I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

A nice long spanking

I got some good answers to the question about how long is ‘a good long spanking’. There were different answers but it seems that most of us feel short changed at a few quick pops even if we are moving on to other fun and sexy thing. Although is the fun sexy part is nearly always where we want to end up, if you are a spanko you have to know that half the fun is getting there.

Now my timing may not bet the best. We haven’t had a lot of privacy for spanking lately. I was feeling so low for a while there and Nick doesn’t seem to want to spank when I am not myself. I understand his hesitation. I think usually a spanking would help but even I don’t really know. So anyway, it had been a while.

What I didn’t know until that afternoon was that Mollie was babysitting and leaving us alone. Hmm…. When I go home from work Nick told me he had some plans and did I want to go to the gym before or after? How about instead of?? We talked a little about the post and somewhere in the conversation I used an analogy I really hoped he would understand about what spanking does for me.

I told him to picture a car. No matter how well you treated your car, wash it, wax it, buff it, buy it new leather seats, new wheels, tented windows and even talk sweetly to it – you will not get the engine started unless you put gas in the car. For me the fuel that runs my engine is spanking. When I totally run out of fuel (long time between spankings) it is going to take more that a cup full of gas to get that engine revved up and ready to go somewhere! If he keeps the tank topped off when ever he has the chance then you may not have to fill the tank every time you want to take a short trip. But if we want to go on a long adventure lets go ahead and fill that tank!!

Nick has to know that this is true just by the way my body reacts to spanking. I can really be in the mood to make love, relax and happy and totally in favor but even while the mind is willing often this 51 year old body is not, juices just don’t flow as I would want them to at a moments notice. But let him start really spanking my behind and suddenly there will be juices!!

So at the end of this little talk Nick says “I think it’s time to head to the bedroom”.

I told him “No, now I’m scared!” He laughed at me and asked “So you think you might have said too much? Let’s go!”

He did start the spanking over pants which I really like. I can take some pretty hard swats over clothes and they really feel great but Nick won’t let them stay on long – as he says he like to see what he is doing. LOL! We had been at this for a few minutes when Nick asked “What time did we start? I want to be sure to get in a good half hour.” I looked over at the clock which said 4:33. I smiled at Nick, who could see the clock as well as I could and said “I think we started around 5:00.”

It was a great spanking! The ‘hand’ Adam and Eva gave us came in to play very nicely! Great sound and great sting! But many, many implements were used. Some I love, some not so much. I don’t see how anyone could take much with the bath brush!! Wow! So the spanking was great, the rubbing and after care was great and the after spanking activities were just wonderful!! A fine, fine afternoon!!

So to fully answer my own question, how long is a long spanking? I am really happy with anything over 20 minutes. Rubbing and exploring during that time is welcomed and encouraged for short breaks but don’t get carried away and forget what you were doing. And on days that I really get my dream come true it is like several of my commenter said, several sessions a day would be heaven! A spanking first thing in the morning to get the mind in the right place, another good stinging session in afternoon and maybe a third with all the other benefits during the early evening. Now THAT’S living!!!


  1. I think there's something pretty wonderful about peeling layers off my behind as a spanking unfolds. That's sexy! Glad you had such a good time. *smiles*

  2. PK, you've been reading my Mel's diaries, and I thought that they were locked up.
    Mel was in favour of a consistently warm butt, it felt safe and loved.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. I think it's sexy when they take your clothes off. Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Ditto what the gals say- peeling off clothes- wow what a turn on, and a wonderful way to start a spanking.
    So you say 20 min or more- that is good to know PK. I will remind J of that when I am in need(which seems to be often). I have never timed a spanking, but I think I will start. Hopefully tonight ;)
    I Gal

  5. How true! You know what helps me? What I got this morning. I was exhausted not having slept well. Had a big day ahead, had warned the kids i had a short fuse. PS Took me into the bathroom away from the kids with the prison strap and gave me 4 sharp pops. Reset my whole day in 4 - 5 seconds. I've been fine all day! And he knows it! Sounds like a wonderful fantastic afternoon to me! :)



  6. Anonymous9:51 PM

    lol... love the 'topping of the tank' line. That does explain it perfectly. Agree too... 20 minutes is just about right.

    Todd and Suzy

  7. Greenwomen,
    You are right! Being peeled is a wonderful feeling for sure.

    I love to know that Mel and I share something in common. A warm butt is a great feeling.

    We did have a great time!

    I Gal,
    I don't want a timer or anything but I can sense when it is too short. When we have the luxurey of time that is one way I want to spend it.

    I love the way PS took care of you this morning! That is so what I need sometimes!

    T & S,
    I knew true spanko would understand what I meant!

  8. I will have to share the car analogy with my hubby :-)

  9. PK, I love the car analogy, but I'm sure Ron will love it even more. Car talk is his link of language!