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Friday, December 08, 2006

Another great Thursday!

I have a dilemma. Mollie is letting her grades slip. She can do much better and we probably should ground her. But I really like it when she goes to a friend’s house for a while! Okay, I’m a crummy mother but we really had a good time while she was off visiting last night.

I went to the gym like a good girl. When I got home Nick was on the computer. I settled in and got to talk to Eva for a bit as she drove home in yucky, icy weather. I told her that I was getting ready to throw the cat and the computer off Nick and take their place. After hearing that Nick soon closed the computer and asked me what I had in mind. Now I have lots of things on my mind these days. But for Nick, work has been horrible lately and I know he is exhausted, probably physically, but I know mentally, so I really don’t want to push. I told him that I was taking him to the bedroom for a severe cuddle! And that that was all that was required!

It was cold so I jumped into bed with my clothes on. Nick took more time and when he crawled under the covers his first order was “Get those sweats off!” It didn’t take much severe cuddling to really warm things up! After a while longer Nick decided that some spot warming was in order. Not wanting to dig the toy box from under the bed he looked for what was handy. The handiest was his belt, one of my favorites!

I can’t call this one a warm up! There wasn’t much of a warm up at all. It was good! But wow! It was hard! For a former vanilla he was great at going for just as long as I could take it and then stopping to rub for a while. Tiggr lets just say that you are not the only stripped one today!

Now I have to say that what followed was some of the best loving I have ever had! This would have been good for an anniversary weekend and this was just a Thursday night after we had both worked all day! Nick said it was very erotic to see me get all squirmy. Boy if he thought watching was erotic you can imagine how I felt!! I do like the direction this cuddling took.

I am starting to really like these Thursday evenings. I now have one more reason for wanting Mollie to keep here grades up! I do not want this kid grounded!!


  1. I'll bet you're purring PK, now this is the sort of post that I like to read, great to find you so squirmy.
    Hope that Mollie keeps her grades up, kids do this though,
    Warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Wow!! Glad to hear you had so much fun after our talk! After that drive I crawled into bed and absolutely crashed. Didn't help that I was sick too. Anyhow, I think we caught up to you today, though!!


  3. "Severe cuddling" huh? Sounds like my kind of cuddling!

    And certainly enough motivation to help you keep on Mollie and her grades.


  4. I hope you don't I don't want you to ground her either! Then I won't have juicy things to read. I was the same way with Michael. Taking tv and video games from him just meant I would get no peace!

    Sounds like a wonderful evening. I hope to have me one of these one day soon!

  5. WTF is up with Eva smack her so she'll quit skipping!


  6. Elis,
    What a lovely evening! You two are coming along by leaps and bounds! Perhaps you could get Mollie a tutor!


  7. You know, I always did think that grounding a kid was more punishment for mom and dad than for the kid! I think I'm real tempted to try some severe cuddling myself sometime!

  8. Paul,
    I really like this kind myself!!

    Blogger doesn't seem to like you today. But I was glad to hear you were catching up. Does this mean you did it 4 times?

    Dave and Cindy,
    I really like this idea. Truly I love just cuddling. Especially when we are both tired. But severe cuddling is just to touch and feel and connect! If more happens, well that's fine too!

    I have to do something though! We have a really, really bright kid with a B,C,D,F! I'll take suggestions!

    Don't knock Eva, she caught up with me 4 times. That means she is three ahead!

    A tutor is a good idea. I have threatened to send her to live with Eva until her math grade comes up. Of course the threat was to Eva!

  9. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Freakin Blogger. Honestly. When I left your site today that hadn't even posted... NOT ONCE!!! I had given up and said screw it so then I come back here to post it and ... sheesh....

    As for 4 times.. well depending on what IT is yes, 4 is the correct number.



    PS Trash a few of those, would ya?

  10. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Trash one more, please.

  11. Anonymous12:29 PM

    Ha... we have the same dilemma with our son. His grades are way below his ability, and we have grounded him. Of course, he quickly adjusts and finds new and exciting ways to waste his time instead of doing his homework. The problem remains, he's just under our feet now.

    Hope your weekend is staying warm!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  12. Sounds like a wonderful Thursday, Elis! Severe cuddling, spot warming and a former vanilla in the bed with you! Lucky, lucky girl!


  13. Eva,
    Okay then what is IT and did you really do it 4 times??

    Todd and Suzy,
    If you come up with a solution please share with me!

    I know how lucky I am!!