I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thinking of blogging?

Bonnie is so good at promoting new blogs. Todd and Suzy also highlight good blogs on their site. I like to go by and check out these sites once they point them out. I almost never find a new blog without someone else pointing it out to me. If you notice my blogroll is fairly short. Although there are many more good blogs I usually don’t put something on my blogroll unless I plan to go there daily.

So I got to wondering what is it that draws me to a new blog and keeps me coming back. People blog for different reasons. I blog for the interaction with other. Sex and spanking are not my only interest (honest), but that is the underlining focus of my blog because this is the only place I can openly discuss these things. And while no one should be blogging for the comments, I have to say I love comments!! I don’t care if someone agrees or disagree. I just want to talk with others. If I didn’t want comments I could just mindblog and save myself the trouble of typing.

So to those of you thinking of starting a blog or have a young one here is my advice.

• If you want to write a spanko sex blog but don’t think you will have enough to write about – jump in anyway!! All I had when I started was a ton of questions and a burning desire to talk with other who understood my desire.

• Realize it is fine to stay strictly on topic or chose to combine sexy spanking stuff with talk of kids, laundry and work. There are great blogs that have chosen each route.

• If you want comments you need to comment on other blogs. I did this for a while before I started New Beginnings. This is a great way to get to know others out here and others can follow your comments back to your blog. Eva and I began our friendship because of a comment I left on her blog before I started my own.

• And to keep those comments coming respond to your comments anytime you can! That will bring me back to a blog quicker than anything. You won’t always have time to respond to comments but when you can, do! If I go to a new blog and leave a comment a few times and there is no response I usually won’t go back – not because I’m mad or anything but there are so many great blogs, I can’t go to them all. I am going to stay with the ones where I can talk back and forth with the writer.

• And the last and certainly the most important thing for creating a successful blog – write a Fantasy Friday story and send it in!

Okay so that may not make your blog a success but do it any way!!

This is advice from someone who is not an expert at anything and certainly not blogging, but if you are thinking of starting a blog – go for it!! We do have fun out here!!


  1. Mthc told me Monday evening that since the Fall of 2006 look at my life I'm a spanker. The first thing I do every morning is click you on, see if you have updated and check your sidebar. Then I can see if Eva, Grace or Cassie have posted. Is my life good you bet it is. Long live New Beginnings!

    *hugs and grins*

  2. PK, good advice dear girl, especially about comments.
    When I find a blog that strikes a cord I'll comment, just to say hallo and thank you, I'll do this several times, if there is never a response, I may continue to read, but I won't comment.
    For me the whole blog thing is about communication, without that it loses most of its value.
    I do make the occasional exception, where friends are concerned.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Good advice PK. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how really nice the blogging community is, and yeah, we are comment driven. All of us are here to connect, I think. Why else would we keep putting ourselves 'out there' the way we do?

  4. PK,

    That's excellent advice, simple and concise. The only observations I might add are that it's surprisingly easy to get started and blogging is even more fun than it looks.

    C'mon in folks, the water's fine.


  5. Good advice. I truly do love the connection that communication brings! :-) Hugs, Terpsichore

  6. PK

    A great post full of good advice. You're so right, blogging is easy and a great way to meet like-minded people. It's even more fun than Sudoku.


  7. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Thanks PK. As someone who is new to the blogging world I appreciate the advise. I don't know where my blog where take me, maybe nowhere, but I have enjoyed the journey so far. I do enjoy the communication with others about an aspect of my life that is taboo to most!

  8. David it make me feel good that you come by every morning to check everyone out!

    Paul that is exactly how I feel. I want to visit not just read.

    Sara when I started I honestly had no idea that I would make friends but all the folks here were so kind and supporting the friendships grew quickly.

    Bonnie, you are right about how easy it is to get started. I barely knew what a blog was before I was in the middle of one and boy, I have had a ball!

    Trepsichore, I never expected to make so many new friends at my age. It's great.

    Herimone, Since my twin is the Sudoku fan and NOT me, I would have to agree with you.

    Elizabeth, I still don't know where blog will lead me but like you I am enjoying the ride and the friends I am meeting along the way.

  9. PK,
    You should be a car salesman. It all comes back to writing stories for FF! :-) The good news is that we never lose with the Fantasy Friday stories you post (unlike a car deal).

    Take Care!

  10. Anonymous11:01 PM

    Well done PK, some excellent advice there and commenting at other blogs is an excellent way of not only making friends but building a network to and from your own blog.

    I am just as thrilled when I see how many sites on my blogroll get clicks because that means I am also sending traffic to others.

    I don't always get chance to comment everyday but the ones I enjoy I catch up with at least weekly.

    Yours is always an enjoyable place to read.


  11. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I finally got to see your site and read many of your blogs. I will follow your advice on getting started. Like you, I only want links to blogs I will read everyday. I understand about the importance of commenting and will do so.
    Thank you so much