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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Fantasy Friday, pre-empted for THE WEDDING!

Since I didn’t have a new story for Fantasy Friday I thought I’d pre-empty it just this once. If I only do that when one of my children marries we shouldn’t miss too many stories.

The wedding was New York casual chic. Not to be mistaken for southern country casual – where we sit around barefoot, drinking ice tea and gossiping about the neighbors, no this had a different feel to it all together. All these beautiful people seemed right at home in the West Village.

While I never had any qualms about LJ and Colin marrying, I had great fears of them planning a wedding. I mean, come on – two boys, they hadn’t been planning pretend wedding since they were five. Some things just need a woman’s touch. Thank heavens for Franny and Erin! LJ, Franny and Erin all met at seventeen while attending Governor’s school. These lovely ladies did the planning and kept the guys on track for what needed to be done. With them at the helm everything flowed smoothly while nothing felt staged or regimented.

Colin had worked for nine months on the playlist and I over heard one of them say, two more songs and then we’ll get married. We headed to one end of the bar where they had decided to hold the ceremony only to realize that only a small few would be able to see. We all heading to the stairs at the other end of the room.

Franny also officiated the wedding – something they had spoken of in jest years ago, but worked out perfectly in real life. The evening felt almost magical as the three of them took their places on the stairs. Franny began by telling a bit of their history, mentioning that many in the room had never know LJ or Colin when they were not together and pointing out that for many attending, the near decade the boys have been together, was the longest relationship any of them had witnessed.

She carried off the ceremony beautifully, with just the right amount of emotion, humor and love. She spoke to the crowd saying, “If anyone here has reason why this couple should not be married – keep it to yourself. You’ve had over nine years to say something, this is not the time.” to the laughing approval of the crowd.

Each of the boys wrote their own vows and they did a beautiful job. Colin won the toss of who would go first and as he pulled out his vows his mother (who may be more southern than I am) said to those around her, “That boy always did love to make a speech.”

His vows were beautiful and he concluded with, “Almost a decade ago I walked out onto a stage in North Carolina and saw your face for the first time. You smiled at me and completely changed my life. And I’m more than honored to still be sharing a stage with you. I love you.”

LJ’s vows said in part, “When I hear people talk about the person they love, they often say they need each other. While I understand what they mean, I never want you to feel that I’m with you because I need you. I need things like food and shelter and medicine. I choose things like art, education and ambitions. I want, and I choose to have you in my life, not because I can’t live without you, but because a life with you is so beautiful I couldn’t pass it up.”

Although I didn’t cry (I was simply too happy), many around me were weeping openly. The whole evening was just perfect. The party continued amidst much laughter, hugging, and story telling. I loved hearing Colin’s mother telling a group, “I finally had to tell Colin he was gay, he wouldn’t ever tell me. I finally just told him, son I know you’re gay, but what kind of mother would I be if I didn’t love you anyway. Now let’s go.” She’s just great.

We all huddled around as they signed the marriage license, many cheering saying, “It’s official.” Others saying, “You’re legal in thirteen states, or is it fifteen.” Yet others saying, “No you’re legal in all fifty states since you married here.” Finally LJ raised his arms in victory asserting, “It’s ambiguous!” and we all cheered.

I’ve never been to a wedding like this, I doubt I’ll ever attend another like it – it was too perfectly suited to LJ and Colin. I’m honored to be the mother and mother-in-law of these two fine men. I have shared their past and am grateful that they are willing to share their future with us. I look forward to the adventure.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fantastic trip

I’m back! We had a wonderful trip. I loved having the whole family together. The worst part of any trip of this nature, for me, is navigating the airports, but it was really a breeze. All I had to do was stand a bit behind Nick or Mollie and follow. What an amazing feeling to have Mollie leading the way with all the subway connections once arrived – she’s only been there once on her own, but with the confidence of youth and a good app on her phone she seemed like a natural.

Sunday night we had a big family dinner. We headed first to Brooklyn to see the boy’s apartment for the first time. It was really very nice and not the tiny shoebox you’d picture for what they could afford. It has a decent size bedroom, two large closets, a kitchen and dining area and then a living room with enough room for a couch, chairs, a desk and a TV.

While we were there Colin’s mom and nephew joined us and we headed out to eat. Now the next part is a bit of a blur, but let me tell it the way I remember it. We left to go to dinner. (Please remember I’m a southern girl – until last year I didn’t own a winter coat. Who needs one to walk from the car to the door? Now back to my story.) It was coolish out, around minus twenty, with the winds howling fifty to sixty miles an hour. (Perhaps an exaggeration, but I’m telling you what it felt like to me.) I had on two pair of socks, long johns, my slacks, my shirt, a light jacket, my winter coat, a scarf, earmuffs and my gloves. Yet as we walked the ten to twenty miles to the ferry, which would take us to Manhattan, I felt sure I would truly freeze to death.

Mollie, who wanted to ‘look good’, had on a dress, nylons, heels and a pretty coat. I don’t even want to contemplate how cold she was. LJ’s dear friend from college, Franny works on the ferry and arranged for the top deck to be opened just for us (yes it was enclosed and heated) and the views come over were magnificent. 

Once we got off the ferry it seemed like only a five or six mile hike on over to the restaurant. BTW, New Yorkers are notorious liars, should any of them tell you “It’s not far.” or “It’s just up here.” or “We’re almost there.” They are lying through their teeth.

Once we arrived alive at the restaurant the evening was perfect. It was the whole crowd, Nick, Mollie and I. My sister, my BIL and their daughter, who lives in NYC. LJ and Colin, Colin’s mom and nephew and Franny rounded out the crowd. LJ and Colin are regulars at this place. They gave us a large table in the back and treated us like royalty. The food was great and the fellowship perfect.

It was an evening to remember, relaxed, happy and fun and I enjoyed the time to just visit as family. I’ll tell you soon about the wedding itself – I did love it.  But for now I’m happy to be back home.

I wish everyone in America a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you have the chance to enjoy the day with the ones you love.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fantasy Friday Revisited - A Lovely Day for a Bike Ride

Soon after you read this I'll officially be a mother-in-law. Wow. I've never been one of those before. Nick and I agree that we've had the two best mothers-in-law in the world. I hope I can keep up the tradition.

I was looking for a story for this week so I could get things ready early and I was so happy to come upon this one for several reasons. One it's a great story and two, it was written my my friend Faerie! This was back before she began her blog Faerie Learns to Fly.  See what can happen once you write a Fantasy Friday. 

I'll get ready to take off and you all enjoy...


“Babe, turn up the stereo, please.”

He was expecting this; she always asks to have the stereo turned up when she gets to the far end of the pool deck. He walks over to turn it up for her and pauses to watch for a minute. He watches her dance to the music as she works on vacuuming the pool. He loves to watch her dance, so sensual the way she moves. He shakes his head and goes back to his project leaving her to her dancing.

When she’s finished vacuuming she walks into the pool house and through to his workroom stripping off her sundress as she goes. She’s wearing her new swimsuit underneath. “Hey baby, wanna go for a swim with me?” She asks as she snakes her arms around his waist from behind him.

“Sure, just give me a minute, I’m almost done here.”

“OK, I’ll just wait over here.” She wanders over to the motorcycle parked in the corner and leans against the seat. He hasn’t looked up at her yet.

He grabs a shop rag to wipe his hands as he turns towards her. “New suit?” he asks.

“Yeah, do you like it?”

“Well, let’s see,” he motions for her to turn for him.

She slowly stands and turns, making sure he gets a good view. She hasn’t worn such a skimpy suit in a long time, but when she saw it in the store she couldn’t resist buying it.

The silver clasp nestled between her breasts on the black bikini top shines against her skin. The French cut of the bottoms make her already long legs appear to go on forever. He walks over to her grabs her hand and twirls her around again so he can get a second look. He pulls her in close and whispers into her ear, “beautiful”.

“Ready for that swim?” she asks innocently as she snuggles closer to him reaching down to run her hands along the front of his shorts.

“Uhnh”, he groans, “I thought you wanted to swim?” he asks huskily.

“I do. Let’s go” she tries to step away, but he’s holding her tight, she’s trapped in the circle of his arms. He reaches up and flicks the clasp on her top open. His hand tangles in her long hair, firmly tugging. She moans as she feels his lips on her now exposed neck, working their way down to her breasts. He nips and licks each one in turn as his hands roam to her ass to rub and knead.

Breathless now she’s forgotten all about swimming. He hooks his thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottoms and slides them down her legs. He turns her around and pushes her over the seat of the motorcycle. He stops to admire the sight of her draped naked over his bike.

“Mmmm, lovely”, he murmurs. She feels his hands on her back, dragging his fingernails from her shoulders down over her ass making her moan. Swat, his hand connects with her ass. She moans louder.

Swat…… “Ummm”

Swat….. “Oohh”

Swat….. “Aahh”

Smack, smack, smack, a flurry of smacks rain down on her ass.

“Ooohh, yes, yes” she pants. More swats, more moans. She’s lost in the feel now, the leather motorcycle seat under her belly, the slight breeze blowing across her taut nipples, the warm tingling in her ass all combine to steal any thought from her mind. He continues the swats, she’s arching her ass up to meet his hand, she’s close now, close to losing control.

His voice penetrates through the haze, “Open your legs for me baby.” She moves to do as she’s told. She feels his hand between her legs his fingers parting her nether lips. His finger easily enters her; he whispers to her “you’re so wet.”

“Oohh, oohh, oohh,” she’s panting now. His tongue is on her, sucking and licking up and down her wet pussy. Up over her pleasure button, down to her dripping wet entrance, up, down, up, down over and over again. She screams as the orgasm hits, ripping her into a million little pieces. She’s lying limply over the bike seat as she hears his zipper. He grabs her hips, enters her from behind and she starts to soar again. One hand slides up and around her throat, the other around her hip to her belly. He pulls her up and back into him, resting her head on his shoulder all the while thrusting into her wetness. His hand roams up to her breast, caressing and pinching her nipples then back down to massage her clit.

“Please, please, please she moans over and over, begging him to cum. He pushes her back down over the seat of the bike after a few more deep thrusts he pulls out and shoots his stream all over her rosy red ass just as she loses control again. He collapses on top of her and he hears her say, “what a lovely day for a bike ride.”


Thank you Faerie! This is a great story. I hope everyone is paying attention. Faerie began by reading a while and finally decided to try some writing on her own. I think you will all agree that she did a great job.  I hope some of you will try the same thing. If you do have a story send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Monday, November 18, 2013

Big day coming (no not the book)

One important count down starts for me today. One week from today my baby boy is to be married.  We fly to New York next Saturday. I’m really looking forward to the wedding, not so much the traveling to get there, but you do want you have to.

This is my first child to marry and I am definitely looking forward to the event. LJ called the other night and one thing he shared was that, while there will be a cake, they won’t be having a traditional ‘cake cutting’. He seemed a tad worried that I’d be disappointed that they weren’t including that. I had to laugh.

I told him, “Son please don’t worry that I’m going to be upset if you leave out some ‘traditional’ wedding rituals. I think you pretty much threw out ‘traditional’ when you proposed to another man. We’re coming to celebrate your marriage. Feel free to surprise us with your own unique style. We’re looking forward to whatever makes you two happy.”

So this is a busy week for me, final-final edits of the book are due by Wednesday, I need to make my lists and check them three or four times, decide if I’m only taking a carry on, or the big suitcase, I’ll need to pack and then repack. I’ll still need to teach and get ready for my sub for next week. I’m stressing, no doubt.

That means I may not have time to be here much. But I need to be here, being here keeps me grounded and calm and sane – well as much as possible.

I do have a Fantasy Friday ready for next week and I have a good snippet for the Reading Room for next Saturday. I’m looking forward to sharing all about the wedding when we get back. Please keep us in your thoughts next Saturday as we travel up and Tuesday as we head home.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Fantasy Friday Revisited - I just forgot…

Happy Friday everyone. Today we have a brand new story from Heather over at Discipline and Dreams, Sadly this blog is private now, but this is a story Heather shared with us back in 2011. 

I remember when I first got this one, it went at first into my spam folder. Most of the time I check it but I’m sure that occasionally I just delete what’s in it. Please know if you ever send me a story and you don’t hear from me within 24 hours – I didn’t get it.

But thank goodness we got this one! Now everyone enjoy…

I just forgot...

After reading stories to both of her young children, and laying with each of them until they fell asleep, Danielle slipped into her bedroom. Her husband lay waiting in their bed.

“Hi baby,” she whispered, sliding her body close to him and wrapping her arms around him.

He pulled her closer, holding her tight. “Hi to you,” he replied warmly. He was so happy to finally be able to feel her body against his that he almost forgot they had business to attend to. His calloused hands roamed her soft, fleshy curves. He pinched and grabbed, sometimes squeezing hard enough to make it hurt. Then, suddenly, he cleared his throat.

Her heart started beating loud and fast. She blinked, unable to take her eyes off him, adrenaline beginning to pump like crazy. She felt his hand slowly running through her hair, grabbing a fistful.

Pulling enough to make her head tilt back, Jackson addressed his naughty wife. “I want you to stand up, and take your pants and panties down.“ he said firmly.

Blushing furiously, Danielle felt like she’d swallowed a lead ball, and it was now sitting in the very pit of her stomach. She slowly moved off the bed once he released her hair, and slipped her pants and panties down over her waist, letting them puddle at her feet. Now bare and feeling especially exposed, she was too embarrassed to meet his eye, and stared at the carpet beneath her toes.

He stood in front of her, and took her hands in his. “Why are you being punished?” he wanted to know.

Those words made Danielle jump alive. “But Jackson…I just forgot! I‘m sorry…”

He stopped her by putting a finger to her lips. “I don’t want to hear excuses, Dan.” his voice was kind, but it was determined, too. There would be no talking her way out of this.

“But I’m sorry!” she threw her arms around his neck. Her bright blue eyes blinked innocently, pleading with him for leniency.

But this was not the time for a free pass. It was pretty obvious that she had been testing him lately, by pushing against the boundaries he’d established. If she wanted to test him, he was going to respond appropriately. He knew she would secretly be disappointed if he gave in to her pleading, because even though she didn’t want a spanking, she really didn’t want him to back down. He peeled her arms off of him, sighing. He moved them firmly to her side, and lifted her chin so her eyes met his.

“You didn’t do what you were supposed to do today, did you?” Jackson wanted to know.

Her eyes fell ashamedly to the floor. “No,” she replied quietly.

“You know that if something comes up or if you’re having an off day and can’t get your daily assignment done, that you can always text or call and let me know what’s going on. I’d like to think I’m a pretty fair guy, and if it’s unlikely that you can get something done easily, I don’t normally ask you to do it, do I?”

“No sir,” her voice was barely audible now. She knew he was right.

“Huh. Did you know what would happen if you didn’t get it done?”

Unable to reply, she just nodded her head.

“What’s going to happen, Danielle?” Jackson asked sternly.

She tried to answer, but her voice faltered. She hated to say it.

“Look at me,” he reminded her, and when her eyes shyly met his he said, “You‘re only delaying the inevitable. What‘s going to happen because you didn‘t do your assignment?”

She wanted to just drop dead from shame and she could feel herself blushing. “You’re going to spank me.” She felt so little under his stern glare. She tried to look away in embarrassment but he grabbed her chin and made her look at him.

“Look.At.Me. Before we start I want you to go get the hairbrush, the small cane, and the strap.” he watched her bare bottom sway as she walked to the closet where they kept their implements. When he saw the look on her face, he wanted to smile. He didn’t, however. “What’s with the pout, little girl? Are you resisting already?”

She shook her head emphatically. “No! I’m not…” she paused in front of him, meekly holding out the implements she’d fetched for him.

“Put them on the bed, closer to the middle, then bend over. Feet on the floor, tummy on the bed.” he ordered.

Danielle fought the urge to stomp her foot and argue. She was not in the mood for a spanking, couldn’t he see that? She stared at him, trying to decide how to politely tell him this wasn’t going to work for her.

He saw her hesitate, and he jumped into action. He took the implements from her hands, and laid them on the bed. Putting his hand on her waist, he guided her to the bed and quickly bent her over it. He started smacking her bottom all over.

“No, no!“ She tried as hard as she could to stay still but after a few swats it was starting to sting pretty good. “Ouch!” she cried. “Jackson…that’s enough….”

He laughed, spanking her harder. “I know you don’t really think that you get to tell me what’s enough.” His big hand covered almost a whole cheek at a time, and he brought it down over and over again. He could feel her flesh warming up beneath his hand, and he tightened his grip around her waist, pulling her closer before he picked up the pace. Moving all over her backside, he made sure every inch of it was colored bright pink before stopping for a break. He squeezed her stinging bum as she panted against the mattress. “Hand me the cane.”

She reached forward and picked it up, handing it back to him. Bracing herself, she waited for the sting of the cane.

“All I asked you to do today was to empty the dishwasher and make sure any dirty dishes went straight into the dishwasher instead of the sink. Is that a hard task to complete?” he asked.

Danielle felt a sarcastic remark growing on the edge of her tongue. She wanted to say you try running after a three year old and a sixteen month old and keeping up with something like dishes! But she knew what he would say to that, and he’d be absolutely right. She could hear his deep voice, That’s a lousy excuse and you know it. Are you trying to tell me you didn’t have ten minutes to empty the dishwasher? If you didn’t, why didn’t you text me and let me know you were having trouble? The more she thought about it, the clearer it became that nothing good would come from that line of thinking.

“Is it?”

“No, sir.”

The first stroke of the cane landed exactly on the spot where bottom meets thigh.

She squealed, and kicked her legs. “Oh, ow…I’m sorry, baby…”

Another line of fire. “You’re sorry now, because you’re getting punished. What were you so busy doing that you didn’t have time to empty the dishwasher?” he wanted to know, bringing two more successive strokes down across her red bottom.

She sucked her breath in between her teeth, her foot coming up to block herself. “I was on the computer…” she answered, trying to ignore the burning in her butt.

He picked up the pace, bringing that stingy, fiery cane down again and again until she was wiggling and trying to dance away from the strokes. “On the computer, huh? Well maybe tomorrow you’ll just have to keep the computer off all day so you can focus on getting things done.” he told her decidedly as he continued to punish her. Finally, after what seemed like forever, he put the cane down. He ran his hand over her hot ass, squeezing the swollen mounds of flesh. Next, he reached for the strap and Danielle’s heart leapt into her throat.

“Oh please,” she moaned quietly.

Jackson grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked her head back, bringing his mouth right next to her ear. “Please what?” he growled.

“I don’t want the strap…”

He let her go. whap!

“Ouch!” she cried out, stomping her foot.

whap! whap!

“Do I ask a lot of you, Danielle?” he wanted to know.

“No, sir!” she yelped, shifting her weight from foot to foot.

“I don’t. So when I do ask you to do something, I expect you to get it done. This isn’t the first time you didn’t get something done this week, is it?” he brought the strap down extra hard this time, right on her sit spot.

“OW, ow ow ow ow ooooohhhhh…no sir,” she whimpered.

He kept a steady pace with the strap and she swayed her hips to try to avoid it. He tightened his grip on her, but she was still managing to move around. When he saw her hand fly back to try to protect herself from the strap, he grabbed her wrist and pinned it to her back. He pushed her down a little roughly, and started smacking the back of her thighs with the strap.

Danielle started wailing, and trying to twist away. “No, no .. nooo please .. Please not on my legs, I wont put my hands back anymore I promise!” she begged.

He gave her two more for good measure, then lay the strap back on the bed.

She had tears streaming down her face now, and her butt was throbbing. “I’m sorry I didn’t do what you asked me to. I had plenty of time to do it, and I kept putting it off until I had no time left. I‘m really sorry.”

“I know you are, but I don’t think we’re done just yet. I don’t think you’ve had enough for this to be memorable.” he said decidedly.

“I have, I have!” she pleaded. “Don’t spank me anymore,”

He sat down on the cedar chest at the end of their bed. “Bring the hairbrush over here, Dan.”

Sniffling, she carried the hairbrush over to him.

Jackson brushed the hair from her face, then took the brush from her hand. “Look at me.“ he demanded, and waited for her to do so. “I am going to make sure that we don’t have to repeat this anytime soon. You will obey me.”

Danielle just cried softly as her husband helped her across his lap. She wrapped her arms around his leg and held on tight.

He finished off her spanking with the brush. He knew she was already very sore, so he didn’t spank her too hard. He didn’t have to. He’d made his point, this was just to drive it home a little. He stopped after twenty or so smacks, and rubbed her back gently, whispering to her until she calmed down. When her breathing had returned to almost normal, he kindly helped her to her feet, and gathered her in his arms. He smoothed her hair back, and wiped the tear streaks from her face. “Are you ready to be my good girl again?” he whispered against her damp cheek.

“Yes sir,” she murmured. “I’m so sorry,”

His mouth covered hers and he swallowed her words. He kissed her tenderly, his hands cupping her burning butt cheeks. Squeezing and kneading the hot globes, he instructed her to bend back over the bed.

Danielle whimpered, but did as she was told. Glancing nervously over her shoulder, her trembling voice betrayed her fears. “Are you going to spank me more?”

“Turn around,” he ordered, and she did. “If I feel like spanking you more, I will.“ He came up behind her and entered her roughly, reaching forward and grabbing her hair with his left hand. In the dark, he could hardly see his wedding ring glinting in his wife’s tangled hair. He used his free hand to smack her cherry-red ass while he fucked her. He was being rougher than usual. Showing her who’s in charge. Who fucks who around here.

She cried out when he landed a particularly hard smack on her left cheek. “Ohh, it hurts so bad when you spank me,” she half-complained between gasps and moans.

“Good.” Jackson replied gruffly. He kept slapping her bottom, fucking her hard. When he finished, he pulled out and gave her another ten hard smacks before letting her up. He loved to watch her squeal and try to dance away.

She was panting and her face was flushed when he did finally let her up. “Baby,” she said as they climbed into bed together.

“Yes my love?” he replied softly, stroking the side of her face gently.

Turning her face up towards his, she grinned mischievously. “I didn’t come,”

He smiled at her. “I know. Did you think that was for your pleasure? You’re being punished tonight, but just because you’re in trouble doesn’t mean I have to go without what I want.”

Wow. This was a first! He’d never used anything sexual in a discipline context. She couldn’t explain why, but that really turned her on! She must have made a weird face, because Jackson raised an eyebrow at her.

“Why are you making that face?” he wanted to know.

“Because I’m really turned on, and I want you to make me come!” she complained. “Come on…I want you!”

“I don’t want to make you come, because you’re a naughty girl and you don’t deserve to come.” he told her sternly. “Now stop whining and go to bed before I spank you again.”

“Can I make myself come?” she whispered.

He smiled, thankful for the darkness so that she couldn’t see. “No, you absolutely may not. Goodnight little girl.”

Danielle decided it probably in her best interest to let it go, so she did. “Goodnight sir.” she murmured into his chest as she snuggled in close. It didn’t take long for her to drift off to sleep, her bottom still hot and sore.


Heather this was great. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I'd love for you to pop in and say hello sometime. I'm looking for anyone willing to write for Fantasy Friday we'd all love it. and you don't have to be a blogger - anyone who is reading this is welcomed to send a story. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Please, Call me PK

I’m really not having an identity crisis – I promise I know who I am. I began the blog as Elis, for reasons I’ve never gone into. But I was soon christened PK by a group of warm, wonderful, if somewhat wacky friend.

I’m PK.

Everyone can call me that, I feel much more comfortable with it. I opened my PK Corey blog as my ‘professional’ site – and I can’t even type that without laughing. I don’t exactly feel like a profession writer and probably never will, but it’s nice to have a place to talk nearly exclusively about the book and writing and promoting. It lets me keep this one as it’s always been – just me talking about everything.

If you can go by the other site, PK Corey’s Reading Room today I have up the blurb for Cassie’s Space.  And if you have a blog and you’re willing I’d appreciate a link to the new site. Please let me know if you’d like to be linked over there.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My lurkers are special to me

*Cassie has an LOL post up too, but for some reason it won't update.

Love our Lurkers day. I’m so proud to be here. I've had the privilege of participating in every one. I’ve been here a long time and there is only one reason for that. People keep coming to read and I can’t begin to tell you what that means to me.

I know most readers don’t leave comments and you are still as welcomed as the flowers in spring, but I would still like to get to know you. Not pry into your world, but just to make a new friend. I have wonderful friends in real life, but the friends I’ve made here – well I feel we really know each other. No, they don’t all know my real name, or where I live, or what I look like – but they know me. They know my hopes, and fears, and longing. They know what makes me laugh and what makes me cry. They know that my children are my heart and long time readers have followed their growing up years. Many have also shared things about their lives with me.

Few of us expect to make real, new friendships after a certain age. But you can do it here. You just need to step up and leave a comment. That’s how most of us started. Taking a deep breath and making that one first comment. I can still remember the amazement, joy (and slight terror) when a blogger answered my comment and I realized that it could actually be a back and forth conversation.

Those of us who love the idea, and the reality, of spanking in our lives need to band together. Many in real life will try to convince you that you are wrong or crazy, they’ll talk of abuse or perversion. They don’t understand, and I guess that’s okay, but here – you’ll just be one of us, totally accepted for yourself and no one here will try to change you one bit.

One more word – our dear sweet Bas was a lurker here for four years before he made himself know. Even then he only came out to warn me that I had put up something that could have hurt me. He was my friend and protector before I had even met him. And he credited the blogs here with prolonging his life, I can only hope that was true. Bas showed me how powerful friendships here can be.

For all my lurkers, remember, you have friends here – you just haven’t met them yet.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You

Many thanks to:

My father,
and my seven uncles
and two aunts who served
during WWII

Two uncles who served in

Many friends who served in Vietnam

And the thousands who are serving
our country now.

I hope all those in service know that they
 are appreciated.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Remember Your Cell Phone

I hope you'll come by the reading room and check out another snippet from Cassie's Space.

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Today's Fantasy Friday is very special - it comes from a close friend. She's a great writer and I'm so very happy she is sharing her talent here. This story come to us from Terpsichore. Her blog is A Place to Share, so please go by there and read more of her work. But for now, you can enjoy...

Remember your cell phone

Hannah walked into the room frazzled and out of breath. There was an overwhelming hush followed by sighs of relief and she was smothered with hugs from her husband and their two friends, Marnie and Tom.
Ryan held her and then scolded a little more harshly than he intended, “Don’t you ever scare us like that again!”
“I’m so sorry,” Hannah apologized sincerely to everyone. She was trembling and on the verge of tears.
“Where were you? We were all worried,” her husband said a little more softly.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to worry anyone. I was running errands this afternoon and I thought I left with plenty of time but somehow got all turned around and became lost.” 
Hannah had never seen her husband angry at her before and felt her body quiver with remorse. He, knowing it was an honest mistake and sensing her genuine distress, accepted her apology and then held her in his arms and comforted her. 
“I’m sorry I yelled. I was just so scared. If anything ever happened to you--”
She stopped him mid-sentence and answered, “Nothing did happen and I am fine and I am really sorry I made you worry.”
“I know. I love you so much.”
“I love you, too.”
She turned to Marnie and Tom who had kindly invited them for dinner and apologized, “I am sorry I made you worry, too. I hope I didn’t spoil dinner.”
“No, not at all,” said Marnie trying to soothe her friend. “I knew you were fine. I cooked while the boys went to search for you.”  
“You went to search for me?” Hannah asked looking to Ryan and Tom, again feeling guilty.
“I am pretty sure if we did not go and do something he would have rubbed a hole in our carpet from pacing back and forth so much,” Tom said chuckling, giving her a hug and then punching Ryan gently on the arm.
Ryan let a small smile show in response to his friend’s gesture, but was still not ready to laugh about the situation. Hannah gazed at her husband who was trying hard to contain his composure. He had not taken his eyes of her since she walked through the door and though he had accepted her apology, she could still feel the tension.
“I’m so so so sorry,” Hannah said again.
“Perhaps if I had a reliable way of reaching you, I wouldn’t have needed to go searching for you, and there would not have been a cause for all the worry. I tried calling you at least five times and every time it immediately went to voice mail.”
“Did I mention I am sorry?” she asked looking at her husband sweetly and giving him a kiss, breaking the tension between them.
Ryan let out a little laugh. “Yes, as a matter of fact you have.” He hadn’t realized he was still so upset and took a deep breath. Then he asked in a playfully chastising way, “I imagine you did not have your phone with you?” Clearly he had forgiven her, but had not forgotten the last hour and a half of searching and waiting anxiously for her return. He narrowed his eyes at her waiting for a response.”
 “Well, technically my phone was with me,” she nervously admitted.
“Hmmm. Was it charged?” He smiled at her raising his eyebrow.
“Probably not.”  She cast her eyes low having heard this many times before. She never could seem to remember her phone and when she did it was rarely charged and he was always teasing her about gluing it to her permanently.
“Next time, bring your phone with you, please, and make sure it is charged.”
“I will try to remember.”
“You are going to have to do better than that,” he reprimanded, taking her chin in his hand and looking into her eyes.
 “Ahhhh, she said she was sorry. Now kiss her and make up,” Tom nudged.
Ryan smiled with a twinkle in his eyes and joyfully complied. “Okay.”  And he took her face in his hands and kissed her passionately, and for a moment they both forgot they had an audience. 
“Young love is so sweet,” Tom teased.  “Get a room.”
Ryan and Hannah stopped kissing, their faces still an inch apart, and they grinned from ear to ear still focused on each other. Hannah started to feel better about the whole situation.
“Leave them alone,” Marnie warned her husband. “Just because you have lost all sense of romance--”
“Just wait until they’ve been married as long as we have,” Tom retorted.
“They were married a year after us,” she reminded him.
“Yeah, well one year is a long time,” Tom said, moving away from his wife just in case she decided to retaliate. Marnie rolled her eyes at her husband who was forever joking around. But it was true that after ten years of marriage and two children Ryan and Hannah still sometimes acted like newlyweds.
Ryan gave Hannah another hug and said out loud, “I’m glad you are all right. I don’t know what I would do without you. Promise me you will be more careful.” 
“I will,” she promised.
“And if you go out on your own, you will always have your phone with you, charged and ready to use, yes?”
“I don’t forget on purpose.”
“I know, but I would feel much better if you remembered.” Then he whispered in her ear so only she could hear, “When we get home I am going to give you a spanking you are not going to forget – I am going to whip your beautiful behind to match the color your face is blushing right now and then maybe you will remember your phone.”
Hannah felt the warmth in her face rise and tried to hide her embarrassment. As she walked to sit down at the table Ryan gave her a friendly tap on her derriere, much to her horror and the smirk of their friends. He sat down right beside her at the end of the table. All throughout dinner, he reached under the table and tapped her thigh as a reminder of what she had awaiting her at home. She was certain she was blushing again as he gazed at her with his deep green eyes and smiled. Her pulse raced. In part she felt the excitement of anticipation. The other part of her was nervous as she had never seen her husband angry with her before and while his smile reassured her that it was all in play, his tone and the words he had whispered in her ear said otherwise. 
Tom and Marnie chatted, not paying attention to the private glances and silent conversation going on between Ryan and Hannah. Hannah sat quietly watching, laughing at appropriate times, and trying to listen, but her thoughts were elsewhere. Ryan gave her thigh a squeeze bringing her back. She realized her friend had asked a question. She quickly apologized for being distracted and asked Marnie to repeat the question and promptly answered. 
After dinner, they cleaned up together and were laughing about some silly story Tom was telling them that happened at work. The four of them had been friends for a long time; they were more like family. They were fortunate to live close by and that their children got along well. It had been a while since they had gotten together just the adults and they were enjoying sharing adult conversation together, though often the stories meandered back to their children and how they were doing.  Every time they got together, they could not help but to laugh about good times, old and new.
Only, Hannah was having a hard time focusing on the conversations. She saw Ryan cleaning a wooden spoon and watched as he subtly tapped it on his hand. She smiled quietly but inside she felt sick and her palms were sweaty. Marnie asked if she was all right and she politely answered she was fine. Hannah excused herself to the bathroom to try to pull herself together.  She started to feel emotions swelling inside of her that she could no longer contain. 
When she returned everyone had settled in the living room. Ryan approached her and asked, “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” she answered not making eye contact.
“You are not fine. You look like you’ve been crying.”
“I’m fine, really,” she said smiling trying to fool him into believing her and desperately trying to hold back the tears that wanted to start again.
Hannah thought she was hiding it well, but he could see right through her. He always could. He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand, catching a single tear. He looked to his friends and said, “Excuse us a moment,” as he took her hand and led her out the room and upstairs where they could talk in private. 
As they came into the hallway, she whispered, “Honey, we can’t just leave – it is rude. They will think something is really wrong.”
“Tom is like my brother. I’ve known him my whole life and I’ve known Marnie almost as long. They’ll survive being without us a moment and I am sure they will understand. Besides what they think does not matter. Right now it is important we talk.”  He pulled her into the spare bedroom reserved for guests and closed the door behind him.
“Please. This isn’t necessary. I am fine really. I just still feel badly about being so late and making everyone worry. Okay? Let’s go back. I don’t need to talk. I am fine.” She reached towards the door and Paul grabbed her hand and smacked her bottom hard.
“Ouch,” she shouted as she rubbed her behind.
“That was for lying. You are not fine and if you say it again I will take you over my knee right now.”
“I’m sorry,” she cried.
His face softened into a smile. “I know and I know you feel badly, but it is over and done with. Feeling guilty isn’t going to help. There is no need to keep punishing yourself.”
It was not “punishing herself” that she was worried about, but she was not prepared to share her concerns with her husband. Ryan let her cry and held her lovingly in his arms, kissing her head and whispering, “It’s going to be okay.”
After the tears started to subside he stepped back and lifted her chin and said, “Look at me.” She resisted but he persisted. “Talk to me. What’s going on? Is all of this simply because you feel badly? You apologized already and we all accepted your apology. We know it was an accident. Now what is really bothering you?”
“Are you still angry at me? I don’t like it when you are angry at me.”
“Ahh, is that what you are worried about?” He laughed. He never lost eye contact. He wiped the wetness from her cheeks with his hands as she sniffled. “Yes, I was angry with you, but only because I love you so much. When you were late I was worried something had happened to you. If anything ever happened to you my life would cease to exist. I am not angry anymore. He kissed her lips and tasted salty tears. This time, tears of relief. And, she smiled.
“I love you,” she said.
“I love you, too,” he replied and gave her a kiss on the nose.
“So then you were just teasing when you…when you…well…when you whispered in my ear…”
Paul cocked his head to the side trying to hold back a smile. He knew his wife well. Sometimes she cared so much she worried incessantly and while he loved her sensitivity it sometimes drove him crazy. And yet, he did not intend on making this easy for her. So he listened to her nervous babble and then asked, “When I whispered what?” and he cracked a smile.
She let out a little giggle, realizing he was just giving her a hard time and her demeanor relaxed. “You know very well what,” she said shaking her head.
“I want to hear you say it.” He stared at her waiting for a response and she could see he was not going to budge.
She blushed. “Were you just teasing when you whispered to me that you were going to give me a spanking?” she rattled out in one swift blur of words.
“Oh, no I meant that,” he said trying to keep a straight face.
The look on her face changed back to worry. “But…”
“But what?”
“You said you weren’t angry anymore.”
“I’m not.”
“But then why…oh, nothing, never mind,” she said, her voice starting to change pitch.
Ryan could tell the tears might begin to fall again and he pulled her in close to him with his hands resting on her hips to let her know he was there for her.
“Tell me what you are thinking.”
Ryan reached his hand around and gave her left cheek a smack. “You are a horrible liar.” He held her hands and asked her again to share her thoughts and reminded her he wanted the truth.
“I am thinking we should get back to our friends,” she said trying to break her hands free, to no avail.
“When we are done here. After you tell me what you are worrying about.”
Ryan wanted her to open up and thought she would feel more comfortable if she was not looking at him. He sat on the bed and then patted his lap for her to sit down. She stood looking at him. He raised his eyebrows and she complied sitting on his lap. It felt nice there, safe. She loved being in his arms. And he loved holding her in his.
“So, tell me what is going on in that very complicated mind of yours,” he said running his fingers through her hair.
“Well, it’s just that when you threatened to spank me, you were still angry at me and it sounded like punishment…well, you remember that we don’t do discipline right?” She closed her eyes, afraid to hear the answer.
“I would call it more of a promise than a threat. And I remember that you said I have control over ALL spankings. I get to decide when, why, and how. Isn’t that right?”
“Well, yes,” she replied slowly, remembering the time when she first shared her desire to be spanked and wanted him to be in charge and now wondered if she should have been more careful in her chosen words. She felt her stomach fill with butterflies as he reached over and kissed her on the head.
“Do you trust me?”
“Yes, but…”
“No buts…do you trust me?” He reached over and kissed her on her neck, giving her chills all the way down her spine and she smiled.
“Of course, with all my heart.”
“Good.” And he kissed her again.
“But is it a punishment?”
He guided her off his lap so they were both standing face to face. Looking into her eyes he said, “I will take care of you.”
“I know you will.”
“Good.” He kissed her tenderly. Then her neck on her favorite spot. “Are you still worried?”
“I…uh…” He continued to kiss her neck and she started to melt.
“Are you feeling a bit better?” he asked nibbling.
“Ah hah.”
“And you are not going to worry about this anymore, right?”
“Uh uh,” she said shaking her head as he continued to kiss her, his hands wandering.
“They will be wondering what we are up to.” She said trying to deter him.
“Let them wonder.” He smiled. His hand slid under her dress and found its way under the elastic of her lace panties, making her gasp. “Do you trust me now?” He continued to explore, finding that despite her worry, simply talking of spanking had already made her wet with desire.
“Ummm…we can’t…we have to go…”
“Shhhhhhh,” he whispered and kissed her long and hard to quiet her endless worrying and chatter.
“I think the idea of a spanking has you excited.” He said once their lips parted, “but in case there is still any last bit of nervousness, perhaps a small taste now will ease your worry. Turn around and lean over the bed.”
“No, not now!” she said horrified at the thought of being spanked in their best friends’ house with them downstairs.
He laughed. “Did you just say no to me?” he teased.
“Yes, I did,” she said teasing back. Any worry she had felt before vanished. Her only worry now was that their friends would be able to hear them.
“I won’t accept ‘No’ for an answer,” he said pulling her to the bed and laying her across his lap, “and for that, I am going to make you squirm.” He started to spank her as she cried “ouch” and pleaded with him to stop.
“What if they hear?”
“Then I suggest you don’t make any noise.”
She giggled as he continued to playfully spank her. He lifted her dress and slid her panties down slowly and flung them to the floor and then continued to spank her bare bottom. She reached her hand back and he held her hand pressed against her back. He spanked and caressed her and then took a moment to feel her wetness. Then as quick as he began he stopped. He helped her up and held her in his arms and then kissed her.
In reality, it had only been a few minutes but Hannah had become lost in the moment and almost didn’t hear him say, “Now we can go back to the party. As he started leading her to the door, what he said finally registered and she said, “Wait, I need to put my panties back on.”
“No. Leave them here. This way I know you will be thinking of me all night, and when we return home I am going to continue where I left off. Your bottom is not quite the color I desire yet. And then I am going to make love to the woman I love.” He pulled her close as he spoke, grasping her behind and giving a squeeze. She was both embarrassed and incredibly turned on at the idea of not wearing any panties.
“Well we can’t just leave them here.”
He picked her panties off the floor and hid them in a drawer.  “We’ll get them later.”
“What if we forget…what if they find it?”
“What if I take you over my knee again, only this time in front of our friends?”
Her face returned to a lovely pink, though she knew he never would, or would he?  “Okay, fine, you win,” she agreed.
“Always.” He smiled and she smiled back. As they headed out the door he gave her one last smack to remember.

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