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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Naked and freezing for Fantasy Friday

Every had one of those time you brain just goes into hibernation?  Thursday night mine did in a big way.  I was working with a great Fantasy Friday story.  It was written for a particular day and all was well.  That’s went I was going to put it up.  Then the brain shuts down and I put it up a week early.  Sat right here and worked on it, set it up to post at midnight (of the wrong night) and went to bed.

Hours later, I’m sleeping peacefully, tucked warmly in my bed all curled up with my sweet husband.  
Suddenly at four in the morning I’m  bolted wide-awake having realized my mistake.  Your brain really does keep working while you sleep I guess. Now I truly realize that Fantasy Friday isn’t a live or death matter, but at the same time I wanted to correct my mistake so I slipped out of bed without waking Nick and head to the living room.

I sleep in the nude and wanting to get the post down as quickly as possible so I didn't bother to dress.  It was COLD!  We turn the thermostat way down at night.  I’m naked and freezing as I placed my ice-cold computer on my lap and begin tapping away.  I really didn't have another story to put up so I tried to give a brief explanation so you wouldn’t think I’d just forgotten you all. 

See – I’m doing my part, abandoning my husband, losing sleep, and freezing my naked ass off all because I was trying to do right by my writers and my readers.  Do I have your sympathy yet? LOL! You could make it up to me by sending in a story!

In case you’re still unsure about doing a whole story on your own Sunnygirl was kind enough to make the suggestion (in the comments of my last post) that we all work together on a story and she began it right there.  In addition to Sunny, Julia, Lillie, Minelle, and Cygnet have all contributed. I’ll jump in myself soon.  To see how it’s going and to possible jump in yourself click on this post, go to the comments and add your part.  You can certainly come back more than once!  I’ll refer back to this several times and hopefully we’ll get a whole story from it and I’ll gratefully share it in a future Fantasy Friday.  Thanks to those who have helped so far.

I’m not going to let Fantasy Friday fade away.  I’ve met too many wonderful people from hosting it.  I’ll post re-runs if I need to.  After all the older stories are great and they will be like brand new for many of my readers.  But I still like meeting new people and getting new stories.  So send any stories you’re willing to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. PK,
    I have completely erased my memory containing that story.
    I read it fully clothed and with the heater up. It is a good thing that we have many hours time difference.

    Well, yesterday I have, beyond any doubt, proven to you that I absolutely have no talent for story writing, so I'll leave that to the ladies, who started the new story so eloquently.

  2. I am trying to work on another story, but for now I will continue to join in the fun.

  3. PK,
    sorry, my imagination seems to be on strike.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Anonymous5:51 PM

    You are so sweet, and I can just see you freezing your little bum off in the interest of sexy stories - what a trooper.

  5. I like it so far.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Bas,
    Glad you cleared your memory! And you did not convince me - try writing a story!!!

    The story is really growing. It's getting good!

    I appreciate you starting it. it's still growing.

    Such a shame, it might have been a good show.

    That's me all right! Leaving a warm sexy husband to work on sexy computer stories.

    Me too!

  7. So how to avoid bare cupboards in the future?
    How about a competition? You supply us with a theme, or the direction you want the story to take, or an opening paragraph, and we try to write a story. Best one(s) will be posted on FF.
    A lot of people do better with competitions, deadlines or (especially for the subs amongst us) just simply rules.
    Just an idea.

    Hugs, Julia