I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, September 29, 2008


So what are you thinking about today? I have a lot on my mind but nothing that could be called post worthy. Here’s how it’s running though my mind.

• The stock market sucks.

• I just got the evil eye from Nick for taking my socks off and leaving them on the living room floor.

• How is Grace feeling?

• Why is one of our cats so weird?

• Is Cassie going to get herself in trouble while Tom’s working?

• I want a big brownie with ice cream.

• LJ has a play coming up in November. He is playing the drunken brother.

• Mollie can get her driver’s license in 2 ½ weeks.

• It’s hard to find gas around here. Stations keep running out.

• I want to see some of my blogger buddies.

• I wish I had a good friend at work.

• How soon after she is born will I get to see Eva’s granddaughter?

• Wonder what CeeCi and Mr. Smith are doing right now and will we ever get to hear about it.

• I wonder if I am going to get enough Fantasy Friday stories to keep the series going.

• I wonder why it took me nearly 50 years to admit I was anal erotic.

• When will we have time for a good long spanking again.

• I wonder if I am becoming too boring to blog.

• I want a donut.

• When will we give ginger a try again?

Well you get the general idea. Don’t worry about commenting. It doesn’t make sense to me either. But sometime I can keep my fingers still.


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    hi, PK
    love to read your blog - and what u wrote did make sense

  2. I did learn something you have cats. There is always something nice here.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. Made perfect sense to me...but then again that is always how my mind thinks... :-) Hugs, Terps

  4. Cats rule their domain..Period..they all have those leave me me alone it's all about me thing going on!..
    You make sense but then i think like you anyway..Ya'know that "great mind" thing and all.

  5. Sounds like normal female thinking to me. If it's disturbing, a good spanking can sometimes disrupt the thought processes for a few minutes and provide a nice bit of quiet. ;)

  6. PK, your mind reminds me of a jar of Mexican jumping beans that's been tipped over.
    It's an interesting talent, to be able to post while you are keepng your fingers still.
    You see CeeCi designed this widget that decodes womans thoughts for me, and hence I always enjoy them.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Never boring PK. I have ADHD and I am a spanko so your full brain going a million different directions at once is how mine operates almost 24x7
    I Gal

  8. I've been thinking about things that start with the letter 'L'. Things like, lavender and lust and laughing and latte' and love.

    You're definitely not too boring to blog. With a mind like yours and a list like this I doubt you'll ever run out of topics.

    OMG... there's an ice cream truck driving by the office... I'll go get you some!


    Paul.:: I'm so glad that widget is working for you!! *g*

  9. Gas is short there? Come here. We have plenty! In fact it just went below 3.50 a gallon! Woo hoo!!!


  10. Jean,
    I'm glad you read here and I love that you email too!

    We have 2. I am definately a cat person.

    Bless your heart! But I guess we get used to it.

    I will have to blog about this one cat someday - she is justs strange!

    I can't argue with your logic.

    I alwasy said CeeCi was amazing! I wish she would sent that widget to Nick!

    I Gal,
    Some times I can turn mine off and sometimes I can't.

    You can stop think L and go to R. LOL we know anyway. Please hurry with the ice cream! Feel free to lick it on the way.

    Ours is hovering near $3.99 and that is hoping you can find a station with gas. Not fun.