I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Important Merry Christmas Post

My birthday weekend was absolute wonderful!! It was everything I could have wished for and more and I will definitely blog about it soon but I don’t know exactly when. Meanwhile this post is very important to me and I wanted to post it today!

I read SuzQ post yesterday and I went from there to Theresa both were discussing scaling back some of their usual Christmas activities to lessen stress. This is a great idea but one that can bring on stress of its own if you allow anyone, including yourself to make you feel guilt over this decision. Whether this is your plan or whether you plan to go all out this year I want to point something out to you all.

Many of us have several families, our family, and our spouses’ family, those we work with, those at church. But think about all of us here in blogland, we are family too. We won't be exchanging gifts, I won't be able to eat your cooking, and we don't even know each other's addresses to send cards, and none of us feel slighted about any of this. I love each of my blogger friends and you will be in my thought on Christmas Day along with my other families. Maybe this is a pure form of friendship, we know each other’s hopes and dreams and desires and secrets but all that we expect from each other is understanding and acceptance.

So I will be around some this week. I may post, I may just read. But I will enjoy my family, relax and enjoy the holiday season! I hope you all do the same!!


  1. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Beautiful post and I couldn't agree more!! I just posted my last ready post. I don't know when I'll have another. Time is short right now but when the wrapping paper and cookie crumbs all quit flying, I'll be back in full swing.


  2. Oh PK that was so lovely and sweet. You brought tears to my eyes, but I am the cry baby of the bunch. The post really did get me to thinking, and honestly has made me feel better. Thanks so much for being a friend just because, even though I don't bake you cookies. Hey I did get you 3 birthday cards though!


  3. Wonderful post, beautiful thoughts ... you are so very right. I hope everyone's holidays are all that they could wish for ... and that peace is plentiful.

  4. Enjoy your week PK. Family is what this holiday is all about. :)


  5. Merry Christmas, Elis!

    Thank you so much for the wonderful dose of perspective you've sent to each of us with your wonderful and insightful thoughts. Reading your wise words (you're wise cuz your 50 now) and the words of SuZQ-t and Theresa have really helped me realign my priorities.

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

  6. Oh, another Sage! Happy Birthday!! :) My hubby's bday is tomorrow. hehe

    I would sing to you, but I doubt you'd want to hear me. But I can bang some pots together on the tune of Happy Birthday!! ;) hehe


  7. PK, wonderful post beautifully put.
    I think of you all as extended family, having no blood family of my own, I feel free to do this.
    Have a joyous and peaceful time with your family dear Elis.
    Warm hugs, I have a piece of Mistletoe hanging over my keyboard, so here's a Christmas kiss for you XXX,

  8. I know I'm the newbie here but I am beginning to learn more about all of y'all and how great blogging can be! Thanks for making me feel welcome these past few weeks!


  9. Eva,
    We will all be back to our love of writing and talking as soon as we have more time and I am happy that everyone understands.

    Don't cry unless you enjoy it! I did love my three cards althought not the reference to the needed medical tests!

    Cindy and Maggie,
    Let's all relax and enjoy.

    For you to call me wise is quite a complement to me. If I have done anything its to remind you of what you already knew!

    Thanks for the birthday wish and back at you sweet husband!

    Bless you heart! I do feel you are a member of my family. Thanks for the kiss. It is a fine Christmas gift.

  10. Reesa,
    It's wondreful to have you here! You are adding a great deal to our little world!


  11. Reesa,
    It's wondreful to have you here! You are adding a great deal to our little world!


  12. Anonymous11:09 PM

    You are so wise, my young friend (hey.. you ARE younger than me!). You make some excellent points and I will remember them. Things are slowly falling into place for me, now that I'm on leave from work. Now I can concentrate on my medical stuff and the things that are important. Perspective is a wonderful thing.

    Oh.. and by the way. Be VERY GRATEFUL that you can't eat my cooking!!

    Much love and warm wishes for a great holiday with your family.