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Saturday, September 27, 2008

My one political post

I promise this is not going to turn into a political blog – I have MUCH better things to blog about. But if we are going to be electing a president in just over a month I thought I could get away with just one post about politics. I have a favorite candidate. I am going to vote for him and I sure hope he wins! If anyone should care who I am voting for (and I don’t know why anyone would care) email me and I will be glad to tell you. Actually I just wanted to tell you my suggestion for improving the campaign for the next time.

I want to pass a new law. I think the candidates should be allowed to say anything they want to about themselves. They can talk about themselves all they want to – tell us how good they are, what they are going to do for the country, what they have done in the past, they can tell me they won the spelling bee in the third grade if they want to. But it should illegal for them to mention the other candidate!!! Not one word, no picture of the other guy, don’t tell me how they voted, don’t tell me what their shortcoming are – don’t tell me anything about the other guy! If you finally run out of good things to say about yourself then just HUSH!!!

As it is now there are only two possibilities – we believe all the commercials, meaning neither of them is fit to run the country or if the commercials are not true then they are both liars. Great choices huh?

But buck up, it has to end sometime. I will go back to talking about sex and spanking and come Nov. 4, it will all be over and we should have nearly two weeks before the commercials come out for the 2012 election.


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    PK, one of the things I have been disheartened to see is how biased the media in general is and how they twist things to support whomever their candidate happens to be. What this means is you just cannot rely on the news for your facts! I have decided to disregard most of it and listen to the candidates directly, like at the debates, and to read their web sites to see what THEY say their views are. It makes sorting thru all of this difficult, but still it is so very important!

  2. PK, you frighten me, surely you mean two months.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I am with you PK. Just tell me what you will do for our country if you become my President. Why should I vote for you?
    Opponent bashing like hubby bashing angers me- IMO there is just no need for it.
    I Gal

  4. Love it, PK. I'm getting so weary of all the politics and I am a political junkie!!! Never mind the big race - we've got all these state races to deal with.

    We've got a candidate who climbed all the peaks in the state. We should vote for that person...why?

    Yes, Paul - she means two weeks...hehehe. It sure seems like it on this side of the pond.

    Debbie :)

  5. Im a political junkie as well but the negative ads are totally over the top. I think the only way to pick your candidate is to look at their past, not all the promises they're making now. Besides, I think most people know who they want to vote for so the ads dont do much anyway.


  6. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Hi PK, I so agree with your statement, along with emails to 'friends' bashing one candidate or another. I got tired of pointing out all the misstatements and flaws in the political emails a friend was sending me. I finally asked her to remove me from her forward list, so far this has worked.

    At one time when the one party was debating heavily over their candidate. I felt strongly for one candidate over the other and was thrill that he got the nomination.

    I did my research on both party nominees. And have chosen the man and woman I am voting for.

  7. Pk for President!

    *hugs and grins*

  8. I absolutely agree with you. It would cost less money to campaign too...because people would only want to listen awhile before they felt they'd heard enough.

    I think the one exception is during a debate. During a debate you get to see some of the metal of the candidate. S/he's got to be able to take the heat and stand fast in his beliefs, so taking a few pokes from his fellow would be a useful measure.

  9. Sara,
    It is very important but I still want to crawl in a whole and stay there until it's all over. Just let me vote by absentee ballot and tell me who won. Don't make me watch another commercial.

    I wish I was kidding but that is the way it feels.

    I Gal,
    Yes I don't like bashing either! Like I tell my kids at school you can say something nice or you can keep your mouth shut!!

    It's almost over - do you think we can hold out?

    I think the differences are pretty clear in this election. I agree that most folks probably have made up their minds.

    I finally had to ask my sister to stop sending me things. She and I are on the same side but the stuff she was sending about the other side was just incorrect and it was annoying me.

    I do not chose to run!

    I watch the debates too but they make me nervous. I have no idea why. I just really hope the right folks win!!

  10. PK,
    That is the best idea for campaign reform I have ever heard. Start the grass roots movement. I'll sign the petition!