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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look at me!

Woo-hoo!! I have another CeeCi original! I feel so special! And truly this look is very, very special to me. I used to doodle as a kid – I mean A LOT!! It eventually developed into a serious hobby. I began doing geometric designs and using a combination of bright color. Then to try creating something practical I began making bookmarks. About a year ago I sent some to CeeCi.

When I began hinting around for a new template CeeCi took one of the bookmarks I sent her and worked her magic with it to create my new masthead! So even though it is CeeCi talent that created the new look I feel I had a little part in it too! Not to mention that is my gorgeous paddle from our California trip - yes the actual Orange County Whapper (OCW) It is so exciting to have a new home!! I hope you all like it as much as I do!

Thank you CeeCi!!
I love you!

I love you, too, PK! Thank you so much for letting me come in and redecorate the place, it was lots of fun!

Last year, PK sent me a very special gift. She sent a large 'doodle' to me and enclosed eight bookmarks in the package. I was blown away! Those little bookmarks are so precious to me that I haven't been able to bring myself to use one for fear I'll lose it or mangle it. I think in the long run that's a very good thing because I knew right where they were when inspiration hit for PK's new site.


These are the two bookmarks that I used to create the graphics for this template. Aren't they gorgeous? Can you blame me for not wanting to damage or lose them? They're artist signed after all.

This one proved to be too big a challenge for my PhotoShop skills. I'd thought to use if for some of the title backgrounds.

Getting the bookmarks ready to use was an interesting undertaking. I don't have a scanner, so I did the next best thing, I took pictures. From there I had to do some cropping and then I had to do some color correction to get a uniform appearance to the graphics. I hope it doesn't sound like it was work, because it was pure play for me.

I've made a lot of templates over the years. When I make a new one I always do my best to capture something special about the person who'll be using it. This site reflects PK beautifully. She's playful, she's bright, she's balanced and she has a gift she shares with us all every time she posts... herself.


Now where are my sunglasses? This place is Bright!


  1. All I can say is WOW! It is bright and beautiful and unusual. It will be a real attention grabber for you. It's GREAT!

  2. This is fantabulous! The first time your site loaded, the amazing colors didn't show up, so I was kind of, "huh?" - but I refreshed and...WOW!

    I'm jelly. Boring ole blogger for me I guess. I'm just not that creative. But I'm super excited for you - because at least I can come here and check it out with each new post!

  3. Anonymous3:32 AM

    It is awesome!! No wonder CeeCee, you don't want to use them. You did a great job with PK's bookmarks. The new look is wonderful.

  4. Absolutely fit for the Queen. C.c you did an amazing job for her majesty.

    *hugs and grins*

  5. So cheerful and fun! CC you are very talented indeed and PK, you too with your beautiful bookmarks. I love to doodle too...sometimes when the kids are coloring I join in just for fun. :-)

  6. Well, being a quilter - this is FABULOUS!!!! Eye candy for me. Love it.

    Debbie :)

  7. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I like the new you- of course I liked the old youtoo. I love lots of bright colors. It is flashy and well done.
    I Gal

  8. It sure is one of a kind. Great job, Ceeci!

    I love the way "post a Comment" sparkles. You're sure to get a lot more comments now.


  9. You gonna pass out sunglasses when we walk through the door?

    Seriously though, this is AMAZING! I love the colors and I love that you had a hand in it.

    This site is simply you and YOU are amazing!

    (Oh, Ceeci? You totally outdid yourself! Good job! Take a pat on the back from me! HUGS!)


  10. Love the new look, PK. CeeCi did a wonderful job with your artwork. The splash of color is great.

  11. Honey this is just beautiful!! How amazing is CeeCi? I love the colors and the bookmarks too. You have many talents you haven't shared with us.

    Much love (and thanks for the meme)

  12. Anonymous11:04 PM

    PK your place looks fantastic. Bright and cheerful like yourself. Well done CC you did a great job.