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Monday, May 19, 2008

Rough week

My job is not the most stressful job in the world. It certainly has its moments but most of the time it’s not bad. This week, however, the stress and tension reaches the absolute max level. End of Grade tests (EOG) are this week. The parents are stressed, the kids are stressed, the administration is stressed, and believe me the teachers are stressed! But of course we can’t let it show. I have to maintain an air of calm to soothe the kids. I am good at it. I didn’t hide my feelings for 23 years without getting very good at it! But I still can’t wait for the week to be over with.

I am headed out this weekend to visit one of my aunts. I haven’t seen her in nearly a year and since she is 94 years old I hate to go that long. Mollie is coming with me but not Nick. He did offer, it is a 6 hour drive, but visiting my aunt and two 80 year old cousins is not something I think he will really miss. I am happy that Mollie says she really wants to go. Having older grandparents has made her really fond of older people. My mom was 74 when Mollie was born and they were always great buddies.

Not much to report on the spanking front. All I can say is the house seem to be very full at this time. And I’ll be gone this weekend, and Nick is going off with some friends next weekend golfing. I miss him already but we will sneak in time for ourselves.

I also need to find some time to write!! There are a few thought running through my head that I really need to sort our and often the blog is the best place. But I have gotten lazy. I love reading what everyone else writes and I enjoy emailing and sometimes I let the writing slide. But I’ll get to it! Wish me luck on testing!!


  1. PK, dear friend, you will get through this week.
    When family are that old you need to keep in touch, good that Mollie is going with you.
    Too many youngsters disregard the old, oh well their loss.
    You'll be fine dear girl.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Mollie is someone special that she would go with you to visit them. Hang in there the school year is almost over. I love the kitty picture.

    *hugs and grins*

  3. Well I sure hope the week goes fast for you. What a good person you are to travel so far to see your elderly relatives. You are too sweet.

  4. Anonymous6:22 PM

    PK. I am fortunate enough to have my almost 90 yr old Grandmother alive. I never miss a chance to be in her presence. I am with Paul and David-most young people miss out on a wealth of wisdom and love by not hanging out with the elderly. I hope you have a wonderful time. Your relatives will be so thrilled to have you and Mollie there.
    Have a great day- Ciao
    I Gal

  5. Good luck on the testing. Have a safe trip!


  6. Paul,
    I am blessed with family. I love my mother's sister, the last of the 7 children. My cousins are pretty cool too.

    All 4 of Mollie's grandparents were over 70 when she was born. And she has been close with them all.

    Thanks but these are great people. I have loved them all my life.

    I Gal,
    I got to have one of my grandparents until she was 96. Quite a women. Mollie email my cousins and I do think they are very excited about seeing her.

    We'll be careful. I plan to let Mollie drive!

  7. Have a safe and wonderful trip. I hope you and Mollie have great fun with your aunt.