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Friday, July 09, 2010

Fantasy Friday, The Bed II

We have a real treat today. I think anyone who reads here is aware that Annie-nomyous is one of the very best contributors out here. Today I am posting part one of a three part story that she sent me several years ago. I do love Annie's stories. I think this will be a totally new story for most of you. I hope you will enjoy...

The Bed

Part One

Driving Dan’s vintage corvette well over the speed limit, top down, wind in her hair, Kerry thrilled to the delicious feeling of doing something forbidden. Knowing that this was the one thing guaranteed to send him into a rage only added to the fun. Kerry Tyler was practically immune to guilt. Having never had consequences, her most outrageous stunts only paved the way for new excesses. The only daughter of elderly parents, she grew up with little supervision and even less discipline. In her late twenties and married to a man who adored her, Kerry often wondered if her lifelong interest in spanking came from never having had one.

A full time homemaker, Kerry spent long hours on the computer, the member of several chat lines and e-groups for spanked wives. The other members would be quite shocked to learn that all of the intense and detailed punishments she shared on a regular basis were simply made up stories. Oh the deeds were her own, but the lectures, scolding, and severe punishments were figments of her imagination. Dan never raised his voice, to her, much less his hand. Driving his car while he was out of town was safe enough. He would never find out, and the story of her “punishment” would keep her, and her cyber friends, entertained until he got back.

Dan Tyler, smart, confident, at ease in most any situation, was in way over his head. And he was at least smart enough to recognize it. For months Kerry had been growing more distant, spending more time on the computer, and letting everything else go. It didn’t take much to
backtrack her surfing habits to come up with a definite pattern. One thing led to another and soon Dan found himself lurking on several so-called “spanko” lists that Kerry posted to. He was dumbfounded to learn that one of the favorite activities on these lists was sharing, in great detail, the punishments received by women on the list. Even more amazing, the severe and intricate combinations that he chose to punish his wife were listed as “classics” and recommended reading for newcomers. Each of Kerry’s tales began by explaining what she had done to deserve punishment, how disappointed her husband, “D”, was, and exactly how he went about making her truly sorry for her transgressions.

The first few stories were disturbing; portraying what seemed to him a level of abuse he could never understand. Having never struck anyone, the fact that untold numbers of strangers believed he was thrashing his wife on a weekly basis was frightening. After careful reading, Dan began to see a pattern emerging. Each of the women who shared their stories were very open about their need for discipline. The men spoke of domestic discipline being part of something they owed their wives. Each story began with the wife doing something she knew was wrong, most often something she had agreed was off limits, in some cases it was a series of transgressions that continued to accumulate until the man took charge and enforced the limits.

Of course the list of things he had been walloping her for was impressive. If she had done only a fraction of those things, and he was afraid it was higher than that, then she deserved to have her bottom blistered.

Always a methodical man, Dan determined that a few weeks of research would help him decide how to confront Kerry and perhaps provide a clue on how to begin to repair their marriage. He would be out of town on business and lonely nights at strange hotel would provide all the time he needed to gather information.

Dan Tyler paced his hotel room like a caged animal until his anger lifted enough to think. This time she had gone too far, and he couldn’t wait to see the look on her face when “D” came home early and wanted to know who put those miles on his car.

Kerry was curled up at the computer in a ratty old robe reading the responses to her latest story when she heard a car pull up. The sound of a key in the door sent her flying, delighted at his early return.

“Why didn’t you call me? I could have picked you up at the airport. Is everything okay? Why are you back early?”

Looking at her tousled hair and innocent face it was hard to believe that she had been on-line writing borderline pornography all day.

“Missed you too much to stay away any longer.” He said, smothering her questions with kisses.

“So, what have you been up to while I was gone? Anything I should know about?”

“Of course not, silly, just missing you.”

“You must have done something in the last four days, shopping, visiting, gone for a drive?”

She shot him a startled look and then laughed nervously.

“Just the regular stuff, went grocery shopping, called my mom, you know.”

“I guess I’ll just have to make it up to you for running off and leaving you here, bored and lonely then won’t I?”

Taking Kerry’s hand Dan led her to their bedroom. The antique bed they found on their honeymoon and refinished as their first married project had a sturdy cross bar at the footboard. Lifting his wife he perched her on the railing, the perfect height for him to ease open the old robe and bury his face in her beautiful breasts. Realizing this was going to be harder than he thought, he pushed aside the urge to forget everything and just make love to her and pulled back. Slowly, he lowered her to the bed, knees draped over the railing, robe thrown open, and started to walk around the bed to join her, when he suddenly stopped and gave a funny look.

Reaching under the railing he grasped her hips and pulled, wedging her under the railing and leaving her open and exposed in a very provocative pose.

Before she could say a word he started softly stroking her thighs, running his hand lightly over her now stretched tight bottom.

“I want to ask you a question, and I would like an honest answer. Did you drive my car while I was gone?”

“Of course not, why would I drive your silly old car?”

“Would you like to tell me who put 72 miles on it while I was away, if not you?”

Kerry started to wiggle out from under the post, this wasn’t sounding like much fun after all. Before she could slide out, Dan grasped her hips and wedged her more securely.

“I have a few things to say, and you can stay right where you are until I am finished.”

Kerry was startled and secretly thrilled by the stern tone in his voice. Dan had never spoken so forcefully, before. Maybe he would actually get mad at her and then they could kiss and make up.

Dan took a paper out of his pocket and began to read,

“This is the worst punishment I have ever gotten, and I deserved it all and then some. I drove his precious Corvette while he was gone; a big no-no at our house, then lied when he asked me about the extra miles. He was so mad he made me wait in the corner for over an hour for my punishment.”

“Does any of this ring a bell with you?”

Kerry was frantic, trying to figure out where he had gotten a copy of her post to her email buddies. Never mind the car, what must he be thinking of her?

“I asked a question and I expect an answer.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Kerry lied, again trying to ease out from under the railing, into a more dignified position.

“Stay right where you are until I tell you to move. And stop trying to play innocent with me. I have been reading your posts for several weeks, I am quite aware that you regularly “share” your punishments, and I have decided that that is exactly what you need.”

Dan looked at his lovely wife, her bottom hanging over the end of the bed, her eyes darting back and forth as she searched for a plausible excuse. Odd, when he had first found her stories he was outraged that she would tell total strangers he was beating her.
Today, watching the fear and fascination on her face, he realized that a sound spanking was what she had been begging for, and suddenly he was looking forward to giving it to her.

“I know this isn’t exactly the way it happened in your story but this will do nicely.”

With no further warning his hand landed on her bottom in a volley of stinging blows. The sudden pain took her breath away; she hadn’t imagined it would really hurt.

“Dan, stop this, what are you doing, I am a grown woman, you can’t do this.”

Dan ignored her completely, making sure he covered every inch of her bottom with firm blows. One hand on her thigh was enough to prevent her from wiggling out from under the rail, and the sight of his handprints covering her milky flesh was surprisingly satisfying. Most of their arguments ended in a cold war that could last for days. Being able to take action, hearing her beg for him to stop, he was certain he had done the right thing.

“Now that I have your attention, I plan to give you the spanking you wrote about, you know what you have done, and, this time I will let it be your decision as to the punishment earned.”

With that, he pulled a small wooden paddle out of his back pocket and set to work. Slow, steady spanks that covered her entire bottom with a deep burning fire. Unable to dodge the blows, she presented a perfect target, thighs spread, bottom stretched tight, he ignored her increasingly urgent pleas to stop and settled into a rhythm. Just like in her story he spanked every inch of her bottom and then started on her thighs, slowly working to the knee and then back up, covering each leg thoroughly, then concentrated the next few dozen strokes to the tender spot where bottom and leg met.

By this time Kerry’s pleading had faded into steady sobbing, broken only by gulps of breath as the paddle tortured her sit spot. Ignoring the frantic blubbering, Dan paused, and quietly asked,

“Did you drive my car?”

“Yes, I drove your damn, precious car, now let me up.”

“Not so fast, you wrote the story, you know we aren’t done here.”

Kerry’s sobs turned to shrieks as Dan slowly pulled his belt through the loops. She couldn’t believe this was happening, why did she write those stupid stories, why did she think she WANTED to be spanked?

“Just like you told all your fans, get caught telling a lie and you earn the belt.”

Doubling the thick leather, Dan carefully covered the buckle with his big hand. Taking aim the first stroke landed with a satisfying crack followed by a howl. Afraid of overdoing her first punishment, Dan gave her half a dozen solid stripes, then asked if she had learned her lesson.

Kerry sobbed out a sincere apology, begging him to stop, promising to be good and never to drive his car again.

Looking at his beautiful wife, pinned under the railing, ass on fire and glowing a deep shade of red, Dan began to understand this DD lifestyle. He felt totally at peace, no lingering anger, just a sense of having dealt with a problem and being ready to move on. In spite of her tears, he couldn’t help but notice she was also aroused.

“That will be enough for now, but, tomorrow we are going to have a long talk about the rules of this household, and the consequences of breaking them.”

Dan pulled Kerry up onto the bed and cradled her against his chest, holding her tightly as she cried and feeling closer to her than he had in months. He was shocked at how right this felt, and knew this was only the beginning. Kerry drifted off to sleep as her husband considered giving her all of the punishments she had bragged about on-line.


We'll be gone through Monday but my trusty computer will be with me as always. Now we have the next few weeks taken care of but I sure hope that some of you are out there writing . If you have a story to send send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Awesome story!!!!! Annie-nonymous, did an amazing job! Great idea, great concept, great execution! Fun, fun, fun!!!

    Thanks, PK, for posting this!

    Yay! Fantasy Friday!!!


  2. Great story, Thanks for posting it.

  3. Annie, fab story. I shall look forward to part II and III. Thanks.

    Really did enjoy that PK.