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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fantasy Friday - Preparing Amanda

Happy Friday to everyone! I am happy to be able to post a brand new Fantasy Friday. I've long felt that a good story was one of the best ways to begin the weekend. And this is a very good story. I'm hoping you all have a hot weekend planned and I know this will make it even hotter! Please enjoy...

Preparing Amanda

Mari exited her suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park and walked the short distance down the hall to the room Edward had given her the key to when they had met for breakfast earlier. She thought again what a lovely hotel, the perfect place for what they had planned for Amanda. She let herself in and dropped her oversized Hermes bag on the foyer side table. Mari glanced at her watch before familiarizing herself with the suite. Like her own, the windows afforded expansive views of the park, and she was glad that for once the sun was shining on London.

As she waited for her guest to arrive, Mari wondered how they would find each other. She could hardly wait to meet Edward’s new love and hoped they would be fast friends. That would make things so much easier. Of course, either way, she had her job to do, and that was to make sure Edward was pleased with Amanda. She vowed to herself not to let him down. She made a mental checklist of what she knew of Edward‘s preferences, and thought of what she had learned of Amanda. A knock at the door interrupted her reverie. Mari opened the door to a fair, blonde Englishwoman with a nervous smile on her face.

‘Amanda!’ Mari greeted her warmly, kissing her on each cheek before ushering her into the suite.

They made small talk for a while, discussing their respective trips to England and oohing and aaahing over the luxurious hotel. Amanda seemed to relax. Mari pulled an envelope out of her handbag.

‘Here is your spa reservation. You should go ahead and go down in a few minutes so that you can get checked in and enjoy the relaxation room and the heat and water oasis before your appointments. You will be getting a massage, manicure, pedicure and bikini wax. I will put away your things and await your return.’ Mari explained.

‘You’re going to put away my things?’ Amanda asked.

‘Yes, darling, I have to make sure that everything is up to standard, and also that you have everything required. If not, I shall make a quick Knightsbridge shopping run. I assure you it will be no hardship for me!’ Mari smiled.

‘Yes, um, well, okay,’ Amanda reluctantly agreed. She wasn’t sure how she felt about Mari going through her things. She supposed Edward had planned it this way, so she didn’t want to argue. She wondered at Mari and Edward’s relationship. How much had Edward shared with her? How involved was she going to be in what happened today? Mari sensed her unease.

‘Do you have any questions for me, Amanda?’ she inquired.

‘Well, I’m just a little unsure about your role here. And your relationship with Edward.’ There, she said it.

‘Didn’t he tell you? I’m his muse. And my purpose here is to prepare you for Edward and the night ahead,’ Mari explained.

‘Oh, I see,’ Amanda said, though clearly she didn’t. What did that mean, anyway, his muse? Edward had assured her that his relationship with the young American wasn’t sexual, but clearly the two were very close. There wasn’t time now for elaboration as she was due at the spa, and she didn’t want to miss one minute of the pampering. She wanted Edward to be pleased with her on this special occasion. That would begin with looking her very best.

‘Go ahead down, now, Amanda, and when you return we’ll talk more while I get you ready for your Master, okay? I promise you we both want the same thing here, Edward’s pleasure, yes?’ Mari reassured her.

‘Yes, of course, that is always my top priority, ’ Amanda replied.

‘Fantastic, then we are on the same page. Enjoy the spa, and I will see you in a few hours.’ With that Mari opened the door and ushered the still somewhat perplexed woman out.

Mari took out Amanda’s things as promised, and saw that she had brought along some very sexy undergarments including several stocking and garter sets. She smiled to herself at Edward’s old-fashioned attachment to such. It was part of what made him so extraordinary, his attention to those details, his sureness in his desires. He was a man who knew what he liked, and tonight Mari was going to make sure he had everything he wanted. It would be her gift to him, for all he had done for her. She put everything in its proper place and decided only one thing was missing.

Mari let herself out of the suite and took the elevator down to the lobby. She spoke briefly with the concierge before heading for the Knightsbridge exit. The next couple hours flew by in a flash, and she hurried back to the hotel to make the final preparations for Amanda and Edward’s special night.

Amanda reentered the suite positively floating. The spa, with its “East meets West in a blend of harmony” paradigm had worked wonders on her, and she did feel tranquil. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been so indulged. Her busy life in Ireland as wife, mother and business woman left little time for such luxuries. All that seemed a million miles away right now, and even this remarkable woman who called herself a muse and was planning God knows what, didn’t seem quite so surreal as she had earlier. Amanda decided to open herself up to what was happening, to accept it as Edward’s will and do her best to make him happy and proud.

Amanda looked around and noticed that Mari had begun to set the scene already. There were lit candles of varying sizes, but all white, surrounding the room. On the side board, she saw a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bucket of champagne next to a basket of fruit. On the bed was a blood red corset with a built-in garter and sheer black stockings with a seam up the back. Mari had drawn the sheer curtain over the windows and Amanda could see that it was twilight. She wondered how long until Edward arrived.

‘Oh, you’re back, ’ exclaimed Mari as she stepped out of the dressing room that was attached to the oversized bathroom.

‘We don’t have much time and we have a lot to cover, so let’s get to it,’ she continued in a very business-like tone. ’Get undressed.’

Amanda wanted to protest, but remembered her vow to herself of only moments ago. She removed her shoes, skirt and blouse.

‘Everything, darling,’ Mari coaxed.

Slowly, Amanda unhooked her black silk bra and pulled down the matching thong. She suddenly felt very vulnerable. She was glad for the soft lighting of the candles. Mari had already picked up the corset and was holding it for Amanda. She gingerly stepped into it and Mari laced it up and tied it tight in the back. Amanda’s breasts spilled out the top in a very appealing manner.

‘We’ll leave the stockings for later, keep them nice,’ Mari said.

‘No knickers?’ Amanda inquired.

‘What on earth would you need knickers for?’ Mari asked rhetorically. ’Come into the dressing room now, and while I fix you up we’ll go over the requirements of the evening.’

Amanda followed Mari into the room and sat down on the vanity ottoman looking into large mirrors. Mari took a large wooden brush and began to brush Amanda’s shoulder-length blonde hair. She looked at her in the mirror while they spoke.

‘I’m glad you’ve let your hair grow out a bit; as you know, Edward prefers it long, ’ Mari said. She continued brushing Amanda’s hair, sometimes running the brush all the way through her hair and onto her back, shoulders and arms. Amanda began to feel her skin tingle. Mari then swept her hair up and secured it in a very elegant French twist. She placed her hands lightly on Amanda’s shoulders.

‘There. Very nice. Now Edward will be able to see your neck.’ Mari then picked up a box of shimmering body powder and began to dust it all over Amanda’s exposed flesh. She reviewed the evening’s guidelines.

‘When Edward arrives, you are to go to him, drop to your knees, kiss his feet, put your head to the floor, the palms of your hands up. Spread your legs just until your thighs no longer touch. You are not to speak until spoken to, and you must not, under any circumstances, look him in the eye at any time during the evening. I’m sure it goes without saying that you are to address him as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master.’ Do you understand?’ Mari asked.

‘Yes.’ Amanda almost felt like adding ‘Ma’am,’ but couldn’t bring herself to go that far.

‘Good. As you are aware, Edward plans to take you tonight in a manner in which you are not accustomed, ’ Mari continued.

That’s one way to put it, I suppose, thought Amanda.

‘We must make sure you are sufficiently prepared for this.’ Mari went over and began rummaging through her bag. She pulled out a red silicone anal plug and a small tube of lubricant. Amanda’s eyes widened.

‘Stand up and bend over, spread your legs a bit and place your hands here,’ Mari patted the marble countertop.

Amanda did as she was told, looking at herself in the mirror as she got into position. She looked damn sexy, if she did say so herself. Her nails and lips were the same shade of dark red as her corset, her body was sparkling from the powder, and the sophisticated upsweep of her hair did invite a caress or even a bite to the back of her neck if one was so inclined. She felt a little shock when Mari began to spread the cold gel in small circles around her virgin aperture. She instinctively tightened up.

‘Relax, darling, ’ Mari soothed her as she gently spread her cheeks wider and inserted the plug a little way. She worked it in slowly, bringing it out and pushing it back in a little deeper each time. The first time she pushed beyond the middle section, where the device was widest, Amanda gasped and then gave a small whimper. Mari had kept Amanda’s buttocks spread with one hand while inserting the plug with the other. Now she let go of the fleshy parts, held the plug in with two fingers at its base and rubbed between the dimpled area just above Amanda’s bottom with the palm of her other hand. God’s thumbprints, she had read somewhere.

‘There now, how does that feel?’ Mari inquired.

‘The sensation is a little strange, though not altogether unpleasant,’ Amanda answered.

‘No, not altogether unpleasant at all, I imagine,’ Mari laughed.

‘I’ll tell you a little secret. The best orgasms of my life have come from one of these little things,’ Mari confided. ‘Believe me, there’s nothing like it.’

Amanda smiled. It was beginning to feel rather good. Especially when Mari was pushing it in and pulling it out, getting her accustomed to its fit. She found herself pushing back to meet it.

‘Now, stand up, let’s see if you can keep it in on your own, while you walk around.’ Mari released her hold on the silicone.

Amanda straightened up and took a few steps. It did feel very strange to have it insider her while upright, and walking was awkward. It didn’t feel sexy anymore, just embarrassing.

‘Let’s go back into the other room. You need to put your stockings and shoes on now. Oh yes, and bring the brush with you.’ Mari said, looking at her watch.

Amanda picked up the brush without understanding. She thought her hair was perfect as it was. She followed Mari back into the suite and gingerly pulled on her stockings, careful not to snag them. She stepped into the ludicrously high black patent leather stilettos with closed, pointy toes and hoped she could keep her balance. Between the 4 ½ inch heels and the plug it wasn’t going to be easy. And it certainly wasn’t going to be as dignified as it would be without the appendage.

‘Beautiful.’ Mari stated simply. ‘Now, there’s just one last thing. Edward insists that your bottom be freshly pink upon his arrival. The thing is, he did not tell me exactly what time he would be here, only approximately. So, I fear we must begin now, and just continue until we hear his knock at the door.’

Realization dawned quickly on Amanda. She looked at the brush she had tossed casually on the bed when she put on her shoes and then back at Mari. Mari returned her gaze levelly and the women knew that they understood one another. Amanda swallowed hard. Could she really submit to being spanked by another woman? This wasn’t part of her plan. Since becoming Edward’s submissive, though, she had done many things she never thought she would. She recognized that it wasn’t about her plan after all, it was about his. She resolved herself to accepting that this is what he wanted and therefore she would comply. She picked up the brush and handed it to Mari.

Mari was impressed with how Amanda was handling this, her first real ’test.’ She knew that with Edward there would be many more in her future.

‘I am going to give you a choice on how you would like this. You can choose to stand, hands above your head, palms against the wall. Or you can lie across my lap on the bed.’ Mari said.

Amanda vacillated. On the one hand, the latter seemed more comfortable. At least she would be able to rest her head and feet on something soft, and she wouldn’t have to support her own weight after being struck. On the other hand, it seemed awfully intimate, to have her naked sex across Mari’s lap, rump up in the air, plug showing prominently. She chose the former.

Mari watched Amanda walk to the wall and place her hands above her head.

‘Step back a bit from the wall so that you are leaning forward, and spread your legs slightly,’ she instructed.

Mari walked up behind and to the left of Amanda. She rubbed the flat side of the wooden brush against Amanda’s bottom, first her right globe and then her left. She raised her arm and struck with medium force on the right side and then the left, midway up the cheeks. She repeated this half a dozen times, moving up and down the buttocks, from middle to bottom, but always striking just one side at a time.

When Amanda began teetering on her high heels Mari wrapped her left arm around her waist and whispered in her ear, ’I’ve got you.’

Amanda was making little mewing sounds. Mari could tell she was trying to be stoic. She then struck her very forcefully three times in rapid succession, catching both cheeks with each swat, a few inches below the plug. ‘Owwww!’ she screamed, and her hands came off the wall, stopping just short of reaching back for a little rub.

‘Now, now, Amanda, I know Edward has trained you better than that,’ Mari scolded. ‘You’re not going to force me to tie your hands are you?’

Amanda could feel the heat radiating out across her bottom. The desire to rub was almost unbearable. She forced her hands back up onto the wall. She was beginning to regret her choice of position. Was it too late to change her mind?

‘Um, Mari, please could I choose the other position instead?’ she inquired. She figured it didn’t hurt to ask, and the woman had seemed perfectly reasonable up until now.

‘I’m inclined to say no. You made your decision. However, I will think about it for a while and let you know if I change my mind.’ Mari’s tone had changed.

Mari looked at Amanda’s reddening bottom and felt a surge of power. It was intoxicating. I may could get used to this, she thought. Up until now, she had usually been on the receiving end of such. She tightened her grip on Amanda’s waist and smacked her very hard on her sit spots on each side. Amanda started whimpering.

‘Spread your legs wider,’ Mari commanded. ’I want to see all of you. There’s no room for modesty here. No one’s going to believe you’re an innocent.’

No sooner had Amanda complied than Mari landed the next two blows on the inside tops of Amanda’s thighs, the left one landing far more inside than the right, due to the angle. Amanda began to sob. Mari was feeling warm. She paused for a moment to turn down the air in the suite. She then took time to inspect her handiwork. Amanda’s curvy bottom was a very nice shade of red. Mari ran her hands across the soft flesh, feeling the heat emanating from the surface. Amanda groaned appreciatively at the relief provided by Mari’s touch.

‘Alright, I suppose I will let you come across my lap now, ’ Mari gave in to her sympathy for the Englishwoman. She went to the edge of the king-sized bed, sat down and beckoned to Amanda. Mari helped her across her lap after placing a pillow on top of her legs so that Amanda‘s bottom would be pushed up naturally.

‘Now that you have it so easy, I expect you to behave accordingly. Keep your feet down, and your hands well away from your bottom. I anticipate that you will remain fairly still, except to raise your bottom slightly after each swat. Otherwise we will return to the former position and I will be forced to report your noncompliance. Are we clear?’ Mari’s tone was steely.

‘Yes, perfectly, thank you.’ Amanda replied respectfully. She was more comfortable now, though feeling especially vulnerable. Her bottom was just beginning to cool, but undoubtedly it wouldn’t stay that way long. How much longer until Edward would arrive, she wondered.

She didn’t think about it long as Mari began a fresh attack on her backside, the blows coming so quickly she couldn’t recover from one before the next landed. Her whole body was shaking and she could feel the tears at the back of her eyes.

Mari paused. ’Lift up your bottom!’

Amanda forced her bottom back up, thinking she couldn’t take much more of this. Mari struck her full force across the dead centre of her bottom, and suddenly the tears spilled over, her body wracked with sobs. Mari was surprised by her own behavior. She felt a twinge of guilt at Amanda’s tears. She lay down the brush.

‘Shhh, shhhh,’ she soothed. She ran her hand across Amanda’s bottom and across the tops of her thighs until the sobs subsided. She then parted Amanda’s cheeks and dipped her fingers lower. ’My, my, what have we here?’ She inquired. ‘You know, Edward told me what an insatiable little slut you were. I guess he was right,’ she taunted.

Amanda could tell she was dripping wet. She was mortified. Was the American going to think she was attracted to her? Amanda realized, once the pain subsided, that she had been grinding against Mari virtually the whole time she was spanking her. Could she feel it through the pillow?

‘Cat got your tongue, darling?’ Mari was teasing her now. Mari let her fingers roam around a bit more. For some reason, she was having a hard time taking them away. She began toying with the plug, pulling it gently out an inch or so before pushing it back it. Amanda groaned and lifted her bottom higher without really meaning to do so. Mari started pulling it out farther and farther, finding a rhythm with both hands, one massaging Amanda’s dripping wet cunt, her middle finger circling the engorged clit, while the other drove the plug in and out of her ass. Amanda began moaning louder and louder, undulating her hips, and Mari could tell she was about to come.

Mari just barely heard the knock at the door. She immediately withdrew her hands, picked up the brush again and brought it down hard across Amanda’s bottom. Amanda wanted to scream with frustration at being so close to orgasm and then being denied so rudely. Then it dawned on her, Edward was here!

‘I’m a mess!’ she exclaimed, beginning to wipe underneath her mascara-smudged eyes.

‘No! Don’t touch a thing,’ Mari insisted. ‘You look more real this way. Trust me; it’s how he wants you.’

‘Do you remember everything?’ Mari demanded. She was suddenly nervous. Had she forgotten anything?


‘Good. Quickly, poor him a drink, leave it on the cart. I’ll straighten up the bed.’ Mari rushed around the room, double checking everything was in order. She took a deep breath and went to draw the curtains closed.

‘Look,’ she said. ‘Darkness has arrived.’

Amanda felt a shiver go up her spine. Mari walked across the room and opened the door.


Naughtyinaustin wrote this for the pleasure and amusement of the English Gentleman.

And we appreciate he allowing us to share in it also. Anyone else willing to share a story please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. PK: Thanks for posting the story. It is another gem by naughty and I hope she keeps writing and sending them. We want MORE. Edward reminded me of Godot. We kept waiting for him and the story winds up really being about Mari. I hope there's a sequel when Edward finally shows up.


  2. Great story...i agree witn FD....we need a sequel! abby

  3. All right! That rocked! Whoo-hoo! Good one, naughty in Austin, I hope you make your living writing because this story was fantastic!

    Thanks PK, for posting!


  4. That was greanaughtyinaustin, excellent, enjoyed it. More please. Thanks.

    Thanks PK.


  5. FD,
    I'm so glad she sent it too. She's such a good writer.

    I think that would be a wonderful idea.

    I think you're right. This could be a career for her.

    I hope we've talked her into it.

  6. Anonymous9:41 AM

    wonderful story - naughty is such a talented writer and i hope she has a regular spot on fantasy friday. thank you si much

  7. naughtyinaustin12:35 PM

    wow, you guys really know how to make a girl feel good. thank you for taking the time to comment. i'm so glad you enjoyed the story. i will be submitting another soon.