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Friday, July 20, 2012

Fantasy Friday - from, Courting Celia

Happy Friday! This is my weekend of freedom!  Now you all know I love my husband, but I also love my time alone.  Usually I have a lot of time alone in during the summer, but this year not so much.  Nick had the whole month of July off - it's been fantastic in getting the house done.  He is great talking to workman and explaining things and asking questions.  He's also done tons of the work.   This weekend, however, he is going golfing and I have the place to myself!  Write as much as I like, eat what I want (yes, honey, within reason), stay up late and sleep in.  By Sunday I'll be dying for him to get home, but it's still a fun weekend for me.

Today we have a real treat for Fantasy Friday!  I have had stories from people with all level of writing experience and we've loved them all, but today we have a professional writer!  Renee Rose - Closet girl   was kind enough to let us have an excerpt from the soon-to-be released novella Courting Celia (sequel to Loving Lucia).  After you read here, head over there for more great reading and to find out about her books.  For now, enjoy...

from, Courting Celia

The sisters Lucia and Celia made the rash and ill-advised decision to travel to Florence unattended, against the orders of Lucia's husband, Marco.  Here's what happens when Lucia must face the music: 

Lucia got up and stood before her husband, pulling at her hands anxiously.  After a year of marriage, she was no longer afraid of him, feeling confident that his love for her was secure even when he disciplined her.  Even so, in the face of punishment, her knees were weak and her belly was doing flips.
            Marco looked at her, more thoughtfully than angrily.  Then he sat in the chair and beckoned her to him.  He pulled her onto his lap and looked up at her.  “I couldn't let her go alone,” she said imploringly. 
            “You could have.  Perhaps she would not have gone if you'd refused.  Or perhaps you could have changed her mind.”
            She chewed her lip and shook her head.  “I know her better than anyone, Marco.  She would have gone alone.  I had to go with her.”
            He shook his head.  “You didn't have to.”
            “And let her go alone?” she asked, her voice rising with indignation.
            Fortunately, the Count was more amused than annoyed by it.  The corner of his mouth lifted just a bit.  “Can you not think of any other option?”
            “No!” she exclaimed emphatically.
            She stared at him, not sure what he wanted her to say. 
            “You could have told Tomi so that he stopped her.”
            She stared at him.  Betraying her own sister had never been an option for her.  She shook her head slowly.  “I couldn't have.”
            “Why not?  It would have kept her safe.  It would have kept you safe.  And it would've kept me from punishing you.”
            She chewed on her lip some more.  “You're asking me to betray my own sister.”
            He shrugged.  “Betray is a harsh word.  I'm asking you to make choices that will keep you both safe, especially considering your pregnancy.”
            “You're making me choose between my sister or you.”
            “Don't be so dramatic.  I am asking you to make better choices for the safety of my family, which includes my unborn child and your sister.  I don't think that's too much to demand of you.”
            She considered his words and her shoulders sagged.  He was right.  She hadn't thought of trying to prevent Celia from leaving.  She had just followed along on her twin's escapade, as she always did.  She had expected punishment, but had been resolved that she'd acted in the only manner she could have, under the circumstances.  Now she felt genuine regret.  “I'm sorry, Marco.  You're right.” 
            Marco pushed her to stand and unfastened his belt buckle.  She drew in her breath and her belly dropped, involuntarily.  He folded her across his lap and peeled up her skirts, baring her bottom.  He ran his hand over it with a caress and she relaxed a little, parting her legs, even as her mind was preparing for the inevitable spanking.  He spanked her with his hand first, flattening her cheeks with his big palm, smacking first right and then left, then middle, then the backs of her legs, which made her yelp.  There was a pause and she held her breath, listening.  She heard the whisper of the leather belt as he doubled it and then brought it cracking down on her backside. 
            He went easy on her.  He spanked for a while, but he did not strike so very hard.  Like Tomi and Celia, she imagined he was afraid of harming the baby, though she knew perfectly well that a sore bottom wasn't going to do any harm.  Still, she was grateful for the reprieve.  He continued until her bottom was burning, but didn't feel bruised.  Then he rubbed his hand over her heated flesh.         
            “You know what I like to do with pretty red bottoms like this?” he asked and she heard the purr of sexual interest in his voice.
            “What?” she asked, recovering her voice.
            He pulled her up to standing and stood himself, then bent her back over so her hands rested on the seat of the chair.  “Let me show you,” he said in a husky voice.
            “Marco,” she protested.  “What if Tomi comes back?”
            “It's this or another round with my belt, which do you prefer?”
            “This!” she squeaked.
            He laughed.  “I thought so.”
            He rubbed his fingers between her legs and she could tell she was already moist, as often happened when he spanked her.  She wriggled with pleasure and pushed her hips back at him.  He chuckled and she heard the rustle of his pants as he lowered them just enough to release his length.  He pushed his sex against hers, and she groaned, eager to take him into her.  “Good girl,” he murmured and entered her slowly, drawing himself all the way back out before he entered again.  She sucked in her breath.  He continued that way for a while, long slow strokes that wound her need up tighter and tighter until she heard herself saying, “Please?”
            Marco chuckled again and grasped her hips firmly, moving in her with more force and speed.  “Oh yesssss,” she panted.  He began moving her hips in a way that there was a rubbing up and down in addition to his thrusts in and out and it stimulated that feminine pearl of pleasure for her so that she started making little cries of need until they climaxed together, her keening cry drowned out by his loud groan. 
            He pulled out and spanked her several more times, hard.  She stayed in position, waiting for permission to get up, listening as he pulled his trousers back up and slid his belt back into place. 
            “Thank you,” she panted.
            Marco pulled her to standing and backed her up against the bed, pushing her to sit, then sweeping her legs up over her head to expose her bottom to his view again.  “You're a good wife to thank me for spanking you,” he murmured, inspecting her still-burning cheeks.  “This is a nice position, isn't it?”  He slapped her vulnerable bottom several more times, hard, and laughed as she tried to jerk her hips away and dodge his hand.  “If you ever take a risk like that again,” he said, punctuating each word with a sharp spank, “I will spank you to tears.”  In this position he could look at her as he spanked, and he did so now, raising his eyebrows.  “Capiche?”
            She nodded quickly.  “Capiche.”
            He gave her several more hard swats.  You know what's particularly delightful about this position?” he drawled. 
            “N-no,” she quavered.
            “It highlights this little rosebud so nicely,” he said, leaning over and planting a kiss on her sex. 
            “Oooh,” she let out her breath, shakily. 
            “Do you like that?” he asked in a low, husky voice.
            “Yessss,” she breathed.
            “Good, bambina.  He used his tongue to tantalize her, moving it up and down the entrance to her sex, then penetrating her opening with it.  He brought her to three more climaxes and she was nearly incoherent by the time he released her.  He lowered her legs and leaned over and kissed her.  “I love you, tesoro mio.” 
            She sighed blissfully and stroked his cheek.  “I love you, too,” she murmured.
© Renee Rose and Blushing Books

Renee, thank you so very much for sharing this with us for our fantasy this week.  I look forward to reading more of your work.  And again I ask all of you - send a story, you can be a writing pro or this can be your first attempt, but you will find a friendly audience here.  Send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Great story. Thanks for sharing and thank you Rene.

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    PK, have a great weekend doing whatever you like!

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    Great story, reneerose!

    I really enjoyed it:).


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    very nice, if I can download it to my Kindle, I will.
    PK, way to go.
    Love and warm hugs,

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    PK, What would we do without you? Enjoy the freedom to do your 'thing!'

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    Loved the story! Also - love a pregnant character, as we have been spanking throughout my pregnancy (although, not much now it's the end) but still, with careful consideration, it can be done safely.
    Great writing as well.

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