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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A little more venting

I got a sympathy card in the mail today, it read:

Hope the care and concern
that surrounds you today

Will guide and support you
each step of the way…

to a peaceful and hopeful tomorrow.

Thinking of you at this sad time

It was from my school partner, Megan.  She added the following note –

This card sums up exactly how I feel.  Oddly enough, I feel better just sharing it with you.

Poor thing, she is even more upset than I am.  John and I were the only partners she had ever had.  She’s only been teaching for four years.  I remember how attached you get to your partners when you are first starting out – they’re a bit like parents.  So part of the family is gone and one unknown and one jerk are being thrust upon us. 

Eve reminded me of a story I told her about Mr. K from several years ago. This just shows you about his personality and the general feeling of others at the school towards him.  Our cafeteria was changing to a new system and everyone had to be assigned a new number.  The head of the cafeteria staff sent out an email that read something like this.

We’ve had to change everyone’s lunch number.  So that it would be easy to remember, we used your home phone number.  If you don’t want to use this number just let us know and we’ll be happy to change it to anything you like.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it.  Not for Mr. K, he stormed into the cafeteria, during the busy lunchtime (the ladies were trying to get approximately 120 kids through the line) and pitched a fit saying…

“I don’t want to use my phone number! NO one asked me, I didn’t want it changed in the first place!  I don’t want these kids hearing it, or seeing me punch it in and then calling my house at all hours.  I want it changed and I what it changed NOW!”

I would have wanted to rip his head off if he had spoken to me that way, but the cafeteria lady, a sweet little lady, older then me, just gave him a kind smile and had him come back into her office where she meekly changed his number, writing it on a sticky for him.  He stalked out with out so much as a thank-you.  Those teachers and staff that had witnesses this rudeness told the story around the school.  But it wasn’t until the next day that the story got even better.  We all found out what number she had given him.  The number was 277-4653 and if you put it in your phone it spells out ASS-HOLE.  Lets hear it for little old, quick thinking, cafeteria ladies!!

I promise I won’t spend all my time complaining about Mr. K, but you can expect me to vent here some.  I guess it breaks the monotony of venting about Nick and the lack of spanking in my life – I’m afraid you can expect some of that pretty soon too.


  1. PK,
    You are kept busy in both our worlds. Everybody is sharing their most secret and deepest thoughts with you. There must be something about you....., well don't just forget about little PK somewhere in the middle of all that.
    Remember I mentioned that I cannot laugh and my face is frozen solid in a very serious expression? Well, I can now officially tell you that using your laughing muscles hurt after so long a time.
    Poor Mr K, he doesn’t really have a chance, with all those quick thinking ladies.
    Hooray for little old Cafeteria Ladies.

  2. Ah....those cafeteria ladies know how to survive! Vent away...I have a friend who just retired this year, just could not take it anymore. Sad way to end, even more sad, becoming more common.
    hugs abby

  3. LOL that was so clever! Lunch ladies are the best!


  4. Boy, she was fast on her feet to think of that! Pretty good. I am sorry for your friend and the changes being made for all of you!!

  5. PK,
    One little old lunch lady, totally worthy of respect.
    Vent away if it relieves stress, only try not to make my shoulder too wet, it's bad for my rheumatics. LOL
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. Awesome cafeteria ladies! He deserved that and a whole lot more!

  7. LOVE that story!!

  8. What good would a blog be if one couldn't go there to vent?!

    And I think I love your cafeteria ladies.

  9. PK: Great story and feel free to vent any time.


  10. Perfect! She certainly got the last 'two words' lol. Tell your friend to stick to her guns, she knows what's right! He is the crazed idiot. I hope you keep us entertained with his shameful behavior!

  11. I Love It. What a great idea. Is he still using that number because obviously it still applies.

    Tell Megan not to worry about him, even though he's been a pain she probably can run rings around him.

    A**holes will always be with us and along with aggravation they also provide entertainment.

    See ya later

  12. Anonymous2:18 PM


    Did the dolt Mr K ever figure out the number? Or is he clueless? Too funny gotta love cafeteria ladies!
    And you know you have a whole lot of people here who would love to hear you vent and if you need creative ideas to get back at him, I am sure we can offer some!!!(albeit we may not be as clever as the cafeteria lady!)


  13. Bas,
    My partner probably sees me as smart because she sees me as old. She is a great one to keep up with all the paper work I hate so much so I’ll let her do that and I’ll make keeping Mr. K in line my responsibility.

    Remembering PK, sigh… sometimes she fades.

    They are a tough bunch. I keep telling them if they come up with a plan where I can retire early that they better not be standing between me and the door!

    I told her she became my hero that day.

    Mr. K rub everyone the wrong way so much many of us are just waiting for him to say something.

    I won’t get you too wet! Of course you may need to cover your ears if you’re very sensitive.

    PL Brat,
    He better behave himself this year of he just might get it!

    I’m sure that there will be more.

    Thank and yea, they are a great bunch.

    You know I will, here or by email!

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to. In years past I’ve been able to watch from a distance and things were funny. Might not be as much fun to be in the eye of the storm.

    As far as I know it’s still his number. Megan is so much quicker and smarter that he is, but she is young and always wants to treat her elders with respect. She won’t tell him to shut – up! I will!

    Still clueless. It’s nice to have support of others at school and you guys here.

  14. lol, love what she did

  15. yay for the cafeteria ladies...I would never have been so quick thinking...probably would just be in a puddle of tears...good for them handling the situation as they did...and vent away-that's what friends are for! :-)