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Friday, December 07, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Winds of Change, part one

Happy Friday  and happy December everyone!  I do love my weekends for many reasons and Fantasy Friday is one of those reasons.  Sunnygirl has stepped up again today to help us.  She has written a very timely story for this date.  This story is in several parts.  Here is part one, part two will be up here tomorrow and the final part will be Sunny's Monday morning post.  So don't forget to keep coming back.  Once she post Monday morning I put up a link too.

For now set back and enjoy...

Winds of Change

December 7, 1941, the day of infamy was a life changing moment for Betty Jo Kress and Jed Vincent.  They were high school sweethearts and the night before they had been crowned King and Queen of the Middleton High School Senior Prom. They were riding high and looking forward to the rest of their senior year.   After listening to President Roosevelt’s radio speech about the tragedy of Pearl Harbor things changed.  Jed made up his mind to enlist.  Since he was under age he needed his parent’s permission.  They refused telling him to finish high school first.  Six months seemed like an eternity to him but he respected their wishes.  He would be eighteen by then and wouldn’t need permission.  Betty Jo was grateful.  She didn’t want to think about Jed leaving Middleton much less going off to fight in a war. She knew she would have him for at least six more months.  There was no doubt he would enlist the minute he was able but until then they could be together.

During those six months Betty Jo tried to convince Jed not to enlist.  Her brother had enlisted as well as most of the eligible young men in town.  They were now off fighting in places she couldn’t even pronounce and one of them had been severely wounded.  She didn’t want that for Jed but no amount of coaxing was getting through to him.  As a matter of fact, he told her he would take her over his knee if she mentioned it one more time.  She knew that was no idle threat.  He had spanked her before when she hadn’t obeyed.

After that Betty Jo accepted his decision.   She also talked to Jed about getting married prior to his enlisting.  Jed loved Betty Jo and wanted her to be his wife just not under these circumstances.  He tried talking her out of it but she was as adamant about this as he was about enlisting.

“Am I going to have to spank you?”  he asked after she brought it up again.

She just smiled sweetly and went about making the necessary plans.  Neither of their parents were thrilled with the idea of them getting married but they would both be of age and didn’t need anyone’s consent.

They graduated high school on June 16th and were married on June 17th.  After a weekend honeymoon, Jed enlisted in the Navy the following Monday.  He had made that concession to his new wife. She felt better knowing he would be on a ship most of the time, or at least that’s what she thought at the time. She would continue living with her parents until basic training was over and then, depending on his assignment, would find a place of their own until he was shipped out.

On June 26th he reported for basic training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center.  She promised to write every day and made him promise to write as often as he could.  He asked her not to come to the train station to see him off knowing it would be hard on her.  She didn’t listen and in addition to a long goodbye kiss she received a sharp swat to her backside for not listening. She giggled - at least it had lightened the mood some.

After basic training he received a three day pass before returning to his assignment at the Naval Shipyard at Long Beach, CA.  They had a joyful reunion until Betty Jo told him she would be coming to California to be with him.

“Absolutely, positively not”.  I won’t be available and could be shipped out at any time.  I want you here and not in a strange city with no family around.”

 She begged and begged until he finally took her over his knee and spanked her silly telling her that was the end and he didn’t want to hear any more.  Betty Jo never said another word but planned on going to Long Beach on her own once he had reported for duty.

Betty Jo didn’t tell anyone her plans, not her parents or her closest friends.  She didn’t want anyone trying to talk her out of them.  She wanted to be with Jed or at least as close to him as she could until he was shipped out.  Once he was permanently assigned there was no telling how long it would be before they saw each other again.
Jed was a little surprised that after the spanking Betty Jo hadn’t mentioned coming to Long Beach again. That was not like her – she was as stubborn as a mule.  So he was happy that when the day came for him to leave she just sweetly kissed him goodbye and promised to write every day.  The usual histrionics were nowhere to be seen.  He should have known better.  

One week later the local bus took her to the city where she boarded the train to Long Beach. Before boarding the train, she mailed a letter to Jed telling him of her plans.  It was a long trip and she hoped the letter would reach Jed about the same time she did. She was a little nervous but hoped Jed would understand.

On the trip she met the wife of another sailor and they became fast friends.  Vera Watkins had rented a small cottage close to the shipyards and she asked Betty Jo if she wanted to share the rent.  Betty Jo was thrilled.  She not only made a friend but had a place to stay and because she had her own room she and Jed would have some privacy if he ever had free time. Vera also told her the local airline factory was looking for workers because all the men had gone into the service and they were desperate for help.

When Jed wasn’t at the train station when she arrived she was a little panicked.  Vera reminded her that mail was slow and maybe he hadn’t received her letter yet.  She pointed out that her husband was not there either.  Before leaving the station, Betty Jo sent a telegram to her parents stating where she was and that she was alright.

Vera’s husband was at the cottage when they arrived.  Billy was so happy to see his wife.  Betty Jo hoped Jed would be that happy too.  Vera introduced Billy and told him that Jed was also a sailor and stationed at the shipyard.  Billy didn’t think he knew him but told him there were so many guys working all different shifts that it wasn’t unusual but that he would ask around when he got back to the yard.  Then Vera and Billy went into their bedroom and she didn’t see them again until the commotion started.

Around 8:30 that night there was a loud knock at the door.  Betty Jo wasn’t sure she should answer but then heard

“Betty Jo Kress Vincent if you are in there you better open this door.”

The loud knocking got louder and Betty Jo just stood there.  She couldn’t find her voice or move her feet.

Just then Billy came storming out of the bedroom in his boxer shorts with his hair all askew.  He walked right passed Betty Jo and grabbed open the door.   Jed saw Billy and never even blinked.  His left hand grabbed Billy’s shoulder while his right hand jerked out and punched Billy square in the nose. Billy and Jed continued to exchange punches.  Finally Betty Jo yelled:

“Stop it, stop it now, both of you stop it”

 Someone must have called the police because they heard sirens wailing and then the police car stopped right in front of the house.  Two policemen came out carrying their billy clubs.

“What’s going on here” the one demanded, while the other broke Jed and Billy apart.

“I opened the door and he punched me” Billy said.

“You’re damn right I did.  You’re screwing my wife” Jed said.

“I am not.   My wife is inside and we were sleeping peacefully until you started all that noise” Billy responded.

“Who are you?” the policeman demanded of Betty Jo.

She sheepishly answered, “I am his wife” coming to stand next to Jed.

“Again, what is going on here?” the policeman asked.

Betty Jo started to explain when Jed stepped in and said this was all a terrible misunderstanding.  He said he overreacted when a strange man answered the door in his underwear since this was the address he had for his wife.  He extended his hand to Billy and apologized for the fight.  Billy shook back.

Vera had come out during the fracas.  She put her arm around Betty Jo and took her inside.  She came back out and asked the policemen if they were done and if so she wanted to take her husband in to fix the cut on his lip.  The cop said that if Billy didn’t want to press charges it was over as far as they were concerned.  She thanked them and took Billy inside, closing the door and leaving Jed standing there.  The cops turned and walked back to their cruiser.  Jed stood there not knowing what to do.  He knew he didn’t want to knock on the door again so he just stood there.  Betty Jo opened the door and stepped out on to the porch.  She looked at Jed with tears streaming down her face. He pulled her to him and hugged her so tightly she couldn’t breathe.  They stood in each other’s embrace for quite a while. When he finally broke way he told her he had been frantic.  Her parents had contacted his commanding officer to get in touch with him when Betty Jo went missing.  He was so frightened that something awful had happened to her.  She told him she sent him a letter from Davenport when she boarded the train for California.  She explained that she didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want anyone to stop her from making the trip.

“Well, you certainly caused a lot of trouble, Betty Jo”.  “We were all worried sick until you sent that telegram.  That’s how I found you.  They called my commanding officer again to tell me you were here in Long Beach.  Why didn’t you listen to me and stay back in Middleton?”

She said she was so sorry she had made everyone worry. 

“Not nearly as sorry as you are going to be missy”.

She was trembling now.  She knew she was in big trouble.

“Do you want to come inside”? she quietly asked

“Not unless you want your friends to hear you getting the spanking of your life” he said.

 He asked her to walk with him. She explained her reasoning in coming to California, told him what Vera had said about working at the airplane factory.  She said they could build up a nice nest egg for when the war was over.   They walked hand in hand for what seemed like hours and when she finally couldn’t walk another minute she asked him if he had forgiven her.
“I’ve already forgiven you Betty Jo. What you say makes so much sense but I would be much less worried if you were with your family, especially once I am shipped out. Don’t think I am not happy to see you and know you are alright, I am.  That doesn’t mean you are not getting the spanking I promised earlier.  Let’s go get something to eat and then I will walk you back to the cottage.  I’m due back at the base at midnight.”

“But Jed, can’t we even spend the night together” she asked.

“No Betty Jo, I told you I wouldn’t have much free time here.  That’s why this was such a mistake. You spent all that money for nothing”

“Not for nothing” she said.  “Seeing you is worth every penny” and snuggled in closer.


Thank you Sunny for getting us off to such a great start to the weekend.  Remember that part two will be here tomorrow.  

I know December is a busy month, lots of things to do, so much stress.  I've found writing relieves my stress - okay, so it's not as good as a spanking, but stories are always needed. I sure hope you are letting those story ideas run through your minds and I really hope you will share them with us.  Thank you to everyone who has stepped up and sent a story.  I received several last week as well as the 'continued' story so many of you helped with.  It will be up soon too.   But if your still writing send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. I'll be back around for Part II and Part III. Thanks Sunnygirl and PK, too!

  2. PK and Sunnygirl, thank you.
    It will be a busy weekend, but I'll head to this story first thing in the morning.

  3. Oh, man, this it not fair! After that start we have to wait for the further instalments? *pout*
    PK and Sunnygirl: this is just mean.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. PK and Sunny,
    I was six in 1941, so I understand
    Betty Jo.
    I was going to join up as soon as I was seventeen, fortunately it didn't last that long.
    Great first episode.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Great beginning Sunny - will definitely be looking for Part 2 on Monday.

    PK - Thanks for all you do to arrange for the wonderful FF stories.


  6. Great start. Thanks SG and thank you PK.


  7. I am staying up late Evan after my bottle of wine! Lol. I cannot wait to finish this story. It seems very real to me.
    PK I am trying to finish, but life just seems to interfer with my fun!

  8. Sunny...Every time I read one of your stories, I think this is the best one yet...this one is the best one yet! How timely to boot!
    hugs abby

    PS PK thanks for all do for us!
    hugs abby

  9. Thanks everybody. Glad you are liking the story. Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Part II.

    Thank you PK for posting this story. Where would we be without our PK and Fantasy Friday.

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