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Friday, July 27, 2012

Fantasy Friday - A New Day

It's a very special Friday for me.  I have a kitchen!  I'll be posting more about that soon and I'll be including pictures.  Even better, Mollie is coming home to see it tomorrow.  I haven't seen her in 29 days - the longest we've been apart since she was born. I'm so excited!

Now on to Fantasy Friday.  Minelle wrote for us today!  She has just begun her own blog - My Breath, and she said in a post this week that writing/spanking/blogging has added the same exciting spice to her marriage that it's added to so many of ours.  I think that this story may add some spice for us too.  

Be forewarned, it's a nice long story so I'm going to put it up in two parts.  Second part to be up tomorrow.  For now please enjoy...

A New Day

Claire allowed herself a sigh of relief as she turned the corner onto the familiar street that would now be her new home. Parking the car at the curb directly in front of her house, she took a moment to survey the lovely picture before her. A stately Cotton Wood tree stood offering shade to the front of the house. ‘Charming’ was the word that came to mind as she stood at the curb taking in the picturesque setting before her. As a soft summer breeze tussled her short hair, she looked up through her curls, and appraised her new home. The two story house was a Victorian design with beautiful grey blue siding mimicking the wood of old. The wide front stairs led up to an enclosed front porch with windows. Leaving the packed car, Claire walked excitedly up the painted stairs and pulled out her new set of keys to unlock the door. She could feel her heart quicken in excitement. Starting fresh, her life was taking a delightful turn. 

After working so far away from family and friends the past eight years she was ecstatic to be able to return home. Claire thought back to the decision she would never regret making, leaving her crazy job out East and coming back to everything she cherished. Claire’s heart again beat faster as she thought about beginning a new relationship with her brother’s oldest friend!

 Continuing her tour, her artist’s eye took in the painted wood floor of the porch and walking about six steps straight up to the heavy wood and glass door; she unlocked and opened that as well. Looking right was a lovely living room or parlor with a large bay window that opened with an arch into a dining room. There were three windows on the right and included a built in buffet with two small windows on either side.  She noticed the few pieces of furniture she arranged to have delivered throughout the rooms.  A lovely period couch that had recently been upholstered with a tapestry pattern sat between an antique lamp and a lovely round wooden table.  Turning to her left, or straight from the entrance was a good sized kitchen painted a French blue with butter yellow accents. A large pantry completed the room. Lovely, she sighed.

Walking back to the main entrance she took the stairs led up to the second level, turning right, she looked into a full-length mirror. Staring at herself Claire assessed her appearance. Sporting black legging capris that ended just below her knees and an aqua blue V-neck t-shirt she was finally able to look at herself without running from a mirrored image of her body. Short dark curly hair framed a heart shaped face. She thought her large green eyes were her best feature. The weight she recently lost looked better on the petite 5 ft. 3 inch frame she inherited from her mother.  She was very well endowed with a small waist and tiny hips. Turning around she noticed the exercises had certainly firmed up her round bottom. It was amazing how she couldn’t lose any weight until she released all the stress by quitting her job at the agency. Coming back to the Midwest was the right thing to do for so many reasons. Michael had been right on with his advice, and illustrating books was a passion Claire could concentrate on now.

 The money she had saved would carry her through this year if the work was slow, and she was careful. She might have to curtail her entertainment. She loved to party with friends! It had been a long time since she had gotten to kick-up the rug with her girlfriends and go crazy. Hopefully she could continue without any bossy interference.

Claire’s musings were interrupted by her cell ringing. “Oh Colleen it is just perfect, she answered excitedly. The ‘pics’ you sent did not even hint at the charm of the house.”

 “Yea, your brother said you would be properly pleased,” she shared.

 Colleen was Claire’s best friend; they grew up in this same small town, and went away to school together. She married Claire’s older brother Allen, last year. He was the last of her brothers to tie the knot. Claire was the youngest sibling with three older brothers, Steven, Sean and Allen.  The boys were born within three years of each other, but her parents were known to proudly state they were blest with her arrival eight years later!

 Colleen continued talking excitedly, “I am just pulling up in front! Come outside.” I ran down the stairs and outside, we were both still talking on the phone, as she parked the car. She jumped out of the car…. phone still clutched to her ear. We embraced jumping up and down gleefully. Colleen was a gorgeous curvaceous, reddish blond, standing about five foot five. It was certainly the icing on the cake to see her friend the first day she was home. Not that they didn’t talk all the time, and Colleen arranged for her to buy this house. Another easily recognizable car pulled up directly behind Colleen’s car.

“Colleen Ryan,” a tall handsome man stepped out of the car. I recognized my brother’s tone immediately; he was peeved at Colleen for something.  Of course as I watched him walk toward us and Colleen surreptitiously hid her phone in her bra, I completely understood.

“Hey there little sister,” my brother Allen grabbed me in a bear hug and lifted me off my feet. “Welcome home sweetie!”

He looked at my sister-in-law saying, “I followed you all the way here when I saw you at the Main Street light conversing with Claire, while driving!”

Colleen looked up at her husband saying, “I was just so excited to see Claire…..”

“Not a good excuse Colleen, you know better.”

“Oh come on, it is not such a huge deal and nothing happened.” she foolishly answered. At least I thought it was foolish knowing my brother. Of course I would never put up with my brothers high-handed attitude if I were her, but it was her marriage. I was happy that they fell in love, since I had already considered her my sister long before she actually became one.

My brother kissed her, and then looking at his watch he said, “I’ll meet you home for lunch at noon.”

“No way Allen,” stated Colleen, “I have way too much to do today.” Actually she was spending the morning with me, of which he was very much aware.

My brother turned to me and asked, “Claire would you mind if Colleen and I used your house for a short conversation?” Without waiting for my assent he took my sister-in-laws hand and started for the front door.

 I wasn’t missing anything here; the undercurrents were flowing through their conversation.

 Colleen tried to pull away uttering angrily, “No way Allen… fine be a pill, I’ll arrange things and meet you for ‘lunch’ at noon.”

My darling brother stopped, gently pulled Colleen into his arms, tucked his finger under her chin and gently kissed her lips. “Good decision my love,” he softly spoke to her. Then Allen turned smacking his wife on the butt. Next, he walked over and gave me a one armed hug and said teasingly, “Do not get into any mischief today; my wife is already in trouble with me.”

Great, I thought I could easily guess what he meant by that comment. “Are you in trouble for talking on your cell while driving, Colleen?” She looked at me with high color in her cheeks and said through her gritted teeth, “Yessss!”

 “So he’s peeved, you know it’s not the smartest thing to do, right? Just tell him ‘sorry’ you won’t do it again.” (Silently – I thought, she was toast. Or actually her butt was.) 

I grabbed her hand, and pulled her to my car to grab some essentials for a cup of tea or coffee. All of the utilities had been turned on so we would be able to put some groceries away and have a snack.  She grabbed the electric kettle while I grabbed the coffee maker. With our free hands we each picked up the groceries. As we walked, we comfortably fell back into our old pattern confiding with each other.

“Allen doesn’t usually overreact!” I tried to remind her that he was the calm brother.

She looked at me and said, “Seriously didn’t you grow up with that man?” Being the diplomatic friend and sister-in-law, I didn’t say a word.

 “I mean remember the party we went to the year we graduated college?”

“I try very hard to forget that night my good friend.” We kept reminiscing as we walked back into the house.  Walking through to the kitchen, setting up the coffee maker and together putting away the perishables, we sat at an old farm table I got off of Craig’s list.  

We both laughed and cringed remembering that night. Colleen and I thought we were hot stuff the summer after we graduated college. In the fall we were both going our merry ways taking jobs in our perspective careers. We really did not feel like being responsible until we had to be. Therefore we planned on pushing the envelope by attending a party socializing way out of our comfort zone. Edgy, as a portrayal for the type of group, was really being kind when we later tried to defend our decision to party with them. Unfortunately we ran smack dab into my brother Allen and his closest friend Michael. I had such a crush on Michael. Being the youngest of five brothers I often ran afoul of their protective inclinations. However, what happened that night was an eye opener for Colleen, and unfortunately, me as well!

“Remember how naïve we were, thinking we would be able to mix unnoticed with such a sketchy crowd. We started to dance and have a couple of drinks feeling on top of the world.”  Colleen giggled, saying “Everything went south when we got separated and that guy started picking you up by your ankles and you started smacking him on his back!” Joining in her laughter I quickly remembered him starting up the stairs to the second floor, THAT, I was not about to tolerate. I started pulling his hair and he let me loose.

 We continued laughing, just about spitting out our coffee on my beautiful table. “Oh yea that was hysterical especially since when I got free I looked up straight into Michaels shocked eyes. He didn’t even say a word just dragged me out of the party through the front door.  The idiot guy was sputtering inanely behind us. To make matters worse,” I reminisced, “my brother was sitting by Michael’s car waiting for him. I’m shouting at Michael that you are still inside as he is pulling me to the car.  Allen looks up kind of shocked, and says he would go for you, running back into the house, all the while shouting back at me that I was in deep trouble! Michael was lecturing me about my irresponsible behavior!”

“Yada, yada,yada! Was all I cared to hear!”

“By that point I am ticked and embarrassed to be dragged off like a kid, and I start smacking Michael’s arm. I mean seriously, I had no thoughts of self- preservation.” I winced remembering…

 “Hit me again you little brat and I am going to put you across my knee and give you the paddling of your life. I should anyway. What are you doing at a party like this one?” He raged.

 “You are such a jerk,” I had shouted trying to free the hand firmly clutched in his. Everything was fine I screamed as I kicked him with my heeled foot directly into his left shin. I couldn’t believe his audacity in treating me like some underage child.  

“Sure… it was fine that’s why you were being lifted dangerously by your ankles and some mammoth drunk idiot was about to head upstairs with you!”

“I got away from him,” I screamed. “I am 22 years old, you do not need to babysit me!”

“I learned that night; Michael was just as over protective and spank-happy as my crazy brothers.” I told Colleen.

“Yea, the writing was on the wall for me too.” she grimaced.

 I still squirmed remembering how he’d pulled me over to the fire hydrant, sat down dragging me over his lap. He tightened his left arm grasping me around my waist firmly to hold me, and started spanking my bottom. The smell of summer grass still brings memories of that night since it was so close to tickling my nose. Michael had no compunction about pulling my short skirt up and spanking my panty clad bottom. Kicking my legs wildly just insured that he restrained them with his right leg.  The memory was imbedded as the most embarrassing moment of my thus far, 22 years on this earth.

“You little brat!” smack, smack, smack, smack, smack!

“Ouch, stop NOW you jerk!” I pinched the skin on his ankle hoping to stop his spanking me.

 I recalled that just unleashed a fury of spanks,…. smack, smack, smack, smack, smack,  that went on until Allen came upon us at the fire hydrant with Colleen over his shoulder.  Colleen was squirming to avoid the smacks raining down all over her bottom as she kicked and screamed ‘put me down you jerk off,’ and smacked my brother. We were unceremoniously sat in the back seat of Michael’s car. Just then as sirens sounded, and the police rounded the corner stopping in front of the house, we pulled away.

Both lost in our visual memories we laughingly came back to the present.

“Well we didn’t sit well for a couple of days when the boys finished explaining our foolishness. They    were leaving the party due to the fact it had turned into one big drug party, and they were shocked to find us there!”  We were lectured about our poor judgment over and over.

“Yep, that is true, sigh… and now I have to go meet your brother and answer for my transgression of talking and driving while on my cell. If we go out tonight I hope the place has soft cushions!”

“You are ok, right?” I mean even though he is my brother I want to know you won’t hate him or anything.” I was embarrassed but needed to hear her answer. I knew of my brother’s proclivities. It seemed easier to talk about the past spanking, but this was now.

“Look Claire I hate being spanked, at least when I am being punished, but he is the best man I have ever had in my life. He would lay down his life protecting me. It’s not like he orders me around every minute of every day expecting a docile Stepford wife or anything.  I expect the same standard he does of me. I am just more prone to impulsive and at times dangerous thought and actions. Now with you being home again I’m probably going to need to build up some resistance for my currently, ‘occasionally’ punished posterior!”

“Wow Colleen, I don’t think you have ever been this forthcoming regarding my brother spanking you!”

“I’ll not be able to avoid your natural snooping,….. So I figure maybe knowing the fact your brother may spank me will keep YOU in line.” We started to clear the table placing our cups in the sink.

“Unfair girl, I only have to worry how my actions affect me now! Don’t put guilt pressure on me!” I was laughing as I grabbed the dishwashing detergent out of the remaining grocery bag on the floor. I turned on the hot water intending to soak our cups.

“Anyway I am hoping to get you attached to someone who takes care of you the same way,” she laughed….. maybe…. Michael? I know you are crazy about him.”

“Colleen, he did visit me in NY and I AM still crazy about him, but he is so officious some times.”

“He is not! You just don’t like anyone telling you what to do, even if you were about to do it anyway. You are very contrary!”

“Whoa, I am not, Colleen.”

 Even though I was slow to accept it, I knew Michael was the man for me; I would forever have a sore behind because she was actually right. Sigh…

That was actually the crux of my issue with Michael I thought. Even though I wasn’t admitting it out loud, I figured the die was already cast and we actually had something very special. However, I knew he was just like my brothers in regard to safety and other specific issues. He had said as much to me recently. I knew we were totally and completely, attracted to each other, and had a great deal in common, but we really hadn’t progressed from our last date in NY. We spent a great deal of time on the phone in the last several months. This past week however, I was scared to, continue or begin this romance so I was kind avoiding him thinking it was about losing my freedom. I had some trepidations with regards to his curbing my over the top behaviors with spanking!!  I wasn’t all that forthcoming about some of my less than carefully thought out actions. I didn’t like anyone telling me what to do! Sometimes I played the devil’s advocate when in a conversation with someone just to be ornery. Not that I tried to hurt a person’s feelings, mind you, just being contrary for its own sake. The worst thing was that if someone said don’t do something… I may just do it anyway because I was told no!

“That might not be a bad idea to keep you on the straight and narrow, darling, remember you kept me apprised of all your shenanigans,” she drawled. Colleen turned me to her and kissed my cheek saying she and Allen would see me at Marley’s pub that night.  “Don’t worry, let Michael in to your heart, he is a good guy!”

“I think he is already in my heart, and that is my dilemma,” I whispered as I let her out the front door.

I decided to go and see my parents before they began worrying about when I arrived. The grapevine being the way it was in small towns I was sure they were already acquainted with my whereabouts. They had already said they wouldn’t be joining the younger ‘kids’ at the pub.


You're off to a great start, Minelle!  Now I hope everyone remembers to come back tomorrow for the conclusion of the story.  And for those of you thinking of writing a story yourself please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Minelle, I enjoyed Part I.
    PK, SO GLAD the kitchen is done and have a GREAT time with your daughter!!

  2. PK and Minelle,
    I'm pushed for time, I'll read it all tomorrow.

  3. can't wait to hear the rest... :-)

  4. Love the detailed beginning! Sounds like 2 parts won't be enough! Can't wait to see the pics of the new kitchen...you made the deadline!
    hugs abby

  5. Oh, what a great story. Can't wait for tomorrow's installment.

    Thanks, PK

  6. Good promising story!
    Told you, Minelle is a talent!
    Busy times for all of us running around between My Breath and New Beginnings.
    Now I'm off to Minelles place.
    Be back tomorrow for part 2, and then the long awaited kitchen-post!

  7. Minelle, Bas is right, you do have a talent for writing. Thanks, really enjoyed part I and look forward to next part but might not have time to come back over the weekend.

    Thanks PK.


  8. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Love the characters so far! Can't wait to read more.

  9. Thanks everyone for saying such nice things about my story! I was away and had VERY little internet access!

    PK as always you are a gem of a woman! Thanks for hosting my story!