I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What do you think?

I have a question. I know lots of folks out here have questions. Bonnie has great questions/discussions every Sunday at brunch. Todd and Suzy have a thought provoking round table discussion each Thursday. Both of these sites are impressive with the good question they come up with each week. Eliane over at New to Spanking had a couple of good questions lately too. Grace borrowed one and had a good post on it. I thought I would jump on the band wagon.

My question came to me the other day when I told Nick in an email that I really needed a good long spanking. But later I realized his idea of long might not be the same as mine. So I wanted to know:

What do you think of as a long spanking?

Now when you answer this lets imagine that conditions are favorable, you have all the time and privacy you want. So how long might you want the spanking to last? This would be starting with the gentle warm up through those last burning ones to remember! We are not counting the wonderful time we all hope will follow but just the time for the spanking part. And while you are answering let me know how much you want 20 swats, 50, 100, 200…

You leave your answers and I will post them and my answer this weekend. That is after Fantasy Friday, it’s going to be a hot one this week!


  1. It would depend on what it was for, but for me that would generally be in the 400-500 swat range. But I'm kind of greedy. :)

  2. Anonymous1:48 AM

    I don't know so much about the number, probably not that many, but to me a long session would be one approaching an hour, but that would be taken quite slowly, with some pauses in between. I need time to process these things ;-)

  3. Anonymous5:09 AM

    Hi PK, Having empirically researched this with a gentleman friend, I can tell you that *I* might want to last for longer than about half an hour of solid play, but my bottom gives up.

    The half an hour included something like 50 hand-smacks (or around that number), a couple of dozen with a strap, and finally a dozen with a cane. After which I become a bit numb, and any play stops being completely safe.

    Thankfully, I recuperate quickly :)

  4. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Good question. I like long drawn out spankings. Maybe even in a couple of sessions. Sometimes no matter how hard J spanks the "pain/pleasure" never seems to last long enough. I am so needy.
    I Gal

  5. PK, as the spanker, I was responsible for my girls health.
    Mel liked her spanking both hard and long, she was a masochist so I had to ensure she wasn't injured.
    If I'd given her what she wanted, she would have ended in hospital, and I possibly in prison.
    Not always such an easy question.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. My favorite spankings are long and drawn out, maybe an hour or so, with time for pauses and rubbing during that hour. The best is when he starts with a nice slow warm up with his hand, and slowly progresses to more severe implements. I never seem to be really satisfied with a quick spanking, no matter how intense it is. After a nice warm up I can get into that wonderful headspace where it seems like he could spank me forever...

  7. PK, that's a great question. It's hard for me to answer because I never count, and it's difficult to separate the spanking per se from what comes afterward, so time is questionable too.

    For me, it's all relative. I consider a long spanking to be one that's longer than our usual encounters. Hopefully at least twice as long. I agree with the other posters about getting numb after a while. I may think I can take it and want it go go on and on, but an hour after the spanking, my bottom has regained sensation and is burning.


  8. Great question! We realized that neither one of us has ever timed or counted! We both agree it is probably about half-hour which includes hand & belt spanking. I'm usually pretty sore by then so doubt I could take much more. We're going to count next time - I'm curious now as to how many!

  9. Our longest adventure was probably around 2 1/2 hours, but that included the other amorous activities. Couldn't really quantify them separately because there was some spanking and then some other then more spanking and more other, then lots more spanking, and well, you get the idea. A good long spanking to me isn't so much about the number of swats or minutes. It's more about the feel of the encounter. The spanking is best when it is not a means to an end just to get us warmed up for the main event. It's so much better when it feels like he is taking his time and enjoying himself as much as I am. I like to savor every stroke and every sensation. That's just not possible when they are too quick, although some quick ones mixed in are nice too. A good long spanking is also one that leaves me satisfied when it's over and not wishing I'd gotten more.

    If I had to put numbers on it, it's usually several hundred swats with various implements and about an hour. That said, the last good long spanking I got was only his hand for maybe 15 minutes. Since it was after the other activities, that was enough to have me drifting off to sleep thoroughly satisfied before it was even over. :)

  10. Anonymous2:23 PM

    This is actually a question we have listed as a possible Roundtable discussion... so we've wondered what others consider a "long" spanking too. We've asked a few friends though, and some of them said they had no idea since they had no sense of time during a spanking.

    We've looked at the clock though... lol... and about 2 hours is the longest. But a "long" one would be anything past 15 or 20 minutes. No idea how many actual swats that is though. The only time we use counting is when the spanks are *hard*... and those aren't very long spankings. A really intense spanking only lasts maybe 5 minutes at the most.

    Todd and Suzy

  11. We usually need at least 30 minutes for a spanking. Never counted the swats so I don't have a number.

    Oh, and by the way, please tell Nick that I have PLENTY of suggestions for bratty, insensitive people!

    That, and I'd be happy to loan you my spoon!


  12. more than what I am receiving...though I am thankful for every little bit :-)

  13. PK,

    Long? As Hermione points out, that's a relative term. During the course of a spanking, my sense of time gets all fouled up. After five or ten real hard swats, I feel as though we've been there forever. But if he is flicking and teasing and caressing, it seems as though half a day could pass with little notice from me.

    In terms of clock time, we have certainly played for more than an hour, but it was not continuous spanking. There might be a couple of hundred swats of varying severity, but that's a very rough estimate. In any case, we both enjoy this sort of fun.


  14. Angelbrat,
    I can’t argue with the number. For those who think this is too high – count sometimes. I think many spankees would be surprised at the actual number.

    Like I said above – count sometime you might be surprised at just how many you are getting. An hour sounds like heaven to me.

    Somewhere between a half hour and an hour sounds about right. You are also right not to go past where you feel the safe place is.

    I Gal,
    I like what you said about the multiple sessions. I would to start with some in the morning, maybe some as soon as I get home from school and then a nice finish up session late in the evening.

    Sounds like Mel was a really hard player! I am glad you were there to be her protector as well as her spanker and lover. We girls need all three.

    I agree with everything you said! I don’t mind a little rubbing but before he gets too carried away I do want the spanking taken care of. Now both part of this little dance we do – spanking and the fun activities afterwards- are wonderful. But neither should be rushed!

    I guess it’s good that the guys are looking after us. I haven’t gotten to the numb feeling too often. But you are right; longer than usual is what I am looking for.

    Let me know what your count is. I am curious now as to what most people get in the course of a half hour.

    That hand spanking sounds dreamy! I like that the feeling that he is enjoying himself too. In the beginning I often worried that he was bored. That doesn’t seem to be the case! Thank goodness!

    Todd and Suzy,
    I think for a long spanking it would have to be more that 20 minutes. People will be surprised when they do count. And of course going for the long spanking it would definitely be a good girl!

    You have the time about right, now start counting.
    You need to quit talking to Nick! He felt he just had to get our wooded spoon out the other afternoon thanks to you! (I mean thanks! Really!) More details about that afternoon on Sunday.

    You have summed this up very well. When we are lucky time goes away and we are just loving what is happening to us. And it is really wonderful when both people are just enjoying!

  15. Hmmm. Probably 1/2 hour or so? I'd love to do that then maybe 3 sessions in a day? mmmm... yea, that sounds wonderful.....