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I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Yes, it’s really true – it’s done!  There are still a few things to tweak, but it is a functioning kitchen, running water and everything!  There’s not much to say, you’ve heard me whine all summer.  They tore the kitchen out on June 8th and all but the last hook up is now done almost exactly 7 weeks with no kitchen.  It’s been some summer.  Enough talk, I think the pictures will let you see if you think it was worth the effort.  I think it was.

Here is what we started with – my tiny little kitchen.

And then, of course, they ripped it apart.

This is my beloved writing room, all the junk/stuff from the kitchen was stuffed in here when we decided we needed to paint this room too!  Not much writing went on in here this summer.

But slowly, gradually, things began to come together.  Here's my new kitchen, still tiny, but much, much better.

Old stove,

New stove,

Old sink,

New sink,

And my writing room now,

For not knowing what the heck we were doing, I think we did all right! 


  1. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Love the new kitchen.Glad you survived.It was worth it:-)

  2. Anonymous4:42 AM

    It was worth the effort. Enjoy.

  3. Love your new kitchen. It's looks great PK. You've both done a wonderful job. What did Mollie think of it?


  4. PK, it looks wonderful. You must be so excited. A new business possibly...... JK. Enjoy it and maybe with a new kitchen you might find that you like to actually cook. Ya never know

  5. Love your writing room.
    Nicks kitchen is beautiful too. ;-)
    Maybe you can ask Eva to come over and give some cooking lessons?
    I see you have gone from electric cooking to gas cooking.
    Special reason for that?
    Where are the spoons?

  6. I was wondering about the gas stove, too. Also where your fridge went. :)

    It looks beautiful, and what a lot of work! Yay for having your writing room again.

  7. It's beautiful!! I'm curious about where the fridge went, too... :)

  8. WOW...great job, it is lovely! Your writing room looks like a great place to relax and get inspired in!
    hugs abby

  9. WOW...great job, it is lovely! Your writing room looks like a great place to relax and get inspired in!
    hugs abby

  10. PK,
    looks great, I'll bet it is a relief to have it all done.
    Looking forward to some great new writing.
    Love and warm hugs,

  11. really pretty...time to start cooking...I was wondering about the refrigerator too :-) Terps
    love the writing room...

  12. It's beautiful, now that you have gas stove it's time to learn to cook. I could teach you how to make a delsih cheesecake :)

  13. Oh, that's supposed to say "delish". I hate typos :)

  14. Looks absolutely beautiful, pretty as a picture. Too nice to mess up with cooking and such. lol

    And just think, you and Nick are still alive.

  15. It's BEAUTIFUL! Really, it looks great. So happy for you and so happy for you that is it DONE!
    Thanks for sharing the photos!

  16. PK: Congrats. You and hubby did a great job. It looks perfect. Looks so good you may want to try some cooking on occasion.


  17. LOOKS GREAT! There is nothing like finishing a kitchen remodel- I remember it well,

  18. Margita,
    Thanks, survival was the goal. The kitchen was just a bonus.

    We have been enjoying it.

    Thanks! Mollie just loved it. She seems very impressed that Nick and I could do it without her.

    New business – ROFLMAO! Great kitchen does not make a great cook. But you do look better in the surroundings.

    It’s great, I can write and watch Nick cook at the same time. Spoons are there, trust me. If I ever have to do it, I want to cook with gas. My dad had a gas and appliance store – I grew up with gas and I’m really happy to get back to it.

    I cheated on the picture a bit – I took it the day before the refrigerator was delivered. It’s in the same place as it was in the top picture, beside the microwave. We got a cabinet depth so it doesn’t stick out as far.

    I love getting that refrigerator in, I was tired of going out on the carport to get ice!

    I love my writing room!

    You’re so right, it feel so nice to have it finished. I hope to do some writing soon.

    Cooking? Are you crazy – I don’t want anyone in there messing up my new kitchen!

    Please send the receipt! If I don’t want to cook, I’m sure Mollie will.

    You’re right – way too nice to mess up!

    You all let me fuss about it all summer, I knew you might like to see the finished product.

    We really didn’t have a vision when we started and didn’t know what we should pick out first – I’m amazed it turned out so well. But still, cooking…

    Mrs. Soft Bottom,
    I imagine it’s hard to forget! Not like childbirth, at least that pain fades! LOL!

  19. Beautiful! Hope you have many hours of cooking fun and family togetherness.


  20. wow it is soooo beautiful! How wonderful!

  21. Patty6:34 PM

    Really beautiful. Enjoy!

  22. Oh, it's gorgeous!

  23. Love the kitchen!! I much prefer a gas stove. It must be very rewarding and a great relief to finally be finished.

  24. Heather,
    The family togetherness is much more likely that cooking, but I’m loving it.

    Thanks Renee,
    It doesn’t even seem real yet.

    Patty, Conina,
    Thanks, wish I could have everyone drop by for tea or something.

    Yep, glad it's finished and really looking forward to cooking (a little) with gas again.

  25. Anonymous6:46 PM

    wow is awesome PK......well done you two :D
    hugs kiwi xxx

  26. Your kitchen is lovely.
    Rosie Dee