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Monday, December 10, 2012

I blamed the cats, but it was really Ronnie

* You can find the third part of Sunnygirl's Winds of Change story here.  

I feel I need to speak a word about canes.  Okay, two words – they suck!  The last two times Nick felt that he really needed to get my attention he used the damn cane.  I spent the first fifty-some years of my life completely cane free.  I was a happy spanko.  Once I came out I was more than content with our paddles, hairbrush, belts, flogger, and leather straps. I’d read about canes and in one insane burst of idle curiosity mentioned to Ronnie that I might like to see what one felt like.  Geeze, I was just making conversation!  Who knew she was going to send me not one, but two, of the damn things!

Spankos are terrible about things like this.  Never mention something you’re thinking about trying unless you want the friggin’ thing showing up on your doorstep (provided you’ve supplied them with your address.) Now I sent her a dogging bat, but hey – they’re fun! It’s not a damn cane!

Maybe it’s cultural.  When I was growing up kids might be paddled at school, but no one had ever heard of being caned.  The closest we came down here in the south was being switched.  That sucked too.  It was one of those swift punishments – and angry parent, seeing something you did, usually outside, marches out, snaps off a switch from a willow tree or some horrible bush.  They quickly strip off the leaves, grab one arm and you dance around is a circle as they stripe your legs from butt to calf in front of all your friends who were in the yard playing. For some reason in our neighborhood it was usually the mom or grandmother doing this.  Father’s usually reached to undo their belt.

My dad never used anything but his hand and his voice.  The few times he spanked me was when I ‘disappointed’ him and he sounded disappointed. Seriously, that would have been enough.  I always felt terrible.  Mom didn’t spank when she was ‘disappointed’ only when she was pissed! LOL!  She was a typical mom and I loved he to death but she did stripe my legs a time or two, probably not nearly as often as I deserved.

The damn cane leaves marks too.   Now actually I don’t mind the marks at all, just how they got there.  It’s not that I normally have to worry about anyone seeing them.  But the last time Mollie was here we went shopping together.  When trying on clothes we grabbed a big room so we could tell each other how we looked.  I never gave one thought to the two random, nearly parallel, marks I had just peaking out from my panties.  But Mollie noticed.

“What happened?” she asked conversationally.

I looked to see what she was looking at and took a mental gasp.  She wasn’t down looking with a magnifying glass, so I ran my hand over the spot and said vaguely, “Hmm… I don’t know.  Must have been one of the cats.”  She seemed satisfied.

So I put the blame on my poor, sweet little cats, but now you know why it’s really Ronnie’s fault!


  1. Anonymous9:25 AM

    lol, good answer!

    So nice of Ronnie to send you the canes, lol. MMM maybe Nick should dress up as Santa.


  2. LOL....I agree about canes....but also love the marks.
    hugs abby

  3. Quick thinking. Canes never sounded like something I wanted to try and I will never ever bring it up 'cause I don't want to. Now the doggin bat, I love it.

    I never mind the marks either. I think I've had two.

  4. Ronnie is the best friend you can have. Just don't give her your address.
    Good thinking of Ronnie to send you two canes. You never know, one might break.
    Knowing her mother a little bit, Mollie must be a smart girl, so I absolutely don't believe that she took your explanation for granted.
    Oh, and lying to your daughter? What do you think would be an appropriate punishment? I know, let's ask Ronnie!

  5. Oh you are good. Thinking on your feet. It must be the teacher in you!
    I never want to feel a cane. But eventually some other implements will be tried.

  6. PK,

    You wondered what the cane would feel like so being the good friend I am I thought you should get your wish. That's what friends are for:)

    Bas - Now what should PK get for lying to her daughter. I Know what I think but we should leave that up to Nick.


  7. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Yikes! That sounds really painful.
    and yes, that was quick thinking....do you think she bought it? She sounds like a very quick and observant girl....

  8. Canes aren't that bad, but yeah, bad enough.
    Quick thinking, but really: lying? Tssk.

    Hugs, Julia

  9. Jean,
    ‘So nice…?’ Yeah, just what I was thinking.

    Funny how that all works isn’t it.

    The dogging bat is wonderful – great for fun and if he want’s it can really make an impression.

    I have no doubt one cane might break and the other just might be misplaced! And then we’ll have to move to change our address! I just don’t know what Mollie knows or thinks. And I said it COULD have been the cats, not that it was for sure. (Think I’ve been around Cassie too long?)

    Get a dogging bat! They are not expensive and they are wonderful.

    Ronnie, my buddy,
    I didn’t lie, I mislead. I maintain that there is a difference.

    I’m sure she believed it because she wanted to!

    Canes are horrible – period! See above my feeling about whether or not I really told a lie.

  10. canes are horrible, plain and simple. Send Ronnie a Loopy Johnny ;)
    My sis in law saw some marks on me that were the hook end of the cane - i was getting my hair dyed and i was bent over the basin and my jeans drooped down a bit (granted the marks were also slightly high - thanks Sir) but she noticed them and wondered what they were - I just said there were insect bites that I had scratched LOOL

  11. Kiwi - Now you,:) I have a Loopy Johnny and that thing I do not like. It was the first and only time I used our safeword.


  12. PK,
    how come everybody got here before me?
    The poor cat gets blamed for everything.
    I remember when I was but a small child, six or seven, I spotted some cooking chocolate in my Aunt's cupboard, this about '41 or '42, I nibbled it just a little.
    When asked, I said the cat had done it, my Aunt said hmm, I never realized how human a cat's teeth were.
    I wonder if Mollie guessed?
    Love and warm hugs,

  13. PK: Quick thinking on the cat comment. I wonder if she bought it or suspects mom is a spanko.

    Anyway, my take is that you should be happy he spanks you, regardless of whether or not he uses a cane.


  14. Sorry PK, but I am lauging at the entire situation. Spanko friends are great about helping us with our spanking curiousities. Please don't let Ronnie know that I had been curious, before I read your post, about canes. And a similar thing happened with my daughter but I had some bruises. Blamed it on falling. Which could have been true too.

  15. Kiwi,
    We spanko do have to think on our feet! I like the idea of a loopy for Ronnie sounds pretty good.

    Then P shouldn’t use it often, only when Nick uses the cane!

    My fault. I posted late yesterday so I put it up again today so I could link to Sunny’s last part of the story. A dom lying, now that really serious. I really don’t have any idea what Mollie knows and doesn’t know.

    I am happy really, but… it HURTS!

    Don’t go there – canes and loopy Johnnys should be BANED!! I went to the doctor once with bruises, but no problem, I had a rash on my wrist. Then she wanted to give me a shot in the butt! Thankfully it was high and she didn’t see anything but I was glad she didn’t take my heart rate.

  16. Totally doubt your daughter bought the story of the cat whatsoever. Try to imagine yourself staying still while the cat scratched not just one but both cheeks, while you were bare bottomed at the time lying in a position for this to happen. !!! A good daughter though, not questioning further...
    bottoms up

  17. Ha! Quick thinking with your answer to Mollie! Canes used to terrify me and I thought they'd always be a hard limit. In the past year or so though, I've learned to really like them when used somewhat nicely by a skilled hand.