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Friday, February 26, 2021

Fantasy Friday - The Session

Welcome back to Fantasy Friday! We have a brand new story today. And an even more rare occurrence these days, I wrote it. Whenever I'm working on a book, I often close my eyes and watch and listen to the scene unfold before me. I think of it as half dreaming, half imagination. I was in this half-dream state the other day and this story wandered in of it's own accord. I wrote it in about fifteen minutes once I was fully awake.

You never know, it could be a book of its own some day. But for now I hope you enjoy ...

The Session

Agent Lewis stared at the discipline sheet before him. Olivia again, he mused. Some women never seemed to learn. Not that he was particularly bothered by that. He liked Olivia and her husband. She was a lovely woman, a bit plump, white mingling into her blonde hair, but still so lovely. She was also one also the handful of mature clients his firm worked with. Lewis had requested to be assigned to the women with a bit more maturity. Twenty to thirty year old brats annoyed him. The women he disciplined were more interesting. Their ‘infractions’ more

involved and thought provoking. They didn’t tend to over spend, drive drunk or scream and yell at their husbands. Getting to the seat of the problem, Lewis smiled at the double meaning, was the key. But these women truly seem to love their spouses more and seldom fought the idea of a discipline session. Most of the women in his group needed to release their perceived guilt.
     Olivia’s husband had tried. This couple obviously loved one another deeply. At her core Olivia simply needed firm discipline, but her husband wasn’t a strict disciplinarian. Lewis felt the man had been correct in seeking the help of his firm.

He buzzed his outer office and had Olivia sent in. He glanced up, she looked contrite and somewhat embarrassed. “I’m disappointed to see you again, Olivia. I’d hoped we had this worked out.”

“Yes,” she stammered out. “I thought so too, but I just couldn’t help myself.”

“Couldn’t help yourself. That’s a pretty poor excuse.”

Olivia hung her head and nodded. “The charges, once again, say you self-gratified without your husband’s permission. Is that correct?”

“Yes, sir,’ she answered quietly. “He wasn’t home.”

“He wasn’t home. And you chose not to wait on him? In the agreement you signed after your last discipline session, you approved the clause that stated he would be present for any orgasm you have, whether participating or watching. Is that not correct.”

Olivia nodded again.

“I need to hear your answer,” Lewis said sternly. 

“Yes sir, it is,” she answered quickly.

“In your evaluation you told us you don’t have sexual desires as much as you used to. That’s not completely unusual at your age. Many would consider it normal. But you said when you do have these feelings you take care of them yourself. Thus, cutting your husband out of the whole picture. Do you realize how selfish this is?”

“Yes, sir. I guess it is,” she answered.

“You guess. Has your husband ever refused you sex?”

“No, sir.”

“I see. I believe your husband is a wise man. He sees what’s happening and he wants it corrected. Yet, he doesn’t want to be too hard on you. He must love you a great deal. That’s why he’s hired us. We handle the discipline and he reaps the benefits. Those benefit being, when you need sexual gratification you go to him and only him.”

In a near whisper Olivia admitted. “It’s very hard for me to have an orgasm. A vibrator is really the only way.”

“That’s perfectly acceptable,” Lewis told her. “But it should still be with your husband and with his permission. He can choose to use the vibrator to satisfy you or you can ask for him to use it. You might realize that having to wait, to anticipate, could well heighten your sexual desires. You agreed that you can’t self-gratify without his permission. If he’s not home, or you can’t get hold of him to ask – you  will wait! Is that clear.”

“Yes sir, that’s clear.”

“That’s also what you said after our last discipline session. What punishment did you receive at that time?”

Olivia blushed deeply. “You spanked me, sir. On the bare,” she continued at a whisper.

“Did you feel the punishment was fair and warranted?”

“Yes, I know I deserved it,” Olivia agreed quietly.

“Hmm… evidently I wasn’t very effective,” he mused.

“Oh you were, sir. Truly! It was a very long time before I used the vibrator alone.”

“But you did use it again. And here we are back together.” He became very business-like. “You will be spanked again today. In addition you will be wearing a plug for a good portion of the session. Furthermore …”

“Please, don’t make me wear a plug,” she moaned. “It’s so embarrassing. And it’s … uncomfortable.”

“When someone is getting ready to spank you, interrupting is not the wisest thing,” Lewis informed her.

“As I was saying,” he went on, “you will wear a plug and I will be trying some hot creams. Since the spanking alone was enough to change your behavior. I’ve found creams to be very effective at times.”

Olivia stared, her mouth hanging open. 

“In fact I may suggest that your husband request an additional session where we can discover just which hot creams might be the most effective on you. Then he may have something he can use at home for … reminders.

“Now, as before, you will be given breaks during your

spanking to give you time to reflect on your misbehaviors. At the end of the session, your husband will come to collect and comfort you. You two will have the room for another hour after you and I are finished. He can take you home at that time, or continue the discipline or well …  your activities will be his choice. I hope we won’t have to repeat today’s lesson and I can assure you that YOU had better hope we don’t.” 
     Standing, Lewis indicated that the discussion part of the day was concluded. “I’ll see you in Room B in five minutes,” he stated. “Let’s have a good day.”


You never know what might pop up in your dreams. My theory is that we all have dreams, snippets, spanking thoughts running through our heads at times (at least if you're reading here.) So the next time you have the chance for a little nap, keep something to write with near by. You may come up with your own story. Please send any stories you're willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com




  1. That was quite a different type of story, but hot nonetheless!

    1. I'm not sure where it came from.

  2. Hi PK, this was a great story, and interesting premise. Will there be more?:)


    1. Thanks. I'm not sure, but possibly.

  3. That was different but I loved it. Yes, will there be more?


    1. I'm glad you liked it. Ideas have been swirling in my head. So yes, there may be more.

  4. Well, that was a great piece. Different than usual. I am with Ronnie, will there be more?


    1. As the ideas swirl in my head it could be. Maybe even a book. You never know.

    2. Oh yay! I love when you write stuff!

  5. Oh wow! I enjoyed your little adventure into a “ little different!” Fuuuunnnnn!

    1. Thanks Minielle! When my mind wanders I never know where it might end up.

  6. This is more my style. I really liked it and hope to see more stories like this.

    1. Thanks Blondie! There are more stories floating in my mind.