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Friday, July 02, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Ending or Beginning? Part two

I hope everyone is planning on a great 4th of July celebration!! Summer time is the best time and even better than that Kim came through for us again with a continuation of her Fantasy Friday story from last week! If you didn't get to read the first part you can find it here. I didn't get this one until last night so I had to hurry with the pictures. But the story is great and I know you are going to love it! Kick this holiday weekend off to a great start with a great read.

Ending or Beginning? Part two

Beth’s mind raced as she stood in the corner. It seemed so childish to be here but she was focused. She thought of Russell and she thought back to their early marriage when he was so forceful. Would she be able to do that again – it could be very uncomfortable, even painful but the relief of not being in charge would be heaven. Since the kids came she felt like she handled everything, including Russell. Back when he was in control life had been wonderfully unpredictable. Sometimes he was romantic and passionate. They had sex often and it was wild and crazy. Sometimes he was strict and demanding, he would spank her hard and she might sport welt and bruises on her ass for days. And some of the things he did she remembered as humiliating and almost sadistic. And for some reason it was those memories that rushed back to her now with waves of desire. She didn’t know how long she had been in the corner when Russell spoke behind her.

“What’s your decision? Beth I love you, I want you so badly but I know this was what worked best for us. It won’t be easy. I’m going back to my old ways and the next few days will be total submersion.”

Total Submersion – Beth shuddered at those words. In the early years they had happened 3 or 4 times a year whenever Russell really thought she had gotten way out of line. It was usually a weekend of totally control on his part. He gave orders and expected them carried out correctly and at once. Punishment was swift and painful for not obeying. It wasn’t the way they had live most of the time but it certainly got her back in line quickly. And when those weekends were over Beth and Russell were their happiest.

Beth took a deep breath and without looking around said “I want to try too Russell. I’m scared, but I don’t want to lose you. I want what we used to have.”

Russell turned her from the corner and kissed her. “We start now, you know tomorrow won’t be an easy day but it’s one we both need. Now I’ve got to run one errand then I won’t have to leave the house for a few days. I want you to clean both bathrooms and run a load of laundry while I’m gone. I won’t be more than two hours.”

Beth nearly laughed at herself. She tried to remember the last time Russ had ‘told’ her to do anything. ‘I can’t remember when I’ve looked forward to cleaning bathrooms more’ she thought to herself. She hurried through the first one and then headed to put in a load of laundry. Passing the computer she couldn’t stop from sending off a quick email to Deb. Deb was an old friend who knew that she and Russell had once had a DD relationship. She had to tell her the latest. And email would only take a minute but as it happened Deb was on line and IMed “Tell me more!!” They chatted for just a minute it seemed when Beth heard Russell entering the house.

“Shit!” was Beth’s only thought as she hurried to close the computer and grab the laundry basket. But it was too late as Russell walked into the room.

“What did I tell you to do? Gossip on the computer?” He stared at the laundry basket sitting in the floor then he went to inspect both bathrooms. One hadn’t been touched. Russell came back into the room and said, “Follow me.”

“Russell I was just planning to be on for a minute really…” Her voice trailed off. He didn’t seem to want explanation or excuses. She followed him to the back yard and out to the willow tree. “Here” he said thrusting a small pair of pruning shears into her hand. ”Cut me a switch.”

Another blast from the past, and not a pleasant one! A switching was not a good way to begin several days of punishment. A switching hurt so badly! But she had given the next two day to him and she wasn’t going back on her word. She felt exposed in the yard as if any neighbor who might be looking would know exactly what she was doing. She quickly cut a switch and brought it over to Russell.

“This will do.” He said as he began stripping off the leaves. “Now get to the house.” Back inside he took her over to the laundry basket. “Bend over and put your hands on the basket.” Beth did causing her jeans to tighten over her ass.

She heard the dreaded swish an instant before she felt the biting pain. Over and over the switch bit into her ass and thighs as she danced in place holding onto the basket for dear life. She hadn’t remembered how much it hurt! “Please, Russ, stop it burns!”

After 12 Russell stopped. “Burn is the right word; you are going to burn before these two days are up. Now get that laundry done.” Beth snatched up the basket and Russell followed her to the laundry room. “You can put those jeans and panties you’re wearing in too. You won’t need them any more tonight.” Beth hesitated a moment too long as the switch delivered several stinging bites to her sit spot. She quickly stripped from the waist down. Russell bent her over and closely inspected her stripped ass. This was more embarrassing that the switching. He ran he hands over the welts and repeated “Yep, you’re going to burn.”

Leading her to the bedroom he place pillow at the foot of the bed and bent her over. She felt him step back and heard him unfasten his belt. Placing his hand on the small of her back he placed 5 strong swats to her already burning bottom. Beth squirmed and twisted trying to get away. “Beth, I still have the old spreader bar. If I have to go get it now you’re going to regret it. You’ll keep still or I’ll do this all with the switch.”

With these threats in mind Beth was determined to stay in position. “Did I tell you to do the laundry before I left?”

“Yes sir.” Beth answered.

“Did you do it then?”

“No sir.” Came the answer.

Five more hard swats followed. Beth was dancing on her tiptoes and clinching in an effort to hold her place.

“I told you to clean both bathrooms, did you?”

“I cleaned one.” Beth gasped.

Without hesitation ten heavy swats rained down on her thighs. Beth cried out in agony. “I’ll ask again, did you clean both bathrooms?”

“No sir!” Beth sobbed, and received 5 more swats to her red and welted ass.

“I think you better get to cleaning it right now. Work fast but it had better be done to my satisfaction.”

Beth stared at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her eyes were red from crying, turning around she saw that her ass was shockingly red and the switch marks stood out even in that. She tried to rub but she was too sore. They were barely an hour into their agreement. What had she done? Beth decided to stop thinking and clean the bathroom.

Later she called “Russell, I’m finished. Would you like to come see?”

Russell looked around the sparking bathroom. “It’s beautiful Beth. I can tell you worked hard.” Beth still felt embarrassed and exposed not wearing any pants but when Russell kissed her deeply she was even more embarrassed to feel the evidence of her excitement smearing her upper thighs.

“Come on” he encouraged “I’ve got supper ready.”

In the dining room Russell said “Sit, I’ll bring it in.”

Beth saw placed in her chair at the table, a pillow with a towel over it and she felt gratitude toward Russell for his thoughtfulness. Sitting down gingerly her gratitude quickly changed. “Russ it’s hot!” She said leaping up.

“Yes ma’am it is and I told you to sit!” Russell sat her supper before her as she tried sitting again. “You’ll sit right there on that heating pad until I give you permission to leave the table. I don’t want to have to spank you any more tonight but that doesn’t mean I want your butt to cool off any. Now sit up and eat your supper.”

Beth ate in agony! That damn thing must be turned up all the way she thought. The thin towel between her and the heating pad did little good. Russell seemed to have fallen back in his roll with full force. When she was finished she said respectfully “Russell thank you. That was delicious. May I please be excused from the table now?”

Russell smiled “You asked so sweetly. Yes Beth, you may be excused. After you take care of the kitchen grab a couple of beers and join me in the living room.” Beth practically leapt from her chair and grabbed their dishes. In the kitchen she pressed her burning butt against the refrigerator in an attempt to cool the flames. It felt good but not for long. She was relieved to know that there was to be no more spanking tonight. And she was happy to join Russell for a beer. He hadn’t even turned on the TV they just talked. Beth’s bottom burned but she felt content lying with him on the couch.

Finally Russell sat up and pulled her across his lap. “You said no more spanking.” She cried.

“I’m not spanking, I’m inspecting.” he informed her. He rubbed his had all over her ass. “Open your legs.” Russ commanded. Beth felt herself blushing as she did what he asked. Beth was sopping and as Russell found and rubbed her clit; she nearly came at his first touch.

Russell removed his hand “Beth your body tells on you every time. That’s how I know this is still good for you. Now I want you back in the bed room, underdressed and on all fours.

Beth scurried to do as he ask and when Russell walked into the room and saw his previously frigid wife in position and waiting for him his erection was almost immediate. Stepping into the bathroom he picked up a bath brush. Back in the bedroom he smacked the bed hard. Beth jumped and whimpered. She said nothing about him promising no more spanking and held her position. Turning the brush around Russell ran the bristle side lightly over Beth sore ass. Beth squirmed; even the light touch was reigniting the fire. Russ ran the brush over her harder and Beth felt every stroke of the day begin to burn intently. Russell ran the bristle between Beth’s legs.

Beth low moan was all Russell could take. Grabbing her by the hips Russell pulled her onto his shaft with one thrust. The explosion for both of them came at the same time. It had been months of celibacy. They collapsed together panting. Beth cried with happiness and relief. Russell held her, stroking her face.

“I love you. Tomorrow will be hard on you. But it will be a day you won’t soon forget.”

Tomorrow would be hard? What did he think today had been? Beth was too content at the moment to think too hard. Tomorrow would come, she would deal with that then.


Again many, many thanks to Kim and to everyone that comes here to read. There is obviously more to this story and I am hoping there are others out there writing now. Please send any stories you are willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com.


  1. OK.. had to read part one first... but it's a good thing I have today off.. cause it was already warm and now it's hotter then hot... grinnnnnnnn

    love this story...

    have a wonderfull weekend,

    love, h

  2. Yay!!! Great story! Thanks Kim and PK!!! You guys rock!!!

    Have a great 4th!


  3. Wonderful,exhilarating,and HOT,HOT,HOT!!!!! Thank you for making an awful Friday better. :)

  4. Great, great part two, thanks Kim, really enjoyed it.

    Thanks PK.


  5. Hestia,
    Glad you came by to read and very happy you weren't late for work! LOL!

    Always love it when you come by to read.

    I'm sorry your Friday was awful but I'm glad you came by.

    Thanks sister!

    I think Kim did a great job too! She has promised more but not sure when.