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Friday, December 14, 2012

Fantasy Friday - A Fun Filled Weekend

Happy Friday!  One more week and I'm out of school for the holiday.  Woo-hoo! The kids are crazy and want out nearly as badly as the teacher.

I'm so very happy to give be able to give you another brand new Fantasy Friday story!  Several wonderful folks stepped up and sent stories. We will have new stories at least through the middle of January.  I love that, but for those of you still writing please don't stop!

Today's story is from Julia, of Julia's Debut.  She has been kind enough to write more about  a fasinating couple she introduced us to back in August.  You can find that first story here.  And for today please enjoy...

A Fun Filled Weekend

It’s Friday night again and Susan’s spending the weekend with Jason. Well, where else would she be?

“Time for bed, Susan.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Susan goes upstairs and has a quick shower, as is her habit when spending the night with Jason: she loves to be all fresh and clean for him.

When she gets to the bedroom, there is no clothing laid out for her, but the bed has been equipped with cuffs for her hands and feet, and floggers, paddles and canes are waiting on the table, together with chains, rope and much, much more.

Susan kneels down, at Jason’s side of the bed, to wait for him. As always, the floor is hard, though not as hard as the waiting: patience doesn’t come easily for her. How long does she sit here? Seconds? Minutes? An hour? It feels like days to her.

But then she hears his footsteps approaching and he finally enters the room.

“Kneel on the bed.”

She obeys, kneeling down on the bed, butt in easy reach, ready for him: Jason, her love, her master, her all. She’s full of anticipation, wanting to know what’s waiting for her, but also wanting to be surprised.

Jason starts with a slow warm-up, using just his hands, until her backside is red and glowing. Susan enjoys this immensely, she’s moaning and writhing with pleasure.

“Keep absolutely still, tonight you’re not allowed to participate, just to feel and enjoy”, Jason says, so she stops moving and concentrates on the sensations.

Now he moves on to her back, with a flogger. Having her back flogged is new for her, totally different and totally wonderfully painful. But he doesn’t stop there, he makes sure he reaches every inch of her behind, from her neck to her toes.

“Now lie down, on your back.”

Her wrists and ankles are cuffed to the bed, Jason uses the flogger on her breasts, going slowly to her belly, her upper thighs and then between her legs, and all the way down, until her body is sore all over.

Now he gets on top of her, his member fills her mouth as his fingers and tongue start working between her thighs. She wants to lick and suck him, but she’s not allowed to, he fills her up, moving in and out of her mouth, and simultaneously rubs her painful nipples with his lower body while still licking her into a frenzy. And then he stops.

He moves away, looking at her, grinning as she tries to keep him there, on top of her.

“Patience, my dear.”

And now he is on top of her again, now mouth to mouth, crotch to crotch, and he takes her, hard and deep, thrusting in and out until she starts begging him, begging for release, which he denies her.

Now she’s getting worried: she knows she can’t take much more without having an orgasm, but he might keep denying her. And then what? At some point she will cum, she knows that she won’t be able to avoid that indefinitely, but cumming without permission will be punished.

“Please, Sir, please, I can’t take it anymore, please allow me to cum.”

But it isn’t until she really can’t take anymore that she is allowed her orgasm. And she does, she explodes, while Jason goes on moving inside her, pinching her nipples hard.

She can’t believe how intense the sensations become when she’s not able to participate actively, nor how the pain he inflicts on her makes it even better. By the time she’s finally allowed to get some sleep, she’s exhausted from the orgasms she’s had and the positions she’s been in, always tied up, never allowed to be active, not being given a choice, but taken care of in a way she could never have imagined.

Next morning Jason takes Susan shopping. She has no idea for what, and he won’t tell her, but she soon finds out.

The first stop is for lingerie, nothing tacky, but all very sexy. This unnerves Susan, she still can’t see herself the way Jason does, and she feels exposed wearing anything she finds too titillating. But Jason is determined, so of course she complies. She gets black lacy underwear: bra’s, strings, suspenders, stockings, and a negligee. Jason makes her choices for her, he insists she tries everything on and he even joins her in the cubicle. As he looks her up and down, she wants to cover herself up, but he won’t allow it, he likes to see her squirm and blush.

“You look so beautiful, and so hot! Let’s hurry up with the rest of the shopping so we can go home again.”

“I think I look silly: mutton dressed as lamb.”

“Stop that right there. Do you really want me to get angry with you again, for putting yourself down?”

“No, Jason, of course not.”

“Good. I’m going to pay and then we’re going to buy you some better fitting jeans with some nice, low tops. I like the way your bum looks in tight denim and I’m very partial to a bit of cleavage.”

After that errand, and a trip to a shoe store, they take some time for lunch. Susan is getting tired from the shopping spree and she needs a bit of a breather.

Finally Jason takes her the last shop, one she would never have dared enter alone. Here she is fitted with a corset and a mini skirt, while Jason looks for toys. The skirt makes her feel very uncomfortable: this is not suitable for a woman her age! But she daren’t protest, as Jason had made clear this is what he will be buying her. Ah, well, she doesn’t mind so much wearing this just for him and he won’t make her dress like this in public anyway. But the tight leather red dress is almost enough to make her protest loudly, even though she secretly admits to herself it does suit her. And to be honest: it makes her feel sexy, to be dressed like this.

As for the toys: she doesn’t even know what they are, Jason keeps that a secret, but he’s wearing a big grin as he pats the big and full bag.

That night, after dinner, Susan is sent upstairs to shower and change. When she gets to the bedroom, she finds her new lingerie and leather dress waiting for her, and she gets dressed. To her big surprise, Jason has also put her make-up out, and she applies it liberally, taking special care of her eyes and mouth: with clothing like this make-up shouldn’t be too subtle.

As she looks in the mirror, she quite likes what she sees: she looks rather young and thin and sexy, albeit more provocative than she feels comfortable with. But what will Jason think when he sees her like this? As she gets downstairs she twirls, so he can have a good look at her.

“You look great, Susan, that’s perfect. Turn around and give me your hands.”

The cool sensation of metal, a click, and her hands are cuffed behind her back.

“Close your eyes”, now she’s blindfolded as well, and another click tells her he attached a leash to her collar.

“What will we be doing now, Sir?”

“Never you mind, just wait here for a moment.”

As Jason moves away, she hears a car outside. What is happening? But he’s back already.

“Come along now, we need to be going.”

“Going where … Sir?”

No answer, but Jason now leads her to the front door and then out of the house. What? Going out like this? And with a car outside as well?

Susan is helped into the backseat of a car, Jason takes care she doesn’t bump her head and then he goes to the front, to sit besides the driver. She feels totally exposed: skimpily dressed, cuffed, blindfolded, with no idea what’s happening. Yes, it’s dark outside, so hopefully nobody will see her like this, apart from Jason and the driver, whoever that may be. But they’re going somewhere, so she will need to get out like this at some point and then the whole world will be able to see her.

Then the car stops, the doors open and Jason helps her out again. She can hear voices: “Jason, how good to see you again. Where have you been all this time and who did you bring with you?”

Jason leads her forward, they go through a door, there is a hubbub of more voices and then her blindfold is taken off. Susan blinks, not because the light is so bright, but because her eyes have gotten used to the dark now.

She’s standing in a large room, filled with people in various kinds of clothing, most of them as unconventional as her own. Just looking around she knows she’s in a BDSM environment, there’s leather, chains, corsets, collars, hand and ankle cuffs, masks, people carrying whips and canes.

Jason is all dressed in black and he carries a big leather bag, which seems to be quite heavy.

He looks at her and points down, she just stares at him, she doesn’t understand what he’s trying to tell her. Now he yanks her chain, shortly, and she comprehends, she quickly kneels down, carefully because her hands are still cuffed behind her. Jason pets her head approvingly.

All around her she hears murmurs: “That’s Jason. It’s been a long time. Who’s that with him? What a lucky girl she is. I can see what he sees in her. She’s pretty. She has the makings of a great slave. I’m so jealous. Jealous of her or of him? Of her, of course, Jason is such a wonderful master. Actually I’m jealous of him, she seems to be a lovely slave, very sweet and submissive.”

She watches people watching her and Jason and she blushes.

“You never cease to amaze me, Susan.”

“In what way, Sir?”

“In that you are so shameless when we’re together, yet blush when people look at you. I noticed yesterday, while shopping, and again now. A modest slut: I like it.”

A man approaches and smiles at Jason: “Master Jason: good to see you, my friend.”

“Master Richard: it’s great that you’re here tonight as well. I want to introduce my slave to you: Richard, this is Susan. Susan: greet Master Richard.”

Susan bends her head and says: “I’m happy to meet you, Master Richard.”

“Now, Susan, kiss his hand.”

As Susan obeys she hears Richard say: “She seems to need discipline, Jason.”

“Not really, Richard, this is her first time and I never told her where we were going or what to expect. I think she’s doing fine.”

“I’m sorry, you are right of course, I shouldn’t have tried to interfere.”

“No problem. So, would you like to join us tonight in play?”

“Are you sure, Jason, on her first time here?”

“Oh, yes, I’m sure.”

“In that case, I’d love to.”

Now Susan starts shaking: “Really, Sir, you are inviting Master Richard to play with us?”

“What’s your problem with that, slave?”

“I’ve only ever played with you and I never imagined sharing this with somebody else, and I’ve never even met Master Richard before.”

“It’s what I want. Will you do it, freely?”

“If it is what you want, I’ll try, Sir, but I don’t know that I can.”

“Just think it over for a bit, then, talk with people and get your bearings.”

Jason helps her up and brings her to a couch, where other people are sitting and chatting. He gets her a cup of tea and then cuffs her hands in front of her, so she can drink, before wandering off to mingle and chat.

Susan feels abandoned as she sips her tea and looks around her. She’s sharing the couch with a couple of women who smile at her and introduce themselves: “Hello, we’re Brigitte and Iris. You’re Susan, aren’t you? Is this your first time here?”

“Yes, I’m Susan and yes, it’s my first time. I’m so nervous.”

“Of course you are, everybody is the first time. So you’re with Master Jason. Isn’t he wonderful?”

“Yes, he is”, Susan smiles, “do you know him? Have you known him for long? Is he a regular here?”

“He used to be, but we’ve not seen him for … a year, give or take.”

That is food for thought, since Susan and Jason started going out about a year ago. Hmm, so the moment he felt he was in some kind of a relationship, he stopped coming here.

“And tonight is the first time in years he’s brought someone with him, so he must be serious about you. You’re a very lucky girl, Master Jason is one of the good guys and a really good master and lover.”

“Really? Have you had a thing with him then?” A note of jealousy creeps into Susan’s voice.

“Nothing serious, just an occasional play session, and what we observed when he played with others. We’re all friends here, but you and Jason are lovers: there’s a big difference.”

“And what about his friend, Richard?”

“Ah, Richard is great as well, and a good friend of Jason. They love playing with the same girl together and the girl always enjoys it. Will he be joining you and Jason tonight, you think?”

“Jason has asked him to, but I’m not sure I want that. What do you think?”

“Don’t do it just to please Jason, but if the idea excites you, why not try it? After all, your safeword will stop everything the moment you feel too uncomfortable to go on.”

“Oh, yes, my safeword. I’d forgotten all about that.”

Susan smiles, she really had forgotten all about it, since she never felt she needed it, but the thought of it made her feel secure.

She now looks around her. Jason had positioned her so she has a clear view of the play area, and she can see all of the action. One man is tied to a cross and being flogged by a woman, another man is lying on a bench, with another man taking a switch to him. More people are watching, talking softly amongst themselves, making sure they don’t distract the players. What intrigues her most is the woman tied to a vertical cross, being flogged by two men at the same time. Is this what Jason wants her to submit to? She must say it really turns her on, but the realisation of that feeling disgusts her: what kind of a person has she become?

And then it hits her: she’s a pain slut, a masochistic submissive. She wants to obey orders, she loves to feel pain, yes, even to be humiliated. It’s who she is, who she always has been, and it harms no one! There is no reason to feel ashamed! The relief she feels is enormous, she feels liberated.

So when Jason comes back, to ask her what she wants, she says: “Yes, I will try it, freely.”

“That’s a good girl. Now come with us. Don’t worry, I’ll be there the whole time, I’m not leaving you.”

Now Jason unzips her dress and takes it off her, leaving her almost naked while everybody can see, and she finds she doesn’t even care.

Jason leads Susan to the play area, while Richard follows them. Her hands are tied to a chain over her head, Jason stands in front of her, Richard behind her. Jason’s bag is opened and Susan gets flogged, well and truly, until she starts crying.

“Are you alright, Susan, do you want us to stop?”

“No, don’t stop, please don’t.”

The crying won’t stop, she sobs and sobs, until it gets too much, until she can’t take anymore, because the emotions are getting too much for her.

Jason holds her while Richard unchains her, then Jason takes her to a couch, makes her sit on his lap and holds her, kisses and comforts her, doesn’t try to make her stop crying, just allows her to let it all out, makes her feel loved. And Richards is there as well, he strokes her neck, kisses her hair, talks softly to her, lets her be.

It’s the release she needs, after ignoring her needs for most of her life, she now, finally, starts to accept who she is. Even though she already has a relationship with Jason, it wasn’t until now that she truly feels this is right. Not just for her, not just for Jason, but just simply right! That there’s absolutely nothing wrong with feeling like this.

She hugs and kisses Jason, then turns to hug and kiss Richard, and she thanks them both for this night, for this experience.

Jason helps her to get her dress on and then takes her to the smoking room while Richard goes to the bar to fetch them drinks. They have a cigarette and a drink, then return to watch the players, they mingle and talk, Jason always by her side and Richard never far off.

When it’s time to go home, Jason removes her string and cuffs her hands in front of her, before they get into the taxi. On their way back, he sits besides her, he kisses and strokes her, teases her until she’s begging him for release, but he denies her permission. When they finally arrive, he has to help her out, because she can hardly stand.

In bed he takes her hard and deep, but she’s still not allowed to come, but she doesn’t really mind, she feels fulfilled as she finally falls asleep.

Next morning she wakes up as Jason makes sweet love to her, the vanilla kind, careful and tender and passionate. And now, as she begs him for permission, he tells her: “Cum for me”, and she does, she cums, long and hard, again and again.


Julia, you did it again! Thank you so much for taking this couple further and for letting us come along for the ride.  I hope you'll write about Jason and Susan again. We'll be waiting anxiously.

I have a birthday tomorrow, don't know if their will be any spanking or not with Mollie here, but it would be a great present to get more stories sent in.  Just saying... you can send them to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Julia I loved this story! Jason and Susan are such a loving couple. I love that scene at the club when she is crying and Jason comforts her.
    Thanks PK! Did you say Friday is your birthday?! Happy birthday darlin! I hope you have a wonderful day and get spanked.

  2. Is it your birthday? Happy birthday PK hope you have a fabulous day...not long now until the holidays - the kids are all out of school over here already.
    I love this story...wow ...makes me want to visit a scene...thank you for sharing and thank you Julia...well written lovely story.
    kiwi xx

  3. Exciting story PK and Julia.
    Funny idea that such a warm, loving and welcoming community is based on something that to an outsider would be just pain and humiliation.
    There's always more than the eye can see.
    Thanks for the story,

    PK have a happy Birthday tomorrow!
    There's always a possibility for a Birthday spanking.
    Love and Birthday kisses,

  4. Happy Birthday! I also love this story,that moment of acceptance is beautiful!
    hugs abby

  5. Happy birthday tomorrow, PK. And yes, there might be more coming.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Julia,
    great story, yes that moment of accepting who you really are, is the point when you really become mature.
    PK. I hope that Nick gives you your full complement plus one to grow on and one for luck.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Loved the story. Any more chapters? Hope so. Thank you Julia.

    Thanks PK. Happy birthday for tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful day.


  8. Great story, Julia. Thanks for sharing.

    I know what you mean about being ready to be done for the holidays. I feel like a lion tamer right now. Happy Birthday!


  9. Wonderful story Julia.

    Happy Birthday PK - one week til school ends. Lucky you.

  10. Thanks everyone! Loved Julia's story and the birthday was great!

  11. Minelle, I'm glad you like it. I love that scene myself.

    Kiwigirliegirl, how kind of you to say so.

    Bas, you're the perfect gentleman as ever (unless you're teasing me, of course).

    Abby, that's another of my own favourite parts.

    Paul, Susan and Jason are both taking me on their journey, and they're helping me accept who I truly are.

    Ronnie, for now they're both silent, but I'm working on something else.

    TL, you're very welcome.

    Sunnygirl, it's taking me long enough to write down, but I'm almost satisfied with the result.

    PK, I'll try to write something new for you soon.