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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stolen identity

This is not on topic at all.  This is just about my life.  And my stolen identity. I was at Wal-Mart picking up shelf paper and looking over the school supplies that are all ready being displayed when I got a telephone call that suddenly changed who I am.

It was my boss, and he turned everything upside down.  I’m a math teacher.  For the past ten years I’ve been teamed with the same partner, John, and during that time we’ve been in a three-way team often.  For the last four years Megan has been teamed with us also.  With the three of us we had a total of 75 students to deal with.  And with that many kids came tons of paperwork. 

John retired at the end of last year and the boss agreed that Megan and I could do a two-man team.  She was thrilled.  She would do the language arts and science and I could handle the math and social studies.  She not wild about language arts, but the science had her flying high and she’s been working on getting everything together all summer.

Back to the phone call.  Changed had occurred.  I’m now in a four person team and I’ll be teaching four classes of social studies.  What?  I’ve taught math for the past 22 years.  I’m a math teacher.  Who am I now?  Social studies always seemed like a sideline to me. I do enjoy it, I find it very interesting – but I’m a math teacher.

I still get to teach with Megan – who was devastated and nearly in tears when she found out about the changes, one hundred different kids to deal with, four language arts for her and no science.  For me personally the changes aren’t horrible.  Social studies has a new curriculum this year that could be a lot of fun and at this time it’s not tested – meaning I won’t be responsible for end-of-grade test scores.  I guess that will take some of the pressure off.

But there is one big problem.  One of the four teachers is Mr. K – the one I wanted to beat so badly last year.  I didn’t, although I had for the previous three years.  Mr. K and I don’t get along, at all.  There has been friction for ten years. Let me describe him.  Picture a thirteen-year-old boy, he is always right.  He knows everything and he would argue with a signpost until the signpost agreed that Mr. K was right.  Most of the time Mr. K is wrong.  He is actually 38, never married; he was fired from his wrestling coach position for aggression.  Was thrown out of the next match for shouting for at the players and telling them to ignore the new coach.

Don’t get me wrong; I can handle thirteen-year-old boys.  But I handle them as a mother would when necessary.  I will be professional and I will be polite, but I’ve watched him bully and run over partners for the past ten years.  Ladies and gentlemen – that will not be happening this year.

Stay tuned – I have a feeling you’re going to hear more about this.


  1. PK,
    Can we still call you PK, now that your identity is stolen?
    May be SST (Social Studies Teacher), I don’t know much about kittens, but as far as I now they all flunked that course.
    I do wonder a bit about the ease with which standing agreements are pushed aside by one-side. But let’s not go in legal technicalities.
    Now, you have 100 kids to teach a course that is not tested. Should be easy. And Mr K. The man with a lack of self-control, the poor man has to teach math to those same 100 kids. What are they 13 years? OMG do they have special mental institutions for overloaded teachers in the US?

  2. PK: Sorry for the changes but I will be looking forward to hearing of your interaction with Mr. K. One thing I'm sure of is that you won't be bullied.


  3. PK,
    Keep your cool, and above all don't get stressed.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Wow, that is a lot of change. I know retirement is in reach in a few years I think. Well, I think it is good you are thinking ahead of how to deal with this situation and go in with a good attitude. I shake my head of why some decisions are made at times. Sometimes they make no sense. I foresee that Nick will have to spank you often to help with the stress:)

  5. Have you ever told the story here about Mr. K. in the lunch line pitching a fit over his phone number? That would make an awesome post!!

  6. PK..Good luck...I taught with a Mr. K...but luckily not as a partner. I love Socail Studies..lots of fun potential there! Hang in there...
    hugs abby

  7. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Soooooo typical of the system. Thank everything they can't ask me to teach something else besides Art. Oh wait they asked me to teach computers!!!!! True story, now you can laugh your a** off.
    You will conquer ALL!!


  8. Oh boy. I feel sorry for Mr. K. It should make for an interesting year. At least you won't be bored.

    Did you ever see the movie Freedom
    Writers with Hillary Swank? One of the characters is a teacher that teaches the accelerated courses and when you talk about Mr. K - I picture this "person" for want of another word.

  9. Oh do I feel sorry for Mr. K, lol. You can always kill him with kindenss, or insult him in such a way that he thanks you after. I'm a pro at doing that :)

  10. Oh I hate having to teach the stuff I'm not supposed to be teaching.

    Mr K better watch out tho.

    Go get him!! um, I mean, hang in there and don't let him get to you. Ahem. Koff Koff.

  11. How on earth did Mr. K get a teaching post.

    Take a deep breath and stay calm.


  12. Bas,
    My students are usually 11 and 12. I’ll be fine with the kids. Kids are a piece of cake. If I can survive Mr. K (and if I can keep from killing him) all should be well.

    LOL! You have that right! I feel you all will hear plenty.

    That was my plan for the year, before Mr. K got thrown into the mix. I’ll try, I promise I’ll try.

    I hope you’re right. Retirement isn’t too far away. I just have to try to go with the flow.

    Definitely – I have to tell them about that!

    I think SS could be tons of fun. If I didn’t have him hanging over my head I’d be fine.

    Teaching computer huh? Maybe neither or us would be the best choice for that! LOL!

    I swear I’m not going in gunning for him – we can each do our own thing. But the minute he starts to tell me what I should be doing… let’s just say if you’re in the western hemisphere you’ll probably hear my reaction.

    I don’t think it would work – the man has no ears, only mouth.

    Right, that’s my plan – hang in there and not let him get to me. Sure, why not. As for plan B…

    He got it because he was young and everyone assumed he’d mature. He didn’t.

  13. Think of it as a challenge...they say you only get what you can handle - not sure who "they" are but I am sure the intent is to make you feel better in these situations... :-) terps

  14. Anonymous5:35 PM

    PK I wish you luck

  15. Change is happening for many teachers. I am sorry this is happening at such a late datet is hard when things go different and we are put with others we know are not team players. I look forward to how you will deal with him. Social Studies is a fun course to teach.