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Friday, July 06, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Dance with me

Happy Friday!  It's been a week of working on the kitchen - at least for Nick, I'm the assistant for sure.  Honestly that man can do everything!  I don't give him enough credit.  He can do so much, so well I forget to be amazed and sometimes I'm not as appreciative as I should be because he seems to do everything so effortlessly.  There is still a ways to go, but progress is being made.

I'm happy to be sharing another story from Sunnygirl.  And once you read this one go over to her site where she has another great story up.  For now, please enjoy...

Dance with me

Katy and Bill were out for their morning walk.  Moving to this new community had spurred on their commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.  Most of their neighbors are actively involved in some sort of physical activity on a daily basis.  They had moved to this 55+ community when their last son had married and moved away. 

On their walk they passed a house where the garden was a bloom with colorful flowers.  They noticed a women gardening and told her they were admiring her handiwork.  She thanked them and came over and introduced herself as Sarah Burnett.  Sarah mentioned the dance at the community center this coming Saturday night and asked if Katy and Bill would be attending.  Katy said she and Bill loved to dance and would most likely attend.  Sarah said great and she looked forward to seeing them there.

They continued on their walk.  Bill mentioned to Katy that if they attended the dance she would have to promise him not to be her flirtatious self.  She was a big flirt and in their old circle everyone knew it was just that, flirting, no follow through involved.  Katy poohed poohed his suggestion.

 “I don’t need you to tell me how to act.”

Bill said “Quite the contrary.  Once you have had a couple of drinks you let down your reserve.”  

Katy told him he could be such a fuddy duddy and tried to change the subject.  Bill said he would change the subject but just wanted to warn her that he did not want her flirting with everyone at the dance.  They were new to this community and didn’t want to create any trouble.

Fast forward to Saturday Night

Katy and Bill arrived at the dance.  They saw a few familiar faces and waved hello.  Sarah Burnett spotted them and came over and asked them to join her and her husband, Will, at their table.  She introduced them to the two other couples at the table.  The band started to play and Bill and Katy got up to dance.  They danced the next three numbers and finally came back to the table.  Sarah remarked they danced beautifully together and said she wished Will was more of a dancer. 

Katy said she was sure that wasn’t true.  Everybody loved to dance and to prove it she took Will’s hand and lead him to the dance floor.  Will didn’t want to embarrass her so he went along. They started to dance and although he wasn’t as fluid as Bill he held his own.  Katy continued talking and dancing and when they came back to the table Bill could tell she had made another conquest.  Bill took Katy out of the dance floor once again and whispered in her ear to behave herself.  She said she didn’t know what he was talking about.  While they were dancing, one of the other couples from their table joined them on the dance floor.  Midway through the next dance, Jim and Sally suggested they change partners.  Bill was a little hesitant but Katy jumped right in.  Bill found out that Jim and Sally were not married but had been together for quite a while.  Sally was outwardly flirting with Bill and he was a little uncomfortable.  He couldn’t wait for the dance to be over.  Jim, however, was having a great time with Katy.  He too was an outrageous flirt and Katy gave as good as she got.  When they returned to the table, Bill grabbed Katy’s arm and escorted her out to the hall. 

“What do you think you are doing?  We had this conversation the other day.  I want you to stop it right now.”

“Don’t you get all high-handed with me mister.  He started flirting with me and you know how much I enjoy the game.”

“Yes, I do know you and know it doesn’t mean a thing.  But does Jim?  Maybe – maybe not but I am not willing to have this go any further.  Behave yourself or we are leaving.” Do you understand me?”

Katy disengaged herself from Bill’s grip and returned to the table.  She was really miffed at him and it showed.  Katy immediately asked Sarah if she would mind if she danced with her husband. Sarah said it was up to Will.  Will said he would rather sit this one out if she didn’t mind.  Jim piped in and said he would dance with her.  She got up, looked over her shoulder and gave both Will and Bill, her most seductive smile as she sashayed out onto the floor.

Bill knew he was in for a long night.  She had only had one drink and already she was in full flirtatious mode.  He tried acting nonchalant and conversed with the other table mates.  All the while he continued to keep an eye on Katy.  When the music changed and a raucous tune began he actually cringed.  He knew what was going to happen next.  Katy loved to dance and her dancing could become quite vigorous.  Tonight was no exception.  When Bill heard a comment from someone at the other table about his wife’s behavior he knew he had to step in.  He also knew this wasn’t going to be pretty.  He got up and went onto the dance floor and stepped in between Jim and Katy.  Jim quickly got the message but Katy kept dancing.  Bill filled in as her partner and when the dance ended and they were walking back to the table they heard someone else say that if she were his wife she would be sitting very gingerly tomorrow.

“Now what do you suppose they meant by that?” asked Katy.

“I suppose it means that you definitely overstepped the bounds and that he would take you in hand.” said Bill.

“Take me in hand?”

“Yes, meaning his hand would be warming his wife’s bottom.”

“Spanking her, you mean, are you kidding me?” 

“No and I don’t think that is such a bad idea.”

“Well, you think what you want but it is not going to happen.”

“We will just have to see about that.”

The more he thought about it the more the idea appealed to him.  Katy had always been a little wild and he loved that about her.  But her behavior had caused a lot of hard feelings over the years.  He didn’t want to stifle her he just wanted her to tone it down some.  Spanking might just be the answer.

Katy felt a little chastened when she returned to the table.  She was just having fun.  Why did these people have to be such a bunch of wet hens?  Maybe they made a mistake moving to a community of “old people.”  It was one thing to get older but another thing to get old and she didn’t intend to get old anytime soon, no matter the number of birthdays.

The evening ended and Bill and Katy drove home in silence.  They both went up to bed and still did not say a word to each other.  Katy finally broke the silence and told Bill she was sorry if she embarrassed him.  He told her she embarrassed herself. He hoped that she had learned her lesson. With that he got into bed and turned over and went to sleep.

Katy lay there for quite a while and kept going over the events of the evening and couldn’t image what warranted that comment from that man.  It was just dancing.  She knew she was a flirt but she was just having fun.  It didn’t mean anything.  She loved her husband and would never think of doing anything to jeopardize their marriage.

Weeks went by and Katy and Bill had resumed their normal lives.  There really didn’t seem to be any fallout from the dance.  They had become fast friends with Sarah and Will and they socialized with them frequently.  The following Friday the four of them had reservations to attend a dinner dance being sponsored by the Garden Society.  It was the largest fund raiser of the year for them and the money earned went toward the beautification of the town square. Sarah, being an avid gardener, was eagerly anticipating a great turnout and had enlisted Katy’s help to sell tickets.  Katy trotted over to the local VFW one afternoon and charmed many of the gentlemen to purchase tickets. Her next stop was the local Elks lodge.  Again she sold many tickets.  By the night of the dance all the tickets had been sold.

The two couples walked into the dance and were seated at their table.  They no sooner sat down when a gentleman came up and asked Katy to dance.  She politely declined.  A few minutes later another gentleman approached her.  Once again, she declined.  When the third fellow approached she told Bill maybe it would be better to leave.  He wanted to know why.  She sheepishly said she had sold so many tickets because she had promised a dance to everyone that purchased a ticket.  Bill told her they were not leaving and she would honor her commitment. Katy pouted but accepted the next dance request and everyone thereafter.  By the end of the evening, her feet hurt. She told Bill she couldn’t wait to sit down and put her feet up.  As they passed a table on their way out the door, one of the men had obviously overheard her comment.  He told the others at the table that if it was his wife she wouldn’t sit for a week and her husband must be a saint to put up with her antics.  She started to make a comment to the man and Bill quickly ushered her away. 

When they got home he told her to go on up to bed and he would join her shortly.  He sat downstairs for a while before he gathered the courage to go up and tell Katy what she had coming.  She was just getting into bed.  He sat on the edge of the bed, pulled her over his lap and began his lecture.  He said he had enough and she was going to learn how to behave or she would find herself over his knee on a regular basis.  With that, he pulled up her nightgown and began delivering a sound spanking.  Katy started sputtering and Bill warned her she had better settle down unless she wanted him to get his belt.  Katy quieted. When Bill felt she had enough, he pulled her up to stand before him.  He rubbed her back, kissed her and tucked her into bed. 

Bill told her the worst part of the evening was that he hadn’t been able to dance with the prettiest girl at the party.  Not even once.


Sunnygirl, I love your stories and  I honestly don't know what I'd do without your generosity towards Fantasy Friday!  Come on folks, you're making only a small number of people do all the work.  I need more writers!  I know, I know - some of you don't think you're 'good enough'.  We don't care if it's a masterpiece or just a small first attempt.  Please, give it a try!  Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous7:42 AM

    Great story Sunnygirl, I love the variety in your stories. Each couple and storyline is different! You are so good at this. You have a great imagination.
    PK as always thanks for the FF.
    Good luck with the progress continuing on the kitchen!

  2. Sunnygirl, your stories seem so real, that's a great talent.
    PK, you have a winner here.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Oh I do so love your stories SG. Thanks so much.

    Thank you PK.


  4. Sunnygirl, you make me want to go to a dance and get spanked when I get home! Thanks for a good story.
    Thank you PK, too. What would we do without you!

  5. Oh the memories this story brings up for me. My dancing was a big issue for us early on in our relationship. It has gotten some better, but there are still times when he stops me from dancing :(

  6. Nice story Sunnygirl. Makes me wish I had taken dancing lessons when I was young. Good to know that my wife was into linedancing. No need for a dancingpartner...
    Thank you for the story.

  7. No stories from me I'm afraid. I'm just not literate enough in the English language. Had to look up the meaning of "fuddy duddy". Now I'm having a bad time hiding this expression from my wife, I'm sure she could find good use for it.

  8. Thanks for coming by everyone. Now Bas, I think your wife should be able to expand her vocabulary just a little. Send me her address, LOL!

  9. Great story! THanks for sharing

  10. Thanks everyone for your kind words about my story.

    As always thank you PK for hosting FF. You are a gem.

  11. My first time reading something by Sunnygirl, it was great, thanks for sharing!

    New follower of New Beginnings too

    Vix @ ttoria.blogspot.com

  12. Thanks Vix,
    I hope you'll be by often.