I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OWWWW! That feels better.

Thanks to my persistent husband I got up and walked before 7:30 both Saturday and Sunday. I’m not really sure that Sunday counted because we went and got biscuits afterwards but I did do as my husband requested.

Mollie had to go to church an hour before we did and as soon as she was out the door Nick said “It’s time we had that talk.” I got the normal spanko feeling. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s basically that we spend about 99% of our waking hours (when we aren’t being actively spanked) wondering when the next one is coming, wishing the next one was coming, working on ways we can insure the next one is coming and being mad because our spanker seems to have forgotten that a thing such as spanking exist in the world. But that other 1% of the time, that time when we know for sure it’s coming – then we are wondering why we ever mentioned spanking to him in the first place, deciding we have completely changed our minds about the necessity of the upcoming spanking , and scouting for the quickest exit.

Although those 1% thoughts were circling in my head I dutifully followed Nick back to the bedroom where he was opening the toy box. Bending me over the bed he began a pretty good warm-up with his hand. Firm, but not bad at all. As he began to talk however, it got a little harder. His two themes were:

1. I wasn’t doing anything on the healthy lifestyle goals. (Guilty, I admit)

2. I was ‘bad mouthing’ him out here as not doing his part and not being consistent. (I’m guilty of that too, but it’s still the truth!)

After a good warm up he pulled three implements from the toy box, the dogging bat, the tawse and the OCW (Orange County Whapper) that is pictured in my masthead. He told me to pick one for him to use and after each swat I was to ask for another if I thought I needed one. He said “Let’s just see how serious you are about this.” Well the choice was a no brainer – the dogging bat for sure. He started off medium and I continued to ask for more. Then they got hard. I was taking longer between swats to ask for another. His aim was dead on too – right on the sit spot where legs and bottom meet. He took his time between each one, due to my hesitation, but toward the end they were full force! The man was making an impression.

Finally I couldn’t make myself ask for another, I was on fire. It was then that he picked up the OCW – thick, firm leather and lay about five more on my sit spot. Holding my position was nearly impossible, but I did it. I was burnt up! I have no complaints about him not being serious! I was rubbing like crazy. I was most grateful. It really hurt; it’s been a long time since it really hurt. There have been lots of spankings, but really none in the past year that I felt after I got up, none that I could remember when I sat even a few minutes later. This one I could feel and I felt loved.

I got an email from him later with some request for this week. I’m working on them. I emailed him today too. I hope this wasn’t a onetime deal. It’s not that I want a spanking like that every day but – I have to say I sure felt better afterwards. I wish there were more little spankings when we don’t have time for something big. Nick leaves at the crack of dawn – I’m still in bed, asleep and cozy. I sure wish he would flip the covers back and land a few sharp cracks against my sleeping butt (that incense holder worked just fine the other morning.) So I’m making a deal with myself, any morning he does that I’ll exercise (walk, do an exercise video, swim, or go to the gym) before I pick up the computer. But I’m not going to tell him to read this. If he is really interested in what his wife thinks, wants, needs or anything else about her – well he knows where my blog is. For those of you who know Nick’s email address, NO FAIR telling him to come here. I really want to see if he is interested enough. I’ll let you know.


  1. PK, now this is much better.
    We do say, be careful what you wish for, Nick maybe just getting into his stride. LOL
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Hope that 1% gets higher for you. glad to read someone else had a sore bottom all day yesterday! Sounds like hubby is getting serious! abby

  3. Hmmm, very smart man to have you demonstrate how much you can take, and then push the limits.
    Hugs! Rogue

  4. Loved it, you wanted Nick to spank and you certainly got a very sound one. Thanks for sharing PK.

    I like the sound of the OCW.


  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    "But I’m not going to tell him to read this. If he is really interested in what his wife thinks, wants, needs or anything else about her – well he knows where my blog is." -Uh Oh...I find that is where the miscommunications and big offenses begin, from making a deal with yourself and not telling your partner.

  6. Sounds like he wants to give you what you want and need! Good man.

    Can you take mine off my hands for awhile? Pretty please? LOL.

  7. Anonymous12:58 PM

    It's been my experience that men aren't mind readers, lol! Hope Nick reads your blog.


    P.S. I'm new to blogging. I'd love to have you follow mine:).

  8. Hi PK, well thats just great :) way to go Nick. Sometimes it just takes a little while for that lightbulb moment for them - for them to actually realize what it is we are getting at. Persistence and patience.
    And I so relate to your equation of spanko's feelings LOL. That is so true.
    I would still tell him that what he did was just exactly what you are needing and could he do that some more. Be plain straight forward honest and upfront - how else can he know what you need. This is what i have learnt over the last couple of months.
    Keep us posted.

    Big hugs xx

  9. Paul,
    What I want the most is for him to just remember we are in a spanking relationship. He doesn’t have to spank all the time if he’ll just talk to me about it some, email, something. We go too long often without it coming up.

    He sure seems serious for the moment. I just want it to last.

    I kinda liked that part of it too. Surprised me thought.

    It really helped and you would love the OCW! Nick found it when we traveled to CA a few years ago.

    I know, I know, you’re right but it does hurt my feelings when he know this is want I’m writing about and he can’t ever be bothered to click over to read it.

    Sometimes he does and then sometimes it seems he’s never heard of spanking. He is a good man. Take yours for a while? Hmmmm… Nick is going to be gone this weekend. But if you poor husband was here he would probably wear his arm out – I don’t cook, don’t clean, don’t do laundry, stay up late, spend about 5 hours a day on the computer and I’m often sarcastic. Of course he would be too tired to spank you when he got home and he’d also see you as an angel! We might have to try this! LOL!

    I think Nick inability to read my mind is one of his worst character traits!! I’ll be over to check you site out.

    You’re exactly right but remember, we’ve been doing this for 5 years!! Should we be getting it right by now? It’s not like I haven’t told him hundreds of times.

  10. Thanks for sharing. We'll be copying that technique at some point.

  11. PK:It has to be frustrating that he doesn't even talk to you about it more. Maybe a couple times a week at dinner you could put a sign around your neck saying: Can we talk about spanking tonight?


  12. Marine’s Wife,
    I sure hope it works for you!

    I don’t mind asking for a spanking sometimes but it’s like always having to ask for a kiss. If you husband isn’t willing to kiss you without you having to ask, sometimes you just can’t keep asking.