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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Winds of Change, part 2

As promised, here is part two of Sunnygirl's latest story, click here for part one.  You can fine the first part here and the final part will be on Sunny's site Monday morning.

Winds of Change

When they returned to the house there was a note from Vera stating that she and Billy had gone out for the rest of the evening.  Betty Jo knew it was to give her and Jed some privacy.  When Jed saw that note he immediately told Betty Jo to go into the bedroom and wait for him.  He used the facilities and then calmly walked into the bedroom.  Betty Jo was sitting on the bed, clothing removed from the waist down.  His heart weakened for a moment and then he remembered how frantic he was and how much trouble she caused.  He saw her hairbrush on the dresser.  This was going to be so hard for him because what he really wanted to do was take her in his arms and make passionate love.  He picked up the hairbrush and sat on the bed next to her.  He motioned for her to lay across his lap.  She was already crying and the first slap of his hand made her yelp.

“Honey, this is just a warm up.  You are in for a long hard spanking”.

He gave her a few more hard slaps with his hand.  He stopped for a moment and lectured her about her misdeeds and then began plying the hairbrush to her already pink bottom.  Betty Jo was sobbing wildly by now and he could see the circular imprints of the brush on her tush creating a purplish hue.  He didn’t want to bruise her so he put the brush down and finished up with his hand.  When he finally stopped she was crying so hard she was almost incoherent.  He held her in his lap and comforted her.

“I am so sorry I had to do that, sweetie.  I hope it will be a reminder the next time you pull a stunt like that.  You have to learn to listen to me when I tell you something. It will always be for your own good.”

They sat there like that for a while when he said he had to go.  He told her he wasn’t sure when he would be able to see her again.  She told him she would be here.  She didn’t plan on going anywhere except to work if she got that job.

He kissed her goodnight.  He was shipped out two days later.   He got word to her through Billy he was being sent to the Kaneohe Naval Air Station in Hawaii.

Her letters finally caught up to him two weeks later.  The letter telling him she was on her way to him in Long Beach among them.  How he wished she had stayed in Middleton.  But she hadn’t and at least Vera and Billy had proved to be good friends.  He was glad they had her back.

She awaited Jed’s letters with trepidation.  She knew that anytime he could be assigned to an aircraft carrier and then would be part of the fray.  So far he had been lucky.  The Navy had assigned him to an air station and it wasn’t long before his mechanical aptitude had him working on aircraft.  He had been at Kaneohe for a little over a year when she finally received the letter telling her he had been assigned to a ship and was probably already at sea.

Betty Jo had taken the job at the aviation factory.  She was one of hundreds of ladies joining the workforce during World War II.  She loved her job.  It made her feel that she was contributing to the war effort in addition to saving a nice little nest egg for their future.  The longer she lived here the more she thought why go back to Iowa.  California had so much more to offer.  The climate was wonderful and Jed could still farm if that was what he still wanted to do. They could buy a piece of property in the valley and build a little cottage for them and add on as the children came. The lifestyle was different too.  People didn’t seem as interested in everybody else’s business.  They just seemed to enjoy life more, everything was much more casual, like being able to wear overalls and pants rather than dresses, skirts and stocking and heels.  She couldn’t imagine what Jed would think if he saw her in her work clothes.

Betty Jo made quite a few friends in addition to Vera.  Many of the ladies were spouses of servicemen too while others were just moms trying to make a little extra money. A lot of them volunteered at the local USO hoping that maybe they might catch some news of their loved ones or ease the pain of a soldier away from home and his family.  They would often meet after work to go to a movie or the local juke joint that was close to the factory.  Once in a while Betty Jo would join them but most nights she would just go home and write a letter to Jed. 

She was home the night the telegram came.  She had just finished writing a letter to Jed and was getting ready to hit the sack when the doorbell rang.  At first, she wasn’t going to answer it but the boy called out “Western Union, I have a telegram for Mrs. Jed Vincent”.  She felt as if her heart stopped beating.  She went to the door on trembling legs.  When she signed for the telegram she saw it was from her parents.  This still had to be bad news.  She opened it and read:

            Mom had accident    STOP
            Needed at home   STOP
            Come ASAP  STOP

She was relieved and angry at the same time. What kind of accident? Was Mom hurt badly?  Why was she needed at home, was it just to cook dinner and do the washing?  All of these things went through her mind.  She took a moment and realized she needed more information.  Her parents didn’t have a phone but she knew she could call the exchange and they would get a message to her Dad.  She rushed down to the corner store to use the pay phone.  She would leave a message at the exchange and arrange a time to call back when her dad was there.  It would be days before she could get home so a couple more hours wouldn’t matter.

When she got through to the exchange, Dorothy Miller answered.  She and her sisters operated the local exchange.  The four sisters were all spinsters and lived in their ancestral home where the telephone exchange was housed.
“Miss Miller, this is Betty Jo Vincent.  I am calling

“Oh honey” I’m so sorry”.

 Dorothy broke in before she could even finish her sentence.

“What happened Miss Miller.  I received a telegram from my Dad telling me Mom had an accident and that I was needed at home”.

“I am sorry to tell you this but your Mom was in a truck accident and is hurt pretty badly.  She is in the hospital in Davenport.”

“Thank you Miss Miller.  Can you get a message to my dad that I received the telegram and will be there as soon as I can.  Can you also get me the telephone number for the hospital?

“Of course, Honey, just hold on and I will connect you direct”

When the Davenport General Hospital answered she explained who she was and what she wanted.  She learned that her Mom was in serious but stable condition.  She asked the operator to get a message to her Mom that she would be there soon.
When she got back to the cottage it was very late.  Vera wasn’t home yet.  She had the mid day shift at work and wouldn’t be home for another hour.  She knew she couldn’t sleep so she spent the time packing and getting ready to leave in the morning.  Seeing Betty Jo in tears when she walked in the door , and the telegram on the table, Vera thought something had happened to Jed.  Betty Jo explained it was her mother and that she was going to leave in the morning.  Vera told her not to worry about anything she would take care of whatever needed to be done regarding work, etc. 

Betty Jo bought a ticket the next morning and was on her way to Davenport by the afternoon.  She would be home by the end of the week. Home, she thought, my home is in California not in Middleton anymore.  She hoped her Mom would have a quick recovery so she could get back to her new life.  On the long dreary ride to Iowa Betty Jo wrote a long letter to Jed telling him about her mom and how she realized she didn’t want to live in Iowa anymore.  She hoped he would feel the same and if he didn’t she would just have to convince him.  This time the train ride was dull and boring.  There was none of the camaraderie she had experienced on her first trip. Of course, this time was different.  She knew what awaited her.

In Davenport, Betty Jo took a taxi straight to the hospital.  Vera had wired her dad the arrival information.  She had phoned and left a message with Clara Miller that she planned on going straight to the hospital and to please pass on the information to her dad.

The hospital receptionist gave her the room number.  On the elevator, a couple of ladies were whispering to each other.  She couldn’t hear anything but they were both looking at her and shaking their heads. She didn’t think anything of it until she walked into her mother’s hospital room.  Her mother was sitting up in bed and her dad was by her side.  He took one look at Betty Jo and pulled her over his knee and started spanking her.

“How dare you disrespect your mother and I by dressing like that.  We raised you better than that.  If you think you are too old for a spanking, you’re wrong. You will always be my daughter and I expect you to behave and dress like a lady, not some Hollywood movie actress. You should be ashamed of yourself”. 

One of the nurses walked in, took one look and walked out and closed the door.  When her father was finally finished spanking her, he stood her up.  She didn’t say a word.  She tried to keep as much dignity about her as she could as she went over to her mother and gave her a big kiss and inquired as to her injuries.  Her mother was doing a lot better and expected to be released in a couple of days.  Her concussion was what had worried them most and the worst was over.  The rest of her injuries were scrapes and bruises and all healing well.

When she thought she could finally address her dad in a respectful manner, she turned to him and told him that she was sorry if she embarrassed him but this is how she dressed now.  It was accepted where she lived and lots of young people dressed this way.  She didn’t think it was in appropriate to be wearing slacks.

“Well, you’re not in California now and I expect you to dress decently while you’re here.  What does your husband think of this new wardrobe?”

“While I am here, out of respect for you, I will not wear pants out in public.  As to my husband, he has bigger things on his mind than my wardrobe”.

They drove home in silence and true to her word Betty Jo continued to wear the skirts and dresses she had left behind when she went to California.  She helped out doing the cooking and cleaning and taking care of her dad and mom when she came home.  Once her mom was well enough to take over Betty Jo made arrangements to return to California.  Jed’s parents as well as her own tried to talk her out of it to no avail. Prior to her departure, this time around she made the rounds of saying goodbye to everyone.

When she arrived at the cottage she saw the note. Billy had been wounded and was being sent to the naval hospital in San Francisco and she was on her way to him.  The next day she received a long letter from Vera telling her she wouldn’t be coming back.  Billy would need a lot of rehabilitation and was being transferred to the hospital in Richmond VA.  When he had recovered enough they would be going home to Ohio.

Betty Jo went back to work as before and mourned the loss of her best friend.  She was able to find a new roommate to share expenses and she lived that way for the next two years.  Her letters from Jed would come sporadically and she might get ten or twelve at a time. He had never responded to her about her desire to stay in California.  It had been four years since the last time she and Jed had been together.  She received a letter from him shortly after she returned to California.  Enclosed was a letter her dad had sent to him telling him he better plan on taking her in hand when he got home because she was turning into a hussy.  Jed asked for an explanation but she had never written him about it.  She was angry with her dad.  He had no business interfering in her married life and she sent him a letter telling him just how she felt.  


Sunnygirl, thank you for sharing your talent with all of us through Fantasy Friday.  Don't forget to go by her site Monday for the conclusion to this story.

If you're willing to share a story with us, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

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  1. Can't wait for Monday and part 3 - got a funny feeling she's going to be paying for a few things. :)

    Thanks Sunny for a great story and thanks PK for FF.

    Hope both of you have a great weekend.


  2. Anonymous1:24 AM

    No one tells a story like our Sunny. This is a wonderful one and set in a terrific period of time for romance.
    Thanks Sunny and PK!
    Nice to have FF back.

  3. It will be a long Sunday.

  4. I don't want to wait for the last part! *deep breath*
    Sunnygirl, it's wonderful. But that dad!? Hussy, indeed. *grumble*

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Sunny,
    really enjoyed this.
    Betty Jo's dad is a dinosaur.
    PK, you're a star.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. You capture the time period perfectly. A woman growing up in the midst of wartime. She was going through her own 'college' education.
    I can't wait until they are together again. I am sure the fireworks will explode in all directions.
    Thanks sunny for this great story. I am excited to read Monday.
    PK I am do happy that FF continues!

  7. Thanks Sunnygirl & PK. Happy Weekend to you both. Glad for FF to be back and extend into the weekend.

  8. SG has a real talent for writing. I do love her stories. Looking forward to part 3. Thanks SG and thank you PK.