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Friday, November 30, 2012


I know it’s Friday.  I know you want your story.  But this is all I have.

There is one more story in my nearly empty cabinet, but it is for a certain date so I’m afraid this is in until someone writes another and sends it to me.  Fantasy Friday belongs to all of us, lease help folks.  It’s just not Friday without a good story.


  1. PK, you should be asleep in the middle of the night.
    Not trying to find stories in empty cabinets.
    Ha, I was to fast for you this time.
    OK, forgetting started!

  2. PK,
    something will turn up.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. WOW, Come on guys. Let's fill up this cupboard.

  4. I have an idea, how about all of us start writing a story. Every commenter adds a line or paragraph until there is a story for FF.

    John came home in a good mood until he reached the driveway. When he hit the garage door opener what he saw made him sick. The rear end of his wife's car had a very large dent right in the middle. The car was less than three weeks old.

    He knew she would have a story to tell but it wasn't going to help.

  5. Just one look told him she hadn't been rear ended, but had hit something while going in reverse. He'd told her time and time again to take it easy, don't go too fast, use her mirrors and be careful and time and time again she'd agreed with him.

    And still. The last accident had been six months ago and they'd just paid off the last instalment of that damage.

    He so didn't need this amount of debt this soon.

    And what if she'd hit someone, or hurt herself? The thought made him feel ill.

  6. Anonymous1:23 PM

    John found Shannon in the kitchen making supper. He stood in the hallway and watched her for a long moment. He loved her so much.

    He could tell Shannon was worried, she was rushing around and murmuring quietly to herself. Normally John would hear Shannon singing to her oldies station as soon as he entered the porch door, but today the radio sat silently on the fridge top, as though it was also fretting about the days events.

  7. This is why I wanted the Cassie-Kat story to stretch for two weeks. :D

  8. Shannon heard the garage door open and knew John would be walking in through the kitchen seconds after spying the wrecked new car.
    She was sick to her stomach about what happened. Her instinct was to gloss over what actually caused the accident since John had a no tolerance rule regarding safety.
    She was still debating what to say when she sensed his presence.

  9. "Hi, honey," she said as she crossed the kitchen and put her arms around him. "I'm glad you're home."

    He wrapped his arms around her and whispered into her hair, "I'm glad you're home safe and sound. I wish the car could say the same thing."

    Shannon blushed and buried her head in his chest.

    "It was an accident, John."

    "Well, I wouldn't think you would dent the car that way on purpose," he said, taking her arms and pulling her off his chest so he could see her eyes. "The question is, was it a preventable accident?"

    Shannon blushed again.

  10. "Well, I went to the grocery store to get groceries and when I was backing up then someone came racing down the parking lot. Everything was clear when I looked in the mirrors, but just as I was backing out then this car was right there."

    "Hmmm...are you hurt?"

    "Not physically, but mentally I am worn out. I got into a shouting match with the creep."


    "He was a real jerk and so I gave him a piece of my mind. I am a little embarrassed because our neighbors the Johnson saw the whole thing. But, this guy deserved the cussing I gave him."

    "You cussed out someone and our neighbors witnessed this whole thing?"

    "Yes, but..."

    "Honey, why don't you finish getting dinner ready and I am going to get out of my suit. I need to think about all you've told me and we can talk some more in a little bit. The car is replaceable and I am glad you are OK. But, I have a few questions and I want to think on a full stomach.

    "I'm sorry about the car. I know it is an added expense."

    John kissed Shannon and left the room to change.

  11. Shannon was truly sorry about the car but she heaved a huge sigh of relief when John went to change. Everything would be OK.


  12. Should she confess to the other part of the story? Yes she did have the right of way. The jerk certainly received a piece of her mind. Maybe she should tell him abut her impulsive actions.

  13. No, she couldn't tell him. He was already upset and worried. If he knew the whole story he would be angry as well and an angry John was not to be trifled with. She flopped herself down at the table and put her head in her hands. What to do, what to do?

    The faint smell of burning meat had reached John's nose down in the bedroom. He rushed to the kitchen to find his Shannon with her head in her hands, tears streaming down her cheeks.

  14. Anonymous10:10 AM

    The first thing he did was turn off the oven. When he opened the oven to remove the roast, smoke billowed out. He was surprised the smoke detector wasn't going off. He made a mental note to check the batteries.

  15. Then he turned to his wife and pulled her from her chair.

    "Why are you crying? It's just a dent, honey. I think it's probably just cosmetic. I'll take the car to the mechanic tomorrow and make sure that the car is safe to drive. If we have to, we can bang out the dent a little bit so the trunk will open and we'll get it fixed when the finances will allow. It's not the end of the world. As far as the shouting match with the man you hit, it doesn't please me that you decided to shout at a stranger whose car you had just hit, but we'll get through it just like we always have." He kissed her cheek as he rubbed her back.

    "Oh, John, I don't know what to say," she sobbed.

    "Don't way anything, just let me hold you. When you've calmed down, we'll cuddle up on the couch, eat the leftovers from the Saturday's party and talk about what happens next. We have all night."

  16. Once he had rescued what remained of the dinner, John poured himself a glass of wine and went over to where Shannon was sat on the kitchen chair. She looked up at him, eyes brimming with tears and mascara shot to hell.
    As she started to mumble more apologies he took her hand and helped her to her feet. Then, after settling himself in the chair, he got her to sit on his lap and put his arms around her.
    As the heaving in Shannon's chest slowed to gentle puffs of breathing, he stroked her face and hair and made her tell him the whole story.
    She could not resist his gentleness and the sorry tale of the afternoon's events came out, piece by piece.
    Shannon had shopped in the Mall,buying herself some clothes and then a couple of items at Victoria's Secret which she knew her husband would appreciate.
    Then just as she was leaving the last shop she had bumped into Robert. This was the Robert whom she had dated years ago. The one who had left to make his fortune in NY.
    They had stood talking for ages and then had a coffee together. Shannon had been girlishly excited to meet him again and some part of her wondered how her life might have turned out if she hadn't dumped him.
    She didn't tell John this part. Shannon could already sense that his mood had changed and he was no longer stroking Shannon but looking directly into her face with cold eyes.
    Shannon could not stop there, she had to get the whole story out into the open.
    Robert had asked her if he could have a lift back to his Mother's house. He had come back to town by train and his sister had dropped him at the Mall. His mother was ill and he needed a few things so that he could stay overnight.
    Shannon had said yes, straight away. The chance to spend a few more minutes with her ex had thrilled her.
    Once in the car she kept on talking and looking across at him and pulled out of the parking bay without a second glance. The crunch as she hit the passing car had been sickening.
    Knowing she was in the wrong she had jumped out of the car and gone on the offensive, blaming the other driver for going to fast. The young man behind the wheel had looked at her in amazement.
    Robert got out of the car and tried to calm Shannon down. He had held her by her shoulders and that was when the Johnson's had shown up. Her neighbour's had been walking back to their own vehicle and had seen the whole thing,the crash, the ranting and the tall dark stranger getting out of Shannon's car and then embracing her.
    When they told the young man that it wasn't his fault Shannon had let fly at them, shouting that it wasn't any of their business.
    It had taken some time to sort things out. Robert pacified everyone and told the other driver that he would pay for any damage.
    The Johnson's had driven off looking daggers at Shannon and then Robert had driven the car home.
    He didn't come into the house, Shannon promised John,but he did say he would come round and explain everything to John if he wanted. Robert had walked the couple of streets to his old house.
    So, that was the whole story. She was sorry, desperately sorry about the car, the shouting, meeting Robert, everything.
    Shannon just wanted the whole day to end but she knew John would be angry, possible very angry, so she just sat quietly on his lap and waited.

  17. "So, to recap", says John, his voice cold, "you met Robert and spent time with him, and hearing you telling it, you were excited by it.
    You gave him a lift, you were alone in the car with a man you hadn't seen in years, a man you didn't even know any more.
    Once again you reversed without looking, and cause an accident. You gave in to your rage, not thinking of the consequences, blaming someone else for your actions.
    Our neighbours witnessed it all, including you being hugged by a virtual stranger. You behaved irresponsibly, and dangerously, once again.
    I need you to go to our bedroom, to wait for me to cool down and to decide what to do next."

    John sighs, as Shannon slips from his lap and goes upstairs, almost running.

    What is he going to do with her? How is he going to get through to her and help her realise that her actions are dangerous and unacceptable? How is he going to keep her safe?

    He's tried it all: reasoning with her, holding her and loving her, leading by example, yelling and shouting, everything! Everything except ...

    But surely that can't be the way to go? You don't hit women, you don't treat them like children, you don't make decisions for them. Or do you? What if it's the only recourse left?

    As John ponders this, Shannon gets undressed and in bed. She's tossing and turning, waiting for John to come in.

    What will he do? Lecture her, once again, yell at her, be cold for days or even weeks?

    And then the months spent on paying the damage, with John sighing with every payment due, while she wants to beg his forgiveness again and again and again. But John will tell her it's all forgiven and forgotten, even when she knows it isn't. He'll try so hard to convince himself and her, without succeeding, the resentment still burning in him. He doesn't want that, because he loves her, so he ignores it, while it eats away at him

    Quarrels make her feel ill, John being cold make her feel lonely and miserable. She almost wishes ... No, not almost: she does wish he'd just spank her, spank the annoyance away, make her feel the consequences, have her pay the price, if only that would mean he'd forgive her, that everything is over after her punishment.

    She also thinks that this might help her to not lapse again, that punishment like that would really teach her a lesson to never forget.

  18. Shannon lay in bed anxiety knotting in her stomach. She was truly sorry for the way she had behaved, and was now feeling embarrassed at the way she had handled the situation with the other driver and the neighbours.

    John sat there for a long time thinking. He was shocked by what she had told him. He couldn't believe his sweet Shannon would behave that way, not to mention the damage control that would have to be undertaken with the neighbours. He had no idea where to start with that.

    He was beside himself with worry that she would act so dangerously, again but most of all hurt by the reason she was so distracted.

    He knew he had to do something to keep her safe and since he had tried everything else, it was time. He had little recourse left.

    With a heavy heart he made his way to the bedroom.

  19. He fingered the cell phone in his pocket as he went through the hallway to lock the front door. Better to get it over with now, he thought.
    When Mrs Johnson answered his call John went straight into the apology. He had just heard from Shannon what had gone on that afternoon and he wanted them to know that she was very sorry for having upset them.

    There was a long silence and then she heard Clara Johnson relay his message to her husband. The couple were only 15 years or so older than John and Shannon, but in a strange sort of way they came across as older, more like people of his parent's age.
    Clara started to speak again. They accepted his apology she said but Shannon had been very rude and her husband had said John should go around to their house right now. He had something to give him.

    When John went outside onto the front porch he saw the light in Mr Johnson's garage as the electric door swung open. As he approached the house Mike Johnson waved him in.

    "This is what you need, son, to bring that wife of yours back to her senses."

    In his neighbour's hand was long wooden paddle.

    "It's called a Spencer Paddle and we've had one in the house since the day we got married. Clara's Mother gave it to us and told us to use it on each other, whenever one of us got out of line."

    Mr Johnson held the long blade so that the grip end was pointing towards John.

    "You can have it. I'll get another. Just make sure that Shannon comes round here tomorrow to show us it was used and we'll forget all about her rudeness."

    John took a hold of the paddle and was surprised at how comfortable it felt in his hand. The grip was well worn and the wood highly polished.

    "It's made of cherrywood and you'll know you have been paddled after thirty with that. Now good night John and don't forget to send Shannon round here tomorrow. we want to hear all about it and that she won't be sassing us again in the future."

    Walking across the dark street John glanced up at the light in his bedroom window.

    Things were about to change in his marriage, in a way he wouldn't have thought possible only a few hours ago.

  20. Anonymous11:08 AM

    John sat a long time in the living room nursing a shot of whiskey. He simply couldn't believe he was considering punishing his beloved wife in a physical way.
    He stole another look at the paddle where it sat menacingly on the coffee table before him.
    Who did the Johnson's think they were to tell him how to deal with Shannon?
    And yet.....Clara and John did seem to have a wonderful marriage. They were very respectful to each other, always......and there was other issues here. Shannon was impulsive and this wasn't the first time her lack of self control had been an issue.
    John sat down his unfinished glass with a heavy clink, picked up the long paddled in one smooth moved and heaved himself to his feet with grim resignation.

  21. He stood quietly looking at the paddle in his hand and thought about what Mr. Johnson had said to him, but he knew in his heart he couldn't do it. The thought of him paddling Shannon or for that matter, her paddling him, made him sick to his stomach. If he was going to go down this path with Shannon, then he was going to do it his way.

    He remembered the times as a boy when his father and his mother both had spanked him. It wasn't pleasant for any of them, but John knew it came from a place of love. The paddle was too cold and distant for him to use on Shannon, at least not the first time. He suspected he would have to use the paddle at some time in the future, but he wasn't sure how Shannon was going to respond to any of this and at least if he used his hand on her backside, he would feel like they were in it together.

    He loved her and he wanted to guide them through this ordeal with a minimum of emotional damage. Yes, he was going to scorch her behind, but it was going to be with his hand on her backside, at least this first time.

    First time, he thought, and I suspect not the only time, as he considered all the times Shannon's impulse control had gotten her into one difficult situation or another.

    He liked the Johnson's and he appreciated the way they interacted, but that was their marriage and this was his: his and Shannon's. They needed to figure out their own path and not try to be anybody but who they were.

    He set the paddle gently on the bar and as he took his hand off it, he knew that the only hand that it was ever going to be in was his. He was going to take up the mantle of firm leadership in his home and that he was responsible for everyone's actions in his home: Shannon's and his.

    He would take Shannon to the Johnson's to apologize, but John decided that was going to be embarrassing enough. He would not have her relate how they had dealt with it. It was a private matter between husband and wife as far as John was concerned. Shannon was a grown woman and perfectly capable of deciding how she was going to apologize to the Johnsons. John would stand next to her and support her, but he wasn't going to let the Johnson's push her into anything she didn't want to do. If they didn't like the way that she apologized or what she said, then that was going to have to be on them, as long as John was satisfied that Shannon had done her best to mend fences for her rudeness, then that would be enough.

  22. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Notice that no one wants to write the spanking scene :)

  23. John called up the stairs that Shannon had better come down. They needed to eat and there was no point in her skulking around upstairs. He told her she had 5 minutes to get downstairs.

    In the kitchen he tidied up the roast of meat as best he could, cutting away the burned bits and laying out some good slices on a plate. He washed some salad leaves and got some slaw from the fridge. A few sliced tomatoes and dressing and some bread and hey pronto, there was a decent supper on the table.

    He move the Spencer paddle from the sideboard chest and placed it on the table.

    Drinking some wine, after pouring two glasses, he stood at the kitchen island waiting for his wife.

    She crept into the room wearing one of his shirts and some white socks. Shannon looked cute but he figured that was what she was trying to be. He pulled a wooden spoon from the utensil pot and turned his attention to stir the salad dressing in an exaggerated manner.

    “Sit over there.” John pointed at her place with the end of the spoon. She couldn’t help but notice the gesture and the spoon. She had a moment of fright.

    “Listen John, I’m really ….”

    “Be quiet. Just eat your meal. I have heard enough.”

    Shannon moved over to the table and then she saw the paddle. Where the hell had that come from she wondered?

    They ate in silence. John served up some wine and put out the food, but then he spent the time reading the newspaper. whilst Shannon ate small pieces of food without much appetite.

    When they were done he told her to fix some coffee and tidy away the dishes. The phone rang and he picked it up.

    The conversation was obviously about her and after a while Shannon realized that it must be Robert on the other end of the line. John said very little until the end of the conversation.

    “OK – pay the punk if you want. I have got enough to sort out with the damage to my car. Just stay away from this house and quit coming on to my wife. Go back to New York or wherever the hell you live!”

    John slammed the phone down and turned to his wife.

    “Don’t ever let me hear you mention that guy’s name again.”

    Shannon brought the coffee over to the table and stood there looking at the paddle.

    “Are you going to use that?” she asked with a tremor in her voice.

    “I don’t know,” John said.

    “ I should because you deserve it. I just got it from the Johnson’s. Apparently they spank each other with that paddle. You have to go round there tomorrow by the way, to apologise. I told them you would.”

    Shannon picked up the paddle and ran a hand over the smooth surface.

    “I suppose I deserve it?”

    John slammed his hand down on the table with such a force that Shannon jumped back in alarm.

    “Deserve it. Of course you deserve it. You flirt with some guy, you crash the car, you slag off our neighbours. You damn well better believe you deserve a punishment!”

    Shannon crumpled. “I am so sorry John. I never meant all this to happen but I know I was stupid. Please don’t leave me. I was just dumb. I’m not interested in Robert. I was just flattered that he was still interested.”

    “Yeah right. Bored housewife meets ex boyfriend. They make movies about it.”

    “John. Please stop that. Please just punish me. Anything. You know I love you and I just want things to be normal again.”

    John looked across at his wife. He loved her so much but he had to teach her a lesson.

  24. He glanced down at the wooden spoon he still held in his hand. He studied it for a moment or two. He looked across at his wife. Tears were slowly tracking their way down her cheeks. She'd never looked so beautiful to him. He almost softened, but the anger he felt towards Robert re-ignited. He knew what he was going to have to do, but he also realised he needed to calm down.

    "Forget the coffee. I think you'd better go upstairs and wait for me Shannon. It's time we had a talk about things."

    Shannon gulped. She couldn't remember ever seeing John so angry. Her legs trembled and she had difficulty in climbing the stairs. She entered their room. She looked around her. She had worked so hard to make it a beautiful and restful place. The curtains were sea-green silk and draped gracefully across the windows. The carpet was thick cream wool you sank up to your ankles in. The bed was emperor sized with a silk coverlet to match the curtains.

    She sank slowly down on the end of the bed and drew up her legs clasping her hands around her knees, hugging them to her chest. The tears continued to fall and she couldn't stop shaking at the thought of that horrible wooden paddle. She couldn't imagine what it would be like being hit with such a heavy piece of wood. How could John even consider such an action!

    She glanced anxiously from time to time at the doorway. She wondered how long John would keep her waiting. This whole situation was truly awful. Surely he knew that Robert meant nothing whatsoever. It was just that sometimes John neglected to tell her just how much he loved her. He expected her to do everything he asked of her, and when she screwed up - well, look where it had ended up.

    She saw her husband's shadow appear through the doorway followed by his familiar tall, muscular figure. Her tears fell faster. He was so handsome and she loved him so very much. Right now he looked so disappointed in her.

    She noticed that he carried the wooden salad spoon in his hand, but she saw no sign of the dreaded paddle.

    He came and sat down next to her. His anger had left him. His eyes were very sad. He put the wooden spoon down behind him and took her hands in his. Her tears were falling faster now.

    "Shannon, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't've lost my temper like that. I know you didn't mean to make me jealous. But you've got to realise that I'm only a man. A man who loves you to distraction. You can't imagine the images that were flashing through my mind."

    "No John. You were right. I was enjoying a bit of flattery and I didn't realise I could be leading him on. I'm the worst kind of wife. I wouldn't blame you for despising me for my actions. And I can't drive very well either!" Shannon looked straight into her husband's eyes as she spoke. She was still trembling, but she was determined to assure him of her love.

    She virtually threw herself across his lap, taking him by surprise and nearly knocking him backwards on to the bed. She craned her head around to look at him.

    "I trust you John. I love you and I trust you." A sob escaped her. "Please show me how much you love me. I promise I'll never stop loving you. I'm so sorry for my actions."

    John didn't say a word. He slowly reached down and raised the shirt up to her waist. He briefly stroked her bottom before pulling down her white, lacy panties. He had to lift her slightly as they got stuck, but then he pulled them right down and off her feet. The socks looked a little strange, so he pulled them off too. His wife's pale pink, heart-shaped bottom wasn't going to remain pale for long, he thought.

  25. "So, it seems that while I was downstairs thinking about spanking you for your actions today, you were up here thinking about the same thing, or I'm assuming that, from the position you've put yourself in." John rubbed her bottom slowly and then gave it a hard smack.

    "I love you honey and I know you love me, but I see us going down a road over and over that is pretty destructive to our marriage: you do something to hurt me, like spending time with an old boyfriend, we fight and rather than getting it resolved, we get cold and distant with each other and try to pretend it hasn't happened, but the wounds to our relationship are still there." He landed another solid swat to her bottom.

    "It appears tonight we have both decided to try a different way of resolving things." He landed a flurry of spanks to her backside as she bucked and struggled, finally managing to twist off his lap and onto the floor. She sat with tears in her eyes looking up at him tentatively.

    "That hurt!" She cried.

    "I know," John sighed. "I remember how much it can hurt from when I was a boy and was in the same position. With that in mind, I'm not sure I would have gone through with it, if you hadn't put yourself over my lap the way you did. Are you having second thoughts?"

    "Yes," she said unsteadily, getting onto her knees to take the weight off her backside. When he shifted on the bed she leaned away from him, bumping her sore bottom on her heels before springing back up.

    "You don't need to worry, Shannon," he said with a sad smile. "I'm not going grab you and force you over my lap. I can get up and fume downstairs about everything that happened and you can sit up here feeling guilty and waiting to be forgiven just like always, or you can stand up, give me your hand and lie back over my lap and we can continue down this road. I decided downstairs that if I went through with this, I was going to express my extreme displeasure on your backside and then I wasn't going to bring it up again. I'd forgive you and we'd be done with it, tonight..." With those words, he lifted his hand and held it out to her.

  26. "No, John, you and I both know this is what needs to be done. But I'm afraid, and I'm ashamed it even is necessary. Can we please talk first?"

    Shannon kneeled between John's legs and put her head oh his thigh.

    "Please hear me out, before you start spanking me again."

    John remained silent, as he softly stroked her head, wanting her to go on.

    "I realise what I've done wrong, and I need to be held accountable. What neither of us needs is you simmering, being angry without admitting it, punishing both of us for months to come.
    If you can spank your anger away, I'll submit, freely, never holding it against you. But ...
    I'm not really sure one spanking would do it. There's at least 5 things I've done wrong today: spending so much time with Robert; giving him a lift; causing an accident; blaming an innocent; blowing up at our neighbours.
    Seeing all of that I believe", Shannon shudders, "that I need at least 5 spankings. And that's not counting all my faults from the past. I don't want to be spanked 5 times, but I also need a reckoning, to clean the slate.
    And then there's the damage. Ever since we got married I was happy to let you pick up any bills, while I remained at home. But this is money I need to pay, since it's damage I caused. Not you, not Robert, me. And not just to our own car, but also to that of my hapless victim.
    So I'm going to return everything I bought for myself today, and I won't be buying anything new, until it's all paid off. In fact, I won't make any purchases at all, unless you agree with them.
    My old employer has called me several times, asking me to do some translation work for him. I could easily do that from home, a couple of hours a day, and that should help as well.
    Do you agree? If so, would you now please give me my first spanking?"

    Now Shannon got up and put herself over John's lap again, already sobbing quietly.

    And John started again, just using his hand, colouring her buttocks a bright red. When he felt that his hand starting to hurt, he reached for the spoon and used that, going lower to reach her sit spot, and then her thighs. As he hit her again and again he felt his anger subside.

    He looked at his handiwork and was shocked: he never thought himself capable of inflicting this kind of pain to his beloved wife, but it felt so good! He felt justified and in charge, and he also felt that holding Shannon accountable would help keep her safe.