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Saturday, May 17, 2008

School's out for LJ

The Fantasy Friday story this week is one you should not miss! Go here if you haven’t had the chance to read it and vote yet.

My boy has finished his second year at college and come home – for a minute. He had told me he would be here Saturday morning. He is in school 2 hours away and I didn’t believe for a minute he would get here before noon. Finally at three I text him saying “Enjoyed seeing you this morning, you are no trouble at all.”

A few minutes later I got a call asking if I was being funny or passive aggressive. I told him a little of both. He finally got here around 5 in the afternoon and stayed until almost 8. Now he is off again with friends. I know, I know he’s grown. I really don’t even mind. He’s happy and I am happy for him. He will be coming to his grandparents with us tomorrow.

So far Nick and I haven’t had any time alone since food accidentally fell into my mouth while I was in my chair so I don’t know if I am off the hook yet or not – not that your comments haven’t seemed to keep him thinking. My pals! But since LJ and Mollie seem to be masters at tag teaming us when they are both around we may never be alone again! But I’ll let you know.


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM



    Stick to that story twin.

    Nick? Of course I know that you know she's talkin' nonsense and you will do something about it, right?

    Yup, Twin. I'm on your side.


  2. Now I am a very trusting person but I must agree - accidentally???
    :-) So difficult to find alone time...but I am sure you will both find yourself together alone in no time and then... :-) Hugs, Terpsichore

  3. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I like reading your posts I especially liked your description of how "food fell into your mouth". That is choice.

    My son finished his 3rd year of college a couple of weeks ago. I echo many of the thoughts you posted.

    My man/cub is doing his internship in Hollywood this summer. So I will not see him again until September. :(
    Thank you for your kind comments on my latest post. I really enjoy getting to know you as well.
    I. gal

  4. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I am so feeling your 'lack of pain'! I have to strategize like a general in order to clear our house of children. Last night, after considerable efforts (including an out of state drop off) he "decides" to feel on the verge of getting sick. My pouting meter's verging past brat and well into 'needs to be spanked yesterday'. I can barely stand myself! Goodluck with your brood. LOVE YOUR SITE


  5. PK, I so know that feeling, when you are waiting for someone you love, and they are late, and then when they finally arrive, all is right with the world, I could never stay angry.
    I'm not saying anything about food falling into your mouth, it happens to me all the time.
    Enjoy your boy while you can.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. I know how you feel about LJ. School let out last Wednesday and he still has made it here. But I'm happy he's with his friends and happy!

    We both are lucky mom's, and we did good!


  7. Anonymous10:10 PM

    LOL - yes, of course, "accidentally"!

    Sounds like your sweet boy is happy and full of life and totally knows his mother!

    Despite all the best tag team efforts - you and Nick WILL find yourselves alone :-)


  8. Ummm, twin you don't sound particularly sincere here for some reason.

    If even you and Eva doubt me I am starting to wonder!!

    I Gal,
    Having a man/cub can be confusing at times but wonderful too. What kind of internship is your son doing in CA? LJ is in theater.

    I hope you have gotten what you needed by now. Still no luck here. Please stop by any time or email.

    I don't worry when he is at school most of the time but when he is in town I worry a lot more but I don't know why. I hope he will be around more this summer.

    You are right we are very lucky and I know it.

  9. Lilly,
    I sure do hope that you are right!

  10. Well, it will be fun having him around the house, even if it's not as much as you hoped for, or if it's more than you want at a given time.

    You shouldn't eat food that falls "accidentally". It could be bad for you!

    Let Nick help.


  11. Marcus,
    With the kids it is feast or famine but mostly I am very glad when they are here!

    'Let Nick help' that what I am worried about!