let this pass. There had to be a punishment to send her a message that he was serious about this. She would enjoy a lot of pleasure being with him, but she would learn that she was strict. Did she understand that?

"Yes, sir,'' she typed. She knew there was no point in making excuses. She had failed him and she deserved to be punished. She understood that. He told her he was now postponing the first date they were going to have in public in the next few days. First, she was to suffer her first punishment session. And she obviously still was not ready to see him. She wound be blindfolded during the entire session. He would pick her up and she would be waiting just inside the door blindfolded. He would take her by the arm and lead her to his car to take her to his place for the punishment session because he had many more implements there. This would be a major test for her to see if she was ready to continue their relationship after a punishment session. He was sure that she would be. He figured she was hooked after the sensuous play he had treated her to earlier in the evening. He told her that he would check his calendar to decide when the punishment session would be.

But first, she learned, there was going to be immediate punishment. She would punish herself. He told her to get a hairbrush and a ruler. She would bend over and deliver five blows to each cheek butt with the hairbrush as hard as she could swing. And then she was to add five swats to her pussy with the ruler. She was stunned by how harsh he was being and she wanted to beg for some mercy, but then she thought the better of it. She knew he was strict and there was
no point in begging.

She simply typed, "Yes, Sir,'' and went to get the hairbrush and the ruler.

She took a deep breath before she started. He told her to email a picture of her butt after she punished herself. He wanted to see some marks. She decided she would deliver all five on her right cheek as fast as she could to get it over quickly. But the first one stunned her. She didn't know how much a hairbrush could hurt. And this was punishment. There were no endorphins. It just hurt. But she had the satisfaction of knowing she was pleasing him. That's the only way she could stand the next four. And then she delivered the five to her to her other cheek. The pain seared her, but when she looked in the mirror, she could see marks. He would be happy. That's all that counted. She would endure the punishment for him.

But she still had to deliver the five to her tender pussy. She almost doubled over in pain as she delivered the blows but she again knew he would be pleased. That's the only way she could stand it. She had tears in her eyes when she went to the computer to send him the picture and tell her she had obeyed.

He was pleased. He knew that she had passed another test and this was a woman who could be trained to meet his desires. He told her to go to bed now but to remember not to touch herself. He even told her to tie her right wrist to the headboard of her bed so it didn't wander between her legs. She again did as she was told, but it took her a long time to fall asleep because she was so wet between her legs and desperately wanted a release. But she knew that she had to obey. She had to serve him.

And then she wondered what his punishment session would be like and how severe it would be.

As she drifted off to sleep, she knew she was just beginning a journey that she had been waiting for all of her life.


Florida Dom I have to thank you for this story and for pushing all my buttons! I hope everyone that enjoyed this story. There is a twist in next week's story. So I hope you'll come back for that. If you're writing, please send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com