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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Help with the mystery

I know most of us are spending our time in Christmas preparation or enjoying our families, so I know there are few of you out there to help answer the problem that is plaguing me. I know this is a time of wonder, magic, and the mystery of things seen and unseen. Normally that is a great part of Christmas but one mystery is not fun, it’s not wondrous, it’s just plain aggravating! So someone, please someone, tell me how in the heck I can sit at one spot, not move for hours, no one else around, quietly wrapping packages and loose the frigging tape and scissors 10 to 20 times!!! To me this ranks right up there with how Santa gets up and down the chimney and how he makes it to every house in one night. Maybe this doesn’t happen to anyone but me.

Okay I took my break, back to wrapping. If I can find those darn things… wait now where is my pen??


  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I hear ya loud and clear twin!!! It's the worst!!! Hang in there. It will all be over soon!!


  2. When you solve that mystery let me know!!!! It happens to me all the time!!! I have kids but they were at school, grandmas and asleep.... We don't even have a dog to blame!!!! oh well, they're wrapped now! And I'm still missing 2 pairs of scissors!


  3. That sneaky Eva.

    Yeah hang in there PK Tuesday is right around the corner. I sifted all the mail carefully yesterday sorting college letters from trash as I cleaned the kitchen. Then today the GT letter was no where to be found. Both Michael and I looked through the stack, quarreled then left. Twenty minutes later the letter was there. Unfortunately 20 minutes after Michael sifted through the trash.

    Why did it happen? So Michael and I could take time to apologize and and I could get internet access from all over the house!

    I know you're happy!

    Huggs get two pair of scissors!

  4. Thank goodness Tuesday is right around the corner! Sanity will soon be regained. lol
    There has to a tape, scissors, tags gremlin that exists just to test our patience. My scissors have been missing for days! But I did have my neato little paper zippy cutter thing around. It's under lock and key!

    ~Hugs and deep breaths!!

  5. PK, it's those unemployed elf's, they have nothing better to do than irritate innocent spankee's so their
    S O's have to give them stress busters, at Christmas there should only be good girl's.
    Take heart dear one, it's nearly over.
    Warm hugs,

  6. Thank you Elis! I thought I was the only one this happened to. Isn't it frustrating, you know they have to be right there and yet they are gone! Thank goodness my wrapping is done!


  7. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Elis - it happens to me, too. Usually, I find one or the other under my booty. How I don't notice that I'm sitting on scissors, for crissake, is beyond me. It must be my buns of steel... yeah, that's it.

    Have a very Merry!

  8. Okay folks in cleaning today I found one pair of scissors and a tape dispenser under the couch. I wasn't sitting on the couch so don't ask why! The wrapping is as done as it's going to get. Just a bit more cleaning to go!

    But remember, I'm the laid back one in this group. If anyone comes and doesn't like the looks of my house… well they have three choices clean it, close their eyes or leave. The rest of us will be here having a good time amongst the mess!

    Erica, so glad you stopped by. Come anytime and tell me how you got those buns of steel!