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Friday, December 21, 2012

Fantasy Friday -The Sweet get the Rod (Wie Zoet is de Roe)

It's the Friday before Christmas and all thourhg blogland... well, mostly I think we are all just busy, busy, busy!  But it is Friday and that means story time.  I apologize to my friends who celebrate Sinterklassavond, I do know that this isn't the correct date - it's Dec. 5th. See I learned something.  But when Julia sent me this story she said I could use it when I needed it and I thought this would be the best date. Julia, thanks for making our Christmas Fantasy Friday special.

The Sweet get the Rod 
(Wie Zoet is de Roe)

It’s Sinterklaasavond (Saint Nicholas' Eve), one of her favourite holidays, and Susan’s expecting Jason to come by. It’s a weekday, so she won’t be travelling to him, but they want to celebrate together.

Susan has bought Jason some silly little gifts, and has bought some edible treats: pepernoten,  Kruidnoten, chocolate letters, speculaas, chocolate coins and marzipan, just about the whole range of traditional Sinterklaas eats. And since this is to be an adult celebration, and Jason will be spending the night, she’s now preparing mulled wine.

She’s put on a CD with Sinterklaas songs, she went and bought it especially, and she sings along as she busies herself in the kitchen. The wine is almost ready now, the table is set, the food only needs to be heated in the oven, everything is as nice as can be.

As she’s stirring the wine, making sure it’s not getting too hot, she hears Jason’s voice behind her: “Are there any naughty children here?”

She turns and laughs: “No, Sinterklaas, I’ve been good all year.”

Jason is dressed up as Sinterklaas, if not for his voice and eyes, she might not have recognised him.

“Can I offer you some wine, Sinterklaas?”

“Yes, you can, but first I want you to go to your bedroom and change.”

Apparently Jason had used his key to let himself in, and he must have been quiet for her not to notice he put some clothes on her bed, before he came into the kitchen. These clothes are new to her, they’re more suitable for a school girl than for a grown woman.

She puts on the skirt, blouse and socks, and then the bunny slippers. A quick look in the mirror, she shakes her head at the image, and then she runs to the kitchen to pour the wine into tumblers. As she carries the tray in she sees Sinterklaas, sitting in a straight backed chair, pulled away from the dinner table.

“You have been a very naughty girl, haven’t you?”

“No, Sinterklaas, I’ve been very good.”

“Not according to the big book: you’ve been trying to corrupt that nice man Jason. You are a very bad girl, you can’t behave like a lady, and he needs to spank you all the time to make you behave. You have even behaved badly with his good friend Richard. Have you no shame?”

“I’m so sorry, Sinterklaas”, Susan looks contrite as she stares at her feet, with the silly slippers.

“Too late now, young lady, you need to be punished.”

Sinterklaas points at his lap and Susan obediently lies down over it.

With one smooth movement, Sinterklaas reaches under her skirt and pulls down her string.

“Will you look at that! That’s nothing a nice girl would wear, now is it?”

“No, Sinterklaas, I’m so sorry. I’m a very bad girl.”

“Yes, you are”, and with that her skirt is lifted and Sinterklaas starts to spank her behind.

Susan begs: “Please, Sinterklaas, no more, I’ll be good, I promise.”

“It’s enough when I say it is, girl. But we’d better make sure you don’t add to your offenses by disturbing the neighbours. Open wide”, and with that Susan gets a ball gag into her mouth, to keep her from crying out.

Sinterklaas continues the spanking, the frequency increases, and Susan is having trouble to keep still. Then the pain changes and intensifies: Sinterklaas is using the rod.

Now not only her butt is targeted, but her thighs as well. Susan moans, from pain and more. A hand is thrust between her legs, feeling the wetness: “What a bad, bad girl you are. I should go on spanking you until you know how to behave, but I don’t think I have the time for that.”

Every once in a while the spanking is replaced by rubbing, when Sinterklaas reaches for his wine and has a sip. These pauses make the continuation of the spanks even more painful.

Finally it stops. Susan’s buttocks and thighs are throbbing with the pain as she’s helped on her feet and the gag is removed.

She gets on her knees before Sinterklaas, who lifts his dress, so Susan can see his excitement. Her head is guided towards it, and she gets to work on satisfying him. He wants her to take her time, and tells her that, and she obeys, of course. Finally, when he’s climaxed, and she’s swallowed every last drop, she gets the chance to drink some of the now cold wine.

“I should have brought Zwarte Piet (Black Peter) to spank you, I’m too old for that.”

“It’s your birthday tomorrow, Sinterklaas, it that the gift you’d like?”

Sinterklaas whips out his cell phone and calls Richard.


Julia, thank you so much for sharing this story with us.  So nice for our Christmas story!  You have been a big help with stories this month. 

I have several brand new stories from some brand new friends coming up in the next few weeks.  You're going to love the stories and hopefully getting to know these new writers. This is a very busy week for everyone - as my gift I won't even beg for stories. I just hope everyone is able to spend the holidays with the ones they love.  But now if you do feel like writing, you can send the story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Very nice story Julia. Thank you for the Christmas spirit.

    Thanks PK for sharing.

  2. OMG, am I glad that I have never been on the Naughty list.
    I have heard some rumours about this dear old man, but that it would be like this?

    I think I had better keep enjoying the sweets.
    Thank you, Julia and PK

  3. Great story - very seasonal spanking.

  4. Julia,
    a very nice story, though I suspect that Black Peter might be rather too strict.PK,
    Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Thanks Julia, the story is great! I am sorry I am late to the game today!Are we going to have have a New Years episode?

    Thanks PK, as always, for FF.

  6. Sunnygirl: no Christmas spirit, but Sinterklaas! But thank you for your compliment.

    Bas: you should know that Sinterklaas isn't all about presents, but also about punishment. Luckily Susan didn't think it was too severe.

    Michael: this story just came up, thinking about Christmas and Sinterklaas. Some stories just visit and only need to be written down.

    Paul: Zwarte Piet is much younger than Sinterklaas, so his spankings may very well be a lot harder. We'd better hope Susan can bear it. ;)

    PK: I love teaching people about our holidays, and like Susan, I love Sinterklaas celebrations. It's our gift giving in December and, as a rule, the presents aren't as elaborate (or expensive) as those given at Christmas time in the USA.

  7. Minelle: I didn't see your comment, because I was just answering everybody else. I'm happy you like it. :) A New Years episode? I'll have to wait and see if a story will emerge in the next week.

  8. Thanks Julia for your story:) Merry Christmas to you and to PK as well. May you both have wonderful holiday time with your family. Hugs.

  9. Julia,

    That was a lovely story. Thank you.

    Thanks PK.


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