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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fantasy Friday, Just for Fun - part 4

Here is the final part of Antoinette's wonderful story.

Just for Fun

Part 4

Jess calmed down after her violent orgasm. Her heavy panting and whimpers the only sound in the room. Shawn stopped what his mouth was doing and removed his fingers from Jess’s core, his fingers slick with her pleasure. He picked up his limp wife and put her on the bed, her head resting on a pillow. He spooned her and listen to her breathing, his fingers tracing up and down her arm and across her breast, circling a taut nipple.

“Jerk…” Jess mumbled after a while. Her eyes closed as her husband continued to tease her nipples making them tingle all over again. “Interrupting me while I’m talking…”

“Would you have rather me not to give you satisfaction? I could’ve just left you all hot and bothered as one of your punishments.” Shawn whispered as he moved from behind her to on top of her, his erection straining his boxers.

“You wouldn’t dare!” Jess tried to shout. But it didn’t work out so well. Having Shawn’s erection pressing on her soft folds distracted her.

“Then again…” Shawn murmured as he cupped Jess’s breasts in his hands and lowered his mouth onto her nipple. Biting it and pulling it, his tongue circling it, making Jess moan and her back arch slightly. “You have been a very naughty girl…” Shawn moved to the other nipple and gave it the same treatment.

Jess moaned in ecstasy, tingly feelings racing up and down her spine. The heat in her belly rising. She fisted her man’s hair, burying her hands in its softness.

“Shawn please! I need you inside me…” Jess begged reaching for her lover’s shaft, intending to do a little torture of her own, since he won’t hurry up and make love to her.

Shawn saw Jess’s hand move down towards his groin, he smiled inwardly and grabbed her naughty hand pinning it above her head and grabbing her other hand and pinning it with it.

“Naughty girl. Very naughty girl.” Shawn growled low as he kept his love’s hands in one of his as he reached over and opened the drawer to the bedside table where he kept the restraints. You’d think the restraints would be with the other toys, but it’s easier for them to be at easy access.

“Looks like my naughty girl is going to have to learn to keep her naughty hands to herself.” Shawn told her in low tones as he grabbed the leather cuffs he bought in Vegas and cuffed Jess’s hands to the bed frame.

Jess whimpered at once again being handcuffed to the bed. Not that she didn’t like bondage, she did, it’s just whenever she’s like this, so immobile, it makes her feel more vulnerable and more submissive.

Shawn loved the passion mixed with fear look his loves face is making. She’s so intoxicatingly beautiful. Leaning down and kissing her soft lips, Shawn’s hands massaged her breasts, his mouth following his hands. Making sure each of her breasts were properly pampered and teased he moved down finding her navel. Circling it and dipping his tongue in for a taste as his hands slid under her hips and went down to cup her bottom. His mouth traveled south and he nuzzled the silky curls and kissed her inner thighs, skipping that moist center, making Jess groan in frustration.

“I know a naughty little girl who deserves a severe tongue lashing…” Shawn purred kissing Jess’s bikini area. He blew hot air on Jess’s dewy folds and she shuddered and moaned, pulling against her restraints.

Shawn smiled and started to torment Jess. He licked up her folds, and latched onto the tiny organ peaking at him from under its hood. Licking and nipping, Shawn put Jess into her pleasure place. But she left way too soon for her taste because right when she was close to the edge of her orgasm he stopped and peeked up at her. Jess growled in frustration, her dark brown eyes piercing a hole through his head, and a scowl on her pretty features.

Chuckling Shawn resumed tasting her pleasure, the sweetness that came within her. He brought Jess to the brink but stopped, and did that over, and over and over again.

Sobbing in frustration from denied her release again Jess cried out to her tormenter, “Shawn please! Oh baby, please let me cum. Please!”

“Hmm…” Shawn hummed against his wife’s womanhood, “Why should I let you cum little one? Naughty girls aren’t allowed release. Only good girls are.”

“Oh baby!” Jess moaned as Shawn continued the agony. “Baby please, please!” Jess begged, desperate for release.

Shawn spread her tender folds and licked the sensitive skin on the inside, his tongue barley protruding in her. Jess whimpered and raised her hips trying to get Shawn to move quickly.

Two of his fingers slipped inside Jess and fingered her while his tongue worried her clit. Right before she reached the brink he stopped and stared at his love.

Tears of frustration coursed down Jess’s cheeks as that burning, aching need between her legs was once again not satisfied.

“Ask me, baby girl.” Shawn whispered, wanting to hear Jess’s statement.

“Please, baby… please!” Jess hoarsely answered.

“Please what Jess? Tell me what you want.”

“Please let me, please let me!”

“Let you what?”

“Please let me cum Shawn. Please let me cum for you.” Jess growled her frustration at ultimate high. Shawn smiled then started to pump his fingers in and out of her, his tongue circling and pressing the tiny bundle of nerves. Jess howled as another violent orgasm took its course, her inner walls squeezing and trying to pull Shawn’s fingers in deeper while he lapped at her juices.

Before she calmed down fully Shawn freed himself and entered his love with one quick, hard thrust, burying his length in her. Jess withered and moaned as she felt her lover enter her.

“Look at me Jessica.” Shawn rumbled as he gazed down at his passionate love. “Look at me.”

Jess opened her eyes and squealed. Shawn’s gaze was full of hunger and lust and having him fully in her without movement was another torment she didn’t need right this second. Trying to dig her heels in and push against him, trying anything to start some movement.

“Oh no baby girl.” Shawn said as he held her still, keeping her from starting any movement. “You’ve been a very naughty girl; therefore I’m controlling this love making.”

Jess whimpered, and then howled as Shawn pumped into her, deep thrusts filling her completely and pleasuring her to an extent. Shawn would pull almost all the way out, until barley the head was inside of her, then thrust deeply and repeat that process. Nice and slowly.

The heat in her belly was rising and rising and felt like she’d never climax or he’d ever finish. Frustrated enough and now getting highly annoyed Jess wanted more.

“Faster Shawn, please faster.” Jess whimpered as she felt him almost leave her body then thrusted back into her.

“No.” He replied simply, wanting to make this reunion last.

Jess growled and wrapped her legs around Shawn’s waist and pulled him down making him thrust deeper into her. “I said faster. If you ever want to make love to me again, you better pick up the pace!”

“Really now?” Shawn chuckled at his wife’s threat. “You won’t be able to resist my love making baby. You won’t be able to resist my tender mouth on yours and my talented fingers stroking you, making you hot for me.”

Jess moaned in reply. Her husband’s words dancing in her mind as he started to pick up the pace.

“You’re so sweet… so hot… so wet for me.” Shawn murmured in Jess’s ear. “Are you wet for me baby? Are you hot for me?”

“Yesssss.” Jess sighed as Shawn continued to make passionate love to her.

“Gonna make you scream baby, gonna make you scream for me.” And scream she did. Jess finally reached her climax and she roared and bucked, her inner walls squeezing Shawn’s hard member making him be pushed over the edge and his cum filling her, mixing with her own.

Shawn rolled from on top of his love to the side, his guy softening and tender. He un-cuffed her hands and pulled her to his chest. Her head resting on it and their legs intertwined. Neither one of them wanting to ruin the peace and quiet of their after love.

“I love you baby girl. I love you more than all the words in all the languages. I love you more than I need to breathe. I need you like air, like food and water. I love you so dearly baby girl it makes my heart swell.” Shawn murmured in Jess’s ear as she started to doze.

“I love you too baby, I love you too.” Jess mumbled and drifted off into a peaceful sleep Shawn’s words of undying love dancing in her mind lulling her off to dreamland.

Antoinette, thanks again for letting me use your story for Fantasy Friday. I know you're a big hit with my readers. If anyone else is willing to write one we would all love to read it. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Antoinette has so much talent! Her work is excellent. Thanks Antoinette, and as always, thanks for posting PK!

  2. PK, great finish.
    Antoinette, love your story, hope that you will write more.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Great work! Thanks girls, what a great story!


  4. Antoinette, very good, thanks. I hope you will write more for us.

    Thanks PK.


  5. WOW..I just finished all 4 parts..what a feast..only now I have to go back and shower! Great story, thanks for sharing! abby

  6. I'm glad you all liked it. I'll write more. :D

    Working on it as we speak..

  7. I'm glad you all liked it. I'll write more. :D

    Working on it as we speak..